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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  March 13, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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b ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening enws" this wednesday: eseing 737-max jets grounded in the united states and everywhere, as new evidence emerges from the latest crash. >> president trump grounding all boeing 737-max airplanes. >> the u.s. is essentially the very last country to ban the aircraft. >> the safety of the american people is our paramount concern. >> glor: actress lori loughlin rarns herself in, in the college admissions scandal. >> it's the most disgusting thing that i have seen in a long t'me. >> there is a massive bomb cyclone slamming parts of the u.s. >> we're looking at blizzard conditions and near-hurricane- force winds. >> at the denver airport, winds have been at 50 miles an hour.
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>> a three-story school building collapsed while classes were in session. >> dozens are feared trapped. >> a dramatic day for paul manafort. >> judge amy berman jackson sentencing manafort to 3.5 additional years. then, the manhattan d.a. charged him with 16 new crimes. >> glor: and, the eight-year-old who overcame more than you can imagine to make her dreams come true. >> it makes me feel really happy. >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor. and this is our western edition. we're going to begin with the world grounding boeing's newest plane. the u.s. was the latest, and last on board. it came after new satellite information emerged following the crash of ethiopian airlines. 157 people died. this was how it looked earlier today over the u.s. just as the announcement was made, all these 737-maxes in the air at the time, those planes
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were make an average of 280 flights per day in the u.s. this is what it looks like now. here's kris van cleave. >> reporter: at miami's airport, boeing 737-max planes landed and prepared to be parked indefinitely, leaving airlines scrambling and flights canceled. ev you know what? o'd rather be stuck here than to take off and then never land. >> we are not going to use this aircraft to go to orlando. >> reporter: in houston, some passengers cheered the news that their max jet had been grounded. emth pressure from the public and politicians increasing, the president made the announcement this afternoon. >> boeing is an incredible company. ,hey are working very, very hard dight now. and hopefully they'll very quickly come up with the answer, eut until they do, the planes ewe grounded. >> reporter: new evidence a.leased wednesday prompted the f.a.a. emergency order grounding e p 72 max planes in the u.s. satellite data showed the flight track of ethiopian airlines flight 302 on sunday was very similar to that of the lion air boeing 737-max-8 that crashed in
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october. both planes struggled to maintain altitude in the minutes f,ter takeoff, and evidence iound at the crash scene in africa showed additional similarities. but investigators still don't have any information from the crash plane's black boxes, even ouough they were recovered several days ago. ionight, they will finally be flown to france for analysis, after german investigators said veey didn't have the proper h thware to deal with the damaged boxes. >> it's very unusual. it's-- it's negligent. >> reporter: jeff guzzetti, who worked for both the f.a.a. and n.t.s.b., said a readout of the black boxes should have already happened. ldtting on the black box for two in three days-- if there is a the max, problem with the max, did that put everybody at risk? >> yes, it certainly increased the exposure of a potential problem, and increased the risk to those that would travel on this airplane. e> reporter: in the lion air h ash last october that killed 189, the pilots struggled for ggntrol of the plane. investigators believe a faulty sensor caused a largely unknown automated system, new to the
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737-max, to repeatedly push the pese of the plane down nearly two dozen times, before the pilots lost control-- which could be what happened sunday in africa. boeing says it still has full confidence in the safety of the 737-max, but supported the grounding out of an abundance of caution. jeff, the 737-max is parked back there behind us. american, southwest, and united flew about 300 flights a day with those aircraft. the airlines tell us there will be lingering cancellations in the days to come because of the grounding. jeff. b glor: okay, kris van cleave, thank you very much. there was more fallout today from the biggest college smissions scam ever prosecuted. actress lori loughlin was taken toto custody in los angeles and just moments ago released on a million dollars bond. arughlin and her husband are among dozens of parents accused of paying bribes and faking athletic resumes to get their kids into college. carter evans has more on this.
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>> reporter: today is lori loughlin's turn to face the fallout. loughlin and her husband, the fashion designer mossimo giannulli, allegedly paid $500,000 in bribes to get their two daughters into u.s.c. the money was funneled through this man, william "rick" singer. >> the payoff for me is knowing that these kids found the right place to go to school and they feel great about themselves. >> reporter: he promoted himself as a college life coach. the very wealthy sought him out to boost test scores and to bribe coaches to get slots on athletic teams for their non- athletic children. he called it a side door into some of the nation's most prestigious universities, including yale, georgetown, stanford, u.c.l.a., and u.s.c. the coaches accused of taking the money have been fired, including u.s.c.'s water polo coach, who allegedly accepted a quarter million dollars. >> i heard someone literally photoshopped themselves to be on the water polo team, where i put in over 30 hours a week in
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practice. >> reporter: it took jared franco two years of community college to earn her way into u.c.l.a. she works two jobs to help pay her tuition. are you angry? >> i am furious. i just want to know what this institution is going to do about it. you know, for every time that this person got accepted, we got denied. >> reporter: in all, 50 people have been charged in the $25 million scheme. one of the most egregious cases: a california couple, manuel and elizabeth henriquez, who paid more than $25,000 for someone to manipulate their daughter isabelle's s.a.t. score. according to the indictment, isabelle and her mother "gloated that they had cheated and gotten away with it." henriquez reportedly paid $500,000 to bribe the georgetown tennis coach for a spot on the team along with an essay that she was ranked in the top 50 high school tennis players. she never played a match for the school. manuel henriquez lost his job as a hedge fund c.e.o. today.
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last year, he made more than $8 million. isabelle is still a student at georgetown. authorities say most of the students were kept in the dark by their parents, but students we talked to say, that doesn't matter. >> you still cheated your way, and it doesn't matter if you didn't know, because they should still face the consequences and be re-evaluated, or have their admissions revoked. >> reporter: the judge allowed lori loughlin to keep her passport, specifically so she can travel to british columbia for her acting work. as for the students involved, we reached out to all the schools on the indictment, and they all say they are investigating on a case-by-case basis. leff? >> glor: all right, carter, thanks. the guilty plea from the mastermind of the scheme could pu os carter mentiod, he lled tis process "a side door to topg jim axelrod tells us how it all worked. >> my key method unlocks the full potential of your son or daughter. >> reporter: william singer's
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oley" method of getting kids into elite schools, according to prosecutors, included fabricating profiles for applicants posing as student athletes, even photoshopping faces of clients onto bodies of athletes, something he told one parent he had already done "a million times." >> my only surprise, jim, is that it's taken this long for this to come out. or reporter: sarah harberson has 20 years in college admissions, including three as associate dean at the university of pennsylvania. >> the single biggest influencer in college admissions is being a recruited athlete. >> reporter: the side door singer found is substantially sized. >> 20%, 30%, even 40% of an incoming freshman class could be recruited athletes. >> big threat on the pin.>>epor: ten teams like sailing and water polo, that don't directly produce revenue like basketball and football do, can spur alumni donations, student engagement, even an uptick in applications.
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and ohio university's david ridpath says it's the others that are most easily exploited. >> tennis and swimming and others, with all due respect, rsople aren't following as much specthat's a little bit easier to hide. >> reporter: there will always be a push by parents, but harberson thinks this scandal may be a turning point. >> it's a game changer, because tmilies were suspecting that hhis was happening, but they didn't have the evidence. and now we have a federal investigation indicating that isis was happening. >> reporter: keep this in mind: pf the top 30 universities producing the most c.e.o.s of fortune 500 companies, number one wasn't an ivy. it was the university of onsconsin, with 14. >> glor: how about that? interesting point, jim. thanks very much. paul manafort, the president's crmer campaign chairman, took a tuble hit today. a federal judge in washington lfded 3.5 years to his prison term stemming from robert tueller's special counsel
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investigation. and new criminal charges were iiled against him in new york. here's paula reid. >> reporter: paul manafort's wife, kathleen, showed no tmotion as she walked out of court today, following a judge's ruling that her husband must usrve 7.5 years in federal prison. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> reporter: defense attorney kevin downing blasted the sentence, before being drowned out by protesters. >> very sad day. for such a callous, harsh sentence, that is totally unnecessary. t ch like this. ( protests ) >> reporter: but in a surprise twist, just a half hour later, manhattan district attorney cyrus vance announced new york state charges against manafort for mortgage fraud, conspiracy, and falsifying business records. manafort has been banking on a pardon from president trump, who today was noncommittal. >> it's not something that's 'sght now on my mind. i do feel badly for paul manafort-- that i can tell you. >> reporter: but even if mr.
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trump grants a pardon for the federal crimes, his powers don't extend to state crimes. rormer federal prosecutor scott fredericksen: c it certainly appears to be an attempt by the manhattan d.a., cy vance, to make sure that mr. manafort is prosecuted and perhaps serves prison time, even if he is pardoned. >> reporter: the 69-year-old prmer trump campaign chairman was one of robert mueller's first targets, and is heading to jail for a range of federal r imes, including bank fraud, witness tampering, and conspiracy against the united states. in court today, manafort appeared in a wheelchair wearing a dark suit and holding a cane. "i am sorry for what i have done," he told judge amy berman jackson. he asked her not to separate him from his wife and family. but judge jackson was not moved, saying manafort was "not a victim," and that "it is hard to overstate the number of lies and the amount of fraud involved in his crimes." new york prosecutors have to be rsreful, jeff, that the crimes
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they are pursuing aren't too similar to the charges manafort sis already faced. that's prohibited under a standard known as double jeopardy. but new york prosecutors say they're confident in their case. >> glor: paula, thank you very much. we are following an intense storm, known as a bomb cyclone, that is howling across colorado tonight. the governor has declared a state of emergency. high winds and heavy, blowing snow have made travel next to impossible. janet shamlian reports from denver. : reporter: the mile-high city hobbled by a powerful blizzard, with gusts nearing 100 miles an hour, the strongest storm in incades. the blinding snow creating whiteouts, and hundreds of ocidents. emergency crews rescuing each sther, as firefighters came to the aid of a police officer. the national guard called in to help dozens of stranded vehicles. >> oh! a tree just fell down. te reporter: the system, known as a bomb cyclone, a hurricane in winter. we are not even at the peak of the storm, and look at this.
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winds at the denver airport have been at 50 miles an hour, with gusts more than 70 miles an hour. those are hurricane-force winds. ofousands of students took a mid-march snow day-- a good call in fargo, north dakota, where heavy snow collapsed a school roof. more than 1,300 flights canceled at the denver airport, technically open, but all the runways shut down. are you staying here? >> yeah, until we can figure out ahw we can get, like, a rental car or something. >> reporter: the same system slammed new mexico with tornadoes. me in texas, the winds sheared through an apartment complex. here in colorado, renewed concern about avalanches tonight. and about an hour south of here, o0 or so motorists stranded along interstate 25 after a 50-car pileup. some of those cars have now run out of gas. jeff, here in denver, 180,000 people still without power in bitter cold in what is expected to be a multi-day recovery. jeff.
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m glor: all right, janet, thank kou. ge nigeria tonight, a search for survivors continues, following the collapse of a building housing a school in lagos. up to 100 children may have been inside. several have been pulled from the rubble. at least eight h . n next here on the "cbs evening news," with measles cases on the rise, a federal judge makes an extraordinary ruling. and later, the search widens for thousands of guns and gun parts stolen from the a.t.f. with moree and 25% less saturated fat? only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. (burke) at fso we know how ton almost evercover almost anything. even rooftop parking.
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6:47 pm
grth the judge's ruling. >> i believe that he's trying to mitigate a potential further outbreak, and he's trying to keep everybody safe. ve reporter: yesterday, a new case in rockland county brought the total to 146, and this year, the c.d.c. has reported 228 2ases in 12 states. the rockland county outbreak was centered in an orthodox jewish community. almost all states allow exemptions for religious beliefs, and 17 states allow a parent to opt out for philosophical or personal reasons. one of those states is oklahoma. >> a lot of the legislators ndink that mandating vaccinations is big government. >> reporter: former oklahoma state legislator dr. ervin yen tetempted to ban or restrict the non-medical exemption law in his state. is in oklahoma, i think it's t'ing to take an outbreak of somethin somebody dies, unfortunately. >> reporter: before 1963, when
6:48 pm
the measles vaccine was introduced, there were more than ea0,000 cases each year, causing hundreds of deaths. after 1963, those numbers dropped dramatically. >> they don't know that measles asn cause encephalitis, which, ,f course, is inflammation of your brain. i don't know about you, but i don't want my brain inflamed. ep reporter: last week, new york state senator krueger introduced a bill allowing any child 14 years or older to be vaccinated without parental consent. other states including oregon ed wsouth carolina already have similar laws, jeff. en glor: jon, those numbers you had there, pretty dramatic. all right, thank you very much. coming up here tonight, r. kelly wants to reduce his child dupport payments-- what the judge had to say. say. i wanted more from my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3
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6:52 pm
inff pegues first reported on this last night. are search for the weapons has now gone nationwide. the a.t.f. says a significant number have been recovered. california governor gavin newsom today signed a moratorium on executions in the state, and ordered the closing of the state's death chamber. there are 737 inmates on california's death row right now. newsom says he couldn't sign off on executions, "knowing among them are people who are whocent." r. kelly's lawyer said today a judge is not reducing the singer's monthly child support payments. kelly was jailed last week for failing to pay $160,000 to his ex-wife. iss friends and family put up the money to get him out. separately, kelly has pleaded not guilty to sexually abusing four women. up next here tonight, the doctors were not sure she'd survive. just look at her now. rvive. just look at her now.
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a deputy involved shooting sends bullets flying outside of thrift store chip reid tells us, nothing would stand in her way. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: eight-year-old tessa puma says she loves dancing so much, she even does it in her dreams.
6:57 pm
>> it makes me feel really happy. >> reporter: she was winning competitions at five years old, but when she was six, her dreams were almost cut short. her parents thought she had the flu, but it was really a potentially fatal infection. >> i would then say, 15 hours, 15spread up the whole left side u her body. >> reporter: her left leg had to ae amputated above the knee. >> that's when they told us this 'suld be a 20% chance. >> reporter: 20% chance that she would survive. >> correct. repeporter: after 2.5 months in the hospital, she pulled through. hoped shts just hoped she would walk again, but tessa had other ideas. who's idea was it for her to dance again? herers. ( laughter ) >> yeah, it was tessa's by far. >> reporter: with a prosthetic leg and painful skin grafts over 40% of her body, relearning was excruciating. missy fuller is her dance teacher. has it slowed her down at all? >> not at all. not at all. >> reporter: if you think the dancing is impressive, tessa did ive, before her illness, and she
6:58 pm
sill does. she already knows what she wants to do when she grows up: >> be a dance teacher. >> reporter: a dance teacher? >> yeah. >> reporter: but on the dance woor in her living room, where she practices every day, even she struggled to teach someone with two left feet. you pull back that way. fke this? >> uh-huh. ( laughs ) >> reporter: pretty bad, aren't i? ( laughs ) >> reporter: tessa is competing again. ntcently, she did her first solo performance since her illness. what do you say to young people who are going through difficult times? >> never give up. >> reporter: words to live by, from an eight-year-old who is siving her dream. well done. chip reid, cbs news, northfield, ohio. >> glor: my new hero. go, tessa. that is the "cbs evening news" hor tonight. ghm jeff glor. we will see you tomorrow. have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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media access group at wgbh
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. breaking news out of alameda county. on scene of a deputy involved shooting that send bullets flying outside a san leandro thrift store. the last time telephone your voters waiting on the death penalty their preferences were pretty clear. but today the governor did the opposite. >> we catch one of the last boeing 737 max planes allowed to land in the bay area, with the fleet grounded, what is next for passengers? we begin with breaking news going on in san leanveshooting erupted outside of thrift store. >> just before 5:00 at 162nd avenue and east 14th street.


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