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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 19, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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be explosion involving a redidding truck, one employee is injured,. >> i'm kenny choi. that employee sin the hospital after part of his recycling truck exploded in oakland. chopper 5 flew over the truck.
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crews say that this hatched around 8:00 this morning near moss avenue and harrison street. police say that the employee will be okay and the almeda county bomb squad is evident investigating. we have breaking news, evacuations under way when a propane tank egg overturned. everyone within one mile must leave that area. deputies are getting people out. people on the east side of the tanker can evacuate to the fair grounds. and new at noon, san francisco city attorney is cracking down on e-cigarettes, the e-cigarettes threaten public health, now san francisco supervisor is introducing new legislation to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in san francisco and prohibit e-
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cigarette companies from occupying city owned property in the future. >> billions of children are already addicted to cigarettes and millions more will follow if we don't act. >> the percentage of middle and high school students using tobacco products was at an all time low in 2017 but in 2018 tobacco use among youth rose for the first time since the 1990th. new at noon, firefighters rescuing a man trapped on the edge of a cliff in san francisco, take a look it happened after 8:30 this morning, right off marshall beach south of the golden gate bridge. chopper 5 was there on the scene. the man was sitting on a steep ledge about 100 feet from the water. crews had to repel down the cliff to rescue him. we don't know how the man ended up there in that situation but the good news is it looks like he is walking just fine with no apparent injuries. in the east bay a motorcyclist is dead after he collided with a big rig.
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chopper 5 flew over the area 90 in had thing a near the 238 on ramp. chp said the 64-year-old motorcyclist was killed after moving in front of the big rig. morning commute nightmare on an east bay freeway as a big rig fill weekend bacon caught fire. on 580 just before 6:00 this morning. two hours after the big rig caught fire this happened at north flynn road near livermore. the driver was able to get out quickly and no one was hurt. almeda county fire tweeting out these pictures of all that is left of the scorched big rig. only one lane, the left rain is still closed, still no word on what caused the fire. an investigation is under way after annex motion in a motor home left two people dead and two others injured around 4:30 this morning near south first street and west cherry
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street in the city of dixon. a design studio in downtown san francisco has been vandalized, the windows smashed in, the glass being cleaned up this morning at the corner of broadway and front streets, they have noticed a number of transients in the area. no word if anyone has been arrested. and this just in, teachers in dublin have voted to authorize a strike that's if the union doesn't reach a contract deal with the dub lick unified school district. the bay area will be represented in the ncaa tournament once again this year, the st. mary's gayles are on their way to hartford, connecticut for their game on thursday. on the campus today for the big sendoff. >> for the 10th time in school history and second time in three se. h ndy et the team is focused after their win
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against gonzaga. st.mary's had to beat ganzaga before january appearance. >> now it feels like there is a game coming in. not only did last tuesday's victory against the bulldogs earn them the title of western conference champions, but it meant the gals clenched a birth into the big dance. >> i can't remember being as excited about a single win, not to say it's our best win it was exciting. >> now on their way to harford to take on the champs villanova, the watch party was more relaxing than in years past. >> our fans had a chance to prepare for the selection sunday knowing that we're in. so it was different and definitely the better way to go. >> star junior, his squad is ready to take on whomever and
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isn't letting villa november intimidate them. >> we'll be confident going into this first game. >> coach bennett says the team knows what to expect from villanova because they have similar styles of playing. preparations are under way at the sap center in san jose where the first round of games are tipping off on friday for the south region, it's uc irvine versus kansas state and oregon taking on wisconsin. in the east region liberty u against mississippi state and st. louis against virginia tech. can you watch march madness right here on kpix 5 starting on thursday. you can find the complete guide to march madness on our website including the bracket challenge, on our website brazilian president and ian counterecory from a stabbing
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to tk to a of maybe a nato ally, greatly advance security and cooperation between our countries. >> sharing similar views on the embattled leader maduro. >> we calls members venezuelan military to end support for maduro who is nothing more than a cuban puppet and set their people free. >> president trump has also threatened tougher sanctions on venezuela saying all options are on the table. annually released documents showing the fbi was lyyear before ichael agents raided his home and office. a search warrant showing the federal inquiry had been going
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fbidcohen's y of 2017. manhattan home and office last april and seized more than 4 million electronic and paper files. cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion and making hush money payments to ey had affairs with president trump, cohen is set to start serving a 3 year prison sentence in may. meanwhile a california congressman is suing twitter and several sweater users for $250 million in damages. u.s. representative devin nunes says the social media site failed to take action account that insulted him, twitter is censoring conservatives. in the past it has denied any political bias or agendas. former house speaker paul ryan joined the board of fox cooperation, his appointment to the board comes as the company is going through some changes in a deal seto close tomorrow. disney will acquire most of
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21stcentury fox. later this afternoon vice president mike pence will travel to nebraska to surrendered the severe flood damage. the midwest is bracing for a new round of flooding as rivers in 40 locations rise to historic levels. demarco morgews from the sky ov the flooded midwest reveal miles and miles of devastation. we took a plane to fremont, a town of 26,000 isolated by the water. volunteers with planes are helping fly in supplies. >> fremont's land locked, they are running out of food so more than happy to help. >> while on the grown, a convoy lead by the nebraska national guard delayed aid to restricted routes. it's good to see the community coming together. bringing in supplies, everyone is helping out. >> since sunday, more than 44000 people have been evacuate from their homes in at least have reached a nearly 200 miles
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of levees. >> 55 years i have never seen anything like that. >> could not come at a worse time of farmers, chapter 12 bankruptcy were up last year, estimated more than $400 million worth of livestock could be impacted by the flooding. >> we just had a short time to get essentials and dogs and us the door. but the important stuff we got, and the rest will have to be replaced. >> many able to return home yesterday discovered they'd lost everything. >> i'm just kind of in a fog, i don't know what we're going to do. but, all you can do is pull up your bootstraps and start over, i guess. >> the national weather service says historic and catastrophic flooding could continue for the rest of the week for parts of the central plains and the upper midwest as a result of heavy rains and snow melt and the mayor in batoarr r fl area stdard s 1
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manot requirement for california students. hours away of the last super superman of 2019. i will let you know exactly when you expect to see that coming up, here is a live look at treasure island camera with clouds in the sky.
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today state lames are discussing possible changes to uc admissions eliminating the use of tests like the sat and the act. now this is in the wake of a college admissions scandal. according to court documents one of the many students tied scandal got into cal after paying a professional test taker $100,000 to take the sates for him. lawmakers are discussing whether standardized tests should be required at all applying to uc schools. >> people with access and buy a better score, the scandal trying to spotlight on the whole issue of the testing industry. scrapping the whole thing and focusing on the old fashion way. >> last year uc officials created a task force to review the use of acts and sates admissions. the trump administration is proposing limits on how much graduate students and parents
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of undergraduates can worry in federal student loans. white house officials included the plan and a list of suggested changes to the higher education act. the proposal seeks to reduce the nation's student death. meanwhile former defense secretary jail mattis is joining the hoover institution on may 1ston the public policy think tank to write about domestic and international policy. and we'll take a quick look at the big board, wall street some gains earlier in the day, not so much at this point only up less than a interviewing pro, maybe even closer to 0, we beck and healthcare taxpayers leading the back for most of the day today. and a daring brain surgery is giving a group of children a new chance at life. kids born with a devastating disorder. >> they cannot walk, they cannot talk, they cannot feed themselves. >> kpix5 has the exclusive
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story behind an experimental treatment pioneered right here in the bay area. can you watch our original report on this life changing gene therapy tonight on kpix5 news at 7:00. get ready for a super moon to bright up the sky tonight, it will be the last super moon of the entire year and according to cna the best way to spot the giant moon is to catch it as it rises. spectacular show out there tonight but i think this are looking quiet. you may not be able to see the super moon, scattered showers will be back in the forecast tonight. sales force tower camera, the clouds, temperatures warming up into the 60s right now. 69 in concord. oakland at 60, 662 at livermore. 63 in san francisco. san francisco at 68. warm across the south bay and santa rosa at 60. beach hazard statement along the coast higher risk of
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sneaker waves so use extra caution at the beaches. heading up to the sierra winter weather advisory for the west slope of the sierra beginning t l tomorrow, for elevations above 6000 feet that snow likely snow falls 6 to 9 inches and then highest peaks up to a foot of snow so possible travel delays. here is what you can expect, mostly cloudy, a dry day, hold off on the rain today. but showers start to move in tonight. it does look wet and cool for tomorrow. by the way for sufferers of allergies it is worse today pollen count 9.5, that is medium high, mull berry, ash oak, tomorrow with the rain the pollen count does drop and likely by the weekend it will be at its height sky high for that pollen count, i'm feeling it, too. here is that storm system that we're tracking that will bring wetter, cooler air for us,
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we're looking at that pattern that is going to change as it o you see the clouds moving back in as we head through tonight, scattered showers begin to push across the bay area, a wet start to the day tomorrow morning and continue with off and on showers for tomorrow in the afternoon. not expecting a lot of rain from .25 to .50-inch of rain. sunset at 7:20, sunrise at 7:13 tomorrow morning. here is that seven day forecast and what you can expect a big drop in temperatures. so cooler today compared to yesterday, but still above average. we are looking at 5 to 10 degrees cooler for tomorrow. it is going to an wet wednesday, the wettest day out of the week tomorrow. unsettled weather thursday and friday, drier and sunnier for the weekend. >> weekend good weather. >> yes. tomorrow bring your rain jacket. new at noon, another grammy
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winning band set to play at the chase center in san francisco on september 10th . the dave matthews band will be playing there. they will be the first time the band has played in san francisco since 2017. tickets go on sale on april 5th. the host of the late late show is bringing his talents back to the tony awards stage. >> james cor done will host the tonies from radio city music hall. he also hosted back in 2016 which had the tony's largest audience in 15 years. nominations for 2019 tony awards will be announced april 30s. still ahead, fossils coming out of storm, a sneak peak before they go on display again at the smithsonian.
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fossils are coming out of storage at the smithsonian natural history museum in wash ton dc the dinosaur hall will have its grand reopen 0ing. so front and center, one of the most complete t rex's in the world and this isn't just
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posing for the cameras, it's chomping down on a trysaratops. >> i am over t rex personally. it's our most famous dinosaur. >> it's a movie star. >> it doesn't need my help. >> fossil hall will feature 700 other specimens. opening day is on june 88th. in london, a team of scientists who are 100 feet underground are not working on the famous subway system, company is called growing underground braining fresh food from tunnel to table. rows of fresh herbs grow year round in this repurposed air raid shelter from world war ii. led lights replaces the sun for the world's first underground farm. >> here we can harvest, we can
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deliver it to our customers, some of them very very in a few hours. >> the company says it hopes to move from herbs to full side vegetables. just a reminder now if have you a consumer problem or question, e-mail us at hotline number 8885 helps you. we'll be back after this.
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a live look right now outside houston where that chemical plant fire continues to burn, it broke out on sunday and is expected to burn for at least another day. at least 8 storage tanks have caught fire. and coming up tonight at 5:00 it's almost spring but the flu season isn't over yet. now doctors are warning about a different and potentially more severe strain of the virus, we'll have that story and more at 5:00. that is going to do it us news at noon. >> ken and veronica we'll see you tonight at 5:00, have a great afternoon. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>> taylor: it was a beautiful service. >> thomas: it was. >> maya: your speech was lovely. >> thomas: everyone said such wonderful things about caroline. >> eric: of course. she was an extraordinary woman. >> ridge: she would have been very proud of you today. >> thomas: [ snorts softly ] i kept thinking about how she would have loved to have been there, hear how much she means to everyone. >> taylor: oh, she knows. >> eric: i'm sorry i wasn't able to convince karen and danielle >> thomas: their memories of caroline are in new york. she was their little girl. they'll feel closer to her there. >> hope: they were so strong.,


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