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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 20, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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giants ceo, larry baer, finds out if he will be charged for that fight with his wife that went viral. >> presidential hopeful character mala harris,tations on the electoral college. plus.
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>> the driver of a recycling truck knocked off his feet by a blast. and a warning about tossing hazardous waste. >> riot buttons in elevators? some state employee want an explanation. ing out of the washington state. a sheriff's deputy has been shot and killed during a shootout with a gunman. this happened about two hours east of seattle. we're told the deputy was attempting to pull over a driver. the gunman was wounded. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. the san francisco attorney sayshe not charging giants ceo, larry baer. >> joe vasquez reports he may not be out of trouble yet. >> reporter: prosecutors have looked over the evident. they determined that no crimes were committed, but that doesn't mean
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the owner of the giants is in the cheer just yet. the cellphone video shows giants owner and ceo larry baer aggressively wrestling his cellphone away from his wife. pulling her out of her chair and onto the ground as she screams for help. but the district attorney said it did not rise to the level of a crime. "after a careful revuft evidence, the evidence does not support filing criminal charges." we reached out to baer through his attorney today. no comment from him or the major league baseball investigation. >> a lot of people may want to say that is not really domestic violence or that is domestic violence. one thing we can be sure, it's not really the way you want to treat somebody close to you. >> reporter: domestic violence victims advocate, kathy black, says she respects the decision but still believes the league should sanction and even fine baer because the incident violates the league's policy on
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physical altercations. >> the public perception is he's a rich owner, he might get away with whatever. and i think there's a danger to that. >> reporter: andrea shorter with the group "do what's right mwell, b" agrees. >> it is about what so message, what are the consequences, what will be the mlb do? and we're asking, challenging and supporting that they do what's right. >> reporter: larry baer has apologized, taking a leave of absence there is precedence for sanctioning, disciplining players for domestic violence even when no charges were brought by thetricey.but g on on so far. >> thank you joe. one more note on this, san francisco's mayor says major league baseball needs to send a clear message that violence against women is not acceptable in any way.
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switching gears, let's take a live look outside. here we go again. get ready for another wet commute. daren, no. >> yes, the break was nice while it lasted. you can see there's a lot going on here. i want you you to watch the last three hours and see where this is coming from. san jose, you are getting it first. for a cleanup look at the south bay, there's enough rain on the radar here particularly just south of fremont. here we are midnight, a few showers working up the peninsula. early morning hours tomorrow, a little more rain. this is what i want to really draw your attention to. that is
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4:00 am. and from 4:00 am on, the steadiest rain is going to get here. the morning commute tomorrow. that's what i want to show you on the complete forecast coming up. >> now to that powerful explosion that sent an oakland recycling worker flying. >> reporter: the driver of a recycling truck is home from the hospital and recovering after something exploded and sent the man flying. a driver doing his daily routine. putting a bin into the truck. the moment the truck starts to crush what was poured inside an explosion. the impact knocks the driver to the ground. >> it was very suddenly a massive crashing noise. >> unnatural, like meth snapping. >> reporter: the driver dazed
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and immobilized. >> it's shocking and horrific to see what this driver went through just to his normal way dayto day routine. >> reporter: cal waste spokesperson says he appears to be unconscious for seven full minutes. authorities arrived and took the driver to highland hospital. a bomb squad found no evidence of an explosive. police later escorted the truck back to cal waste solutions for an inspection but it's still unclear what combusted. >> it's way too powerful to have been a battery exploding. >> reporter: this is a sobering reminder to watch what you put in your waste bin. >> when you place hazardous materials in your recycling container, and you have this compression going from the machines, these sort of explosions can occur. >> reporter: residents here say they're relieved it wasn't worse. a sonoma county man is claiming roundup weed killer
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gave him cancer. agreed. edwin hardman says he developed nonhodgkins lymphoma after spraying monsanto's product on his 56-acre property. following the verdict, his attorney said it is clear from monsanto's actions that it does not particularly care whether its products are giving people cancer. behr, which owns monsanto, said in a statement "we have great sympathy but an extensive body of science supports the conclusion that rond up was not the cause of his cancer." b >> this was the second jury to reach this conclusion. last year a state panel found that roundup caused the same cancer in a grounds keeper. the city of san francisco is trying to snuff out ecigarettes. city leaders introduced a pair of proposals today. one would slap a citywide ban on the oducts leasing city
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property in the future. >> they have people addicted to nicotine. if it worse than for not for their predatory practices in terms of products out there. >> and jewel says it agrees young people should not be using its products. but it's critical of the proposed ban saying "the legislation's primary impact will be to limit adult smokers' access to products that can help them switch away from combustible cigarettes." the city attorney is calling on the fda to require manufacturers to prove their products are indeed safe. me c i the south bay are getting an earful from the community. they say a new state law designed to give them access to information isn't
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giving them answers. >> reporter: some families say the new law gave them hope they'd finally get some answers. when some law enforcement agencies began to fight it, they felt they were back at square 1. >> reporter: it's the body born camera footage of the shot that killed jacob dominguez after police say the 33-year-old ignored commands to keep his hands up and drop them out of view. the slood released a year and a half later. >> why can't they release the records? >> reporter: acc dominguez's aunt, it's the only video released. under the new law, they've made through requests for documents related to the case. all three times, she claims they have been told to >>there w any action, ifhey h any past >> reporter: tonight frustrated
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community members along with chavez gathered with law enforcement leaders including the campbell, morgan hill, and vane vale police chief to the bill. >> police unions have been filing lawsuits against 1421 and hoping blocking people from getting records. >> 4121 has value and will show that we as a law enforcement commune are doing a good job. >> reporter: for chavez she says she may not even read the documents in her nephew's case but she believes it's her right to know how dominguez spent the last minutes of his life. >> the answers might not get what weep. but it's something related to his case and we want it. >> reporter: some agencies are complying with the law. others are fighting it. i gotta tell you, there were a lot of law
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enforcement agencies that showed up tonight willing to listen and talk to community members. campaign 2020. presidential candidate, kamala harris, says she's open to abolishing the electoral college and weighing in on jimmy kimmel live. >> open to the discussion. there's no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who the president is of the united states. so i'm open to the discussion. >> a new cnn poll shows harris has just eight points since december with strong gains among women and minorities. former vice president joe biden leads the pack and he's not even an official candidate. the faa's relationship with boeing under scrutiny tonight and the approval process that put that 737 max 8 in the air. >> a new riot button option on
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your elevator ride at work. workers on high alert. >> a police pursuit ends with dancing and guns drawn. >> and you don't see this every day. one bay area neighbor's sweet revenge.
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after 9/11, congress approved a system that gave manufacturers like boeing more authority to self-certify the safety of the plane. >> i think this was a mistake we made and we're learning from it. and unfortunately, 350 people in the world have died because of. that
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>> reporter: the department of transportation's inspector general found in 2012 that boeing engineers had too much sway over safety approvals for new aircraft. and that managers have not always supported employee efforts to hold b accountable. boeing races to come up with a fix to the software. >> it's kinda scary if they're cutting corners to put planes in the sky. personally i don't appreciate that. >> hives depend on the work we do at boeing. >> reporter: boeing's ceo used a recorded video message to speak publicly for the first time. >> our entire team stands behind the quality and the safety of the aircraft we design, produce and support. >> reporter: president trump today nominated a former delta airlines executive to be the new straerlt of the faa. the agency has been without a permanent
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chief for more than a year. at sfo, betty yu, kpix 5. disney's $71 billion acquisition of fox entertainment was just finalized. it could also mean massive layoffs. as many as 4,000 employees are expected to lose their jobs. one state building is ready for a riot and has a button to prove it. >> reporter: this elevator will let you know if a riot is going down outside the doors. a little inside several elevators. >> it's bizarre. >> reporter: state employees who work in the building say they never got a memo explaining why
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the riot buttons were added. >> what's the idea behind it? >> you're asking the wrong person here. >> no one knew. they done say anything about them. they're just here, don't touch them. >> reporter: the buttons were installed in the past few weeks. >> no one randomly puts a riot button in there. somebody, the powers that be, knows something that we don't know. and they don't want to alarm us. yeah. >> but it's alarming to see that to begin with. >> it is. >> reporter: the building is managed by the state department of general services, which confirms in a statement the buttons were installed as part of "our overall safety and emergency man covering a variety of scenarios." the wording is in the process of being changed.
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if there's a security scare like a riot. >> they've taken the labels off because it freaked everybody out. >> reporter: riot buttons at the elevator ride at work. state employees here are now on high alert. unusual move here. the department of general services specks person also said she was unaware of any other state buildings that had this feature. and she also said that the buttons were not put in place as a reaction to the stephan clark footing protests. >> the department of general services was unaware of any other state building that added the riot buttons. new video of a suspect in a police pursuit in san fernando valley in southern california. he decided to break out the dance moves before then getting cuffed. the suspect wanted for reckless driving led the chp on
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a chase across multiple highways tonight. officers ended it with a pit maneuver. the driver surrendered but not before doing a little dance for officers with their guns drawn. the show didn't do much for his cause and he was taken into custody. a naked garden party is turning heads in one santa rosa neighborhood tonight. it's the homeowner's response to a city order to hack his brand-new six-foot fence in half. jason built it on his corner hot to contain his large dog. after a neighbor complained, the city determined it was blocking site lines at the nearby intersection. >> it was just a little joke. a lot of people get very angry about having to cut their fence down. >> i think it's hysterical. i think it's great. >> the owner reserved a chair for the nosy neighbor. as for where he got the naked manikins,
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he runs a looming company and had them left over. the sea lions on the beach may look adorable but boat owners in newport beach say they are a nuisance. the creatures are getting into people's dock, boats, damaging them, even sinking a few. and the boat owners are trying to keep the blubbery beefs away, turning chairs you want down, even putting up fake owls and dummies. sometimes they call in the hashob patrol to help. but there's really not much else they can do. >> they're cute. >> go to pier 39 if you want to see what happens. >> and keep your distance. sometimes they can get pretty ornery. the real iss is your
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drive to work tomorrow. you can see what's going on on the radar here. ment of rain coming in from the southeast. in the south bay, fremont, san jose, you're on the front lines of this. it's gotten more impressive since then. let's stop the radar. union city to fremont, the heart of san jose. that's the kind of rain you notice. not terrible downpours. but certainly the kind that is gonna get the roads nice and wet already. each though it looks impressive over here, that's not where i want to draw your attention. i want to you look out here. this is where tomorrow morning's commute weather is coming from. if i switch from the live radar and put this into the forecast model, it's able to detective what's out there right now. this stuff is too far out there for any radar to read it yet. it. if we take that really well-organized line of rain now and play it forward, let go to coast and check in on your drive to work
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tomorrow. that's six ainl. good band of heavy rain. let's take it hour by hour. that's 7:00 am. up and down the north bay down to the south bay, along the peninsula. this is 8:00 am. it's still going pretty good. by the time 9:00 rolls around, it's better but still raining. and then things finally quiet down by 11:00. that's the first phase of tomorrow's rain. here comes the second phase. after things quiet down after the morning commute, watch what happens by the afternoon. all of these isolated cells like popcorn. these are isolated showers, maybe even some thunderstorms. they start to pop up across the bay. keep that in mind. the afternoon could see a few isolated storms. this is good news for allergy sufferers. all that rain is gonna dampen down the pollen. tomorrow, you'll be sneezing less. and then thursday when the sun comes out, right back in it again. the seven-day, and'lto's tnoth system coming our way on friday. that one looks like it's gonna be focused mainly on the north bay. and you're gonna need a lot more of all of that tomorrow
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morning when mary lee picks up the forecast. and a very busy morning. wet roads for your drive to work tomorrow. >> never fun after a dryspell. >> timing is everything with
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watch giants baseball through the price of admission. though the price of admission might be a bit steep.
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>> at a new view from the suite level. the cloud club. a new exclusive lounge with sweeping views of the ball park, the bay, and the oakland hills. oracle says the cloud club celebrates san francisco's neighborhoods, culture, and food scene. price tag, $25,000. >> i'm up in the club. one of the splash brothers erupted in the third quarter. it was enough?
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the minnesota timberwolves allowed the most three-pointers in the nba since the all-star
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break. that's good news for the warriors coming off last night's loss to the spurs. warriors up tone. curry around the screen. steps back. drains the three-pointer. watch this ticktacktoe passing drill. warriors up 17. klay thompson in on the action. the three-point. he had 28. splash brother-in-laws combine for 64 points. in the fourth, even quin cook, laid it in. warriors roll 117-107. no woman had nor influence on passing title 9 than tennis great, billy jean king. the tennis great was at usf tonight and told vern glen she'll
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neverstop fighting for equal rights. >> the thing i fought before since i was 12 or 13 is equality. and i viewed tennis as my platform. and that's it. i just continue to fight for equality for every human being. by gender, by race, people living with disabilities, sexual orientation. i don't air. everyone deserves to have a great life and dignity. and we need to be kind and good to each other. and i will continue to fight for that until my last breath. baseball handed out monopoly money and mike trout just passed go. the angel in the outfield has a deal tt will pay him $430 million over the next 12 years. $20 million less than joe latham paid fore warriors team in 2010. a bad man coming to the
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oakland coliseum. raiders have signed. a suspension for a hit on his new teammate, antonio brown in 2016. brown tweeted tonight "just talked to king. ". " >> the raiders needed a little attitude on defense. it's a perfect player for them. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures
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and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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