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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 15, 2019 1:37am-2:11am PDT

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breaking news. multiple people shot and killedmo in new. the attacks live-streamed on facebook. >> up in flames.
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incredible images as three homes burn in contra costa county. how budget cuts slowed down the fire fight. >> news about two deadly plane crashes. a bay area pi theory about what happened. >> a $5 million lawsuit filed in the college admissions scandal. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. veronica de la cruz joins us with the latest. >> reporter: authorities are describing significant casualties in christchurch inside two mosques where gunmen opened fire on worshippers during prayers. local media are now reporting the death toll could be as high as 50. witnesses say one of the suspects fired for more than 15 minutes. four people are now in custody, three men and one woman. we're hearing one of the suspects, like you just mentioned, live-streamed the shooting as they gunned down the
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victim. this all happened at the center of christchurch, a >> i could hear screaming and crying, and i saw some people were, you know, drop dead. >> not in new zealand. >> clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> tonight facebook says new zealand police alerted them to the live-stream. they have removed the shooter's accounts and the video. in a statement they say "we're also removing any praise or support for the crime and the s shooters as soon as we are aware.". >> it's so scary now, if something happens, like, in the mosque. we feel, it's so scary now. san francisco police have
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stepped up patrols around those mosques. and are asking the public, if you see something, say something. a fast-moving fire burned three homes on bethel island in eastern contra costa county this afternoon. the smoke was visible for miles. how budget cuts made it harder for firefighters to respond tonight. >> reporter: those cuts caused some major delays in their response time. and by the time they got here tonight, those homes, total losses. >> i'm a bit heartbroken. my childhood was in that house. everythiha >> reporter: lauren's grandmother's home, one of three destroyed in an explosive fire that flared on bethel island in east contra costa county just before 6:00 this evening and quickly spread. >> it was my grandma and
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grandpa's house. and my grandpa passed a few years ago. so all of his stuff was in there. and everything we had from him. >> reporter: there are no fire stations on the island. the one that was shut down years ago due to the recession. >> this station was closed down due to budget cuts. >> reporter: it took firefighters almost 50 minutes to get here. there were more obstacles. >> we have no fire hydrants on this island. >> reporter: firefighters were forced to go to the nearby levy for water. we were there in 2013 when two homes here b. shortly after the district closed three stations. now firefighters say there are plans to open a new station. but they're stalled. >> it's still being built. it's not open yet. however, we don't have the staffing to open it yet even when it's done. >> reporter: lauren says she's just grateful that even with the
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slow response time, no one was hurt. >> in the end, it's >> reporter: still unclear tonight exactly how this fire sparked. and firefighters say because of the severity of the damage to the home, it could be difficult to figure that out. respecting live, kristen aires. france now has their hands on the black boxes from the ethiopian crash. every boeing worldwide 737 max has been taken out of service. southwest has the largest fleet of the boeing 737 x. today it ranked no. 2 with the highest cancellations here in the u.s., more than 300 cancellations. 900 delays. one veteran pilot believes the 737 max is safe. >> my 89-year-old mother called
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me five times to warn me and told me not to take the flight. >> reporter: before the max ban in the u.s., adrian gorman admits she was concerned her flight to disneyland will be on the boeing aircraft. t'th one they were gonna fly, hoping it wasn't. >> i would get on one today. on an american carrier. >> reporter: but retired pilot, captain deefbs, believes the maxes are safe, and the decision to ground them premature. >> there has to be a bug in the software. >> reporter: the former airplane crash investigator thinks a bug is causing the plane's stabilizer, which keeps the aircraft straight to, lose control. when it does, the stabilizer wheel inside the cockpit fins to turn. there's a simple fix, he says. >> all i have to do as a pilot is grab that wheel. or turn those two switches off.>> repore says, are well-trained in the scenario. outside the country, training isn't as stringent. the cohighlight in the ethiopia
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crash had got on my airplane with 200 hour, i'd say adios. >> reporter: u.s. pilots have reported the same stabilizer issue but have never crashed. >> there's nothing in the american carrier airlines. there have been five respects of this thing happening that was all handled very simply. why? our training is good. >> reporter: today southwest told customers it grounded 34 of its max aircraft. as investigators try to figure out the actual cause of last week's accident. and if there is in fact a link between it and the lion air crash. >> i'm happy that they're grounded. >> reporter: american airlines has the second largest fleet of the 737 max today. it ranks no. 3 in the highest clans lations in the u.s. a group of taxi drivers just filed a lawsuit against san francisco over access to s, if
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o. sfo. it claims that identical taxis are being treated differently for no reason. he says some cabbies can pick passengers up with no restrictions while others are being ban all together. it didn't take too long. >> the first lawsuits have been filed in the alleged college admissions scheme. one suit has been filed in san francisco on behalf of calea woods, a student at stanford, she part of a class action lawsuit. woods and others claim they were harmed because they were denied a fair opportunity for admission to schools to which they applied. the students allege they " a fai admissions consideration
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process." have a highly competitive admissions process. the class action seeks to represent all students who applied. paid an application fee. and were ultimately rejected from 2012 to 2018. stanford says "we believe the lawsuit filed by the students is without merit. ."" the suit names the man at the center of the scandal, william singer. she accuse have had taking millions of dollars from parents to artificially inflate test scores and sometimes pay bribes. separately an oakland mom has filed a $500 billion lawsuit of her own. she is suing the parents who have been indicted for cheating. among them, hollywood actresses lori loughlin, and felicity huffman in. her lawsuit, she says she is outraged and hurt because of "wealthy individuals who felt that it was okay to lie, cheat,
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steal, and bribe their children's way into a good college." a former school teacher herself, she says her son had a 4.2 grade point average in high school and wass withress, lori loughlin, after her arrest. she's been a longtime star of the channel's christmas movies and on many of its tv series. her daughter is a social media influencer. tonight tmz reports loughlin's daughters will not return to usc for fear of being viciously bullied. a bay area executive accused of paying $250,000 to get his kid into usc just lost his job. the money allegedly pai test cheating and a fake football profile. he allegedly hid the scheme from his son. today tpg capital says it fired him.
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>> after reviewing the allegations of personal misconduct i criminal complaint, we believe the behavior described to be inexcusable and antiethical in the values of our entire organization." north korea says the u.s. threw away a golden opportunity at t lt summit. warning tonight. >> bart's director called the agency's current plan to deter faire evaders a waste of money. >> plus, any the discovery of two great whales off the coast of angel island has biologists worried tonight. >> and a look inside tesla's new model y. just unveiled a couple of hours ago.
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millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it.
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but you can. protect your family. visit what is bart doing about it? suzie is live at the embarcadero with some answers. >> reporter: liz and ken, bart is doing a couple of things to deter fare evasion. they are adding air pressure to these gates to make them more difficult to push aside. and they're handing out civil citation. but bart's director says both are a waste of money. she wants to see completely new gates. >> reporter: you've probably seen them. the fare evader who cruise through bart's emergency exits or piggyback behind paying customers, and of course t are the hurdlers.
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we tracked hundreds of cheaters during an undercover investigation fare evading in plain sight with no consequences. prompting the bart director to say? >> the fare gates themselves need to be replaced. they were designed in 1972. and they have been upgraded since. but it's clear now that we're in a different time. and the fare evationis getting worse. >> reporter: she thought the brand-new station, set to open in san jose later this year, would be a great place to start. so we took a look at the design. everything here is brand-new. except for the same old gate. >> that in it says is a waste of mone for u keestld f gat >> you can't just step off. i have to write a citation. >> reporter: they aimed at changing the culture of fare erngs vation. it's costing the agency $1.3 million and not making much of that money back.
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>> i didn't support that solution from the beginning. >> the primary goal has never been to generate money from these fines. it's really to disrupt the behavior. >> have you seen a decrease in fare evasion as the citations launched? >> that's a difficult thing to put a number on. >> reporter: deborah allen says if there's no proof that citations are working, it's time to redirect the funds. >> we need to start reallocating some of the money that we have allocated to projects that aren't asep replacing all of the gates at all stations is expensive. $250 million. and that is a decision that all five members of bart's board of
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directors would have to weigh in on it's something they're planning discuss at their next meeting. a top north korean official says the u.s. threw away a golden opportunity at the summit. he says the north is considering suspending nuclear talks all together and will rethink the missile tests. talks fell apart last month. a bay area woman who sued johnson &auseer cancer was just awarded $29 million. she hasinhalingus the baby powd, in the '60s and '70s. a jury
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concluded the asbestos in the powder caused her cancer. johnson & johnson is expected to appeal. the man accused of a brutal murder of a san jose woman was in court today. prosecutors are still deciding if it is a criminal case. the governor's moratorium on the death penalty will have no bearing on the decision. governor newsom will discuss his decision tomorrow on cbs this morning. a mystery in the bay tonight. what is killing the whales? e questions than are answers after performing necropsi two whales. you can see the beach of angel island. the final resting
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place for two visually disturbing and biologically concerning grey whale corpses. last week a pod made its way into the bay which is unusual in itself. >> the biologists are thinking that perhaps there is an unusual abundance of some kind of food that's attracting them in here this year. shrimp or something like that. >> reporter: the whales are on their yearly migration from the warm waters off the coast of baja where they winter, in route to the summer feeding grounds in alaska where they pack on the blubber. one of the two females studied was severely malnourished. >> right now they're heading for alaska. they're in the poorest condition they're ever gonna be in because they have gone through the winter with no feeding. and >> reporter: the yearling didn't appear to have enough fuel to make the journey. >> the most significant thing was that she had no body reserves left.
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she had some blubber depth but no subcue tainious foot, and these are the reserves that all mammals need to maintain their body temperature and normal function. >> reporter: this marks the second and third dead gray whales found in the bay in the past 2 years. a worry that this is a marker. a sign of the environment in alaska changing and endangering the whales. >> it has to be a concern for us. i think it has to be an early warning that perhaps something is changing drastically in their habitat in the north. >> reporter: the next step may be going up to the feeding grounds in alaska and is itteding the food there. mainly clear skies over the financial district of san francisco. beautiful new treasure island camera looking back toward the skyline. it's a beautiful shot and night.
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52 degrees in san francisco. 55 in oakland. the warm spot, 40s for concord, livermore, and santa rosa. we'll see some 30s in the inland valleys. another chilly start in santa rosa, livermore, upper 30s there. san jose 42, 45, oakland 46. radar clear through the weekend. maybe heading up to tahoe. a gorgeous weekend, spring skiing condition. the base, 202 inches at kirkwood. and partly cloudy skies in north star, four inches of new snow this week. spring skiing conditions are likely. st. patrick's parade in san francisco, sunny and mild. gorgeous in the city, 64 degrees on saturday. warmer on sunday. blocking ridge of high pressure. didn't happen in january, february. it happened the first week of march. now we do have it. there are storms out there in the midwest, storms heading up toward alaska. there are no storms heading in our direction.
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mainly clear skies tomorrow morning. we roll through your friday. we are mainly clear through the evening into saturday morning. high, thin cirrous clouds giving us another gorgeous sunset. that's it. the ridge will make its closest pass to our north and west. that will give us an offshore wind. into the mid-70s since mid-november. high tpgs tomorrow, above average. napa 68. san jose 69. san francisco 63. your extended forecast, warmer. 70s on saturday and sunday. inland close to 70 if not hitting it near the bay. and we'll have mid-60s at the coast, cooling down a bit next week. tuesday back to the 60s for all of us, and a few showers are possible on wednesday. wake up with our team for the latest on weather and there have beening starting at 4:30. this is the weekend that we have earned after about 15 straight weekends that we had to endure. >> what did you call those park
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days? >> park days. above average and sunny. who knew how hard it would be? >> thanks paul. a look at tesla's newest car. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. narrator: in utah, you're livin' on mountain time
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and there's nothing standard about that. with 10 resorts less than an hour from salt lake international airport, mountain time means more time on more resorts on the greatest snow on earth. it means more time with the kids and more time away from the kids. ski more, shred more, chill more, cheers more because mountain time is a state of mind that can only be found in one place. utah.
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all right, bay area. here it is. the model y. >> tesla unveiling its next big thing just a couple hours ago. the midsized suv fits seven passengers. the standard version can go more than 200 miles on a single charge. elon musk says it has the functionality of an suv but rides like a sports car. prices start at $39,000. the model j expected to hit the market in late 2020. >> i knew there was a reason i waited. >> really? you like the y? >> i like the y. >> why not? >> exactly. it's in my ball park. we got more movement on the 49er front tonight. can the sharks make it seven straight wins? a shot at the player championship. you gotta see it to believe it. what happens to
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this golf ball after it if you love breakfast and a good deal,
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you should try denny's new omelettes. fresh ingredients folded into fluffy eggs all at a great price. denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99. sharks forward kane announced that he and his wife lost a daughter during pregnancy over the weekend. she passed away at 26 weeks. did not play tonight against the florida panthers. he thanked everybody for their support. joe pavelski and the sharks could push a playoff florida. scoreless first period. karlsson gets down,coke hfman scores off the
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slap-shot. and florida wins four-2. that snaps san jose's six-game win streak. you ever been on a cellphone and you see somebody dialing, you're trying to hang up on the person that's on the call? check out kyle shanahan today meeting with the media. >> are you guys signing him? >> we'd like to get out of here and find out. good news, they got their man. jason verrett. what? shanny. good buddy of mine. played his first four seasons with the chargers. missed all of last season with a torn achilles. and they announced a deal with jordan matthews whose mom is cousins with jerry rice. matthews celebrated by tweeting theer onehoto of himself coun,
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season in oakland. nelson became extendible after the team traded for antonio brownd ampion william tiger woods returning from a neck injury. five birdies on the back nine. dude was all over the place. he shot a 70. five strokes off the lead. shot of the day, ryan moore. island green. 17. look at this shot. did you hear that? it hit the pin and typically, it ricochets into the water. it went straight down into the hole. that's a hole in one for moore. he finished five under. he is two shots of the coleaders, tommy fleetwood, who i call fleetwood mack. and bradley. ng n
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wealand's prime minister confirming at least 40 people are dead. 20 injured in mosque attacks. the country now calling this a terrorist attack. four suspects are under arrest tonight. we'll have the very latest tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. >> we'll see you then. have a great night.
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