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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 16, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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stop. would begin with breaking ws in vacaville. cruiser at the scene of a fire in an apartment complex on alamo drive near davis street. you can see the black smoke coming out of the building as firefighters try to get the flames out of under control. we are told all residents have been evacuated. lease have shutdown alamo drive at mariposa drive for a ponder responding fire units. it is not clear how the fire started. an outpouring of support continues across the bay area tonight for the victims of the newly new zealand mosque shootings. people in the bay area marked the persian new year this weekend. we join you from the cultural center in oakland with the tragedy is beginning to be felt. >> reporter: the oakland community is here to celebrate the persian new year in a show of solidarity. this year, it is the biggest
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event for the center and the first time they have always and opened their door to the public in his 25 year history. tonight, the new date new zealand mosque shootings are not far from people's minds. many say they thought twice about coming out here to celebrate in light of the messenger. the cultural center said it initially thought about canceling this event altogether but they decided to carry on with their plans do not show any fear. today is really about the arrival of spring, family, and a rebirth. hundreds are expected to stop by through 7 pm tonight. the oakland mayor, libby schaaf is also in attendance. there are family-friendly activities, food, vendors and musical performances throughout the night. >> i was feeling nervous. i was thinking to myself, in light of recent events, what if there is a shooting here?
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there are a lot of people attending. i am very paranoid these days, yet. >> reporter: what made you come out? >> my love for my future. >> reporter: there is also extra security on hand. police officers will be doing extra patrols as they did at many mosques throughout the city last night. ryan, i do want to show you these flowers. these came from people in the community from the city of oakland -- >> we get the idea. unfortunately, we lost the signal. there are several they area vigils for the mosque attack victims. the first starts at 730 tonight at the martin luther king jr. library in san jose and the pacifica institute will host a pair of vigils at 8 pm the one in sunnydale and the other in albany.
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there are also vigils planted in pleasanton, fremont and santa clara. the details are on our website at pedestrians in lake merced have a message for drivers, slow down. a girl was critically hurt while walking her dog. it happen this time yesterday as she and her mother crossed a street. police think glare from the sun may have been a factor but neighbors tell us that something needs to be done to protect pedestrians. >> this is where the accident happened. >> reporter: those we talked to today say the city needs to set up improved protection for pedestrians. they say it is a dangerous combination between cars flying by and parked cars blocking the view of restaurants going out into the road. police say it was at 6:15 pm friday night when a woman in this parked mercedes, struck a 14-year-old girl walking across the street. the teenager and her mother were taking their
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dog for an evening walk. investigators have not said what caused the accident but those who live in the area said cars are always driving way too fast. >> cars go by really, really fast. >> reporter: the posted speed limit on the section of john beer drive is 30 miles per hour but with no speed bumps or signals, some drivers frequently go over the limit. residents in the area want the city to come up with make quick solution to slow down cars. >> usually they build in pedestrian lights to signal for cars to slow down. we don't have that. so it is like, this is a freeze a free street, let me keep going. >> i think they should put those lights that they present the bottom and if i see some wants to cross the street, i will definitely stop. >> reerthy would bepful. as aresidesebyestr
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starting out on the roadway. >> all the time here, the cars are standing here and we don't see the pedestrian. >> reporter: he adds when he crosses, he makes sure he makes eye contact with drivers or wait until the roadway is clear. residents feel drivers and pedestrians have to be extra careful on this section of john beer drive. >> people need to be more aware here. >> reporter: the 14-year-old was taken to the hospital with light life-threatening injuries. the mom was taken to the hospital as well but her injuries are not as serious. in san francisco, andrea nakano, kpix 5. people who live in their cars will have a place to park overnight in oakland for free. the new program launched by the interface counsel of alameda county. the site of williams baptist church will open next week and 3 other lots will open in april. police -- pulled people who use the lots have to follow a few
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rules, they have to own the vehicle they are staying in and they must be working or attending college. security guards will on site overnight. portable toilets and handwashing stations as well as drinking water will also provide . and homeless services including job turning will be provided during the day. members of coast guard families participated in a special volunteer shift to give back to an organization that helped them during a desperate time of need. >> reporter: after the shutdown and after taking a little time to get back on their feet, coast guard families decided it was time to pay back and pay forward all of the generosity of a received. >> it is humbling to have two ask for help and that is not the position we are usually in. our spouses are helpers. were whelmed d coast sety
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gesi thathe unty and bay area gave to our fund. >> reporter: for members of the coaswonderful to be someone that was helped. >> reporter: coast guard families helped the san francisco marin food bank boxes for local food pantries. the food bank helped coast guard residents -- families during the longest shutdown in government history. they are hoping to repay an incalculable debt of kindness and compassion. >> it is lingering in the back of our heads. it could eventually happen. >> reporter: many coast guard families say the economic insecurity they experienced during the shutdown never
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completely went away. they say they continue to prepare for yet another shutdown that they all hope number comes never comes. bernie sanders is planning his first bay area stop since launching his campaign been for 2020. a rally will be held in san francisco a week from tomorrow starting at 12:30 pm at great meadow park at fort mason. it is free. tickets are not required. admission is first comes first served house speaker nancy pelosi is gearing up to make a statement of her own in the ongoing border battle with president trump. >> we are establishing the congressional record on this subject. we will have that vote in the congress.mar pushback from neighbors, an iconic bay area -- of sorts maybe coming back from the brink. a proposal to put free running dogs at a popular park. plus there are changes
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ahead. we will tell you about it in the forecast when we come back. the twin pines casino and help hotel sports report is next.
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it is one cent is going landmark, another one, a restaurant that the final go- ahead to reopen in san francisco. julius is castle on telegraph hill is back to the 1920s. it has been closed for 12 years since 2007. last summer, city planners and supervisors approved a reopening but neighbors sued over concerns about traffic. it is a narrow street leading to the restaurant. the judge has denied the petition. the owner has been refurbishing the castle inside and out since he bought it 7 years ago. there is no word on when it might be back in business. no one eing the
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endangered burrowing owl since 2017 since one was found dead and many feared they were gone for good. now the birds are back. people are talking about what it may take to keep them there. >> reporter: today at the berkeley were marina, it is a dog walker's paradise so it is ironic that it is also one of the most sensitive wildlife protection zones in the bay area. people come here from all over the east bay to let their dogs run free on the vast 17 acre no leash field but right next to that is this area, the nesting spot of the endangered burrowing hours owls who take up residents there. the birds are tiny, 8 the 10 inches tall and people who come here every day may not have noticed them . >> i did not know they were tiny owls. i thought there were big owls. >> reporter: marty nicolaus knows the owls well. he photographs and records them almost daily for his website,
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chavez he was worried one arrived last winter. this last winter, 8 to 10 of them showed up and two stayed. he is concerned a small minority of dog owners could ruin it for everybody. >> they don't think of the park where there is nature and wildlife that they just see it as a dog run. >> reporter: he captured this video of an owl perched on a rock and if you like seconds later, an unleashed dog wanders into the protected zone and flushes the bird out, making it fly away. marty feels more needs to be done so dogs don't drive away the owls for good. >> a good job park needs to be amply spaced and needs a fence around it. >> reporter: but this dog park, unfenced, is actually why dog lovers love it in they consider it a unique resource.
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dog owners say the vast majority respect leash laws but they also worry what could happen because of the few who don't. >> we started seeing more individuals going into environmentally safe areas and we will lose the ability to access the park so that would be terrible. >> reporter: dockworkers agree this is an area where men must peacefully will exist with nature because they have a lot to lose if they don't. john ramos, kpix five the audubon society from last year showed 75% of owners have their dogs leased near the owl refuge area so that is an increase from the year before but it still means that 1 in 4 dogs were unrestrained. let's turn our attention to whether. we have high clouds over the bay area tonight which will make for a beautiful sunset about an hour for now. as we look from the top of the tower cam, you can see mount tam in the distance.
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plenty of blue. over the city and san jose right now, concord has 73 degrees and oakland 66. san francisco, 65 and has fallen to 61. san jose, 68 degrees. here is what is happening. high pressure is reestablishing itself for the next four days. in san francisco it will be sunny, warmer tomorrow, temperatures in the 70s. by monday, some of the numbers will get perilously close to 80 degrees. what a turnaround. then low pressure will take a bite out of the top of the high and by wednesday through friday, it looks like showers of the spring variety. shower and quit shower and quit . nothing that looks like an atmospheric river type situation so that is good news. pretty clear. it looks like a nice finish to the weekend and a good start to the work week.
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tonight would be fair skies, chilly overnight. mostly sunny and warmer for tomorrow. a mild and dry regime right through tuesday but late in the day on tuesday, things change. we will have increasing clouds leading to a chance of showers late tuesday and wednesday through friday. each day we have a chance. tomorrow, st. patrick's day celebration this weekend in where else? dublin. the weather will be pleasant, sunny and warm, 72 degrees and it should be very nice for the green beer. overnight lows, temperatures in the 40s, santa rosa and fairfield, 42, san jose, 44. set up on sunday morning at seven -- 7:18 am. tomorrow it looks nice, 66 in concord, 72 in san jose, 74 in oakland. south bay tomorrow, a -- temperatures in
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the 60s. east bay, nice day, low 70s, lots of sun. venetia, 69 degrees, and the north bay, upper 60s will make for a pleasant sunday, 67 in alameda and 67 -- 66 insanity san francisco. st. helena at 75 degrees. the forecast is high and dry for sunday and monday and most of tuesday. tuesday we increase clouds and chance for showers. wednesday, thursday and friday, and for that matter, saturday, it looks like a lot of rain but it is really often again on again chances. it will be wet, cool and showery for the second half of the week. baseball is back with the first game at oracle park not first game at oracle park not being for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99.
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the san francisco giants are hosting some special guests right now at oracle park. lester members deadly campfire left the town of paradise almost completely destroyed. me are gillislee, paradise high school remained on untouched by flames but damaged athletic facilities are still unusual. the giants hoped today's game in oracle park will lift fire victims spirits as the town rebuilds. >> it is one those thgs where we get to take a little time and get our problems and them back as student baseball players. >> they received a limited-
6:21 pm
edition paradise strong t- shirt. >> those kids will never forget that. >> absolutely. >> can you imagine the picture getting up? 2 -- the home plate is way down there so -- >> yeah. >> that could be intimidating. what is not intimidating is the few minutes of sports i have in my hands right now. we have the nba up top and the warriors doing business in oklahoma city as a look at camera 2 -- anyway, we have moving pictures coming up on the late show for that one. college basketball, have you heard? it is conference championship weekend. ncaa tournament selection show is sunday from 3 pm on kpix. there is the sec tournament pay for turnovers. a jam i calvin johnson, the fourth light tax cats led by 3 on the second half.
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lamonte turner, tennessee, a 7 point deficit and they won 82-78 . they play auburn tomorrow in a tournament championship. we have devon watson playing for san diego's date. mountain west final against utah's state. brock miller, quarter pocket, 3. a nice, clean dome. they scored 13 straight points. they grabbed a 15 point league and after a san diego state run , utah answered. utah state, the aggies won in an automatic ncaa tournament bid, back in the big dance since 2011. nfl and wow. this team has been making noise by the davis week after 5 seasons, they parted ways with left and right
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tackle donald penn. he is 35 and became expendable when the team picked up trent brown. there is a lot more tread in brown's 25-year-old tires. here was the scene back on wednesday in alameda. raiders with antonio dromm antonio brown. the 4 time all-pro must've had a great day with coach jon gruden and general manager, mike may out. these guys dropped plans with their wives so they can make the deal for the best receiver in the game. >> we went to las vegas. it was a great event. mandy mayor, my wife, cindy and i, instead of having a nice doubleday, we dated rosenhaus and antonio brown. never saw our wives but it is as happy as cindy and mandy have been since we've known them. abusiness, they signed linebackers kwon alexander on the left and dee ford, both
6:24 pm
expected to be key pieces on defense. ford, who had 13 sacks last season, explained his job description as pretty simple. >> >> reporter: do like the role the 49ers have envisioned for you? >> my role is to go that way. nothing else. black to the island green, the players championship third round, who was going to make a move today? was it tiger woods? he didn't stick the landing, a birdie could double as he tied for third. jon rahm give it a try. he put his tee shot at 17 am a just put in double as rob ha bi
6:25 pm
sunday's round. cactus leave, josh taylor diving. joe panik would score. posey stretched it out for a triple. posey to heaven for, a couple of rbi and the giants beat the padres 10-3. we have soccer. earthquakes in new york. the first road match of the year for san jose against the red bulls and a tie game. alix neel on the 71st minute. second goal of the day. the go-ahead goal and the red bulls win 4-1. it dropped san jose to 0-3 for the season. thoroughbred racing. the big spld gfield racetrack. >> they didn't know it would be >> withtwist of fate. n a
6:26 pm
local 3-year-old cold son of a champion maybe headed to the kentucky derby in just over a month. the cold has already qualified. what a huge shot in the arm for golden gate fields. >> you dream about these things, yes. it gets a little tired thinking about it and talking about it every day but at the same time, we have to remember, we are kind of smalltime so everybody is anxious and excited and like i said, they are living their dream through us. >> i shot that. i was with blaine for a few minutes. he really is happy on the inside. he is just subdued and low-key. another twist of fate, a big race in new mexico next week and if he does well there, it is onto churchill downs.
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>> keep us posted. thanks so much . >> coming up in the next half hour, the search for a missing bay area snowboarder comes to a group of desperate migrants cut their way through the u.s. border with scissors. >> i've been coming here for probably about 40 years. this is the first year that the waterfalls are incredible. >> i would like to see that. bay area hikers are not just enjoying perfect weather, but also, waterfalls.
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you watching kpix 5 news. >> we are establishing the congressional record on the subject and we will have that vote in the congress. our top story at 6:30 pm, nancy pelosi says she will call for a vote in about 10 days to override president trump's veto but democrats face an uphill battle to topple his declaration of an emergency along the southern border. this was the scene in san diego earlier this week when a large group of migrants believed to beyond her us residents, cut their way into the country with scissors. >> they had like a scissor and they were cutting the fence thing off. i'm like, wait, what is going off? then they cut it and people the border breach. he said the loan agent at the fence could only do so much before radioing for support. agents later arrested 53 people. the ayes are 59.
6:31 pm
the nayes are 51. >> congress -- pelosi is arguing president trump -- it was an embarrassing blow to the president from his own party. >> congresses vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality. it is against reality. it is a tremendous national emergency. it is a tremendous crisis. >> as promised, the president delivered his first ever veto yesterday to quash a bipartisan push back. house nancy losi said the house plans to override the president's veto later this month. it will require a 2/and the sen which seems unlikely but the speaker told kpix 5's katie nelson today it is a matter of principle. >> what the president is doing
6:32 pm
does violence to the constitution. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi said democrats will not give up in the face of president trump's first retail. >> we will see how far the president wants to go with this. >> reporter: it all relates to the president wanting funding for the border wall. he went to congress first to ask for the money and when they said no, he declared a national emergency to get the money anyway. august and passed a resolution to terminate the emergency. >> the ayes are 59, the nayes are 41. 12 republican senators cross the aisle and voted with democrats to end the emergency, saying the president had exceeded his authority. >> it should have been a lesson to him to see that 12 republicans in the senate voted against his usurping of power from the congress of the united states. >> president trump says he simply is exercising his constitutional power. >> congress has the freedom to pass this resolution. and i have the duty to veto it.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: democrats say they could challenge the emergency in court, claiming it are not constitutional. >> we have already, by sending a bill to the president, established something very strong, the intent of congress and that has its way in both the public court and public opinion and the courts of law. >> to understand the constitutional questions that democrats are raising, we have to go back and talk about the history of the national emergencies act. it was first passed in congress in 1976. it was immediately after watergate and was supposed to limit presidential power because it gave congress the right to end an emergency simply by passing a declaration. the simple majority was all that was needed. if this does end up in court, the supreme court justices would actually be looking at the intent of congress when they passed that act.
6:34 pm
>> let me ask you this. the number of times presidents have declared an emergency, national emergency is what, more than 50 times? >> it is 53. >> has congress ever voted to override one of those emergencies? >> no. >> so this is unprecedented. >> completely. the way this came into being is the president, as far back as fdr started declaring emergencies but there were really not rules around them so in 1976, right after watergate when congress said wow, nixon had too much power, let's put some more checks and balances into effect, they actually passed the act to create the rules that allowed them to end those emergencies. >> if this would end the emergency, then how come the simple vote of the house and senate doesn't ended simply because it is not a 2/three vote? >> yes because they passed the resolution to end the emergency and president trump vetoed that. now they don't have the 2/3 majority needed to override the veto. >> what makes nancy pelosi think she has record recourse?
6:35 pm
it is the rule that it has to pass by 2/3. >> it goes back to the issue of legislative intent because trump used this act to go around congress and actually settle a policy dispute which has never before happened in the history of this act. where pelosi is saying, we might have constitutional challenge this is what was the intent of congress in 1976 which created this act. was it to set rules about how to end emergencies or was it to give presidents a backdoor to go around congress and settle these policies? >> so that might be settled in the supreme court then? >> it very well could be. >> thank you. a memorial is growing of the christchurch hospital in new zealand where survivors of a merciless attack on two local mosque are being treated. meanwhile, the death toll has
6:36 pm
climbed. >> >> reporter: mourners gathered at separate memorials to honor the 50 people slaughtered in the middle of friday prayers at mosques here in christchurch, new zealand. the 28-year-old suspected gentian -- gunman showed no remorse. investigators say they discovered the latest victim will clearing the clock crime scenes. >> as a last night, we were able to take all of the victims from both of those scenes and in doing so, we have located a further victim. >> reporter: all mars father was the first to die. >> entering a place of prayer to shoot somebody is cowardly. >> reporter: abdul came face-to- with the white supremacists at the second moss . >> he got the gun out of his shark car and started shooting at me and i had to duck between
6:37 pm
cars. >> reporter: and a message for white supremacists ideologies. >> they are not going to win. >> reporter: the immigration debate is dividing the region. an australian politician was a good after he blamed new zealand's immigration policy for the mask a. massacre. the suspect was charged with murder is due back in court next month. steve biederman, cbs news, christchurch, new zealand. a parolee in antioch is under arrest tonight accused of making and selling illegal guns from his home, just a block away from a high school. investigators released this picture of cosmic is they say terry ferguson was making handguns and rifles that were not registered and fully automatic. police served a search warrant on his home on from the process high school.
6:38 pm
he was already on parole for robbery and now is back in jail on weapons charges. of vallejo family is mourning the death of a loved one killed during a snowboarding trip in the sierra. 41-year-old denny crowder was found wednesday at northstar report resort near lake tahoe. the ski patrol found his body in a tree well. a facebook post from his family says he was an avid snowboarder who had gone up to northstar for the day. especially high snow levels had created hazards for skiers and snowboarders this year. the search for the u.s. marine missing in the sierra is being scaled back tonight. 24-year-old matthew kraft set out on a solo trip back on november 24. he was expected to complete the 195 mile sierra hybrid by march 5 but he had never arrived at his destination on 395 in bridgeport. investigators say his last cell phone activity was not far from the community of independence
6:39 pm
where he set off. unstable snow and high winds have been hampering aerial and ground searches and the search area is bigger than the state of rhode island. still to come, a small plane goes down into the middle of a southern california neighborhood and somehow mrs. houses. meet the man giving up food for lunch. we will tell you what he is replacing it with. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. y pr ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. we are following breaking news outd at this hour. a fatal accident has shutown all lanes on four eastbound. it is at the willow pass
6:42 pm
offramp in concord. a single vehicle hit the guard rail. chp says there is a fatality. officials are telling drivers to expect delays. use alternate routes. at this point, they don't have an estimated time to reopen. in southern california, investigators are looking into what caused this plane to crash into a riverside backyard. the pilot died in the crash run noon yesterday but shortly before the twin-engine beechcraft the e 50 went down. the pilot reported engine issues. people in the neighborhood ran to help but quickly realized they were in danger. >> i looked around and the longer we took, the more gas starlenoplosorcollater da no e ound was injured but to debris from the plane caused minor damage to homes. cruiser in nebraska looking for people stranded in rising floodwaters. the state's national guard was deployed after rivers breached their banks a few days ago. reporter, meredith wood has a
6:43 pm
report. >> reporter: from the air and on the ground, efforts are underway to ease the effects of historic flooding in the midwest. more than 10 people are under flood warning. rivers overflow their banks in several states including wisconsin, missouri, and south dakota. a mix of rain and melting snow in halle in higher elevations have flooded rivers, leaving residents scrambling to evacuate as water poured into homes. >> this is my backyard. the entire block, completely flooded. >> reporter: the national weather service expects nebraska will feel the blood -- brunt of it. parts of highway 75 were impassable. on saturday, sunny skies and rising water. water turns street west of omaha as the plat river flooded homes. skies remained clear throughout
6:44 pm
over the next few days. i am meredith wood reporting. an ohio man has decided to give up food for lent. he is planning to live off of -- beer. >> for a month. that is right, no solid food until easter for 46 days. there will only be one thing on dale hall's menu and that is here. beer for breakfast, lunch and minner. -- dinner. he knows it is crazy but wants to give it a shot . >> i was number one in my class. i have run a full marathon before, i have done big challenges but this seems very am up to the challenge and if i will be able to do it or not. >> in addition to tracking his health, he will check in with a physician as he pushes forward on his beer fast. >> if he loses weight -- >> i think that is extreme.
6:45 pm
a daring rescue caught on camera. a california man rushed into his burning home to save his dog. we will take you to one bay area park that is treating visitors to some spectacular springtime waterfalls. all that, within half an hour before sunset, a beautiful site and there is rain on the horizon. we will have the forecast. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. kpix weather is
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sponsored by mancini sleep well. head over to mancini sleep world best buy on mattress sale. visits sleep world .com. beautiful. all of the incredible rainfall this winter is producing an incredible sight in some bay area parks. harri leigh visited lewis canyon county park and shows us it is packed with people enjoying the beautiful waterfall on the first warm and sunny weekend of the year. rttt dersons adr hebishand r at. >> wow. >> reporter: it only took minu our recent storms are creating
6:49 pm
these breathtaking views with rushing waterfalls throughout the park. when was the first time you saw a waterfall? >> when i was 2. >> reporter: how old are you not? >> 4. >> reporter: are you excited to see more waterfalls? >> yes. >> reporter: we also caught up with cynthia skilling and her friends who stopped to take pictures of the beautiful waterfalls . >> i think i've been coming here for probably about 40 years. this is the first year, though, that the waterfalls are just incredible. >> reporter: it is all because of our extremely wet winter. they areas rainfall since october 1 is more than 100% of average. we are now completely out of our drought and in fact, the entire state of california is drug-free for the first time since decemb20, 2011. we have been in a drought for so long that is green is just wonderful to look at.
6:50 pm
>> easy on the eyes, a good way to relax. >> better than television. >> sorry, kpix. >> reporter: i am nearly at county canyon park. >> if you would like to see some bay area waterfalls, we have published a link to 9 great hikes on our website, are you a hiker, brian? >> sure. >> take a hike! >> i walked into that one. we are -- we are doing very nicely as we have a look from the high top vacaville camera and the beautiful 25 minutes away. we are looking out from the rock. it is looking beautiful on this saturday night. a few clouds to give us a nice sunset and the numbers are still warm. concord, 73, oakland, 66, livermore, 69. san francisco, 61, san jose, 68
6:51 pm
degrees. here is what is happening. high pressure has been asserting itself over california will block that moisture for now. a few high clouds over the ridge. no rain will be coming out. pretty sun sets and high clouds loading over from time to time. you to cast shows we have clear skies or mostly clear through monday. with fair skies it will be on the chilly side tonight. tomorrow will be a little warmer for st. patrick's day. it will be mild and dry right through tuesday but then things will change after tuesday. the latter half of next week looks showery in springlike fashion. st. patrick's day is here in std it will ina for a's out up stargazers, santa rosa, 44, 44 in san jose, sunup on sunday
6:52 pm
morning is 7:18 am. will be close to seasonal tomorrow and in some places warmer than average, 72 in concord, usually about 65, san jose 74, oakland 68. on the south bay, sunshine for tomorrow and temperatures will be very nice with readings in the 60s and 70s. 68 in sunnyvale, 74 degrees in morgan hills, 68 at san jose. on the east bay, we are looking at low 70s, 72 at pittsburgh, 71 four livermore, 72 at vallejo. north bay tomorrow, hazy night tonight, the sun comes out and it will be very pleasant, petaluma, 71, santa rosa, 73, not far away, where charles schultz used to live, the peanuts cartoonist, it will be nice that 73. 76 in ukiah, lakeport, 76.
6:53 pm
standard forecast, sunshine on sunday, monday, mid-70s, tuesday we begin to cool down and increase clouds and that will lead to unsettled weather wednesday through saturday. not a huge rainmaker but springlike showers from time to time. at least, that is the way it looks now. we are going to take a break to generate some revenue and we will be right back.
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a san diego county man rushed past firefighters to save his dog fromeo the rescue viral. we asked the dogs owner what was going through his mind. >> reporter: it is the day after the fire the took everything jose guzman owned except for one thing, his dog, gabbana. met she was tied up by the fence line. >> all the way at the fence line? >> that is where she stays. >> reporter: we traveled to see what was left of his own and ask him about this video that has gone viral, the cell phone video that captures him rushing past firefighters and into his burning home, looking frantically for his dog who was tied up in the back of the property. moments later, both of them run out. both of them safe. >> i was not scared. i wasn't thinking about it. i was just thinking about getting here to save her. >> reporter: gabbana was a
6:57 pm
favorite of his 3 daughters. the family was visiting grand parents when the fire broke out. a neighbor called him when they saw smoke. >> the firefighters didn't even see me coming through. >> reporter: when josi arrived, the blaze that had started next- door, had engulfed his home. fire crews had arrived but josi had just one thought, to find the dog, gabbana. >> i couldn't see anything. when i got to this past point, when i got here, i saw her leash stretched out. >> reporter: once at the back of the yard, he saw the dog house had burned. he found gabbana hiding in the bathroom, the only part of the house that had not burned. >> i unhooked her and grabbed her from her collar and we walked away back over there. we ran away back over there. >> reporter: with his adrenaline pumping, josi did not realize until afterwards that he had been burned on his face and hands. gabbana was scorched on her nose and pause. >> i'm thinking, god gave us
6:58 pm
another chance. >> reporter: in the fire, josi, his wife and 2 daughters get -- lost nearly everything they own. josi lost his tools for his job. >> this is all we had. we have nothing else now. >> reporter: amid the rubble, josi sees his blessings, his family and love even though they cannot put that into words. >> we have had her since she was not old enough to leave her mom yet and she has been with us ever since. >> reporter: what does this dog mean to you? >> she has been with us forever. she is part of the family. we love her. >> that was sasha through reporting. of facebook -- eight gofundme page has been created to help the family. >> the dog looks so one phase. >> thank you for watching.
6:59 pm
we will see you back here at 11:00. >> for more news, the latest is always available at abuse sunset. see you later - [announcer] this program is a paid presentation
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