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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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fighting back at city hall. by throwing an unusual garden party. get umbrellas out the bay area bracing for another round of rain. emergency i.t. work in north bay. >> workers scrambling after students were able to access porn sites. >> reporter: this all happened in a classroom last week week. a second grade classroom at crestwood elementary in sonoma. the student typed in kissing as well as a euphemism for the female anatomy into a youtube search and stumbled upon an appropriate material. >> we have internet filtering that would have filtered a word search of someone was typing inappropriate words they would have been stopping that but
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once you are in youtube you are in a separate environment and that is what we learned and in that environment we are not protected. >> the district is on spring break right now going classroom by classroom to check the internet history of each of the 700 ipads in the kindergarten through second grade classrooms. the district also removing youtube and safari from all ipads as well as blocking both sites from the google chrome breaks the third through 5th graders use. coming up new tonight, we will tell you about additional steps they are taking the make sure students are safe in the classroom while browsing. >> the san francisco district attorney says his office will not file charges against giant ceo larry baer. he has been under investigation for a public altercation with his wife happened earlier this month. the incident captured on sale phone video. a struggle over cell phone with his wife tumbling out of her
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chair. the decision not to pursue charges came late this afternoon. the d.a.'s office saying quote after a careful review of the relevant evidence including multiple videos, statements from several witnesses and the evidence does not support filing criminal charges. he remains on indefinite leave with the team and could still face repercussions. giants telling kpix minutes ago the team will hold off on responding until major league baseball completes its own investigation. new video out of oakland. a recycling truck driver rushed to the hospital after an explosion in the back of his truck. there is video that shows the blast is a drivers making a curbside pickup. you can see debris hitting the driver in the face knocking into the street crusade the back of the truck exploded while it was crushing materials that had just been picked up. >> thankfully neighbors in the
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area immediately responded and assisted him and stayed there with him until emergency personnel arrived. >> the worker is now in stable condition. the explosion happened about 8:00 this morning near moss avenue. the bomb squad was called in. who were word home what caused it. the big story the weather live look at the bay from exclusive sales force camera. we've been enjoying nice weather but in just a matter of hours rain will hit the bay area. the morning meteorologist is joining us tracking it all. tracking the rain on high def doppler. you can see clouds on the sales force tower cam are looking west. here is high def doppler. rain offshore dry for now but again that is going to change soon. widening out you can see rain and snow showers across the sierra and you can see all of that rain offshore. that will
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push into the region. let's time it out on futurecast taking your hour by hour. rain starts to push in tonight overnight into tomorrow. the wet morning commute could see brief, heavy downpours were isolated thunderstorms. a mess of the commute tomorrow morning. we will time-out the rest of the day tomorrow and another weather system right behind that. details coming up. tomorrow morning mary will be back with the latest updates to get you through the rainy commute. the city of san francisco taking aim at e-cigarette makers. wilson walker on the plan to pull the rug right out from underneath them. >> reporter: we are in the dogpatch outside the headquarters of juul, colossus of the e-cigarette industry a company valued at $38 billion and now they are officially an unwelcome neighbor here. >> the district not in san
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francisco and not around young people no place for it all. >> reporter: the san francisco supervisor talking specifically about juul the company not facing what amounts to a dual front attack from his home city of san francisco. one part announced by the city attorney's office. >> san francisco was saying today is the fda, do your job. we want the fda to immediately review the public health impacts of these products. >> reporter: that new legislation would remove e- cigarette products from san francisco store shelves and another piece of legislation from supervisor walton would remove juul from his district. >> want their business out of my district, the neighbors, the community wants the business out of the district. >> the juul headquarters sits on land owned by the port of san francisco. the city does have plenty of authority here and juul's partner with the maker of marlboro cigarettes makes the current situation unsustainable. >> at the end of the day people addicted to nicotine, that
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would have never picked up a cigarette but if it weren't not for their predatory practices in terms of putting products out there that entice young people. >> reporter: juul a mouse, they spoke with a soft camera they did not want to speak on camera and gave us a statement this is all this will do is prevent adults from getting alternatives to actual cigarettes. the statement ended with something of a quip towards the city. they said quote this proposed legislation begs the question why with the city be comfortable with combustible cigarettes on shelves when we know that killed more than 480,000 americper year. that part of the statement honestly speaking towards this legislative effort to get products off the shelves until the fda steps in . they didn't speak so much about the discussion about forcing them off the property owned by the port of san francisco obviously a more personal story there for juul but obviously the city
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determined to make a statement on the point of the cigarette threat as they see it. we will see where legislation goes to be introduced next week. a popular berkeley cafe and target of laptop these has been hit again after 10:30 last night two men swiped a couple laptops from coffee strada college avenue. no weapons were used victims not injured. the cafe has seeing several laptop thefts since the start of the year. >> one or two suspects went into a business, some type of enclosed area and they are looking for the person that is not paying attention. >> the cafe has an excellent security system but also is up to the public to stay vigilant vigilant. surveillance cameras keeping a close watch on cars along east bay freeways. in the wake of three shootings in two days we are seeing with
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those cameras actually see. julia goodrich got a look inside the police control center. pretty fascinating. >> it is. they are upgrading we went inside the control central a couple years ago pittsburgh had a rash of gang shootings. two years later it is a whole different ballgame more cameras and monitors they say the town is covered with cameras. they learned a portion of the video along highway 4 has been handed over to chp to help in the recent rash shootings. >> you can see major intersections are covered. the whole area is covered. eyes in the sky and interconnected system of wireless cameras and microphones an investigative tool after recent freeway shootings. >> is is a valuable tool or do we need more cameras? >> in the city we have found the surveillance system is on
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numerous crimes to solve it to get vehicle description, suspect jack roush can even license plate. >> inside the police station officers can monitor the more than 160 cameras set up throughout the city. the city of pittsburgh is always upgrading cameras. they had city street cameras for a number of years they upgraded and added highway cameras in the summer of 2016. video you see here can be transferred to an officer's phone at any time. >> you've made over 264 felonious vehicle stop whether a stolen vehicle or wanted vehicle related to a subject and approximately over 260 arrests. >> reporter: you say is working? >> absolutely bee real-time video giving crucial permission to investigators and for motorists who dry for a living it is reassuring to know. >> i'm glad there cameras and yes people have issues with
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road rage now days and it can become scary especially when you have children in the vehicle. he also spends a lot of time driving. >> if anything it makes the roads safer or collects evidence for something after the fact which is more likely what it would do if it does anything. each city certainly helping in this investigation. pittsburgh ascended over video they have along highway 4 in antioch and other cities along the way. i asked chp where are we in this investigation. the tale me who they have not made any arrests they are investigating and reviewing all video and welcoming any witnesses to come forward to help with any information they may have as well. >> thanks julia. coming up new rules for targeted ads on facebook. the personal data the company will no longer share with advertisers. a second major ruling against a monsanto weedkiller that could impact hundreds of other cases. >> i wasn't planning on being a
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big publicity stunt. >> the garden party in the north bay that has everyone talking.
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. >> talk about aaron your grievances. >> in north a homeowner forced to cut down his brand-new fence so as he shows us he decided to give the neighborhood quite a view. >> i think it's hysterical. i think it's great. >> reporter: this tea party the talk of the town in santa rosa. >> they are naked. >> weird. >> we didn't plan on a big
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publicity stunt. >> reporter: this beep show on peterson lane is his response to a city order to hack his brand-new fence and have. >> up. >> put those funds together for my dog so they have a place to run. i have two of them and they can clear the fence no problem. >> someone complained the corner lot fence was blocking sightlines of the nearby intersection. >> they wanted me too cut my fence down to see what was behind the fence. >> is make you feel uncomfortable? >> i don't know. >> he reserved a chair for the quote nosy neighbor who complained. >> i like his style and time of adversity he chooses humor. >> reporter: when this local moving company mannequins left over from the old holloway job. >> a joke a lot of people would get very angry about having to cut their fence down so if you are naked party and mallard. >> as for what neighbors think now? >> not one negative response.
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>> maybe the city will look at the ordinance again and change it otherwise there might be a lot of these around. >> the city says fences on corner lots are limited to 3 feet so drivers at the stop sign can see oncoming cross traffic. they told us today that they gave him two options reduce the height and current location or move it back 15 feet toward the home to allow for required setbacks. at least he gave the city what they wanted wanted. >> they got what they wanted right? >> now they are seeing a whole lot more. >> in his defense they were entirely naked one was wearing a mask. >> that's true. >> neighbors think it's funny no restrictions against are in your front lawn. >> made me laugh. >> there you go. >> thanks veronica. >> facebook will pay $5 million
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settlement no joke and change the policy some say discriminates the social media site will withhold demographic information from advertisers that no longer provide zip codes, gender, age as well as political or religious views. the civil rights group say info used to target messages to customers could also be used to discriminate. facebook says the new policy will be in play by the end of the year. a federal jury in san francisco concluded that roundup weed killer was a substantial factor in causing a sonoma county man's cancer. today the unanimous verdict came in the case of edwin hardiman. the trial will now move to the damages phase. plaintiffs attorneys say it could help determine the fate of hundreds of similar lawsuits against the maker of roundup,
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monsanto. last year a separate jury found roundup caused non-hodgkin's lymphoma in a groundskeeper, dwayne johnson. firefighters rescued a man trapped on the edge of a cliff in san francisco today. happened this morning off marshall's beach south of the golden gate bridge. the stranded hiker was sitting on a steep ledge about 100 feet from the water. crews repelled down to the cliff to rescue him he was brought to the top and did not appear to be injured. >> mary lee the hardest working woman in television back after doing her stint on the morning show to bring us more information on the rain coming our way. >> ready for the rain? >> no. >> rain jackets, umbrellas. a lot of people -- so nice to have the sunshine but rain coming back for sure. live look taking you out to the tri- valley dublin. clouds back in the sky
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temperatures in the upper 50s in san francisco. mid-60s everywhere else. livermore, oak glen, concord, san jose, santa rosa mid-60s right now. high def doppler dry for now rain offshore. some of this is virga not hitting the surface. tracking rain to push back into the bay area. microclimate forecast off enough rain tomorrow and thursday a mix of sun and clouds. satellite and radar did in the jet stream trough of low pressure bringing the return of wet weather. this is a weak weather system that will bring rain. teibert on futurecast taking you hour by hour. showers begin to work in tonight stopping the clock at 10:00 p.m. rain overnight into tomorrow morning on futurecast here. you can see 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. rain, a mess for the commute with brief, heavy downpours and isolated thunderstorms possible. the wettest timeframe tomorrow will be in the morning. give
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yourself extra time as you had to work and school tomorrow turning to off and on showers tomorrow in the afternoon catching a break thursday and another weather system behind that friday that will bring wet weather as well. in the sierra west slopes, winter weather advisory begins at 11:00 tonight through wednesday. looking at above 6000 feet total snowfall 4- 8 inches highest peaks up to a foot of snow possible travel delays. weather headlines rain returns tonight often on wednesday. short break thursday, good news because of rain the pollen count will be down tomorrow. it will go right back up thursday and looking at lower friday and saturday. that time of year unfortunately. highs tomorrow much cooler. talking five - 10 degrees cooler compared to what we saw today. upper 50s in san francisco,
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oakland 61 fremont 62 san jose 60 napa. below average temps tomorrow big difference with weather. what start to the day tomorrow looking at off and on showers for wednesday, a break thursday, rain in the forecast friday and right now the weekend looks dry with more sunshine saturday and sunday. a during brain surgery giving a group of children a new chance at life. kids born with the devastating disorder. >> they cannot walk, they cannot talk. they cannot feed themselves. >> the exclusive story behind an experimental treatment pioneered right here in the bay area. you can watch the original report on this life-changing gene therapy, tonight at 7:00. a 21 -year-old phenom. what will the prospect make the 80s
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roster? and raiders added a whole lot of punch to their roster why opposing receiver might want to think twice about going over the middle.
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. >> and see a selection committee didn't do st. mary's any favors not only are they playing defending champion villanova, they have to travel 3000 miles to do it. >> not exactly jack out of their minds to fly to connecticut that's okay with randy bennett ready to turn the page on beating number 1 ranked gonzaga last week. >> i think it kicks in now you have a game coming and it happens to be the defending
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national champ you are playing. that is sobering. >> big news for the raiders they signed vontaze burfict, one of the more physical linebackers. he has been fined or suspended 13 times in seven years including a three-game suspension for this hit on his new teammate in 2016. if i am gruden i'm putting their lockers right next to each other rock em sock em robot right? harper's rain as highest played player ended less than three weeks. mike trout has a new deal will pay him $430 million over the next 12 years just under $36 million a year. they began their new season in just a few hours. jesus luis argudo didn't make the trip to japan but only a matter of time until opening day belongs to him. >> would you like to be in the opening day rotation? >> what i like to be, yahoo
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would want to be stupid question who would not want to be in their position. he could bring in the mid-to high 90s, but that wasn't always the case and perhaps why he's so good. >> why are you a bit ahead of the curve. >> honestly when i was younger early in my high school years i was a hard thrower. >> standout pitcher at marjory stoneman douglas high school where 17 students and teachers died, tragically in the second deadly shooting at a u.s. public school. >> i was on my way to the high school, i was going to go live to some batter's eye before i left and i was running late. i was supposed to be there when school got out. and then my coach texted me don't come there is an active shooter. >> the 21 -year-old seemed mature beyond his years. with a bright baseball future. he set up a scholarship fund for his high school to make sure no one forgets the past.
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>> i would be where i am today without friends, teachers, coaches and staff who helped me at douglas. agree she appreciate all the donations in a know it will go a long way to help in the people my community during this difficult time. >> he traveled to japan hoping to get a little more work. he is so close. >> we don't know if he will make the 25? >> we don't. they play a couple games in japan and come back so there is still time to shovel the roster. >> so young so much promise. >> bright future. >> head is in the right place.
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. >> google is getting into gaming. >> a move that could shake up the massive industry. to the ceo announced future plans for live streaming gaming service called stadia. -based and works not only on desktops and laptops but
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tablets, tvs and phones. the platform set to launch later this year. >> should be cool. cbs evening news coming up next. >> here the previews. >> here is a look at some of the stories we are working on. >> the growing concerns in and around houston as a massive chemical fire burns and keeps going. a possible breakthrough for postpartum depression and we take you to the super blown. >> always wanted to see that so beautiful. thank you for watching toght at 60. evening news up next. >> back here on the new kpix five news at 7:00 p.m. ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ let me kick it like it's 1986, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this tuesday, growing worries about a massive chemical asre in texas that's been burning three days with no end ig sight. >> the petrol chemical storage plant continues to burn after a fire erupted on sunday. >> the company said this fire dould eventually burn itself out, but that is not what has happened here. it has actually spread to another part of the plant. f as the floodwaters recede, tingers are getting their first look at the devastation and death left behind. >> a lot of hard work, and this is what you got. >> newly released search warrants and documents about michael cohen. >> it's not good news for the eesident that every single cntion of the campaign finance investigation is blacked out. h i was hopeful for the first time in six months.


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