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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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prison. >> reporter: prosecutors released a statement of facts a video of him ppearing in walking the street up to bambi larson's home about 4:30 a.m. on the day of the killing february 20. she was found dead of stab wounds in her bedroom and when the rest of the suspects he had the victim's kendall tablet and cell phone plus a 7-inch knife believed to be the murder weapon. the statement also says that rubble on his boots matched what he shoe prints located inside her home. >> the defendant is charged with one count first degree murder and special circumstances of burglary may have make him eligible for life without the possibility of parole and the death penalty. >> reporter: prosecutors are still deciding if this will be a capital case but the sake governor newsom's moratorium on the death penalty in california will have no bearing on their decision. >> it is under consideration, as mr. ramos says. >> reporter: and brie larson a 59 -year-old manager at a silicon valley biotech firm. the family issued a statement thanking the police department that connected the suspect's
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dna. since is ongoing criminal matter the family will not make comments at this time. we thank the community for their support of the thoughts and prayers and ask for privacy as we grieve the loss of bambi. he is due to be back in court may 17. it is expected at that time he will enter a plea in the case. new developments in the college admissions scandal. two lawsuits now have been filed in the alleged scheme involving bribery and phony test results. one suit filed in san francisco on behalf of kalea woods, a student at stanford. part of a class-action lawsuit. woods and others claim they were harmed because they were denied a fair opportunity for admission to schools to which they applied. students allege they quote did not receive what they paid for.
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affair admissions considerations process. sue also said stanford degrees quote are now not worth as much as they were before because prospective employers may now question whether they were admitted to the university on their own merits versus having parents who were willing to bribe school officials. the lawsuit names eight universities that have a highly competitive admissions process. the class action seeks to represent all students who apply, paid an application fee and were ultimately rejected from 2012 -2018. the suit also names the man at the center of the scandal, william singer, accused of taking millions of dollars from parents to artificially inflate their children's standardize test scores and sometimes pay bribes to turn kids into phony athletic recruits. some students at stanford are skeptical about the lawsuit. >> i don't think a private institution accepting someone
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else because they have more money is a crime against you. don't think they have an obligation to accept you based on whatever your criteria are. >> stanford says that he believes the lawsuit is without merit it adds quote we standby the integrity of our admissions process. separately an oakland mother has filed a 550 billion-dollar lawsuit of her own but her lawsuit is in going after the colleges, she is suing the parents indicted for cheating. among them hollywood actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman. she says in the lawsuit quote i am outraged and hurt because i feel my only child was denied access to a college not because he failed to work and study hard enough but because wealthy individuals felt it was okay to lie, cheat, steal and bribe their children's way into a good college. the former school teacher says
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her son had a 4.2 grade point average in high school and was rejected by some of the colleges where the alleged cheating happened. a bay area parent caught up in the admissions scandal out of a job. will mcglashan accused of paying $50,000 to get his sons and truths exams? prosecutors let you pay 202,000 goes to his son into the university of southern california. he worked with one of the world's largest private equity investors tpg capital. he says he resigned but the company says it fired him. he has already stepped away from other duties, boards of bay area companies, the advisory board of stanford graduate school of business and the marin academy board of trustees. hallmark cutting ties with actress lori loughlin after her arrest in the college admission scheme. hallmark cards says it will no longer work with her and has stopped development of any production she was involved with. she has been a long time start of the hallmark channel
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christmas movies and one of its tv series. of the brands are also party waves with her and her younger daughter, olivia jade. she was reportedly on a yacht in the bahamas when the news broke of the admission scheme. she was with the daughter of the board of trustees chairman, rick caruso. 19 -year-o olivia is a social media influence to her apparently capitalized on her experience at usc with sponsored postman should apologize last year after saying this on her youtube channel. >> i do want the experience of like game days and partying. i don't really care about school as you guys all know. >> she and her husband, designer mossimo giannulli are charged with pain $500,000 in bribes. philio's police chief announced he is retiring, stepping down amid mounting
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criticism in at least five lawsuits alleging police misconduct. >> reporter: the city says no they say he has been thinking about retirement, talking about retirement for up to a year now but this department has dealt with quite a few controversies under his watch. >> our condolences. >> reporter: he rarely gets on camera in interviews last month he appeared in a video press release addressing an officer involved shooting. attorney melissa knowles working with john burris represent mccoy's family in a lawsuit against the vallejo lease department. in fact their law firm alone has five active lawsuits against the agency. >> a culture of violence, a lot of as being cowboys. >> reporter: he is also suing the department on behalf of adrian brown.
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in january of vallejo officer detained the military veteran while on his porch recording a traffic stop. >> we really disturbed at the way he responded to some of these recent incidents, the lack of retraining. we are open to the possibility of someone coming in that wants to reduce violence against the civilian population. >> pulling valuable resources against the community. >> reporter: the low point came when detectives doubted the kidnapping and of denise hoskins. the city paid $2.5 million for that mistake. >> he has been looking forward to this time, 31 years in law enforcement. he is ready to retire. >> city leaders praised him saying he will card to freeze relationships with communities he started coffee with a cop with neighbors and officers at local coffee shops. he cocreated a late night basketball program for cops who with teens after school. he also instituted the police body camera program. in 2017 the police department
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won an excellence in community policing award. they say under his leadership the city saw a big drop in homicides in recent years. >> how thrilled we are with the phenomenal work the police chief has done for the city of vallejo. we are said to see him retire. we knew it was coming. >> reporter: the chief's official last day is april 30 but he will stay likely until the end of the year so we can have a new chief who will also oversee the transition. the israeli military confirming that two rockets from gaza, targeted the city of tel aviv. the last time rockets were fired in this area was 2014. at first the military said the
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missile defense system iron dome intercepted one rocket and another landed in an open area. took back the statement eventually saying the rockets fell harmlessly, no damage, no casualties. the group hamas and islamic she had say they are not responsible and had nothing to do with it. the israeli military attacked overnight targets in gaza in retaliation. a live look from capitol hill where today senators voted to strike down president trump's national emergency declaration to fund the border wall. the first time congress has used its power to reject a presidential emergency order. the resolution passed after a last ditch effort by some republicans to reach a compromise. 12 gop senators joined democrats in the vote. >> i take my hats off to those members on the other side of the aisle who have let
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principal rise above parties. congress has spoken the president can't overrule the decision of congress. >> senate republicans and some democrats argued their support for the resolution is not about the border wall about the constitution and separation of powers. president trump pushed back on that argument. >> the legal scholars all say it is totally constitutional whether positive or not i am vetoing it. >> congress is not expected to garner enough votes to override a presidential veto. the president wants to use his declaration to steer $3.6 billion more toward porter barrios then lawmakers have approved. already crowded field of democrat candidates for president just got bigger. warmer texas congressman beto o'rourke announced his candidacy today. just over three months ago he ran and lost his race for the u.s. senate and announced his candidacy today on twitter. >> amy and i are happy to share with you that i am running to
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serve you as the next president of united states of america. this is a defining moment of truth for this country. >> hours after the announcement he hit the campaign trail in iowa. he was at a coffee shop for a meet and greet with voters. >> this is my first time to meet most of you here in this room. so i'm looking forward to the conversation, to hearing what is on your mind. >> reporter: he enters the race with name recognition and proven ability to fund raise large amounts of money. sounds like something out of the movie goodfellas. the suspect the boss of a notorious crime family shot dead outside his mansion. new details on what may be the first major mob hit in decades. an alarming discovery two did whales washed ashore in the bay. the new styled of living called cohousing. the bait area plan for a unique village about being really close with your neighbors.
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. marine mammal experts are looking into two great whales strandings. the 23-foot long female divide
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-died of severe malnutrition the second spotted near the shore. she didn't appear to be malnourished. her cause of death is still a mystery. >> san francisco bay, they try to feed in the bay there isn't enough food for them and then they pass away. that is unfortunately what happened to these, at least one of these two and we have at the same time last year. >> the marine mammal center has been seeing more whales entering san francisco bay this winter and witnessed them staying longer before continuing their migration. experts in paris have their hands on the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines flight 302. then she is be sending three investigators to help with the investigation. aviation experts will analyze the cockpit voice and data recorders to try to find out why the boeing 737 max eight jet went down sunday. five months ago the same model crashed into the java sea in
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indonesia. new evidence shows the movements of the plane were similar to the ethiopian airlines flight. at least 50 countries, including the u.s. have now grounded the aircraft. as a result, airlines have delayed or canceled thousands of flights. the f.a.a. is allowing airlines to ferry plains back to their bases. they will have only pilots on board. could be new york city's biggest mob hit in more than 30 years. francesco cali known as franky boy was shot to death outside his home last night. the 53 -year-old was thought to be the leader of a notorious crime family. >> units responding to shots fired. police swarm francesco cali's home after he was gunned down outside and reportedly run over. >> all we have is a blue pickup. >> reporter: the reputed head of the gambino family, he was believed to have also had ties
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to the sicilian mafia. an assistant u.s. attorney reportedly once said he was seeing as a man of influence and power by organized crime members in italy. in 2008, he was arrested in new york city with dozens of other alleged mobsters and associates. he pleaded guilty to extortion and was released from prison in 2009. less than a decade later, the man known as franky boy reportedly took over as the gambino family boss. once one of the most powerful crime families in the country, members of the gambino family were portrayed in films like good fellas. in 1985 the gambino crime boss paul castellano was shot dead outside a manhattan steakhouse. the hit allegedly ordered one of his associates, john gotti. in the 1980s and 90s the gambino family became synonymous with god who took over shortlycasiano's death. in 1992 when he was sentenced
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to life in prison for ordering his murder and other crimes, the family's influence waned. according to local reports, he led the family quietly unlike the flashy and highly visible gotti. with the murder they are back in the spotlight. police are the man who fatally shot cali may have staged a car accident to lure him out of his home. officers are read reviewing surveillance footage. jussie smollett today pleaded not guilty to 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct this morning. he is maintaining his innocence after chicago police said he faked a hate crime against himself. he says he was jumped, sprayed with a chemical and left with a ecuty a ed higher salary. the santa rosa native is expected to return to court in april. another high-profile case. the trial of long time trump associate roger stone has been
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set for november 5th. he is charged with lying to congress and obstructing lawmaker's russia investigation. a pit stone against prosecutors for special counsel robert mueller. the warm up his own. about 2 - 3 degrees warmer today compared to yesterday. now back to average. wait until you see what happens this weekend. some of the warmest weather we have seeing since november. while we are enjoying the wild wind blows a freight train off a bridge as a cyclone paralyzes parts of the country.
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. powerful winds, wideouts, blizzard conditions slamming parts of the country. meteorologists call it a bomb cyclone. severe weather brought traffic to a standstill in colorado. hundreds of accidents reported, winds pushing semi trucks around like toys. a big rig in texas careened off the road after it was hit by winds exceeding 80 miles per hour. check out the a wild scene in new mexico. winds strong enough to blow 26 railcars off a bridge. falling into a dry riverbed. likely no injuries reported.
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back here, for the first time since 2011 california is drought free. much of the change happened in the first few months of the year. the map on the left is from march 12, showing dry conditions in the very southern part of the state. the map on the right is from january 1st. dry conditions over the majority of california. >> good news for us. >> great news. >> it has been eight yours some part of california most of the time most of california has been in some type of drought. yellow shading on the map is of normally dry. there were five different shades the second, third, 4th and 5th, just a little dry towards orange county and san diego county and a little dry towards yreka. aside from that the entire state of california, none of it in drought last time i checked california is a pretty large place. 67 concord, oakland and santa rosa. just enjoy the sunshine without
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needing to usethat line, but we need the rain, for the first time in eight years. we don't. go enjoy the sunshine. san jose 65 with sunshine. oakland 45 degrees, napa 43, mountain view 43, livermore 49. 66 degrees doesn't sound very warm. the last time san francisco was warmer than 66 degrees was 122 days ago on november 12. i am using a graphic because we get close to that on saturday. we likelihood that an warmer coming up sunday. big st. patrick's day parade saturday, not sunday in san francisco. sunny and mild, mid-60s. let's go to san carlos we are warming up there. sunshine tomorrow, beautiful day, 66 degrees. you want warmer? saturday 60 degrees. me hit 70 on sunday. with cloud cover working n angle
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through, we will continue to warm up 1 - 3 degrees a day. we are in the mid-60s already. a couple degrees through sunday will carry us to the low to mid- 70s with mainly sunny skies for the weekend, warmest since early november. futurecast tomorrow morning cloud free. tomorrow evening cloud free and saturday morning cloud free. -cirrus clouds likely to move through saturday afternoon, saturday evening. no rain in the forecast the next five days but the warm up continues. the warmest weather since november next week will not be as warm or not as dry but that is next week let's talk about this week in the warm weather the next several days. philio 68 san jose 69 san francisco 63 sunshine in santa rosa close to 70 degrees tomorrow. a few more degrees on saturday few more on sunday, sunday the really warm day 71 near the base 65 at the beach 74 and the
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warmest in one spots cool off tuesday showers likely wednesday and another chance of rain possible late next thursday or next friday. get ready for a fantastic weekend to be outside. shorts and t-shirts ready. oakland middle school has something big to celebrate the only school in the city to win a very prestigious honor.
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. middle school in oakland receiving big recognition tonight. >> claremont middle school be
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named a california distinguished school for 2019 the school's first time receiving this award and the only school in oakland to get at this year. the school's principal credits the hard work of teachers and students. he says annual test scores for english and math have gone up in the last two years. >> it's been a long journey working hard and teachers have done an amazing job in the last five years we had a tremendous turnaround. we are honored for the work of the last two and half years. a group of teachers will head to disneyland in april to celebrate were all distinguished schools in the state will be recognized. coming up in the bay area housing crisis a new experience . the plan for unique village were neighbors get really close. what cohousing is all about. >> the santa anita racetrack takes action after another horse dies. major changes that could impact racing. tesla getting big on new electric suv.
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details on the much anticipated debut tonight of the model y.
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. new details in the murder of a san jose woman shows it may have been burglary gone wrong. the defendant charged with first-degree murder in the death of bambi larson. prosecutors are now deciding if they will seek the death penalty. two new lawsuits in the college admission scandal. a stanford student part of a class-action lawsuit against eight elite schools around the country it says students were denied a fair opportunity for admissions. also an oakland woman whose son received rejection of going after parents. they paid a consultant company to arrange bribes and the test scores. leo's police chief is retiring. his tenure subject of criticism and there were five active
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lawsuits against the department.


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