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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 18, 2019 3:00am-3:59am PDT

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morning. a new gun control debate. the new zealand prime minister is advocating for stricter gun laws after 50 people died in a a terror attack. the gunman purchased all his weapons legally. evacuation efforts continue in parts of nebraska and iowa. two people have died in the treacherous weather. a a slip of the tongue by former vice president joe biden, hints at a possible presidential run. >> i have the most progressive now h sharing thes learned.
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>> the thing mt very day i get to give back and make a difference. ♪ welcome to the "overnight news." i'm elaine quijano. residents are still coming to grips with the terror attack that left 50 people dead. prime minister is vowing to change the gun laws to keep such a massacre from ever happening again. meanwhile families of the victims are in a holding pattern, unable to bury their loved one withes as the investigation continues. >> from the work that we need to do on our gun laws. >> reporter: new zealand prime minister is calling for urgent action after the worst mass
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ilcanning in the country's modern history. the suspected gunman obtained a legal gun permit in 2017. he purchased all five weapons at christchurch frooiiday, includi two semiautomatic rifles legally. >> what happens is not right. >> it's unrepairable. >> it's so much for everybody to take in that anybody in our family would do anything like this. >> it appears tarbt tarrant, who appeared in court today acted alone. but theyvent ruled out that he had help. the victims are being remembered in tribute across new zealand. and memorials in christchurch are still growing.
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to others what happened on friday is even more wrong. >> all hell broke loose and it sounded like a war zone. >> reporter: she helped perform cpr on a man gunned down in the street. do you know what happened to the man you were trying to help? >> i would like to think in his last dying moments he knew people were trying to help him. >> how long do you think you'll think about him? >> forever. forever. >> the bodies of the victims are being returned to their anxious families who wa families who want to bury them. >> reporter: acting white house chief of staff, mulvaney, is appeared on "face the nation" this morning and said mr. responded appropriately
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after the mass attack in new zealand. >> we've expressed our absolute disgust, doing what presidents are supposed to boo. it doesn't mean it's going to make everybody happy. that every time something goes wrong somehow the president of the united states must be responsible. >> he pointed out that president trump condemned the massacre in a post on twitter. the list of contenders for the 2020 race is rapidly growing. one favorite hinted he may be soon jumping into the ring. pr bid eher former vice slipped or tipped his hand about officially joining the race. >> i have the most progressive
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for anybody running. >> while he continues to how old out o, others waested no time. >> reporter: senator gillibrand joining other democrats hoping to knock off trump in 2020. >> i think this is a great problem for us to have as a party and as a democracy. so many choices, so many different life experiences. >> reporter: soon presiden reelection bid with more rallies. but some republicans are already looking f aernative i >> i think someone should run just because republicans ought to be given choice.
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>> reporter: last summer the president told cbs news joe biden would be his dream opponent in 2020. today the president attended st. john's episcopal church for st. patrick's day. a week after she made disparaging comments about congresswoman omar's muslim faith. president trump defended her on twitter saying bring back judge jane janene piro and stop working so hard on being politically correct. two people died after the bomb cycloneerrn parts of iowa and nebraska remain at risk.
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>> reporter: the fast moving flood waters washed out several towns in eastern nebraska and iowa. >> every levy missouri border has been breached. >> it's devastating. it is devastating. >> it i was scared. i was petrified. i didn't know how fast it was coming up. >> reporter: emergency evacuations are in place after several levy failures along the missouri river. it's expected to crest sunday it near omaha. first responders rescued people off the top of pick up trucks over the weekend. in columbus, nebraska, swept away as he tried to help someone stranded when a bridge collapsed. his bar his fm. >> i was blown away.
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utter devastation. the incredible. >> major looding is
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data from the flight recorders has been done loaded. ethiopian airlines says they show similarities with the lion air jet that crashed. both were 737 max-8 aircraft. but they warn further analysis is required. all 157 people on board died last sunday. the u.s. government is currently in a legal battle over the longest continuous oil spill in history. ces is the first network ton omar reports.
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>> reporter: texan took us to where the taylor oil rig once stood. from the air that sheen is visible for miles. even from space. we are about 15 miles from shore on top of where the oil can coming up. you can smell it and you can also see it. in 2004 hurricane ivan destroyed the oil platform operated by taylor energy. they've spent over $400 million working along the coast guard to ma maintain the spill which they say has been leaking at a rate of about 10 gallons a day for years. oil spill expert who had studied the taylor site for the government using underwater technology says he found the leak is closer to 96 barrel as day.
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how much oil in total could we possibly be talking about? >> we're talking about coming up on half a million barrels of oil. what's happening now is the coast guard and government are saying we're going to take charge because we think you're underestimating the amount of oil. >> reporter: the company says taylor energy is raising the alarm about the junk science the coast guard is now using to justify activities that could destabilize the site. the coast guard is working with a private contractor to tap the well and will demand taylor energy pay the bill. but taylor has pursued legal action to block the containment. we won't know what kind of impact this oil spill has had on the marsh lands the fish and wildlife here. cbs news, port eves, louisiana.
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how a maryland woman is trying a new strategy to track down her sister's killer.
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a maryland woman is taking inspiration from a movie. she hopes billboard ads will help find the killer. >> some of the pictures i can't even tell us apart. >> reporter: she says no one knew her twin sister better than she did on a snowy march in 1996 she went to a bar with friends after a fight with her boyfriend. around 4:00 a.m. she made a ride home >> she never would have gone to sit in a dark parking lot. >> reporter: a witness in a gas station saw a person approach lacornu's car. someone shot her through a car wind. lecornu then drove across the street.
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>> he drove up to her car and gotute. the witnesses said he reached over her body and took something out of it. >> reporter: with no leads, she's desperate for answers. the oscar win withing film outside missouri. >> the better the chance of getting it solved. >> reporter: she's putting opseries of her own. and offering 100,0$100,000 to a who can help find her sister's killer. >> right now we're comfortable saying we don't have any leads. >> reporter: no fingerprints? no dna? >> i don't want to say what evidence we have and don't have. >> the family is trying to put as much pressure as possible on you guys and on the public. >> any lead we're going to
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follow up on. >> reporter: if there's someone throughout who has some information, what would you say to them? >> just please come forward. >> she says her family has sued for and has never been able to view the autopsy report with the original police reports. it won't release the documents because it's an active investigation. up
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kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. aol cofounder and investor says middle america is being ignored when it comes to venture capitalists. now he's on a mission to find entrepreneurs in the heartland. >> reporter: entrepreneurs are looking for a cash infusion to jump start their business. case is looking for the next big idea and knee deep in his quest. typically how hard has it been for these guys out here to get the attention of -- >> really hard. right now it goes to three states. most venture capitalists aren't
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in the middle of the country and we'll have to change that. case believes the best are in the beaten path and that's where the bus comes in. case and his team are looking for promising new zealand. and thousand of miles, often spending fwevl hours a day on the road. >> you've made a fortune. why do you want to ride around on a bus for 12 hours a day, day after day? . >> i believe in trurnz. but you go tlo, you get thop buts like me all over the country. most people aren't paying
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not petroleum.d tu bee. its kind of a big dill. it squashes sixty of your toughest stains. seventh generation. powered by plants turning to modern technology to help diagnoses health conditions. it's being used to detect neurological issues. >> so you put this on. >> reporter: at 72 years old, he didn't know much about virtual reality. >> when i've been referred by my doctor for memories problems. reporteeuniverf cambridge to help identify those with early alzheimer's. >> so what we found is it not be
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from the outside. >> reporter: he was one of 100 patients who had to follow a path in a virtual environment and trace their foot steps back the starting point without the help of any marker. he found out while he does have memory problems, he does not have alzheimer's. doctors hope virtual reality will provide a palgtway before symptoms even start. >> when we return. how the healing power of music helped baltimore man heal through hardship.
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we end tonight with an inspiring new musician in baltimore before making it to the big stage. he looks on with gratitude for the family who adopted him and the healing power of music. >> reporter: tubau player richard white knows how to make his deep pitched instrument growl but many few know the story of how he made it to the big stage. >> unfortunately ied cannant find my mom. >> at the age of three, he was
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homeless, living on the streets of inner city baltimore. their mother struggled to keep a roof over their heads. this was a lifeline. this is where you washed and bathed? >> this is where i washed up, man. it's very real. i'm sorry. >> reporter: then a miracle. >> i was found right down here. >> reporter: in a doorway during a snow storm. he because later adopted by vivian and richard mcclain who gave him more than a home. they gave him a passion for music. he liked it so much he applied for the music of arts. >> i said i'm here to audition and he said oh, really auditions were yesterday and i said butted i'm here now. >> something came through that
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was well worth taking the chance. >> reporter: white persevered. he became the first african-americ african-american to earn a doctorate in tubau performance. his life story has been made into a documentary after his initials richard a. white. he continues to perform and at the university of new mexico. what is the moment you went i am somebody? >> the thing i'm most proud about is every day i get to give back and make a difference in a a kids' life because that's what happened to me. >> reporter: it doesn't get more raw than that. ♪ demarco morgan, cbs news, baltimore. and that's the overnight news for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back later for
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the morning news and "cbs this morning. kwaelgts " kwaelgts " " this is the "net knelt overnight news." >> welcome to the overnight news. i'm elaine quijano. grief and outrage has turned into outrage in new zealand where they're still coming to grips with the tear everer attack that left 50 people dead. prime minister is vowing to change the gun laws to keep a massacre like this from ever happening again. and the victims unable to bury their loved ones. ben tracy is in christchurch. >> from the work that we need to do on our gun laws.
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>> reporter: new zealand prime minister is calling for urgent action after the worst massacre in the country's modern history. the suspected gunman purchaseda rampage at two mosques in christchurch friday legally. >> what's done is just not right. >> reporter: his family spoke for the first time today. >> it's just so much for everything to take in that somebody in our family would do anything like this. >> reporter: new zealand's police commissioner says he d ane but theyvent ruled out that he had help. the victims are being remembered in tributes across new zealand.
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memorials in christchurch are still grow oing, along with the shock otthis horrific event happened. jill keith was driving near one of the mosques in the shooting. you know what happened to the man you were trying to snep >> i don't have much hope but i'd like to think in his least dying moments he knew people were trying to help him. >> how long do you think you'll think about him? >> forever. forever. >> reporter: the bodiesf of the victims are being returned to their anxious family whose want to bury them according to their muslim faith. acting white house chief of staff mulvaney is defending president trump over criticism that he did not contem white supremacy after the terrorist
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attack. he said mr. trump responded appropriately. >> we've expressed the absolute discuss at the tragict events, doesn't mean it's going to make every btdy happy. it frustrates me as a citizen that every time something goes wrong around the world, somehow the president of the united states must be responsible. >> president trump pointed out thatful he condemned the new zealand massacre. one potential dmpic favorite hinted last night that he may soon be jumping in the ring. reports from the white house. >> reporter: formerice sed his e
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i have the most progressive it ticket of anybody running -- on kbhoob would with run. while he continues to hold out -- senterm grrks illibrand joining 15 other democrats who hope to knock off president trump in 2020. >> i think it's great problem for tuse have. so many choices. so many different life experiences. others made stops in iowa and nevada this weekend. soon president trump is expected to go to more rallies.
3:35 am
>> i think someone should run just because republicans ought to be give an choice. >> reporter: last summer the president told cbs news that joe biden would be his dream opponent in 2020. today along side the first lady, president trump attend st. john's episcopal church. . >> reporter: fox palled judge shapiro o. justice with janine did not offend in its regular spot pap and stop looking so hard trying to be mitt kplae correct. two people died after the bomb cyclone unleashed its
3:36 am
tourist floon nebrka. meg oliver pretty good it too >> it's devastating. it is devastating. >> he had to be plucked out of the flood waters. >> i was scared. i was petrified. i didn't know how fast it was coming up. >> it's expected to crest sunday at more than 40 feet omaha. they reskey people off the roof of pick up trucks. in nebraskaer and the bridge collapsed. his body recovered hours hater.
3:37 am
it's the aftermath of bomb cyclone. some roads have been wiped out. dozens of cans are isolated. >> i was blown away. utter devastationter. major flooding to last through the end of this week. frors data from the flight corters on the ethiopian jet that crashed has been down lowed. they clear similarities and naasz maf tagt neighborhood. all 157 people on board lasted
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here in new york, a city within a city is taking shape on the west side of manhattan. it's the most expensive real estate development. tone sat down with the developer making it all happen. let me give you a tour round. it's basically a $150 structure. you buy a thousand dollar watch.
3:41 am
if you want to live here a penthouse will run $30 million. after you say billionaire's playground it's a frontier. but land like this is not. >> you're looking that largest private development project in american history, built on one of the rarest things on manhattan. 28 acres. >> a partner in the project known as hudson yard because of the vast railroad rumbling in between us. bring i andreata platform.
3:42 am
>> that spans four city blocks. >> everyone's like are you krizy. the site includes offices, residential and uthnerrer one. after six years of development and more than a decade of dreaming by this man. >> it will be a great -- >> wilbur ross female developmenter. everybody talks about ideas. you have to be the balls and -- >> seven monthess ago we seated up with safety geerm and with a
3:43 am
view from the emfirer sfieds fwug p40 floors up on a a deck, that's ghoeing to be a a glass floor with a new straight down. a 1 hrn $50 million stair cases to nowhere. you said it's going to be what the eiffel tower is for new york >> i think so. >> bigger than rockefellerer christmas tree 365 days a week. i stand by all of that. people when have come to see sthoing >> but living in new york's newest neighborhoods, starts at a perport 500,000 theres.
3:44 am
a month. a that moment you thing it's worth something? >> ib think market will keep going higher and higher. >> the pulitzer prize winning architecture critic did not have kind thing to say. it's too clean, too glad to can cart dwrekt said. >> is he right? is it a corporate sit ay state? >> no, he's not. we're building over a rail roetd. so it had to be $5 billion. what what's controversial is the
3:45 am
additional 5.6 billion. >> amazon gave me 3 million in subsidies. what were you thinking? >> they were paying for something themselves. the city was certain wlae benefitted. and there you think. >> absolutely. the reason we got the text message is you can watch your -- do you ha t corporation. i think creating the live work places, learned investigations where they want to be. i'm alex trebek, here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85,
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so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. so call now. seventh generation gets the laundry detergent from plants, not petroleum. and this stuff beets stains. its kind of a big dill. it squashes sixty of your toughest stains. seventh generation. powered by plants
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sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy. but with olay regenerist whip spf 25, it's so lightweight. i love it. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything. america's test kitchen started out as a little show on american cable. and reviews of everything from skillts to specialty ingredients. >> reporter: a a whole year before publication. america's test kitchen was fine tuning a contender for its
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newest cook book at its head quarters in boston. a a recipe for roasted carrots and shallts. day one testing was about experimentation. on day the test chefs made adjustments. ⌞> i'm going to try roasting the care tsz less. >> reporter: medium sized carrots anytime, cooked butter. the story not in this place. on any given day a television show is being shot. a dozen or more recipes are being developed in the test kitchen. food stylists tidy up plates for
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photographers. a a future cook book, a magazine, one of the test kitchen's websites. >> we'll take special care mm. >> i'll get a phone call once in a while can you get a manicure. >> are you kidding? >> reporter: what's left is irresistible for her growing staff. in 2017 the expanding edible empire moved to this 55,000 square footd space along boston's water. and then our websites. >> chief creative officer is a regular on a tv show. >> what's great?
3:51 am
protein. >> you do not. you should be steaming your eggs rather than boiling them. >> reporter: bishop co founded the company in 1973. power or home cook. >> i'm tell you a game changer. the most host wasn't some flashy celebrity chef. >> we spend most of our time eating bad food. >> it was nerdy new englander. tauz this obviously a blue print and didn't then and doesn't now.
3:52 am
>> the handles getting really hot. >> you are also accepting advertisements from the same companies. >> reporter: lisa mcmahon gets paid. to abuse stuff. was very warped. >> reporter: in this case skillts. in order to figure out which ones >> still warped. >> are tough enough to take it. >> you know we always try to figure out. we want to prove why. >> as executive tasting and testing editor, how is that for
3:53 am
her rigger is part of the reason trusts. >> trust is the reezern the cooking shows water reaching more than 4 million viewers. >> we found the evan worked best. our whole business is cooking things the wrong way so we can find her the right way. sglurks and two-long time coach chefs. after the parsley, take your knife and start shaving this on the outside. >> they come across like still stand in for their viewers. obviously -- >> that's technique, wow. >> volunteer home cooks. and we don't get 80% people to
3:54 am
say no i don't want to -- >> about 90% of my kitchen equipment is based upon their recommendation. >> reporter: stacey patterson is one of 17,000 volunteer home cooks to volunteer on the website to test recipes. how long have you been here? >> nine years. sglrksz crisp is like there's not enough on. >> the facebook group and instagram. it's a lot of people. >> reporter: patterson it's more. >> i feel like i'm helping themmalha areensaonal
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the world off music is marking the passing of one of the greatest drummers of his era. anthony mason has the story of his life and remarkable career. ♪ >> reporter: he was the backbone to some of music's biggest hitsf of the 1960s and '70s. hal blain, who died this week at the age of 90 was perhaps the most sought after session drummer during rock and roll's heyday. songs by the beach boys ♪ i'm picking up good vibrations ♪ >> reporter: sam cook. ♪ another saturday night when i ain't got nobody ♪ >> reporter: elvis.
3:58 am
frank sinatra. ♪ strangers in the night >> reporter: and even the theme to batman. ♪ batman batman >> reporter: his four beat intro to the 1963 hit "be my baby ♪ ♪ be my be my little baby >> reporter: came to define phil specter's wall of sound. but it was blain and a group of fellow musicians who built wall. from 1966 to 1971, blain played drums on six contechiative grammies of the year.
3:59 am
6,000 singles and gold and platinum records than anybod anybody and before all that, he mastered his craft, as he edescribed in the 2008 documentary "wrecking crew." >> i was going to school and then i was playing strip clubs until 8:00 at night until 4 in the morning. got whether these new women coming in dancing, throwing this music as you and you got to read it immediately. >> reporter: upon learning of blain's death, bryan williams i called blake the freightest drummer ever. and that's the overnight news for this monday. for some of you the news continues.
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for others check back a lilt later for the morning news. captioning funded by cbs it's monday, march 18th, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." a country in mourning. vigils held in new zealand after the mosque shootings, and plans for new legal action in the aftermath. plane training under scrutiny. u.s. pilots describe their training on the new boeing 737 max 8. and late-winter flooding. the midwest


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