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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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eleven degrees with the new axe ice chill body spray. because you know you're hotter, when you're chill. sweat. dedication. cupcakes. we played football together for the titans. now, we own a cupcake shop. i love this new surface pro. it's light, it's sleek, it's fast. >> the second american conference semifinal today, memphis and cincinnati leading by 3. the last gasp shot at a time, it comes up short. houston tomorrow will face cincinnati, a team that they have beaten twice already this season. >> kevin: good stuff, and of course, 14 teams, 14 total bids going out today, including the
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winner here. won the american east, and to year's tournament darling. >> kevin: it yes, they did. maybe there is a virginia cavalier pan out there who is wiping their brow. the door has been opened for san diego state to make a comeback. >> dan: that three cuts into single digits, because there is plenty of time left. >> kevin: hemsley, watson! >> dan: that is exactly what you were talking about, they get this deal, they get the shot at point-blank range, they can't get it, they can't secure the rebound. when you make a great defensive play at this point in the game, you have to convert it to offense or it is all for naught. >> kevin: taor t.
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right now, plus 7. second chance points, aggies, plus 3. plus four-point at the line, all a part of their lead right now in las vegas. >> kevin: at the control tower, tonight on cbs it begins with the cirque du soleil, one night for one drop.
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plus, a new edition of "48 hours." tonight, only on cbs. 3:40 left. posted and buy as many as 15 on the lead changes, and a lot of turnovers in the first half. full-court pressure, they've got a get it passed, it is taylor and arop defending. >> dan: if you are taylor, you have got to start fouling. you don't want to powell the guy with the ball , but you've got enough time to get back into this one, unless you start making some threes. >> kevin: watson, step back, driving on merrill, mitchell, wide-open three. schakel, mitchell, wide-open three. >> dan: he is a 33%
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three-point shooter, so if he gets another one, maybe he will make it. >> kevin: arop, you can feel overe, arop without taylor, and taylor picks up the foul. >> dan: taylor going for the rebound, so he just mashed arop. >> kevin: i had my feet on the court, i could feel the vibration over here. >> dan: that is another foul. >> kevin: mitchell, three-time three-time's a charm! the other side, what a nice reverse! it is an 8-0 run by the aztecs!
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>> dan: that is exactly what they needed, kevin. >> khey, these pi up a foul.lorho w >> dan: this is a situation where they move people around and that leaves mitchell right open. and what a play by queta, 6'11", 240, going underneath the basket in transition. >> kevin: he is the best defender on this san diego state team, he has approved it. >> kevin: arop to rebound, schakel, here comes mitchell, here is the foul inside to bean of the aggies. >> dan: one of the things that is going on here, as mitchell gets his head and shoulders past bean, and the contact is an easy
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call for the official, utah state can't secure a defensive rebound. how many extra opportunities? at this one gets a turnover at this point in the game. oh my. still, they've had trouble scoring field goals. >> kevin: 8-12 overall. bean. >> dan: but they've totally driven utah state out of anything they wanted to do, offensively. of the aggies have been a little bit too conservative to early. >> kevin: good point. brito, offensive foul on utah state. really, it is momentum more than anything else. they didn't get that shoulder. >> dan: i think he was trying to protect himself, but you're right. that is tough to get that thing going, and harder to get that machine stopped.
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>> kevin: a 7-point game. >> dan: here again, another opportunity for san diego state. but can they convert? >> kevin: huge possession. mitchell, it's a three, and it missed everything. >> dan: that was not the shot they want to, particularly at that point in the shot clock. i know mitchell just made a three, but again, he is only a 33% three-point shooter. now queta is coming in, they will get a better three-point shooter. >> kevin: miller will come in. both teams have gone small. merrill, coming from behind, almost had that ball! what hustle. >> dan: each team still playing tremendously. >> kevin: they are! >> dan: great job reaching with his left hand, noon t there. >> kevin: abel porter, sam
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merrill. bean, three, there! foul inside, it is going to go on the aztecs. right there, climbing for the rebound. >> dan: i am going to ask you a question, do you know how many three-point baskets bean has made this year? one. he is 1 for 5 on the season. what are you shooting at three in that situation for? >> kevin: to brito at free throw 0 for 2 on the line. he comes back for the defense. how about that game? 8 rebounds. terrific. >> kevin: top free throw-shooting team in the country, utah state.
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>> dan: that door stays open, doesn't it? >> kevin: it does. the watson three, scored! merrill, doubled by the two seniors. >> dan: this is where you want the ball. >> kevin: merrill, the move, the drive, fouled! fourth! >> dan: watson, he is in a crowd right here, the closest guy to him, his teammate, and he
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knocks down the three. then to san diego made the decision not to foul early. they are trying to play tough defense and beat the shot clock, but they found merrill right at the end of the clock. it turns out to be a disaster, because merrill is one of the best free throw shooters in the country. >> kevin: congratulations to iowa state, they have just beaten kansas in the big 12 championship in kansas city. 43 seconds. seven-point lead, utah state. on cbs. ass back onto the lawn. he knows that instead of going into a bag, it can act as a fertilizer and strengthen his yard. he's not green, but his lawn is going to be for a long time. yardsmanship is not dead folks. not by a long shot.
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>> kevin: northern utah is where the aggies call home. that is where the campus is. freshman and a junior have led the way, this championship game against the pesky aztecs of san diego state. >> dan: and merrill has done this against every freshman the entire game, and it was his ability to score inside and the first half to help relieve some of the pressure on merrill in the second half. what you are doing here, kevin, is defending the three, period anrying to get the rebound >> kevin: porter, brito, fouled. hemsley, he's gone.
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>> dan: to put this in perspective, hemsley is the senior, he is leaving the game. san diego needed to win this game to make it to the ncaa tournament. >> kevin: they went last year. and he has just fouled out. from cucamonga california, 1,000 points scored, top ten in points scored, and in 3 points made he is top ten. one of the best.20 s left, for f you who would like to watch the postgame trophy ceremony, it will be the emoti forthe senior.
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>> dan: we are going to start seeing that next week, from everybody who has lost. >> kevin: queta! two blocked shots! that one with authority! he is a special player. mitchell, three, short again. he has thrown up two air balls in three-point territory. >> dan: he gets another one, though. he makes one out of every three. 33%. >> kevin: that's good, dan. >> dan: yeah, i good for diego ste.ot.hinghecrae of utah state appeared he is the
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coach of the year, in his first year with the aggies. he has the best winning percentage and the most wins or any coach in their first year this season in college basketball. he grew up 40 miles from the canadian border. tonight on cbs, a cirque du soleil special. one night for one drop. followed by a new episode of "ransom" and a new edition of "48 hours" only on cbs. >> dan: the way these guys play, the way they pass the ball, shoot the ball, this is a team that will be very dangerous in the ncaa tournament. next to your name in the bracket, they can beat some people. >> kevin: do you think they've got the trademark and what you saw in the loyola chicago? >> dan: yes, we thought, this team is going to be good, the way they played on the way they shoot. we didn't predict they will go to the final four, because utah
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state reminds me of that team. >> kevin: another team has punched their ticket! and they come from a utah! utah state, champions of the mountain west championship game! >> kevin: they've won ten consecutive games, '17 and '18. they are winning at the right time. >> dan: they can shoot, and they've got a gti dopanvisly veh >> kevin: utah state is going to the ncaa tournament for the
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first time since 2011. to evan washburn. >> evan: thanks. coach, last title for utah state, 2011, they have never had one in the mountain west. in the first year, what does this mean for your team? >> i wish everybody could have an opportunity to coach these guys. they are a tremendous group of people, they want to be coached. we just kept getting better literally every single week. it is not often you get to make history, and now we've won seven of our last eight, and our guys have just been incredible. >> evan: what a game tonight, and electric atmosphere, all these fans coming down from the great state of utah. it felt like a home-court advantage tonight. in this tournament, you have won games in a three very different ways. the ncaa tt say aupea
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>> i think great teams can win in any way, you've got to win and 92-64, 64-57. like we set at halftime, we love to use a football and boxing analogies, we knew this would go 15 rounds. hopefully we would win the split decision or deliver the knockout blow in the 15th round. we hung around when things were not going good early, offensively. but our defense stuck in, and it was great to start the second half. you got a little dicey down the stretch, but we picked it up to make it happen. >> evan: coach, enjoy the success. >> kevin: he is going to the ncaa tournament! for utah state, the first time in eight years the first year coach at the top of the mountain in the mountain west. so long from las vegas. tonight on cbs begins with a
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live from the cbs bay area studios. frscte-year- 5 news. old girl was hit by a car. neighbors say something needs to be done. thanks for joining us. >> the girl was t. we are live at the scene.
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andrea, people living in the area say they are fed up with those cars flying by out there? >> reporter: they want the city to step up to make sure that this area is safer pedestrian. they say is that dangerous combination between cars flying by and these parked cars blocking the view of pedestrians. police say it was at 615 friday night when a woman of this black mercedes struck a 14-year- old girl walking across the street, here on the 600 block of john muir drive. the teen and their mother were taking the dog for an evening walk. investigators haven't said what caused the accident, but those whose live in this alysy too fast. the posted speed limit on 30 miles r ho. drivers frequently gor e limi residents in the area want the
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city to come up with a quick solution to slow down the cars. >> usually people have pedestrian lights to signal for carts to slow down, we don't have this here. they just keep going and automatically just floor it . >> i think if they put those lights, if someone wants to cross the street, i definitely stop . >> >> reporter: pedestrian signal lights would be extremely helpful. as a resident of these apartments, he has sometime been surprised by pedestrian starting out on the roadway. >> all the time here, all the cars are standing here and then you don't see the pedestrian peered >> reporter: when he crosses, he make sure he makes eye contact with the drivers or just wait until the roadway is clear. residents feel drivers and pedestrians have to be extra careful on this section of john muir drive . >> people need to be more aware here. >> reporter: the 14-year-old was taken to a hospital with
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life-threatening injuries. her mom was taken to a but r injuries are not as serious. president trump has vetoed the bipartisan legislation that would reject his declaration of a national emergency. >> congress decided to vote against reality. it is a tremendous, national emergency, a tremendous crisis . >> the president can't overrule the decision of congress without becoming the ultimate power, as opposed to a balancing power. >> this week a dozen republican senators oppose the emergency declaration. he made it last month to divert ride e veto. whis likely to be an uphill battle. today she spoke in san
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francisco to a woman's organization called the wing. katie asked her about the veto. >> reporter: speaker pelosi said today she is going to call for that override vote on march 26, even if they don't have the super majority needed to override that veto. she said the vote is important, just to put everyone on record. >> make sure we have the votes to win the vote. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi said democrats will not give up in the face of president trump's first veto . >> we will see how far the president wants to go with this. >> reporter: this all relates to the president wanting funding for the border wall. he went to congress first to ask for the money and when congress said no, he declared a national emergency to get the money anyway. congress and passed a resolution to terminate the emergency. >> yay are 59, nar 41. >> reporter: 12 republican
5:26 pm
senators cross aisle and votedch president has exceeded his authority . >> it should have been a lesson to him to see that 12 republicans in the senate voted against his usurping of power, from the congress of the united states. >> reporter: resident trump says he is simply exercising his constitutional power. >> congress has the freedom to passes resolution and i have the duty to veto it. >> reporter: pelosi said she will call for a vote in the house on march 26, to overturn the president's veto, even though it is unlikely to pass. there does not appear to be enough support to get the necessary two thirds majority in either the house or the senate. >> we are establishing the congressional record on this also voted to blocenthe declara
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k and lieve it. i absolutely believe it. >> reporter: this is the first time congress has ever challenged a national emergency declaration since the act was first voted in in 1976. again it is also the first time the president has also vetoed congresses resolution to end the emergency. stay tuned, we have got a flu clouds coming in. a beautiful weekend on the way but there are changes on the horizon, the forecast is next.
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will come back, time for a quick look at the weather, santa rosa down to 40 tonight. it'll be nice tomorrow, little bit warmer. but the of sunshine. things are going to be changing in the extended forecast. sunday monday and tuesday are mostly dry but the latter half
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of next week might be a little more with precipitation. cbs weekend news is up next. we will return at 6 pm. >> ninan: honoring those who died. memorials grow throughout new zealands the country reels from the deadliest mass shooting in its history. >> we still love this country. we still worship our god. >> ninan: the main suspect remains behind bars after showing no remorse at his court appearance. also tonight, the new york police department says a suspect is in custody after a notorious crime boss was gunned down outside his home. investigators are studying the e ethiopian airlines jet that crashed last weekend. tensions rise in washington after president trump vetoes a resolution to overturn his emergency


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