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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i open the door, i have to mentally prepare myself depending on how the wind is blowing outside, it can be either a good day, or a bad day. >> there's a reason why they call it smelly, stinky, whatever it is, i can't have it. >> rich is following up on a campaign promise, to do something about the odor that has drifted over the city for decades. late last month, the city council approved $85,000 for a pilot odor monitoring program. devices will be mounted on city property like buildings or on top of light poles, s orgas, gases, and chemicals. the goal is to trace the source of the stench. residence suspected the smell comes from the landfill. or perhaps it is coming from the san jose wastewater facility. or maybe it is coming from the recycling facility owned by zinc her down the street.
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>> i am not here to point fingers. i am make sure that our number one priority is health and ensuring there is no hazardous material or air pollution, that the residents breathe every day. >> the berry area air quality management district will be launching a year-long study in parallel with the city. in the past, the district has made some progress in reducing the owners, for example, requiring some operations to be moved indoors and in the future, installing giant air filters. some -- not from the gps but by rolling down the window. >> if you were to sum up the smell. >> sewage, persuasive, and unfortunate. >> that speaks to this generation, that we won't accept the status quo, that we want to do something be active. and get to the root of the problem. i think that is kind of the change maker attitude. >> and east bay school
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principal is on life-support tonight, after police say his wife shot him during a domestic dispute 45-year-old, paul shatswell, heads up the pittsburg unified school district's adult education program, police say his wife shot him with a handgun early yesterday morning. at their home on bari drive. he is the father of eight children, ranging in age from 5 to 29 character he also previously served as a reserve deputy sheriff. his wife, maria vides was booked into county jail on suspicion of attempted murder. we're learning more tonight about a woman killed in a crash on highway four in concord but investigators are still trying to figure out if it was the crash of that killed her, or the gunshots. 25-year-old, destiny of antioch was driving near the exit yesterday afternoon, when she suddenly veered off the road and into a guard rail. katie is live at the pittsburg marino where friends and family world -- will hold a candlelight vigil tonight.
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katie. >> reporter: vigil is supposed to get underway around sunset. friends we talked with, earlier today, said they just can't believe that she is gone and they were shocked when they heard investigators found bulletholes in her driver side door. two of destiny's friends, came to the scene of yesterday's fatal crash, and couldn't believe what they saw this afternoon. the remanence of the rack, car parts, scattered across the grass, the guard rail, twisted and bent. he did not want to talk with us on camera, but described hillary as an angel. saying she was a dancer in her church, and was very close to her family. they said she was never involved in gangs or drugs, and they can't understand why anyone would want to hurt her. investigators say at some point either right before or right after the crash, someone shot at hillary's silver honda accord.
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>> they have discovered bulletholes in the driver side of the vehicle. >> reporter: she was pronounced dead at the scene but investigators don't know if she died due to injuries from the crash or a gunshot wound. chp close down all lanes of eastbound highway four yesterday afternoon for about 40 minutes to investigate and look for shell casings. in this video, posted to social media yesterday, you can see the massive traffic backups. officers say these types of freeway shootings are difficult to investigate. >> the suspect gets away so fast. a lot of times, witnesses aren't sure what they are seeing and aren't able to get a license plate or a description. >> reporter: investigators say they still do not have a motive in this case, they also do not have any suspects, they are asking anyone with information to call their anonymous tip line, you can find that phone number on our website. brian. >> reporter: that area has been prone to freeway shootings in the past. >> think this is more of the same?
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>> reporter: right now, they are not sure. a couple of years ago there were more than two dozen shootings along highway four and also interstate 80, in contra costa county, investigators at the time said those were most likely gang related, they don't know if that is the case in this shooting, but there are freeway cameras, along those problematic stretches of freeway, i asked the chp today, where those cameras able to capture anything that might help in this case, they said still too early to tell but investigators are definitely going to be reviewing that footage. >> okay, katie, katie, thank you. meanwhile, a man is in the hospital tonight after a freeway shooting your sacramento. it happened around 1 am on interstate 80 in roseville, witnesses tell us that the 33- year-old victim was driving a chevy corvette, when someone in a white suv opened fire. people in the area say they are shocked that something like this could happen.
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>> you never really hear of something happening like that around here. it is definitely not unbelievable because that kind of stuff does happen but it doesn't seem like it would happen in my hometown. >> i think it is terrible. that is kind of where we are out in this society. it is scary to go anywhere. >> the investigation shuts down 80 westbound for five hours, the victim is in serious condition with multiple gunshot wounds, his name has not been released and so far, no arrests. >> fire investigators trying to figure out whether a three alarm blaze at an apartment complex was related to a smaller fighter earlier in the day. the larger fire did cause serious damage to the alamo gardens apartments yesterday afternoon. 12 people who lived there are now displaced. and in southern california, an explosion rocked the community in south la today after a 9000 gallon tanker caught fire. reporter, adriano, shows us it was a very close call for both firefighters, and residents. >> reporter: chaos in south la after a 9000 gallon gasoline
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tanker exploded, sending people in this neighborhood, running for their lives. >> just like big booms. it was not normal. when we came outside, the smoke was super black. it was just real overwhelming. >> reporter: the fire department was called around 7:45 am when the family living in the home next door to the tanker reported selling gasoline. a few minutes after, firefighters arrived, the tanker exploded. igniting the house next door. marquise tried to run out the front door but the flames were too strong, instead he and his kids ran out the back to safety. >> maybe about five or six different small explosions. the fire got real intense. the heat was , i was trying to alert the neighbors. >> reporter: when the taker exploded, flames came up through the storm drains sending manhole covers flying through the air with so much force, one of them broke in half. the powerful explosion was felt several blocks away, with some
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people saying it felt like an earthquake. residents were jolted out of bed, and sent running with only the clothes on their back to >> to see it, is devastating. i just couldn't grab anything, grab my daughter and told my son to just come on and get out the house. >> reporter: two women were hurt, one with minor injuries, the other was serious burns. neighbors say the lot where the tanker was parked used to be a recycling center, but they want to know why a 9000 gallon tanker full of gasoline was sitting there, just steps from their homes. back here, two people managed to escape injury when their suv flipped over in san francisco. video posted to citizen app, showed the scene at 43rd avenue and terrible street, it is not clear exactly what caused the crash. when a new owner took over a landmark restaurant in san francisco years ago, he never expected that renovating julius's castle, would be such a royal pain. but, kpix 5's devon, shows us the eatery could soon reopen, after neighbors lost their legal beef.
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>> when the current owner bought the building back in 2012, he thought the restaurant would be up and running the following year. little did he imagine, that it would be a long and drawn out seven-year legal battle. >> reporter: julius's castle restaurant has been a distinctive part of san francisco skyline for nearly a century. but for the past dozen years, the restaurant has elected dust and fallen into disrepair, until businessman paul caught scott stepped in. >> i understood i was going to have to go through some hoops to get the building back open again. i didn't anticipate the ordeal that it has been. >> reporter: scott spent years working with the city to get the building up to code, and years more, battling a lawsuit filed by neighbors, concerned about noise, and traffic and parking. >> for me i am pretty democratic about the views. so, i think that it is something you have to tolerate if you're living in one of the most fabulous parts of san francisco.
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>> reporter: a judge recently tossed out the lawsuit paving the way for scott to start working with an interior designer. and finding a restaurant to her to partner with. scott says he has been encouraged by all of the people who have fond memories of the beloved restaurant. >> you talked to enough people who tell you about their first date and the first prom, or some other special event they have had and you know you are on the right track so it is going to take a wild, but there has been a lot of support along the way. >> reporter: scott is still hoping to win over opponents who have no appetite. for a busy restaurant. at the end of the block. >> for this restaurant and for its history, and the preservation of it, i think it might be a small inconvenience for the neighbors. >> reporter: the owner says he remains optimistic that the restaurant will be up and running by the end of this year, or the beginning of next. in san francisco, devon, kpix >>uthwt says hello how launching its first flight to hawaii out of oakland. that could drive prices south, for everybody. >> i have watched some of the
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airlines that compete for southwest. they have dropped their prices already in half. >> a bay area firefighter comes to the rescue of a kitten, found itself in a tight spot. >> that, plus as we look toward coit tower, a nice day tomorrow. but that is going to change. the will -- we will have your forecast coming up, after the break.
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>> ♪ >> a big st. patrick's day celebration in the city of dublin. east bay, on irish dancers took to the stage, the audience clapped along, there was an assortment of green foods like the category that you just saw. it has grown so much since it started 36 years ago but even the actual irish travel all the way from the sitter --'s sister
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city of bray a plane full of passengers took over paradise today, southwest launched its first flight to hawaii out of oakland, and john explains, people who fly other airlines, are also excited about southwest new service. >> reporter: who would've guessed the most popular routes to paradise, would begin right here, in oakland. when this fight lifted off on its way to honolulu, it marked the beginning of southwest service to hawaii. but, hold on. before that, there was the traditional aloha sendoff. there was music, and dancers, a traditional leg reading, even a ceremonial island blessing of the flight. but what has everyone so excited are the prices. it is called the southwest effects, where anywhere they fly, prices drop. >> i've watch some of the airlines that compete with
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southwest, and they have dropped their prices already in half. >> executive vice president, andrew, says he believes the cost of hawaiian flights, will eventually decrease by about 20% because southwest has entered the market. but for today, tickets were dirt cheap, some selling for only $49 each way. >> we actually entered a press release and the seats were sold out within it seconds. we are just celebrating. >> reporter: he sent his partner, jolyn, who is from hawaii on the mad dash to buy tickets. >> we heard about it, our phones were blowing up. >> reporter: they missed out on the $49 deal, but got theirs for $99 instead. along with another southwest park. >> two free bags checked in! great. >> that is a big deal, isn't it?
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>> reporter: it is also a great deal for oakland international as people will fly in from all around the country, to help the cheap flights to the islands. >> competition is stepping up today, southwest airlines has spent a long time coming. and we are so excited to be there launch city. >> reporter: now that it is the only departure site for southwest to hawaii, the airport plans to use that as a promotional opportunity, to introduce oakland international to travelers from across the country. in oakland, john, kpix 5. >> oakland hold on those hawaii flights are not going to last long. southwest is expected a launch service from san jose to honolulu in early may. out of the north bay, a fire ripped through a two-story house earlier this morning, when firefighters arrived, the flames were so bad, they had to call in cal fire for backup. the crew got it under control before the fire could spread, the house was badly damaged, but luckily, no one was inside it. the cause of the fire is under investigation tonight.
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despite their busy schedules, firefighters can still be counted upon to come to the aid of cats. it took firefighters and animal control, hours to get a tiny kitten after get it got trapped 14 feet down a storm drain in atherton but they did give up, and finally the kitchen was free, they named it ryle, after the firefighter who saved it. his buddies, are now calling him the cat whisperer. cute. >> very sweet. and a happy ending, we like that. we have a nice finish to sunday evening in the bay area tonight. as we have a look from the cam out over the city of san francisco, and to the hills that defined the hayward fault, beyond. and they reminder to us all, get ready. as we look at alcatraz under that little s on the shots, and the san francisco bay right now, it is still 70 degrees at concord, 68 for oakland. san francisco, 68 as well.
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in santa rosa, 72 degrees, nice today, high-pressure is gently subsided over the coast, giving sunny weather but that flow lurks in the gulf, and eventually will make its way into northern california, when it does, things are going to turn what your future cast shows tomorrow looking pretty good. sunny for monday and increasing high clouds tuesday and then by the time we had nine or 10 or 11 pm on tuesday night, we get some showers focused on the coast, but then watch what happens between tuesday night and wednesday, it all moves ashore, not a huge rainmaker. this is more of a springlike storm, showers, a little bit of a break in the showers and that will set the tone for the latter half of the week because once it gets unsettled, tuesday night, it will stay that way right through saturday. but there will be a break, but nevertheless, we are going to go from this balmy weather as we head into spring, and to temperatures that only manage low 60s, instead of low 70s. for tomorrow, it is nice. sunny heading out of sfo, winds will be in the northeast, and
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sunny skies. and you know, not a bad day to travel to seattle or atlanta or new york which at the worst have cloudy skies and seattle will be 70 degrees. overnight lows tonight, with the starry skies, it gets chilly, 40 at santa rosa and 43 for napa. 42 for fail feel. 716, that is the sunrise time for tomorrow. here is how it looks, the numbers are still above average for monday, in fact in some spots a little bit warmer, 274 at concord. 75 in san jose and 70 in oakland. and that is all above average. so tomorrow, plenty of sunshine for the south bay, great day to get stuff done. and 74 in sunnyvale, east bay we are looking at mid-70s as well. danville, 76. fairfield, 76 as well. we look on the north bay, santa rosa, 74 degrees, over at the shoreline, a little bit cooler in the mid 60s, and in sonoma, 71. sanford c no -- you'll be
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looking for sunshine on monday, then by tuesday night, we get a chance of showers moving in, clouds will increase during the day, unsettled wednesday, showers from time to time, looks like a break on thursday but heading into the weekend, a little round of showers. you will have to check in with mister dan this week to see how things will shape up, for the weekend, in the meantime, enjoy it while you can. that is whether. >> sports settling in and the 6 pm hour, where the words are, college basketball. >> you can't duplicate raw emotion. what a moment today. st. mary's knew it s , stor from the gale force in a moment.
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>> some cool new time lapse video out of ohio tonight, the first 44 is down in dayton. say that five times fast.
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it could be the scene of cinderella story when march madness tips off on tuesday and vern, i can hear the brackets busting already. get your brackets. >> got my brackets downstairs ready to go. by the way, it is the men today, but the ladies tomorrow. they get there ncaa low. we have college basketball. 68 teams, 36 at large. 32 automatic bids, it is the coveted ncaa tournament today, for the fellas. st. mary's, after a couple of seasons, as seen on national tv today, gets a crack at defending national champion, villanova. >> they will go up against the 11th seed st. mary's gaels. >> love that, they all earned in automatic did after they upset last tuesday to when the west coast conference tournament, they are in as an 11th seed, and will play a
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thursday 4:20 pacific time game with a sixth seed in hartford connecticut, they better hope shots like this go in, of 10, st mary'sthalm of play we want to play the defending national champions. we want to book -- belong in this tournament. to take them town, gives us a lot of confidence especially going into the tournament to be like hey, we can take down anyone in the country. >> let's look at the four regional number one seeds. three come from the atlantic coast conference, duke, virginia, and north carolina with the zags joining them on the top line, as for the pack 12, they got three hoin oregon, washington, and arizona state and i expect to hear from the uva northern california alumni chapter, and the watch party plans soon.
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as we segue to the nba, the warriors, jamarcus cousins, he has a sore right ankle so that it moves up the timetable for andrew, he will play tomorrow, at the spurs. with the milwaukee bucks, the nba's best record, i like big box and i cannot lie. hosted philadelphia and on the attack, he racked up a career- high, 52 points but as i always say, it wasn't enough. philadelphia just dangerous. we are done here. they score 40, 76ers one and. 130-125. that is on my bucket list. players championship final round, and 48 years young. showed the young ins how to play this game. what a shot at the 18-hole. set himself up for birdie and he had the clubhouse lead, five under 67 today but playing
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right behind him was rory, little man as he reached the 16th and two, missed the eagle putt but made birdie for the upright lead, and all he needed to do was hit fairways and greens and power on out, and there is.'s 15th pga win, his first at the players championship makes him one of the favorites now to win the masters in april, the only major he has not one. got a point to tell you about, especially if you love the a's and the giants. was a beloved member of the a's, stephen hoping to continue his big-league career in the bay area with the giants. >> there is definitely something off right now. obviously i am honored to be here, excited for this opportunity bu 4 1/2 or five years on the other side of this rivalry of the bay. this is definitely a little different when you look in the mirror and see the orange and black. >> he grew up as a giants fan
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and is trying to overcome major shoulder surgery, plus a's top prospect, jesus. the 21-year-old cracked the opening day rotation. stories, dennis o'donnell on game day, after the late show. a, in case you missed it, 3 am this morning, matt, swinging away in japan, third ending off the wall against him, fighters, the first of two exhibition games, three hits, same inning, it was chris davis, he put a dent in the wall. that guy, how about the new guy? the second baseman found some real estate of the quarter here, good for the devil, they won the game 5-1. a's actually opened the regular season wednesday, against the mariners in tokyo. they stood and recognized the best in fontana california, well the sand patty's day green card
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made history today. he led 134 laps, cruised to when his career, 203, to combine winds between the three nascar series levels, it's tied the king, richard petty for the most all-time. sadly, i was hoping the dons would make the other tournament, the nit pierced -- >> i feel bad about that. >> mustangs. the mustang love. >> coming up in our next half hour, there are now enough democratic presidential candidates to sink a ship. the latest to jump into this crowded pool. >> firefighters, hoses, for that massive blaze at a houston chemical facility which is now expected to burn all night my. >> frustration over free rides. what is bart doing about it? what we found at a brand-new station, might shock you.
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.
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and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit
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>> you are watching kpix 5 news. >> i think anyone of them would be a brother -- better president of the united states than the president. >> there is no doubt there is quite a few of them, our top story at 6:30 pm, another democrat jumps into the crowded pool of 2020 presidential candidates. but, how many is too many? is the latest to throw her hat in the ring. and that brings the total number of democrats to 14. kpix 5 political reporter, melissa tells us it has been decades since we have had a presidential contest this crowded. >> we need a leader who makes
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big bold brave choices. that is why i am running for president. today new york senator, kiersten, became the latest democrat to enter the presidential race. making the announcement in a short video, is a popular option this year. one also used by california senator,, harris. >> that is why i'm running for president of the united states. >> new jersey senator, cory booker. >> i am cookie but -- i am cory booker. i'm running for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: some candidates like washington state governor, ensley prefer the old-fashioned way. >> i am announcing today that i am a candidate to become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: including today's announcement by senator, there are now 14 democrats who are running for president. democrats haven't had that many candidates since 1992. >> former san francisco mayor,
6:33 pm
willie brown says this means candidates will have to fight hard, for attention. >> not only will it be a national spotlight, until you get to the runoff states. >> reporter: for people already in the race, each new candidate makes it that much more difficult to win. >> can you imagine if you have, la harris, because you were there, you are right there, and all the sudden elizabeth, all of the sudden amy, all of a sudden somebody else. it gets to be tough. >> reporter: don't expect the nation's most powerful democrat to step in and help narrow the field, house speaker nancy pelosi says it is all up to the voters. >> out of all the candidates, i think anyone of them would be a better president of the united states than the president of the white house. >> reporter: melissa, kpix 5.
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>> pope francis today expressed his sorrow for the victims of the mosque massacres in new zealand, meanwhile the families of the 50 victims are waiting for authorities to release their bodies for burial. reporter meg all of her on how the country's prime minister plans to prevent future attacks. >> and christchurch new zealand, crowds continue to pay their respects outside to mosques, for more than four dozen worshipers lost their lives. >> i just want you to know that. and we are not going to allow few fanatics to divide our community. we are one. >> reporter: according to investigators, the evidence suggests the gunmen acted alone, the 28-year-old australian is one of three suspects arrested after the attack. but, police say the others were not involved. >> we don't know what to think. >> reporter: the suspected killer's family went on television to express their shock and their so -- there sorrow at his involvement. >> sorry for the families over there. >> reporter: attacker ...
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and mentioned president donald trump by name, and a 70 page manifesto. resident trump was asked if that movement posed as a growing global threat. mister trump said he didn't think so. >> it is on the rise and the president should call it out, but sadly, he is not doing that. >> reporter: acting chief of staff, said the criticism is misdirected. >> every time something bad happens everywhere around the world, folks who don't like donald trump seem to blame it on donald trump. >> reporter: new zealand's prime ministers that her government is exploring ways to prevent another mass shooting. and effort that could lead to stricter gun laws. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> tonight the organizers of new zealand's largest gun show have cancel next saturday's event, out of respect for the victims. >> tonight, ethiopian investigators are preparing to analyze cockpit audio recordings from last weekend's deadly plane crash.
6:36 pm
french investigators finished downloading the data last night, they have transferred it since to the ethiopian team for analysis. french are still working to retrieve data from the flight data recorder, 157 people from 35 different countries were killed, when it ethiopian airlines 737 max eight crashed shortly after takeoff from a last sunday, it was headed for nairobi in kenya. u.s. investigators say the path is similar to the lien air flight that crashed in october. the erratic altitude changes indicate the pilots were struggling for control, the 737 max, is now grounded worldwide, amid suspicions that faulty centers and software contributed to both crashes, us- based boeing, is now under pressure to prove that the jets are safe. the company says the software
6:37 pm
update will be ready next month, it is also taking part of the investigation into what went wrong last week and. >> a huge fire at a chemical storage facility near houston is expected to rage all my. chopper five and video showing firefighters hoses were no match for the flames as they spread from one tank to another, one of the tanks contains a gasoline component called nafta which can irritate the nose, and throat. people in the area are being ordered to shelter in place, with their doors and windows closed. about 100 dirt bikes, motorcycles, and atvs stormed the crowded street in nashville this weekend, one of the vehicles hitting an officer and then dragged him into a gate. that officer suffered minor injuries, from the fall and he is going to be okay, police say the suspects were masks as they wove in and out of traffic, all this during a busy st. patrick's day celebration. police are still looking for the writers tonight.
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>> you can run from the law, unless it is newton's law of gravity. a guy in los angeles learned that the hard way when his attempt to shake the lapd ended in a dicey roll down a hill. it is not clear what they were chasing him for to begin with but after pulling him out of the bushes, they hauled him off to jail. >> still to come, a tech company exposes thousands of medical records after breaking one of the most basic rules of cyber security. >> they planned a camera that gives them a view of the ... where a potential victim would punch in the pin number. >> investigators break up a big west coast skimming rings, how the thieves got dozens of victims to show them the money. >> coming up later tonight on cbs after six years of waiting, fans of ncis: los angeles will finally get to see their favorite couple tie the knot, kenzie antiques will make it official in an episode full of surprises. >> this is one little way, we have the entire team working on it, okay?
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>> i am happy, i am excited for what people will think, it is something that we really have to live up to, whatever is in people's minds at this point. why are you grinning? >> i think it does. >> oh, you agree with me? >> fans will get to find out what is in the box. it all happens tonight at 9 pm. right here on kpix 5. and we will be right back.
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>> lou at 6 pm, millions of medical records mistakenly exposed. according to tech crunch, a server used by a sacramento- based software company called meta-tab, wasn't properly protected. that meant anybody who was looking to get access to medical records and doctors notes and prescriptions that are not encrypted. the glitch was discovered by a cyber security firm based in dubai, server in question was
6:42 pm
set up last year, but it is not clear how long the data was exposed. meta-tab, which also has an office in oakland says it is, looking into the issue, to identify the problem and figure out a solution. >> investigators say they busted a large skimming ring that has been targeting atm users across northern california. emily, shows us the victims were unwittingly feeding their information straight to the thieves, through tiny pinhole cameras. >> they planned a camera that gives them a view of the pen pad where potential victims would pick their number. >> reporter: this is video from one of those cameras, deputy found it while searching the suspects apartment. >> it is a small pinhole camera, very hard to detect unless you know what you are looking for. >> reporter: after the man install the camera at the atm, he comes back to add the skimming device. >> they were basically setting up shop right here in sacramento to do this operation. >> reporter: these four men are accused of stealing credit card information from at least 40
6:43 pm
people, in the sacramento area. investigators expect to find more victims. >> we know they have traveled through several states here on the west coast. and we are looking to see if they have victimized anymore folks and other community. >> reporter: deputies say they found skimming devices at atms in sacramento, fulsome, and renal. ring their investigation, they identified one suspect, and got a warrant to search his apartment. that search led to enough evidence to arrest three other men. for a total of four arrests. >> we had just scratched the surface last night, we believe they were going to be here for quite some time. >> reporter: because the men have been stealing credit card info for months, they weren't skimming devices could still be out there. investigators say there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe, hide the keypad when you're plugging in your pen, check the machine to make sure it is secure. >> this is still happening. this has been going on for quite some time. they have to be having some sureing. >> the sacramento sheriff's office is reporting with its
6:44 pm
federal partners to figure out just how far the skimming operation extends. >> well, fair innovators are costing millions of dollars. >> when will replace the fare gates? they were designed in 1972. >> we discovered the real fix for the fare gates, that cheaters push and jump through is still years away. >> and, she must've seen all those commercials, a clever cow, get loose. and makes a run for the shelter, for chick-fil-a. >> seriously? >> we look for the sun sinking into the west. and changes ahead. as we head into midweek, it is all coming up after a break.
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>> it may not have been an actual commercial for chick-fil- a but the company got some priceless free publicity when a runaway cow, in indiana made a break for the chicken chain. >> [ laughter ] >> it is just going, okay. make a break for it. >> the brazen cow temporarily stopped traffic before running from police in the direction of the restaurant. the chain famously features commercials of cows urging people to eat more chicken, be this one was just trying to audition. you never know. nice. we had out to ocean beach on
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this sunday evening, and find the reddish close from the sunlight scattered in the atmosphere and producing a beautiful reddish hue to the beach, sweeping the sand. highs today, san francisco, 72 degrees. oakland has 73 for a high. san jose made 74. santa rosa, all the way up to 76 degrees. livermore, only 69. a little bit of an offshore flow. we look toward sutro, and concord, 70 degrees now. still warm out of livermore. 67 and in sanford is go, very pleasant, 68 degrees. here is what is happening, high pressure is deflecting everything to the north, we just picked up a few high clouds today, and ditto for tomorrow, high clouds from time to time, not much. mostly sunny. as we head back to work tomorrow, then there are changes on the way, so let's get a look at them, by looking at what is going to happen with the high pressure breaking down by tuesday night, that is what is going to happen. showers begin to enter the bay
6:49 pm
area again and on again off again, not relentlessly, but showers that will turn wet on tuesday night and the temperatures begin to really cool, tuesday during the daytime. we will be back into the low 60s and then more rain on wednesday, but again, the kind of pattern that allows us to drain, that will get some showers and then breaks out and we get more showers. here is what we are expecting. tomorrow will be nice after a chilly night my. sunny and mild through tuesday, but late in the day on tuesday, shower chances return to the bay area, and they will stay with us for wednesday, then we get a break. will show you the extended in a minute. forecast for tomorrow is nice again, those offshore winds to sunshine we es an oking od, fec here is what we look like overnight tonight, we would be down to 40 degrees in santa rosa, livermore at 41. starry skies in mountain view at 46 degrees. pacifica, 47. son up at 7:16 am.
6:50 pm
forecast highs, mid-70s for much of the bay area except close to the shoreline. than on the south bay, campbell is up to 76, and 74 in san jose. out on the east bay, beautiful monday. very nice, very balmy. call in sick. did i say that out loud? 74. upper 60s and low 70s, 74 in santa rosa, 72 in petaluma and finally up in ukiah, 76, matching first amber dino. extended forecast, it begins to cloud up, it continues to wednesday, break on thursday, but it does look like the weekend will be unsettled with more showers coming in on friday. before we get a break for the weekend and speaking of breaks, here is one example. cvs pharmacy.
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>> last month, we showed you the shocking footage, person after person getting on bart trains without paying. >> what is bart doing about it? susie, has some surprising news. >> reporter: bart is implementing what it calls station hardening right now. and that is adding some barriers like this to the emergency exit, to make it more difficult to jump over. but what about the fare gates? the ones that you have seen in those videos, of people hurtling themselves over during rush hour. the runs right here. well, there is no plan in place right now, to replace those, not even at bart's newest patients.
6:54 pm
>> take a peek inside bart's newest station, one of two sets to open later this year, in san jose. it looks high-tech, except for something pretty old school. parts fare gates. they are the same gates that the cameras caught a constant stream of people pushing and jumping through without paying, in a recent undercover investigation. >> it is frustrating. >> parts director was shocked when she learned the brand-new stations still have the old- style gates. >> that is something i have been asking for since the day i was elected, and attended my first meeting. it is when will re-replace the fare gates. they were designed in 1972? they have been upgraded since. but, it is clear now, but we are in a different time, and the fare evasion is getting worse. >> bart estimates fare evasion cost the transit agency anywhere from $25-$30 million a year. placing all of these old fare gates which there are 600, would cost roughly $250 million.
6:55 pm
theoretically, bart could be making back a lot of the money that is losing, just by cracking down on people who don't pay. >> reporter: police didn't want to comment for this story, but in an earlier interview, deputy chief lance, told us they have engiers g on that m interim they tour einfare at can keresi diict to fear of a. >> reporter: in a pilot project including the station in san francisco, engineers have strengthened air pressure on the gates, making them harder to push open. but the disabled fair gait, is electric, and still easy to cruise through. without a ticket or clipper card. >> unfortunately, you didn't use a ticket, you can't just step off. >> reporter: bart also launched a citation team that cameras captured the tickets that are not taken seriously. nine of 10 of the 6799 violators ticketed since the program started a year ago, have not paid. >> our primary goal has never been to generate money and make
6:56 pm
a lot of money from collecting these fines, it is really to yo fare of asian as the citation team was launched? >> again, that is a difficult thing to put a number on. >> reporter: director, deborah says if there is no proof that citations are working, it is time to redirect the funds. >> here we are, i guess a little over a year. and we see that people are not paying the tickets, the people who do get the tickets, you know, we see what you saw. with your cameras. so, i think that we need to rethink that. so the answ to the fare evasion problem is to harden the stations. >> reporter: bart engineers, are looking at designs, and of course how much it would cost, to fix this fare evasion
6:57 pm
problem. one of the options is adding pressure to these gates to make them more difficult to push open. that would cost roughly $15-$20 million systemwide. but, replacing all of these gates, at all 600 stations, again that would cost 250 million, and that is something bart is going to be talking about at its next meeting. in san francisco, susie, kpix 5. >> is a private company were losing 30 million a year, they would figure it out in a hurry. >> thanks for watching, 60 minutes is coming up next. >> for more news throughout the evening, latest on and we will see you back here at 11 pm tonight. >> long work hours, longer commutes, part of living in the bay area. we can't fix it, but we can give you more. all that and much more, the cbs evening news, now at 6:30 pm followed by the new kpix 5 news at 7 pm.
6:58 pm
>> weeknights on kpix 5. expect more. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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seresto, seresto, seresto. and ford. we go further, so you can. >> it was a weapon? >> oh, of course it was a weapon. >> an energy weapon? >> absolutely. >> what sort of energy is this that we're talking about? >> i believe it's r.f., radio frequency energy, in the microwave range. >> mark lenzi is a state department security officer who worked in the u.s. consulate in guangzhou, china. >> there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that this was a directed attack against my neighbor and i. >> his neighbor was catherine werner. >> it was intense pressure on both of my temples. and i remember looking around for where this sound was coming from, because it was painful. >> thank you. >> have a great tour. >> steve case is a billionaire


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