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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 14, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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grounded jets, canceled flights, the fallout this morning over boeing's worldwide jet investigation. >> bullets fly outside a bay area thrift store. this morning a shoplifting suspect is dead. >> and a showdown on capitol hill this morning over president trump's national border emergency. this morning, the senate weighs in. it is thursday, march 14th. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec. michelle is off. let's get to our weather forecast because that's probably the best news of the day if you like sunshine. there are some people out there that don't. >> give it a thumbs up. >> they have had their share of weather. >> they have had the rain and a lot of it this winter. and now we have the sunshine and hopefully you like the sun because we have it over the next several days. temperatures warming up, as well. here's a live look with our transamerica camera and looking at temperatures in the 30s, 40s
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and even at 50 degrees for oakland and san francisco. so definitely the tri-valley north band in the upper 30s and cold start to the day. clear skies this morning. this afternoon, sunny skies, mild daytime highs with temperatures mainly in the 60s. we are going to continue warm up through the week with temperatures in the 70s inland by this weekend. so we haven't seen temperatures in the 70s since early november. it has been a long time for us. we are going to time it out for you what you can expect and when we'll see our next chance for showers coming up. now let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. and i just checked in with chp. we have reports of a new crash southbound 280 right at pagemill. it's involving a rolled over vehicle so you might see delays approaching the scene. 280 not too traveled right now, it's light in both directions so heads up southbound 280 we have a crash right at pagemill possible injuries reported. drive times as you work your way along the peninsula, so far, so good in both direction
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northbound 101 into san francisco. no delays. southbound you have a really easy ride. if you are traveling from that 101/80 split down to 380, 61 miles per hour. that's your average speed. about 10 minutes there. not the case though for the altamont pass. we had a couple of early- morning trouble spots there. they are mostly clearing. also debris should be out of lanes at this point. but you have some slow and go conditions. 35 minutes from that 580-205 connector to the dublin interchange. the good news is once get past all those brake lights at north flynn you will have some wide open conditions towards 680 this morning. bay bridge starting to stack up. we are seeing quite a few more cars on the road now. no metering lights just yet. your backup is just beyond the parking lot mostly cash lanes. fastrak users better. and the san mateo bridge not bad. heads up, high effect but no delays between
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880 and 101. this is a live look from sfo this morning. flight delays and cancellations are happening today at all three major airports in the bay area partly because some boeing aircraft are grounded. kpix 5's jackie ward says that a blizzard is also to blame. jackie. reporter: this may be the only time that the majority of passengers are actually okay with all these cancellations. after all, it is for the sake of their safety. president trump announced an emergency executive order yesterday immediately grounding all flights of boeing "737 max" 8 and 9. the u.s. now joins 40 other countries whose leaders have done the same. president trump's order comes days after the deadly crash in ethiopia and after senator dianne feinstein wrote a letter requesting this temporary grounding. we spoke to one person who was getting off one of the last "737 max" flights last night. the condition of the plane was a popular topic of discussion
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in midair. >> passenger next to me, he mentioned it. we didn't talk about planes crashing, but we talked about it being grounded and, um, so that kind of made a thrill, once you put it together and -- but, um, it was -- it was a safe travel for me, um, but whatever they need to do to improve maintenance or whatever it is that's causing the issues, um, i think it will be a great thing to put them back in the air. >> reporter: sfo is reporting 35 flights canceled. flightaware says 20 are canceled at mineta and 11 at oakland some of them because of bad weather like a blizzard in denver but there are others scattered around california and arizona. flights with southwest, american and united are expected to have delays for days as they try to reshuffle their flights for these six dozen 737s. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. new this morning, another democrat throwing his hat into
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the ring for the presidential race. this time former texas congressman beto o'rourke. >> amy and i are happy to share with you that i'm running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america. this is a defining moment of truth for this country and for every, single one of us. >> the 46-year-old's bid comes a few months after losing the senate race to republican ted cruz. he is set to travel to iowa today for a tour before returning to el paso on march 30th for a kickoff campaign rally. the u.s. senate is set to vote on legislation today to rebuke president trump over his national emergency declaration at the u.s./mexico border. the house already passed the resolution and some members of the republican party don't see eye to eye with the president on this issue. among them, senator mike lee of utah, who announced plans to vote for the legislation today. he tried to float separate
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legislation to restrict future declarations. >> congress has voluntarily relinquished almost willfully its power, transferring at powe- aemergency powers, rade all kinds of other things. >> as for that legislation, house speaker nancy pelosi said in a statement saying, quote, the house will not take up this legislation to give president trump a pass. the president meanwhile is not backing down. >> we'll see whether or not i have to do the veto and it will be i think all very successful regardless of how it all works out but it's going to be very successful. >> if the president vetos the measure, lawmakers will most likely not get enough votes to override it. in alameda county, a deadly deputy-involved shooting is under investigation after an apparent theft gone wrong. it happened just before 5:00 last night at a thrift store parking lot in san leandro. deputies were responding to reports of a theft at the store and officers say when they
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arrived, two suspects a man and woman were inside an suv. the deputy said that he spoke to them and then while he was running their plates, the car sped in his direction. that is when three officers opened fire killing the man and injuring the woman. no deputies were hurt. 5:07 right now. happening today, the man accused of murdering a 59-year- old san jose woman in her home last month will make his first court appearance. he has been identified as 24- year-old carlos eduardo carranza. katie nielsen reports. there's been quite a bit of controversy over this case. reporter: that's because the suspects in this case is actually an undocumented immigrant who was wanted by i.c.e. at the time the woman was murdered. now, according to records from immigration and customs enforcement, he has been arrested more than nine times in the past three years. i.c.e. says in the past six arrests,
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santa clara county should have held him in jail until immigration agents could come take him into custody but lawyers for the county fired back at i.c.e. during a press conference yesterday saying if immigration agents wanted him, they should have gotten a warrant before he was released. >> federal courts for many, many years all across the country have ruled that holding people beyond their release time violates the fourth amendment to the united states constitution. >> reporter: the county also has a sanctuary policy so police did not ask about the immigration status of anyone that they arrest. now, san jose's mayor sam liccardo also released a statement saying that in these cases, when a violent criminal is released from jail i.c.e. should be at least notified of the release date. he says that doesn't violate the city's sanctuary policy. live in san jose, katie nielsen, kpix 5. a fugitive wanted for
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murder has been captured in the east bay. pittsburg police arrested rolando aquino in oakland. he is accused of killing his roommate last july. he was caught with a 60-year- old family member edna aquino. she was taken in for accessory to murder. there was a million-dollar warrant for the suspect's arrest. a morgan hill man is behind bars this morning for allegedly impersonating a police officer. authorities got a tip that led them to a home on fountaine oaks drive. their search turned up guns and at least 10 magazines and a vest with a badge pinned to it. the 34-year-old man came home during the search and was taken to santa clara county jail. this morning, a san francisco church is making a plea for thieves to return its records after they made off with its massive 400-pound safe. tuesday night someone broke parish offices at st. dominic's church and stole the safe. inside $9,000 in gift cards for
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the needy. and the church's irreplaceable sacramental records. >> it must have weighed 400 pounds. we really want the records back so that everyone who comes here who wants their baptismal certificates, they can do that. otherwise without the records we have to turn them down. >> yikes! those books have extensive church history, baptism, marriage and death records dating back to the 1800s. quite sure the thieves probably have no idea what they have their hands on. >> the gift cards they might use them but hopefully they catch the suspects and those criminals. it is 10 minutes after 5:00. straight ahead this morning, cars will eventually drive themselves but this morning, a new study reveals americans are not ready to lose control. >> well, are you ready for a warmup? i'll let you know when temperatures will be in the 70s in some spots and how long that will last coming up. >> and we're seeing a few more cars on the road. we'll get you updated on a
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trouble spot through the altamont pass, plus delays along 280. details coming up.
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5:13 right now. new this morning, one person is dead and another injured after two planes collided at a small
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southern california airport. federal investigators say that two single-engine aircraft collided yesterday evening at the compton woodley airport. one of the planes burst into flames. he cause is under investigation. new video this morning of a close call in canada. watch as a small plane comes very close within inches of crashing into a vehicle there. the privately owned single- engine plane didn't rise quickly enough after take-off. yikes! it zipped right past that busy roadway in toronto and then crashed know a fence and a ditch near the side of the road. >> obviously, it was a loss of control of the aircraft. i'm led to believe it's a male instructor and a female student in the aircraft. thankfully, there were no injuries. >> the nose and sides of the plane were damaged. transportation officials say the instructor was in control they are takthis mor, w stnds americans aren't exactly thrilled about taking a ride in
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a a self-driving car. according to the study, 71% of american drivers said they would be afraid to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle. one of reason may be a number of high-profile autonomous vehicle accidents in the past year. but aaa believes that that will change. >> our expectation is that the technology will improve over time and as people see that that technology is working, we are likely to gain more trust. >> an engineer owns a tesla. the autopilot feature allows the car to steer and brake by itself. right now it's about the closest thing on the market to the self-driving car but his wife has reservations. >> what was it like the first time you tried the autopilot feature here? >> kind of scary. >> i bet it was unnerving. >> yes, yes. >> the technology is only going to accelerate. several automakers and tech companies are planning to roll out autonomous vehicles in the coming years. more on the bomb cyclone
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hitting parts of the midwest this morning. >> the blizzard has stranded hundreds of drivers including 500 in the colorado springs area alone. ennepizza delivery driver says it's business as usual. >> this is colorado! we are going to get some of this kind of weather. got a $5 tip on a uay come out on a day like today. >> the delivery driver says the key is to have good tires. >> don't slip, right? the pizza might come a little bit colder than usual. might take a little longer but just have to reheat it. >> yeah, yeah. that's probably the least of their problems, cold pizza. we have had a snag through the altamont pass and one accident on the peninsula. but other than that, it is business as usual. live look at the bay bridge, no metering lights yet but we are starting towards the a backup building here.
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you're backed up at least beyond the 880 overpass there. so a little slow and go, still looking good though out of the maze so if you are coming off 580 or the eastshore freeway, you're still moving at the limit. it's going to bog down a bit closer to the toll plaza. once you're past this area, you are free throwing across the upper deck with no delays heading into san francisco. taking a look at conditions coming off of 80 this morning, not bad at all. we're clocking in some really nice speeds. westbound coming out of richmond, no delays heading into berkeley. easy ride through there. east of there we have reports of an accident in the vacaville area. westbound 80 at mason, the left and middle lanes are blocked. there's debris in the road as well so if you plan on heading that way this morning, just a heads up, you might see some delays as a result. especially westbound there. might be spectator slowing. let's update you here through the altamont pass. we had a couple of early- morning trouble spots one at grant line, one at north flynn. they have no been completely cleared off the roads. but the damage is done. you have a slow ride as you work your way out of tracy,
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heading into the altamont pass. once you get past all that, though, you are moving okay. extra volume westbound towards 680. but overall your drive times from north anybody to 680 is looking okay. it's just before that we're going to see slow conditions. 41 minutes that's how long it's going to take from 205 to 680. but look at the rest of our travel times. everything else is in the green. that eastshore freeway, highway 4, 101 out of the south bay, all the way to sfo, no delays to report through there. let's jump to 280 right now. we are starting to see some delays on that southbound side because of an accident right at pagemill. it's not blocking the main lines of the freeway. it's a vehicle that hit a tree. so some activity there off to the right shoulder but definitely causing some spectator slowing. that's a look at your morning drive. let's take a look at those sunny skies today, mary. that's right, gianna. a beautiful day ahead across the bay area with that sunshine once again. the chilly start to the day. here's a ve th concoru're a. s an30s in area.
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the tri-valley and north bay coldest locations this morning. through the afternoon, sunny and mild daytime highs. right around where we should be for this time of year. we are going to continue to warm up as we go through the weekend. temperatures into the 70s by saturday and sunday in some spots. we are still okay track for the big warmup because of this strong ridge of high pressure that's in control for us. it will continue to strengthen through the next few days. of course, we are tracking that bomb cyclone, that powerful winter storm, still bringing blizzard conditions, blowing snow for the rockies and the plains. also dealing with severe weather for the south with this monster of a storm. so of course our thoughts are for most of the conow th that i system. for us, quieter weather so a big difference with our weather with plenty of sunshine.
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as we go through on futurecast we could see more high clouds and that's pretty much about it. temperatures will be warmer compared to yesterday. and we'll continue on that warming trend as we go through the next few days. our sierra snowpack 160% of average because of all of our winter storms bringing a lot of snow, record snow, for the sierra. the tahoe report: >> this weekend it's been a long time since we have been able to head up to tahoe without treacherous conditions. it's going to be nice for skiers up in the sierra. but for today, back home in the bay area, looking at temperatures in the mid-60s, from mountain view, san jose, santa clara, low to mid-60s from walnut creek to danville as well as from berkeley, alameda, in the mid-60s there. low 60s for clearlake and lakeport. so there we go with the warmup
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through the rest of the workweekend. finally, a sunny weekend across the bay area into the 70s inland, saturday and sunday. that continues monday, partly sunny on tuesday with showers back in the forecast for the middle part of next week. back to you. thank you. time now 5:21. the fda comes down hard on ecigs. coming up the new policy in place to curb teen vaping. >> and let's head outside again on this thursday morning as we take live look at the golden gate bridge. we'll be right back. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak, grandma's sampler, and our signature chicken n' dumplins. so, come on home to what you love.
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come on home to cracker barrel. welcome back. taking a look at the roads, let's check bridges. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and so far no metering lights, oh, check that. they just turned them on just one minute ago at 5:20. so traffic is now starting to build as you work your way right around headed from emeryville into san francisco through the bay bridge there so heads up. metering lights are officially on at the bay bridge. they did have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge, still in effect. careful in high-profile vehicles from 880 to 101. traffic looking good on the golden gate bridge with no delays. the fda putting out a new
5:25 am
proposal to curb underaged vaping. it outlines new restrictions for most flavored ecigarettes. it speeds up the agency's deadline to review flavored nicotine products and allows the agency to pull them all together from the market. the fda is also cracking down on products that look like juice boxes on candy. the proposal is open for public comment for 30 days. in today's healthwatch, new research shows a 50% drop in monthly prescribing of opioids to new patients. the harvard study analyzed more than 86 million patients over 5 years. the study also found despite the decrease, some still prescribe painkillers at concerning dosages and length of time and others don't prescribe them at all. new research the inactive ingredients in many medications can cause side effects. m.i.t. researchers found nearly all
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pills contain some ingredients that can cause allergic reaction and discomforts. fare evaders are costing bart millions. but the real fix for the fare gates that cheaters jump and push through is still years away. >> when will we replace the fare gates? they were designed in 1972. >> our original report on the bart cheat failure is coming up tonight at 7:00. passengers may be getting shuffled around for days following this new executive order from president trump that temporarily ground 737s. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection.
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grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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air travel nightmare unfolding across the u.s. jets grounded over safety concerns. this morning, dozens of bear flights are canceled. >> plus, the undocumented immigrant accused of stabbing a san jose mother to death faces a judge today. why he was able to stay in the u.s. despite his long rap sheet. >> and facebook under criminal investigation over data sharing. this morning, the social media giant responds. good morning, it is thursday, march 14th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. michelle has the morning off. and let's get right to the weather forecast because it is some of the best news of the
5:30 am
day. >> fantastic. it is so nice. it's great to have that sunshine through the weekend. it's been a while since we have had a sunny week with storms. we needed the rain and we got a lot of it and now we have the sunshine to enjoy. here's a live look with our south bay san jose camera looking at mineta international airport. chilly start to the day 30s and 40s. 40 in san jose. 39 for santa rosa. your weather headlines, clear skies, chilly conditions, plenty of sunshine as we head through the afternoon. mild daytime highs right around where we should be for this time of year in the 60s. and our warmup continues into the weekend with highs soaring into the 70s saturday and sunday. we'll talk about how long this warmup will last for us, how long this ridge of high pressure will stick around and
5:31 am
when we'll finally have some showers back in the forecast. gianna has the traffic report. crash southbound 280 at pagemill road. main lines of the freeway not blocked but some delays earlier. looking at our maps north of where this crash, we are seeing some significant delays, some red on our sensors so i'll look into that and check in with caltrans and chp. as you get closer to the crash, there are no lanes blocked. most of the activity is off to the side affecting the on- and off-ramp for south 280 at pagemill but vehicle versus a tree so some injuries may be involved in that. taking a look at the eastshore freeway, so far, so good. an easy ride this morning along i-80 westbound out of richmond. if you are cutting across the richmond/san rafael bridge, so far, so good, no delays there. in fact, clear all the way into emeryville. that's where you're going to see a few brake lights toward the bay bridge toll plaza. all right. east there was we have this crash west 80 at mason still blocking lanes. you're starting to see a backup as you work your way out of
5:32 am
vacaville. and a new crash just reported northeast east right at davis looks like it is over to the shoulder southbound 880 the commute direction through there so far holding steady with no major delays through there. so an okay ride despite the accident on the northbound side of the nimitz freeway. a quick look at traffic on 680 through alamo, san ramon, southbound looking great with some nice speeds no delays right now working your way through 680 into walnut creek. should be able to connect over to 24 with no problems this morning. if you want to skip the roads and use mass transit, everything is on time. the freeways are good to sfo with no delays. i'm jackie ward live at sfo where people so far seem to be handling these cancelhis
5:33 am
latest emergency executive order intends to keep everyone safe. president trump ordered that all boeing "737 max" 8 and 9 planes be grounded as long as the cause of the fatal crash in ethiopia is still undetermined. airlines are expected to be shuffling passengers for days as they adhere to this latest executive order. and while still being investigated, lawmakers on capitol hill want to hear from boeing. passengers seem to be taking this all in stride despite some delays possibly lasting days. >> you know what, i'd rather be stuck here than to take off and then never land. >> reporter: sfo is reporting 35 flights canceled. flightaware says 20 are canceled at mineta, 11 at oakland. some are because of bad weather like the blizzard in denver but there are others scattered across the state and arizona so not all of these cancellations are related to the executive order and these boeing 737s. southwest, united and american are the three big airlines mostly affected by this. altogether, they have about six
5:34 am
dozen of the 737s that now have to be rescheduled. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. i'm katie nielsen live at the santa clara county courthouse. the man accused of murdering a san jose woman in her home is making his first appearance here in court today. the reason this case is getting so much attention is because the us is suspect was an undocumented immigrant wanted by ice at the time. police say the 27-year-old man stabbed a 59-year-old woman to death in her south san jose home last month. according to immigration and customs enforcement records, the suspect had been arrested six times in santa clara before the murder and was supposed to be held until agents could pick him up. but san jose's police chief says the city's sanctuary policy does not allow them to work with i.c.e. >> the city of san jose and our police department have no
5:35 am
control over how the county interacts with federal immigration enforcement and deportation of violent or serious felons like carlos carranza. >> reporter: during a press conference yesterday, a lawyer for santa clara county said it's a violation of someone's fourth amendment rights to hold them just for i.c.e. beyond their scheduled release times from jail. again, that arraignment happening at 1:30 this afternoon. live here at santa clara county courthouse, katie nielsen, kpix 5. new this morning, police looking into the shooting death of an organized crime boss in new york. investigators say 53-year-old frances ceo calle was shot outside of his home on staten island was night and was pronounced dead at the hospital. he was the reputed boss of the gambino family linked to the mafia for decades. no word of any arrests. the death chamber at san quentin prison is closed as hundreds of condemned inmates
5:36 am
get a reprieve from governor gavin newsom. yesterday, the governor signed an executive order putting executions in california on hold. the executive order spares the lives of all 737 inmates on the state's death row at least for the duration of newsom's time in office. it also withdraws the state's recently revised lethal injection policies but doesn't commute sentences. >> the law doesn't change relating to death penalty. that can only change with the will of the voters. >> that's interesting. i'm trying to figure out why we need to go back to the voters. is there any indication they changed their minds? i don't think so. >> the state has executed only 13 people since 1978. and no one has been executed since 2006 because of legal challenges to the lethal injecalifornia. in20californvot ctedpropion aimed at and measur
5:37 am
speeding up the execution process. this morning, usc is investigating students implicated in that huge college admissions scandal. that includes the daughters of actress lori loughlin, the full house star is free on a million dollars bond this morning after being charged with conspiracy and fraud according to investigators. loughlin and her designer husband paid half a million dollars in bribes to get their daughters into the school, according to investigators. the feds say the money was funneled through william rick singer. here in the bay area, 13 parents accused in this scheme on the list, dr. gregory colburn and his wife allegedly paid $25,000 to help boost eis.a.t. score and we found dr. colburn in his driveway in palo alto yesterday, there he is, but he had no comment. r. kelly's lawyer says that a judge is not reducing the singer's $21,000 a month child support payment. kelly was jailed last week for
5:38 am
failing to pay $160,000 to his ex-wife. his friends and family put up the money to get him out and in a separate case, he has pleaded not guilty to sexually abusing four women, three of whom were under age at the time. former trump campaign manager paul manafort now has an additional 3 1/2 years of prison time. that brings his total sentence to 7.5 years for federal crimes in separate cases unrelated to the 2016 campaign. moments after yesterday's sentencing, an indictment charging manafort with state crimes including mortgage fraud was unsealed in new york. president trump would not be able to pardon manafort on those state crimes. 5:38. this morning there's word that facebook is under criminal investigation over deals that it struck with other companies to share user data. the "new york times" reporting that these companies are among more than 150 firms including ny that cut sharing deals with the social network. the agreements let the
5:39 am
companies see users' friends, contact information and other data. sometimes without consent. facebook has phased the out most partnerships over the past two years. they also said: meanwhile, some facebook users are having trouble logging on today. if you got an error message yesterday because of facebook or instagram, there was a worldwide outage. it's believed to be their biggest outage ever. they say it's not because of hackers. instagram service is back to normal this morning. santa clara county superior court temporarily halting online payments for traffic infractions and misdemeanors because of a glitch. the court says there is an inconsistency between fees on its website and the actual fees owed to the superior court.
5:40 am
its website posted this message saying it is undergoing maintenance online and if you need to pay your citation, do so in person. >> very frustrating having to come because of -- we live an hour away and having to come all the way over here just to pay a fine not being able to do it online. >> that is annoying. the court says if a recipient completed a payment that was undercharged, the court will accept the lower payment and the record will reflect full payment. 5:40. >> lofty goals for san jose this, know. coming up the city's plan to build a world attraction that rivals the golden gate. >> and here is a live look outside from our dublin cam this morning. you can see those highways jam- packed with thursday morning commuters. gianna will have a traffic update coming up. if you love breakfast and a good deal,
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good morning. here's a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera looking north, clear skies, chilly conditions. we are going to warm up with plenty of sunshine. and we'll continue over the next several days. details on how warm it is going to get and our next chance for showers coming up. a slow creeping danger could top the worst fires or earthquakes california has seen. a new study finds a small sea level rise could rock the state if a storm strikes at the same time. according to scientists, the powerful mix could overwhelm communities with more extreme flooding and erosion and here in the bay area, experts say that it could cost up to $450 b taking a live look this morning at the gorgeous golden gate bridge, the bay area landmark known worldwide and now the city of san jose is
5:44 am
hoping to take its turn in the spotlight. the city plans to build a landmark to attract people worldwide. the city council has given permission to the san jose light tower corporation to hold an international competition to design a landmark at arena green near the "s.a.p. center." the group is named after a landmark tower that used to be in downtown san jose. it was removed after damage from a windstorm back in 1915. but it reportedly helped influence the eiffel tower in paris, france. >> we want something like the roman coliseum or the eiffel tower that hundreds of years from now is still relevant and that somehow captures the human spirit. >> some environmentalists say the location isn't right, though. they say an increase in visitors would threaten birds and animals near the river and creek. happening today in the east bay lime is expected to release
5:45 am
its technological scooter. oakland will be the first lime market to release the new scooter. so what itncy? er0" wheels,o si frt also comes with a new large color screen display that offers better safety tips for all the riders. >> which is good but, you know, they have these renting by the hour things and it takes you a while to figure out how to use that. they have all these features but you got joe blow on market street trying to rent one of these things and flying off down the sidewalk. >> so have you -- >> i have not. i'm a little nervous. >> i haven't been on one. i want to try it. >> i have heard it can be a little scary. >> then one seems pretty technologically advanced. >> we'll see. a stunning sight in southern california. about a billion butterflies are swarming the skies as they migrate from mexico to the pacific northwest. take a look. a professor at uc-davis says the biggest out -- this is the biggest outbreak since 2005 of these butterflies. they are called the painted
5:46 am
lady butterflies and they are getting their fair share of food as they head north because of a super bloom in southern california. you can't step outside without seeing the butterflies. >> they were all over the place here, too. so all over san juan capistrano, all over newport, and two weekends ago they were all over anza borrego. >> last year researchers only counted 25,000 migrating "painted ladies." they blame it on the rain giving the butterflies plenty of wildfires to feed on. >> beautiful. plenty of wildflowers to feed on. highways not looking so pretty? >> no. they're not so pretty this morning. unfortunately, if you plan to take the bay bridge this morning, metering lights are on and you are backed up almost to the maze at this point. you know, i just checked in with chp and we did have reports of a big rig trying to exit off treasure island. it may have gotten stuck there. so i'm going to get an update
5:47 am
on that. i was kind of looking at the upper deck there at some of our live shots. not seeing a lot of delays. hopefully it was cleared quickly but, of course, it is slow pretty much a parking lot approaching the toll plaza. once you get past the metering lights you're moving better across that upper deck as you head into the city this morning. san rafael bridge starting to see a backup near the toll plaza but overall, still a pretty easy ride if you are commuting from the east bay towards the marin highway 37 looking good, as well. chp still on the scene of this accident. westbound 80 out of vacaville right at mason left and middle lanes blocked. we have a bit of a backup there. so if you plan on commuting out of this area this morning, heads up, you will see some delays along that upper eastshore freeway. the lower eastshore though looking good through richmond as you head towards emeryville. let's jump to the nimitz freeway. 880 a couple of trouble spots here. one reported near davis and another one right at "a" street. we are not seeing a lot of delays. a lot of the activity is on the right shoulder in both crashes. brake lights south of there connecting off 238 coming out
5:48 am
of the castro valley y. and in fremont, keouth 880 at stevenson boulevard you still have the number two-lane blocked for debris in the road. that's been out there for quite some time. chp also clearing this crash. south 280 at pagemill. vehicle versus a tree all the activity over to the right shoulder. we did see some red and yellow on your sensors in our last hit. so far looks like it's cleared so traffic should be moving well along 280. and still slow and go through the altamont pass this morning. westbound 580 coming away from 205. you got brake lights all the way towards north flynn. all right. time to check your forecast. we have sunny skies. here's mary. that's right. it is going to be a beautiful day all across the bay area. definitely want to geek out a little bit because it's march this and happy pi day. the number keeps on going for pi and if you are wondering what pi is, of course it's dealing with math. the circumference of the circle
5:49 am
to its diameter, the ratio. great day for pi/pie today! 41 in concord. 48 in oakland. livermore 37. downtown san francisco at 48. 40 in san jose and upper 30s in santa rosa. so clear and chilly this morning. sunshine as we head through the afternoon once again. mild daytime highs right around where we should be for this time of year. we are going to continue to warm up as we go through the week so warmer weather expected by this weekend into the 70s inland. so a ridge of high pressure in control for us will only strengthen and build through the next several days and with it, sunshine, warm temperatures. we are tracking that strong storm system that powerful dangerous storm system across the rockies as well as for the plains and bringing blizzard conditions, blowing snow, so watching that very closely as it continues to push to the east even severe weather in parts of the south with the monster storm.
5:50 am
at home, nothing like that. we had t andstorm after storm and now we have that sunshine to enjoy. so we'll see a few more high clouds as we go through the day and that's pretty much about it. daytime highs a little warmer compared to yesterday. so that ridge of high pressure will be really strong as we go through the weekend. with it the warmest temperatures that we have seen so far since november 7th. it has been a long time for sure since last year. and for the numbers here, the third longers wait for the first 70-degree day in san jose since 1973. so if you thought it was a long time since we have seen temperatures in the 70s, it has been. sunrise at 7:22. and our sunset at 7:15. daytime highs today, in the 60s for many location. again, seasonal daytime highs, 62 in san francisco. 63 for oakland. 64 for fremont. and 66 for san jose and santa rosa. there we go with the warmup. talking upper 60s for friday inland and 're up into the
5:51 am
70s for saturday and for sunday. continuing for monday. partly sunny tuesday with showers back in the forecast for the middle part of next week. happy friday and happy pi, day. happening today as mary mentioned our math expert our enthusiast is what every math lover looks for march 14 is pi day, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its deep amount, also known as 3.14. the exploratorium in san francisco will be celebrating all day. the guest speakers will break down all things pi beginning at 10 a.m. and at 2:00 the mission delirium band will play some music and, of course, slices of pi will be served up. the event was founded at the museum 31 years ago. i think mary said i thought she said happy fridfraywel make thu
5:52 am
by eating pie math stuff aside, we'll celebrate pi eating pie! an observant california boy cease an elderly man in need. what he does next shocks the neighborhood. >> and let's take a live look outside. it's 5:52.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
good morning, on this thursday. it is 5:55. if you are heading out the door, here's a look at some of our live shots this morning. bay bridge in the upper left corner, golden gate bridge next to that not too bad. next to the dublin interchange, there is the oakland area nimitz freeway. there are a couple of hot spots on the nimitz. i'll have more on that coming up in my next report. a heartwarming outcome following a scary incident in sacramento county. an elderly man seriously injured after he fell. >> but a young man he never met came to his rescue. a typical and for both men when their paths crossed. chuck fletcher was taking his daily stroll and a 12-year-old
5:56 am
jet was out riding his bike when fletcher tripped over some uneven pavement and started bleeding badly. that's when jet rushed in to help. >> i rode my bike as quick as i could to make sure he was okay. i asked him, sir, are you okay? >> i was so impressed with who he was and his concern for me and his willingness to help any way he could. >> jet got fletcher's address and then ran to tell the man's wife about the fall. fletcher is now recovering at home and says that he is very thankful for his new friend. major airlines across the country are now scrambling to get passengers on different flights now that president trump's executive order grounds "737 max" aircraft. >> reporter: plus, the suspect in a san jose murder case making his first appearance here at the santa clara county courthouse later toy. we'll explain this case is reigniting the immigration policy debate.
5:57 am
to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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a man is killed when bay area police open fire on a car outside a thrift store. how the deadly confrontation unfolded. >> on capitol hill this morning, one of the president's signature policies is under fire from his own party. good morning. it is thursday, march 14th. i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm kenny choi. good morning. michelle is off this morning. you know, mary, i love temperatures in the high 70s! i could go to the beach. but i guess i'll take what we have because at least it's sunny. >> yes. >> it's okay. >> we are looking at plenty of sunshine. hopefully you're enjoying our weather. we can continue to warm up as we go through the rest of the day. 70s by the weekend but for now
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