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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  March 20, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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you can see oracle park in san francisco. baseball season is just around the rain is going on right now. it is wednesday, march 20. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is just about 4:30 am. mary, just like you predicted, i was hoping your forecast would be wrong. >> welcome back, michelle, from vacation. if you missed the rain, you've got it now. you are looking at a wet start to the day. we are watching the weather system move through. you can see moderate to heavy rainfall all across the bay area. it is a rainy start to the day. it has been a while but right when we have our morning commute, unfortunately, that is not the best timing. on high def doppler, the orange and red colors are indicating
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moderate to heavy rainfall pushing across the north bay, it is just pouring this morning. the golden gate, across the bay bridge, the east bay, berkeley, oakland, it is pouring in san ramon. tri-valley from dublin, pleasanton, livermore and down through hayward, fremont, across the rest of the peninsula and for the south bay, as well. it is a wet start to the day. all across the bay area we are dealing with the rain this morning. temperatures are running in the low to mid 50s as we start the day. your weather headlines, moderate to heavy rain, wet morning commute. showers will linger through most of the day today. we get a short break on thursday and rain returns on friday. we will time out the rain and what you can expect on futurecast coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna franco for a look at traffic on this wet wednesday. >> when the rain comes in, we
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have a lot of accidents. we have a laundry list of problems. i will stick with the ones most impactful on the freeways. that starts with a couple of trouble spots in the south and east bay. 880 at 980 we have a crash with the left lane block along the nimitz freeway. let's jump to the south bay right now. two lanes are completely shut down northbound 17. i believe this is reported as an overturned vehicle. there is a lot of activity on scene was chp and emergency crews. we are still in the green. it is still pretty early. if you do take 17, that is a heads up. 101 southbound right at fair oaks avenue. this is the number three lane from the left. that has been there sometime. hopefully they get this cleared out of the roadway.
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northbound 101 is moving okay out of the south bay. bridge. there are slick surfaces, definitely be careful working your way out of the east bay into san francisco and across the span. mateo bridge where traffic is looking pretty good. google was slapped with a fine of nearly $1.7 billion oine vertiniss the thantit fi handegoogle the cefa ar connection wh a the march 1 incident involving
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larry baer and his wife, pam, was recorded on video by a bystander. the san francisco district attorneys office released a statement saying, after a careful review of the relevant evidence, including multiple videos, statements from several witnesses and the parties themselves, the evidence does not support filing criminal charges. so far, there is no official comment on this development from baer or other giants officials. baer is on indefinite leave of absence from the team. advocates for domestic violence victims hope major league baseball will take disciplinary action against baer. >> he is a rich owner. he might get away with whatever. i think there is a danger to that. >> major league baseball is looking into the matter. this week, the mayor of san francisco, london breed, said mlb needs to send a clear message that violence against women is not acceptable. a man claims roundup weekly olar contributed to his cancer and a jury agrees. the man said he developed non- hodgkin's lymphoma after spraying the product on his 56 acre property. his attorneys said that they do not for lee care if their products give people cancer. supp the conclusion that ndup s
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roundup was the support of the cancer. last year, state panel found roundup contributed to the same cancer in a groundskeeper. in oakland, the search for answers after a powerful explion sent a recycling worker flying. surveillance video from a cow waste solutions recycling truck shows the driver doing his regular routine. the crush starts to nocks the driver to the ground. >> there was a massive crashing noise. >> it was like metal snapping. >> it is horrific to see what this driver went through for his normal day to day routine. show that
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the bomb squad says they did not find an explosive and still no word on what combusted. the u. s. department of transportation is calling for a probe into the relationship between boeing and the federal aviation administration. it is in response to two fatal crashes involving boeing 737 max planes in ethiopia and indonesia. the plane's new flight control software may have played a role in the two crashes, which were five months apart. 737 max planes remain grounded after further notice. congress approved a system that gave manufacturers more authority to self certify the safety of planes. >> i think this was a mistake we made and we are learning from it. unfortunately, 350 people died because of it. >> reporter: in 2012, the department of transportation's inspector general found boeing inspectors had too much sway over approvals for aircraft and managers have not always supported employee efforts to hold boeing accountable.
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50 people were killed and 50 others injured in last week's shooting rampage at two moss in new zealand. some say it could've been worse. >> reporter: the man accused of opening fire in two mosques may have planned a third shooting. >> we strongly believe we stopped him on the way to another attack. lives were saved. >> reporter: a 28-year-old australian is charged with murder and additional charges are expected. >> remember the names of the people who were lost, rather than the name of the man who
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took them. we will give him nothing. not even his name. >> reporter: authorities say they are gathering all the information needed for prosecution. >> we would like to do that as quickly as possible, but it must be done as% professionally and accurately as possible. >> as the investigation continues, funerals for shooting victims were held wednesday local time. >> we hold onto each other, we console each other, we support each other. we grieve together as a community. >> everybody is grieving here. from the prime minister down to young children in schools. >> reporter: the country will hold the two-minute silence to honor the victims. >> let new zealand be a place where there is no tolerance for racism. that is something we can all do. >> reporter: i am john lawrence reporting. developing in washington stay, sheriffs deputy is dead and a police officer hurt after a shootout with a gunman. it happened last night near seattle. investigators say the suspect
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was stopped after a chase and got out of the car and exchanged gunfire with both officers. the deputy died in the police officer is in the hospital this morning. the suspect was also shot. local news outlets report that person has also died. home, officers in santa clara county get an earful over police transparency laws. police chiefs in the county joined in the discussion about sb 1421 yesterday. the new state law is meant to give public access to police use of force and misconduct. >> 1421 has value and it will show that we, as law enforcement professionals, are doing a good job of policing our own and holding ourselves accountable. >> some law enforcement agencies have fought the law. rosie chavez attended the meeting. her nephew was shot and killed by san jose police in 2017. he was unarmed. she says she is still waiting for her records request to be fulfilled under the new law. this morning, as the city of san francisco is trying to snuff out e-cigarettes, a pair of proposals was introduced to ban the products an not kick
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juul out of its space. >> people are nicotine addicted that would not have picked up a cigarette. were not for their predatory practices, in terms of putting products out there, they are enticing young people. >> juul says the legislation's primary impact will be to limit adult smokers access to products to help them switch away from combustible cigarettes. it is 4:40 am. after nearly 4 days of burning, raging chemical plant fire in texas is finally out. all the black smoke pumping into the air is still lingering this mor the air ality coerns. we e takinglivelo
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outside. look at the raindrops as we look at the city of san francisco from treasure island this morning. more rain is on the way. it is 4:40 am.
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an update on the massive chemical plant fire in texas. it is finally out. the facility made the announcement this morning after the fire burned three straight days. lauren podesta asked if the air is safe. >> reporter: the fire that has been burning since sunday at the chemical plant in houston is out. as thick him a black smoke continue to rise some 4000 feet in the year tuesday, company officials say they are not sure how long the firewood raised. >> our primary goal is to contain the fire. with that wind and the direction shift, that could set off another tanker.
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>> reporter: earlier today, reports of containment started to emerge. images show the flames dying down, a leak in one of the tanks is believed to be the initial cause. officials told residents there is no measurable air quality problem from the burning chemicals. >> it is really just this contrast of, you know, you see the plume, but the monitors are showing the levels are fine. >> reporter: monitor reports say there is nothing alarming. most of the storage tanks contain gasoline components according to officials. >> they burn a black, disgusting smoke but there are no cut toxins and there. there can be particulates, there may be asked coming out, but those things are the same risks you have in your backyard fire when you get ash out of that. >> reporter: an advocacy group
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warns the smoke could eventually settle. it is now sending in its own air quality monitors. laura podesta, cbs news. it is 4:44 am right now. we know the rain is here. the question is, how much and for how long? >> the wettest timeframe today is right now, this morning. the worst of it is happening right now and as we head to the day, we are looking at off and on showers. it is a wet wednesday across the bay area. let's show you high def doppler. it is lit up this morning. it has been wild with mild to heavy rainfall pushing across the bay area. wherever you are, it is likely raining. mill valley, across the richmond-san rafael bridge and those red and orange colors are indicating the heavier rain pushing across the region. just checking rainfall rates at this hour, we are looking at about an inch and a half per hour coming down. this is some intense rainfall frci acre golden gate in h san dr e tri-as berkeley, down
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valley, it is raining right over you. as we look ahead to fremont, down through san jose, the south bay, as well as a peninsula, san bruno, san mateo, redwood city and down through sunnyvale, you can see the moderate to heavy rainfall pushing across the region. here is a live look from the salesforce tower camera. temperatures are in the low to mid 50s. we have a mild start to the day because of the clour and the rain. here is the satellite and radar view. you can see the dip in the jet stream. this is a trough of low pressure bringing the rain for us. the wet weather is back for sure. as we go through are mourning,
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we are ing at swers turning to off and on showers as we go to the afternoon. we could see a brief, heavy downpour and an isolated thunderstorm as we go through the day. the worst of it is happening right now. we catch a break on thursday and none another weather system roles in on friday. we are not expecting a lot of rain with this weather system for today, anywhere from a quarter to a half inch of rain with this weather system. because of the rain, the pollen count is down. it is a lot lower, compared to yesterday, when it was in the medium to high category. it goes back up thursday for allergy sufferers into the high category and a little lower on friday and saturday. unfortunately, it is that time of year with our pollen in the high category for many locations as we go through tomorrow. a winter weather advisory is in effect for the western slopes of the sears until 11 pm. snowfall 4 to 8 inches and the highest peaks up to a foot of snow. temperatures are colder than they were yesterday by five to 10 degrees. we have below-average temperatures today. 59 in san francisco, 61 in fremont and mountain view.
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we have a wet wednesday, rain in the morning turns into off and on showers for the afternoon, we get a break thursday, rain on friday and it looks drier and sunnier for the weekend. the rain comes right back monday and tuesday of next week. let's check in with gianna franco for a look at traffic. it is pouring everywhere this morning. >> we have a handful of accidents in from chp and some flooding. grab your coffee and jacket and get going. you will need extra time on the roadway heading out the door. bridge. traffic is already stacked up. they have not triggered the metering lights just yet, but we have a couple of trouble spots, one on the upper deck near treasure island. we have the report of an ncident in this center divide. ocking the two right lanes. there could be injuries involved in the second accident. both directions you will see trouble on the bay bridge.
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we are dealing with rain pretty much everywhere. slick surfaces, wet roadways and definitely slow and go. now we are getting reports of flooding as you head into san francisco. the nor 101 at the 80 central freeway connector. it looks like the left lane is affected. stick with your right lanes heading through there. we have a crash north 880 first reported near the 980 connector but broadway is a better locator. one lane is blocked. we have a lot of delays behind do, 6 miles per hour as you go through there. a couple spots in the south bay. we have three lanes blocked, the three left lanes are completely shut down for an overturned vehicle. injuries are reported. there is another trouble spot south 101 a fair oaks. it is in the clearing stages but they have the number three lane blocked. we will look at the commute out of tracy in a few minutes. an rock 'n' roll or
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is canceling shows and the tony awards will name a host. >> chris martinez has your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: james corden is returning to host a 73rd tony awards. he last hosted the show three years ago. he says he is thrilled to be returning to preside over broadway's biggest night. it airs tonight right here on cbs. >> reporter: jerry lee lewis is canceling his upcoming shows, including the new orleans jazz festival. the rock 'n roll pioneer has entered a rehabilitation center after a stroke. his doctor says the 83-year-old hall of famer is expected to make a full recovery. he will be on hiatus from touring at least through june. >> reporter: walt disney is opening the toybox again. the film company has released a new full-length trailer for toy store 4 which features buzz and woody making new pals on a road trip. tom hanks, tim allen and the
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cast of favorites reunite to voice the animated features. it hits theaters june 21. that is your eye on entertainment. chris martinez, cbs, los angeles. mike trout could probably by oracle park. this is what erupted in the third quarter last night. tip-off next. a live look outside, this time in san jose. you can see raindrops on the camera lens there. the rain is coming down. mary lee has more on that and gianna franco has a look at your traffic when we come back
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if you are heading out the door, grab your rain jacket an
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umbrella. you will needed this morning. you can see on high def doppler, it is lit up with moderate to heavy rainfall pushing across the bay area. for all of us, we are starting off with rain. the red is indicating heavy rain pushing across the region. down through emeryville, berkeley, oakland, as well as san leandro, across the bay bridge, the golden gate into san francisco, from the tri- valley down to the south bay and the peninsula. we have a lot of rain over the bay bridge right now. if two separate accidents, one in the commute direction and one on the eastbound side of the bay bridge. heads-up heading through there. we are seeing delays. we have flooding reported it on
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the north 101 at the central freeway connector. here is a live look with traffic moving okay but it is affecting the left lane. stick to your right if you're commuting through here this morning. baseball's regular season is under way this morning. the a's are playing their opener against japan. they posted this video some diehard fans who were not bothered by the 2:30 am start time with a watch party on 12th street. there is another watch party tomorrow morning as the a's and mariners play a second came in tokyo before heading home. >> the games do count but major league baseball's official opening day is next thursday, when all 30 teams will be in action. here is dennis with a look at what else is happening in sports. >> the minnesota timberwolves have allowed the most three- pointers in the nba since the at wasnews for e rriors coming at loss in san antotwnigh ago. steph curry just of25 shootingfound hiythm n
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the words were up 10, steph curry goes around and drains the three-pointer. in the third quarter, the words are up 10. steph curry gets out again around the screen. look there, a corner three. 36 for the gang, 22 in the third corner quarter alone. fourth quarter, 20 points. the splash brothers combined for 64. quinn cook give and go. makes it in. 18 off the rim. the warriors role 117-107. no other woman had more influence on passing title ix because of billie jean king. she was at usf last night and said she would never stop fighting for equal rights. >> the thing i fought for since i was 12 or 13 is equality. that has been my platform.
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i continue to fight for equality for every human being by gender, by race, people living with disabilities, sexual orientation, i don't care. everybody deserves to have a great life and dignity throughout their life. we need to be kind and good to each other. i will continue to fight for that until my last breath. >> good for her. >> mike trout just past go. the angel in the outfield has a new deal that will pay him $430 million over the next 12 seasons. that is $20 million less then the entire warrior team in 2010. that is a bad man coming to the coliseum. perfect is not exactly perfect. he has been fined or suspended 13 times in seven cases, including a three-game suspension against his teammate, antonio brown. brown tweeted out last night.
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the raiders could use a little attitude on that defense. that is the latest in sports. see you tonight. after a couple years of negotiations, talks have come to a screeching halt. that is why unions will be marching it uc campuses across the state today.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. heavy rain is making for a slick morning commute. we are tracking the storm and the trouble spots. some uc workers on strike. it is national kick butt day. this year, they are focused on vape pens. one bay city's drastic plan. good morning. it is wednesday, march 20. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi.


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