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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. breaking news out of alameda county. on scene of a deputy involved shooting that send bullets flying outside a san leandro thrift store. the last time telephone your voters waiting on the death penalty their preferences were pretty clear. but today the governor did the opposite. >> we catch one of the last boeing 737 max planes allowed to land in the bay area, with the fleet grounded, what is next for passengers? we begin with breaking news going on in san leanveshooting erupted outside of thrift store. >> just before 5:00 at 162nd avenue and east 14th street. >> reporter: tonight, one man
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dead, woman injured after that shooting. authorities tell us the call came in at about 4:40 this afternoon, originally reported as a theft at a thrift store. when authorities got to the scene, they located the suspect's car, a dark suv, parked in the lot with a man a woman inside. deputy spoke to both of them but authorities say when he went to run their play, that is when the man through the car in reverse and drove toward the deputy and his motorcycle. three deputies open fire, spraying the car, killing the man inside. the woman has been taken to the hospital with gun shot wound. >> everything seemed somewhat okay and it wasn't okay because the suspect but the car reverse at a high rate of speed to try to get out of there. >> reporter: there was also a dog inside the car that was not
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injured. they say it is unclear at the moment with the man and woman were accused of stealing inside the thrift store or why they drove off. not about bombshell executive order from the governor, abruptly halting executions in california. tonight the death chamber at san quentin state prison has already been dismantled and hauled away. wilson walker reports some critics are slamming the governor for going against the will of the voters. >> the argument made by the governor today is when you have probably heard before. the disparities in the justice system, the exorbitant cost that has come with the renewal of the death penalty. can the governor just unilaterally say it is over? >> the law is the law, come this is crystal clear. the constitution of the state of california provides the governor the ability to reprieve, the ability to do this moratorium. >> reporter: if there is one
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essential component in today's executive order, that might be it. governor gavin newsom cannot make the death penalty unlawful in california but he can, as the state's chief executive, simply decide he will not use the state's execution apparatus. >> we are, as i speak, shutting down, removing the equipment and the death chamber at san quentin. >> reporter: before the governor is done shaking hands with supporters, republicans were condemning the move. >> this is not a moral decision when you override the will of the people so directly. >> reporter: tom locke calls this executive overreach. he points to 2016 when california voters rejected a ballot measure that would have repealed the death penalty, and approved a measure intended to speed up executions. >> a lot is not change. .can only change with the will of the avoiders. >> reporter: interesting i'm trying to figure out why we need to go back to the voters.
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is there any indication they change their mind? i don't think so. >> reporter: obviously the governor's decision sets in motion a sequence of events. how will republicans respond, how will this play out in the justice system. remember the law hasn't changed, just his enforcement of it. california has 737 inmates currently on death row. that is about one quarter of the u.s. total. but, the state has carried out just 13 executions since capital punishment was reinstated in 1978, at an estimated cost of $384 million per execution. the 25 condemned inmates have exhausted all of their appeals and could have been scheduled for execution soon, without the governor's reprieve. we have put together a gallery of california's most infamous death row inmates on >> right now only a handful of
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boeing 737 max planes in the air across the u.s., after the president grounded them. southwest has 34 aircraft in its fleet, american airlines has 24, united has 14. we spoke to some passengers on the final flights into the bay area today. >> reporter: some of those flights were in the air when the announcement was made by president trump that the boeing 737 max fleet was about to be grounded. there were a few straggling flights that landed in the bay area today including a southwest flight that arrived at sfo this afternoon. passenger say southwest did not tell them they are on one of the affected planes. >> a little concerning knowing it happened and we had no idea but for the most part, personally anyway, i don't want to speak for yopersonally it -- i have faith whatever the problem was can be found and fixed and we are here safe.
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>> reporter: earlier this afternoon a southwest flight of boeing max nine came in to san jose international and united flight always a boeing max nine landed at sfo sometime this afternoon. we will have much more on the story coming up at 11:00 and night beat at 10:00. boeing stock dropped 3% after the u.s. grounding compared to 12% after sunday's crash. boeing has lost $27 billion in market value. word tonight facebook is under criminal investigation for data sharing deals that allowed access to millions of users' information. sometimes without their consent. the new york times results grand jury had subpoenaed records from at least two smart phone and device makers. facebook has sharing deals with more than 150 companies including apple and amazon it
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is cooperating with investigators and takes those probes seriously. facebook had to turn to twitter today to explain why it's apps were working. facebook, instagram, messenger and what's app have been spotty all day. facebook tweeted it is working to resolve the issue and it was not the result of a hack. nine of the accused parents in the alleged college mission scam from the bay area. today i caught up with one of the parents who wasn't too happy to see us. who would steal a 400-pound safe from a bay area church, and how? what a catch. the raiders introduced their new start. . still 7 minutes away from sunset and it was sunny all day long. can we keep a weather dry winning streak going?
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beautiful view of the golden gate pre-sunset. i will have the forecast which includes 70s, coming up. ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ i been feeling it since 1966, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪
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. actress lori loughlin out on $1 million bond tonight, one of 50 people charged in that massive college admissions game. also among them, 13 bay area
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area parents, accused of paying to get their kids into elite universities including georgetown, ucla and uses see. one couple from palo alto. here is what julia goodrich learned about them. >> reporter: you have to wonder what is going to the minds of these parents and students, accused in this college scandal. today we caught up with gregory colburn, a doctor from palo alto, to see if he had anything to say. clearly, he was visibly shaken. dr. gregory colburn and his wife are among the 33 defendants identified is what the parents accused of making bribes. we found dr. colburn and in his palo alto driveway, today. when i asked about the bribery allegations he said no comment before scurrying into his home for the rest of the afternoon. court documents allege that gregory and amy colburn paid the key foundation, run by william singer, $25,000 in cash and stock, to help boost their son's college admission test.
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singer reportedly had the colburn's son fly from palo alto to the west hollywood test center to take the s.a.t.. according to court documents a co-conspirator was the suppose of proctor into the test instead of the colburn's son. and october, dr. colburn was warned in a phone call that the irs was auditing the key foundation. the f.b.i. was listening in. a cooperating witness said quote i'm not telling the irs. colburn said no i got that. yes, no i got that. witness saying all right but what i am telling them that your payment essentially went to our foundation to help underserved kids. colburn same quote right, okay. stanford university sent an e- mail to all alumni, acknowledging what happened, saying they take it very seriously and they hope to regain the trust. usc also saying they are taking it seriously and are reviewing each student, case by case, to see if any have been involved
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in this scheme. the founder and ceo of palo alto -based hercules capital is stepping down after being charged in the cheating scheme. he and his wife, elizabeth, accused of conspiring to bribe a georgetown tennis coach and paying thousands to help their daughters cheat on admissions exams. he will still hold a seat on the hercules capital board. a san francisco church is making a plea for theives to return its records after theives made off with their massive 400 pounds safe. this was taken from the parish office of saint dominic's, last night. the safe contained over $9000 in gift cards for the needy, but also help the church's irreplaceable sacramento records. >> it was a huge safe about 5 feet tall, must have weighed at least 400 or so pounds. we really want those sacramento records back.
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everyone who comes here who wants their birth, their baptism certificate so they can get married, they can do that. otherwise, without the records we have to turn them down. >> the leather bound books contain extensive history with baptism, marriage and death records dating back to the late 1800s. marin county drivers being worn to expect delays. an emergency route pavement project closing lanes along highway 101 through monday. the project, which began today, aimed at making the roads smoother and safer. work again today along southbound lanes between the spencer avenue on-ramp and the robin williams tunnel. driver should expect lane closures from 11:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. through monday. good news for drivers in san jose. lots of roads will be resealed or resurfaced this year. say goodbye to those potholes. >> in 2013 we paved about 30 miles. now, we are going to pave close
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to 300 miles. a tenfold increase. >> reporter: road crews will head to every corner of the city, next year, measured t will go into effect which allows the city to stack the worst road. ferry raiders are costing b.a.r.t. millions of dollars every year but we discovered the real fix for those gates that cheaters push and jump through is still years away. >> when will reap replace the fare dates, designed in 1972. >> our original report on cheat failures coming up tomorrow night at 7:00 here on kpix5. back, you came back to gorgeous weather. >> so pleasant. amazing when you don't have something how much more you appreciate what you get when it has been a while. 65 degrees with sunshine. before we get to the beautiful weather i will talk about this, the iditarod tenth times a
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charm for an alaskan native who won his first. peter kaiser crashed the finish line early this morning. is like the rose bowl for dogs. they are just happy to not be running anymore. they ran for nine days, 12 hours -- he gets the hugs dogs get alpo and pretty cool what you call it, necklace? treats for the next nine days. contrast alaska's weather with what we have around here. pretty darn nice outside. 58 livermore, 58 san francisco, oakland 63. clear, chilly night livermore 37, santa rosa 37, 42 mountain view, 44 san francisco. don't worry about rain or mountain snow for the next 6-7 days. snowpack doing just fine. snowpack statewide 60% above average. 164% of average in the central
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0. you will likely see social media video or pictures of the trucks he knocked over in texas and oklahoma. 96 mile-per-hour wind gusts in colorado springs, colorado, with snow. looking at very rough weather there almost like a hurricane moving across the country, sliding east. storms there just not here in the bay area because we have a rich of high-pressure ritual hangout through the weekend into next weekend nothing tomorrow morning a couple clouds, we will roll through the weekend, expect sunshine and clear, chilly evenings. as we look toward the weekend on sunday, forecasting the warmest weather we have had not only this year you have to go back to the first week of november the last time we had widespread highs in the mid-70s where we are going this weekend is the weekend we have been waiting for for a third of the year i feel like sunshine and it's coming this weekend.
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mainly clear seasonal temperatures close to average mid-60s and the warming trend will continue through saturday and sunday. the average high tomorrow's forecasted high pretty close mid-60s san jose, 66 degrees. you haven't hit 70 all your san jose, you will do that this weekend. cupertino 66, hayward 62 sunshine danville 63 degrees antioch 63 valeo 65 sunshine san francisco 62 degrees berkeley 63 petaluma 6567 in wine country even ukiah sunshine, 67 tomorrow. oh, but we get warmer. 3 grees warmer saturday, 2 degrees warmer sunday may hit 70 near the water on sunday. low to mid-70s inland on sunday. warm on monday, no rain in the forecast until next wednesday at the earliest. sunny and warm for this weekend.
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>> looks gorgeous. big day for the silver and back is introduce mr. brown, he showed off his new look and his family too boy do they need the sky. >> really good on paper right now. at all smiles in alameda were antonio brown put his name on a contract that will keep him in a back to uniform for the next three season. much different story in pittsburgh where brown had a messy divorce from the steelers. >> i think i made people feel really great and really aspire the way they watched me to work the way they watch me play. and i know having a bad day today but there is always love. >> better day for raiders nation. caught 74 touchdowns in his nine year career with the steelers and he said today he wants to catch jerry rice for it is all said and done. part of that quest will rest on the shoulders of derek carr.
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brown went to the quarterback's house today before continuing to the facility where he met jon gruden and the raiders gm says he has met -- made his job a lot easier spent the only energy in the building but all of a sudden energy around the nfl other players want to come here. we have had enough a lot of phone calls last 48 hours that are just exciting. >> shocked at how many other players have wanted to come along with him really a great experience. >> at least one other receiver came with them, tyrell williams formally of the chargers signed a contract. he is 6' 4", brown is five. nice contrast. it no mistake the raiders are going to be very entertaining this year but they have p.s.l. s they have to sell for the new stadium in las vegas. and today's day and age you take it one year at a time. things could change like that. >> good attitude. >> roster turnover happening
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all over the nfl you can go from trash to treasure overnight. >> absolutely. thanks. a bad day for paul manafort. more charges on top of more prison time. >> i have not even given it a thought. planes tossed around like toys of severe storms sweep through texas. more than 1 million cars are being recalled because their replacement airbags are a best.
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. paul manafort's plea for leniency fell on deaf ears and a washington courtroom today. the judge ordered the former campaign chair to serve an additional 43 months on federal conspiracy and obstruction charges on top of the 47 month sentence he just received for financial convictions in virginia. the 69 -year-old will get credit for the nine months he has served with good behavior. he could be out when he is 75. >> reporter: would you pardon paul manafort? >> i have not even given it a thought as of this moment. it is not something that is right now on my mind. i do feel badly for paul manafort. >> none of his crimes related are related to his work for the trump campaign but his legal problems are still growing tonight. within minutes of his sentencing, a district in manhattan announced new charges against him in new york. a powerful storm swept to
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the dallas area today, flipping small planes like toys at one municipal airport. fierce winds ripped the roof off an amazon warehouse near dfw. flying debris damaged several cars in the parking lot. honda is re- recalling more than 1 million cars over unsafe airbags. honda says takata airbags replaced in a recall last september could still explode and hurl shrapnel at riders. it has already happened at least once. dealerships will replace the defective airbags again, for free. wildlife cameras capture a sweet surprise in the north bay. meet the mountain lion kittens seeing snuggling up to.
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. always nice to start your day with sunshine, something hard to do the past three months. it will be chilly inland, clear skies near the bay 43 degrees. up the coast, clear and 45. mary lee with your up-to-the- minute forecast talking more about the sunshine and the beautiful weekend ahead at 4:30. researchers celebrating new >> two mountain lion kittens caught on camera. you have to look hard they are pretty well camouflaged. born last month near santa
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rosa. in the pictures they are just ten days old. researchers say the young mountain lions will stay with their mom for about a year to learn big catskills. >> they are so adorable. thank you for watching. >> we will see you back here at 11:00. for more news and weather you can always had to goodnight.
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