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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 15, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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we will continue striking until the necessary actions are taken. juvéderm it. talk to your doctor weltoppg. about the juvéderm collection of fillers. >> and that's the "overnight news" for this friday. [ siren ] air raid sirens could be captioning funded by cbs heard in tel aviv late last night after a rocket attack from the gaza strip. the israeli military says two rockets were launched from gaza. there are no reports of damage or injuries. it is the first time tel aviv it's friday, march 15th, has been targeted since the 2014 2019. war against gaza militants. this is the "cbs morning news." the israeli military said its warplanes struck 100 targets in terror in new zealand. dozens killed in mass shootings attack. at two mosques. multiple arrests made in what's back home there's been being called orchestrated another horse fatality at santa on the "g newsstd." "variety" reports the ratings for "empire" were down the night before jussie smollett was attacks. new reported details have arraigned in a chicago been released on the final momentetopian >> clege scam aft. courtroom. wednesday's audience for "empire" was about 10% off from families caught up in an last season's finale in december. smollett pleaded not guilty
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yesterday to 16 counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report. prosecutors say the actor lied about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack in january. he denies staging the attack. "usa today" reports the santa anita horse racing track will ban the use of medication and whips on racing days. it comes after the 22nd horse died at the track in the last 2.5 months. a 3-year-old filly broke down yesterday. >> she must have taken a funny step. when she did, the ankle broke a little bit, and then the other ankle broke because they changed leads again. >> the owner of the santa anita is also banning drugs and whips at another track it owns in california. they're the first racetrack in the nation to impose such restrictions. santa anita had reopened for training earlier this week after new safety measures were installed and the track was tested. the "albuquerque journal" reports five adults in a filthy
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compound with hungry children in new mexico last summer have been downtown on federal terrorism charges. prosecutors say the two men and three women were planning to kill fbi employees, government officials, and military personnel. they're also accused of trying to recruit others to join them in attacks. authorities stormed the compound last august looking for a sick 3-year-old boy who had been kidnapped from georgia. the boy was found dead and buried in a tunnel. and britain's "guardian" says thousands of students across the world are taking part in strikes to protest their government's failure to tackle climate change. students walked out of classrooms and held protests across australia, new zealand, and elsewhere this morning. protests are planned in more than 130 u.s. cities and more than 100 countries. the school strike is inspired by a 16-year-old swedish activist who began protesting outside of her country's parliament last year. she's been nominated for a nobel peace prize. legal victory for sandy hook families. a court ruling opens a major gun maker to more lawsuits. gun
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maker to more lawsuits. my joints, they hurt. the pain and swelling. the psoriasis. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of active psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease >> laura podesta here in new symptoms develop or worsen, york. or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. thank you so much. now on to the investigation serious allergic reactions may occur. into the ethiopian airlines get real relief, with cosentyx. crash. in the time it takes to brew a cup... "the new york times" reports communications reveal the pilot here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters faced an emergency almost costa rica paraíso. immediately after takeoff requesting permission to land. first, we go to san marcos, costa rica. and meet sergio. the faa grounded the boeing 737 that's his daughter, maria. itaa
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max 8s saturday after following so we support gio. that'made from coffee pulp. itaa data showing what happened to it helps keeps the soil healthy. this jet was similar to what and the coffee delicious. happened to the lion air jet for the future of his community. that crashed last october. that's sergio's neighbor, leo. >> we're confident in the safety sergio wants grandkids. of the airplane. which is making this very interesting. what we don't know is if there's packed with goodness a linkage between the two accidents. and now that we have the new evidence, we grounded the airplanes to find the linkage. >> the "times" also reports controllers say that they saw the plane going up and down by here's here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ hundreds of feet before in sunday's crash including eight americans. president trump says that he on the cbs "money watch," will veto a resolution that congress passed rejecting his trade talks with china hit bait national emergency declaration -- a bit of a speed bump, and a at the u.s.-mexico border. legal a dozen republicans joined victory for gun-control advocates. senate democrats yesterday to diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. overturn the declaration. >> reporter: good morning, the bipartisan measure is meant anne-marie. to stop the president from using a summit to seal a trade deal a national emergency in order to between president trump and chinese president xi jinping will not happen at the end of divert military funds for the this month as previously planned. purpose of building a wall. many senators said the vote was treasury secretary steven not necessarily a rejection of mnuchin says more work is needed
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in the negotiations. the president or the wall but mnuchin says both sides are for protections against future working to reach a deal as quickly as possible. presidents. a tv network and a cosmetics company have cut ties with president trump delayed a threatened march 1st tariff hike on chinese goods following a late february round of talks. actress lori loughlin and her daughter. they're among dozens of families on the economic calendar, caught up in a nationwide college admissions bribery investors will get insight into how consumers are viewing the current state of the economy scandal that continues to unfold. today. carter evans reports. the university of michigan will >> reporter: why did you go to college? be releasing its reading for >> mostly my parents wanted me march. to go -- here on wall street, the dow >> reporter: that's olivia jade, a prolific social media closed up seven points. the s&p 500 shed two, the nasdaq influencer with millions of lost 12. followers who's quickly becoming connecticut's highest court the face of the college has sided with the families of admissions scandal. sandy hook shooting victims >> like my favorite product ruling a wrongful death lawsuit against gun maker remington can go forward. ever. >> reporter: her celebrity the ruling is a victory for the parents, former "full house" families who have argued that actress lori loughlin and remington, the nation's oldest mossimo giannulli allegedly gun maker, should face liability bribed her way into usc. the school is not talking about in the shooting rampage. the families say the company her status, but some of the glamorized the rifle used in the high-end brands she's paid to sandy hook attack and marketed it as a weapon of war. endorse are. today sephora and tresemme terminated her deals and the >> all we want is our day in hallmark channel severed ties with her mother. court, for the law to be upheld, and for a jury to decide our the fallout continues across the
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country. at georgetown word spread fast case. after reports that the >> reporter: 20 children and 6 adult staff members were killed high-powered parents of isabella by gunman adam lanza at sandy enriquez allegedly bought her hook elementary school in 2012. way in. >> i think she should be exp meanwhile, butterball is expell recalling 78,000 pounds of raw ground turkey products due to potential salmonella contamination. expelled. >> reporter: the tennis coaches her parents bribed have left, losing jobs or put on leave. impacted products are dated two lawsuits filed already july 26th, 2018, and have the including a $500 billion suit establishment number est p-7345 inside the usda mark of from jennifer toy who says her inspection. son joshua what ho had a 4.2 gr the cdc reports at least six cases of illness from salmonella have been reported in three point average was rejected from states, minnesota, wisconsin, some of the colleges where the cheating took place. and north carolina. >> i'm not sure there's a legal solution to the anger and anxiety. >> reporter: former college no deaths have been reported. and tesla has unveiled its admissions officer arun new crossover suv, the model y. it will cost between $39,000 and unus bve this $60,000 depending on configuration. could spur changes. the model y is about 10% bigger >> i'm not beyond the federal government creating rules and than the model three, seats regulations. seven, and features a panoramic >> reporter: ucla is one of the glass roof. schools named in the $500 the company plans to produce billion lawsuit. now a o cleges face the four different versions of the new suv. anne-marie? saanda >> diane king hall at the new york stock exchange.
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thank you somuch, diane. >> all right. thank you. still to come, taking baby they all say they'retati taking steps. abandoned bear cubs are learning on a case-by-case basis. the ropes at a wildlife center. as for students inch indicated the ropes at a wildlife center. in this applying for the so, i needed legal advice, upcoming year, they will be denied admission. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. today beto o'rourke continues his tour of iowa following the announcement that he will run for president. and i heard that my cousin's erbu nd meack!'smsbd is yesterday he sat down with "cbs this morning" co-host gayle king. mola lenghi reports. >> reporter: presidential legalzoom. where fe meets legal.'s t g nt celp you qu "slow ey candidate beto o'rourke explained to "cbs this morning" alwith sport, chantix is anchor gayle king why he should be the democrats' choice. with chantix you can keep smoking at first >> why shouldn't voters be concerned about voting for you and ease into quitting with your lack of experience? so when the day arrives,ll . >> well, i'm grateful that ultimately it's up to voters. and that they'll have a chance when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix. to meet with me, question me, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. listen to me. i'll have a chance to listeno stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes >> reporter: the former in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, hittg th campaignrailus depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, hours after tweeting a video announcing his candidacy. new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, >> the first stop in our or life- threatening allergic and skin reactions. campaign to be president of the decrease alcohol use. united states -- use caution driving or operating machinery. [ cheers ]
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evcoun when he ran ke visited tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. for the senate there in 2018. the most common side effect is nausea. that style of politics could play well in a state like iowa where they like to meet the candidates before they caucus. >> this is my first time to meet most of you here in this room. i'm looking forward to the conversation, to hearing what's your mind. >> reporter: beto enters the race with name recognition and a next at 4:30 am, the latest on the mosque massacre. the attack was live streamed on proven ability to raise large amounts of money from small social media. fa. the donors that could help in the initial polls. smoke was visible for miles. o'rourke joins a long list of why it took firefighter so long to get to the scene. democratic hopefuls that may a $500 eventually include former vice president joe biden, considering filed against schools over the a presidential run of his own. college cheating scandal. >> who's a better democrat, joe biden or beto o'rourke? >> either one i'll take them. him or her. >> reporter: there's only one announced challenger on the republican side. former massachusetts governor bill weld. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. ahead on malfunctioned last
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here's a l october. the team will conduct work on the space station for the next six months. coming up on the "morning news," the season premiere of ♪ when irish eyes are smiling "empire" takes a ratings hit amid the jussie smollett case. a new horse fatality. things are feeling a bit irish at the white house. tragedy strikes the race track in santa anita once again. ahead of st. patrick's day, the this is the "cbs mor is the "cb" george has heart failure. white house continued the annual tradition of turning the south and a busy day ahead. george has entresto, lawn's fountain green. a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive he met president trump at the and out of the hospital. white house yesterday. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. the tradition of dyeing the fountain green for st. paddy's don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, day was started by former first lady michelle obama in 2009. or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, a california wildlife center has its hands full taking care low blood pressure, kidney problems, of two very young abandoned bear cubs.
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or high blood potassium. >> yeah. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on [ sounds ] ♪ the beat goes on that was great! >> there we go.e hofe let's talk about thisd when we meet next week. care. they each weigh about four edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets pounds. nobody knows what happened to under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours. their mother. the wildlife center says raising a bear cub is similar to raising a human infant except for the formula. they're fed evaporated milk and peaches. mm. the bears will be released back into the wild in about a year. and a washington, d.c., in our family becacaring for tiny things woman who made headlines three years ago when she danced at the ra act tiny, be mighty. white house with president obama farmer owned since 1930. and the first lady celebrated a very special birthday yesterday. ( ♪ ) virginia mclaurin turned 110. her wish was to celebrate her birthday with d.c. mayor muriel bowser she joined the party for the birthday. the centenarian blew the few ready to juvéderm it? candles out. correct age-related volume loss in cheeks former first lady michelle obama with juvéderm voluma xc, wished her a happy birthday on instagram. add fullness to lips with juvéderm ultra xc and smooth moderate to severe lines coming up on "cbs this around the nose and mouth with juvéderm xc. morning," california governor
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most susfeargi,kiro narrator: ndard t th on the greatest snow on earth. it means more time with the kids and more time away from the kids. ski more, shred more, chill more, cheers more because mountain time is a state of mind that can only be found in one place. utah.
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that can only be found in one place. victories for veterans, and learning that i wasn't alone.rt me go to our top stories this morning -- at least 49 people were killed in shootings at two separate mosques in new zealand. the prime minister calls it a terrorist attack. it happened in christchurch. the apparent gunman streamed the shooting live. police say four people have been arrested, and this is the worst mass shooting in the country's history. "the new york times" reports on the final moments of the ethiopian airlines plane that crashed. airline traffic reveals the captain faced an emergency almost immediately after takeoff. the "times" also reports that controllers say they saw the huds oet moments before the ash
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je. following the news this week of a college admissions scandal, we want to bring you an uplifting story of a former homeless teenager who is beating the odds in his college quest. vladimir duthiers has more. thank you so much. >> reporter: high school senior dylan chidick just got life-changing news. >> this is overwhelming. i appreciate it. >> reporter: after once living in a homeless shelter, he's been given the opportunity to live in a college dorm thanks to a generous donor inspired by his ambition. >> thank you for everything you have given us and everything we hope to receive. >> reporter: the 17-year-old's been accepted to 17 schools, and he did it while facing overwhelming adversity. two little brothers suffering from a serious heart condition and months without a home. >> it made me realize that i
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have to work hard. >> reporter: his mother moved the family from trinidad to the u.s. when dylan was just 7 years old. he will be the first person in his family to go to college. what is that going to feel like for you? >> i don't know what heaven feels like, but i think it might be just that. >> reporter: as a single mom, she struggled to support three kids. after losing her job, they ende. she persevered, eventually landing permanent supportive housing for her family. where do you think he gets that drive, that determination from? >> i don't want to toot my own horn. >> reporter: i was waiting for that. >> he gets it from me. >> reporter: that drive has dylan already making plans for law school. >> i'm thankful that this has happened to me. >> reporter: truth is, dylan made it happen for himself. vladimir duthiers, cbs news, jersey city. coming up on "cbs this morning," california governor gavin newsom gives his first live tv interview since his decision in
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january to suspend the death penalty for the duration of his term. omar villafranca looks at cleanup efforts off the gulf coast for the longest oil spill in u.s. history. in "a more perfect union," how the cleveland foundation is bringing arts to inner city kis with results that have been transformative. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. good morning, everyone. we are taking a live look outside on this friday morning. we always say it is our favorite day of the week, because it is. >> saturday is mine. >> that is good. we get to sleep in on saturday. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is 430 bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. good morning, everyone. we are taking a live look outside on this friday morning. we always say it is our favorite day of the week, because it is. >> saturday is mine. >> that is good. we get to sleep in on saturday. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is 4:30 am . look who is in the house gracing us with his presence. >> i saw some opossums i have not seen since 2015. i did not know they were still around. it is a fabulous day to be alive and up at 4:30 am. ce top th pnty of sunshine ead.adyeste it will be a touch warmer. we are as degrees in livermore, san jose is 40. there is not a lot of fog out there to mess things up. we will have plenty of urhiressl
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