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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 22, 2019 3:12am-3:59am PDT

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> new zealand's prime minister today announced a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines following last friday's deadly attack. the government is considering a plan to pay owners to turn in weapons. ben tracy is in new zealand. >> it's in the national interest, and it's about safety. >> reporter: prime minister jacinda ardern made good on her promise to overhaul her nation's gun laws just days after the shooting at two mosques that left 50 people dead. >> every semi-automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on friday will be banned in this country. >> reporter: the proposed gun law changes are expected to easily pass. they will also include a ban on assault rifles, high-capacity magazine, and parts that convert firearms into military-style semi-automatic weapons. the alleged gunman used legally purchased semi-automatic weapons during his rampage. those will now be banned. new zealand, nation of nearly five million, has an estimated 1.2 million registered firearms, roughly one gun for every four people. in the u.s., it's estimated there is more than one gun per person. there is more public support for gun control in new zealand where owning a firearm is considered a privilege, not a constitutional right like in the u.s. since the sandy hook elementary
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shooting in 2012, there have been nearly 2,000 mass shootings in the u.s., but no significant federal gun legislation. kris brown, president of the gun safety organization brady, says some lawmakers lack the political will to reinstate a similar assault weapons ban like the one that expired in 2004. >> the only thing standing in the way are still too many politicians who feel beholden to the gun industry, and that needs to change. >> reporter: new zealand was able to make change in less than a week. ben tracy, cbs news, queenstown, new zealand. rescues continue tonight a full week after powerful cyclone struck southern africa. the death toll in three countries now tops 550. at least 300,000 people have
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lost their homes in mozambique. more on this from debora patta. >> reporter: where there was land, there is now water. home, village, entire towns have been submerged, and it's not just the floods rescue workers filing against. the clock is equally deadly. it's a race against time to save thousands still stranded. they wait on rooftops or in trees to be plucked from their watery misery into hovering helicopters. others are still stranded in treacherous waters braved repeatedly by rescue workers. people have been left with nothing. as the floodwaters rise, so does the anger of those left homeless. the children are hungry, said porteddo sonia, we have nothing. joanie manuel. "we want food." it's a chant taken up by other displaced residents. "we want food," they scream, and when the food does come, it is a moment to savor and briefly forget the rising terror outside. debora patta, cbs news, cape
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town, south africa. up next our eye on america report. a young man's battle to stay alive while addicted to the deadliest drug in the country. i can't believe it.
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a new study from the cdc found fentanyl-related deaths between 2011 and 2016 increased more than 1,000%, more than 36,000 americans died with it in their system. in tonight's "eye on america," tony dokoupil introduces us to an addict determined to live. >> so this is fentanyl. it's 10 mirams rere. they say the lethal dose for a non-tolerant person is 2 milligrams, so this is enough to overdose five non-tolerant people. for me this is like one dose.
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>> reporter: you've had fentanyl every day for how many years now? >> two and a half years. >> reporter: meet a young man so addicted to fentanyl he lives, works, and even drives on it. >> all the time i've been using, i have only stopped for more than a week twice. >> reporter: we've disguised his voice and hidden his face. but jacob, who started using at 15 after he was prescribed hydrocodone for a bad cough, is far from alone. >> i come from a good family. i work 40 to 50 hours a week. >> reporter: opioid addiction afflicts more than two million americans. >> i keep my solution in this, and this is five doses right here. >> reporter: for jacob, that means carrying a dose at all times and injecting every four or five hours, not to get high, but to avoid withdrawal. >> after i inject it, it takes about ten seconds. and then i feel better.
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>> reporter: when his supply runs out, you may be surprised to find he simply logs online. >> so this is all my order history right here. >> reporter: and restocks using an amazon-like shopping service on the dark web. >> you have heroin, fentanyl, and then your prescription opioids. >> reporter: but federal law enforcement has been cracking down. >> the biggest site had 3,000 listings for fentanyl. this site is the biggest one right now. it has not even 300. it's massive decrease. >> reporter: rusty payne is a spokesperson for the d.e.a. >> we have taken the two biggest dark web drug markets and completely obliterated them. >> reporter: it's been noticed. >> it has been noticed, but this kid apparently. >> reporter: you can stop the 'm wried he's going to be dead next week. >> reporter: jon zibbell has a different approach. >> for the last 40 years we haven't been able to stem the flow of illicit drugs. drugs are cheaper, stronger, easier to get than ever before.
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north carolina. he'd like to help users replace powerful opioids like fentanyl with a milder perception opioid like bufanorphine, designed to treat addiction by controlling opioid cravings. so people who are currently buying their drugs on an online black market wouldn't have to do it anymore. >> that's correct. >> reporter: people going to the corner or the alley wouldn't have to do it anymore. >> that's right. >> reporter: but they're not giving up their dependency. >> that's right. dependency isn't bad. i'm physically dependent on caffeine. i get headaches, but not chaotically. i don't have to go out in the street and steal and rob for it. >> reporter: it means the promise for a normal life for people like jacob, just maybe not a drug-free one. >> when society tallie te him numbers? i
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>> yeah. yeah. i mean, i was a victim of the pharmaceutical companies, but i'm not going to let myself become an overdose statistic. >> reporter: tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. >> "eye on america." coming up here, a "game of thrones" star talks about the secret battles that threatened her life. ♪
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in crash tests by the highway institute for safety, most new pick up trucks earned good scores for driver's side safety, but in passenger-side crash, researchers said most struggled to maintain their structure. five received marnlinal safety rate, the chevy silverado, the nissan frontier, the toyota tundra earned a poor mark. an american figure skater was accused of a cold-blooded move. during warm-ups at the world championships in japan, mariah bell was accused of intentionally kicking and slicing the calf of a south korean rival with her skate
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blade. officials did look at the video of the collision and said it appeared to be an accident. if you love breakfast and a good deal, you should try denny's new omelettes. fresh ingredients folded into fluffy eggs
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denny's new omelette line-up - tomorrow jimmy carter pas ngest livin 172
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days old. here's chip reid. >> my name is jimmy carter, and i'm running for presbew-averaget the 38 years since he left ce, he become aps the most accomplished ex-president he's worked on more than 4,000 homes for habitat for humanity. >> sometimes the work is very hard. >> reporter: he's traveled the world promoting human rights and monitoring elections, and in 2002, he became the only u.s. president to receive the nobel peace prize for work done after his time in office. >> the last 20 years of my life have been i would say the most gratifying of all. >> reporter: he's written more than 30 books and recently taught his 800th sunday school class since leaving office. he's joined other former presidents at library openings and funerals, most recently for george h.w. bush, and through it all, he and rosalyn carter, his wife of 72 years, have been inseparable. at a basketball game on
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valentine's day last month, they were caught on the kiss cam. in 2015, carter was diagnosed with melanoma of the brain and liver. >> i was prepared to go, but things turned out for the better. >> reporter: he told stephen colbert last year he said aside old animosities toward political enemies. >> you've outlived most of them, i'm guessing. >> that's another secret to my success, yes. >> reporter: jimmy carter, the energizer bunny of former presidents. chip reid, cbs news, washington. that is the "overnight news" for this friday. for others check back later for the morning news and "cbs this morning.
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♪ this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the overnight news. i'm michelle miller. the justice department has issued subpoenas in a boeing 737 max aircraft. two of the brand new planes that dropped from the sky in the past five months and several probes are looking at how the plane was marketed, sold and certified. >> reporter: more than a week into the ground of the 737 max the focus is increasingly on boeing. the fraud unit subpoenaed documents related to 737 max approval process.
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>> these kind of cases hinge on what did boeing know? who did they tell about it? >> reporter: it's likely to be a target of a oinvestigators. the "seattle times" said it repeatedly -- >> if there is any kind of documentation they knew there was a problem and either didn't resolve it or didn't reveal that, that could put them in jeopardy in terms of a possible criminal violation. >> and the company will no longer charge airlines for a warning light, like the one believed to have set off the lion air acciden previously it was a expensive it
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extra. and they tell us while they have to negotiate for the price, it's about $80,000 a plane for that indicator light. they're go stoog release a li epreliminary report in eight to ten days. benjamin netanyahu will likely have a smile on his face when he arrives in washington next week. president trump announces he wants the united states to fully recognize israeli sovereignty. >> reporter: prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the middle of a tough reelection fight, thanks president trump for the area seized in war.
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>> i've been thinking off doing it for a long time. no president has done it. >> it's not about netanyahu's reelection? >> i wouldn't know anything about that. the u.s. has released it and thousands of syrians still live there. but the win is win for netanyahu. he face as possible criminal indictment. he's sought to capitalize on his close wp with trump. to sway conservative voters that have steered the decisions to move the u.s. embassy to jucan ruse lm. today secretary of state mike pompeo obecame the highest ranking official to tour the western wall along side the prime minister.
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yet another disputed site. now making policy decisions in a way that could effect the outcome of the u.s. allies election is questionable for many diplomats. buts it's popular with president trump's own evangelical supporters. there is a glimmer of hope in the battle against opioid addiction. fatal drug over doses peeks last year. the bad news is millions offed a acts are finding ways to use their drugs and still function in society . >> so this is fentanyl. it's 10 milligrams right here. they say the lethal dose for a nontolerant person is 10 milligrams. for me this is like one dose. >> you had fentanyl in your
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system every hour of every day for how many years? >> two and a half years. >> he lives, works and even drives on it. i've only stopped for more than a week twice. we've disgsed his voice and hitten his face. but he started using when he was 15 when he started using hydrocodone. >> i am from a good family. i keep my solution in this and this is five doses right here rp not to get hot but to avoid withdrawal. >> after i inject, it's about ten seconds and then i feel better.
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>> he may be surprised to find he simply logs online and restocks using an amazon service on the web with. >> but federal law enforcement has been cracking down. right noge it's a massive dekreesz. >> and we've taken the two biggest dark web drug markets and completely obliterated them. sglirlts been ♪sed. >> by this kit kid apparently. >> i'm worried he's goex h has a difrent approach. t la
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folks. >> heed users replace with a prescription opioid by controlling craveings. >> people buying on black market. people going to the alleyed withvent to anymore. >> and the in the we know about it dependency. i'm pidsically dependent on caffein but i don't have to dpe in the street and steal and rob for it. it means the promise oaffnormal life for people like jacob. he says they couldemt opioid fo. >> do you include yourself in those numbers?
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this is cbs overnight news. the supreme court will decide the case of death penalty. curtis flowers has been tried six times for a quadruple murder he insists he did not commit. the recent convections were tossed out and two trials ended in hung jury. >> for 30 yeahe supreme no remove people based on their race. they say that's exactly what happened in six different trials. were overturned or ended in a mistrial. >> the justices said they were
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dut disturbed and troubled by the prosecution of curtis flowers, sentenced to death for execution style murders of four pipal. all six were prosecuted by district attorney doug evans who eliminated all orrall noes all of the perspectival black jurors every time. last year the pebody award-winning podcast "in the dark" finding the 61 of 72 jurors in the six trials who were white and every white juror voted guilty. >> that i will answer definitely. no question at all. >> they said we're confident the
3:42 am
right person is behind bars. >> doug evans begallon jury selection with an unconstitutional end in mind. flowers was convicted and the state 340e89 were striking inperspective it black jurors. so they're going to be starring. you can't believe someone's going to be favorable. and he suggested both sides had race on their mind. and that's because that's that were left. prosecutors evans has struck all but one of the black jurors.
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a giant can sculptor is drawing it attraction from artists we took a walk inicide his work centerpiece of the largest and most expensive private real estate dp government in american history. vessel was unveiled this past week. the sculptor in the middle of hudson yard. a vast new 16-building conference on the west of manhattan. the honey comb flight of fantasy is made of154ligh o
3:44 am
d ved hoat you s six yearsorki getting to it like this? >> its rar funny thing. and as a child i thought how do people stay committed to an idea? >> reporter: the first pieces were laid in raise four years after hethy wick had first manled. first time? >> yes. >> reporter: that summer heather wick flew in to check on the progress, inspecting his creation withlmost feelt for you? >> the biggest thrill.
3:45 am
>> kind of the big city. >> not something that they just look at. >> the heather wick studio in london with its team of 200 architects and designers. >> it would then be able to get all the way around. redesign the classic london bus. created a draw bridge that rolls down and constheed coldn are for the 20 twelve olympics. w do something if it alady exists? >> and heatherwick has another
3:46 am
new york project in the works. a park and theater in the hudson nile. the developer of hudson yard, steven ross with the designer. >> the 78-year-old billionaire who owns the miami dauchblz first saw the proposal and was sold instantly. they wouldn't come to new york. >> and it's going to cost how much? >> that alone was over 150 million. >> the 87 carbon steel pieces that makeupssel, that were fabrics at a plant in italy.
3:47 am
then shape to the u.s. that it was sent. from the dock they were driven at night. >> 150 feet high. >> the heather wick studios point man took us to the very top. >> why is it i don't feel like i've climbed 15 stories, kbauz he's not. it the stair cases get shallower. like a park but taller. >> tickets are free. but entry will be limited to seven 00 voters at a time. >> it's a relief. i suppose we can't predict how people are going to use it.
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llo yr fairgodmother,. a fabric softener too.[thr] oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too! ♪ introducing new degree stay fresh. ultimate freshness... new scents you'll love new degree stay fresh with motionsense. degree, it won't let you down. . the united states marine corps already has one of the toughest training camps in the world. they're taking boot camp to the 21st century. >> this may not look like the kind of place you're training marines. but a new gen are preparing for
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modern warfare. they're welding and building robots and drones. some of that stuff you can buy online and rid up in the field. this is not the thirt ward they expected to be fighting in but this so-called sumo robot competition is effecting them to go to haundo. the traping course designed to 250i678 marines how to use the latest technique yet - >> veteran brad haul zaeriated the program. and like weldling.utting and 3d printing.
3:52 am
those in the field to solve their own problems. french that would have taken six to replace. you tix fixed it and they totally work >> this is artweeno robot. >> staff sarnlant is an explosive ordinance disclosure technician. >> i just need to peek in there. i can do , on my own, program it right there. kpabtly wh
3:53 am
not knowing this is going to put you behind. >> groups have used them to play with drones and even drop bombs. >> we always talk about the marines where you have to improvise and innovate. >> improvise, react and overcome. >> a massive earthquake, absolutely catastrophic. >> the marines are give an similated demaster relief program. they'll need to use the technology they've learned friendship >> you now have to drive your it vehicle. nen your drone operators step in and deliver their surprise.
3:54 am
>> one family hits a road bump. a camera they trained to survey the room goes down. did you learn this week you can apply to it spur of the moment >> it didn't work. >> cowell this marine macgyvers. >> exactly. it is using modern tree. >> and that's the future of warfare. >> yes, it is. now brad halsey and his team are
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rolling out oaround the school.
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two british scientists say they may have solved a murder mystery 130 years in the making. the identity of jack the ripper. in 1888 the notorious serial killer murdered five women and mutilated their bodies. >> the savagery of his crimes terrorized the residents of london. no one was ever charged. now more than a century later, modern technology may have unmasked the killer. >> reporter: few criminals have captured the world's imagination like jack the er >> a different breed of killer. >> reporter: this is believed to
3:58 am
be the last pieces of physical evidence left from his killing spree. two biochemists said they detected the dna of meadows. they found a semen stain they believe came from 23-year-old polish barber who, a that the te was a prime suspect. >> i think the fact that there are two signatures from descendants increase this is confidence we're looking at something which is real. >> the co author saying the se contained genetic material children only inherit from their children. and he orinlinally disclosed the finding in his book, naming jack
3:59 am
the ripper. >> proof that absolutely fits like a jigsaw puzzle. dr. stanley nelson said the dna case is strong but not completely ironclad. they're not identifying a unique person. 1 in 50 to 1 in 100 vehicles have this mite ocond real type. >> he died in an asylum. their orig aim was not to learn jack the ripper's identity but to see how long they could stretch modern scientific techniques in samples over 100 ars ol for others check back a bit later for the morning news and of course "c from the broadcast center right
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here in new york city, i'm michelle miller. captioning funded by cbs it's friday, march 22nd, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." safety feature. a major change by boeing for it. it's one of the world's most-disputed territories, now president trump declares the golan heights belongs to israel. the political fallout. and sending the wrong message? president trump's son-in-law jared kushner investigated for


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