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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 22, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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the company sets a new safety standard. it is friday, march 22nd. i'm kenny choi. to head right over to mary lee for the conditions outside because it's raining but we're glad it's not going to last too long. >> just today. we are looking at drier sunny weather for the weekend. before he time for saturday and sunday to get out there. we have the rain. perfect time for saturday and sunday to get out there. so grab your rain jacket out the door today. you can see moderate to heavy rainfall. the yellow and orange indicating that from glen ellen, santa rosa, petaluma, it is a wet start to the day for you. marinwood, san rafael, right over the richmond/san rafael bridge. over the bay bridge to the east bay from berkeley, alameda, oakland, san leandro, hayward, union city, fremont, it is pouring over you. the peninsula san bruno, san mateo, through redwood city,
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palo alto, and even into the south bay. our second round every rain will bring steady rain this afternoon. so one round of rain this morning. a second round later today. we'll take you hour by hour as we time out this weather system with the rain coming up. >> this vehicle is along 101 in san francisco. the southbound side of 101, right near ninth street. that fire is out but we are seeing smoke in the freeway and you have fire crews on scene.
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still slow. delays for spectator slowing and in case they do close another lane to tow that vehicle out of there, again, so two right lanes were blocked at one point but looks like we upl the backup is on 280. here's a live look at westbound 80 coming off the bay bridge right at the sky way just as you pass fremont. we are seeing some stop and go conditions. backed up at the bay bridge. metering lights are on at the toll plaza. an earlier crash west 80 at 580 is cleared out of lanes. still delays at 37. an accident here right at harbor. it's over to the right shoulder but a slow ride as you approach the scene. back outside to the gowher drivers could face a n10 kpixatie nieen is live atol m elas new prosal.
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reporter: so if that plan is approved later this morning, it means the trip across the bridge in 2023 would go up to $9.80. we know that a lot of commuters from the north bay use the bridge every day. and so for a commuter making the trip five days a week, it would be an increase of almost $100 there are many, many commuters that are using the bridge every, single morning to get to work get into the city. and if this is approved, it would take the annual toll cost up by about is $100 for the commuters. the golden gate bridge authority says they need to increase the tolls to make up a $75 million budget shortfall over the next five years. they also want extra funding to expand services since most mornings the ferries are already at capacity. the plan includes buying new ferries and also expanding the service from larkspur but some commuters say it's not fair to keep putting the pinch on drivers.
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>> seems like a lot of money to me to cross improve the quality rvice, and the roads, but as you can see, throgs a lot of potholes. >> reporter: if the five-year toll hike is approved it would go into effect july 1st and raise the toll 25 to 30 cents every year for five years. drivers using fastrak would still see a $1 discount on the toll. now, board members are set to vote on this proposal this morning at 10:00. and, of course, we'll keep you updated on kpix 5. live at the golden gate bridge, katie nielsen, kpix 5. and i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. a live look right now in missouri, this is in st. joseph and you can see significant flooding er around the midwest. the great plains and some of the lower southern states right now. this is after we got feet of snow throughout the winter a
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brutal winter all of that snow now melting after several days of heavy rain. we are looking at flooding warnings in many of those states. in fact, nearly two-thirds of the country is facing an elevated risk of flooding right now through may. i was in wisconsin last weekend and saw significant highway flooding. this is something that's going to be the entire nation is going to be dealing with over the next few months. back to you. boeing is taking steps to address concerns about the airworthiness of its 737 max jetliners. since october the plane has been involved in a pair of deadly crashes that claimed 346 lives. going forward, all "737 max" models will include a system that warns pilots of a sensor malfunction. that system had previously been optional.
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sources telling cbs news that the justice department's fraud unit subpoenaed documents, records and data concerning the approval process for the "737 max." this morning, the jet remains grounded worldwide. santa clara county supervisor dave cortese is proposing changes to the county's policy on undocumented immigrants in the wake of the bambi larson killing. larson was stabbed to death last month at her home in san jose's blossom valley area. police later arrested carlos eduardo carranza described as an undocumented immigrant from el salvador with a criminal history. federal immigration officials say they previously sent the county six civil detainer requests for deportation proceedings, all were denied. cortese says i.c.e. should obtain warrants so the county can legally hold inmates past their release date. >> detainers are not something that we can do here. we can't do holds. no law enforcement agency is
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supposed to doing those under federal law. >> cortese wants the county to create a list of felonies and misdemeanors that will prompt the county to notify federal agencies when undocumented immigrants are about to be released from jail. a lawyer in the ghost ship warehouse fire case is asking for a trial delay because of newly discovered evidence. jackie ward has more from oakland. >> reporter: we don't know what this new evidence is. and the defense attorney says he has a lot of other cases that may take his attention away from this one. derick almena and max harris are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire that killed 36 people in a warehouse on december 2nd, 2016. since that date, it's been a lengthy court process as expected. last september an alameda county superior court scheduled the trial to begin april 2nd. earlier this year a gag order was ordered preventing all those involved from speaking to the attorney.
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from speaking to the media. harris' attorney filed a motion saying he wants to delay the trial for 180 days to give him time to look at what he called recently discovered facts which considerably impact defense strategy. he says, quote, the first issue cannot be discussed publicly or shared in detail with the public or prosecution as it would impede mr. harris' defense, involve improper disclosure of my defense work product and could interfere with my investigation if specifics were reported to the media. that hearing for the potential delay is scheduled at 9 a.m. this morning. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. this morning, police in san mateo want to know who set a bunch of garbage bins on fire. you can see a flash of fire at the top of your screen there. fire crews found the burning cans threing a builavenue
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yesterday morning. offireidg ese rveillanin thallee e fi yave aninfoatn, san mce depant co up, an update in the college admissions scandal. this morning another coach has been sidelined. >> plus, new numbers on the price of bay area homes. this morning, the one area seeing a surprise decline. >> we are tracking a cold front bringing the rain this morning. we have round 2 later on today. we'll time it out for you on futurecast taking you hour by hour and i'll let you know if this rain will stick around for the weekend. coming up. >> and a vehicle fire slowing things down through san francisco. we'll have an update on the lane closures and what it means for your commute at so with xfinity mobile
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the rain is back. we're tracking it for you on hi- def doppler. one area i want to highlight the east bay. moderate to heavy rainfall from
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hercules, richmond, berkeley, oakland as well as for a enchin through danville. we'll talk about how long the rain will last and time it out on futurecast coming up ucla's men's soccer coach resigned in the wake of the college admissions cheating scene. jorge salcedo was charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering. prosecutors say he made $100,000 in bribe money after he got two students in ucla for soccer recruits. neither played the sport. the raiders will play football in oakland next season. the city council approving a deal to extend the team's lease at the coliseum. the raiders will pay $7.5 million in rent this upcoming season for the coliseum and the practice facility in alameda. the team also has a $10.5 million option for the 2020 season if their new stadium in las vegas is not finished on time. new this morning, it's a rare slip when it comes to home
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prices in pricy livalley. destra housing sajose, prices went down a bit in the fourth quarter of 2018. the median home price in santa clara and san benito was $1.14 million compared with $1.19 million the previous quarter. the median rent was $2,682 a month. >> you never know. those can go right back up as spring and summer approach, right? >> especially in the bay area. >> yeah. >> it's so true. >> always going. speeds going up in probably not. >> not in some spots, unfortunately. not in san francisco. you know, i do have some good news, the earlier vehicle fire south 101 at ninth is cleared out of lanes. they have it over to the right shoulder all lanes are now open. actually kind of pulled off here, that u.p.s. turnout there. but the damage is done. you can see slow speeds in our live shot here. this is south 101 just past 9th. so it is recovering. and, of course, it's going to back up your drive on 80, as well. we are going to see some slow
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and go conditions there. you can see in our live shot here, this is westbound 80 coming off the skyway, coming off the bay bridge right at fremont. so you have some slower speeds in the area, also. so expect a busy ride coming off the bay bridge. you're busy anyway coming out of the toll plaza. so sluggish conditions there. you can see a lot of red here on our maps. so it is a slow ride as you commute out of the east bay into san francisco by the bay bridge. live look at the toll plaza. you can see traffic is backed up. you're slow coming out of the maze this morning. we have some raindrops here on our lens so you also are dealing with some slick surfaces and wet weather. so definitely give yourself some extra time as you hit the roads this morning especially through this portion. traffic is busy as you head through there. all right, taking a look at conditions through the ssweartt a new crash westbound 580 rih n it like ti to sewhw earlier because of that accident. now you're backed up on the 205 itself. so slow there, eastbound we are seeing delays also due to
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roadwork. your drive times 37 minutes from 205 to 680. looks like the eastshore freeway commute is starting to get busy, as well. 26 minutes here as you commute from highway 4 towards the maze. we are seeing a lot of brake lights on the eastshore freeway coming out of hercules and again as you work your way through richmond. and it is slick out there. here's mary with more on your rainy forecast. that's right. the rain is back in the bay area. we are tracking it all for you on hi-def doppler. you can see it is lit up this morning. so a big difference compared to yesterday. hopefully you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. we have the rain today. santa rosa, rohnert park, petaluma, the north bay, down to novato, napa, vallejo, pouring over marinwood, san rafael, mill valley, sausalito, across the richmond/san rafael. you can see the yellow and orange indicating moderate to heavy rainfall pushing across the region. for the rest of thea bay, martinez, walnut creek, alamo, it's just raining out there.
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.75" an hour so that's moderate to heavy rainfall come down. for the golden gate inomlirain across the bay bridge. east bay moderate to heavy rainfall hayward to fremont and for the rest of the south bay from milpitas down through the east foothills and san jose. just where getting the rain. so grab your umbrella and rain jacket. we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s and a wet "salesforce tower" camera showing the raindrops on our live camera. here's what you can expect. rain moves in this morning. we are looking at a second round of rain for this afternoon. widespread rain, could see brief heavy downpours but for the weekend, it looks great. so perfect timing for our weekend with drier sunny weather ahead. here's an area of low pressure dropping a cold front our way and that's what's bringing the rain for us. let's time it out for you on
6:18 am
futurecast hour by hour. so through the rest of the morning, here at 8 a.m. you can see rain. second round of rain for the afternoon. stopping the clock at 4 p.m., looks wet for the evening, as well. but then check out tomorrow morning. just a few lingering isolated showers but we are going to clear things out for the rest of your saturday and especially for sunday. it looks sunny and beautiful. the pollen count is down because of the rain and creeps up back up for saturday and especially for sunday. we'll see the pollen count levels just sky high for sunday. and down for monday because of the rain. daytime highs today on the cool side. below average for this time of year. upper 50s in san francisco, 60 oakland, 62 fremont, 63 san jose, mid-50s for santa rosa. by if you are headin to the coliseum for sunday, the giants taking on the a's, we are looking at mostly sunny skies, 1:05 for the first pitch, looking at mid-60s. so a dry r through next
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week. now here's dennis with sports. who wants to go dancing? only one local men's team made it. could saint mary's pull off another upset over villanova? tip-off next. >> and taking a live look outside this time at the bay bridge from our camera high on top of the "salesforce tower." we'll be right back.
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the last time randy matched
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up with jay wright the gaels knocked off nova on their way to the sweet 16. nothing sweet about last night. long line of nova fans waiting to get into making a 200- mile trip from philly. final minute of the first half, gaels fitts and they led 30-28 at the half. but the wildcats woke up in the second half. fitts coughs it up led to a jam by jermaine samuels. nova takes the 7-point lead. over five minutes left now, 3- point cat lead, phil booth, he had 20 points. he could score and he can distribute. finds crosby roundtree for the slam. and villanova won 61-57. they will face perdue in the second round while the gaels are headed home. >> we felt going in we were going to have to grind with them and couldn't change the tempo. we had to be disciplined enough to grind.
6:24 am
wish it didn't have to be that way but that's why they are so good. >> hopefully we'll be able to score it easier next year. a lot to be proud of, of this group and leadership and their -- stick with itness and staying together high character so proud of them. for the first time in two years, the warriors didn't have a player score 20 points. but that didn't slow them down against the indiana. andrew boggan making his return to oracle with a standing ovation from "dub nation." big night for the demarcus cousins. he missed the last two games. he scored 19. late second quarter draymond green to andre iguodala for the slam. iggy had 11 off the bench. warriors led by 10 at halftime. final seconds of the third, steph curry stepped back three at the buzzer of course. warriors had 6 players score in double figures. and they won 112-89 over the pacers. a's and mariners in tokyo.
6:25 am
ichiro announcing this is it. my career is over. tied at 4, 12th inning, bases got them out of the inning but profar threw it away. 5-4 seattle. the a's 0-2. ron burgundy in the booth calling sharks and kings in l.a. 8 minutes left tied at 2, puck to kopitar takes it in for the go ahead goal and kings win 4- 2. san jose is now five points hide calgary for the best record in the west. day 2 of march madness today. we'll see a long with dan belluomini after all the coverage on "the big 5". i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. and the south bay has had some main sports events this year. today in downtown san jose, the "s.a.p. center" hosting several first round games in the ncaa tournament basketball tournament. action starts at 11 a.m. with uc-irvine, the anteaters,
6:26 am
taking on kansas state. versus me followed by oregon, virginia tech. an almost $10 toll to cross the golden gate, that's what board members are voting on this morning. details coming up. >> and taking a look at one of our traffic cameras, the rain on the lens. rain coming down hard right now. we'll be right back. show me the crown.
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i know at 6:30, would you pay $10 to cross the golden gate bridge? well soon, you may have to. >> and the young man convicted of killing a bay area paramedics will be sentenced today. the loophole that may open up
6:30 am
an option for parole. fridmarch 22good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 6:30. we want to head right over to mary lee with a look at our current conditions. storm watch, that means rain. >> music! >> just like that, the rain is back. but at least the weekend looks great. so this outdoor plans you might have for saturday and sunday, we'll have that sunshine, a fans weekend ahead. we have to get through the rain today. hi-def doppler and it is lit up this morning with the rain tracking a cold front across the bay area, triggering the rain for us and st. helena, yountville to napa, vallejo, santa rosa, rohnert park, petaluma, novato, as well as down through hercules, benicia, concord, walnut creek, martinez, it is just pouring for you right now. three quarters inch per hour so it's coming down across the
6:31 am
golden gate into san francisco, bay bridge, berkeley, oakland, alameda, hayward, san mateo, san bruno, palo alto, and even for the south bay, as well. los gatos. so pretty much everyone getting that wet start to the day. so the rain moving in, we have a second round of rain this afternoon and for this evening. we'll have sunshine on the weekend. the full forecast is coming up. we are seeing rain on the lens so slick surfaces wet weather out there so careful as you hit the roads. busy across the upper deck. we had a trouble spot in san francisco causing a trickle effect on 80. southbound 101 at ninth.
6:32 am
a vehicle fire at one point two right lanes blocked but everything is now over to the right shoulder. we are seeing things improve just a little bit but still slow coming off that skyway so keep that in mind if you are taking the bay bridge this morning. 101 on the peninsula, reports of a new accident near sfo. another one reported at millbrae. it ckg las. could be one and the same. we are seeing some delays there as you work your way northbound 101. stalled vehicle at third also blocking lanes. if you are commuting off the san mateo bridge this morning, westbound at edgewater, we have reports of a crash there blocking lanes also. so that is backing things up to the span on the san mateo bridge. that's going to slow you down. brake lights on the toll plaza on the westbound side of the san mateo bridge. live look at the golden gate bridge, you can see southbound commuters moving okay through here. inmmcould be dealing with
6:33 am
higher tolerates. katie nielsen reports from the toll plaza this morning. katie? reporter: the golden gate bridge board members will vote in just a few hours to increase the tolls 25 to 30 cents every that means by 2023, a trip across the bridge for someone without fastrak would be $9.80 if this plan is approved. fastrak members would still save a dollar on that trip. it would mean for daily commuters their average cost of crossing the bridge every year would go up by about $100. bridge district estimates 20 million cars travel southbound on the bridge every year and the increased tolls would generate between $90 million and $100 million over the next five years to help deal with budget shortfalls. the tolls pay for the majority of the cost of the bus and ferry service from the north bay into san francisco which bridge district representatives say keeps cars off the bridge by providing commuters other
6:34 am
transportation options. >> you know, it's an expensive bridge to main table. the cars maintain. knee city has a lot of cars in it already. if you really have to come into the city, pay the toll. in new york they charge $10 to go through the tunnels. so, you know, anything to, you know, make people think twice about getting in the car. >> reporter: the bridge district says right now the ferries are at capacity every morning and part of the money generated from the new tolls would pay for new boats and it would also increase service from larkspur to san francisco. the board is set to vote on these proposed toll hikes this morning at 10 a.m. and if they are approved, this would all start going into effect july 1st, that's when we would see the first 25-cent increase per trip across the bridge. live at the golden gate bridge, katie nielsen, kpix 5. just hours from noa judge could decide to further
6:35 am
delay the trial for defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire. jackie ward reports from oakland. reporter: it's because new evidence has been revealed according to this defense attorney and he says he needs more time to go through it all. derick almena and max harris are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire that killed 36 people in a warehouse on december 2nd, 2016. since that date, it has been a lengthy court process. last september, the trial was scheduled to begin in a couple of weeks on april 2nd. earlier this week a judge granted a gag order preventing attorneys, defendants and 200 witness from speaking to the media. harris' attorney max briggs filed a motion on tuesday saying he wants to delay the trial for 180 days to give him time to look at what he called recently discovered facts which strategy.
6:36 am
the hearing will start at 9:00 this morning and could delay the start of the trial. jackie ward, kpix 5. a man convicted of a 2013 murder of a paramedic in the oakland hills will be sentenced today. quinn boyer worked as a paramedic in santa clara county. he was fatally shot in april 2013 after he pulled his car over to use his cell phone in the oakland hills. christian burton was found guilty this past october. burton could face life without the possibility of parole but that could be lessened because he was a juvenile at the time of the killing. new video out of los angeles this morning showing a wild car chase involved in an alleged kidnapping. police say they received a call from a man who said his girlfriend was sending him text messages from inside this car
6:37 am
overnight claiming two men kidnapped her and weren't letting her out. the pursuit finally ended around 12:30 this morning after the suspect surrendered. no word on the victim's condition. happening today, governor gavin newsom will take executive action. he is expected to take executive action at around 11 a.m. this morning in the lake county community of middletown. according to the governor's office, he will also discuss current wildfire preparedness, efforts that are happening statewide. developing out of china this morning, an explosion at a chemical plant has left at least 47 people dead and more than 600 injured. it happened yesterday in the city of yancheng south of beijing. the fire spread to neighboring factories and to a kindergarten class in the area. investigation. officials say the company of the chemical plant has been cited and fined for work rted pridp. that cts of failed
6:38 am
north korea is pulling staff from their shared liaison office. the office which opened in september last year was seen as a move toward reconciliation between the north and south korea. the south called the decision regrettable. thousands of new zealand mourners are holding vigils across the country to mark one week since the deadly mosque shootings. >> new zealand mourns with you. we are one. >> new zealandthe prime minister joined a crowd in a park to lead the nation in a moment of silence. the park also opened with a "call to prayer" at the same time the attacks carried out last friday. today's vigil comes as funerals continue for the victims including for a 3-year-old child. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk taking a live look right now at joint andrews air force base air force one
6:39 am
ready to take off. president trump is going to head to florida today and he is going to meet with caribbean es heg tobe, , ving mitoen chinin trade. he is going to tell them that china is involved with predatory practices and he also wants to discuss the situation in venezuela. back to you. 6:39. coming up, why you can now get cannabis-based products at your local cvs store. >> and a new water bottle that cleans itself. how much it will set you back. >> and the stock market just opened up about 9 minutes ago. as we take a look at the board, it is down in the red about 110 points. coming up, we'll get an update
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another bay area startup is planning to go public. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. good morning, kenny. lots of ipo excitement around the bay area. levi's big ipo yesterday. now the "wall street journal" reports pinterest is move up its plans to possibly mid- april. pinterest has seen a lot of success and other ipos want to jump on the bandwagon. the company was last valued at $12 billion in the private market after its latest fundraising round. it plans to list itself on the new york stock exchange. uber will also loing for a ada big day yester
6:44 am
its first day of trading in 34 years. its stocks were up 32% higher after starting at $17 giving the company an initial market valuation of around $8 billion. now, often times you will see a pull-back in a stock after it had a big ipo pop like that but not the case with levi this morning. shares are higher again by 2.5%. but the overall market is giving back yesterday's gains. bad manufacturing news out of germany, european markets fell and that's washing ashore on wall street this morning. let's check it. dow down just over 100 points. nasdaq down 29. s&p down 10. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. probably no coincidence that you're wearing green this morning? >> yeah. decided not to go for the purple this time around as the huskies are playing. hopefully the ducks can get it done against wisconsin.
6:45 am
going to be a rock fight between them. >> 12-5. >> can't remember if i had oregon winning in my brackets. probably did because of you, jason. >> they're 12th seed. >> okay. >> all right. thank you. it is 6:45. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. >> good morning. michelle, that's so funny about the brackets because you fill them out and go, who did i pick again? >> can't remember. >> that was funny to hear you say that. all i'm saying is i go duke, duke, duke, number one, number one, number one only because my favorite son will went there so i'm all things duke. michelle, it's good to see you. kenny, you, too. ahead on "cbs this morning," boeing changes software amid a criminal investigation hand prepares to warn a system to warn of a sensor malfunction. why some think this faulty anti- stall stem may not be to ana fo admissions at university of pennsylvania reveals tips to help your kids excel on the
6:46 am
college application process. if anybody has been there, it is stressful. plus billions star, have you heard about that star, damian lewis, it's on showtime which is part of the cbs family. so we like that. he is joining us once again at the table in studio 57. let's see what he is talking about. can't wait to see him. see you at 7:00, about 14 minutes from now. >> 14 minutes. we are counting down. >> i'm very bad in math. okay. >> we're journal images, of course we're bad in math. all right. thanks so many. have a good weekend. >> bye. new this morning, cbs stocking its shelves with cbd. select stores from the cvs farmmy store will be selling the nonpsycho active ingredient of cannabis in the form of creams, lotions and sprays. cvs says don't look for edibles. it will be health products only. good to know. so would you pay big bucks for a water bottle? >> san francisco startup is
6:47 am
selling a bottle that requires zero washing because it cleans itself. it's called lark. here's hour it works. you press a button, wait for the top to light up and in 60 seconds, it will purify the water. and clean the inner surfaces the bottle itself. the company says this water bottle kills 100% of the germs inside and any harmful bacteria and viruses. here's the catch. the price tag is $95 for a bottle. >> yeah. >> but i guess, it's supposed to last for a really long time. >> right. >> true. but i'm just worrying what type of chemicals are used to clean the inside. you have to worry about that. >> cleaning it up somehow, killing it. >> i don't know. >> but if you buy maybe a bottle of water, a dollar a day for 95 days it could pay for itself. >> you're doing math again. >> one times 95. >> you're drinking mother water. that's good for you. >> that's true. >> that's good. >> it's an option. >> yes, it is. all right. well, you might want to try
6:48 am
another option on the freeways especially on the peninsula. we have problems northbound 101 we are seeing some delays near sfo. we had two crashes actually one reported at millbrae so two in the same area and it was blocking lanes. they are trying to push everything over to the right shoulder. 56 minutes is your drive time to go out of san jose to sfo. so once you get through this you're clear heading towards san francisco. but just a heads up a little sluggish through this portion. you can see 280 which parallels 101 looking better so use that instead. westbound 92 just coming off the san mateo bridge. we do have a crash here blocking at least two lanes which is backing up traffic on to the bridge itself. once you get off there, if you are heading northbound 101 you're going to run into a stalled vehicle at third. this is blocking lanes. you have a crash north there was at sfo. live look now at the golden gate bridge. so far traffic is okay through here. if you are coming out of san rafael, not bad. traffic is quiet through this
6:49 am
area. wet weather this morning, and some slick surfaces. also 101 near poplar brake lights there. san mateo bridge busy an foster city near edgewater. that's what's causing all this backup. we are looking at about 35 minutes to go from 880 to 101. you might try the dumbarton bridge instead. that's looking a little better. bay bridge stacked up and loaded up. you're backed up well into the maze at this point. it's been a slow ride all morning. metering lights were turned to on at 5:20 this morning. so you got some slow conditions here. looking a little better into san francisco earlier vehicle fire 101 at ninth now cleared. but the roads are a little wet. here's mary. >> that's right, gianna. the rain is back. and it's coming down out there. so heading out the door, grab your rain jacket. grab your umbrella. because you will need it this morning. and likely throughout the entire day with off-and-on rain. here's hi-def doppler. you can see it lit up this morning from the north bay, santa rosa, guerneville, bodega bay along the coast, dillon
6:50 am
beach, inverness, novato, petaluma, rohnert park, yountville, st. helena, napa, vallejo. you can see that rain especially from martinez, the east bay, concord, lafayette, san ramon, dublin, tri-valley, hercules, richmond the richmond/san rafael bridge across the bridge into san francisco berkeley, oakland, alameda. it's raining for you as well down through san leandro, hayward, union city, fremont, the peninsula, from daly city, san bruno, san mateo, redwood city as well as for the south bay. so light rain this morning, milpitas, east foothills, san jose, sunnyvale, cupertino, down through saratoga and los gatos this morning. so wet for almost all of us as we start off your friday. a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera. you can see the raindrops on our live camera. temperatures in the 40s and in the 50s. so here's what you can expect. the rain is moving in this morning. we'll see another round of rain this afternoon and for this evening. but! for the weekend, drier sunny
6:51 am
weather ahead. it's going to be a fantastic weekend with great timing. so here's the low pressure system dropping a front our way, and that's why ave th wet ather fous today. sot'it out our morning. r 8 a. we catch another wave of rain. this is at 3 p.m. so that second round of rain for the afternoon and for the evening, could see mepours, sto clock again at 11 p.m., and you can see the orange and yellow colors indicating some downpours. for tomorrow morning, looking at just a few isolated lingering showers. but we are going to clear out for the rest of saturday and sunday. the pollen count is lower today and goes up on saturday and sky high on sunday. back down on monday because of the rain we are expecting next week. winter weather advisory for the west slopes of the sierra from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow.
6:52 am
looking at higher peaks up to 14 inches of snow. tahoe report, alpine meadows two inches of snow with snow showers onrd chsnow. of year. ing at 63 santa clara as well as for san jose. 60 in antioch as well as for brentwood. berkeley at 59. 60 alameda and oakland. 52 clearlake. seven-day forecast, wet day today, drier sunnier for the weekend and unsettled weather for next week. do you think you have what it takes to outwit and outlast your fellow people? reality series "survivor" is holding a bay area casting call 10 a.m. tomorrow at the santa clara convention center. you must preregister online. can commuters survive a $10 trip across the golden gate bridge? the board is set to vote on a toll hike later this morning. we'll explain coming up. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
6:53 am
6:54 am
to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
6:55 am
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boeing is taking steps to address concerns about the airworthiness of its "737 max" jetliner. since october the plane has been involved in a pair of deadly crashes killing 346 people. going forward, all "737 max" models will include a system that warns pilots of a sensor malfunction. that system had previously been optional. santa clara county is supervisor is proposing changes to the county policies of illegal immigrants who commit crimes in response to the recent killing of bambi larson in san jose. an illegal immigrant with a criminal history was arrested in connection with that killing. in sonoma county, three residents who lost their homes in the wine country wildfires are suing over clean-up. they accuse two companies of
6:57 am
removing too much soil from their properties to make more money. >> and today a judge la the trial of two men in the case of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. the defense attorney needs more time to look at ence. jua few go if approved, tolls would go up to $9.80 per trip across the bridge by 2023. and so for a commuter making the trip five days a week, it would be an increase of almost $100 a year. the golden gate bridge authority says they need to increase the tolls to make up a $75 million budget shortfall over the next five years. they also want extra funding to expand services since most mornings the ferries are already at capacity. the plan includes buying new ferries and also expanding the service from larkspur but some commuters say it's not fair to keep putting the pinch on drivers. >> cost of traveling into the city and then everyday working, paying all this expensive stuff, is horrible!
6:58 am
you can't keep doing it! the cost of living is too high! >> reporter: if the five-year toll hike is approved it would go into effect july 1st and raise the toll 25 to 30 cents every year for five years. drivers using fastrak would still see a $1 discount on the toll. now, board members are set to vote on this proposal this morning at 10:00. live at the golden gate bridge, katie nielsen, kpix 5. and check the roads right now, new crash reported southbound 880 right at altamont parkway lanes backed up to 238. slow along the peninsula crash 101 at sfo in the clear stages. you have a busy ride also coming off the san mateo bridge due to a crash right at edgewater. we have the rain this morning. take a look at hi-def doppler. widespread rain so it is raining for most of us across the bay area. as we start off the day, the
6:59 am
rain continues as we head through the afternoon and for the evening. so a wet day take the umbrella, take the rain jacket we need it. we are looking great for the weekend with sunshine with rain for next week. >> it's national puppy day. >> let's look at some pictures. we are celebrating here. this is ann and her dog. >> this is my dog, my favorite kid. we want to see your pups, post them on twitter, instagram, facebook. we have a live puppy in the studio. this is charlie. >> he is like our team mascot.
7:00 am
>> charlie! we love you. thanks for watching "kpix 5 news this morning." marc madness of course is good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, march 22nd, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking overnight, two more american troops are killed in afghanistan. we'll take a look at the status of peace talks with the taliban and whether there's an end in sight for america's longest war. boeing looks to make a previously optional safety feature standard. investigator intensify their efforts to learn how the 737 max was certified to fly in the first place. plus, "game of thrones" star amelia clark reveals she suffered two life threatening br


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