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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 21, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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support. the university of southern california attempts to move forward in the midst of the high profile admission scandal. good morning everyone. it is thursday, march 21. i michelle griego. >> good morning i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00 right now. march madness is heating up this morning on cbs. i'm pumped about that. the forecast, not so much. >> today is okay. i like it. >> we have a tough crowd. we have a mix of sun and clouds through the day and a break from the rain today. more rain arrives tomorrow. but check out the superman. a beautiful view of clear skies and the moon is shining brightly. temperatures running in the 40s for many locations. a chilly start to the day, 45 in concord and 49 in oakland. 50 for downtown san francisco and 44 in san jose. 37 in santa rosa this morning. definitely a cold start for the north bay. partly cloudy this morning and
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chilly for many locations. mainly dry this afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. enjoy it because the rain returns as early as tomorrow. a dry weekend and we wi that out on the future cast taking you hour by hour. when the rain arrives where you live coming up and let's check with a look at the traffic. we have delays in the east bay. along 580 through the altamont pass and along the eastern freeway. 28 minutes to go from highway 4 to the maze and westbound 80 because we have a crash. as you head into richmond at cunning boulevard it is blocking the number 2 lane from the left and causing a backup through there. have some patience and use san pablo as an ultimate is sluggish. you will see delays as you work your way from highway 4 as delaysbut the commute overis abou to minutes to go from richmond toward marion and
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san rafael. 101 itself looks good on the southbound side. speaking of bridges, not good at the bay bridge. the metering lights were turned on. in earlier crashes long gone but you backed up to the maze at this point. slow off the a 80 connector as well. better news along 101 and i will have that in the next report. president trump is expected to issue a new executive order. aimed at uc berkeley. he's been critical of the university after this video surfaced showing a conservative activist being punched on campus. kpix 5's jackie ward is live from uc berkeley this morning. >> reporter: president trump is making sure that conservative groups on campus feel the left. in fact he invited a person who was assaulted to speak on stage with him. >> it is as important now than ever to work on campus reform and expose these liberal abuses.
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>> reporter: that was from the conservative political action conference that took place at the end of february. today that the the president saying if you want money from the probe federal government you will support free speech. four past and present members of the college republicans will be at the executive order. >> he took a hard punch in the face for all of us. remember that. he took a punch for all of us. and we can never allow that to happen. here is, in closing, here's the good news. he's going to be a very wealthy >> reporter: the college republicans have invited speakers like milo yiannopoulos
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whose speech had to be canceled due to intense backlash from local groups. that led to counter protests and riots and it is one example of the troubles that conservative groups have run into on-campus. cal reportedly has spent $4 million on offense thrown by these conservative groups to make sure everyone stay safe. in berkeley, jackie ward, kpix 5. new zealand has imposed sweeping gun restrictions in the wake of the massacres at two mosques last friday. the prime minister issued an emergency ban on all assault rifles and military style weapons. lawmakers are drafting a permanent ban. buyback programs will be created for people who on the band weapons. >> the nation witnessed a terrorist attack that demonstrated a weakness of new zealand gun laws. the time for the easy availability of these weapons must end. >> the suspect bought his weapon legally with a standard license. he reportedly enhanced
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firepower with what authorities call a simple online purchase. check in san francisco last night a vigil was held at city hall to mourn the victims of the shootings in a new zealand. people gather to light candles and recite prayers for the 50 people killed last friday. cell phones could be banned in california classrooms of one state lawmaker has his way. and assemblyman from southern california says there are too much of a distraction. kpix 5's katie nielsen joining us from sir francis drake high school where cell funds are already off-limits. >> reporter: last year they actually tried parking cell phones. as kids walked into class they would drop off their phones and could not pick them up until they were leaving. under the bill that was just introduced yesterday, if it passes it would require schools across the state to ban or restrict cell phone use in all classrooms. some teachers say when students are on their phones during class it is distracting to that student and also others around them. those at sir francis drake say cutting funds from class actually made a difference. >> i see a lot more people
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doing work and a lot more enthusiasm for their work instead of just looking at their phone and not doing what they are supposed to. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the california school board association says the organization has not yet taken a position on the proposal. those in favor of this bill say it also could reduce cheating and cyber bullying. live in san anselmo, katie nielsen, kpix 5. the university of southern california has a president as the school attempts to move forward from the high-profile admission scandal. she becomes the first female president of usc. she comes from the university of north carolina. at unc she dealt with an academic scandal of her own and also ordered the removal of the remains of a confederate monument from campus. stick around for cbs this morning starting at 7:00. we will hear from a student who claims she and her mom were
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approached by the alleged mastermind of admi game. marijuana is already legal in california but this morning a new poll showing a growing majority saying that pot should be legal nationwide. according to the general social survey support for legal marijuana hit 61% in 2018. that is up from 57% 2 years ago. it also finds the majority of republican support it. the poll does not specify whether pot should be legal for recreational or medical use. the time is 6:07 pm -- a.m.
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happy thursday to you. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. a mix of sun and clouds, a break from the rain but that will change tomorrow. enjoy today. here's a live look of the san jose camera. good morning to you in the south bay, temperatures in the mid 40s. we will time out the rain on the futurecast coming up. parts of the plains and midwest are underwater following devastating floods and officials say it could be weeks or months before the water receipts. the region economic losses continue to rise as well. in nebraska the cost of flood damage is estimated at nearly $1.5 billion. flood victims have positive spirits despite the devastation. unities e working together to rebuild. search cruise in stanislaus county have confirmed a
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families worst fears. the body of a little girl that fell into a river has been found. 5-year-old matilda ortiz slipped and fell into the river sunday. several people jumped in but she was carried away in the fast moving waters. since then sheriff deputies have worked with operators of the dam to regulate the flow of water. she was found last night to be under the surface. >> we are grateful we could recover her but that is not the way we wanted to have it done. >> we wanted to find her. we wanted her back. thank you everybody. thank you. from of bottom of my heart. >> authorities are warning of the river dangers resulting from the state exceptionally wet winter. governor gavin newsom wants to clean up all contaminated water in the state. as many as -- 1 million
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californians have unclean tapwater and many drink bottled water and use it for cooking. some systems are contaminated. the governor said it is time to charge water customers to clean up the tainted water. >> some poor communities like those i recently visited in stanislaus county are paying more for an drinkable water. then beverly hills pays for pristine water. with respect, this is a moral disgrace and it is a medical emergency. >> the governor wants to impose new fees on water customers and animal and dairy farms to pay for improvements to public water systems. the oakland city council and redevelopment successor agencies expected to consider a deal to extend the raiders lease at the coliseum. the deal would put keep the team in oakland for this coming season and have the option for 2020 f the new laga ium isnot complete. ever proved this would be the last hurdle toward putting the
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lease extension in place. it was previously approved by the alameda county board of supervisors and the oakland alameda county authority. , the live news desk and this is just an. the chase center made a big announcement of the next concert series starting in october. phil collins will be playing on october 17th. they will start selling tickets for that big show on friday. and this is a series of announcements that they have been giving out periodically about the big shows they are planning. the other once we have heard about, dave matthews band, chain smokers, metallica, the san francisco symphony and andrea pacelli. there will be another big announcement coming up at 2:00 this afternoon. someone is doing a good job marketing that because we are all beatty -- waiting with baited breath. do you have a favorite phil collins hit? >> you so many good songs.
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against all odds, su su sudio. >> su su sudio is running through my head right now. easy lover. >> we need to go. >> they are going. >> it is a date. this morning, the oakland a's are wrapping up a two dame series in japan to open the 2019 regular season. >> they wrapped up against the seattle mariners. >> diehard fans gathered to root on their team and thanks to an odd quirk they will return home to play three spring- training games against the giants before the official opening day one week from today. the first round of the ncaa tournament, the men's tournament tips off later this morning. you can catch all the action right here on kpix 5. minnesota taking on louisville in the
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big ten matchup. and second-seeded michigan state looking to avoid the upset against 15th seed bradley. that action starts at 9:00. >> it is not too late to fill out your bracket for the cbs bracket challenge. you will find that and much more on our guide to march madness on i'm going to tell you i'm rooting for st. mary's because my daughter goes there. i will have my big sweatshirt out. >> did you fill out your bracket? >> nope. >> i just printed it. >> nice! thank you so much. i usually just go through the uniforms. >> that is how it works. >> so st. marys all the way to hear. >> they will take it all. good luck st. mary's against villanova. we will see how that plays out. a lot of people are hitting the roadways right now as you work along the east shore
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freeway. westbound highway 4 into the maze you are tapping red lights through richmond. 43 minutes, is your drive time. there is a crash westbound locking at least one lane. a slow ride as you go through there. a lot of brake lights. san pablo avenue may be a good bet. for now that is a good alternate. westbound 580 is you work your way through to a 5 to 680, a 45 minute drive time. that is the commute direction. all of those folks working their way and you are backed up to 11th. eastbound 580 at north quinn we have roadwork. you will see some delays in both directions. the good news is, it eases nicely as you head toward the interchange although we are seeing more volume. that is westbound connecting to 680 and eastbound delay start at north flynn. your drivetimes, 44 minutes and the other hotspot 37 minutes to the maze. how is 4's lighting up as well.
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you will see brake lights working your way into may point. the bay bridge, metering lights are on and at 101, the earlier crash has been cleared. plus we have drive roadways and that will change. here's mary. is nice to have a break from the rain. we're looking at another weather system that will be rolling in for tomorrow. enjoy today with a mix of sun and clouds. this is a beautiful view on the east bay. you can see mostly clear skies and moonlight shining over the bay. temperatures running in the chilly side, cooler compared yesterday morning. looking at 45 in concord, oakland 49. livermore, 40 in san francisco 50. santa rosa down to 37. it is cold for the start to the day. especially in the north bay. looking at mostly clear to partly cloudy skies with a mi of sun and clouds through the afternoon. rain returns as early as tomorrow. first of all we have a storm system tracking in the gulf of alaska that will bring a return
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of the rain. on the futurecast, taking you hour by hour, a mix of sun and clouds and a nice day across the bay area on this first full day of spring. a slight chance of a shower but mainly dry. the rain returns on the futurecast at 7 am tomorrow. the first wave of rain and the second wave tomorrow in the afternoon and into the evening. now we are looking at that pollen count that is high again. medium high today. it was done yesterday because of the rainfall but backup today. lower friday and saturday for allergy sufferers, on sunday it is going to be skyhigh. i want to let you know about that. take your allergy medicine is, it is that time of year. the sunrise at 7:11 and sunset at 7:22. daytime highs are warmer compared yesterday. right around where we should be for this time of year. low to mid 60s for the south bay. santa clara and san jose at 64.
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daytime highs around 63 for pleasant hill. concord, venetia and antioch as well as livermore and pleasanton, a high of 60. 62 in san leandro. daytime highs around 63 for cloverdale. here's the 7-day forecast. a mix of sun and clouds today. rain tomorrow, check out the weekend, it looks great with plenty of sunshine and dryer weather for the weekend. rain chances back in the forecast monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. is dennis with a look at sports. you have your brackets ready, the early returns are in for march madness. we will show you if chris mullins' team moved on coming up. looking outside, look at that the clouds above the city skyline. it is 50 degrees in so with xfinity mobile
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st. marys is the only barrier men's team at the dance. it will tip off against villanova today at 4:20 and before facing the defending champions in the first-round the face the media yesterday were questions ranging from their win over number 1 then saga last week to who sports the best they shall here. >> the big man john parry. he has a nice facial hair going on. don't sleep on me. i'm coming up. don't worry. >> any facial hair responses by the jordans? >> he's being ignorant. sorry. the lights are on and he's panicking. >> former warrior chris mullin,
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leading st. john's against bobby hurley and arizona state. second half, the freshman drives in for the layup, asu had a 16 point lead. two minutes left, the reds cut the deficit to 7 but a dunk and arizona state win 74-65. they will play buffalo on friday. that is the first pac 12 win in 2 years in the tournament. the giant starter drew pomeranz set an rbi base hit and pitched five hitless innings against. brendan bell is red-hot. he was 3-3, three runs batted in and and the giants beat the drive 13-0. bring on the regular season, just like the a's have it in japan. that is the latest in sports, see you on the post game show for march madness tonight on
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the big 5. should cell phones be banned in california classrooms? that is the question state lawmakers are debating after a bill was just introduced yesterday in the assembly. president trump expected to sign an executive order later today that would directly affect students here at cal berkeley. taking a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will help you
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disturbing details on the crash of a boeing 737 as the fbi joins the probe into the problems involving the aircraft. it appears that time is running out on a safe haven for the homeless in the south bay. it is thursday, march 21 good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i michelle griego. the time is just about 6:30 am and we want to check with mary because we have a break from the rain and i love it. >> do you know what you need to do on our break? we need to go up to the tower. what do you think? >> why not? >> we need to take advantage of it. we have a nice break from the rain today. changes coming for tomorrow. the rain is back as early as friday. for today though looking at a mix of sun and clouds. here's a beautiful live look with the treasure island camera. you can see some low clouds but still it is dry. that is great to see this morning compared to yesterday when we had widespread moderate to heavy rainfall. a big difference today looking at temperatures on the chilly side. downtown san francisco, at 50 and 44 in and san jose. i call 37 in santa rosa.
6:31 am
partly cloudy and chilly this morning, mainly dry this afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. enjoy it and get out there. the rain returns tomorrow. a dry weekend. we will time that out on the futurecast. taking you hour by hour when the rain arrives where you are coming up. we have troubles on 880 as well as highway 17 out of the south bay. if those are your choices for freeways, heads up. we start with 17 with lanes blocked both directions. southbound 17 at summit road we have reports of an accident. also reports of a southbound 17 at brush looking like it involves an overturned vehicle. on the senses we have delays northbound and southbound. busy on 17. elsewhere north 101 seeing brake lights as well. right at the 286 and 80 march. stay slow as you get past there. downtown san jose, northbound 280 still doing okay from 680 to 85.
6:32 am
a 12 minute drive time. what a lupe parkway is a good choice, so far no delays as of yet. looking at conditions along 880 we had an earlier trouble spot near the marina. it is clearing, no lanes are blocked but the damage is done. south 80, you will see brake lights heading into fremont. developing this morning, the uc berkeley has launched an investigation into sexual harassment claims against the cal football coaching staff. and a detailed post, the alleged victim said she was continually harassed by multiple coaches. she said she was ignored when she brought it to the attention of the athletic department. cal athletics releasing this statement in response, as is our policy when assertions are made, we we referred it to the office of prevention of discrimination which is responsible for delegating --
6:33 am
investigating these assertions. president trump expected to issue an executive order today and wake of a violent confrontation at uc berkeley. video surfaced showing a conservative activist being punched in the face on campus. kpix 5 jackie ward is live this morning. >> reporter: data this afternoon, president trump is making it very clear that he supports all the conservative groups across the country. especially here at uc berkeley. he invited that person who is assaulted right here on this campus to speak alongside with him. >> it is as important now than ever to work on reform. exposing these liberal abuses. >> reporter: that was from the conservative political action conference at the end of february. today the president is saying that if you want money from the federal government you will support free speech. four past and present members of the college republicans will be at the signing of this executive order. >>a hardnch in
6:34 am
remember that. he took a punch for all of us. and we can never allow that to happen. and closing, here's the good news. he's going to be a very wealthy young man. >> reporter: the berkeley college republicans have invited speakers like milo yiannopoulos whose speech had to be canceled due to intense backlash from local protest groups. that led to several counter protests and riots and that is only one example of things that they have had to go through. and quarter to keep them safe cal reportedly spent $4 million on security for those events. in berkeley, jackie ward kpix 5. a man accused of sending pipe bombs is expected to plead
6:35 am
guilty today. cesar sayoc is expected to plead guilty today. he is accused of mailing pipe bombs to democrats and media outlets in october. none of the bombs detonated. a plea deal today would allow him to avoid trial. a man -- we're following developing news out of texas right now. major freeway shut down near deer park. a shelter in place is in order as well because of a toxic chemical found in the air. benzene, emergency officials held a new cut news conference. you are looking at footage of the shut down. the entire city of deer park is under a shelter in place order. schools are canceled, people are told to stay home and keep windows and doors shots. this is coming from that fire without burning from sunday to yesterday. the fire is now out and emergency officials are urging people there, trying to
6:36 am
reassure people basically there was no threat, no danger in the air. of chemicals from this nasty fire where we had nasty chemicals running. things like nail polish remover, paint and other clues. then suddenly this morning they detected benzene. they don't know when they will be able to lift this shelter in place order and obviously a lot of concern for residents of deer park. a fairly large size city of 34,000 people. back to you investigators in indonesia confirming a third pilot was enabling 37 max plane when it experienced trouble. that pilot was hitching a ride elsewhere. he had training on the 737 and helped resolve issues before the plane landed safely. the next day, october 29 that llg l on board. ed into the sea
6:37 am
meanwhile boeing has been subpoenaed by the u.s. justice department in the wake of that crash and the one in ethiopia this month. the justice department is investigating boeing's certification and marketing for the plains. some analysts say that insufficient training was likely a factor in the crashes. >> it must've been just horrifying in the cockpits of these professionals. you know it has been stated that it should've been a memory item but clearly it wasn't. >> a separate investigation is looking into whether acting defense secretary patrick shanahan violated ethics rules by boosting products from boeing, his former employer. shanahan denies the claim. a new bill just introduced in the state legislature could ban cell phones in california classrooms. kpix 5's katie nielsen is live in san anselmo this morning where one school has already banned phones in classrooms. >> reporter: kenny last year
6:38 am
here at sir francis drake high school they came up with a plan for a parking lot. basically students would come into class, drop off phones and they couldn't really do anything with them until they were leaving class and they were able to pick them up and use them on a break. under this proposal that was just introduced in the california assembly yesterday, by southern california assemblyman, all schools are required to put a similar policy in place to keep kids from using cell phones in class. the lawmaker who introduced the bill is a former school board member and says there is research to show that students learn more when they put their phones away. the billwod noul t >> what we notice is that the kids were distracted by the cell phones more than they were ever distracted by computer screens. >> reporter: supporters say this could also reduce the possibility of cheating and cyber bullying. a spokesperson for the california school board association says the organization has not yet taken a public position on this bill.
6:39 am
live in san anselmo, katie nielsen, kpix 5. a deadline is approaching for san jose homeless encampment known as help village. the facility on brough drive south of minetta international airport provides tents, showers, toilets and services. santa clara county is leasing the property from the city and the lease will be over at the end of the month. the federal aviation administration says the area is not suitable for residential use because of the proximity to sjc. efforts to relocate hope village a plot of land in willow glen failed because of opposition from neighbors. >> i think the city needs to find a solution for them. not in our neighborhood. >> city leaders plan to discuss what happens next on tuesday. the time is 6:39. as icappech lked about wait, xfinity lets me choose from
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happy thursday to you. almost to the end of the work week. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area with a mix of sun and clouds. good morning in berkeley, out to the east bay temperatures, mid-40s this morning. i will let you know when we see the rain coming back and we are tracking the next weather system. the details are coming up. bay area judge will once again have to rule on a lawsuit against the nfl that accuses the league of pushing painkillers. former 49er and football
6:44 am
analyst jeremy newberry among those who sued back in 2014. they claim they suffer from high blood pressure and violent headaches because of all the pain medication that team doctors and trainers gave them to get back on the field. the judge ruled initially the suit was a matter for an arbitrator rather than the courts. but an appeals court disagreed and is sending the case back to the judge. we have learned that an overdose deaths have doubled every year. according to the cdc between 2013 and 2014 the deaths jumped from .6 to 1.3 deaths per 100,000 americans. in 2015 it claimed to 2.6 deaths and by 2016, the stat reached 5.9 deaths. this morning levi's going public again while neighbor williams-sonoma sees and earnings win. >> joining us is financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: levi strauss back in the public waters today. it was last a public company in 1985 before it went private.
6:45 am
levi's has a lot of interest in the ipl. it was overprescribed and priced above the expected range at $17 a share. a lot of interest in seeing what levi will do as it enters the public waters today. and the neighbor, williams- sonoma being shared on wall street after turning in strong fourth-quarter earnings. revenue up 9.5% and more than $1.8 billion. west him was the big winner, same-store sales up 11%. pottery down a little bit and the flagship chain was up slightly in the fourth quarter. good news on jobless claims, the labor department says first- time claims fell by 9000 to 221,000. a flat start for the stock market after yesterday's mixed session. the dow is up by 20 points and nasdaq gaining 16. the s&p is up by two mac shares. williams-sonoma up 2.5%, levi not trading yet.
6:46 am
the good luck to the oregon ducks. they play tomorrow. >> i appreciate it. >> final four? >> what is that? >> are you going to the final four? >> they are 12 city. if they win one game i'll be happy. >> miracles can happen jason. thank you. don't worry if you didn't hit the powerball last night. >> you get another chance saturday and it's getting bigger. the jackpot will be an estimated $625 million. that is the fourth biggest payday in powerball history and the odds of winning, let's say 25,000 times more likely to hit a hole in one. but there is always a winner. >> why not us? >> because we don't play. >> i actually bought one last time. $1.6 billion. >> then you didn't win because you are still here. >> i promise that if i win i will take us all out for breakfast. checking the roadways right
6:47 am
now, it is busy along the freeway. the earlier crash at coming has cleared out and that is good but the damage is done. backed up to at least highway 4. stop and go through hercules and brake lights into richmond. a little bit into berkeley as well. 43 from highway 4 into the maze. bay bridge, loaded up and busy. metering lights remaining on. busy on the 880 overpass and of course traffic is backed up out of the maze, 580 and east shore freeway. 40 minutes as well on 580, 205 to 680. slightly improved for the altamont pass commute but we are in the yellow along highway 4. sing slow speeds. 45 minutes from antioch toward hercules on the westbound side. westbound highway 24, we've got the left lane blocked due to a crash. traffic is pretty busy, as you approach the tunnel. a busy ride in the area. keep an extra 10 to 15 minutes
6:48 am
to get to that delay. east of their we have traffic anyway. slow and go southbound 680 out of walnut creek. connecting from 680 on 224 you will see a slow ride this morning. let's jump to the south bay, a couple of hotspots. one reported southbound 17 at summit road. i see most of the delays for that crash northbound. i will check with chp on the locator. southbound 17 at brush we have a crash with an overturned vehicle causing a pretty distant backup. one lane is blocked because of that. let's go to the north bay. we have a stalled vehicle reported on highway 12 connecting over to 101. that is being cleared but busy on southbound 101 out of petaluma. looking good once you hit the golden gate bridge. a for the bay area. enjoy it. a mix of sun and clouds for today. a break from the rain, that will not last. i will talk about this in a moment but a beautiful view
6:49 am
with the salesforce tower cam appear partly cloudy skies this morning and low cloud action obscuring the view of the bay bridge. temperatures, running mainly in the 40 starting off the day. a chilly start, much cooler compared to yesterday. in concord, mid-40s as well as san jose. oakland, upper 40s and livermore at 40. 50 downtown san francisco and a cool 37 in santa rosa. you can expect chilly temps, partly cloudy and we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. partly sunny, later on today. the rain returns for tomorrow. here's the satellite and radar view. the next weather system we are tracking will bring of the rain and we will time that out on the futurecast. taking you hour by hour. a mix of sun and clouds for today. a slight chance of a shower but mainly dry. ugis on the futurecast at 7 am. you can see the rain beginning to move through. that is the first round. a second round by tomorrow
6:50 am
afternoon. yesterday the pollen count was low because of the rain but it is backup for today. looking at 8.4, medium to high for today. a little bit lower for friday and saturday. but check out sunday. if you suffer from allergies take your medication because sunday's pollen count is skyhigh. our california snowpack, 156% of average. we're looking good with record snowfall this winter. and we are looking at a slight chance of snow if you are heading up to tahoe. new snow at 30 inches for northstar and squaw valley, looking at 108 to 219 inches. daytime highs today,ni t ndwhere we shou. upf rmer compared to erday. 60 in a san francisco, 61 in oakland, 63 in fremont. 64 for san jose and 62, santa
6:51 am
rosa and napa. and nice-looking day today. the rain returns tomorrow, drier, sunnier for the weekend. rain chances monday, tuesday and wednesday back to you. an update on that riot button sparking controversy. >> as fast as it was installed it is being removed. the riot button in the department of tax and fee building is being swapped out by the end of the week. it will be replaced with a new elevator indicator light to alert writers of emergencies. >> it freaked everybody out. i don't know if they can do anything like that in a building that is publicly owned like this. without first warning everybody and going through the union. >> a building spokesperson issued an apology and said including the word riot was an error of judgment. millions of californians could soon have to pay more for water. we will explain why.
6:52 am
we will explain why berkeley students will be at the executive order signing with president trump today. taking a live look outside. look at this, the beautiful moon. is this the super moon? it is 33 degrees at mount backup
6:53 am
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6:55 am
i'm jackie ward on the cal berkeley campus. president trump showing his love for conservative groups at colleges and universities across the country through executive order. he invited an activist who was recently assaulted on this campus to speak on stage with
6:56 am
him. in today's executive order the president is basically saying if you want money from the federal government you will support free speech. four past and present members of the college republicans are expected at the signing of this executive order. the berkeley college republicans have invited speakers like milo yiannopoulos whose speech had to be canceled due to backlash from protest groups. that led to counter protests and riots and that is an event that has been dangerous and lead to violence here on campus. , reportedly has spent $4 million in making sure that events by conservative groups stay safe and orderly. in berkeley, jackie ward, kpix 5. time for your final 5. >> the oakland city council and redevelopment successor agency expected to consider a deal to extend the raiders lease at the coliseum. if approved the deal would keep the football team in oakland for this coming season and have an option for 2020 if the las vegas stadium is not complete. >> governor gavin newsom wants to clean up all contaminated water in california. he says he wants to impose fees
6:57 am
on water customers and animal and dairy farms to pay for improvements to put public water. >> shelter in and derek tark texas. benzene is in the air. several school districts announce classes are canceled due to the air-quality. >> the boeing company has been subpoenaed by the u.s. justice department after two boeing 737 max aircraft crashed in a similar fashion within the past several months. the department investigating certification and marking for those planes. check the prime minister of new zealand has announced a swift legislative response to last week's deadly mosque attacks. the country banning the sale of all assault weapons including assault rifles, military style semiautomatic rifles and high- capacity magazines like the weapons used last friday. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. backs up and sluggish working
6:58 am
your way westbound 580. dublin interchange looking better as you approach that 680 connector but busy coming out of the altamont pass. looking at the golden gate bridge right now, traffic doing okay, a little slow as you work your way southbound out of san rafael. drivetimes at 18 minutes into san francisco. the san mateo bridge starting to low load up. foster city busy off of 880. 26 minutes from 880 over toward 101. 101 out of the south bay is busy. at least 57 minutes. it is going to be a fantastic day across the bay area. here's a beautiful live look to the south bay. san jose, good morning. mostly clear skies and it is chilly to start off the day. many locations in the 40s. about 50 for san francisco, mid- 40s for san jose. through the afternoon a mix of sun and clouds mainly and low
6:59 am
to mid 60s around where we should be for this time of year. enjoy today because the rain comes back for tomorrow. drier and sunnier for the weekend, rain chances unsettles for monday and tuesday next week. wednesday as well. we have some sunshine today and that will be nice. >> i like it. don't forget the first round of the men's ncaa tournament tips off in about two hours. you can catch the action right here on kpix 5. first it is minnesota taking on the seventh- seeded louisville team than michigan state squares off against the upset minded bradley braves. the action starts at 9:00. we've got our brackets filled out. head to our website, for updates. march madness is on. >> i have michigan and virginia in the final -- is that the final two? >> the championship game? >> i thought you wanted st. marys. >> i did want them but someone said no. >> go st. marys! >> march madness, we love it. cbs this morning is ming
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, march 21st, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, indonesian officials confirm a lion air off-duty pilot was in the same boeing 737 max cockpit that averted disaster one day before its deadly crash and the fbi joins the widening criminal probe into how boeing 737 max jets were deemed safe. how the relationship between boeing and the faa is now under intense scrutiny. stunning accusations of abuse against the mother behind a popular youtube channel between her why investigators call her arizona home a house of ho


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