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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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now at 5:00 a young woman killed in a crash and shooting. the evening authorities are trying to figure out what happened moments leading up to her death. thanks for joining us. >> the victim of that deadly crash hasn't identified as 25-year-old destiny hillary from antioch. she was driving east on highway 4 at about 2:30 yesterday. investigators found bullet holes on the drive side door. katie is at the pittsburgh marina where friends and family will hold a candle light vigil tonight. katie. >> that vigil is supposed to start here in about an hour.
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friends we talked with earlier today said they can't believe she's gone and they were utterly shocked when they heard investigators found bullet holes in her driver side door. two of destiny hillary's friends came to the scene of yesterday's fatal crash and couldn't believe what they saw this afternoon. the remnants of the wreck, car parts scattered across the grass. the guard rail twisted and bent. they did not want to talk with us on camera but described hillary as an angel saying she was a praise dancer in her church. she was neverin vol involve involve -- involved in fwangs or drugs. at some point right before or right after the crash someone shot at little's silver honda accord. >> they discovered bullet holes in the side of the driver side
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of the vehicle >> chp closed down all lanes of the of eastbound highway 4 yesterday afternoon for about 40 minutes to investigate and look for shell casings. in this video posted to social media yesterday, you can see the massive traffic back ups. officers say these types of freeway shootings are difficult to investigate. >> the suspect gets away so fast and a lot of times witnesses aren't really sure what they are seeing and -- aren't able to get a license plate or description. >> an eye-witness also stopped at the scene this afternoon and talked with hillary's friends. he also did not want to speak with us on camera but told her friends he never saw or heard any gun shots. he said all he saw was her car drifting off the freeway and crashing ton willow pass road off ramp. investorl do n have a motiv i this case. they also don't have any suspects. they are asking anyone who might have information about what led up to this crash and shooting to
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call their anonymous tip line. you can find that information t well two people managed to escape injury when their suv flipped other in san francisco. the overturned car suffered damage on the passenger side. its not clear yet exactly what caused the crash. an east bay principal is fighting for his life after police say his wife shot him during a domestic dispute. 45-year-old paul shatswell heads up the pittsburgh unified school district adult's education program. police say his wife shot him early yesterday morning at their home on barrie drive. shatswell is the father of eight children ranging from age from 5 to 29. his wife was booked into jail on
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suspicion of attempted murder. the families of the 50 victims wait for authorities to release their bodies for burial the country ice prime minister and her cabinet are talking about how to prevent similar attacks in the future. >> in christchurch new zealand crowds continue to pay their respects. >> we will now allow them to divide our community >> according to investigators the evidence suggests the gunman acted alone. he's one of three suspects arrested after the attack. police say others voed >> we dy went on tis express theirhock and
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there for the dead and the injured. it was just -- can't think nothing else. just want to go home and hide. >> the attacker reportedly add hered to a white nationalist -- president trump was asked if that movement poses a growing global threat. mr. trump said he didn't think so. >> it is on the rise and the president should call it out. >> acting chief of staff nick said the criticism is misdirected. >> every time something bad happens everywhere around the world folks who don't like donald trump seem to blame it on donald trump. >> back to you. during has
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today pope francis expressed his sorrow for the victims of the mass shooting. he spoke to thousands of people in saint peters square this morning. hi offered his condolences to the muslim community. he vowed to keep fighting hate and violence new developments in the deadly plane crash in ethiopia. data recovered show similarities between the ethiopian airlines crash and the deadly lion air crash. ethiopian airlines flight 302 crashed last week six minutes after take off killing all 157 people on board. it was the sec disaster involving a new boeing 737 max 8 aircraft in less than six months. back in october all 189 people on board a lion f we killed when the flight went down over the sea 13 minutes after take off. similarities led aviation
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authorities around the world to ban the use of 737 max 8s. on wednesday president trump announced an emergency order to ground all boeing 737 max jets. a large ploom of smoke hovered over los angeles today. happened just before 8:00 this morning. fire officials say the tanker had been leaking fuel and then it ignited. several fire departments arrived to help including hazmat crews. >> my sister got home from work and started smelling gas. she is an rn so she works at night. when she got home she called the gas company right now. as she's walking back into the house it exploded. its a big explosion. she ran into all the rooms and told everybody to get out. >> damage to at least one building. two people were sent to nearby
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hospitals. there is no word on their condition. a landmark restaurant in san francisco closed for more than decade could soon reopen. that is after a judge gave the go ahead. devin on what the owner is planning now that a legal appears to be over. >> when the current owner bought the building back in 2012, he thought the restaurant would be up and running the following year. little did he imagine it would be a long and drawn out 7 year legal battle. the restaurant has ban distinctive part of san francisco's skyline for nearly a century. for the past dozen years the restaurant has sat empty until businessman paul scott stepped in seven years ago. >> i understood when i bought the building that i was going to have to go through some hoops to get the building back open again. i didn't anticipate the -- ordeal that its been. >> scott spent years working with the city to get the building up to code and years
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more battling a lawsuit filed by neighbors concerned about noise and traffic and parking. >> for me i'm pretty democratic about the views so i think that -- its something you have to tolerate for living in one of the most popular parts of san francisco. >> a judge recently tossed out the lawsuit paving the way for scott to start working with an interior designer and finding a restaurant tour to partner with. scott has been encourage by all of the people who have fond memories of the beloved restaurant. >> you know you are on the right track. it will take a while but -- there has been a lot of support along the way >> scott is still hoping to win over opponents who have no appetite for a busy restaurant at the end of the block. >> for this restaurant and for its history and the preservation of it, i think it might be a small inconvenience for the neighbors >> the owner said he remains optimistic that the restaurant will be up and running by the
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end of this year or the beginning of next. back to you. and coming up, its official the first southwest flight to hawaii took off from the bay area and it was met with a traditional aloha send off. plus how bay area firefighters managed to rescue this small kitten trapped sign aid storm drainpipe for hours. all of that plus it will be raining cats and dogs. i did the by the could. by wednesday and thursday.
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all of that plus it will be raining cats and dogs. i did the by the could. by wednesday and thursday.
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new at 5:00 the very first southwest airlines flight to hawaii took off from the bay area this morning. >> the people appeared were pretty excited. john tells us how it may effect everybody traveling to the
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islands. >> who would have guessed that the most popular route to paradise would begin right here at oakland. when this flight lifted off on its way to honolulu it marked the beginning of southwest service to hawaii. but hold on, before that there was the traditional aloha send off. there was music and dancers, a traditional lay freeth, even a blessing of the flight. what has everyone so excited are the prices. it is called the south west effect where anywhere they fly prices drop. >> i watched some of the airlines that compete with southwest or have been flying to hawaii and dropped their prices already in half. >> he said he believes the cost of hawaiian flights will eventually decrease by about 20% because southwest has entered the market. but for today tickets were dirth
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way. >> we issued a press release. the seats were sold within seconds. we were going to have a whole marketing campaign for the sale but the seats were gone so -- we just celebrated. >> he sent his partner who is from hawaii on the mad dash to buy tickets. >> when we heard about it our phones were blowing up. she was like just get the tickets. i was like okay. >> they missed out on the $49 deal but got theirs for $99 instead. along with another southwest perk. >> two free bags at check in. great >> that is a big deal, isn't it? >> absolutely, yes. >> but it's also a great deal for oakland international as people will fly in from all around the country to hop the cheap flights to the islands. >> so competition is stepping up today. southwest airlines, it haseen cs their launch city. >> new that it is the only
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departure site for southwest to hawaii the airport plans to use that as a promotional activity. back to you. of course i won't be the pro #1r50ider for provider for long. a fire ripped through that two story house early this morning. when firefighters arrived the flames were so bad cal fire was called in to help. the house was badly damaged but luckily no one was inside. and there were no reports of any injuries. there is no word yet on the cause. today is st. patrick's day. this weekend celebrations in full effect here in the pay bay area and across the country. an east bay city be w irish roots celebrated the holiday with irish music and dancing.
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the festival has grown so much. even the irish travel all the way from dublin's sister city because this is where this is happening in dublin in the east bay. dublin sister cities out here to celebrate saint paddies; people in the windy city also taking part in the tradition. thousands gathering in chicago. it is environmentally friendly vegetable dye. here's a good story. an adorable little kitten is safe and sound. it got trapped in a storm drainpipe over the weekend. d animal control hours to get it out because the pipe was 14-feet deep and right next to a house but they didn't give up. finally they got the little kitten out. they named it ryle after the firefighter who saved it and
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he's now being called the cat whisperer. we are told the firefighter who saved the kitten is now contemplating adopting it. um -- anyway. here's how it looks across the bay area right now. we have some high clouds, partly cloudy skies. very pleasant sunday for the bay area. as we look over the skyline of san francisco -- how about the numbers as we look at cory tower. right now concord is 71 degrees. san francisco at 67. san jose 72. stan rosa 74. very nice finish ics y.uble barrelled high is goh for now but not for long t. high will get pushed aside so that by late tuesday we will get some rain. in the meantime tomorrow is nice. but then there are changes on
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the way. they are spelled out nicely. look at what happened tuesday night at 11:00 if not a little bit sooner. showers begin to move into the bay area. in march it rains. it will rain some more on wednesday too. not a huge rain maker. it won't be steady, unrelenting atmospheric river kind of rain. it will be more like april shower kind of rain. here is what will happen. tonight is clear. it is chilly. tomorrow will be nice. sunny and mild through early tuesday. then the shower chances return by late tuesday into wednesday and then after that's it unsettled. it will be a thing of the past by wednesday. if you heading out tomorrow looks pretty good, sunny, few high clouds. 69 degrees at sfo. offshore winds. seattle has sunshine for tomorrow. the fungus is all dying out there at 70 degrees.
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chicago 41 degrees. overnight lows the numbers will be in the 40s. sun up at 7:16 monday morning. concord will be a little warmer tomorrow than it was today. in los gatos 74 degrees. mid 70s for for the east bay. for ukiah 76 tomorrow. beautiful day for the bay area. extended forecast we will be looking for warm day on monday. increasing clouds on tuesday lead to a chance of rain tuesday night lingering into wednesday. break on thursday. more coming in on friday. expect showery activity by the time we get to tuesday night. that is weather for sports. here's verne. >> been waiting for this one. our first kpix 5 look and reaction. how many bay area teams -- well, got to be a college
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basketballer's dream playing in this coveted tournament. stick around.
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college basketball up top and why not? 68 teams at large, 32 automatic bids. ncaa men's tournament and saint
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mary east after a couple of seasons has seen on national tv gets a crack at the defending champion villanova. >> they will go up against the 11 seed saint mary's gails. >> great reaction. the gails earned an automatic bid after they upset gonzaga last tuesday. the gails are in as an 11 seed and play a thursday game with the six seeded cats in connecticut. they better hope shots like this go in. in 2010 saint marys beat villanova to reach the round of sweet 16. >> that is a game we want to play. we want to prove we belong in this tournament. we are capable of beating any team this this country. to take them down gives us lot of confidence. especially going into the tournament to be like -- we can take down anyone in this -- in the country.
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lets take a look at the four regional number one seeds. three come from the atlantic coast conference, duke, virginia and north carolina with the zags joining them on the top line. could anybody tell what school i went to? happens to be a top seed in the south region. they wear orange and blue. trment warriors -- the warriors. he's doing damage against the philadelphia 76ers. i like big bucks and i cannot lie. hosted philadelphia. he had 52 but it wasn't enough. joel em bid from deep and we are done here.
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he scored 40. 76ers won it to golf. tpc salt grass in florida players championship final round. jim, 48 years young, showed the youngins how to play this game. what a shot at the 18th hole. set himself up for birdie and the clubhouse leave. 5 under 67 today. playing right in front of him was rory mcilroy. missed an eagle putt but made birdie for the out right lead. all he needed to do was hit fair ways and greens to par out. boy he zeroed in on that one. two putt par to win it. his 15th pga win and his first at the player's championship. makes him one of the favorites to win the masters in april. the only major he hasn't won. appointment television tonight, folks. if you love the a's and the giants, a once beloved member of the a's is hoping to continue
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his big league career in the bay area with the giants. >> there is something a little off right now. obviously i'm just honored to be here. excited for this opportunity. haven't spent four and a half, five years on the other side of this rivalry of the bay. this is a little different when you look in the mirror and the see the orange and black. >> he is trying to overcome major shoulder surgery. plus a's top prospect, the 21-year-old might force the a's hand and crack the opening day rotation. stories dennis bricks you on game day after the late show. in case you missed it 3:00 a.m. this morning a's chapman was swing away in japan. a third inning off the wall number. the first of two exhibition games there. same inning it was chris davis. boy he pretty much put a dent in this wall.
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how about the new guy? the second baseman found some real estate in the corner. good for an rbi double. a's won the game 5-1. the a's actually opened the regular season wednesday against the mariners in tokyo. >> where baseball is -- >> oh, yeah. game day, we will talk about that later on tonight 6:00. >> we got a lot to talk about. >> we will be right back.
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that is it for us at 5:00. we will sigh see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> news is next and we will see you at 6:00. >> good night. >> quijano: a new gun control debate, the new zealand prime minister is advocating for stricter gun laws after 50 people died in friday's terror attack. the suspected gunman purchased all of his weapons legally. also tonight flood waters surge in the midwest as evacuation efforts continue in parts of nebraska and iowa. two people have died in the treacherous weather. a slip of the tongue by former vice president joe biden. hints at a possible presidential run. >> i'm the most progressive record of aning the-- anybody whoould r i didn'tno and music helps a


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