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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 15, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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board of supervisors. up next justice for rocky. >> a bay area suspect heads to court accused of beating a cute puppy, tossing it down a garbage chute. >> the person had no respect for life. it was atrocious. after afternoon prayer we're going to close the gates. it was cruel. >> now at 7:00 bay area mosques >> could this convenience factor be leading to cancer? taking no chances, the extra security following the the warning tonight from doctors over apple air pods. massacres in new zealand. >> the suspect accused in the >> this is hillsborough, not an killings facing a judge amusement park. tonight, what we now know from >> plus the battle over this well known bay area home, the his manifesto. >> cutting class and calling changes that have some for action, thousands of bay neighbors saying yabba dabba area students voicing their don't. fears over climate change. >> we have a voice. >> it is absolutely gorgeous our voice matters. >> some trains that are too outside. we'll talk about how long the loud, the bay area neighbors beautiful weather sticks around next. losing sleep over this new schedule. >> it's been every night at 3 a.m. and so night for the past coupl
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weeks i want to say now, yeah. >> wake up. the new kpix5 news at 7:00 starts now with the added security at bay area mosques after the new zealand massacre. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. the suspect is brenton tarrant. 49 people are dead, 48 wounded gunned down during prayer services inside two mosques in christchurch. besides tarrant two other suspects are also facing charges. right now the normally peaceful country of new zealand is shattered. the suspect wrote a manifesto referencing white genocide driven by mass immigration. police say he carried a small cache of weapons to commit the mass murder. the prime minister is promising laws will change. >> i'm advised that there were five guns used by the primary perpetrator. they were two semiautomatic
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weapons and two shotguns. the offender was in possession of a gun license. >> police say the suspect's family is helping their investigation and that they contacted authorities when they saw the news reports. >> tarrant was not on any terrorist watch lists. police say he had a record only for minor traffic matters. he remains behind bars due back in court on april 5th. here in the bay area local mosques are not taking any chances. kpix5's andria borba live in oakland where a memorial just got underway tonight. >> reporter: well, it's a very small crowd out here in . a san francisco man was charged with felony animal oakland, but this is the jewish cruelty today for throwing a and muslim communities standing together tonight ma su rules the chihuahua down a garbage chute. 59-year-old robert louis jones pled not guilty. r of 14th and he's due back in court later broadwayine jewish this month. the 4-month-old puppy rocky is d coies are recovering now and playing ball andinghoulder to shoulder, a show of strength after the at the animal shelter. her new owner is an animal deadly mass murder in new control officer involved in her case.
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zealand. >> it just shows that love is stronger than hate and we are >> i'm invested in her story here together and year going to and it's going to feel good to stand together. me and be great for her to give >> we want to show the similar her a fabulous long life. solidarity and commitment that we are in it together. >> reporter: at a mosque in she's active. she's energetic. she's lively and she is south san francisco faith, not adapting very quickly to her fear, ruled the day. new body. >> she's absolutely adorable. rocky lost a leg as a result of >> i think today i've seen more the ordeal. prosecutors say she survived a people than usual, which is fall from three stories and good, which is good. four days in the dumpster you know, we need to -- we before she was found. cannot stop, you know, having >> experts warning that like a normal life and having apple air pods could pose a -- stopping worshiping god because of a psychopath. >> reporter: among the prayers cancer risk. 250 experts from 40 countries that all houses of worship signed a petition warning against their use. remain safe and sacred spaces. they believe the cancer risk comes from the bluetooth >> in this hate against the technology which uses a type of jewish community, against the sikh community, against whether radio wave to transmit data, they be black churches and, of but a ucla professor says the danger isn't as bad as some course, mosques. people think. r: nove at mosques throughout the bay area today there has been an >> studies have not shown much increased police presence from
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departments in the cities where those mosques are located. most of these mosques are of a cancer risk except for upping their security as well perhaps a high risk people who hoping to avoid a copycat speak on the phone very long situation. live in oakld, andria borba, periods of time. >> meanwhile apple said it tests all of its products to kpix5. >> thank you. exceed safety requirements. the gunman's manifesto tesla meanwhile, latest mentioned president trump as a car, the model y, drawing a tepid response from wall "symbol of renewed white street. >> the midsize suv was unveiled identity." the president dismissed the suggestion that white nationalism is a rising threat last night. ceo elon musk said he expects around the world. to sell more model ys than all >> i think it's a small group of people that have very, very the other vehicles combined, serious problems. i guess if you look at what but today tesla stock lost 5%. happened in new zealand, perhaps that's a case -- i don't know enough about it yet. they're just learning about the analysts say the required $2,500 deposit is a downer person and the people involved, especially with production near but it's certainly a terrible two years away. turning to weather now thing, terrible thing. >> mr. trump tweeted his showing you one of the nicer condolences and spoke to the sunsets we've had in a while today, absolutely perfect. prime minister today. starting to feel like spring speaker of the house nancy pelosi, "we mourn the house of this weekend. it will be great, too. 49 lives cut short in the paul says yes as advertised. it's going to be nice. >> we've earned it finally. >> we have paid the deposit.
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we've paid interest. horrific act of violence. we've paid the full amount five islam ophobia and pure hatred days away from spring and it's have no part in a civilized going to be just really nice out there. you earned it. we all did. it's been a long winter, but world." kamala harris said, "we stand with our friends around the hey, we got out of the drought. world to condemn hate and speak that's awesome news. wanted to show this shot because we're coming up almost out against intolerance." a small earthquake struck on sunset time. this is our new cliff house off the san ma mateo coast, a camera looking out toward the water. we're just about to lose sunlight for the day, but don't worry. we'll get nearly 12 hours of sunlight tomorrow with not much cloud cover and the same thing 2.5. young activists filled streets across the country coming up sunday. temperatures outside are in the today calling for more action to combat climate change. 60s currently, oakland 68, thousands of udents thskped sch livermore 61, san francisco 61, march in san francisco. they marched down market street santa rosa 62. overnight tonight mid-40s for as part of the global youth chilly in our inland -d r owings climate strike. there were also rallies in berkeley and alameda. many students say politicians thnext rain esnot in simply aren't doing enough. l afternootudaevll forethnext they also worry that they won't be taken seriously. >> we were trying to organize people and we were telling tueswe ga few drips of people come to
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most common response was who is going to listen to us? rainfall, about 0.04-inch of rainfall. we have a ridge of high pressure which started off to we're just students. what difference can we make? our west. we began to lose the rainfall. you don't have to feel hopeless then it got closer. and like because you're young temperatures climbed back to you can't make a difference. normal. now it's to our north. we have a voice. our voice matters. we're above normal today. >> this all comes after it continues north giving us an students confronted senator offshore wind this weekend. dianne feinstein in her office that will get us into the 70s, last month in a contentious but it will move into british exchange on the green new deal. columbia, kind of strange for the college admissions march, but go with me. scandal is now touching uc as it goes north, it will open the door for some weather events to move through, light berkeley. david sidu, a canadian businessman, appeared with his to moderate rain, but the ridge will build so far away from us lawyer outside the boston court. he has a son who went to cal. it actually will promote today he pled not guilty to rainfall returning coming up next week, just some showers, mail and wire fraud. but there is a change coming prosecutors say he paid next tuesday. the only change this weekend is $200,000 to have someone pose grab the sunglasses, sunshine a as his two sons and take the s.a.t. he's also accused of a similar likely on sunday as well. scam involving a canadian high sunshine both days, 70s both school graduation exam. days inland. there's the ridge, north of his son alom cal some vicms of vi vancr,h lumbia. that will allow this storm to move through, rain likely aspeaking out against moving in, light to moderate governor gavin newsom tonight rainfall toward the middle of for getting rid of the death next week. weather headlines, clear skies
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penalty. newsom defended his position on tonight, lots of weekend cbs this morning calling the sunshine, temperatures above death penalty racist. average. 5 degrees above average in concord, 4 degrees above he says capital punishment disproportionately affects average in san francisco, 6 people of color. degrees above average in >> it's a racist system. oakland, 70 in sunnyvale, 69 you cannot deny that. there's no equal justice in degrees in fremont, pacifica this system. 64, saturday in danville 68 it's a system that is perpetuating inequality. degrees with full sunshine, it's a system that i cannot in pleasant hill 70, fairfield good conscience support. close to 70 degrees, petaluma >> california voters rejected the measure to abolish the close to 70 degrees, alameda 68 death penalty back in 2016. degrees, daly city 65 and lots right now the state has more inmates on death row than any of 70s in north sonoma county, other state in the united lake and mendocino county, ukiah 72. states. some people in san jose a couple degrees warmer sunday, just keep getting jolted away right in the middle of the mild and sunny monday. then the ridge gets so far away from us showers return late night. >> it's because freight trains tuesday, early wednesday, run through the area 24 hours a another round of showers possible friday. next week will be cooler, but day blaring their horns. union pacific has a long the weekend will perfect. history in japan town. the neighborhood used to be let's focus on that, gorgeous filled with canneries that early spring weekend weather. shipped fruit all over the back to you. >> thank you. one of the most eye country. now those properties have been catching homes in the bay area turned into stylish apartments, is getting some unwanted but the train unpacific changede attention. >> the city of hillsborough is filing a lawsuit against the
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famous flintstone house. you've seen it, probably not from that angle. >> it's been every night at 3 that's the one you got soconspi a.m. so i have had a wake-up call at 3 a.m. every night for the past couple additions out back. weeks i want to say now, yeah. kpix5's andrea nakano shows us the ehbe >> union pacific says the called a public nuisance. >> reporter: this is a very railroad does have a new popular home on the peninsula. operating plan including schedule changes. the train crews are required by it used to be one dark reddish law to blow the horn as they brown color, but now it's very colorful with lots of ornaments everywhere, but it's the approach crossings. statues in the back that has the raiders clearing a big hurdle to stick around another some neighbors saying that the owners have gone a little too season. >> critical vote to extend the far. >> i don't like the way she did team's coliseum lease passed unanimously today. the backyard, you know. the oakland coliseum board just when i pass by 280 and look at approved the deal. the team will pay $7.5 million this year, 10.5 million if they that, you know, this the newsis music to the ears hillsborough, not an amusement park. >> reporter: from t-rexes to of raider nation. elephants, a prehistoric scene >> if you do what's best for the fans, you're going to has taken over what's known as always win and this deal was about doing what's best for the the flintstone home. a yabba dabba do sign greets fans and the taxpayer. that was visitors on their way. good for the taxpayers. in this has always caught >> now the raiders are moving
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people's eye from the 280 highway, but now with the to vegas eventually. the deal to st additions some say it's an eyesore. >> you have to how do you say go with the area, you know, not like that. >> reporter: neighbor complaints led to a formal proceeding in front of the hillsborough administrative hearing panel which decided all of the statues had to come down. >> you can't let people build first and then ask for permission later. >> reporter: but after numerous attempts to have the homeowner, florence fang, comply with the panel's recommendations failed, the city took legal action. >> i sent her a letter back in january which she ignored and therefore, we had to file the lawsuit because it was clear she was not going to remove any of this work. >> reporter: the city of hillsborough says there are two concerns, the way the landscaping looks and safety. the decking and stairs do not have safety rails. the city is worried about the statues being a potential hazard. >> we don't know whether or not those statues are going to hold up in weather or in earthquake
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because we had no building permits and therefore, don't know how they were installed. >> reporter: fang does not live here, but events are held here. we reached out to florence fang. she did not get back to us, but her grandson texted us back this evening and said his grandmother didn't know about this until she saw the news and said he's sure she'll fight to keep the flintstone house the way it is, so stay tuned. what president trump did today the first time since taking office and why it could lead to a big battle. >> why this flight was sent to a parking lot for planes right after it touched down at sfo with no passengers. >> and an update on this raging inferno in contra costa county, what we brought you as breaking news yesterday.
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here's what you missed if you're just getting home right now. president trump just issued his first veto. he overruled congress to protect his emergency border wall funding. it comes just one day after a dozen republicans joined democrats to pass a measure to block the president's national emergency at the southern border. >> i didn't need the vote because we all knew it was going to be a veto and they're not going to be able to override. >> trump's emergency declaration allows him to use billions of dollars in pentagon funding to build the wall.
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it would take a 2/3 vote in congress to overturn his veto. as of now that appears unlikely. a boeing 737 max 8 arriving at sfo carrying only a crew and no passengers, the american airlines jetliner was ferried to the bay area to be parked. the whole fleet the brand-new boeing aircraft are grounded following two deadly crashes in five months. meantime evidence is emerging of a possible connection between the two aviation disasters. the new york times reports investigators found the stabilizers in the ethiopian airlines crash were pointed up which would have forced the nose of the plane down. the same issue is being investigated in the crash of a lion air flight last year. a san francisco man who helped make skateboarding the sport it is today has died. thrasher magazine editor jake phelps died yesterday. the magazine has been published monthly in san francisco since
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1981. the publication claims to be the longest running best selling skateboard magazine ever. phelps was 56 years old. investigators are still searching for the cause of this massive fire in eastern contra costa county. three waterfront homes on bethel island burned down. it took firefighters 15 minutes to get there from oakley because there are no fire stations on the island. the station shut down years ago because of budget cuts. fortunately no one was hurt. the presidio in san francisco is asking for input on plans for a historic site in the park. nonprofits want to turn ft. scott into something called a campus for ange at the foot of the golden gate bridge. researchers would focus on climate change and artificial intelligence. there will be a meeting in april. you may finally be able to
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afford a luxury car by bugatti, but there's a little catch literally.
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it is now possible middle class america to afford a bugatti. >> the french carmaker showed off the so-called baby 2, the $34,000 car is a replica of a toy car built by the company's
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founder for his 4-year-old son back in 1926. it can go 12 miles per hour if your kid is driving. adults can access another mode that goes up to 28 miles per hour and true daredevils can buy a special key that allows you to hit 60 miles per hour. >> bugatti. >> that's one of those ones you see in those exotic toy magazines, you know, for the people who have everything. >> right. your kid can have a $34,000 toy car. >> i'd rather have a flintstone house. >> me, too. i like it. thank you for watching at 7:00. >> dinosaurs. >> she owns the house, right? >> we'll be back here at 11:00.
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