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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 24, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs5 studios , this is kpix 5 news. >> this was an illegal takedown that failed. >> now at 5:00, president trump lenny victory after key findings of robert mueller's report are released. california lawmakers have their own take. coming up, we will show you something you don't see every day in san francisco, a presidential candidate campaigning. bernie sanders was here with thousands of supporters. get ready, get your umbrellas out, we have another round of rain making its way to the bay area. ryan will tell us when it will hit, and how it will impact our commute. thank you for joining us. we begin with the justice
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department releasing a summary of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. natalie brand is live this evening and washington, d.c. with a breakdown of the report and the presidents reaction.>> reporter: attorney general william barr spent the weekend reviewing the special counsel's report before sending a summary to congress. tonight, we have a glimpse into the findings. attorney general william barr released a letter summarizing the findings of robert mueller's investigation. the four-page letter reads, the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 united states presidential election. is letter also said that robert mueller looked into possible obstruction of justice charges against president trump. the direct quote reads, while the report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. the special counsel deferred to
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the justice department to make that determination. william barr says he and the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein decided that the evidence is not sufficient to establish the president obstructed justice. >> it was a complete and total exoneration. it is a shame that our country had to go through this. >> reporter: even before the letter was made public, democrats were calling for the entire robert mueller report to be released. >> if we have to, yes, we will issue subpoenas to get the information. >> reporter: robert mueller's team brought charges against 34 individuals, including warmer trump campaign chair paul manafort, and national security adviser michael flynn. as the president supporters noted, none of the former campaign associates were accused of colluding with the kremlin to influence the election. >> other things that happened, people who have done things wrong, they will be held accountable, that's how it works in this great country. on the central issue, no
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evidence whatsoever. >> reporter: he says he will release as much of the report as possible under the law. again, democratic lawmakers made clear that they want to see the entire robert mueller report, and underlying documents. they want to see all documents. they plan to call attorney general william barr to testify before his committee in the near future. on capitol hill, natalie brand, backed you. what does congress do now? >> reporter: i believe in a house, we will see up protracted legal fight over getting the report in full, as well as the underlying documents. we could definitely see a political back and forth, and something that ends up in the courts between the department of justice, and house democrats, who have emphasized that they want to see much more than was released tonight. that could also include subpoenas to william barr, and
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documents related to the report. >> it seems like it has only just begun. natalie brand and washington, d.c., thank you. in the meantime, senator kamala harris had this to say, the mueller report needs to be made public. the information should be handed over to congress. this is what transparency looks like. a short letter from the handpick attorney general is not sufficient. >> nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer says the fact that special counsel robert mueller's report does not exonerate the president on a charge as serious as obstruction of justice demonstrates how urgent it is that the full report and underlying documentation be made public without any further delay. detergent -- bernie sanders was revving of supporters at an oakland rally. melissa kane was with the crowd at fort mason.
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>> reporter: in 2016, the only county that bernie sanders one was sonoma.'s supporters say this time will be different. >> we blew the last time. >> reporter: rhonda gaines does not mince words, she said it was a mistake to nominate hillary clinton in 2016, and the country is ready for the opposite a president trump. >> we are ready to flip it, and have somebody the opposite of what we have seen. bernie sanders can do that. >> reporter: he had choice words about the president. >> the most dangerous, dishonest president in american history.>> reporter: he had a message for drug companies. >> we are not asking you, we're telling you, you will lower prescription drug prices in this country. >> reporter: he made sure to point out that he was on the vanguard of a number of issues. >> guaranteeing healthcare to all people as a right. 4 years ago, we talked about
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legalizing marijuana. and aggressive effort to combat climate change. >> reporter: other candidates like molly harris, o'rourke, and elizabeth warren are embracing those positions. >> 4 years ago, when the democratic, and political establishments were telling us how crazy these ideas were, today, democratic candidates from the school board to the presidents are talking about exactly the same issues. >> reporter: he repeated his promise to american students. >> we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition free. >> reporter: for josi padilla, this is an important issue. >> colleges going skyhigh with prices. tuition goes up. books are going up. i am graduating high school this year. i am worried about my future.
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>> reporter: simple question say that voters are concerned about whether bernie sanders could actually get elected president. we will show you what he had to say about that, coming up a 6:00. in san francisco, melissa kane, kpix 5. had we transition from that ? they did have good weather out there? they are lucky they got that 24 hours in advance. tomorrow night, it will be wet. this is a live look at ocean beach. we have clouds on the way. the rain is back on the radar. if you look at the close-up of the bay area, there's not much here, if we pull off and go offshore, there is rain on the way. it will affect the north bay tomorrow morning. it will be ushered along by low pressure. we have a good fetch of moisture . it will slam into the north bay tomorrow morning. it will spread over the rest of the bay area as the day goes on. if you are in the north bay, it will be wet to start. it will take some time for the rain to develop south of the
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golden gate. we will all be wet tomorrow night. with the details when we cover the forecast in just a few minutes. air quality is improving in phoenicia after a problem happened. health advisory of the city had one in effect for five hours. kate joins us more i what prompted benicia officials to alert the public. >> reporter: after two days,, i am glad we are standing upwind of the refinery. this entire bad air warning lasted only five hours. the city says the air is back to healthy levels for now. the smokestack in question is the shorter, thick, green one. this is called the flu gas scrubber. is putting out white steam now. the stuff that was coming out earlier was much worse. a passerby snapped this photo of the thick, dark gray smoke spewing out this morning. the smoke contained a byproduct of the refinery process made mostly of carbon particles. health officials had been watching it steadily worsened over the past week.
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by 7:00 this morning, one representative said it was time for the public. >> the air quality has never been unhealthy. we are letting people know that people with underlying respiratory problems should stay indoors as a precaution. >> reporter: early testing found the levels of heavy metals were within acceptable range. the city told residents to avoid exercising outdoors anyway. today, the air was going to the southwest, directly into jaelyn's path. she has asked the vast watchword. she put on a filter mask which is helping. days like today can be tough. >> it makes you cough more. a major concern to be outside. you don't know if it will affect you are not. it's better to have a mascot. >> reporter: salama county was watching people observing the smokestack. they did find by afternoon, it was tearing up. the advisory was lifted. according to the bay area quality management district,
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today's, now steam, began as a malfunction in early march. the agency has been on scene, monitoring the malfunction for the past two weeks. the smoke seen today as part of the shutdown process as they try to figure out the root cause of the problem. the bay area air quality management district says in their time here in the past two weeks, they have issued seven notices of violation against the company, all of which are unrelated to today's incident. live in benicia , kpix 5. a stanford student has died while studying in spain. she was killed while hiking. friend say they lost sight of him in rocky terrain.'s body was found yesterday at the foot of a steep cliff. he was a junior studying computer science. use part of a group of student undergraduates studying in europe over the winter quarter. we are learning more about lasley's deadly shooting in san francisco's fillmore district.
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lisa the person that that was a 25-year-old man. so far, they are not releasing his name. five other people were wounded. gunfire erupted shortly after eight and 30 last night on fillmore street. this is three blocks south of gary boulevard. it is not clear what led up to the violence. coming up, a pet bird that was blown away from a third story building and lost four weeks, finally reunited with its owner. the community came together
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two weeks ago, we told you out a bet about a pet cockatiel. no effort was made to save it. when the wind blew the bird away, people were outraged. >> it has a happy ending. >> it was here at the
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orthopedic center outside of the third-floor window the people noticed juniper. >> reporter: teresa clements took this video of the bird as it set on the ledge of a sealed window. later that day, it was blown off its perch, and lost en e bu refused to allow anyone to try to save it. teresa was angry, and junipers owner was distraught. >> if it were cat on the window seal, it would've seen as terrible not to do something. with a bird, i don't know. there is not a sense of urgency. >> reporter: they cannot survive in the wild for more than a few days. diana thought her little friend was gone. apparently, juniper was tougher than that. he is back, and he taught diana a lesson about staying hopeful. 14 days after the bird was lost, she got a call from feathered follies bird store
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saying her cockatiel was discovered in the parking lot of the high school in concord. one baseball player, brendan o'reilly, found it. is >> my coach said there was something on his car. he came over and it was a bird. we were not sure what to do with it. >> he turned it over to his neighbor, who took it to a store for health check. it turns out that the store's owner, raised juniper as a hatchling, and confirmed his identity with his legband. >> he sat up for me and started singing. i knew right away, i didn't have to look at the band, i knew was a baby i raised. >> reporter: the store is part of 911. it alert. because a lot of people did take rescuing a bird seriously, diana and juniper are back together. >> sometimes it takes months, sometimes it takes a week, sometimes it takes years. it happens. >> reporter: the rescue organizations say it important to start the search immediately
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with as many people as possible. do not give up hope, spread the word in case someone else finds bird but does not know who to return it to. in walnut creek, john ramose, kpix 5. >> how to they capture the bird? i know it is a pet. for more information about the missing word search group, 911 paired alerts, there is a link on oakland runners were treated to a great experience. part of the 26.2 mile course took them halfway across the bay bridge. they ran to the island where they made a u-turn, and headed back toward oakland. >> the run across the bridge makes it not so miserable. running a marathon sucks. going over the bridge is really pretty. >> she is honest about that. 1300 runners took part in the 10th annual event. anything to keep your mind off of the run. >> you are the expert in that
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department. >> i only run if i being chased. we have showers north of the golden gate on monday morning. everybody will get wet by the time we get into the afternoon and evening. this is a north to south mover that will keep us all wet through mid week. we will look toward the bay bridge right now from the top of kpix 5 at battery a broadway. things look good now. increasing clouds will lead to reign in the bay area tomorrow. right now, the numbers are clustered in the low 60s. we have fair skies run the bay area. the pollen report is showing that it was a bit bad. it will ease up on monday and tuesday as the rain washes much of the pollen out of the air. satellite and radar shows the low pressure on the way. it does have the zion northern california. it will push a good slog of moisture ahead of it. it will be a shower each day on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. tomorrow is the initial push. we will get good rain coming down. tuesday it will ease up.
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we have more on wednesday and will linger until thursday. we will look at future cast. this is tomorrow morning. this is north of the golden gate. at the north bay, it is coming down pretty good. you will note that it comes from the north, central, and south by the time we had the afternoon. tomorrow evening, it is south of the bay area as it cruises through here. this is midday and tuesday. things look good. we have sunshine coming out. then we have more on the way for wednesday. in terms of totals, this is not an enormous gully washer. we could get one inch between now and wednesday. we will get an inch in wednesday morning in santa rosa. we have a lesser amount the further south you go. we do not look for any hydrologic issues aside from some ponding on the roads. we have winter storm warnings posted in the mountains.
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this is what we expect. we have increasing clouds and showers developing in the north bay, spreading south. it will be wet through mid wake week. the giants are taking on the a's tomorrow in san francisco. i am sorry to hear that. while, you might get away with a wet field and again. by 6:45 it should be south of the bay. they will probably get the game out of the way. and dennis will let me know if i am wrong. by the time we get to next weekend, we will clear out. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday will be wet. that is the weather. there is plenty happening at sports. cal dozen about-face on the future of their basketball coach, walking jones. zion williamson was close
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two days ago, it was reported that coach wyking jones would keep his job. today, the school did a 180 and fired him after two seasons. the decision to fire wyking jones came after the athletic director met with the players. that did prompt a reversal of their position. this is according to the reporter of the oregonian who broke the story earlier today. he was 16 out of 47 at two seasons. this is a look at the possible candidates. we have jason kidd, at the top of their wish list. the former cal star is hoping to be in the running, if and when the lakers job opens up. ncaa, duke goes against florida, two minutes left, duke was done
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4, cam reddish pulls duke within one point. 15 seconds left, ucf knights was up three. zion williamson scores and gets fouled by tacko. the blue devils were brought back from the dead. zion missed the free-throw. the put back by barrett, they take a one point lead. central florida, one last chance, the put back did not go in by trenton. duke escaped the upset 77-76. they move on to the sweet 16 to face the winner of liberty and virginia tech. they are looking to advance to the first we 16 since 2014. the former football coach realizes that they are about school school. with one minute left, isaiah pushes to the rack, laying it in. they did tie the game at 71.
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we go to overtime. this is where tennessee really step on the gas. dornan was on the money this time, giving tennessee the lead. they did win the game 83-77. the huskies have not been to the sweet 16 since 2010. the tar heels are trying to avoid a second straight loss. the senior had a game-high 20 points. this is back to coby white, who is too fast for the pac-12 defense. that was a kiss off of the class for 2 of his 17. carolina outscored washington by 14 in the second half. they did win 81-59. another day, another triple for the giants. they picked up eric from milwaukee in exchange for a minor-league infielder. he is 38 years old, the giants will be his eighth at 10. this is the battle of the big. first-inning, no score.
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scott was a guest on game day. this is a two run homerun. rodriguez is trying to nail down the fifth spot in the rotation. he will get it. today's game did not help. bottom of the fourth, the a's were up by 2 points. this was a solo home run with some insurance for state farm. he had two strikeouts and gave up two hits. they were both home runs. ramon hit a two-run home run in the seventh. the giants offense did not show up. three heads, they struck out six times, the a's win 5-0. the warriors are back at it tonight, ready to turn the page from last nights 35 point lawson to the mavericks. that is the worst loss since george bush was in the white house. >> with the flesh this down the toilet and move on to tomorrow. there's not much else to do. the warriors are now tied with the nuggets for the first place in the west. andrew will start at center.
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the marcus cousins is out, and you are in again, running in and running the plays like all times.[ laughter ]>> it was not as easy as that. obviously he's coming off of an injury. we play every game in the playoffs, he has more minutes than usual. we're going out there to try to get a victory after last nights performance. >> is great to see him back in a warrior uniform. [ indiscernible ] is with the pistons, he will get his ring tonight. to make when they lose by 35 for the first time since george bush was in office, is there anything about that that makes you think, i wonder if this might be a turning point to look back on? >> absolutely not! it was such a blowout. i felt like the warriors were being overly generous.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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a local chp officer made sure there couple made it to the honeymoon. >> this officer saw a couple rushing to make their flight to hawaii. they ran into some troubles. the officer called a tow truck, and gave the couple a ride to the airport. that is


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