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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  KPIX  March 15, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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south san francisco mosque. da? >> reporter: yeah, ken. this shooting really struck earlier who the muslim was in tears. he was fearful of coming to the friday afternoon service. so we sent cameras to san francisco, to the east bay, down to the south bay, noticed a lot of police presence and that was a good comforting sight for a lot of these folks, worshipers coming to service today. at a san jose mosque multiple security guards greeted worshipers as they attended the friday prayer service. a police officer also watched over the crowd. >> the best thing is to always just be prepared for whatever happens into the future. >> reporter: many people say the added security is a welcome sight. farther north at this south san francisco mosque people thanked this officer for standing in front of their building. >> and that makes us feel very safe where we have somebody
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protecting us. it makes a person feel more at ease. >>eporter: a packed hous devoted worshipers who couldn't fit inside prayed in the parking lot. >> i'm still having those thoughts, but it's not going to stop me from coming to the mosque and praying. >> reporter: they're outraged over the new zealand shooting and worry it could happen here. >> it's devastating, scary. >> this is what they want. they want people to live in fear. >> reporter: bay area mosque leaders say they'll make changes to keep people safe. >> we are going to close the gates. >> increase security and hire private security for that, for all the gatherings that we have. >> reporter: even though the shooting happened thousands of miles away, support is pouring in for the local muslim community. you can see some flowers being left at this mosque. in fact, the leaders here tell me neighbors were coming over to the mosque to say hey, we got your back. we support you guys. thatthey
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credible threats made against any of the local mosques. nonetheless they want to be vigilant and make sure people feel safe going to take house of worship. live in south san francisco, da lin, kpix5. >> house speaker nancy pelosi tweeted, "we mourn the loss of 49 lives cut short in this horrific act of violence. islamophobia and such acts of pure hatred have no place in a civilized world." senator kamala harris added, "the massacre of those in a house of worship in prayer is evil and cowardly. we stand with our friends around the world to condemn hate and speak out against intolerance." more vigils for the victims are being planned this weekend all across the bay area. we have a list of them on our website hundreds of students stormed the streets of san francisco today to demand action on climate change. they marched down market street
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as part of the global youth climate strike. governor gavin newsom said on cbs this morning the effects of climate change have been painfully visible here in california. >> if you want any evidence of climate change being real, come to california. the hots are dries are getting drier, historic wildfires, mudslides. it's very real, very raw republicans are saying you know what? enough is enough. >> many of the young people in today's marches say politicians just aren't doing enough on either side of the aisle and many say they worry they won't be taken seriously because of their age. >> when we were trying to organize people and telling people come to the march, they were always saying -- most common response was who is going to listen to us? we're just students. what difference can we make? i want to tell people you don't have to feel hopeless and because you're young, you can't make a difference. we have a voice. our voice matters. >> this comes after students confronted senator dianne feinstein last month in a
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contentious exchange on the green new deal. the presidio is mulling ato campus for change. the world economic forum and other nonprofits want to build a mixed use space with offices and public parks there. the 30-acre fort sits at the foot of the golden gate bridge. public comments on the proposal will be heard at meetings in april and may. uc berkeley, the latest school to be caught up in the college admissions scheme. prosecutors say canadian businessman david sidu paid $200,000 for a stand-in to take his st. exams. one of his sons went on to cal and has since graduated. he pleaded not guilty to mail and wire fraud charges today. meanwhile parents in the east bay are once again bracing for a possible teacher strike,
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this time in dublin. teachers just wrapped up voting there on whether to authorize a work stoppage. after nearly a year of negotiations, talks hit a wall last week. teachers want an additional 3% raise on top of a 1.5% boost they got last year. they're also asking for a one time 3.5% bonus along with smaller class sizes and a bigger support staff. the district serves more than 12,000 students and when we get the results of today's vote, we will let you know. oakland will remain the capital city of raider nation at least one more season. kpix5's jackie ward is at the coliseum where a deal is finally done. >> reporter: the oakland raiders are going to pay about $4 million more this season than last season all so they can play at the coliseum, but it's an agreement all sides seem happy with. in a unanimous vote the oakland alameda county coliseum authority voted in favor of
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keeping the raiders in oakland at least one more season with an option to stay for two if the new las vegas stadium isn't ready yet. >> i have always learned if you do what's best for the fans, you'll always win and this deal was about doing what's best for the fans and the taxpayer. we wanted to do a deal that was good for the taxpayers. >> reporter: the team will sign a lease for 7.5 million the first year to be bumped up to 10.5 million if they needed a second year for the 2020 season. >> it will provide opportunities for people to continue to receive employment with the raiders playing here at the coliseum. it brings a lot of goodwill and attention -- positive goodwill and attention to the city of oakland. >> reporter: the coliseum board is still in negotiations on naming rights for the stadium. if all goes well, a proposal will be presented to the joint powers of auboard next month. this deal still needs to be approved by the alameda county board of supervises and the oakland city council. at the coliseum, jackie ward,
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kpix5. i'm len ramirez in san jose's japan town neighborhood where people are literally losing sleep over the union pacific's new train schedule. find out what happens in the middle of the night. >> plus two days after the president grounded the entire fleet a boeing max 8 touched down at sfo today. we'll tell you why it's here. >> and love it or hate it, everyone knows the famous flintstone house in hillsboro, but tonight neighbors are suddenly saying not in my backyard. >> your backyard is a whole lot warmer than it was all winter long, clear skies, mild temperatures, friday evening. will it continue for the weekend? i'll have the answer. that's our beautiful new treasure island camera without a cloud in the sky, your forecast next.
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ysfter president trump grounded the entire u.s. fleet of boeing max jets an american airlines max 8 touched down at sfo today. there were no passengers on board, just a crew bringing the plane over from miami for a long term parking. the plane has prompted worldwide safety concerns after two deadly crashes in six months. new at 6:00 some apartment residents in san pan town are getting a rude awakening. freight trains running through the area 24 hours a day blaring their horns, len ramirez is in san jose where changes to the train's schedule are only part
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of the problem. >> reporter: that's right, ken. the other part of the problem is that this neighborhood was d ers thathaaitrac lated right them. we can show you here the juxtaposition. you can see the train crossing therthat are leasing right now. it is an attractive place to live, but people who live here say lately it's been tough to get any sleep. this union pacific freight train line has a long history in san jose. it was built right next to canneries to easily ship packaged fruit all over the country. the canneries are gone now, repurposed into stylish apartments, but the tracks are still here. >> i don't mind the normal train going through. >> reporter: and there is a lot of train activity, but this neighbor says she hardly noticed it when she signed the lease, but now? >> it's when they get to the crossing where they have the beep and it's like hello? you wake up from a dead sleep. >> reporter: that's tound ofei
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where the neer horn, t a proble day, but -- >> it's been every night at 3 a.m. and so i have had a wake-up call at 3 a.m. every ntit say now, yeah. >> reporter: union pacific says it has recently changed up its schedule and now runs all hours of the day and night and early morning. >> 2, 3:00 in the morning i'm hearing them, 5:00 in the morning, which is still, i mean -- >> reporter: and they're still required to blow the horn no matter when. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: a spokesman told kpix5 the railroad has a new operating plan and that "train traffic has the potential to increase or decrease throughout our network at any given time. there is no quiet zone on the warm springs subdivision. therefore, train crew are required to horn they approach several crossings located in this corridor." neighbors are not only losing
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sleep, they're losing patience. >> the only story i've seen indicates this is a new normal. they're going to run whenever they feel like it. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? >> i think it really sucks. >> reporter: not sure if there is an easy solution to this one. the train companies are under pressure from the federal government and other regulators to be more efficient as well as more safe. so they will have to continue to blow those horns and keep running when they need to be running. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. a napa vape shop is shut down tonight after police say they caught workers selling cannabis to minors. detectives have been watching napa smoke and vape on west imola avenue for months. before they moved in yesterday, they found several cannabis products the shop was not licensed to sell. an owner and employee were arrested on suspicion of selling to minors and conspiracy. the city is working on revoking
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the shop's license. it is without a doubt one of the most distinctive homes in the bay area, but some say the eye catching new additions to the flintstone house in hillsborough are a yabba dabba don't. the town of hillsborough filed suit against the home's owner. the issue is with the backyard. it's now a prehistoric bedrock scene di elephants. the city is demanding the homeowner remove all of it immediately because it was put up without permits. >> i sent her a letter in january which they ignored and therefore, we had to file the lawsuit because it was clear she was not going to remove any of this work. >> the owners have since applied for permits, but the city wants everything removed first so it can start with fresh slate. stay tuned. >> it's always that landmark you look for when you're driving on that freeway. >> it's hard to miss. >> it's like almost there. there's been all these specials
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done on it. >> because it's out there by itself on the edge of that little hillside and you wonder is there anybody around it? >> dinosaurs are. >> it doesn't look like it, but it's so endearing because it is so unusual. i think i would miss it if it weren't there. it's so interesting. >> now we have dinosaurs temporarily. >> of course. we've got warmer weather moving in, too. hey, last time i checked it's friday evening, the weekend's about to start and it's not going to rain for the first time in three months. every weekend has been wet the past couple months but not this one. let's take a peek outdoors. we're close to 70 now, friday evening in concord 68, oakland 40s tore, san nd , 40 in santa rosa, fremont eefferent ompaerthan average, sunny, no rainfall until tuesday at the earliest, close
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to 70 degrees in emeryville coming up on sunday. as we look at our weather maps here, we have a ridge of high pressure which moved. it was to our south and west. now it's to our north and west. this will temporarily on saturday, sunday and monday warm us up. if you think of the clockwise flow around the ridge of high pressure, now with the center to the north, we go the an offshore wind. that was the problem in september and october with our stagnant air. now it warms up to the 70s inland for three straight days. the ridge will continue to go so far to the north that storms sneak under the ridge and return to california next week in the form of light to moderate rain showers, nothing heavy. next week will not be as sunny and warm. futurecast, saturday morning 11:00 looking good, clear skies for the evening your barbecuing or sunday, st. patrick's day, no green on the radar. the weather will be fine. your celebration in dublin will be sunny and warm, 72 degrees. didn't check the forecast for
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dublin, ireland, but dublin, california, looks pretty sweet on sunday. warmest weather since early november, mainly dry and sunny through monday, cooler next week with a couple shower chances, but i'm not going to talk about that right now. let's talk about the weekend. 70 in concord, 71 in san jose, 68 in oakland, 66 tomorrow in san francisco. just a little bit warmer, sunday and monday low to mid- 70s inland, close to 70 near the bay, mid-60s at the beach. then we have that change. the ridge builds far enough to the north a couple shower chances move through, one late tuesday into wednesday, another one friday. when we cool down, we're now cooling back down to average with highs in the low to mid- 60s. that is your sunny kpix5 forecast. wos, usf basketball and this fine looking 3-year-old colt out of golden gate fields. he's local but about to become primetime.
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♪ inside out got it figured out,♪ ♪ i'm feeling good. ♪ doing it my own way, ♪ every single day. ♪ and it feels good to feel good. ♪ start your day with sunsweet amazin! prune juice. and feel good. nba up top and warriors business off today, but on national tv tomorrow. it's only regular season trip they have to oklahoma city. kevin durant's old team and about payday, right ankle bruised he got last sunday
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against the suns kept him out of wednesday's win s in over a month, but despite average play western conference, but draymond green says not enough. >> almost feels like a copout to just look at that and say oh, we're playing bad, but we're no. 1. we have a certain standard we uphold ourselves to and it's not just to be like the no. 1 seed. you want to play a certain way and feel good about the way you're playing. nfl and the raiders, picked up another receiver today. say hello to jj nelson who spent the last four seasons with the arizona cardinals, averages over 17 yards per catched, ranked no. 1 in the league since2015. what a difference a few days have made. the raiders completely overhauled the ceiving core, br
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nelson for derek carr. cassius march will be taking his hobby to another year. the 9ers released him and saved a ton of cash today. the defensive end became expendable when the team signed dee ford this week. thoroughbred racing, hey, the big staged spotlight has struck golden gate field's racetrack in a big way! >> they didn't know he had e class, but he certainly did, another twist of fate in a romp here in the el camino real derby. >> trainer blaine wright this morning with another twist of fate. 3-year-old colt related to triple crown winner seattle slew may be headed to that race at the kentucky derby in may. s,the second jewel of the triple crown, what a huge shot in the arm, good looking horse. what a huge shot in the arm for golden gate fields. >> you dream about these things, yes, and it gets a
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little tiresome thinking about it and talking about it every day, but at the same time we have to remember we're kind of small time. so everybody's average and excited and like i said, they're living their dream through us. speaking of dreams, usf postseason dreams may become reality sunday if the other tournament, the national invitational tournament, places a call to the hilltop. if all goes right, the dons would end up in the championship game at madison square garden. head coach kyle smith certainly >>r: isit one of builng. those thin you got te th well, 's 94 feet. the basket's 10 feet. >> the locker rooms are pretty bad. this is the mecca? it smells like a hockey locker room with the rangers playing there. iowa still alive in the big 10 tournament. tight end george kittle is enjoying it throwing down a
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beverage at last night's game in chicago. give me the historic 17th hole island green tpc sawgrass, florida, players championship a house of horrors for tiger woods, his tee shot slightly strong, rolled over the back into the drink. tiger went to the drop zone and look what happened. he did it again! popped once, got wet. tiger took a quadruple bogey 7, only a second quad ever on a par 3. he shot a 1-under 71, nine back of the leaders, tommy fleetwood and rory mcilroy. and oh, man, look out bryce harper. philly fans' heartbeat might have skipped as harper was writhing in pain. the $330 million man drilled by a 96 mile-per-hour wayward pitch thrown by trent thornton if you're scoring at home with the toronto blue jays. he left the game and avoided
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serious injury. it is just a bone bruise, but, baby, that hurt and if you're writing those checks to bryce harper, you're like please get up. get up. rub some dirt on it. you'll be fine. >> right. a bone bruise probably looks a lot worse than it -- feels a lot worse than it is. >> scary when it happens. >> oh, no question. >> thanks, vern. this bay area pup may have lost a leg but not her spirit. tonight she has a new leash on cay. after surviving a vicious
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a young chihuahua has a new leash on life tonight after she was left for dead in a san francisco dumpster. >> this is rocky. isn't she just amazing? a black and white chihuahua mix happy to be playing ball at the animal shelter. this is a far cry from three weeks ago when she was discovered severely dehydrated with a broken leg. her previous owner, ronald jones, was in court today on felony animal cruelty charges. prosecutors say the dog was thrown down a garbage chute and fell three stories into a
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dumpster. she was there for four days before someone found her. >> the person had no respect for life. it was atrocious. it was cruel. she'sresilient and got brave shelter and has been coming to the shelter every day with her foster mom wearing her in a snuggley. so she's quite popular. >> rocky lost the leg as a result of her ordeal, but look at that tail wagging away. for now she's recovering with her foster parent, but rocky has found her forever home with one of the animal care officers. they can't resist. she is going to take her home. >> that face is ju priceless, ab> thevenin efglor here with a preview. jeff? >> here's a look at some of the stories we are working on tonight. we will have the latest from new zealand on the sickening terror attack that left at least 49 people dead.
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>> our team gained access to the site of the longest u.s. oil spill in history. this might surprise you. we are out on the gulf tonight. >> and meet a 95-year-old running across the country again with steve hartman on the road tonight on the cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching! the cbs evening news is up next. >> we are back in 30 minutes with the kpix5 news at 7:00. we'll see you then. captioning sponsored by cbs lo
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>> glor: on the cbs evening news this friday, at least 49 people are dead after a terror attack on two muslim houses of worship. a gunman driven by hate, streamed the massacre live. >> the blood is spitting on me, y mean, splashing on me. and i'm thinking oh, my god. oh, my god. what's going to happen to me now. >> i don't understand why someone would hurt us like this. you don't think something like this could happen in new zealand. >> you may have chosen us, but we utterly reject and condemn you.


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