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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  March 24, 2019 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs th brennan: it's sunday, march 24th. "m margaret brennan, and this is "face the nation." president trump headed to his winter white house friday morning just hours before washington's biggest guessing game officially ended. re i have no idea about the oueller report. : m going to florida. elierennan: the president has long believed he'll be exonerated. >> there was no collusion. erere was no obstruction. llerybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. acall it the witch hunt. nn's all a big hoax. >> brennan: now that the report is done, speculation about what's in it grows. barr up to attorney general william barr to determine what g tell congress and tig public. democrats along with a lot of republicans are insisting the report be released.
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>> the american people have a right and a need to know. >> make that full report public. >> brennan: we'll hear from two powerful players in what could be a blistering political and legal battle, house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff and congressman jim jordan, a trump ally who sits on tho key committees investigating the president. as for mr. trump, he's enjoying an uncharacteristically low profile weekend, including golfing with musician kid rock. and it's official, isis has finally been defeated in iraq and syria. rigere's isis on election day. here's isis right now. ic brennan: but are they fully eradicated? we'll talk with retired marine corps general john allen, former envoy to counter isis. erus a behind-the-scenes look at
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eae reporters covering isis from our own cbs team in syria. all of that plus plenty of helitical analysis is just ahead on "face the nation." >> brennan: good morning and welcome to "face the nation." special counsel robert mueller's investigation has ended. its conclusions are still a mystery. not even the white house has been briefed yet. later today attorney general william barr is expected to release his summary of the report's conclusions and will share it with key members of congress. that summary will be released to the public, but the detailed report remains confidential at this point. what we do know is that mueller's 22-month investigation has led to charges against 34 mostly russian foreign nationals. six are confidantes, and so far five have been convicted. we begin in los angeles with the chairman of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff. welcome to "face the nation."
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>> good morning. >> brennan: congressman, no member of the trump campaign was indicted for conspiring with russia. i want the play for you what you had predicted. >> i think there's plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight. now, that's a different statement than saying that there's proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a criminal conspiracy. robert mueller will have to determine that. on the issue of collusion, the reality is that there is ample evidence of collusion in plain sight, and it has been for a very long time. >> brennan: mueller does not think there is a criminal conspiracy on this front. >> no. as i said, i have great confidence in bob mueller's judgment as to who should be prosecuted or who should not. we're going to have to wait to see the report, and that report needs to be made public asap so we can evaluate the body of evidence on the issue of
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conspiracy and look at why robert mueller decided not to indict. now, vis-a-vis the president, robert mueller can't indict the president. so the fact that there are no future indictments on conspiracy or obstruction of justice doesn't tell us about the quantum of evidence. so i think we need to wait to see the report, but i also think the a.g. needs to make that report publicly available. the special counsel spent two years almost investigating this. the public has a right to know and the need to know so we don't have to ask questions about what the evidence was on either of these core subjects of his investigation. >> brennan: as we heard you say there even before the report was turned in, you did think that the president had committed a crime and specifically that issue of conspiracy. so is there anything that the attorney general can say that would dissuade you from that? >> i never said that i thought the president had committed the crime of conspiracy. i said there is ample evidence, and indeed there is, of
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collusion of people in the trump campaign with the russians. and that evidence, of course, includes secret meetings at trump tower, the russian delegation, the promise of dirt on hillary clinton, the presentation of polling data from russian intelligence by trump's own campaign chair. i could go on and on and on, but again, the dish shoe of indictment and prosecution is robert mueller's decision. i have great confidence with him. i think we all owe him a debt of gratitude for conducting this investigation in such a professional manner. i will reserve judgment on those decisions until we see the evidence, but i have great confidence in how he's conducted himself. >> brennan: will you be attending the briefing that the a.g. gives to those key members of congress, speaker pelosi says she will boycott it? >> look, i think the speaker is quite right. it is not going to be satisfactory for the attorney general, justice department, to f eig in a cssied, isll
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setting and say, we discharged our obligation, we don't have to tell the rest of the country anything. that's not going to fly. this report is going to have to be made public, and of equal importance, thee be shared with congress, because that evidence not only goes to the issue of criminality but also it goes to the issue of compromise. and remember, this began as a counterintelligence investigation into whether people surrounding the president or the president himself were compromised by a foreign power. and there's still a lot of reason to be concerned about this president's relationship with russia and putin, and so that evidence needs to be provided so we can make sure that we protect the country. >> brennan: so you will boycott that briefing? >> look, the briefing i think we're going to get this weekend is only going to be very top-line conclusions. >> brennan: the one for the gang of eight specifically? >> well, they have made no request to brief the gang of eight at this point. and there may be a point down the road where there is certain information that goes to sources or methods that have such great
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sensitivity that needs to be briefed confidentially. but that is not going to be aonm the american people. so we're going to make sure that is not some ruse that the justice department attempts to use. >> brennan: but you might attend those if they are held, though speaker pelosi says she won't? >> i don't think the speaker is ruling out that at some point down the line there may be very specific information that needs to be shared in a closed session, either with the gang of eight or with the intelligence committees in the house and senate, but she is determined that we -- we are all determined that this report cannot be buried. no strategy to brief a select number of members will work here. >> brennan: you know decisions are coentialnd there is il be protect essentially. it was gained through grand jury
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subpoenas. it's not things that can necessarily just be blanketed out there as a press release. so is this the beginning of a negotiation essentially in terms of what you're asking to be made public? >> that's a very important question. and i think what the public needs to understand is the rule against providing information as to people not indicted gives way when there is a paramowrt interest in transparency. over the last two years, the justice department under rod rosenstein made the decision that the interest in transparency, and because congress insisted, mend that the justice department should provide over 880,000 pages of discovery in an investigation in which no one was indicted, information about hillary clinton and bruce orr and peter strock and lisa page and andy mccabe and others. >> brennan: that wasn't the special counsel or the counterintelligence investigation. that was a different case. >> well, actually, a great many of those documents, thousands of
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pages of those documents, pertained to the mueller investigation, were part of a counterintelligence investigation. there were fisa application materials that were declassified and made public. there were interviews that went into those applications and other materials that were pertaining to an ongoing investigation that had deep counterintelligence implications. so they did all of that. and they cannot maintain now that we only do that for republican congresses vis-a-vis democratic candidates. we won't share information, we won't be transparent about the trump investigation. that will never fly with congress, and it will never fly in the court if we have to go to court to insist on that evidence. >> brennan: it took robert mueller two years to come to these conclusions, and there were no indictments related yet to conspiracy with russia. what is it that your committee can find? because many will look at this and just say, democrats are purely focused on impeachment. ?
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>> that's not the end game. i think the speaker has made very clear that in the absence of compelling evidence that there isn't going to be an impeachment, but one of the reasons why it's so important that this underlying evidence be shared with congress is that we don't have to reinvent the wheel, so that we don't have to go through all the same interviews as robert mueller, and indeed, there is some evidence in the possession of the justice department that the congress can't get any other way. they have seized hard drives reportedly from searchwashes executed on roger stone, other materials from search warrants on paul manafort. we can't get much of that information except through the department. so if there is an interest, and we certainly have one in congress, in an expeditious investigation in congress, that information will allow us to do that. i want to sayurgationt the robert mueller's, which is to decide who to prosecute. our obligation is to find the facts, make them clear to the american people, take corrective action, protect the country,
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particularly if there is evidence that the president is somehow compromised by a hostile power. >> brennan: we will wait and see. congressman schiff, thank you for joining us. we turn now to congressman jim jordan, ranking member on the house oversight committee and a member of the judiciary committee. he joins us from columbus, ohio. congressman, as we said, no one really has seen this report just yet. can you actually claim vindication? a lot of republicans seem to be seeing that here. >> well, we want to read the report first, but what i do know is to date not one bit of evidence to show any type of coordination, collusion, conspiracy, between the trump campaign and russia to influence the election. so that's been -- we've sort of known that for a long time. >> brennan: or at least none that rises to beyond a reasonable doubt and can be prosecuted. >> well, understand this: when this thing all started, back in may of 2017, the justice department had a for... they started in late summer
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2016. all the way up until the special counsel's named in 2017, there was no evidence of collusion at we deposed lisa page, when we deposed james comey, they both told us, up until the point that comey left the f.b.i., there was no evidence of collusion. now, 22 months later, there still doesn't appear to be any evidence of any type of coordination between the trump campaign and russia to impact the election. we'll read the report and see what it says, but that seems to be the facts as we know them. >> brennan: so you no longer believe the mueller report is a hoax or a scam as the president has called it? >> i have not called it that. >> brennan: the president called it that. >> the president hazlett the mueller report play out. understand this, margaret: everyone got what -- go back to may 2017. all the democrats, all the republicans in washington, d.c., said we need a special counsel. they got the guy theyan ey who everyone said is right next to jesus, can almost walk on water. they got the guy they wanted. he now has his report.
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>> brennan: you tried to filetit the deputy attorney general who helped put him in place. sir, you have beenic of this probe from the beginning some do you now accept the findings and believe it has integhtd? >> well, all i'm saying is the democrats, they now it seems like they think this is not going to be the bombshell they thought it was going to be, so they're launching all kinds of new fishing expeditions. they bring in michael cohen, for goodness sake, their first announced witness of the 2019 congress. michael cohen, a guy who is going to prison in six weeks for lying the congress. they bring him in, what he does do? he lice to congress again, at least seven times. to drenteopller sends 81 letters they're launching fishing expeditions to find more information. >> brennan: congressman, you know, as we said at the beginning of the program, 34 people were indicted. three compaes including the national security adviser michael flynn, campaign chairman paul manafort. they have admitted to breaking 2
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law, so can you admit this was not a witch hunt? >> what was the central charge of the mueller investigation, of the special counsel investigation? >> brennan: any links to coordination between russia and anything related. >> no, it was any type of coordination or conspiracy or collusion between the trump campaign and russia to steal the election. remember what adam schiff said, we have more than circumstantial evidence to point to collusion to do just what the charge was, but we have not seen any of that. >> brennan: but because you're deciding to put aside those indictments and guilty pleas, it appears that you're picking and choosing when you're -- you're picking the outcome you like and looking away from the ones you didn't. >> no, i'm not. those people did things wrong. they're going to have to fay consequences for that. we understand that. but that wasn't the charge of the special counsel investigation. it was to look at that one fundamental issue. we'll read the report and see what it says. but all indications are, and i've seen no evidence. now, almost two and a half years ofhe trump
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campaign and russia to impact the election. >> brennan: but that's not the question. the question is we're waiting to see this reported, but more probably, for americans, should they look at this and while, yes, there is no indictable offenses that we have seen yet from the special counsel related to the russia probe or the allegation of conspiracy with russia, there are all these instances that ethically look questionable. the president's son agreeing to meet with russian intermediaries to get dirt on hillary clinton, a number of different things along the way that came to light in the course of this investigation, not disclosing the primary voters the president was seeking business deals with russia. do those things morally sit right with you? >> look, we'll read the report and see what the special counsel has to say. >> brennan: those are things we already know, and i'm asking you ethically, morally? >> here's what i know about the president: in two and a half years as president of the united
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states, we have seen regulations cut. we have seen taxes reduced. we have seen the economy growing in an unbelievable rate. >> brennan: you're diverting. >> new york i'm telling you the truth. i was with the president last wednesday in ohio. i saw the response he got from citizens in our district, the people lined up on the streets cheering him because we have gorsuch and kavanaugh on the court. >> brennan: so ethically those things are fine with you? >> i'm saying that wasn't the charge of the special counsel's investigation. i hope the report is made public. bill barr says he will follow 2 law and make as much public as he can in consultation with rod rosenstein and mull bob mueller. but it's been an amazing two and a half years under the president's leadership. the central charge of the special counsel investigation was to look at collusion. there has been zero evidence, zero evidence of any type of collusion between the trump campaign and russia to influence the election. other things, people who have done things wrong, they will be held accountable.
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that's way it's supposed to work in this great country. on the central issue, no evidence whatsoever. >> brennan: congressman, thank you very much. we'll be back in one moment. don't go away. fight cancer. use every possibo and never lose sight of the patients we're fighting for. our cancer treatment specialists share the same vision. experts from all over the world, working closely together to deliver truly personalized cancer care. and these are the specialists we're proud to call our own. expert medicine works here. learn more at appointments available now. to severe plaque psoriasis get clearer. and stay clearer. most patients who saw 90% clearer skin at 28 weeks stayed clearer through 48 weeks. tremfya® may lower your ability to fight infections before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. before starting tremfya® tell your doctor if you plan to
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or have recently received a vaccine. tremfya®. stay clearer. janssen can help you explore cost support options. >> brennan: we're back now with congressman hakeem jeffries. he is fourth-rank democrat in the house leadership and joins thus morning from new york cityz congressman, welcome to "face the nation." no one has seen the details of this report yet. what is it that you were actually looking to get and hear from the attorney general today? what can we expect? >> well, the american people deserve to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. this is a serious national security investigation. 17 different intelligence agencies concluded that russia interfered with our election, attacked our democracy, in order to try to artificially place donald trump at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. that's a very serious thing, which is why as house democrats we are saying that the
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department of justice should release the entire report as well as the udocuntatio we't want to see simply crib notes. we don't want to see an outline. we don't want to see an executive summary. we need to see everything so the american people can draw conclusions on their own. >> brennan: redaction, classifications, this is going to take some time. >> we certainly understand that to the extent there are sources and methods that need to be protected, those type of redactions are appropriate, but beyond that, we think that in the interest of full disclosure and complete transparency, the american people paid for this report. they deserve to get an understanding of the conclusions that were drawn. 420 members of congress voted for public disclosure. zero members of congress in the house voted against it. the american people overwhelmingly have said more than 80%, democrats,
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republicans, and independents that the report should be disclosed. that's what we expect. >> brennan: should we expect the attorney general and the special counsel to face questioning in front of your committee, in front of the television cameras? >> well, i think that certainly is a possibility, but let's take the first step in terms of the full disclosure of the report and the underlying documentation. the american people deserve to know whether donald trump is either, a, a legitimate president, b, a russian asset, c, the fung shullal equivalent of an organized crime boss, or, d, just a useful idiot who happens to have been victimized by the greatest collection of coincidences in the history of republic. >> brennan: congressman, it sounds like you've come to your own conclusions. >> that's a question. i haven't drawn a conclusion. >> brennan: the chairman of the judiciary committee, jerry nadler, says it is very clear the president obstructed justice. he said that before the report came out or was concluded.
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republicans are going the look at this say, you are ma c for impea regardless of what i to youornegeneral. he bn very c, democrats didn't run on impeachment. we didn't win the house of representatives back on impeachment. we are not focused on impeachment. actually, we're focused on executing our for-the-people agenda. we want lower health care costs for everyday americans. that's what we promised. that's what we're working on. we have a $1 trillion plan that would invest and create at least $16 million good-paying jobs. we want to fix our crumbling bridge, roads, tunnel, airports and mass transportation system. and we also want to bring our democracy to life. that's why we passed h r-1. that is our focus, margaret that. will continue to be our focusouy predicting that legislation is going to get through in the next two years and not just be eaten up by all the political arguments around this report and the investigations that are
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ongoing in the house? >> i certainly believe that that is possible. we are going to try to do everything we can to try and find common ground. we're going to lead by example. >> brennan: what actually gets done? >> well, one, we're going to work to try to drive down the high cost of life-saving prescription drugs. we believe that the federal government should have the power, perhaps through medicare, to use its bulk price purchasing ability to negotiate lower drug prices on behalf of the american people. >> brennan: how are you going to work with the president on doing that, though, when some members of your caucus have already been calling for his impeachment going back two years prior? >> well, nancy pelosi has been very clear about impeachment. i share her view, and so do the overwhelming majority of the house democratic caucus. we are not going to proceed unless the case is compelling, the evidence is overwhelming, and most importantly, public sentiment around impeachment is bipartisan. so we are going to keep our focus on things like life-saving
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prescription drugs and reducing its high price, and we believe the president has come to congress, spoke to the nation during the state of the union address and said he agrees. we should try to work together to get that done. he's also indicated that he agrees with democrats that we should try to fix our crumbling infrastructure, and we're going to try to get that accomplished, as well. >> brennan: all right. congressman, we will watch and see what happens on all those predictions. interesting to hear some optimism there. we will be right back. what if other kinds of plants captured it too? if these industrial plants had technology that captured carbon like trees we could help lower emissions. carbon capture is important technology - and experts agree. that's why we're working on ways to improve it. so plants... can be a little more... like plants. ♪
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guarantee? carl, can you remind me what you've it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about how your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. >> brennan: we turn now to our panel, susan davis is a congressional correspondent for npr. ed o'keefe is a cbs news political correspondent. jonathan turley is a cbs news legal analyst and law professor at george washington university, and paula reid covers the justice department as well as the white house for cbs. paula, we're wait-and-see mode. what do we actually expect the hear today if anything? >> we do expect that the attorney general will release the principle conclusions provided to him by the special counsel. right now, as we're sitting reer, his deputy attorney general, a small group of principle advisers are holed up in the justice department, pouring over this, deciding what can become public.
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a lot of this, though, is being driven by the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein. he has actually been the liaison between the special counsel and the justice department throughout this process. so barr is relying on him heavily. so for anyone who is hoping that the full report gets released, probably bad news for them, because rosenstein has been clean that he does not believe deck la nation decisions should be released. he's not fan of releasing the whole report. he wants to stick to the declarations. >> brennan: we'll have analysis of all of that when we come back in a moment. some of our stations will leave us now, but we will return to talk more about what is in the mueller report and the future of the battle against isis. righants, the right soils, and you'll get the right edible garden. if you want to eat what you grow, today is the day for doing.
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