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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 19, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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the cyclone wreaks havoc on a coastal african nation where more than 1000 or feared dead. a safe place for people living in their cars to park overnight. the new places in the east bay that are opening their lots. a former world leader arrested. it turns out he is wanted in his home country. why he is on the run this morning. good morning. it is tuesday, march 19. i am mellisa caen in for michelle griego. >> here comes the rain again. >> the sunshine and warm weather could not last that much longer. we are tracking our next weather system that will bring the return of the rain and cooler temperatures. we will time it out allow you
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on futurecast. first, here is a live look at the new treasure island camera. that is a beautiful view. the clouds are back. this is just the start of the changes for us. temperatures right now are in the upper 40s, mid to upper 40s to low 50s. concord, san francisco, san jose are all 51. oakland, good morning, you are 52. 48 in livermore, 45 for santa rosa. your headlines are mostly cloudy to start off today with areas of fog for the inland locations, the north bay, i am tracking areas of fog for you. again, today is a transition day. it will be cloudy but the rain holds off today. we are tracking a few showers that will work their way in by tonight. especially tomorrow we will see anywhere from a quarter to a half inch of rain. we will time it out for you on futurecast in just a moment. let's check in with gianna franco. we have a big rig that caught fire and caused some
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pretty big delays westbound 580 ride it northglenn. chp says right now all lanes are temporarily blocked as they try to push some of this over to the right shoulder. at one point, only the three lanes were blocked but now they are all shut down until they can get this to the side of the roadway. they say it is temporary but we have big delays. it is about an hour with stop and go conditions as you pass the scene. it is about 101 minutes from 205 to 680. you can try altamont pass road. that has been busy, as well. expect a busy ride in that direction. elsewhere, we have another vehicle fire. the right lane is shut down here right now. on our sensors we have a lot of red, which indicate speeds are dipping below 25 miles per
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hour. you will see delays on the southbound side of 101 as you pass shimorng. here is a live look at the bay bridge. so far, so good. there are no delays. an easy ride heading in to san francisco right now. it is not bad right now on the richmond-san rafael bridge. they are dealing with some roadwork. your drive time between the east bay and marin is looking like 12 minutes. the san mateo bridge is off to a good start. the commute out of hayward, 880 headed to the 101, the peninsula looks pretty good. developing out of south east africa, a cyclone has slammed into a major coastal city of mozambique. the devastation can be seen from the ground in the air. officials say the verify death count is 84 but the president says he fears the final number could be more than 1000. the red cross says the city is cut off from the rest of the country with no electricity and no road or airport access. there is a growing memorial
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in the netherlands in the wake of yesterday's deadly attack. three people are dead and fiber hurt after a shooting on a tram yesterday morning. a turkish born suspect is now behind bars. authorities say he has a previous criminal record. an investigation is under way. it is 5:03 am. here is a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. construction will be taking place in the early morning hours for months. kpix 5's jackie ward is joining us live with more on how that will impact your morning commute. >> reporter: it is definitely not the best news to give you so early in the morning. hopefully, this won't impact commuters to badly. all this repair work is to fix the area where there was falling concrete last month. no one wants concrete falling
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on them during their drive. it can be frustrating. we got an up close look at what construction crews would be working on when they started last night. this project is expected to last three months. caltrans workers are replacing exchange and joints where chunks of concrete fell off last month. they are demolishing the existing joints and replacing them with new ones. >> as a precaution, there are about 62 or 63 of these on the bridge we decided out of risk assessment we would replace these joints now. >> reporter: on february 7, one of those joints broke up part, sending concrete on two cars on the lower deck of the bridge. no one was hurt, but there was more traffic than usual for the remainder the day. a but of this will start at 9 pm and should be cleaned up by 5 am when most commuters hit the road. caltrain crews are planning to close down the stretch of highway 70 today for emergency work related to the camp fire. it will be closed from deadwood road to the cresta area, that is an 11 mile stretch. crews will be transporting materials to the highway today and will work on preventing wildfires damaged hillsides
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from collapsing. it is expected to reopen by the weekend. a new warning this week for bay area boaters and beachgoers. the coast guard is urging everyone to be on the lookout for strong swells and an increased risk of sneaker waves.
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big waves are expected the next few days. new details of a strategy to help homeless people get off the streets of oakland. four churches will start letting people park their cars overnight. pastor kenneth anderson says cars and rvs often park in plain sight in areas of west oakland but he sees the problem growing. in a few days, anderson will open up the parking lot behind williams chapel baptist church. people can park from 7 pm to 7 am. they will have security, a portable bathroom and a watch station. >> there are still young people, seniors, adults, you name it that are sleeping in their cars. they simply can't afford the rent in oakland. as a millennial pastor, i felt we need to think out-of-the- box. >> three other oakland churches will soon offer their lots to the homeless, as well. alameda county is providing $50,000 in funding. some state lawmakers are putting standardized tests up for debate. they are pushing to ban the sat and the act in the light of the recent college admission scandal. assemblyman kevin mccarty says california university should stop using the tests. he says it is better to emphasize other factors like rays and other extracurricular activities. he believes cheaters can gain the system to easily like paying someone else to take the test. >> i think the scandal shines a spotlight of the whole issue of the testing industry. people with access can buy a better score.
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>> the only way to really assess academic competence and hold everyone to the same standard and judge them by the same yardstick is to have one testing measure. that is the sat. >> the proposal will be up for discussion later this morning at a state assembly budget hearing. from a rally at the state capital to the streets of sacramento, hundreds to remember will march for stephon clark. on the one-year anniversary of his death, civil rights activists, faith leaders and activists joined the family to renew their call for action, pushing for the passage of 8392. that would change how and when police should be able to fire their weapons. the president of peru was wanted in his own country but was arrested here in the bay area. san mateo county deputies
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arrested alejandra toledo for public intoxication. nearly 12 hours later he was released and charges were dropped instead of being sent to peru to face allegations he accepted $20 million in bribes in exchange for public contracts. >> according to interpol, it was not enough to continue to house them in our facility. we would've been holding him against his civil rights. >> i think he has to pay the price. >> peruvian authorities are offering a $30,000 reward for his capture. we are told he lives in los altos and denies any wrongdoing in the bribery scheme. some firefighters from the bay area are making history. >> for the first time in almost 140 years, there is a fire crew made up of only women. we will introduce you. >> one of the first social networking sites crashes. why myspace is apologizing to
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users this morning. i hope you enjoyed the sunshine because that is long gone. we are tracking our next weather system that will bring rain and cooler temperatures and our forecast coming up. we are finally getting some better views on the trouble spot. we are watching the altamont pass and keep you updated on the vehicle fire along the 101.
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welcome back. it is 5:12 am.
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a group of mount view firefighters is making history. >> for the first time, there is a crew made up of only women. it took the perfect schedule to align the all-female crew. it was the first time in a history of the department that three women will work together. the captain says she had to document it and sent this picture to her chief. >> he is the one that put it on facebook. he is the king of facebook. i didn't think it would do this but it did. >> the picture has been shared more than 1000 times on facebook. in texas, chemical plant is burning for the third day today. the fire broke out in deerpark on sunday. firefighters estimate the inferno will continue for another two days. we are taking a live look from harris county this morning. the fire has burned more than a half-dozen storage tanks holding components of gasoline, nail polish remover, glue and
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paint thinner. the people who live near the plant say they are concerned they are breathing in all that poison smoke and ash. >> it gets on the car. if it is on the car, it is in our lungs. we are breathing it. >> currently, the plume of smoke is high up enough that it is not affecting your quality. we have different agencies monitoring the situation. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. no one has been injured. here is a blast from the past. if you uploaded music, photos and videos to myspace back when it was the social network, you are out of luck if you hope to get them back. myspace is admitting all mp3 files uploaded onto the site between 2003 and 2015 are now gone. an estimated 50 million songs and the work of millions of artists have also banished. myspace is credited of launching careers of artists. is to blame. the chp pulled the guy over near watsonville over the weekend for riding a horse
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while drunk. he was arrested for public intoxication and may even be charged with a dui. you will be happy to know the horse made it home safely with the suspect's relatives. let's check on traffic. we have a traffic alert. >> some slightly better news if you plan on taking 580 this morning. we have a big rig fire off to the right shoulder but they are trying to mop up the mess. at one point all lanes were temporarily shut down. i just got word from chp that only the left lane is now open. traffic is squeezing by through there. it is helping her drive time a
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little bit, 88 minutes to go from 205 to 680. after you get past that mess, your clear tour the dumpling interchange. if you are commuting out of tracy this morning, a lot of super commuters use this for the morning drive, you will see significant delays. speeds are down to 2 miles per hour as you connect on to 580. alto mass altamont pass road is a good one but a lot of folks will be using it. if you are commuting along the peninsula this morning, we did have a vehicle fire southbound 101 just past sfo. it looks like it has been cleared to the shoulder. we are now seeing green on the sensor. that is good news. things are moving up to speed heading through there. they may have shut down a lane to get everything out of the roadway. southbound 101 right at 880 we are getting reports of a trouble spot off to the right shoulder. you can see both directions of 101 are in the green. that means we have good speeds working away northbound out of the south bay. most of our travel times are in the green. good news if you are commuting out of san jose this morning. no delays along 280 or guadalupe parkway. 85 looks good. 101 is an easy ride. we may see delays in morgan hill. let's go to petaluma and santa
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rosa. traffic is clear and the north bay with no delays on the freeways. there are some foggy spots out there. use caution as you get the roadways. you are looking live at college avenue was traffic moving nicely on 101. we are starting to see more cars hit the roadways at the bay bridge. no metering lights just yet but there are some delays beyond the 880 overpass. let's get a look at the forecast with rain on the way. >> hopefully you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. it was so pleasant. that is over. today is the transition day. we have the clouds back and we are tracking the next weather system that will bring the
5:18 am
and cooler temperatures. here is a live look from the salesforce tower cam where you can see at the marine layer out there. temperatures are running in the upper 40s to low 50s, 45 in santa rosa, 48 in livermore, 51 in concord, san francisco and san jose. 52 in oakland and 48 in livermore. we are dealing with areas of fog as we start out the day, especially for some of the and locations for the north bay. napa, you are down to three quarters of a mile. dense fog for you, about 3 miles in santa rosa this morning. if you are dealing with seasonal allergies, unfortunately, now is the time that everything is just blooming. today looks worse for the pollen count, compared to yesterday. we are the medium-high level at 9.5. it drops tomorrow because of the rain and then slowly moves back up thursday, friday and especially for the weekend. the pollen count moves into the hyde county gory for the weekend. do what you can, take the allergy medication, if you need it before you step outside this morning. as we go through the day, we have dry conditions and mostly cloudy skies. we have a few showers tonight, but especially tomorrow when it turns rainy and much colder by
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5 to 10 degrees cooler. it is because of this area of low pressure we are tracking that will bring the rain and a cooler weather pattern that is returning beginning today and through the work week. let's time it out for you on futurecast, taking you hour by hour. you can see the clouds are back at 4 pm but we are dry. here is 9 pm with a few showers beginning to work their way in. as we go through tomorrow morning you can see the rain. this is 6 am. we are looking at off and on showers wednesday afternoon. there is a possibility to see an isolated thunderstorm and a heavy downpour. as we go through the day today, daytime highs are cooler compared to yesterday but still above average. upper 60s for mountain view, 70 in santa clara, san jose upper 60s for you and fremont, danville and san ramon.
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70 in pleasanton and livermore. berkeley, as well as alameda, mid 60s down through san leandro and oakland. mid 60s for napa. here is your seven-day forecast. check out tomorrow. we are talking 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to to get a. the wettest day out of the week will be tomorrow with showers thursday and friday. right now we have a dry weekend with rain back in the forecast on monday. it is 5:20 am. spring is days away but people with allergies are already suffering. why this season might be especially bad. let's take another live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it is 5:20 am and 51 degrees in san francisco.
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welcome back. we have two separate traffic alert chp is working on. westbound 880 and 101 will completely shut down because of an overturned vehicle. you can see it on the left-hand side. expect some delays heading through there. are other traffic alert is to the west found 580 at altamont pass. crews are working on a big red fire. > if you don't drink, you can
5:24 am
still be harmed by alcohol when others do. that is according to german researchers who want alcohol related harms recognized as a health problem. that includes drinking while pregnant, drunk driving accident and violence tied to alcohol. british researchers said they foundtween depression and heart disease. they say it is inflammation, the body's response to stress by either psychological or lifestyle factors including smoking and obesity. researchers in south korea studied the risk of dementia with atrial fibrillation. th to be a particularly bad allergy
5:25 am
season. the mix of rain, sun and wind has turned the green grass into a pollen factory. and allergy specialist says it is important to get allergies shot before you start sneezing. >> the shots are working to train the body to develop its own protection against the things someone is allergic to. that is a process that is done over years. >> i hate it. i hate this time of year. i need earplugs to put my nose. >> the doctor says allergy season could go well into june and even july this year. >> it is 5:25 am. fundraising for campaign 2020. >> coming up in our next half hour, the laorepo re falling concrete. that is a goal construction workers have here at the richmond-san rafael bridge. how it will affect your morning commute next. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a lawmaker is suing twitter for $250 million this morning. we could learn more today about what led to the now infamous ray in the office of president trump's former attorney, michael cohen. rising rivers have flooded hundreds of homes. why it could be several days before they see in relief. i am kenny choi. >> i am melissa caen in for michelle griego. >> it is nice to have you with us to start off the day. i wish i could give you sunshine. kenny, you wanted sunshine for about two moss. i wish i could give that to you. hopefully you enjoyed yesterday. that is pretty much our sunny day for the next several days. we are looking at some big changes. today is the start of those changes. here's the live look outside. temperatures are in the upper 40s to the low 50s, 45 in santa
5:30 am
rosa, 48 in livermore. it is partly cloudy to mostly cloudy this morning with areas of fog, especially inland. the north bay, you are dealing with dense fog in napa and santa rosa. today is the transition day. it will be cloudy, but we are holding off on the rain. it will be a dry day today with a few showers working their way in tonight but especially tomorrow it will be wet and much cooler. tomorrow will be the wettest day of the week. we will time it out for you on futurecast, taking you hour by hour when you will see the rain where you are coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna franco. >> we have an overturned vehicle which is shutdown the connector road near the 101. we have a live look at it right here on one of our caltrans cameras. that is expected to be shut down for at least a half hour, if not more.
5:31 am
expect to use an alternate as you are head through there. you will see some delays in an around that area, as well. if you plan on taking 80 over to 101 in san francisco, you won't be able to for the next 30 minutes, at least. we are seeing slow and go conditions coming off 80 as you come up the skyway from the bay bridge. our other traffic alert is in the altamont pass. it is been there sometime. it is a big rig fire. it is tingle things up this morning. you are backed up well into tracy trying to connect over to 580. all but one lane is closed. you only have the left lane open. that is how traffic is squeezing by. altamont pass road and patterson pass road are good alternates, depending on where you are going. a lot of folks will be ditching
5:32 am
the freeway to use those so you will see extra busy conditions. we are seeing delays eastbound for a lot of spectators slowing going through the map. drive times or 83 minutes but that is just from 205 to 680. you will sivan bigger delays coming out of tracy this morning. the eastshore freeway looks pretty good. it is not a bad ride into you hit the bay bridge where the metering lights are on and it is a slow ride into the city. here is a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. more than a month after concrete chunks fell onto the roadway, repairs are finally under way. kpix 5's jackie ward is joining us live with all the repairs will impact your commute. >> reporter: i don't know if you could tell from your camera back there, traffic here on the richmond side of the richmond- san rafael bridge doesn't look too bad. we are the toll plaza. a lot of this construction work we are talking about this morning will hopefully be done overnight and not impact
5:33 am
morning commuters to badly. construction began here last night. they are trying to fix those areas where the concrete fell off in chunks last month. this project is expected to last three months. there using jackhammers and blowtorches, along with heavy equipment to demolish the existing joint and replace them with new ones. on february 7, one of those joints broke apart and sent concrete down onto the cars on the lower deck of the bridge. no one was hurt. it had to be really scary. traffic was badly impacted for the rest of the day. for the next three months, we are talking about into mid-june time of year, there will be construction starting at 9 pm and hopefully wrapping up by 5 am. this morning we saw crews starting to get out of here at 4:30 am. that is a good sign for morning commuters. in richmond, jackie ward, kpix 5. a california congressman is
5:34 am
suing twitter and the people behind several parity accounts for defamation. representative devin nunes claims the social media site is censoring conservatives. he also says twitter failed to take action against accounts that were libeling him. his lawsuit is asking for more than $250 million in damages. in the past, twitter has denied claims that sensors conservatives. we are expecting to learn more about what led to the michael cohen ray. a redacted version of the documents related to it are expected to be released today. cohen was given a three year prison sentence for numerous crimes, including campaign- finance violations. he is expected to start his term behind bars on may 6. it will take some big bucks to keep up with presidential candidate better willrich. the former texas congressman's campaign announced a record- breaking $6.1 million haul within the first 24 hours of him entering the race. that edges out bernie nd miinher first hos. senator elizabeth warren spoke last night at a town hall. matters. vote the way we can make that happen is that we can have national
5:35 am
voting. that means get rid of the electoral college. >> warren also told a mississippi audience she supports a congressional proposal to study reparations for african americans hurt by slavery. senator kirsten gillibrand also kicked off her campaign on sunday bringing the total number of democrats to 14 running. a 15th came close to declaring his candidacy over the weekend. >> i have the most progressive record of anyone running for the presidential nomination -- anybody who would run. >> president trump took aim saying, joe biden got tongue- tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about his decision to run for president. get used to it, another low iq
5:36 am
individual. joe biden is the early front runner among democrats in most opinion polls although he has yet to purposefully announce he is running. vice president mike pence will visit nebraska to survey the damage from flooding there. the disaster continues to wreak havoc on several midwestern states this morning. the flooding has breached or overtopped some 200 miles of levees in four states, nebraska, iowa, missouri and kansas. at least three people have died sies aaly t a movie fast moti, that is how quick it came. >> this recovery will not be a few days or a few weeks.
5:37 am
this recovery will be months, possibly even years. >> the flooding began last week started by a massive winter storm. some rivers have swollen to historic levels and the flooding could continue for the next several days. happening today, some state lawmakers are putting standardized tests up for debate. they are pushing to ban the sat and the act in light of the recent college admissions scandal. a sacramento assemblyman said california's university should stop using the tests. he says it is better to emphasize other factors like grades and other extracurricular activities. the proposal will be up for discussion later this morning at a state assembly budget hearing. the college admissions bribery scandal has raised an important question, is college worth it? the answer is complicated. what are the payoffs associated with a college degree? >> there is government data that shows men with bachelors degrees earn approximately $900,000 more in median lifetime earnings than high school graduates. for women, the bachelors degree will earn them $630,000 more. variesdepending on wh ege you attend. elho the heart of this scandal, tend to offer even greater financial rewards to students.
5:38 am
even those rewards are dependent on where you start. research has found that the student's family is already at the top of the income heap, the student is not likely to catapult any further with a fancy degree versus a less prestigious one. >> that is good to know. college acceptance levels with acceptance letters and financial aid packages are going out. >> many parents will turn to loans. we have seen borrowing at the higher cost colleges has gone down. that is because more students are reaching federal student loan limits. the aggregate loan limit for federal direct stafford loan if you are a dependent student is $31,000 and $57.5 thousand if you are independent.
5:39 am
many people are delaying the paydown of outstanding credit card debt. they are delaying establishing a proper emergency reserve fund and they are having a hard time saving for retirement. their parents and grandparents are the fastest-growing segment of the student loan market. that could negatively impact their own retirement plans. before you sign on the dotted line, be very careful. >> thank you. it is 5:39 am. coming up, tense moments in los angeles. police had to talk a man down from the top of the crane 18 stories high. we have the video. let's head outside and look at our dublin camera. there a lot of issues on 580, including a traffic alert. gianna franco will have an update for your morning commute
5:40 am
and you super commuters out there. it is 5:39 am. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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changes are coming. we are tracking our next weather system. when you can see the rain where you are coming up. san francisco mayor london breed is calling out the giants co for his actions. she wants larry baer to be held accountable for his incident that went viral. the video shows a struggle between he and his wife when they appeared to fight over cell phone when his wife fell to the ground. breed called his actions serious and wrong. she is calling on major league baseball to do something about it. >> we ought to hold our
5:43 am
leaders, especially in our sports arena, too, you know, a high standard of excellence, so we send the right message. >> at the conclusion of their investigation, they should apply the same consequences to owners, executives and managers they apply to players who find themselves in the same situation. >> meanwhile, baer is taking a leave of answer absence. the giants said they take the matter seriously and is withholding further comment while the situation is under review. the ceo of warner bros. entertainment, kevin tsujihara, is stepping down amid allegations of sexual misconduct . this moves comes after a hollywood reporter story claimed kevin tsujihara had an affair with a young actress and helped to land her acting auditions. in a memo set to staff last
5:44 am
week, kevin tsujihara apologized for his actions. he was a company's ceo for the last six years. the new home of the golden state warriors in san francisco is months away from opening its doors. for the chase center's grand opening on september 6, metallica and the san francisco symphony will be performing together for a special concert. it is the first of eight shows that will be this fall. they will be announced this week. metallic's lead guitarist says he's thankful for the new venue. >> if we get to travel all over the world, we get to see quite a few arenas. it has always been a shame there hasn't been a place back where our headquarters is. now there is. we are super glad. things for building it for us. >> the first event is also a reunion of sorts for the bay area musicians. it marks the 20th anniversary
5:45 am
of their grammy-winning collaboration with the symphony called s&m. new video out of los angeles this morning. the manning yellow is perched on top of the crane 18 stories high. police say he was planning to jump. rescue crews waited on the street below. the man sat mostly still, sometimes looking down at the firefighters and paramedics who were trying to figure out how to save him. the s.w.a.t. team made their way to the top with harnesses to convince him to come down. >> we understand he is probably going through some duress, possibly economic wise with family issues. >> you have to be so cautious to make sure. >> they were talking to him up there. >> there were trying to make sure he didn't do anything to injure himself. >> he was up there thinking for a long time. >> the street eventually reopened. a pigeon named armando has just been sold for, wait for it, $1.4 million. this is after a two week online bidding war. what makes armando so special? apparently, he is the best at
5:46 am
pigeon racing, which is popular in china. he has been dubbed the best long racing pigeon of all time. we have plenty. they can come here and take them. >> i have to get into that business. >> instead of horses? >> it looks easier to contain a pigeon. there a lot of issues on the roadways, especially in the east bay. >> we have a traffic alert coming in and out of san francisco this morning and a new trouble spot on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it is a tough one this morning hitting the roadways. let's start off with her trouble spot in the altamont pass, westbound 580 right at northglenn. all ise a big rig re causg ey have only one lane open. that is the left lane. at one point, l deys comly shut down. of tracy iv, altamont pass road is a
5:47 am
possibility, patterson pass is another possibility. a lot of folks are using those instead of trying to take the freeway. you will see the alternates bogged down, as well this morning. it is a two hour ride from tracy to the dublin interchange. that portion from 580 or 205, rather to 280 is the 60 minute portion. give yourself two hours coming out of tracy this morning. that will take you about an hour to go to the dublin interchange. it is a busy ride through there. the eastshore freeway is starting to get busy, as well as highway 4. no accidents are reported. here is a live look at our second traffic alert. this is in san francisco on the westbound 80 connector.
5:48 am
101 is completely shut down. we have an overturned vehicle. that will be there quite some time. stick with an alternate working your way through. we have delays in both directions as a result. it is a slow ride working your way coming up the bay bridge. speaking of, there are reports of a broken down vehicle blocking at least one lane of the upper deck of the bay bridge right around treasure island. that will cause a busy ride coming out of the east bay into san francisco. the bay bridge, the metering lights are on and you are backed up to the maze at this point. it is coming off the approach, 580, 80 and 880 are seeing delays heading through here. the san mateo bridge looks pretty good if you want to use that instead to commute . the traffic is pretty light. it is not a bad ride going between 880 and 101. only about a 16 minute ride. that is bearable. we are tracking our next weather system. the sunshine, unfortunately, is pretty much over.
5:49 am
we will see clouds today. i am tracking a weather system that will bring you rain and cooler temperatures. i will let you know exactly when to expect that coming up. here is a live look with their roof cam. we showed you the tower lit up in green and it is still lit up in green. we are celebrating st. patrick's day continuously over the last few days. we are looking at upper 40s in livermore, mid 40s in santa rosa, low 50s in concord, oakland, san francisco and san jose. the magic number is 51 kicking off tuesday. let's look at the the visibility. we are tracking areas of fog, especially for the north bay. napa is down to a quarter mile. dense fog for you in napa. 1 mile three quarters for santa rosa this morning. if you are suffering from allergies, unfortunately, we are dealing with everything blooming. today the pollen count is even higher than yesterday at 9.5. that is the medium high
5:50 am
category four pollen. culprits are mulberry, ash and oak. tomorrow it goes down to 5, medium, but then we move back up with the pollen count as we go through thursday, friday and especially for the weekend. it looks worse and the high category for pollen. do what you can to at least try to breathe. a lot of people are sniffling and sneezing because of the allergies. we have mostly cloudy skies but we are dry. we will hold off on the rain today. we have a few showers tonight and then we turn wet and much cooler tomorrow. here is the satellite and radar view that shows you the low pressure system that will bring the wetter, cooler weather pattern for us tomorrow. it will continue thursday and
5:51 am
into friday. you can see the clouds today. this is in the afternoon. as we go through tonight, this is 9 pm. we have a few showers beginning to work their way in. as we start out the day tomorrow we have the rain. that continues off and on wednesday afternoon. we could see an isolated thunderstorm. that is a possibility tomorrow. we do not expect a lot of rain, anywhere from one 2:45 quarters of an inch of rain. sunrise is 7:14 am and sunset is 7:20 pm. daytime highs are cooler compared to yesterday, still above average for this time of year. mid 60s in san francisco and oakland, upper 60s for redwood city and mountain view. 70 in san jose and livermore. upper 60s in concord, phil field and napa. here is your 7-day forecast. it gets much cooler, 5 to 10 degrees cooler tomorrow and then it turns wet, as well, for your wednesday. shower chances thursday and friday. the weekend looks mainly dry with more sunshine on sunday. we have breaking news from solano county. a fatal fire this morning at a motorhome park in dixon. this is a live look at the scene. you can see the fire fighter in the shot right there and what remains of that motorhome. firefighters say two people are
5:52 am
dead with two others injured on south first street. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a daring brain surgery is giving a group of children a new chance at life. >> these kids were born with the devastating disorder. >> they cannot walk. they cannot talk. they cannot feed themselves. >> kpix has the exclusive story behind an experimental treatment pioneered right here in the bay area. it airs tonight at 7 pm. starbucks is changing its rewards program. the new digital deals you will want to hear about.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
starting next month, you can rack up starbucks rewards quicker. starbucks will also have more choices when redeeming points. the coffee giant says its new system will allow customers to get different prices for different amounts of point. there are more than 16 million members in starbucks programs. apple has unexpectedly introduced two new ipads. the updated ipad air has a bigger 10.5 inch display. it starts around $500. the new ipad mini is cheaper at around $400. both now support apple pencil. apple says they are both three times faster than previous models.
5:56 am
the fallout from the university cheating scandal continues. today, state lawmakers take up the issue of whether college entrance exams should be used for applicants. construction has officially started here on the richmond- san rafael bridge. how long it will last and how it will affect your commute next. like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. police are looking for the gunman in yet another shooting on an east bay freeway. what investigators are saying about the third incident in just three days. we will get our first look at military projects here in california that could lose funding under the president's emergency declaration. good morning. it is tuesday, march 19. and melissa caen in for michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. michelle griego is off this morning. i have enjoyed the last several days of sunny weather map. it is a good time to go to the beach and surf. i guess all good things must come to an end. >> i took all walk yesterday and people were in shorts, enjoying it and happy. now that will all change. we are tracking our next weather system that will bring the rain and cooler temperatures. we have a big difference with our weather today is a transition day. we have the clouds that are back. i will show you when you can expect to see the rain on futurecast. here


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