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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 14, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. take a look big flames, a fast-moving fire ripping through at least three homes on bethel island and contra costa county right now. >> a fire broke out on taylor road about an hour ago. buildings are on stilts backed up to the levy. the fires so big smoke can be seeing for miles. chopper five giving us a view of the fire. you can see what firefighters are up against. we have seeing them pouring water on the flames we have watched parts of the building collapse. >> is video shows one building completely they have a lot of propane tanks around them. bethel island, of course you
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know it is a recreational area primarily a lot of boats and people go out on weekends and for vacations. there are some permanent residence in these homes are rather large homes. unfortunately fire consuming this in the middle and one on either side. the eastern contra costa fire department is on scene right now trying to get these homes put out. just an incredible fire. >> we seen firefighters on the ground, the challenges where do you start fighting the fire attacking from the ground with long hoses, trying to get fires at all angles. the fire broke out about an hour ago as we mentioned and quickly took the entire homes so it has been a challenge to figure out where to attack it, how to protect the other homes next to it. you can see from chopper five,
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homes very close together. they are on stilts because the backup to the levy, in case of flooding. >> also interesting to note it would take firefighters a while to get out there. of the island is not remote but not a simple dry for the firefighters. they have to come from a ways away. and communities in the delta, some fire departments are volunteer so it takes an extra minute or two to get everybody together to get out there. as you say coordinate a plan. now we can see why smoke coming up, indicating they are starting to put out the fires. at least keep them from spreading to other residences. these three homes are burning and we know this is in a community that has a lot of those hot ng the way. >> we have a fire chief on the phone right now, can you hear us?
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thank you so much for joining us. we are just wondering do you have any idea how this fire started? >> now at this time. we started receiving multiple calls about 5:50 this evening that there is a house on fire with flames showing, spreading to surrounding structures. >> the delta, chief, is noted for its afternoon breezes and winds. is not having any effect on spreading this one? >> not this evening. we don't really have a breeze out here on the island at this time however -- >> the homes look quite close together. are you able, do you feel like you have been able to make enough progress to keep other homes out of danger here? >> at this time, yes. we have contained it to the three houses that have burned. at this time all forward
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progress has stopped. we are starting to make good knocked down. >> good news. when we see you we have amazing views from our helicopter, chopper five over the scene. do we have reports of anybody injured? >> so far no reports of anybody injured at this time. >> also good news. the bad news, a lot of vehicles got cooked in this. we see at least one pontoon boat burned up in the driveway there. you believe you are getting the upper hand on it, the damage limited to three buildings. these are private homes? >> yes all private homes. on taylor road in bethel island. we are starting to get the upper hand, progress has stopped and spreading at this point right now we are flowing a lot of water to put the rest of the fire out. we are told there were propane tanks behind the homes. was that, were they involved as well?
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>> yes. what goes on the island is a lot of people here are on a propane service for gas and so there is a lot of propane tanks all over the island and of course people have other, smaller tanks for things like trailers and barbecues and things of that sort. >> eastern contra costa fire protection district thank you for your help. they are in the process of getting the fire not out. at its height it look like this, video we got in a little while ago. you see this particular home fully involved. >> thank you very much have a good one. >> >> it lacks smoke from these three structure fires could be seeing for miles you can imagine how powerful these fires are. >> we will move on and keep an eye on the situation. also, scientists wanting answers after two whales wsdot
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on the same shoreline. >> live with what we know so far. >> reporter: pathologists have more questions and answers after performing necropsy is on both whales found in the waters near angel island. from chopper five you can see the beach of angel island. final resting place for two visually disturbing and biologically concerning great well great whales corpses. last week a pot of five made its way into the bay which is unusual. >> perhaps there is an unusual abundance of some kind of food attracting them in here this year, shrimp or something like that. >> reporter: they are on their yearly migration from the warm waters off the coast of baja on route to the summer feeding grounds in alaska. lease one of two e-mails was
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severely malnourished. >> heading for alaska in the poorest condition they will be in because it gone through winter with no feeding, if they were in reasonably good body condition they could make it back to alaska and it would be no problem. >> reporter: the yearling didn't appear to have enough fuel to make the journey. >> the most significant thing she had nobody reserves left she had some blubbered death but no subcutaneous fat no internal body fat and these are reserves any animal, human or animal needs to maintain their body temperature and normal function. >> this is the 2nd and 3rd dead great whales found in the bay the past two years. there is a growing worry among biologists thisis a marker, a sign of the environment and alaska changing and endangering wells. >> has to be a concern for us has to be an early warning that perhaps something is changing
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drastically and their habitat in the north and the arctic waters not getting enough food. the next up will likely be heading up to alaska observing the wells off their feeding graham seeing if the environment has changed for the worse. didn't take long the first lawsuit filed in the college admissions scandal. tonight when bay area mom going after accused parents for $500 billion a slew of students also suing the school's. >> reporter: the attorney say this is a straightforward lawsuit. they wanted a fair process and didn't get it. the lawsuit starting to pile up . the first of 31 page class action complaint with $5 million. and says the defendants, stanford, ucla, you see,
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university of san diego, ut austin, wake forest, yellen georgetown are negligent and careless giving free rain to athletic coaches and directors to fill athletic slots however they want with inadequate oversight. the attorneys released a statement saying students who filed the complaint didn't receive what they paid for. to participate in an application process free of fraud. they want their money back and requesting one who paid an application fee to any of the eight named universities but denied admission gets their application fee returned. and the only bay area student listed as a point of is kalea woods currently stanford student majoring in biology. she wants the 85 dollars application fee back from u.s.a. court documents say had she known the system was warped and rigged by fraud she would not have spent the money to apply to the school and now there is a $500 billion case, yes billion filed by this former teacher. the civil suit accuses 45 defendants including felicity huffman and lori hoffman in a dozen people in
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the bay area for allegedly cheating together kids into a good college. as a result her son joshua who had a 4.2 gpa was not admitted to some colleges around stanford the scandal still a talker. she had plans to apply to stanford for a phd in civil engineering despite recent drama then after this you still want to go? >> harvard, yes. >> reporter: caitlin is a junior studying international relations. >> do you think this is devalued a stanford degree? >> i don't think so because stanford is a great school. stanford released a statement saying we believe the lawsuit filed is without merit and take issues raised through the events of this week very seriously while we continue to closely examine policies and processes to see if improvements should be made. we stand behind the integrity of the admissions process. . live with the frustration over free rides on b.a.r.t.
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>> fare evaders cost millions every year so what is b.a.r.t. doing about it? what we found out a brand-new station might shock you. like a scene from a mafia movie. notorious crime boss killed in what could be the biggest mob hit in more than 30 years. . scary video tells the story. the storm being called a bomb cyclone. . stormy weather is gone around here. prepare yourselves for an epic sunset look at the view from treasure island clear skies for mainly clear skies outside right now. which day we have a good chance of hitting 74 degrees for some of you, next.
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. last month we showed you the shocking footage. person-to-person getting on b.a.r.t. trains without paying. >> so what is b.a.r.t. doing about it? kpix5 live with surprising news. >> reporter: so far is doing what it calls station hardening , adding some barriers like this fence over the emergency exit to make it more difficult to hop over. but what about the actualfare gates themselves? the onvideo, people hurtling over, they do it during rush hour very bravely. these ones here. there is no plan in place right now to replace those, even at
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b.a.r.t.'s brand-new stations. take a peek inside b.a.r.t.'s knew news station, one of two set to open later this year in san jose. it looks high-tech, except for something pretty old-school. fare gates. the same gates that kpix5 cameras caught a constant stream of people pushing and jumping through without paying, in a recent undercover investigation. >> it is frustrating to me. >> reporter: director deborah allen was shocked when she learned b.a.r.t.'s brand-new stations still have the old style gates. >> something i have been asking for since the day i was elected and attended my first meeting is when will we replace the fare gates. designed in 1972, upgraded cents. it is clear now that we are in the upgraded time and fare invasion is getting worse. b.a.r.t. estimates the cost the agency
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and from 25-$30 million a year. replacing all these old fare gates, which there are 600, would cost roughly $250 million. theoretically b.a.r.t. could be making back a lot of money it is losing just by cracking down on people who don't pay. are police did not want to comment for the story but in an earlier interview, deputy chief told us -- spent we have b.a.r.t. engineers working on the problem in interim they are looking at what can we do to existing fare gates to make them more resilient, difficult to evade. in a pilot project in two stations including and boccardo in san francisco, engineers have strengthened air pressure making them harder to push open but the disabled fare gate is electric and easy to cruise through without a ticket or card. >> unfortunately you don't need a ticket just step off. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. also launched a citation team. our cameras captured the tickets
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the team hands out or not taken seriously. nine of ten of the 6799 violators ticket dated since the program started a year ago have not paid. >> the primary goal has never been able to generate money from collecting finds it's really to disrupt the behavior and change the behavior. >> reporter: have you seeing a decrease in fare evasion is the citation team was launched? >> again that is a difficult thing to put a number on. >> reporter: director deborah allen says that there is no proof citations are working it's time to redirect the funds. >> here we are a little over a year into it and we see people are not paying tickets. people who do get tickets. we see what you saw with your cameras. i think we need to rethink that. the real answer to the evasion problem is
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hard in the stations. >> reporter: so engineers are looking at designs and of course cost for fixing this problem. one of the options is adding pressure to the gates to make them more difficult to lift up. it will cost about 15- $20 million replacing all the gates would cost $250 million and that is something b.a.r.t. is supposed to talk about at its next meeting. >> talk, talk. people who ride b.a.r.t. and pay for it are fed up with this, as you know you've spoken to them. >> absolutely. why is this a difficult for b.a.r.t. to get off it's time and build something that stops cheaters from cng up to 20-$25 million in lost fares every. every big transit agency in the world has gates you have to go through. the new york subway has a turnstile. it's not high-tech. why can't they do it here?
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>> reporter: you are speaking for so many people. honestly that is what deb brown was saying in our interview, talking tough about this she said it's all about priority. this is the multimillion dollar question why can't b.a.r.t. fix this problem. deborah allen says they can, they just need to change priorities and she's talking about restructuring the budget to make sure this happens. we will see. >> a lot of grateful riders if they do. >> about 500,000 people thanking him for asking the question you pay i pay deal. dutiful new camera to show you this comes from treasure island one of the best views in the entire bay area from san francisco looking toward san francisco from treasure island looking to the financial district in the sky in the background is not disappointing right now, just after sunset, beautiful view. queue this eagles which we do every time around sunset.
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gorgeous view of the bridges and san francisco. 70 today napa, 64 san francisco, 68 oakland, concord 67. chilly tonight mainly clear skies fairfield 38, san rafael 44. radar stays clear through the weekend into next week. 60 for today the last time the city got above 66, which doesn't seem like a tall hill to climb, last time was november 12th, 122 days ago. we will get through this weekend. this weekend in dublin the st. patrick's day celebration we hit low 70s in beautiful dublin of course dublin island, st. patrick's day all comes together. blocking ridge of high pressuret way through but wiern bewith us . tomorrow morning and futurecast we are dry tomorrow evening we are dry and clear into saturday
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afternoon may see a few high thin cirrus clouds the rich anchoring to the north on sunday means pleasant outdoor weather temperatures in the 70 in the bay for the first time this calendar year. sunny and mild tomorrow, temperatures coming up this weekend, above average tomorrow . 66 los altos, fremont, milpitas, san jose. upper 60s concord, pittsburgh, dublin, pleasanton. san rafael and petaluma. sausalito 69 sonoma, 70 tomorrow friday, ukiah should end warm anmonday, cool down aners, not a stbushowers work thy into foreca by nay. new fallout from that college admissions scheme.
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>> the network cutting ties with actress lori loughlin. a mafia murder mystery. details on the market that left a notorious gangster dad. ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ let me kick it like it's 1986, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪
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. we have been following breaking news in contra costa county from three homes burning on bethel island. the fire broke out in the past 90 minutes on taylor road. buildings are on stilts because they are backed up . le the fire sending plumes of smoke which can be seeing from miles around. fortunately no injuries are being reported. the battalion chief told us a few minutes ago firefighters have stopped the fire and are k contained to those three buildings. cohen cutting ties with
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actress lori loughlin after her arrest in the college admissions scheme. hallmark has stopped development of all productions involving loughlin and says it will no longer work with her. she had been a longtime start of the hallmark channel's christmas movies. loughlin and her husband allegedly paid half a million dollars to get their two there two daughters into usc. loughlin due back in court later this month. the search on tonight the suspect high new york city's biggest mob hit in over 30 years. francesco cali known as franky boy, shot dead in reportedly run over outside his home on staten island, last night. he is believed to be the leader of the notorious gambino family. police are now investigating several motives. a storm in called a bomb cyclone bringing powerful winds in the country's midsection. in colorado you can see the strong wind pushing big rigs across the icy roadway. in texas a big rig got blown
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over as it was barreling down the highway. winds said to be around 90 miles an hour the time. up next, adorable. an understatement with these two. you will not believe how much these two rescued baby bear's way.
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. a lake tahoe couple playing the role of momma bear to some very young very helpless bear cub. >> they run a wildlife care
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center anna fostering these cute little guys. the young cubs were found abandoned in the wild. at just 4 pounds they likely would not have survived if the couple had not rescued them. right now they are being bottle- fed, as you can see. but the goal is to teach them the skills they need so they can be reintroduced into the wild wild's those little ears get me over time, learning how to walk, so tiny. think how big they are going to get. >> we will be back here 11:00. more news and weather head to
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