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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a window before yanking wires to some of the cameras inside but not all of them. when you saw him open that door, you knew your nephew was in the room. what went through your mind? >> i got chilled. i started crying. i was just like why? >> reporter: her sister and children were sleeping inside the home around 7 a.m. sunday. her sister's husband just left the house. >> her husband was checking up on them through the cameras and he asked. he was like was there an earthquake or something and my sister was like no. then he was like well, where's my desktop and my sister is like oh, my god. we got robbed. >> reporter: the intruder was in and out of the home several times taking a laptop, ipad, speakers and cell phone. the family dog usually barks, but for some reason it didn't this time. shindele said her sister and husband plan to get a bigger dog. in the last 24 hours they installed very noisy window and sensors after a very
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frightening wake-up call. now i just talked with the vallejo police captain, no arrests so far. they are reaching out to the public for information. if you have anything, contact them immediately. in vallejo, juliette goodrich, kpix5. san francisco mayor london breed is calling on major league baseball for greater accountability over the recent incident involving giants ceo larry baer. baer was caught on video dragging his wife out of a chair 1st causing her to fall to the ground. baer has taken a leave of absence. mayor breed released a statement saying in part, "every little girl, every woman should be able to attend a giants game with a clear sense of the organization's values. i share in the call to attention by the women who have written the commissioner calling for greater accountability." >> we ought to hold our leaders and especially in our sports arena to, you know, a high standard of excellence so that we send the right message. >> the sfpd investigation into
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the baer incident is ongoing. new at 5:00 we are getting word from the chp that three freeway shootings around the bay area this past weekend all appear to be targeted attacks. in the first incident saturday afternoon a 25-year-old woman was killed. someone opened fire on a women traveling on highway 4 in concord near willow pass road and police believe that incident was gang-related. >> none of the shootings appear to be related. that's important to state. i know that was a question that had come up earlier. >> another targeted shooting happened yesterday at about 6 p.m. police say a passenger was shot in the leg while heading eastbound on interstate 580 near isabelle avenue in livermore. and this morning at 10 a.m. another shooting happened along interstate 80. shots were fired at a vehicle in richmond near macdonald avenue. nobody was injured in that incident.
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a wild scene in vallejo sunday, a sideshow in broad daylight caught on camera. it happened near the intersection of bw williams drive and mini drive. the drivers doing donuts, spinning out and vallejo police have been chasing and breaking up sideshows over the past few years with many caught on camera typically at night. the friend of a san jose woman killed in her own home is demanding justice. the case raises new concerns about undocumented immigrants with criminal records. as kpix5's kiet do reports, her friended the issue is much bigger than bambi larson's murder. >> reporter: the makeshift memorial continues to grow at the crime scene in this south san jose neighborhood. neither family or close friends have spoken publicly about the murder until now. we sat down with diane coleman, bambi's close friend of 15 years, and she did not mince her words. >> i want to know why he was
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allowed to be here and why thehell he wasn't taken and put somewhere where he could never get back out and do this. >> reporter: local author diane coleman is talking about carlos arevalo carranza, the homeless undocumented immigrant with a long criminal history now charged with murder. more of that in a moment. >> she was the gentlest, kindest, most decent human being. >> reporter: diane was bambi's yoga instructor and the two became close friends over the years. bambi was there the night before diane went in for a risky surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. she was there when diane lost her home to water damage and bambi was one of the few people who showed up to diane's local book signing event. bambi was that once in a lifetime kind of friend. >> she showed up in my life in good times and she showed up in my life in really hard times. what's even more extraordinary is i never had to ask her. she just showed up. >> reporter: investigators say
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security cameras captured carranza entering bambi's home in the early morning hours of february 28th. detectives say he stabbed her in the neck and torso several times and then walked down the street ditching the bloody clothing in a garbage bin. carranza crossed the border in 2013, had a long rap sheet including meth use, petty crimes and a felony. christ -- i.c.e. had submitted so called detainer requests and they were not honored and carranza was released time and time again. >> it's much bigger than a poor grieving family or poor grieving friend. it's much bigger now. some of these policymakers who sit behind iron gates have protection and make the rules for the rest of us. i can tell you my friend was a very law abiding human being. she trusted those rules. she followed them. she thought they were keeping her safe and they failed her. i want our community to feel a sense of outrage and i want her death to stand for something.
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>> reporter: when we asked diane if she believed that carranza should get the death penalty, she said absolutely yes. however, that is not possible because governor newsom issued a moratorium on the death penalty during his tenure. live in south san jose, kiet do, kpix5. the former president of peru has been arrested in the bay area. alejandro toledo was arrested last night for public intoxication. he was taken into custody at a restaurant near menlo park and spent the night in jail. toledo is considered a fugitive in peru. he's accused of taking $20 million in bribes while in office, something toledo denies. investigators in the netherlands trying to figure out if terror was the motive behind a deadly shooting in a tram today. they arrested the 37-year-old suspect who was born in turkey in connection with the attack. the dutch justice minister said the suspect had a criminal record. the turkish ministry said it strongly condemns the attack and stands with the dutch
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people. shots were fired on tram passengers. at least three people were killed, others wounded. heavily armed police were seen earlier in the day searching for the suspect. forensic teams moved in to investigate the scene. dutch police are not sure if more than one suspect was involved. the prime minister of new zealand vowing to change gun laws in the wake of the mosque shootings that killed 50 people. tributes honoring the dead continue to grow outside the al- noor mosque. authorities say the guns used in friday's shootings were purchased legally. in response new zealand's prime minister says her government will implement stricter gun laws within 10 days. >> we can bring in effective regulation of firearms that actually target those we need to target. >> the 28-year-old suspect is charged with murder. he reportedly fired his lawyer and plans to represent himself. french aviation experts now say they see clear similarities
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between two recent deadly crashes of boeing 737 max aircraft. meanwhile congress is planning to investigate the faa's approval process of the jetliner. thousands mourn the victims of the ethiopian plane crash on sunday. 17 empty flag draped caskets made their way through the streets of ethiopia's capital. the nation's transportation minister says that early data from the black boxes shows a clear similarity to the crash of another boeing 737 max 8 in indonesia last october. satellite data also shows the flight patterns between the ethiopian airlines flight 302 and the lion air flight were very similar and physical evidence found at the crash scene in africa includes the plane's jack screw which helps lower or raise the nose of the plane. it was set in a dive position indicating there may have been
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an issue with boeing's automated flight control software. boeing is under scrutiny following the two crashes. cbs news has learned federal authorities have told employees that the company and the faa to retain documents dealing with the approval process of the max jets. boeing's pilot training is also being questioned. cbs news has learned u.s. pilots were given initial training of 56 minutes on an ipad about the differences between new boeing max planes and the older 737s. in a statement boeing's ceo says the company is finalizing its development of a software update as well as a revision to pilot training to address concerns stemming from the lion air crash. boeing's max 8 aircraft remain grounded in the united states and many other countries while this investigation continues. a large pothole closed down a street for the entire day in
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santa clara. a 4-foot wide hole appeared on lafayette street this morning between highway 237 and deluna. the pavement around it was cracked and sagging. a sewer line break was the cause. the northbound lanes of lafayette are still closed and there is no estimate when they will reopen. now to san francisco where a vehicle crashed into a pole earlier today leaving one person injured, it happened in the city's haight-ashbury neighborhood. the incident caused some delays and bus line 24 had to be rerouted. take a live look outside. we had a gorgeous, sunny weekend. you know how it gets, right? and then that fog starts rolling in and pretty mild day today, at least inland, but check out the fog rolling. some changes are on the way. chief meteorologist paul deanno, i had the ac on on the way in, 77 when i left the house.
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that's changing. >> kind of toasty. we won't be as warm as the past couple days. i hope you enjoyed it. we told you it was coming, warmest weather we've seen since november. it's still warm right now, everybody in the 70s with san francisco the exception with that fog rolling in, kind of a late spring, early summer pattern. san jose 74, livermore 73, but just 57 in san francisco, concord 74. what changes am i talking about? tomorrow it is just cloud cover, partly cloudy skies in the morning, mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon. wednesday the change will be a return to some rainfall, nothing terribly heavy, but light to moderate rainfall at times will arrive as early as wednesday morning, talk about how much rain to expect come up in a few minutes. the feud between the mccain family and president trump is heating up, the late senator's daughter firing back, the twitter rant that had her calling the president pathetic. >> the desperate search for a 5- year-old girl swept away in a rushing california river, how it's highlighting a serious danger after our wet winter.
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>> a simple photo of three bay area firefighters goes viral, the story behind the crew that's making history.
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prune juice. and feel good. could be two more days before this fire at a chemical storage plant outside houston finally burns itself out. this one spread to seven storage tanks since yesterday morning. the flames and dark smoke could be seen for miles, but officials say the air is safe. firefighters are working to control the flames using foam. they're also pumping water on the tanks nearby to keep them cool and from burning. no injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is under investigation. meghan mccain is firing back at president trump. it comes after the president attacked her father, the late senator john mccain. on twitter the president accused john mccain of working with democrats to try and distribute the russian dossier to the press before the 2016
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election. trump also included a dig on mccain's academic record at the naval academy. meghan mccain fired back on her tv show the view. >> he spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it and i know it and all of you know it. he will never be a great man. >> the late senator passed away seven months ago after battling brain cancer. the supreme court is taking on the case of the washington d.c. area sniper. lee boyd malvo now 34 years old is serving a life sentence for his role in the 2002 shooting spree that left 10 people dead and three others injured. malvo was 17 at the time. because he was a minor, a lower court said his life sentence without parole is unconstitutional. the case is expected to be heard in the fall. police in alabama finally get a break in a decades old cold case all thanks to dna testing. authorities arrested 45-year-
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old coaly mccranie friday suspected of killing two teen girls in 1999. the girls were going to a party and stopped for directions. the next morning their bodies were found inside the trunk of their car with gunshot wounds to their heads. police got a break after sending evidence from the crime scene to a genealogy lab. >> everywhere i've been the last 48 hours people have a sigh of relief to know who was responsible for this crime. every person i talked to would say the same thing, you know. let the dna. >> the defendant is charged with five counts of capital murder and one count of rape and is held without bail. i'm elizabeth cook at the live news death. over 1,000 people are feared dead in mozambique after cyclone
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idai passed through. the official death told stands at 84. many communities have been cut off and are completely inaccessible. the port city of beira, home to half a million people, was particularly hit hard. officials say the city was 90% destroyed including an airport and an emergency room. the cyclone could prove to be the deadliest to hit the area in generations. it first hit mozambique last week and then it moved inland to zimbabwe and malawi. so far more than 215 people are confirmed dead across three countries, but that number is expected to sharply rise. at the live news desk, i'm elizabeth cook. rescue crews fearing the worst after a 5-year-old girl swept away by rushing waters, the stanislaus river. the trouble happened yesterday afternoon at a covered bridge, knight's ferry. the 5-year-old slipped on rocks, went into the fast
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moving water. several people jumped in to try to save her, but she was carried away. it happened too quickly. authorities then scoured the river but had to call off the search when it got dark. firefighters continued the search this morning. >> a lot of debris in the river, a lot of trees that weren't there prior to this rainfall, the heavy water flows, new hazards in the water that we're not familiar with. >> the stanislaus river is ripping right now from the snow melt. family and friends are holding out hope, however, that she is found alive. helicopter crew rescued an injured hiker near lafayette yesterday. the elderly hiker got hurt along the acalanes trail. rescue crews couldn't reach him because the terrain was too steep. so it was a job for the sheriff's department chopper team. they wrapped him up and hoisted him to safety. ken was just mentioning air conditioning. i used mine as well this weekend today. it's been so hot outside. >> beautiful. >> not hot. we're going to save hot. i come from the land of 110.
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>> i spent the day outside yesterday. okay, fine. it's warm. >> i'll just say it, what a welcome change, absolutely welcome change. >> it's great. >> for the first time in eight years we don't have this drought thing hanging over us, so we can just enjoy and appreciate some drier weather. so we had it. we're going to have it for about 24 more hours. then after that kind of taking a step back toward late february, early march. there is some rain coming, especially wednesday. look at these temperatures and the one number sticking out. livermore 73, oakland 71, but on the other side of the bay san francisco dropped down to 57 degrees. that happens this time of year when we get the marine layer pushing in and there is some fog pushing in over san francisco as well. it is much cooler at the coast than it is inland. tonight everything levels out. we'll see an increase in cloud cover for all of us, temperatures around 50 degrees, concord, vallejo 49, san jose 50, santa rosa 46 degrees. ground clutter on the radar, please do not worry about that. we are precipitation free until
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early wednesday morning. that's when some snow will return to the sierra, snow level 6,000 feet, but the highest peaks could get a foot of fresh snowfall and snowpack is running 60% above average. how much rain are we talking around here? in total now through frid1/4 in of rain. so we aren't talking about a ton of rainfall, but wednesday does look rather soggy with on and off light to moderate rainfall throughout the day. here is your reason why. notice we have a ridge of high pressure. you see that rise in the jet stream there over southern california. that's why it's been warm the past couple days, warmest weather since early november is what we've had the last three days in the 70s. that's moving out. this low pressure area is moving in and will make landfall to our south where central california could get up to an inch of rainfall, especially in higher elevations. we'll time things out. here's futurecast tomorrow morning. we begin to get cloudy, not fog, but regular clouds moving in. tomorrow evening we're just cloudy but no rain yet. wednesday morning the commute to work will be soggy, light
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rain moving through, scattered showers or light rain throughout the afternoon, as late as10:00 at night. thursday morning the best chance of showers would be over the santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains. total rainfall, santa cruz mountains, higher elevations could get an inch of rain, but the urban core in the bay area, about 0.1-inch of rainfall. cloudy tomorrow, but no rain. wednesday soggy, a few showers early thursday. then we're dry. some more showers moving in late friday. so your iphone or smart phone may say rain thursday and friday, only thursday morning and friday evening. most of both days will be precipitation free. we begin to cool down tomorrow, mid- to upper 60s, vallejo 68, fremont 69 degrees, livermore and san jose hit 70 and san francisco a high of 65. wednesday, your wet day, a few lingering showers thursday morning and another round of
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showers friday, but the weekend looks dry with highs in the 60s before another round of showers early next week. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> thanks, paul. a super bloom stampede leads to drastic action, how flower crazy crowds overwhelmed a california city.
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oakland churches are opening up their parking lots to homeless students and families. program to provide safe parking spaces for the city's homeless. the four parking lots at oakland churches will also have portable toilets and hand washing stations. they will provide job resources and employment training provided by the church. one church pastor called this temporary fix a band-aid. >> we're sorry that the answer to the many living without homes in our community is well, you can park here. let's commit together that these parking lots are going to be a gateway to permanent housing. >> the lot at williams chapel baptist church is the first to open. the three other lots will open next month. a bit of relief for st. dominic's church in san francisco after several of its belongings were stolen last week. the good news, years of sacramental records were returned over the weekend. a good samaritan helped in locating the records of
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baptisms and weddings according to the church. the stolen gift cards, however, were not recovered. a blooming southern california attraction back open after hordes of flower fans rushed to see it over the weekend forcing a bit of a shutdown. walker canyon in lake elsinore had to be closed after people rushed to see the super bloom, a historic number of california poppies. they all go boom about the same week. you can see from the 15 freeway there that's leading to heavy traffic as people take a look. people who want to get closer are parking illegally to get a better view. >> yesterday people were going up, getting injured. they were climbing just crazy places, causing rock slides. the city had just a mess on its hands. >> well, the city pulled all available staff, outside traffic controllers, shuttles to help manage the crowds. spring is in the air and so
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is the pollen. allergy sufferers already getting a taste of what could be a tough season. the early steps that you can take to prepare. >> and the future of a long time bilingual preschool in jeopardy tonight, the decision that could leave parents scrambling. >> and the teenager accused of pushing her friend off a bridge learns her punishment.
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you're watching kpix5 news at 5:30. our top stories at 5:30, a bay area family shaken after their home security camera captures a prowler steps away from their sleeping baby early sunday morning. the intruder hopped a fence, entered into the vallejo home through a window. he stole several items. no arrests have been made. san francisco mayor london breed calling for more accountability from major league baseball regarding the recent


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