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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 19, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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studios, this is kpix 5 news. police are looking for the gunman in yet another shooting on an east bay freeway. what investigators are saying about the third incident in just three days. we will get our first look at military projects here in california that could lose funding under the president's emergency declaration. good morning. it is tuesday, march 19. and melissa caen in for michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. michelle griego is off this morning. i have enjoyed the last several days of sunny weather map. it is a good time to go to the beach and surf. i guess all good things must come to an end. >> i took all walk yesterday and people were in shorts, enjoying it and happy. now that will all change. we are tracking our next weather system that will bring the rain and cooler
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temperatures. we have a big difference with our weather today is a transition day. we have the clouds that are back. i will show you when you can expect to see the rain on futurecast. here is a look at our new treasure island camera. you can see the clouds as we start off your tuesday. temperatures are in the mid 40s in santa rosa rosa and livermore. low 50s in concord, oakland, san francisco and san jose. we have mostly cloudy skies this morning with areas of fog, especially for the north bay. dense fog in napa and santa rosa this morning. again, we are looking at a cloudy day and a transition day. we will hold off on the rain. we have a dry day today but a few showers tonight, especially tomorrow. on wednesday we are looking at the wettest day of the week. we will time it out for you on futurecast and take you hour by hour when you can see the rain and your neighborhood coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with gianna franco for a look at traffic. >> we have two separate traffic alerts, one in san francisco in one on the altamont pass. the first one is the connector to 880 , 101 rather. we are waiting on caltrans weepers to get out to the scene to clean up the mess in that area. you will see some delays in both directions as you head through there. are other traffic alert is a big rig fire through the altamont pass. that has been there over an
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hour. two lanes are open. the two left lanes are open. traffic is squeezing by through there but we have delays of up y and it really bogs down as you get to the 580/205 connector as you work your way westbound. altamont pass road, patterson pass road are good alternates but remember, those are getting busy, as well, as folks ditch the freeways to use that. the bay bridge has a medium lights on. we have slow and go conditions on all approaches. 580, the eastshore freeway is seeing slow and go conditions coming out of berkeley working away westbound into emeryville. richmond-san rafael bridge. we have a few brake lights working away westbound right around the toll plaza. overall, an easy ride in both directions. there is construction happening overnight. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live at the richmond-san rafael bridge. >> i think all of this traffic, from what i can tell is normal because construction crews back packed up about 4:30 am. they wanted to get out of here before 5 am.
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they are here because they are working on those areas that had falling concrete earlier six weeks ago. we got an up close look at the work they are starting to do. it will last three months. caltrans workers are replacing the expansion joints where chunks of concrete flew off last month. they are using jackhammers, low tortures and heavy equipment to replace them. >> as a precaution, there are 62 or 63 of these on the bridge we decided out of risk assessment we will replace these joints now. porter: waon
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7 when one of those joints broke apart and sent cars down onto the lower deck of theidge. amglo one s hurtbuth remainder of that day. caltranswon the imaril 9 5 am. ey cleaned ings up t t ngers crossed, this construction work will not impact the morning commute is for the next three months. in richmond, jackie ward, kpix 5 news. three back-to-back freeway shootings in the east bay. the chp is confirming all appeared to be targeted. on saturday, woman was killed on highway 4 in concord. there was another shooting sunday on 580 in livermore and another on i 80 in richmond. that shooting happened in the morning near mcdonald avenue. fortunately, no one was injured in that shooting. the chp is insisting the roadways are safe and that these three shootings are not random. >> all three of the shootings appear to be targeted. investigators believe the shooting on highway 4 in contra costa county was gang-related. the witnesses are kids in a lot of these cases. >> the victim in saturday's deadly shooting has now been nds and say she was hillary f.
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never involved in gangs or drugs and cannot understand why anyone would want to hurt her. if you have any information on these three shootings, you are asked to call police. lawmakers at the state capital will hold a hearing on whether you see school should consider ending sat and act scores. berkeley is one of those schools part of this scandal. >> reporter: according to those court documents, a student actually paid someone else to take the sats for him using a fake id and the student that submitted the test results of his own allowed him to gain entrance here. those court documents also go on to say in this college admission scandal, dozens of students cheated on their
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standardized exameitherpaying s test for them, claiming to have a disability to get extra time or bribing someone to within uco consider whether the those tests are a valid way of measuring student abilities. >> people with access can buy a better score. i think this scandal shines a spotlight on the whole issue of the testing industry. >> reporter: uc system president janet napolitano raised the same questions last year and created a task force to discuss the issue. that hearing is happening this morning at the state capital at 9 am in the senate subcommittee for education. we have been told representatives from the uc system will be part of those discussions. live at berkeley, katie nielsen , sky drone 5 kpix 5 news.
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there is a possible strike looming. teachers are demanding better pay, as well as smaller class sizes, as well as more counselors and other specialists in the district. a rally to demand more protective bike lanes in san francisco will be held today after a bicyclist was killed by a driver on howard street on march 8. transportation officials install protective bike lanes in that area almost immediately after. bicycle advocates are demanding protected bike lanes across the city. we are getting our first look at the projects that could lose money or be scrapped under president trump's
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national emergency declaration. the declaration would divert billions of dollars from the the peagon has released a list of more than 400 military construction projects that could now lose funding. dozens of them are here in california, totaling more than $1 billion. that includes fire safety and electrical upgrades at camp pendleton and airfield maintenance at miramar air force base in san diego. the ceo of boeing is attempting to address concerns from the public in the wake of two crashes that have grounded part of his company's fleet. >> we are heartbroken. we are frustrated. >> a desperate search is under way after five-year-old is swept away in a raging california river. the rain is coming back. i will show you the timeline on futurecast and how much cooler it will get. major delays coming out of the altamont pass. we have chopper 5 live over the scene. we have an update on your travel times coming up. sleep is so important to childhood development. here are three tips to up your
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kids' sleep better. use a traditional alarm clock and remove cell phones from the bedroom for the night. get natural light within 15 su your child's just screen time. k or ifep problems persist, const a specialist.
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good tuesday morning to you. here is a live look out east.
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the north bay is dealing with dense fog this morning. today is the start of some changing ahead of our next weather system. we will time out the rain and cooler temperatures coming up. this morning, authorities are warning of river dangers in northern california after a man's body was found in a five- year-old girl went missing. the placer county sheriff says a 23-year-old sacramento man was taking pictures of his fianci on sunday when he slipped and fell into the american river. he was found dead yesterday. this comes as rescue crews fear the worst after five-year-old girl was swept away by the rushing water. this also happened on sunday. matilda ortiz slipped on some rocks and fell into the fast- moving water. several people jumped in but she was carried away in the swollen river. her family is holding out hope she is found alive. >> she is a strong girl.
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we are hoping she grabbed onto something and got out and probably walking somewhere. >> i hope she got out. it looks so big. the creek is so wide and deep. the current is strong. >> officials say the water currently flowing in the stanislaus river is moving in a rated about 10 miles per hour. it is a bone chilling 50 degrees. this morning, the ceo boay boeing planes have crashed, and killing nearly 350 people. in an era open letter addressed to the airline, he said boeing will release a software update and offered pilot training for the 737 737 max 8 to address any concerns about those planes
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after a week after president trump announced the grounding of all boeing 7eroday ithe firs up march madness. the men squad is flying to connecticut where the 11 seed will square off against the defending chan six seed villenova. they are still fresh off the win against the number one team in the country, gonzaga. there confidence is booming. the first round of games are tipping off on friday at the serena. in the south, uc irvine against kansas state, oregon against wisconsin. for the east, liberty you against mississippi state. st. louis against virginia tech. march madness will air right here on kpix 5 starting on thursday. we have a traffic alert right now at 6:14 am. madness on the roadways, too. >> it is busy out there.
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we have chopper 5 live over the scene of this traffic t. is a b lanes are w open at one point, all larempletet i you can see our live shot from chopper 5, traffic is crawling along westbound. it is a busy red. it is been a tough commute all morning. it is a busy area with a lot of super commuters using this to commute out of tracy to head into the altamont pass. 84 minutes from 205 to the dublin interchange. that is where 680 and 580 connect. if you are commuting out of tracy, tack on at least another hour. we have delays backed up at this point. we will keep our eye on that. you do have some options, but they are getting busy this morning. altamont pass road parallels 580. patterson passed does, as well if you are headed further south. you can use those as alternates
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but give yourself here is a live look at our caltrans cameras. we have lights flashing for overturned vehicle. the accident is in the clearing stages but it did hit asam barrel. they are waiting for caltrans to get there to clear this out- of-the-way. this is near the northbound 101, the central freeway connector in san francisco. expect that closure for some time. the bay bridge has a metering lights on. you are backed up well into the maze at this point. if you want to use the san mateo bridge, the commute out of the east bay over towards the peninsula, you might try that instead. traffic looks a little better. we do have more cars on the roadway westbound between 880 and 101. dry today, but that is
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about to change. >> i wish we could keep the sunshine going longer. the next system will bring the rain and cooler temperatures. i will time it out for you in just a moment. here is a live look from her salesforce tower cam her. i showed you the tower completely lit up and going, now it is just the inside. i liked it green. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. livermore is 47, 52 in downtown san francisco and 46 in santa rosa. i am tracking areas of fog as we start off your tuesday, especially along the coast. on the north bay, napa is down to three quarters of a mile. we have dense fog this morning but it is better in santa rosa. it is that time of year for the pollen. if you are suffering from seasonal allergies, today will be worse compared to yesterday. the predominant pollen is mulberry, ash and oak. because of the rain tomorrow, it will be lower but then it will creep up again. by the weekend it looks worse with the pollen count and the high category for the weekend. here is what you can expect.
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mostly cloudy skies. we hold off on the rain today at oberer storm system. we have a dry day todaolay expe tomorrow. tomorrow will be the wettest day the week. satellite and radar view, there is a storm system we are tracking bringing the wetter, cooler pattern for us set to return tomorrow, thursday and friday. today we are starting to see some changes with the clouds that are back. as we go through tonight, you can see some showers but it will really get going tomorrow. this is starting off tomorrow at 6 am with rain. we have off and on rain for your wednesday afternoon. there is a possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. as we look ahead to the weekend, as of now, the weekend
6:19 am
is trending drive. that is a good thing to get out there and enjoy the area and be outdoors. sunrise is at 7:14 am. l ovave. 7:20imarco d san francisco and oakland, upper 60s in r santa rosa and napa. check out tomorrow. temperatures are 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to today. we have a wet day tomorrow. we showers thursday and friday but we are driving for the weekend. warriors were in san antonio last night. say hello to an old friend. can he fill the spot? tip-off is next. here is a look at the bay bridge from her salesforce east exclusive camera. we will be right back. wait, xfinity lets me choose from
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to preserve and protect them. welcome back. we have a major problem we have been tracking at the altamont pass this morning.
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westbound 0 ridefi that has two right lane shutdown, only leaving the two left lanes to squeeze by. it is a major problem for commuters. you have big delays upwards of two hours commuting from there to the dublin interchange. you can see our live shot from chopper 5, it is justin crawford traffic working your way through there. your alternates are not looking much better. a lot of folks are using that instead. pack your patience or avoid this area, if you can this morning. following the impressive wins over houston and oklahoma city, the warriors were looking for the trifecta last night in san antonio. it was against a spurs team that came in with eight straight wins. the last play, a wing and a prayer. they tied the game at 25-25.
6:24 am
they led by as many as 14. steph curry just 9 of 25 shooting last night. in the final 1:00 in the 3rd, that is a 3 in the warriors at the lead. the spurs were moving the ball pretty well last night. the 3 in the file, kd is not happy.:90 left. a klay thompson all over him and he still got it to go. san antonio wins it 111-105. golden state falls into a tie with denver for the best record in the west. the bracket for the ncaa women's tournament was supposed to be revealed yesterday afternoon. espn accidentally released them on air four hours before the selection show. did that spoil the watch party? >> the show is going to come on. what i would like for us all to do is to jump up and cheer when
6:25 am
we see ourselves. >> the bears were still excite to sr naine ket for e second time. ac cal will play north carolina on saturday in texas. if the bears win, they would likely face number one overall seed, baylor. out. sanford is the two seed. they play chicago regional and they open at home at maples against uc davis. byu is also making the trip and so is auburn. these young ladies hope to see the sharks clenched a playoff spot.:30 into the game, the first of two goals scored. they give you playoff fever. later in the period, 2-2. las vegas guess the 3-2 game. jones was pulled after that coal. that was a tough night. the knights won 7-3. the sharks go zero-3. the sharks captain and team leader missed that game.
6:26 am
that is the latest in or. will see tonig >>eresident of arrested in the bay area. why the wanted fugitive won't be sent to his home country to face charges. in just a few hours, lawmakers in sacramento will discuss changing the admissions process to you see universities. we will explain why coming up. we have a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is pact there, as well as on i-580. gianna franco will have updates on major issues for super commuters this morning. it is 6:26 am.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. critical work is under way on the richmond-san rafael bridge but it won't be quick. how long repairs will take after chunks of concrete fell on passing cars. historical flooding in the midwest turns deadly. we will show you what they are dealing with. good morning. it is tuesday, march 19. i am kenny choi. >> i am melissa caen in for michelle griego. let's start with meteorologist mary lee. >> did you like the sunshine yesterday? >> loved it.
6:31 am
>> we will not see it today or the next several days. we are tracking a few weather systems to move in. i know a lot of people were really hoping the sunshine could keep going for us. that will not be the case. here is a live look from the south bay san jose camera. good morning to you. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies. is that a helicopter? there is something bright moving across the sky this morning. here are our temperatures. we start off in the 40s and 50s. 50 in concord and oakland. 51 in san jose and santa rosa is 46. mostly cloudy with areas of fog for the north bay this morning. there is dense fog in napa and
6:32 am
santa rosa. just be careful on the roadways. today the transition day occurs. we are cloudy and drive. we hold off on the region. we are tracking a few showers that will work their way in by tonight but especially for tomorrow. wednesday will be the wettest day of the week. we will time out the rain for you, what you can expect where you are coming up on futurecast in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna franco for the latest on the major traffic alert. >> we have big delays working your way into the altamont pass this morning. this trouble spot has been out since about 4 am. it has been busy for the super commuters coming out of tracy. you are still out of the central valley headed toward 580 this morning. 77 minutes from 205 to 680. we have a big rig fire. the fire is out but they are dealing with the cleanup. it is at westbound 580 at
6:33 am
northland. only two lanes are open. there only four through there. two are open but the two right lanes are shut down. traffic is squeezing by bit you can see delays in both directions. you have a lot of spectators slowing coming up the eastbound side. it is a busy ride as you had through there. your alternate, such as patterson pass and altamont pass road are busy with a lot of stop and go conditions through there. try to avoid that area, if you can. we have delays as you work your way in and out of san francisco this morning. the westbound 80 connector to northbound 101, we had an overturned vehicle that hit one of the sand barrels off to the side. i am hearing the sweeper trucks are stuck in traffic. there trying to get to this incident. that will take some time before they clear this one. we will look at the the bay bridge the next time. breaking news this morning from solano county. of fatal explosion and fire this morning at a motorhome park in dixon. firefighters say two people are dead and two others are injured. this is on south first street. the cause of the explosion and fire are under investigation. happening today in just a few hours, state lawmakers will discuss possible changes to the uc admissions policy. this is in the wake of the college admissions scandal. kpix 5's katie nielsen is at the uc berkeley campus this morning to explain.
6:34 am
>> reporter: one of the students accused of cheating on the sats within those court documents is accused of having someone actually take the sats for him, using a fake id and using those test results to gain admission to uc berkeley. now the question is, should standardize testing be applied to the schools? president janet napolitano raised the question last year and created a task force to explore the issue. those in favor of doing away with the sats or act testing requirements say it is not a true measure of a student's capabilities. >> we should scrap the whole thing and focus on the old- fashioned way, your grades and your classes. your application, which looks at your extracurricular activities, your life experiences.
6:35 am
>> people in favor of keeping the testing requirements say by holding everyone to the same standard, it is easier to compare candidates and make fair admission decisions. the assembly subcommittee on education will be discussing the issue on whether the uc schools should use standardized testing as part of their admissions requirements. the uc system will have a representative there in sacramento later today to be part of those discussions. live at uc berkeley, katie nielsen, kpix 5 news. we are looking live at ocean beach in san francisco. the coast guard is urging everyone to be on the lookout for strong swells and sneaker waves. powerful currents a big sure brakes are expected from sonoma county to monterey bay for the next few days. a trip to ocean beaches already turned dangerous. on sunday, surfer got trapped on a massive rock. he was rescued and is okay. vice president mike pence will visit nebraska today for an up close look at flooding gripping much of the state. the destruction continues to wreak havoc.
6:36 am
nebraska, iowa, missouri and kansas are dealing with the flooding. at least three people are dead. many homes and businesses are destroyed. >> you know how you put a movie in fast motion? that is how quick it came. >> this recovery is not going to be a few days or a few weeks. this recovery will be months, possibly a year. >> the flooding began last week, started by a massive winter storm. some rivers have swollen to historic levels. the flooding could continue for the next several days. we have a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. more than a month after concrete chunks fell onto the roady, reparlly under way. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live with more on how these repairs will impact your commute. >> reporter: making sure that concrete doesn't fall is always a good
6:37 am
hopefu a lot of it will take place overnight and not affect morning commuters to badly. while it started last night, the project will continue for about three months. caltrans workers are replacing the expansion joints were chunks of concrete flew off last month. they are using jackhammers and blowtorches, along with heavy equipment, to demolish the existing joints and replace them with new ones. one of those joints broke apart. that is what sent concrete down onto the cars of the lower deck of the bridge. fortunately, no one was hurt, but traffic was badly impacted for the rest of the day. from here until mid-june or the end of june is what we are talking about. construction will start at 9 pm and wrap up around 5 am and time for the morning commute to get under way. hopefully, there won't be too many delays over the next few months. in richmond, jackie ward, sky drone 5. the president of peru is wanted in his own country but arrested in the area. deputies arrested alejandro toledo for public intoxication.
6:38 am
nearly 12 hours later he was released and charges dropped instead of being sent to peru to face allegations he accepted $20 million in bribes in exchange for public contracts. >> according to interpol, it was not enough to house home in that facility. we would've been holding him against his civil rights. >> i think he has to pay the price. >> peruvian authorities are offering a $30,000 reward for his capture. we are told he lives in los altos and denies any wrongdoing in the bribery scheme. arguments are just getting under way in a lawsuit claiming the president is violating the constitution by accepting profits through his hotel in washington, d.c. the trump international hotel is a popular place for state and foreign leaders to stay while they are and the nation's capital. the lawsuit claims the
6:39 am
president is violating the emoluments clause in the constitution by accepting money from those visits. that clause bans federal officials from accepting benefits from any state or foreign governments without the approval of congress. internet companies are scrambling to crackdown on video showing last week's shooting rampage at 2 mosques in newsela. social platforms say they have scrubbed more than 800 versions of the video from their platforms. autopsies are now complete on all 50 victims. authorities have been rushing to identify all of those killed since allotment tradition calls for burial as soon as possible after someone dies. friday's mass shooting is the worst in new zealand's modern history. all five of the weapons were purchased legally. the prime minister of new zealand promised to quickly introduce new gun laws. >> to make our communities safe , the time is now. within 10 days of this horrific act of terrorism, we will have
6:40 am
announced reforms which will, i believe, make our community safer. >> the accused gunman has dismissed his lawyer and plans to represent himselfam. in texas this morning, a chemical fire continues to burn out of control for a third day. how long it is expected to reach on. a california congressman is suing twitter, along with a pair of anonymous users. details on his beef with the tech giant. the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. we are taking a quick check to the big board. it is up about 130 points. not too bad. coming up, we will get an update from jason brooks. ♪ i paid the price you pay too much.
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good tuesday morning to you. a beautiful view with this camera. you can see the sunrise
6:44 am
and the clouds. this is just the start of changes for us out of our next weather system. we will time out the rain in a few minutes. in texas this morning, chemical plant is burning for the third day in harris county. a thick cloud of hazardous smoke is blanketing the entire deerpark community. the fire broke out on sunday and will likely burn for another two days according to authorities. the fire is burned more than a half-dozen storage tanks holding components of gasoline, nail polish remover, glue and paint thinner. people who live near the plant say they are concerned they are breathing in the smoke and ash. >> it is all over the car. if it is on the car, it is in our lungs. we are breathing it. >> currently, the plume of smoke is high up enough that it is not affecting air quality. we have different agencies monitoring the situation.
6:45 am
>> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. no one has been injured. a california congressman is suing twitter and several users for $250 million. devin nunes claim the social media site failed to take action against accounts that were libeling him. named in the lawsuit were two parity accounts. he also claims twitter is censoring conservatives. twitter has responded in the past to such claims, saying they do not ban based on political viewpoints or ideology. prosecutors are prosecuting their case against elon musk and netflix is skipping out on a new tv service. >> jason brooks joins us now with those stories. >> reporter: the securities and exchange commission is really going after ceo elon musk, pressing a federal judge to hold him in contact of a prior
6:46 am
settlement which requires him to get preapproval for company related tweets. the sec says musk did not get that in a february tweet about model 3 production rates, calling it a blatant violation of the settlement. attorneys for elon musk said that sdc is guilty of excessive overreach in this case. the sec says that defense borders on the ridiculous. tesla shares are down by 1.5% on that news. apple is expected to unveil its new tv service and then ceo of netflix told reporters at his hollywood office that netflix will not be part of that service. he said he wanted netflix users to watch his shows on netflix although he did call apple a great company. apple is expected to roll out its own original programming, as well as third-party program, such as hbo, giving users a chance to subscribe to those
6:47 am
services. apple gets a sizable cut of those subscriptions. shares of apple are heading higher, hitting a four month high. let's go to the big board.u this morning, we have learned there has been a spike in crashes on one of the bay area's most scenic highca
6:48 am
appreciate the beauty of highway 17 as it climbs and dips through the santa cruz mountains. it is a different story for drivers. in january and february, there were 228 crashes, averaging four a day on the stretch between los gatos and scotts valley. three of them were fatal. >> it is hilly and curvy. it is not sloped the way you would expect it. >> i think the biggest reason is because of the wet weather and people going to fast. >> road crews say they are working bigger problems on the altamont pass this morning. >> we are not getting a break. i just checked with chp. it is stat way westbound 580 this morning into the altamont pass. we had this early morning big
6:49 am
rig fire. the fire is completely out. it has been out for quite some time but they are taking a while to clean up that mess. this is westbound 580 right at north flynn. this is a four-lane portion of 580. two lanes are completely shut down. they have the two left lanes open. that is how commuters are squeezing by through there. all your alternates are seen big to blaze, including patterson pass and altamont pass road. it is a tough ride for all those folks making the way of the central valley. 77 minutes from 205 to 680. it is getting slightly better but that is just a portion from the connector road. if you're traveling from tracy, you will steven moore delays, upwards of two hours overall going through there. we have a second traffic alert in effect. we had an overturned vehicle that shut down westbound 80 connector over to the north 101 as you commute into san francisco. it is still closed. there is sand they have to clean up in the roadway. that will take a few minutes. we are seeing delays coming up the bay bridge this morning. you might want to use mass transit. ace does commute out of the central valley. that might be a good choice for those avoiding the altamont pass. bart is on time. that is a good choice coming out of the east bay into san francisco. caltrain and muni are also checking in with good times this morning. the metering lights are on that the bay bridge. we have a reports of a crash westbound just before the toll plaza blocking the number 13 lane. it looks like they managed to move it over to the shoulder. the damage is already done. all approaches are back will be on the and mays at this point. it is dry today but it will rain tomorrow.
6:50 am
>> today is just the start of the changes you can see. the clouds are back. we will continue with the clouds as we head through the day. nothing like yesterday, unfortunately. hopefully you got to get out and enjoy it. salesforce tower camera. it is a beautiful sight with those beautiful gold
6:51 am
can aleethe clouds. temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s this morning from 47 in livermore and santa rosa to 50 wanted in san jose and oakland. good morning to you. concord is 50. 52 in san francisco. let's check visibility. we are tracking areas of fog along the coast, as well as in locations. it is better from the north bay, 4 miles in napa, 6 miles in santa rosa. it is that time of year. if you are suffering from allergies, mulberry, ash and oak are the culprit of the predominant pollen right now. it does look worse today for the pollen count compared to yesterday. it is in the medium-high category today at 9.5. eye drops tomorrow because of the rain. it slowly creased backup thursday, friday and for the weekend. the pollen count will be skyhigh, unfortunately. here is what you can expect today. we have mostly cloudy skies, we are dry. we will hold off on the rain. a few showers tonight turns rainy and cooler tomorrow. tomorrow will be the wettest day of the week. here is the reason why. we are tracking the storm system that will bring the cooler weather pattern that will be wet through thursday and friday. you can see the clouds that are back today, a few showers pop up tonight but it really gets going tomorrow. this is stopping the clock on futurecast at 6 am. you can see the wet start to the day. we will have off and on rain
6:52 am
for your wednesday. we are not expecting a lot of rain with this weather system, ha inch of rain. uarter to daytime highs today will be cooler but at least above average for this time of year. mid 60s san mateo. 70 in santa clara and san jose, 71 in morgan hill, upper 60s for concord and morgan walnut creek. mid to upper 60s in the north bay, as well as lakeport and clearly. here is your 7-day forecast. 5 to 10 degrees cooler tomorrow. we have showered chances wednesday, thursday and friday but we are drier for the weekend. it is 6:52 am. police are looking for the gunman in yet another shooting on the east bay freeway. what we have learned about the third incident in three days. >> reporter: in a little over two hours, lawmakers in sacramento will talk about changing admissions standards for the uc system. we will explain why coming up.
6:53 am
ahead on "cbs this morning", we are in nebraska. dozens of rivers in the midwest have reached historic levels. we will survey the damage from above as the area appears for more catastrophic flooding. the nation's most complete trec skeleton. we have a look at the smithsonian's new dinosaur exhibit. looking outside, 44 degrees with the sun coming up. we have clouds in the picture but it is pretty. it is 6:53 am. h mole i can customize each line for each family member?
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i am katie nielsen my back at uc berkeley. in just over two hours, lawmakers in sacramento will discuss doing away with standardized testing requirements for applicants to the uc system. this comes in the wake of the college admissions berkeley. court documents filed in the
6:57 am
college admissions scandal alleged dozens of students cheated on their standardized tests, either by paying someone else to take the exam for them, claiming to have a disability to get extra time, or bribing someone to correct their answers before the test was submitted. it is causing state lawmakers and leaders within the uc system to question whether tests like the acts and sats are a valid way of measuring a student's abilities. uc president janet napolitano raised the same questions last year and created a task force to discuss those issues. that subcommittee hearing starts at 9 am this morning at the state capital. a uc system representative will be part of that conversation. live at uc berkeley, katie nielsen, kpix 5 news. it is time for your final
6:58 am
five. >> we are learning more about three back-to-back freeway shootings in the east bay. the chp is now confirming they all appear to be targeted. on saturday, woman waayin e he0 in livermore. another yesterday on i-80 in richmond. the chp believes the shooting on highway 4 was gang-related. permanent repairs on the richmond-san rafael bridge started overnight more than one month after concrete chunks fell onto the lower deck. that means only one lane on each deck will be open from 9 pm until 5 am. the construction is excited to last three months. president trump's emergency declaration for border wall could put funding for more than 400 military construction projects. dozens of those projects are here in california. they are worth more than $1 billion total. the ceo of boeing says he is taking actions to ensure the safety of his company's eet aft declaration ordering them grounded. the ncaa starts today.
6:59 am
the 11 ct ms. facing the defending champs, six seed villenova. starting thursday, march madness airs here on kpix 5. a traffic alert continues over the altamont pass this morning. you can see exactly what happened. there is a big rig fire off to the right shoulder but it did cause a closure of all lanes at one point. only two lanes remain open. there is a big backup still coming out of the central valley. use an alternate or avoid it. the clouds are back, but you can see a beautiful sunrise. we are in the middle to upper 40s to low 50s at this point.
7:00 am
we have a dry day ahead of arctic storm system. we will be in the mid to upper 60s to low 70s. cooler than yesterday but still above average. it will be a wet and cool day starting tomorrow with unsettled weather to the work week. >> thank you for watching kpix 5 news. your next local update is at 7:26 am. "cbs this morning" is up next. have a great day. good morning to our viewers to the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." historic flooding continues to devastate the midwest and now they're bracing for more. we fly over the hardest hit areas. firefighters battled huge inferno at a texas chemical plant. the black smoke can be seen 40 miles away. officials insist the air is not dangerous. we'll hear from residents who are not so sure. plus, how forensic scientists revealed of the allusive killer.
7:01 am
>> we go inside a boot camp that


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