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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  March 18, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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my sources tell me will be pretty good this week too. a beautiful day on across the bay area. if you like the weekend, he will like today as well. temperatures soaring once again into the 70s in some locations. here is a cool live look at the camera, limping green st. patrick's day yesterday. really nice to see that. temperatures in the 40s and 50s, definitely a start the day, concord 49, 54 oakland, linn-mar 47, 57 in downtown san francisco. santa rosa coming in your weath eight mild morning with mostly clear skies as we head for the afternoon, sunshine, warm temperatures, highs in the 60s and 70s, enjoy it, because the rain returns this week with cooler temperatures. we time out for your future
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cast when the next weather system will bring the rain and cooler temperatures coming up in just a bit let's check in for a look on traffic this monday morning. >> i hope the roadways are is beautiful as the weekend because it was a gorgeous. take a look at the bay bridge, so far so good. also working from east bay into san francisco is. posted the bridge is looking good. your the roadways early this morning you should not have any troubles is working way out about. looks like my button is frozen. let's see if i can find another picture. years the golden gate bridge up to a great start as well. we do have a car reported in santa clara, look at that coming up in just a few minutes. melissa? breaking news this morning. netherlands. multiple people have been injured. a goodman opa trap.
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trauma helicopter is at the scene and police urging people to stay away. they say they're investigating the possibility that this was a terrorist attack. that is all the information we have this time, we will be monitoring this throughout the morning and bring updates as we get. two shootings in east bay, government and large, the latest happened at 6:00 last night. please see the 24 wish on the leg she was riding her car on the five e. near isabel avenue and livermore. please not yet released a description of the suspect by . the other fishing happened saturday in concord. one hand and i. the chp session was heading east on highway four when she had a guardrail at the exit. investigators found holes on the driver side door. the victim is 25 will destiny hilary. investigators say it is unclear where she died from injuries and crashed or from a gunshot wound. her friends visited the chris
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sale yesterday looking for answers. officer said these types of cases are difficult to crack. >> the suspect moves away so fast. a lot of times witnesses are not sure what they're seeing. a get a license plate or description. >> variable to highway surveillance video. separately, a man in the hospital after a free wishing your sacramental. this happened around 1:00 yesterday morning and i-80 in roseville. witnesses say 30 thrill victim was driving a chevy corvette someboda white v open fire. the victim is in serious condition with multiple gunshots. his name is not yet been released and so far no arrest. developing in new zealand, the victims of the mosque terror attacks last week will be returned to their loved ones
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for burial. laura podesta reports while the nation tries to heal, the prime minister vows to strengthen restriction. >> is a nation unites and creams, new zealanders gathered for comfort and song. they are mourning the worship since the worshipers killed friday injuring and still looking for answers while the debate over gun control is taking shape . >> i think the public is asking right now, why is it and how is it should and you're currently able to buy military style weapons in new zealand? >> reporter: the prime minister said sunday gun reform loss will be announced within days. respect for the victim f those of the attack the largest gun show cancels the events, they also cited security risks. the weekend, the suspect appeared in court with his face
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blurred in in australia spoke for the first time. >> so much to take income that somebody in her family would do anything like this. to counterterrorism police the state of new south wales rated two home south of where he grew up. in christchurch, workers at the local cemetery have been using heavy machinery to dig graves for the victims. laura podesta, cbs news . and is your prime ministers says families of the victims are eligible for $10,000 each to cover funeral expenses regardless of whether the victim was in the country legally or t. your uber ride maybe even more expensive and sandra in san francisco. attacks with the november 2020
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ballot which would text ranchers over 3% of every right, about $.33 for every 10 hour trip. would be less it would be less for shares your perspective they can afford it, it's a billion-dollar company. >> my father's of course, they make my thought is of course, they make enough money the company should pay it. absolutely. >> they will improve the balance measure in may. he's confident they will get the plant . people who live in their cars will have a few new places to park overnight in oakland hasslefree. the new program with alameda county will open up for church parking lots in the coming months. the williams chapel baptist church first, other let's open in april. people can use the lots will have to follow rules, it will have to own the vehicles they live in, they must also be employed or attending college.
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they can stay a maximum of 90 days. extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis. security guards will be on site overnight, toilets, handwashing stations and drink water will also be provided. other homeless services include job training which will be available during the day . mysterious owners owners odors has caused studies for the source of the stench. they would test smelly organic compounds and gases and chemicals, residents have long suspected that comes from the newby island landfill or regional waste facility or a recycling facility. >> we are here to make sure the number one priority is public company will la a yethe iroquoi
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>> mower the most distinctive homes in the bay area. house is a public nuisance. they suit has been filed against the owner. essay backyard which is a prehistoric scene which is with dinosaurs galore as you can see. they demand the homeowners move all that because they do not get permits first. >> she ignored. therefore we had to file the lawsuit. it was clear she was not going to remove any of us >> the owner has since applied for permits but the city wants everything remote so you can start with a fresh slate. odin the midwest. we show you the areas hardest hit in nebraska where hundreds of homes are damaged.
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waking welcome back, we have breaking news out of texas, storage tanks on fire. a live lookdeer rk, firefighters trying to put the flames reno. a huge plume of smoke with flames in the picture. a shelter in place for all of deer park. and the nearby freeway also shut down both directions. there are no reports of right now of any injuries . parts of the midwest underwater this morning after historic flooding. aerial footage shows entire houses with only the rooftops visible at least two people have died. several states are making efforts to help.
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>> reporter: the extent of the damages best seen from the side, roads and farms in nebraska transformed into lakes. all the result of flooding after two levies broke said he water into towns. >> their trucks the cannot get in or out of fremont so things are flooding supplies from all over. jets and says ms. >> reporter: this video from the police department shows a nighttime helicopter rescue after two people became stranded. it shows the danger of driving through barricades blocking flooded roads. at least two people have died in columbus. this 50-year-old was swept away as he tried to help somebody stranded in a bridge collapse. his body was found later near his farm. in wisconsin, more flooding, take a look at this hallway filled with supplies. >> it did not take very long to get the water out. the hardest part is cleaning up down there. artland this week. d her hits >> ever cited like jfew da
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ago, throughout the region. the national weather service warning parts of south dakota, wisconsin, minnesota, as well as nebraska and iowa can see more flooding iswe between now and wednesday. a landmark restaurant in san francisco could soon reopen now that a lengthy legal battle appears to be over. julius castle has been on telegraph hill nearly a century but it has been closed since 2007. it's falling into disrepair until a new owner took over in 2012. paul scott spent years working with the city to get the building up to code but also faced a lawsuit filed by neighbors concerned about noise, traffic, and parking. he said he never imagined such a struggle. >> i understood what about the building that i would have to go through some hoops to last w about the lawsuit.
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scott plans to start working with an interior designer and look for restaurateur to partner with. he hopes to have julius castle opened by early next year . the look of the irish may be attracting silicon valley tech companies. many tech giants occluding apple, facebook, and google have called ireland their european home mostly for tax purposes. but ida ireland the companies promotional companies has seen record levels of companies from the u.s. >> large technology companies in the valley in san francisco continuing to build a presence. but we are the go to location for the next wave of international companies. >> 700 u.s. companies with offices in ireland, about a third come from silicon valley. the last three years the agency says it has seen a 25% increase in west coast companies expanding to ireland which also may be related to favorable tax loss . the chicago river writing green in honor of st. patrick's day and is expected to stick around a few days.
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ke a look. , it's an it creates thlargest ever human shamrock, more than 1200 people packing into an outline of a green clover. well done. ireland's previous record was 815 participants. >> that looks really cool. >> and they have the green ponchos. doing a good job out there. >> in here in the bay area, a lot of people celebrating, a beautiful day, wasn't it? but fantastic. >> some spots yesterday in the 80s. morgan hill, we are looking at a warm day today, if you liked the weekend, you will like the sunshine and warm weather once again for your monday. first of all, a live look with the salesforce tower camera, still lit up and green as we celebrate st. patrick's day yesterday and still going on this morning, temperatures in
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the 40s and 50s, 49 in concorde, 53 oakland, 47 livermore, 56 san francisco. 51 san jose and santa rosa at 44. definitely a mild start to the day, mostly clear skies as we head through the afternoon. enjoy the sun and warm temperatures, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. rain returns this week, we are talking a few weather systems and much cooler temperatures as well, you will feel the difference. we have had a very wet winter with rainfall hundred 20 per 120 per six average and san jose 104% of average. we are looking very good for rain fell for the water year. not just the entire state of california drought free the first time since december 2011. we have been in a drought for the state 376 consecutive weeks. no drought for the bay area and
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for the state. and yellow in southern california, normally dry but especially wsthey def we had a wet winter all across the state they definitely had a wet winter across will bring the return of the rain and also cooler temperatures. we time that out on future cast. today dry, sunshine, mostly sunny skies. tomorrow increasing clouds, 4:00, rain offshore to stop the clock at around 9:00. a few showers begin to work their way in and as we go through wednesday morning, we see the rain move into get wet and much cooler wednesday. the daytime highs 60s in san francisco, 70 in oakland, 74 fremont, mountain view 75 in san jose. looking at 72 for napa.
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here is the 7 day forecast and what you can expect, increasing clouds, little bit cooler, still, average for tomorrow as well. a wet wednesday, shower chances thursday and friday, right now the weekend looks dry. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. thankfully sunny and warm today. >> i cannot wait. i think everybody enjoyed it, it was beautiful. checking the roadways, or only hotspot right now is commuters working away out of tracy into the altamont pass, stop and go conditions here. pretty typical the start of the morning, give yourself a few extra minutes, it looks like we're seeing delays at least as far back as the mountain house. say stay slow to north quinn, no delays to report at the interchange, drive times right now, about 33 minutes to the 680 from the 205, pretty normal for this time of morning.
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if you're taking the east shore freeway no delays, only 15 minutes. we for itself off to a great start. looking pretty good in the south bay, the one-to-one with no delays. this was set up by the santa clara police department. you can see the large sinkhole measuring four feet by four feet caused by a sewer line break which will cause closures in and around santa clara. it will be close between lafayette street northbound in the great america parkway. just a heads up try to avoid the area if you can't. no word yet as to when we will have those lanes open. as far as the freeway goes. 237 not affected neither is the 280. let's check of the drive times, everything in the green, 280 clear, 87 and no delays along the 85, traffic is pretty light. the bay bridge a few more cars but overall a decent ride from the east bay into san francisco. thank you. jordan peels long-awaited second film hits theaters.
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chris martinez has those stories and more on your eye on entertainment. >> a new comedy starring avie bryant is on hulu. >> pay your dues. >> it follows his character any as she tries to change your life and feel comfortable with her own body. there are six episodes in the first season the wait is almost over for the new horror flick us by jordan peele. a mother whose family is stuck on vacation. >> there is a mother but there is also a monster. you know? that we discover. and can we, do we have to choose? >> us hits theaters nationwide friday. tim burton is set to receive the top film award, the two time academy were number the director will receive the award later this month.
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his latest movie dumbo it's theaters march 29. that is your eye on entertainment. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. good morning everybody, yesterday was sunday. otherwise, the division i basketball ncaa invites go out later today. it was about the dudes. and moraga, the st. mary's reaction. we have more in a jiffy. > let's take a live look outside. downtown san jose 4:51 and 51 degrees in san jose.
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good monday morning to you, we will see plenty of sunshine all day across the bay area, another spectacular day for the region, 74 in mountain view, 73 santa clara, 75 morgan hill as well as well as san jose as we head through the afternoon. we will see temperatures warming up as we go through 73 in walnut creek, 76 in danville looking at berkeley at 69 as well as alameda. a few more cars hitting the roadway right now, a live look at the bay bridge, you can see vehicle started to stack up, little sluggish coming away from the 880 overpass. keep that in mind if you are working your way into the city this morning. take a look at the san mateo bridge, that is an easy ride if you're coming out of hayward as you head into foster city, only about a 40 minute drive time. an easy ride as you head through their and snow delays on the richmond bridge.
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good morning everybody. genotype it is? it is sports time. at present, the ncaa men's tournaments were handed out yesterday, brackets for villanova. >> they go up against the 11th seed st. mary's gaels. st. mary in the bid after upsetting gonzaga last tuesday. the national champion wildcats thursday a 4:20 start in hartford connecticut. they better make shots like that if they want to advance. in the meantime, the nba to head out to. the warrior center. injured his right foot in oklahoma city. while the foot is waiting for mri, it's time for andrew bogan to step out and rejoin the
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team. it happens later in san antonio. milwaukee scoring 52 points. then joelle had 40 in the sixers one 130-125. the final round of the players championship team in florida. roy mcelroy tied for the lead until he reached the par five and two shots. that is a man frame. he got the upper lead then part out at 18 to when it win it. he's one of the favorites to win the masters coming up in april. shout out to eric peterson, the francisco city golf champions. and the 130 or.
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junior st. mary's, and they commit to play at san jose state. that is enough. see later 4:57 right now. in the next half hour, police in the netherlands dealing with a possible terror attack this morning . two bay area freeway shootings in two days. police are searching for suspects in both cases and we will have the latest on the investigation and a live report. your uber or lyft ride in san francisco could get more expensive thanks to a newly proposed surcharge. we have all the details coming up. mu
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people shots in the netherlands. police investigating this as a possible act of terror . new zealand authorities working to identify all of the victims of last week's mosqueng
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vigils are held across the country . aloha, the first flights to hawaii out of oakland. that could drive prices south for all of us . something stinks and malvinas. the city watching an official investigation to sniff out the problem. good morning, i melissa cain. michelle griego has the week off. >> a lot of son in terms of whether . >> a beautiful day ahead. if you liked the weekend, warm temperatures, sunshine, we keep it going for the start of the work week. then, big changes ahead, tracking a few weather systems that will bring the rain and much cooler temps, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts for sure. here's a look at the


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