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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 19, 2019 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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>> reporter: this is the make-shift memorial in the middle of christchurch. and there's been so many people coming here, sometimes you can't even see it. we expect funerals will begin later this week. >> thank you very much. the bitter feud between president trump and the family of john mccain is back in the spotlight. this time it started with a tweet and spilled over into network tv. >> he knows it and i know it and all of you know it and he will never be a great man. >> reporter: megan mccain calle. >> your life is spent on your
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weekends, not with your family, not with your friends but obsessing, obsessing over great men you could never live up to. >> reporter: during a weekend with 52 tweets and retweets, the hev ysz tweet storm of his tweet-heavy presidency, mr. trump accused mccain of leaking the so-called steele dossier before the 2016 election, that dossier filled with unsubstantiated allegations about the president was, in fact, given by mccain to the f.b.i. in december 2016. mr. trump also said mccain finished last in his class at the naval academy. he was actually fifth from the bottom. south carolina republican lindsey graham, a long-time mccain friend who has become a white house ally, defended mccain. >> when it comes to criz k th's a huge mistake.epor mr.m with mccain goes back years. in 2015, he mocked mccain's captivity during the vietnam war. >> he's a war hero because he was captured.
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i like people that weren't captured, okay? >> reporter: back then advisers feared mr. trump's attack on mccain might doom his embryonic presidential campaign. it did not and here we are. the feud intensified when mccain cast the deciding vote against repealing obamacare and reached yet another level when his funeral became an indirect commentary on the president's perceived leadership flaws. jeff? >> glor: major garrett, thank you. we are getting close-up look tonight at the battle for the last scrap of land held by isis in syria. it has taken longer than expected with the terror group vowing to fight to the last man in baghouz. charlie d'agata is there. >> reporter: tonight in the shadow of moonlight alone, u.s.-backed forces took us to the closest point yet overlooking the last of isis. we've been told to stay low
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because just on the other side of that ridge is an isis position. and as soon as we got here, we heard bullets whizzing overhead. for weeks u.s. and coalition air strikes have been battering a tiny area now down to just a few hundred square yards. and yet today we found soldiers of the syrian democratic forces locked in a firefight with isis militants who continued to survive the onslaught. on a hilltop within sights of isis snipers, a lone s.d.f. gunner took aim at targets down below. the so-called caliphate has been reduced to a junkyard, a tangled maze of wrecked vehicles surrounded on all sides. human shields have been the biggest hurdle. an estimated 1,500 people at first turned out to be closer to 30,000. yet that is not enough to explain how isis has made a last stand that has withstood the
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might of the most powerful military in the world and its allies for so long. commanders here have quit trying to predict when this fight might be over. when we first got here, they said isis would be finished in a matter of days. that was more than two months ago. jeff? >> continued amazing reporting from inside syria. charlie, thank you.
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medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy tonight we start a new series, your money, your health. >> reporter: she remembers the day she rushed her son, blake to the hospital after he broke his nose. >> i said are you all in network fand he said, yes, we are. i thought okay. i'm on my way. >> reporter: the emergency room care was not. four months later that cost
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mills an additional $1800. what was your first reaction? >> oh, crap. >> reporter: nearly 65% of ha s hospitals use emergency rooms out oicide. it's illegal in mississippi thanks to a 2013 state law. representative gary chism helped pass. there's no power to enforce it. >> there's no teeth behind that deal and we need rectify that and put someone in charge. >> reporter: he says a move to fix that has stalled. >> this is an election year and there was some concern that this might not be the best year to do it. >> reporter: roy mitchell is the director of the health advocacy program. >> we're not asking for any new legal protections. we're just asking that law be
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enforced and illegal activity by providers stopped. >> reporter: milled did get her bill reduced to $285. >> ib think about older people or people who had not experienced anything like this. they're going to feel like they're obligated to that. particularly if you're honest. >> reporter: an extra cost many can ill afford to pay. jackson, mississippi. when we come back here tonight remembering the king of osurf guitar.
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guitar of the 1960s and retro cool of the 1990s. it was the theme to quentin tarantino's "pulp fiction." the son of a lebanese father and polish mother, dale's music really took off when he moved to southern california. unlike other left-handed guitarists, dale didn't restring right-handed guitars. he played them upside down. he influenced jimi hendrix and eddie van halen and earned a grammy nomination with stevie ray vaughan. dale performed at blazing speeds until the end, partly to pay medical bills. dick dale was 81 years old.
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hip. it is n.c.a.a. tournament time and before you bet against nevada, meet the martin twins. th they and their mom have been beating the odds all their lives. caleb and cody martin were born one minute apart and just completed one more step in their unlikely journey. >> and that's caleb. cody. my goodness. >> reporter: winning the mountain west college basketball conference title, celebrated on senior night at the university of nevada. it's a whole country and generation away from north carolina where they were raised by a single mom in a single-wide trailer. >> i would do it all again. >> glor: as hard as it was? >> absolutely. >> glor: jenny bennett was edan.
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when she got pregnant she had to leave the house. as she worked three jobs to support the kids, someone once burned a cross outside her home. when there is a cross burning in your front yard, i don't even-- >> the emotions, the feelings, you're like... you just don't understand why. how can somebody be so mean? >> reporter: it's beyond mean. >> yeah, you think, what's going to happen to your children when you're not there to protect them from someone like this, and it's scary. it really is scary. how do you protect your child from someone you can't even see? >> glor: from hate? >> yes. >> you want to shoot until you're feeling good. >> reporter: today the martin twins are among the best college teiay bound f then.a.y, both ey gopro last year as they make a push for the big prize, an
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n.c.a.a. championship. how many shots on the average day? >> i don't even count. you want to shoot until you're feeling good. that might take 100 shots. it might take 500 shots. >> reporter: i see zero competition here. >> no, not at all, not at all. >> reporter: caleb and cody understand they are here because of her. she didn't fold. >> nah, she didn't fold. it's not in her. >> glor: it's not in any of you. >> no, that's why we are how we are. >> reporter: can you put into words your pride as you sit here right now in between the both of them? >> well, it's beyond words. i'm super proud. super proud of them. i don't even know if they understand how-- how proud i am of them. i am. >> reporter: they've done ookay. >> they've done great. that is
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for this tuesday. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jeff glor. ♪ this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "overnight news." good to have you with us. we're going to begin with the historic and deadly flooding in the midwest. if you think that picture is something, there are homes actually submerged in water. more rain is in the forecast for states effected by the combination of heavy rainfall and snowfall. now all of that melting snow is swelling the rivers to record levels, breaching at least a dozen levies. evacuations are underway as rescuers work around the clock to save people in the
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surrounding water. >> reporter: inunidating hundreds of homes with walls of water. >> they were telling everybody to grab what you can and get out. >> reporter: 80-year-old betty hamernik was killed as waters filled her home and alei aleido rojas galan disappeared. 100 flood-related road closures left entire towns cut off. >> we are trapped. we can't get in or out of fremont. and so planes are flying in supplies from all over. little learjets and cessnas. >> reporter: we took a cessna. the town ofsl
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we found sidney gaffe going to work in oklahoma. >> i think it's good seeing everyone come together. bring in supplies. everyone with's helping out. >> reporter: the closed bridge is expected to crest thursday. more than a dozen rivers are now in major flood stage. new zealand's government is vowing to take immediate action on gun control after the worst mass shooting in modern hirszry. a self-proclaimed white nationalest killed 50 people on an attack in two mosques. this is it disgusting but the gunman live streamed the massacre. as we learn new details, ben tracy >> we believe there i o one attacker responsible for this event.
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>> reporter: the police commissioner says the man acted alone. an australian native is charged with murder. h attorney and pla to represent him sfl, raising nears he may use his trial as a platform for his white nationalists views. tanis's family is in shock. >> reporter: friday's mass shooting is the worst in modern history and all guns were purchased legally. prime minister jacinda arden says they have agreed on new stricter gunning laws. >> we have reforms had can i believe will make our community safer. >> reporter: they may follow australia's lead and start a gun buy back and a ban on assault
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rifles. we now know the youngest was just three years old. >> i got up and rushed to my friend who was shot on his head. >> reporter: he was inside the linwood mosque friday. he lost seven of his friends. >> i can't put it into words. we lost all the good people there. >> reporter: this is the make-shift memorial in the middle of christchurch. now that bodies are being returned to the families, we expect funerals to begin. a man accused of kidnapping a a teenager and killing her parents wants to talk. she apparently took jaime claus from her home in january.
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now the man identifying himself as patterson called a reporter at our minneapolis station. this after the inmate wrote a letter. here with more. >> reporter: the call wcco received from jail lasted only a few minutes. during that time the man who said he was called jake patter answered questions about the case. less than two with weeks, a man asked identifying the 21 yeeltd and murdering her parents. reporter jennifer merrily got the call. the caller says he wants to talk
3:36 am
to klaus but knows he can't. according to investigator she confessed to breaking in last october. he kept her at his report cabin. often forcing there stay for the several hours at time. it klaus was able to escape in january. >> a young lady at my house and she's says her name is jaime klaus. another kidnap victim about coming together to heal. smart encouraged the community to respect her privacy and to avoid tough questions to allow
3:37 am
there -- >> it's nice to see all of you moving forward and reclaiming all of your lives. because this is what so many people -- >> reporter: klaus has been living with her aunt. she's been charge kidnapping and armed burglary. >> you're watching the "cbs overnight news. "
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. beto o'rourke is one of the fresh new faces of the democratic party. most of you may have first heard of the former texas congressman during the 2018 midterms. he almost beat out ted cruz in a state that's pretty red. now he wants to take a shot at unseating president trump while riding a shifting waver within his own party. so where does he stand on the kb big issues? o'rourke gave his first interview since announcing his campaign to gale king. >> 600 days to go since election day. we actually counted. >> this country has never faced
3:41 am
a greater set of challenges. for us to meet these challenges including the existential crisis of climate change, we're going to have pull together. fix this democracy and make it work for everyone. the way i've served in the city counsel or the united states congress, the way i campaigned is all about bringing people together. >> as you know the criticism has already started. three-term congressman. no real legislation. paper thin record. why shouldn't voters be concerned with your lack of experience? >> i'm grateful that ultimately it's up to voters and they'll have a chance to meet with me, question me. life long el pason. small business owner, being in
3:42 am
the minority party for every one of the six years i was in congress and delivering for veterans, for our border community. these are things we did by listening to other people and i'm certain it holds the key. the only way we do this is bringing everyone in. >> so for people looking at you for the first time, health care, we all agree. everybody wants affordingability health care for all americans. >> the goals should be universal, guaranteed, high quality health care. i think we compliment, supplement those who have private insurer insurance with those people who have medicaid. that's the soonest way to insure every single american can afford prescriptions.
3:43 am
>> are you for medicare for all? >> i think that's one of the paths. i think the fastest way is to it insure people who have insurance, keep it. >> taxes? planning to raise taxes on the wealthy? >> yes. >> how much? >> i think corporations should be asked to pay a greater share into the success of of this country. i think they should be asked to pay a greater share. i know the tax cuts from nearly two years ago at a moment of extroedsinary need across this country was one of the most irresponsible things you've ever done. >> and you said if you're elected, your cabinet will look like america.
3:44 am
>> absolutely. >> what does that mean and what does that look like to you? >> in a country where the wealth is disproportionately in white families, the prison population is disproportionately black and brown, in a country that has never fully accounted for the cost of slavery, of segregation, of suppression, of voters, participation in our economy, we have a lot of work to do and where we can insure that those who have the opportunity to hold positions of power in public trust look like and reflect the country, we should make every effort to do so. >> you said earlier you thought president trump should be impeached. do you still feel that way? >> it's beyond a shadow of a doubt to me if there was no collusion, there was at least the effort to collude with a
3:45 am
foreign power. and if there was no obstruction of justice, there was -- whether that's firing comey or in the light of day tweeting to your attorney general to end the russia investigation. >> because you know speaker pelosi has gone on record she does not think that's the way to go. >> how congress chooses to address those sets of facts is up to them. i think the american people are going to having a chance to decide this at the ballot box in november 2020 and perhaps that's the best way to weigh in. >> president trump said this about you. he has a lot of hand movements. is he crazy or is that just the way he acts. you do have a lot of hand movements. i'm not saying good or bad.
3:46 am
>> i'm really animated. >> i call that passion. >> i had someone pull me aside and said you move around too much when you talk. i am who i am. and want to get past the pettiness and extraordinary opportunities. leltsz let's make the most of them. instead let's left each utter up. >> beto o'rourke described as a loser in the same sentence. he came within three percentage points. loser because at the end of the day he lost the race. he didn't win in his own state, how can he win the country sne >> we were able to help change the face of democracy in texas.
3:47 am
so many young people who understand their voice and their vote will make matter in their future. in some way we're part of a larger victory for our state and country and texas counts. >>s ar > >> where's the lutzer part of that? >> i lost the race. and it's a recognition you can always do a better job. but in so doing i don't want to lose sight of the fact we got to be a tremendous and party. >> with the democratic candidates, there are more women and people of color than ever before. some could say that maybe the voters are signaling that's the candidate we want.
3:48 am
do you feel disadvantages of a privileged white man they say about you? >> i don't feel disadvantaged. and at the same time i feel extraordinarily grateful that that democratic party has a great moment for the democratic party and i count myself so lucky to be a part of it. >> i really want to see why you feel so strongly that you are the one when you sat down in your heart of hearts and said i want this job? >> this is very much a personal decision. one that i made with my family, my wife, amy. and when we think about what's going on in this country and our kids and our future, we look on our kids and responsibility to do everything we can. where you were so adamant of i'm
3:49 am
not going to do it. henry your youngest said i would cry every day if you ran for the presidency. what changed #? >> after the campaign we ran for texas and election night, the best decision was made by amy who said there are lots of people who wants to deal and instead spend time as a family. we were age to see how resilient and strong they are. as we came closer to making a decision, they voln areitarily started offering advice. hey, dad, you've got run because of this or not. these are the conversations on the way with home. >> on their own? >> unsolicited. but i think they're just as
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and it even removes four times more permanent marker per swipe. try mr. clean magic eraser, for your impossible kitchen and bathroom messes. lovely story. a little boy is making news in the chess world. he's 8 years old and only
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started to play -- after his family made a difficult move of their own. >> reporter: he's the s worlby sto >> you have to understand a lot of stuff. >> reporter: just last week the third greater took down first graders, setting a record in the first. >> i was in the first. like the first 125i9s to ever go to it. >> his capacity to win is off the charts. >> reporter: he says he quickly shot to the top of the class. >> it's unheard of, while liveling in a homeless shelter. >> tanis and his family are
3:54 am
homeless. they fled fearing terror attacks by boko haram. they say even without a place to call their own, they'll do kbvrg anything to support their rieldn are. it's schoolia can get this career. >> and world champion's record. a lofty goal but if you just frauz a second to doit him, he's already called check mate. >> anything is possible. he can do anything for my family.
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when you humble yourself under the mighty hand of god, in due time he will exalt you. hi, i'm joel osteen.
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i'm excited about being with you every week. i hope you'll tune in. you'll be inspired, you'll be encouraged. i'm looking forward to seeing you right here. you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that's been designed for you.
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you know attendance at america's churches has been declining in recent decades. f fewer worshippers means less people to fill seats. >> reporter: church on sunday looks very different from church on monday at white rock united methodist in dallas. during the week, there's a florist filling out orders. and down hul, students tracking
3:58 am
with ip. it's part of a growing trend to keep them open. he heads opgroup that helps congregation become a place for commerce? >> church is closed when they get can't beyond that unless they have an extraordinary way to get people to attends. >> we could no longer main thane -- >> reporter: he admits white methodist needed a miracle to stay open. >> we were spending wayer to are much money to keep the lights on and the staff paid mun amorning. it was a move out of desperation. their prayers were answered when theyope nds up their place for business.
3:59 am
and the church reached out to kids in. african refugee group are opening fl rare and prayert. >> eve >> we've had yoga, aerial yoeg a a. medication on the second particular. so we wuapproached by turn to and she was wonderful but we simply said we can't have poll church. and part of that was blood looking out. >> that's the time they give us. for others check back later nin morning and of course cbs this morning. >> thank you for watching. and have a great day.
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♪ it's tuesday, march 19th, y 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." historic flooding. the midwest braces for more rising water as rivers overflow their banks. raging inferno. a chemical fire is blackening skies in the houston area. and the ceo of boeing issues


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