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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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receive what they paid for, to participate in an application process for your fraud. students want their money back. the request anyone who paid an application fee to any of the eight named universities but denied admission, gets their application fee returned. only bay area student listed as a places plaintiff is currently a stanford student majoring in biology. she wants the 85-dollar application feedback from usc. court documents they had she known the system at usc was warped and rigged by fraud she would not have spent the money to apply to the school. the sioux also mentions goes james johnson who apply to college, he had an shu 1500 out of 1604.65 gpa. he was a varsity hockey player and start of the school math team. ut austin and stanford rejected him. now he wants his money back too. and the 500 billion-dollar case, yes, billion, filed by this former teacher in oakland, jennifer toy. the civil suit accuses 45 defendants, for allegedly
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cheating to get their kids into a good college. as a result, her son, joshua, who had a 4.2 gpa, was not admitted to some colleges. around stanford today the scandal still a topic. she plans to apply for a phd in civil engineering despite the recent drama. >> even after all this you want to go? >> yes. >> reporter: caitlin is a junior studying international relations. do you think the scandal has devalued a stanford degree? >> i don't think so because stanford is a great school within itself as an inththersomee veheated their way around the admission process, it is still an amazing establishment. >> reporter: stanford released a statement saying quote we believe the lawsuit filed by the students against stanford is without merit. we take the issues raised through the events of this week very seriously. while we
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continue to closely examine policies and processes to see if improvements should be made we stand by the integrity of our admissions process. heart is rolling out an ambitious plan to overhaul one of its biggest problem areas, the notoriously unreliable, rickety escalators. wilson walker live in san francisco with the 100 million- dollar fix. >> reporter: it is a notoriously widespread problem. we are at civic center park at this escalator which was immobile for most of the day now running again. they are trying to get this operational for the evening dissent into the b.a.r.t. station. this is of course a problem that has been around for a long time. fixing it is going to take time as well. >> all in all it is all over the city. happens way too often. >> reporter: sites so familiar may not give it a second look
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unless it causes real, physical hardship. >> my legs get tight walking up the stairs stairs. they are always out. >> reporter: while out of service escalators are something of a running joke among some passengers, others might say those are emblematic of b.a.r.t.'s struggles on the whole. >> it is wrong it makes you wonder do they have enough money or something ought to be done about it. >> escalators are finally coming to downtown san francisco and boy do we need it . >> bar acknowledging this is long overdue, will now spend $96.5 million to tackle a problem that has quite revoltingly been piling up for years. who could forget what repair crews found when they tried to fix the civic center escalator in 2012. >> when it was dismantled they found so much human waste they had to call in a hazmat team.
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it is a hard environment to keep things going. >> equipment itself has made things easier. many escalators in san francisco stations were manufactured by this german company but they went out of business not long after they were installed. so replacement parts and maintenance are a problem almost from day one. starting next year the constant battle to keep them running will finally come to an end. >> rip those out and replace 41 escalators and embarcadero, montgomery, powell and civic. >> reporter: they come with a ten year guarantee designed for more wear, tear and larger crowds. the only problem, getting them all installed will take seven years. >> we will stagger it so the impact is in too much at our stations. six per year with the first ones going into play spring of next year. >> reporter: in the time we erred that story, behold the elevator is working. th.
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s be walking by the last minutejokingmembers 2012 using language we can't use on television to recall the incident. obviously a massive project, seven years to replace all the escalators. it will take a lot of time but i can assure you the folks coming through here are exasperated with situations like this and ready to see this head the other direction. >> work miracles every day. the escalators so unreliable, the transit agency actually posts a running tally online to let riders know which ones are broken. we posted a link on a community alert in the east bay. chopper five near the richmond santa fe bridge, crews still working to clean up a gravel spill that happened westbound 580 before the toll plaza. early this afternoon, most of the gravel on the shoulder now,
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earlier all lanes covered. it stretched about 200 yards. looks like they are in the final stages of cleanup now. got the street sweeper out the as we pan out, traffic was affected and will be backed up for a while. b.a.r.t. now says it knows what caused a breakdown that brought all trains to a halt for several hours last saturday. it was a faulty switch in the transit system's computer network. when it failed i had a cascading effect on other switches, that led to a loss of communication between the operations control center at lake merritt. and everything out in the field. today, the assistant gm said the agency is close to completing a backup system to prevent this from ever happening again. a bay area woman has won a 29 million-dollar settlement in a lawsuit over baby powder. a jury made the award to teresa levitt and her husband after
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concluding asbestos in johnson & johnson baby powder caused her cancer the verdict just covers compensatory damages. johnson & johnson denies the allegation and is expected to appeal. a new jersey woman won $117 million judgment in a similar suit last year. the man charged in the violent murder of a san jose resident made his first court appearance today. news suggests it may have been a robbery gone horribly wrong. >> reporter: the suspect's very first court appearance was a very short one. carlos rrid not but prosecutors laid out their case against him revealing some new details. they also said they may seek the death penalty the district
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attorney's office minced no words when it comes to their intentions to prosecuting carlos carranza for the murder of bambi larson. >> our office will hold him fully accountable for this brutal murder so he can die in prison. >> prosecutors released a statement of fact saying the man appearing in several neighbors video surveillance is carlos carranza working the street up to mb larson's home about 4:30 a.m. on the day of the killing, february 28. larson was found dead of stab wounds in her bedroom and when they arrested the suspect he had the victim's kindle tablet and cell phone plus a 7-inch knife, believed to be the murder weapon. the statement also says that roval on his boots matched plenty shoe prints located inside her home. >> the defendant charged with one count of first-degree murder and two special circumstancee possibility of parole and the death penalty. >> reporter: prosecutors are
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still deciding if this will be a capital case but they say governor newsom's moratorium on the death penalty in california will have no bearing on their decision. >> is under consideration as mr. ramos says. bambi larson was 59 -year-old manager at a silicon valley biotech firm. or family issued a statement thanking the police department linking the suspect's dna. the family said quote since this is an ongoing criminal matter, the family will not make any comment at this time. we thank the community for their support, thoughts and prayers and ask for privacy as we grieve the loss of bambi. carlos carranza will be back in court on may 17. at ttime it is expected he will enter a plea in this case and he has not entered a plea at this point, he will be back in court. until then he is being held without bail. a disturbing discovery in
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san francisco bay. . >> reporter: coming up next, two gray whales found dead in the san francisco bay. why biologist are concerned. lawmakers out with a quartet of new bills to combat skyhigh rent including a bit of statewide surveillance. . a pair of baby bear's turn of the low near lake with these tiny twins are learning tonight from their foster parents. just enough serious cloud cover moving into give us what likely will be an amazing show in the sky in about one hour with sunset coming up. whether we have not seeing -- weather we have not seeing since before thanksgiving.
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. two whales found deceased in recent days in san francisco bay, marine mammal experts at work to find out why. live on the waterfront with some theories. >> reporter: the two were found in the waters off angel island. the two female whales from a pod of five that made their way into san francisco bay last week. oil just believe something drew them off course into the bay. the necropsy showed that they were the results-at least on was severely malnourished. >> the significant she
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had nobody reserves left she had some blubber left but no subcutaneous fat no internal body fat and these are reserves any animal, human or animal, needs to maintain body temperature and maintain normal function. this is the typical migration route from warm waters off of baja to alaska for the summer. it is unusual for that many whales to come to the bay. last year at this time there was another great whale found in the bay. coming up tonight at 7:00 we will have more theories from biologists and pathologists bay area lawmakers announce drive down skyhigh rents. san francisco proposing a percentage cap on annual rent increases.
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alameda wants to forbid if actions without just cause. a bill by oakland could create a central database of available rental housing requiring landlords to register properties with the state. and santa monica wants to loosen current restrictions on municipal rent-controlled ordinances. >> we have seeing throughout the state of california, rents increase by way more than 10%, 15, 25, 50 in some cases 100- pushed 200%. >> they overwhelmingly rejected propped and last year that embody the very same ideas. we need to have less government, less regulation allow for more housing to come into the housing stock to make it more affordable. >> the bar for voted to endorse a bill by san francinauld crte more high density housing around transit hub. two top executives of facebook are out the door tonight. facebook's chief
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product officer chris cox and what's up vp chris daniels announcing they are both departing. the move comes as facebook is putting an emphasis on customer privacy and private messaging. we have now learned what caused yesterday's facebook instagram the outage. it turns out facebook says it was a server configuration change. the company says it has resolved the issue that affected millions around the world. tesla and failing its new car tonight, an all electric suv. here is an early look at the model y. at least half of it. elon musk is set to reveal its specs and special features from tesla's design studio in a couple of hours. mysterious. he told investigators that demand for model y could double
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those of the lower-priced sedan. some adorable rescues learning how to live in the wild from some unexpected teachers. look at these adorable little guys. they are 4 pounds each and just 4-6 weeks old. rescued in lake tahoe. uncertain why they were abandoned, but some carrying people are making sure they get all the lessons momma bear will provide. >> we usually always start fish on water because fish aren't laying on the shore. they have to learn to go into the pool and pull fish out. >> reporter: rescuers hope they will be released back into the wild in about a year. officials say it's best to release them within a 75-mile radius from where they were found. the biologist will choose where and when to release them. very high cute quotient there. weather getting warmer 70s this week and for the first time since november for some of us. oakland gorgeous thursday
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evening 67 degrees. cooling off in livermore and san francisco 603 sunset santa rosa 65. another chilly start conquered 40, leo 40, san jose 42. warm spots pacifica, proximity to the ocean keeping the mid- 40s. here there might be a big parade this weekend, no green on the radar. 64 saturday the parade saturday dublin, sunday. saturday needful weather, sunshine mid-60s microclimate forecast san carlos sunshine for you as well as 66 degrees tomorrow, saturday 6 kely hig 70 on sunday. why? something very elusive the past couple weeks or months, a blocking ridge of high pressure. there have been bridges to the west steering storms, over texas not helping us out whatsoever. that is done temporarily. the ridge to the south and west
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will keep us high and dry and warm through the weekend. futurecast tomorrow morning, sunshine. tomorrow evening clear skies saturday morning more sunshine, filtered sunshine saturday afternoon like what's going on outside not remaking clouds but filtered sunshine at times saturday afternoon. gradual warm-up continues tomorrow and saturday and sunday making this weekend the warmest weather we've had since november next week not as warm, not as dry so get out and enjoy the sunshine coming up this weekend. highs tomorrow close to 70 degrees santa rosa and san jose. 60 napa, 68 vallejo, 65 oakland, 63 san francisco. look at the highs over the weekend especially sunday. mainly sunny skies low 70s near the bay and mid-70s inland as we look toward next week to cool off a tuesday and showers next wednesday. the drought is over, enjoy the sunshine not worry about needing rain.
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breaking news out of the delta. fire crews battling fire on bethel island. you can see video, a lot of smoke. we are getting word that three structures are burning and the column of the, black smoke, fire visible around the area. we are keeping an eye on the situation. we will have more. 49ers set another player. the raiders release one and tiger all over the place on the pga tour today but the shot of the day guess who had an case on 17.
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. the 49ers held a press
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conference to introduce their two new linebackers. kyle shanahan a little distracted as a team was also trying to finalize the deal for quarterback. >> are you signing jason barrette? >> we would like to get out of here and find out. >> they did find out the 49ers got their man, according to a one-year deal with jason to of the fairfield native. kwon alexander and dee ford expected to be key pieces on defense 40's job pretty simple go get the quarterback. 13 sacks last season. . >> the role the 49ers have envisioned for you? >> my role is to go that way. nothing else. >> all gas no breaks for sure. like grand central statement at
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49ers have corners later they announced a deal with receiver jordan matthews, his mom is cousins with jerry rice. it is all coming together. the raiders released receiver jordy nelson who became expendable after the team signed antonio brown and tyrell williams. they also spent one season in oakland the raiders also not backup quarterback a.j. mccarron. evander kaine announcing his wife lost a daughter during pregnancy over the weekend. eva passed away at 26 weeks. he was away from the team on a recent road trip and will not play tonight hea neck injury. five birdies on the back nine but also three bogeys. he shot s the lead in contention. shot of the day, ryan moore the famous island green on 17. nice
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hit. now you see it now you don't. it is not in the water and actually hit the stick and went in the whole. demarcus cousins has learned to pass the ball to steph even when he is not open. steph isn't even in the game. cousins through it to him, he finished with one blooper and the season-high 27 points. >> does not go as an assist? >> no. >> i love how he had the towel on his head. he didn't skip a beat just went for. a mass migration of butterflies on the move tonight, headed our way. fair evaders costing
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b.a.r.t. millions of dollars but we discover the real fix for those gates that cheaters push and jump through is still years away. when will we replace the gates? they were designed in 1972. >> the original report on the b.a.r.t. sheet failure just ahead. it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99!
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the $4.99 fish sandwich combo.
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it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. . this is a fire burning on bethel island in the delta. chopper five getting closer to the scene. according to the east contra costa county fire district, three structures are on fire on taylor road, a little near the this could turn into something more that might help explain the thick, black smoke coming from the fire. air monitoring the story, we will have more on kpix5 news at 7:00.
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get ready to see the painted lady. >> talking about the famous row of san francisco houses, they are type of butterfly swarming our way after stopping off in southern california for the wildflower super bloom. painted ladies spend the winter around the us-mexico border and fly north in the spring. they can pass through our area any day now and they are beautiful. thank you for watching. cbs evening news up next. >> back in 30 minutes with news at 7:00. we will up date the fire burning on bethel island.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this thursday: the president promises his first veto, after the senate, including 12 republicans, reject his emergency declaration at the border. >> the joint resolution has passed. >> president trump responded to the vote in a one-word tweet, "veto!" >> for me, this is a constitutional question. >> the legal scholars all say it's totally constitutional. >> reporter: beto o'rourke kicking off his presidential bid. >> o'rourke is undoubtedly a star. the question is, can he be a successful politician? >> i have experience finding ways to work across the aisle. >> police are investigating the murder of a man believed to be the head of the gambino crime family. >> francesco cali was shot and killed outside his home. >> a major court victory for sandy hook families. >> gun-m r


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