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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 14, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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sanford students taking the first legal action in connection with the nationwide college admissions steam. that afternoon. >> the students say they did not have a fair shot at getting into elite schools because of the admission scandal.
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>> here are details of the scandal.>> reporter: universities took their application fee but failed to give them sahad they been aware usc. at the time shedhat e price of admission was an unfair, rigged process in which they could get into the university through bribery. she would not have spent the money to apply to the school. the application process is based on merit while simultaneously turning to rampant bribery, this constitutes a bribery. the stanford daily said that his client is dropping out. her degree is not worth as much
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as it was before because employers can now question whether she was admitted on her own merit versus having parents that were willing to bribe school officials. students had mixed opinions on their fellow students filing bribery. >> they have more money and it's a crime against you. i don't have an obligation to accept you based on whatever your criteria is. >> i think if they really wanted to go to one of the schools they lost a spot because of that. they have a right to take action. >> we reached out to both the plaintiffs and did not hear back. >> several most more students joined. and oakland teacher has filed a $5 billion lawsuit in civil court. she believes her son was not admitted to some colleges
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despite his 4.2 gpa because of the admission scheme. a student who allegedly benefited from a massive scandal is speaking out. this market of executive is telling the hollywood reporter's he is upset he was unknowingly involved in a large scheme that helps give kids who may not work as hard as others an advantage. a measure to build more homes was endorsed. >> if this bill goes through it will help tens of thousands live in beautiful homes. >> it aims to eliminate hyper low-density zoning near public transit. it is set for a hearing in the coming months. good news, the transit system just approves the largest investment in its escalators and decades more
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than $96 billion funded by a voting improved measure targets escalators that regularly malfunction. man accused of murdering a woman last month was set to be arraigned in about 90 minutes. carlos is an undocumented immigrant, he has been arrested more than nine times in the past three years. that 24-year-old was found dead inside her home two weeks ago. surveillance video shows the suspect working that morning it is not clear if he knew larson. it is official, the senate voted to block president trump and that comes hours after trump posted a flurry of tweets accusing democrats of being border deniers. he was prepared to veto if necessary and the southern border and a national security
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and humanitarian nightmare. >> it is and this will be a vote about the very nature, separation of powers and sport. >> no president has ever declared a national emergency once congress denied their voting to carry it out. the latest candidate joining the crowded pool of democratic presidential hopefuls. >> reporter: we can begin by fixing our democracy and ensuring the government works for everyone and not just for corporations. the former texas congressman
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wasted no time hitting the campaign trail holding his first event in iowa. >> this is the first stop in our campaign to be president of the united states.>> reporter: he visited every texas county in 2018, that style of politics could play well in a state like iowa who is willing to meet the candidates before the caucus. >> i am looking forward to the conversation, to hearing what's on your mind. >> reporter: he has a proven ability to raise large amounts of money and he joins a long list of democratic hopefuls which may include former vice president joe biden. he is considering a presidential run of his own. >> i just say whoever it is i will take them off. >> reporter: president trump has only one announced challenger on the republican
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side. former massachusetts governor. >> democrats are behind former vice president joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and harris. fight experts have their hands on black boxes from ethiopian airlines. aviation experts will spend the rest of the week analyzing the voice of reporters and they want to find out why that jet went down on sunday. 157 people died and five months ago the same model crashed in indonesia. new satellite evidence shows the movements of the plane were similar to the ethiopian airlines flight. as we first reported yesterday, the u.s. has joined a list of 50 countries grounding the aircraft as a result.
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airlines have canceled thousands of flights while the planes are grounded. the faa is allowing airlines to get them to their bases one is headed to sfo and the flights will only have the pilots on board, no passengers or flight attendants. powerful winds and blizzard conditions are blasting parts of the country's midsection. meteorologists are calling it a bomb cyclone. high winds and icy roads in colorado force big rigs to slide into each other, wideouts striking the entire region forcing traffic standstill for hours and leading to more than 125 crashes just yesterday. more than 1300 flights were canceled at denver international, pretended out like it's two travelers stranded overnight after officials closed all of the runways for the foth time. this big rig in texas, while.
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hit with winds topping 80 miles per hour the big rig careening off the road knew at noon we are learning california is drought free for the first time since 2011. >> our meteorologist has more from the weather center. >> this is great news, it is the positive side of storm after storm this winter. the entire state of california is out of a drought and we haven't said that in years. the first time since december 20 2011 we have been in a drought for 376 weeks consecutively until now. check this out. you can see no drought for the bay area and the entire state abnormally dry in southern california that is that yellow there but not officially in a drought and here is the reason why. we have picked up a lot of rain this water year for 128 percent
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of average in santa rosa, 111 average in san francisco and livermore as well as san jose, 107 percent of average for the rainfall. we will talk about when we could possibly see our next chance for showers coming up, kenny? new developments in the high-profile case for the empire actor jesse small let. he pleaded not guilty this morning. police in chicago say he faked a hate crime against himself, he says he was assaulted and doused in a chemical and left with a rope wrapped around his neck. prosecutor say he staged the attack because he wanted a higher salary. he is expected to return to court in april. robert stone left the district a few hours ago following his status hearing. stone will stay on trial november 5. she warned him to
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comply with his gag order, he was indicted earlier this year in terms of making false statements. wearminute ofa r the international space station, one astronaut hoping for success after his harrowing first attempt. by most americans are not quite on board with self driving vehicles.
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automakers are getting cars ready for the road but many americans are not willing to take their hand off the wheel just yet. we are anxiously waiting for the self driving cars.
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>> reporter: the autopilot feature allows the car to steer and break by itself. is the closest thing on the market to a self driving car, it is what jaclyn has reservations about. >> it is a little scary, i bet it is unnerving? >> reporter: she is not alone. 71 percent of american drivers say they would be afraid to have a self driving vehicle. aaa believes that will change. >> our expectation is the technology will improve over time and we are likely to gain more trust. >> reporter: tristan believes as more people experience the technology -- the more comfortable they will be letting go of the wheel.
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>> it will keep its distance from them. >> reporter: the technology will only accelerate several automakers and tech companies planning to roll out vehicles in the coming years. a live look now where nasa astronauts just launched aboard a rocket they hope will take them to the they are getting their second shot at making it into orbit about a harrowing first attempt when there was a booster malfunction. the booster slammed into the side of the rocket, they quickly readied a second machine to finish the attack.
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we found out that the real fix for the gates is far away. >> they were designed in 1972.>> reporter: our original report on the failures of coming up tonight at 7. let's get a check of our weather forecast, things looking very sunny and we are warming up. >> it is a gorgeous day, hopefully you can get out there and enjoy it. mostly sunny skies on the tower camera and temperatures are warming up after a cold start to the day. you can see the temperatures are in the 50s and low 60s 58 and livermore and 62 in santa rosa after starting off the day in the upper 30s.
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here is a satellite and radar view, high pressure will only build and expand for us and that's why we will continue to warm up as they had through the rest of the week including the weekend and why we will see plenty of sunshine. we will see some of the warmest temperatures since november 7, it has been a long time with temperatures likely in the 70s inland by this weekend. this genesis bomb dropped down to 33 millibars in pressure in 24 hours, this is a powerful storm system not brought blizzard conditions from the rockies to the plains and severe weather from the great lakes down to the south with tornado warnings popping up from indiana down through alabama as well as mrs. that he. back at home son rose at 720
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today and tomorrow, we target temperatures right around where we should be. 62 in san francisco, 63 in oakland, 64 in fremont, here is what you can expect the extended forecast warming up into the 70s by the weekend we will continue with the weather for the beginning part of next week. we will have the sun for quite some time. >> it has been so long since we had a long stretch of sunny warm weather, it has been such a wet winter. still ahead, preventing tragedy how a group keeps watch and works to keep people safe on the golden gate bridge. if you have a consumer problem or question, email us at or call our hotline,
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we will be right back.
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more than two dozen people jumped off the golden gate bridge to the deaths last year
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according to the bridge district. >> people stepped in to keep others from taking their own lives. that is thanks in part to this >> reporter: while sightseers snapped photos of the golden gate bridge, a group of volunteers have their sights set elsewhere. speak of the suicide numbers have gone way down. >> reporter: they are a group of 6000 volunteers who were trained to prevent suicide. bridge walked angels founder leads 200 volunteers on this afternoon. spread across for several hours on major holidays trained to reach out to those who look isolated and distressed. >> we let people know they are not alone and we will really listen, sometimes that is the best response.>> the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. daniel worked with me at the
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lobby for the suicide barrier under construction if someone was out here watching maybe my son would not have jumped. >> after losing a brother and son to suicide, mia gives her a chance to make a difference. >> so that no one ever has to spend another day, another holiday without one of their loved ones. >> reporter: mia does not know how many lives her group has saved but there are many testimonials. >> someone saying hey just so you know i came here last year when i wanted to jump from the bridge and one of your volunteers stopped me. that is a remarkable feeling to have at the end of an event.>> reporter: for leading a lifesaving volunteer suicide prevention brigade this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to angels group
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does blocks on major holidays members are encouraged to volunteer on the bridge on their own. >> you can nominate your own local hero unlined. we will be right back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. coming up tonight, a bay area housing project is
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experimenting with a unique design. how the village could cut down on cost, that story and much more coming up tonight.>> you can bring yourself and from the sunshine we are having today. >> just a gorgeous day, i want to say that forecast one more time. daytime highs right around where we should be mainly in the 60s and we will continue to warm up by the end of the workweek and check out the weekend. if you have outdplans ll be spectacular. i'm going to go see the waterfalls. >> you can always watch the news online, right? >> yes.
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♪ h go on business trip? >> steffy: i should have gone before now. but i just wanted to give phoebe some time to settle in. now i have a million things on my list that need attention. >> taylor: yeah, but what about rick? i mean, he's in paris. why can't he handle this? >> steffy: i'm co-c.e.o. buyers, suppliers, they need to see me face-to-face occasionally. >> taylor: yeah, but why now? steffy, phoebe does need to settle in, not fly halfway across the world. >> steffy: well, they're gonna have to get used to my lifestyle. it's theirs, too. >> taylor: honey, it's just that i worry about you. you're taking on too much. >> steffy: i'm fine. i have amelia.


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