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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 18, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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people shots in the netherlands. police investigating this as a possible act of terror . new zealand authorities working to identify all of the victims of last week's mosqueng vigils are held across the country . aloha, the first flights to hawaii out of oakland. that could drive prices south for all of us . something stinks and malvinas. the city watching an official investigation to sniff out the problem. good morning, i melissa cain. michelle griego has the week off. >> a lot of son in terms of whether . >> a beautiful day ahead. if you liked the weekend, warm temperatures, sunshine, we keep it going for the start of the work week. then, big changes ahead, tracking a few weather systems that will bring the rain and much cooler temps, enjoy the
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sunshine while it lasts for sure. here's a look at the south bay, san jose, good morning to you clear skies. temperatures in san jose at 52 degrees. concord, 48, livermore 46, san francisco 56 and 45 in santa rosa. definitely a mild start to the day with mostly clear skies, sunny, warm above average temperatures once again for today, highs topping out of the 60s and 70s, the rain returns this week with much cooler temperatures. we time it out for you when you will see the wet weather where you live coming up in just a few minutes. then let's check in with gianna for traffic this monday morning. how is looking out there? >> not too bad overall, the typical slow spots we see is time in the morning. especially at the altamont pass. if you are one of those super commuters you know t ct. stop ango nditionsas u way west the 580, a lot of delays begin around mountain view and you
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will see sluggish conditions there than once you get on the 580 itself least till north flynn but pass there you should be good to go heading towards the dubliner change. these sure freeway, traffic is pretty light westbound as you head out of richmond into berkeley, no delays as you head into emeryville, checking travel times right now, the freeway ride still in the green, good news there, only 50 minutes to work away from highway 4 out of hercules all the way to the base, not bad at all. highway 4 looking good at all, off to a great start, no delays yet out of the south working to the peninsula. if you're going from san jose, only 36 minutes this morning. again, some yellow there along the 580 westbound. up to 36 minutes from the 205 to the 680. looking at the bay bridge in just a few minutes . breaking news this morning,
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just getting word of a mass iplepeople are injured. a gunman opened fire inside of a tram in the city of utrecht. helicopters at the scene and police are urging people to stay away, they are investigating the possibility this is a terrorist attack. the dutch counterterror office just raise the threat level to the maximum in the utrecht province, police are still looking for the government. that is all the information we have at this time, we monitor it throughout the morning and bring you updates as we get them . a woman in the hospital after being shot in a car running down the i-580. jackie ward with more on the shooting. also, another one that happened within hours of each other. jackie? >> reporter: two separate tien the woman here to eat and medical center. she was the passenger in a hondrd bounth58near isabel avenue in livermore just
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before 6:00 last night. the 24-year-old hit by a bullet in the leg it is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. police have not yet released a description of the car. the other shooting resulted in a woman being held before to:30 in the afternoon saturday near willow pass road on highway 4. police trying to determine if the 25-year-old of antioch died because of the crash itself or because she was shot. just like in the other shooting, the suspect in this incident is still out there. >> the suspect gets away so fast. a lot of times, witnesses are not really sure what they're seeing and are able to get a license plate or description. >> friends held a vigil last night and told her she was never involved with gangs or drugs and do not know why anyone would want to hurt her. both of the shootings are still under investigation and both of the shooters still out this jackie ward, kpix5 . developing this morning,
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new zealand's prime minister and gun control in the wake of the mosque attack. new zealanders gathered to mourn the 50 worshipers killed at two mosques in christchurch on friday. the killer legally obtained the guns used in the attack during a mail-order process. >> we are asking right now, why is it and how is it you should currently be able to buy semiautomatic weapons in new zealand? >> over the weekend, the suspect appeared in court. the judge has ordered his face be blurred. police say he acted alone but they have not determined whether he needed support from other people . in oakland, some people gathering to mourn the victims of the mosque attack. the bay area vigil against islamophobia starts at 6:30 tonight at the amphitheatre. the organizing center is hosting solidarity. they will be condemning violence and the presidency
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immigration policies . the east bay school principal on life support this morning after police say his wife shot him during a domestic dispute. the 45-year-old heads up the pittsburgh unified school district adult education program. police say his wife shot him with a handgun early saturday morning. it happened at their home on barry drive. he was the father of eight children ranging in age from 5- 29. he also previously served as the county as a reserved deputy sheriff. his wife is in custody on suspicion of attempted murder. people in the east bay can travel directly to hawaii. southwest airlines began service this weekend and celebrated an appropriate fashion with a luau. for his first flight from oakland to honolulu. there were musicians and dancers, a traditional
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ceremonial island blessing of the aircraft. what has everybody excited is the prices as low as $300. other airlines may have to lower their airlines to compete with southwest. >> some airlines compete with them and they have been flying to hawaii. they have cut the prices and have. >> flights to hawaii from san jose are expected to begin in about two months. your lyft or uber ride might be more expensive in san francisco if a new text proposal passes. katie nielsen explains how this would work. >> reporter: the idea is to add a surcharge to each right in the city with the generated money going to pay for the extra traffic created by the fracture companies. the san francisco county traffic authority administration says half of the
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the city supervisor worked out a deal with uber and lyft to at a surcharge to every ride which works out to about $.33 for a $10 trip. carpool riders will only see a >> detely they ad can afford that at this point. bear multi-billion, million billion dollar company. >> they make enough money to pay for it, i think they can handle it. >> you become patient pay? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the supervisor estimates the surcharge would generate $30 million a year to help pay for everything from street repaving, traffic enforcement to public transportation projects. he says he plans to introduce the idea and may to the board of supervisors and if they approve it it would actually go on the november ballot. it would need a two x5>>eaking
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right now. at least eight chemical storage tanks on fire. these are live pictures from deer park and harris county. you can see on the left side of your screen the firefighters and the water cannons trying to douse the flames still raging. they have been raging since sunday morning. at this hour there is a shelter still in place for all of deer park. and the nearby freeway is shut down in both directions. there are no reports of any injuries . a question in santa clara county this morning. what is the smell? the $80,000 investigation is in the works to sniff out the problem. the plan is to use devices on properties to detect the presence of smelly organic ndr it could be coming cals, from the nearby wastewater facility or the recycling
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facility owned -- by coming here to point fingers, i'm here to make sure the number one priority is public health and ensure there are no hazardous materials or air pollution that residents breathe every day. >> the area air quality management district will also be launching a year-long study into the air quality in the area. >> staff will get layoff notices in the coming weeks, the oakland unified school district says it needs to make a $22 million cut for next years budget. security officers, reading tutors and librarians are some of the full-time positions affected. after seven days of strikes, teachers approved a new contact for 11% raise over a span of four years, the teachers union says the school district should not blame the teachers contract for the non- teacher layoffs . the oakland unified school board unanimously passed plans for layoffs last week .
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5:10. catastrophic failure. evacuated buildings, cars roads, water gushing out at 1 million gallons per minute . a fuel tank goes up in flames causing an underground explosion that blows manhole covers right off of the ground. sunny and warm weather will not last too much longer, we are tracking the next weather system they will bring rain and cooler temps. what it all arrives, coming up. if you love breakfast and a good deal,
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struggle quibec. two people in southern california recovering from burn and glass injuries after a 9000 gallon taker caught fire and exploded in los angeles. you can see dozens of firefighters trying to clear up the mess. it happened yesterday morning. it blue manhole covers right out of the ground. people in the area ran for their lives in some neighbors say things were so strong they had to run out of the backyard to get to safety. >> there were five or six small explosions. the fire was really intense. the heat was coming. we try to alert the neighbors. >> it is still not clear what caused the taker to explode,
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crews are investigating why it was parked steps away from homes . this morning, u.s. federal prosecutors investigating the development of the boeing 737 max. also, ethiopian investigators preparing to analyze cockpits our cockpit audio recordings from the crash. pulmonary did you preliminary data crash six minutes after takeoff. all 157 people on board died. this is the second disaster involving a new boeing 737 max eight aircraft in less than six mess. in october, all 189 people on the lion air flight were killed when it went out over the java see in indonesia just 30 minutes after takeoff. similarities between the two incidents have led aviation authorities around the world to ban the use of 737 max's. wednesday, president trump announced an emergency order to
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ground all boeing 737 max jets. us-based boeing now under pressure to prove these jets are safe. the company says a software update will be ready next month. they say they are cooperating with the investigations into what went wrong this weekend. >> reporter: flood disaster in the midwest, at least two people are dead and hundreds of homes damaged. the extent of the damage from the sky, roads and farms in nebraska transformed into lakes. homes with just rooftops visible, of a result of flooding after two levees broke sending water into the towns. >> we are trapped, we cannot get in and out of fremont. planes are flying in supplies from all over with jets and says is. >> it is the second round of wild weather two hits the heartland. a few days ago, the region dealt with a bomb cyclone. new video out of oregon this morning, a massive water main break flooded a portland
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neighborhood, turning the streets into rivers. check this out, this happened saturday and forced a dozen homes to evacuate as water poured into driveways and basements. the water bureau reported the water was gushing out at 1 million gallons a minute. >> probably six roads of water flowing north. it's a little crazy. just a river running down the street. >> watching literally waves going to the neighbors house over here. >> power was shut off to around 10,000 homes. the portland bureau of transportation says crews will likely need to excavate and completely rebuilds these damaged streets . 5:17 right now, let's see how the roads are looking on your morning commute. good morning, let's get to the roadways and freeways right now. we start off with the south bay again with our own servicing problem here, closure and effect, a sinkhole located in north santa clara on lafayette street northbound with great
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america parkway. just ahead, closures with santa clara treated this out earlier, that's pretty much what you are dealing with, about four feet wide, definitely will cause problems. try to avoid the area, there are detours in place. the rest of the south bay, a really nice start, here's a look at the map overview of the one-to-one, the 280, parts of the parkway, everything is in the green for the most part. a pretty easy right if you are out of san jose this morning with no delays, taking your travel times, everything is in the green. a good time to be on the roadways if you're coming out of the south bay. not quite the case of highway 4, the first s from chp, westbound before the chicago highway, two lanes completely lots, completely blocked. that is a slow ride, definitely give yourself some extra time if you are heading through there. the 880, not bad, southbound down the 237, the average still
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looking good, but 61 miles per hour, that takes you about 21 minutes. if you plan to be on the san mateo bridge you should be good to go as well. a live look at the freeway north of there, the area near the colosseum. no delays southbound, pretty clear all the way to hayward. speaking of clear. what a beautiful weekend it was . >> it was a spectacular. temperatures soaring into the 70s. some spots yesterday even hit the 80s from morgan hill and gilroy yesterday. we continue with warm weather as we head for the day today then big changes as we go through the week. definitely enjoy the sunshine and warmth a is. here is a live look at the tower cam or. the tower is still lit up in green as we continue to celebrate st. patrick's day. temperatures in the 40s and in the 50s. 48 concorde, oakland, 52, livermore, 46, mid-50 san
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francisco. love 50s in san jose, santa rosa coming in in the mid-40s. definitely a mile start the day, as we had to the afternoon and enjoy the sun above average temperatures today, 60s and 70s, wet d cooler this week as we are tracking a few weather systems that will bring the return of the rain and much cooler temperatures. definitely will feel the difference. satellite and radar, a strong ridge of high pressure in for t track some changes, even beginning tomorrow. futurecast, as we take you through today, i am looking at mostly sunny skies, temps in the 60s and 70s, there we go tomorrow, increasing clouds out of the next weather system, this is in the afternoon tomorrow you can see the rain offshore and a few showers move in for tomorrow night. this is at 9:00. it really gets going wednesday morning. wet and cool on wednesday
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untapped. as we go through today, warm with sunshine, 72 in palo alto, 74 sunnyvale, 76 e as well as pittsburgh, 76 in brentwood, looking at highs for berkeley as well as alameda, upper 60s, low 70s oakland as well as san leandro and daytime highs in the low 70s for clearlake. here is the 7 day forecast. a very warm day today, then looking at increasing clouds tomorrow, still warm but a few degrees cooler tomorrow. we are looking at rain returning wednesday, shower chances thursday and friday, check out the big dip in temperatures, much cooler for the middle part of the week and looking at the weekends, at this point, it does look dry, back to you. sounds good, thank you.
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5:21. ahead, today's top medical stories . also scrutiny of wireless air pods, can they really cause cancer? experts weigh in on the potential health risks. struggle take a peek outside, live at the golden gate bridge, 56 degrees in san francisco, the time now, 5:22.
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welcome back to of developing a second heart problem by nearly 50% by simply taking statin medication. researchers in utah say it's really important patients prescribed the cholesterol- lowering medication actually stick to the regimen. research from the cleveland clinic fines doctors should use an observable antibiotic eluding envelope right before implanting pacemakers and to fibula is. doing so can cut the rate of major infections by 40%. it follows nearly 7000 patients in a study with a cardiac electronic device and found no increase in publication rates where the envelope was used. obese people at risk of diabetes may benefit from strength training. study using mice in brazil show strength training over a short period of time reduced liver fat and improved blood glucose
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levels. however, more testing is needed. apple air pods compose could pose cancer risk. petition has been signed against the wireless earbuds. they believe the cancer risk comes from the bluetooth technology which uses a type of radiowave to transmit data. one ucla professor says it is not as bad as they think. >> the studies really have not shown much of the cancer risk. except perhaps for a very highly exposed people who speak on the phone for very long periods of time. >> meanwhile apple says it tests all of the products to exceed safety requirements. two shootings happened on east bay freeways over the weekend. one woman in the hospital here this morning. plus breaking news, police
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in the netherlands investigating a mass shooting this morning. at least one person dead. the government is still at large.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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now at 5:30, multiple people shot in the netherlands. raised to the hight level . the presidential field keeps growing. a potential candidate may just have let it slip he may soon jump into the 2020 race . the search for top tech talent increasingly going overseas to ireland. later, surprising numbers on first-time homebuyers, the best and worst places to settle down right here in the bay area. good morning i'm melissa cain, michelle is on vacation . >> it is 530 right now. we have had a fantastic weekend
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of sunshine, warm weather, i am hoping it continues . >> it will continue at least one day, how about that? so, today we are looking at the changes ahead for the week. we are tracking a few weather systems that will bring the return of the rain and also cooler temps. so, enjoy today. the sunshine and warm weather while it lasts. here is a live look at the ocean beach, isn't that beautiful? that is the moon shining brightly this morning. you can see the moonlight glistening on the water there, a pretty sight and a gorgeous starts to the day. mostly clear skies, temperatures running in the 40s and 50s, and concorde, 48, oakland 52, as well as for san jose, looking at 46 in livermore, 55 san francisco and mid 40s in santa rosa, whether headlines, a mild start, mostly clear skies, plenty of sunshine, warm temps above average for this time of year, highs in the 60s and the 70s. the rain returns this week with
5:32 am
much cooler temperatures. we time it out on futurecast hour by hour on when you will see the rain and when warm temperatures are coming up in just a little bit. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic this morning . busy along highway four, an update from chp westbound, as you work your way near port chicago highway, a tangle up here on the two right lanes, they managed to push it to the right shoulder but the damage has pretty big delays beyond the be point at this point. busy anyway through highway four. you will see delays as far back as pittsburgh. drive times right around 69 minutes. that is very slow to make the basically 30 mile track. from 160 to the east or freeway, the antioch bridge as you head towards 80 on westbound four, 71 minutes that's your drive time. pretty slow through the altamont pass as well, few extra minutes here also on most delays right around mountain house as you work your way towards the 580, past there you
5:33 am
should not have any trouble working way towards the dublin interchange. we do have a new crash, westbound 37 it sears point, a big rig involved, does not like it is blocking the lanes, we are seen delays on east bonsai, so chp is heading to the scene and hopefully give us a better locator now. coming out of the westbound 37 is your work your way of the east bay. breaking news of the netherlands, the police say one person is dead, several others injured after a shooting on a trend. they say a gunman opened fire in the city of utrecht. police are investigating this as a possible terrorist attack. the dutch counter terror office just raise the threat level to maximum. police are still looking for the gunman this morning. it is unclear if more suspects might be involved . right now, police in the east bay are investigating two separate freeway shootings from over this weekend. one woman is dead, another recovering from a gunshot wound. jackie ward is in castro valley
5:34 am
with more on the story. >> reporter: melissa, the suspects in each of the shootings is still out there this morning. the victim of one of the shootings is recovering here at eaton medical center. she is a 24-year-old woman who was riding as a passenger in a honda accord traveling eastbound on 580 near isabel avenue in livermore just before 6:00 last night. chp says she was hit by a bullet in the leg and is suffering from a non-life- threatening injuries. police have not yet released a disruption of the suspects car. the other shooting resulted in a woman being killed. happened before to:30 in the afternoon on saturday near willow pass road on highway four n. concorde. police are still trying to determine if the 25-year-old desk the miller and antioch died because of the crash itself or because she was shot. she died on the scene . they discovered bullet holes in the side of the drivers of the vehicle. >> reporter: all of eastbound highway four close down yesterday about 40 minutes causing a massive traffic
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backup as investigators looked for shell casings. both investigations are ongoing at both shooters again are still other this morning. jackie ward, kpix5. a potential candidate may have let it slip. he may soon jump into the 2020 race, the former vice president joe biden, polls show him as the front-runner. he has been holding off any decision but in delaware over the weekend he appeared to tip his head about his intentions. >> i were the most progressive records of anybody running, anybody that may run --[ applause ]>> it's a great problem for us to have as a democracy. 70 different life experience is. >> meanwhile, former texas on the trail in wisconsin yesterday while others were in iowa and nevada. the same time, the senator in new york announced she is also
5:36 am
a candidate. senator elizabeth warren to answer questions at a town hall tonight and jackson mississippi. the luck of the irish me be attracting silicon valley tech company. doing at least a part of the federal tax laws. but ida ireland the country promotional agency says today it is seeing record levels of investment from the u.s. >> the large technology companies in the valley and in san francisco continuing to come to dublin and has a presence, ireland is the go to location for the next wave of fast growing international company is . >> there are several hundred u.s. companies in ireland about one third come from silicon valley. the last three years, agencies say they have seen a 25% increase in west coast
5:37 am
companies expanding to ireland. this also could be related to ireland's tax laws . a san francisco city supervisor says it is time for uber and lyft to pay for the increase of traffic caused by their rights your cause. katie nielsen is live in san francisco to explain this morning. >> reporter: so, the idea is with a thto charge a small fee ney generated going to the city to pay for transportation projects. the city supervisor worked out a deal with uber and lyft to have a charge of 3 1/4% to every ride working out to about $.33 for a $10 trip. carpal rideshare would only see a fee of 1 1/2%. the supervisor estimates the surcharge would estimate about $30 million a year to help pay for everything from street repaving, traffic enforcement, and also public transportation projects. >> we can level the playing field by joining the portland, massachusetts, new york, chicago what they have done. >> according to the san francisco county, traffic administration, have of the
5:38 am
increased traffic in downtown the last four years is actually caused by rideshare, he says he plans to introduce the idea to the city supervisor and may. if they approve it, it would then go on the november ballot, it would need a two thirds majority to pass. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix five . people who live in their cars have a few new places to park overnight in oakland hasslefree. the new program launched by the interfaith council of alameda county will open four church parking lots in the coming months. the site of the williams chapel baptist church will open first and three other lots will open in april. people who use the lots will have rules, they must only vehicle they are living in, they must also be employed or attending college. they will be allowed to stay a maximum of 90 days with exceptions for case-by-case basis. security guards will be on site overnight, portable toilets,
5:39 am
handwashing stations and drinking water will be provided. other homeless services including job training will be available during the day . drivers in nevada could soon be busted if using a cell phone in a crash. mark levin has the story and more in today's cbs money watch report. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. on wall street friday, the dow closed on 130 points on the nasdaq rose 57 points of the s&p gained 40 points. local opposition may have driven amazon from here in new york city but it is not having the same effect in virginia. over the weekend the arlington county virginia board approved a $20 million incentive package for the internet retail giant. the vote was unanimous in favor of the proposal despite the objections of some protesters, and sun had already received $759 worth of incentives from the state of virginia. a new legislative proposal could make nevada one of the first states to allow police to use technology to find out if the person was using a cell phone during a car crash.
5:40 am
the measure is igniting privacy concerns and has led lawmakers to question the practicality. the measure passes it would allow police to use a device known as the text allies are which connects cell phones and uses connectivity. we learn more people are getting a spring break this year, why? but the people planning to take a spring break is about 7% last year with 30% planning a beach vacation based on a trip advisor survey. that survey shows the most popular beach destinations include florida, the caribbean, and where you are at in california. >> that's right, california love, we don't have to do all the snow like the east coast, especially near city march. >> you don't have to go very far for your vacation either. the ocean is right there. thank you, mark. the time now, 5:40. a group of atvs raising have
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it. coming up, we show you video of a wild ride and a close call for bystanders . was taking a live look outside. so the traffic in dublin, john of course will guide you for your morning commute. it is 50 degrees in dublin and 5:40 right now, we will be right back. for 50 years, cracker barrel has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak,
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here's a live look at the new treasure island camera, isn't that beautiful, mostly clear skies, temperatures on the mild side, mid-50s in san francisco, talking about how long the sunny and warm weather will last, it won't last too long, few weather systems that will bring the rain and cooler temperatures, detailng> ght now
5:44 am
news out of texas right now, at least eight chemical storage tanks aren't fire are on fire. these are from harris county, you can cobe seen for miles, there is still a shelter in place for all of deer park. it has been raging since sunday morning. a nearby freeway is shut down in both directions. no reports of any injuries . atvs, dirt bikes and off- road vehicles crashed st. patrick's day celebrations in nashville saturday. and please try to shut it down the group turned violent. video shows a police sergeant being dragged down the street and flung on a gait. medics took him to a hospital. he is now recovering at home. >> they were pretty wild, wild and all over the place. bell had masks over their faces. and really reckless.
5:45 am
police still searching for the driver who attacked the officer and left the scene. the motive for the stunt is still unclear . authorities have busted a credit card skimming ring. this morning they're morning more devices could still be out there. four suspects accused of stealing credit card information. investigators say they also stole pin numbers by planting pinhole cameras at atms. at least 40 people in the second area were affected, investigators say there could be more items . we know they travel through several states on the west coast and are looking to see if they have victimized more folks and other committees. >> deputies also found skimming devices at atms at fulsome and reno. they are working with the feds to figure out the extent of the operation. young irish dancers took the stage in dublin in the east
5:46 am
bay this weekend for st. patrick's day. the festival has grown so much since it started 36 years ago. even the irish travel all the way from dublin to sister city to celebrate st. patty's day. one ohio man has decided to give up food for lunch. instead, he's planning to live off of beer more than a month. >> no solid food until easter. 46 days, there'll only be one thing on his menu, beer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, maybe snacks as well, he knows it is crazy but he wants to try it. >> i am an army veteran, you know, i was number one in my class in the army. i read a full marathon before. i have done big challenges. but this seems very daunting. so, i am curious if i am up to the challenge. if i'm going to be able to do it or not. in addition to tracking his own health, he said he will be checking in with a doctor throughout the process.
5:47 am
>> that is good, i was a little worried for him. >> a little too much beer? >> something . >> i think something usually give up the beer. >> yes the beer. >> the beer, the sugar, the things we, you know, the vices. >> right. >> absolutely. >> he's off of those. >> yes hopefully he will be not drinking and driving. a very bad idea . we have a big trouble spot on highway 4, let's get right to it. westbound is your work away for the chicago highway, i just checked in with chp, they pushed a couple cars up to the shoulder, however, there blocking two right lanes for emergency crews as well as telling crews causing a significant backup and that is reflective on the map here, you can see delays all the way into pittsburgh. really, slow going through there. you will have to get back on the freeway towards porch chicago highway, you can use the porch chicago highway itself, finding an alternate
5:48 am
around the mess as you head through, pretty much pack your patience unfortunately we are looking at 85 minutes from the antioch bridge over towards the east shore freeway to the westbound highway, that's a pretty tight commute this morning, definitely a yourself a time or use an alternate, westbound 580, the 205 to the 680, looks like we are starting to see a few more cars hit the roadway along the shore freeway, drive times now 20 minutes from highway 4 as you head to the maze, let's go to the south bay right now and get you updated on this trouble spot, north santa clara, lafayette street northbound between luna and great america way complete we shut down due to a sinkhole. that will be there quite some time. again, no word yet as to when the lanes reopened. santa clara pd says avoid the dealing with, about four feet wide, pretty big as you head through, the rest of the south bay not bad, as you were doing north of the 280 and 60 connector . we are going to keep the
5:49 am
sun shining and the warm weather going through the day, big changes coming as we are tracking a few weather systems that will bring rain and cooler temperatures. here's a live look with the san jose camera under clear skies, the south bay looking at temperatures in the low 50s in san jose, concorde 48, oakland 52, livermore 46, mid-50 san francisco, santa rosa coming in the mid-40s, a mild start to the day, mostly clear skies, we will have the sun, warm temperatures once again, about average for this time of year and some spots yesterday in the south bay topping out at the 80s. gilroy and morgan hill yesterday, looking at temperatures in the 60s and 70s for today. the rain returns this week and it is going to be much cooler. on future cast as we take you through what you can expect, we are looking at mainly clear skies, enjoy the sun and warm temperatures, then, as we go through at least tomorrow,
5:50 am
increasing clouds and then a wet and cooler day on tap for your wednesday. so, we are tracking that for you and what you can expect as we take you through the week. a few weather systems come here we go with daytime highs today. above average. today, the last very warm day for the week. we are looking at highs well above average there. so, you can see temperatures for the south bay looking at the mid-70s from 74 in sunnyvale, 76 campbell, 75 morgan hill as well as san jose. daytime highs in walnut creek at 73, 76 danville, dublin, pleasanton, 77 for the high, berkeley, 69 as well as alameda, 70 in oakland, 73 san leandro, low to mid 70s for the north bay, 74 in santa rosa, 72 lakeport and 71 clear lake. all across the board we are talking temperatures on the warm side for sure.
5:51 am
now let's show you the 7 day forecast and what you can expect. with those changes we are looking at a warm day today. increasing clouds for tomorrow. then, the rain arrives late tuesday night into wednesday. check out wednesday, the temperatures are much cooler, shower chances thursday, friday, at this point, most of the weekend looks dry. back to you. thank you, mary. new this morning, the list is out for the worst metro city to live in for first-time homebuyers. you may not be surprised to know that two right here in the bay area. according to the bank rate website, the city topping the list of worst the cities is san francisco, los angeles a second place, and third, sacramento and the area, san jose in the fourth spot followed by seattle. not a single bay area city ranked in the top five. the best cities. apparently the best spot for first-time homebuyers is
5:52 am
pittsburgh pennsylvania. the bank rate website says the research is based on affordability, job market, and safety. >> to live in the bay. april e gira another ca. meansa possible naming contest, coming up we introduce you to the new addition. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. on one condiese things to my heirs, that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them.
5:53 am
with love, california.
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5:55 am
we are getting our first look at a baby giraffe. a little boy saturday, the arrival was less than two hours after she went into labor. he dropped 150 pounds and is 60 tolerated. aprils fifth. she made headlines back in 2017 when she gave birth to baby number four. all eyes around the baby boy. >> very instinctive and very basic. not much personality a. anything right now, the visual observation suggests he is smaller but the fact to share around the world is exciting. >> how awesome is that. no name yet for the calf, a contest to name them and maybe they will do it again. and san mateo county an adorable kitten safe and sound this morning after he got trapped in a storm drain over the weekend. that's it took crews hours to
5:56 am
get out because the pipe is 14 feet deep. what they did do is get to it and name it riley. after the firefighter that saved. the firefighter may adopt the kitten. 5:55, we are continuing to follow breaking news out of the netherlands where police are on the scene of a possible terror attack, investigators are saying about the morning shooting of public transit. two different shootings happened in the east bay, one killing a woman, the other here in castro valley, i give you the details, next.
5:57 am
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at least one person dead after a gunman opens fire on public transit in the netherlands, the latest on research for the shooter . here in the bay area, one city going to extreme lengths to solve a smelly mystery. details on the new investigation . why visitors will no longer be allowed to get an up close look at a super plume drying super crowds to a california park. it is monday, march 18, good morning i melissa cain and for michelle griego. let's get started with a look at our weather. then traffic. let's the weather. that's the good news. >> good news. if you like the weekend you will like today. sunshine, warm temperatures, above average for this time of year, changes are coming. unfortunate, if you love the weather, it will not last too much longer as we are tracking a few weather systems that will bring the return of the rain and cooler temperatures. in the meantime, here is a live look with the new treasure island camera, isn't that a gorgeous camera? clear skies, temperatures on this monday morning in the 40s and 50s, 47 in concorde, oakland 52, livermore, you are in the


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