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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  March 24, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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the officer called a tow truck, and gave the couple a ride to the airport. that is very nice. they made on time, i assume. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: no evidence of collusion. the special counsel report says there is no evidence the president committed a crime but does not exonerate him. we'll have reaction from the white house and democrats in congress. >> there was no obstruction and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. >> quijano: a second parkland survivor dies in an apparent suicide one year after the school magazines actor. back on lands, a cruise ship returns a after a near disaster at sea. >> it was quite scare east.
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>> and the drought ends the earth seems to celebrate. >> oh, it's been a paizing paizing-- amazing. 7. >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. the mueller report nearly two years in the making settled one issue but leaves another wide open for debate. today the attorney general sent congress a summary of the special counsel investigation. it says there is no evidence the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with russia in 2016. despite multiple offers of help from the russians. on the issue of obstruction of justice mueller did not conclude the president committed a crime, but did not exonerate him either. however attorney general william barr who was appointed by the president said there was no evidence of obstruction in the report. tonight president trump is calling it quote total exoneration. all of this sets up new battles between the white house and congressional democrats. major garrett begins our
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coverage. >> this was an illegal takedown that failed. >> before departing florida for washington president trump declared victory. >> it was just announced, there was no collusion with russia, the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. there was no collusion with --a. there was no obstruction and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. it is a shame that our country had to go through this. to be honest, it's a shame that your president has had to go through this. >> in a four page letter to the house and senate judiciary committees attorney general william barr sum arized the results of robert mueller's nearly two year investigation which concluded the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with
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russia in its effort to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election. this barres letter added, despite multiple efforts from russia and affiliated individuals to assist the trump campaign. on the question of whether the president obstructed justice barr said the special counsel stated quote while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. instead, mueller left it to barr to determine if the president committed a crime. barr wrote to lawmakers that he and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein concluded the evidence is not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense. he added the reported identifies no actions that were done with corrupt intent. since may 2017 the special counsel's office has issued more than 2800 spps, executed nearly 500 search warrants and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses. it it charged 34 people and
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three companies. the findings were released after barr and rosenstein seen leaving their homes early sunday spent the weekend reading mueller's report at the justice department. mueller himself attended church services near the white house today, his work finished but the political wrangling only just begun. democrats immediately pounced on mueller's statement that the report did not exonerate the president. 2020 candidate kamala harris said a short letter from trump's hand-picked attorney general is not sufficient. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler said he would call barr to testify in light of the very concerning discrepancies. >> it is imperative that the attorney general release the full report and its underlying evidence. >> the top republican on the house judiciary committee objected to revealing all the evidence. >> it is amazing to hear my chairman say that he wants everything out there. well, i would ask my chairman, does he include classified information which has never been released to the american public.
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>> barr himself said it was his goal to release as much of the special counsel's report as possible after continuing his review. he did not give a time frame for that process. the president and his supporters said it was time to mf on. >> let me say this to. the president did not do anything wrong. >> touching down at the white house for the first time without the specter of the russia investigation, the president appeared jeub labt. >> i just-- jub i lant. i just want to tell you that america is the greatest place on earth. the greatest place on earth. thank you very much. thank you. >> it's clear mueller's team struggled with the question of presidential obstruction, leaving that to the attorney general and the deputy attorney general, both appointees of mr. trump. regardless the president's attorneys argue you can't on strublght when there is no underlying crime, meaning collusion. democrats have made it clear they want to learn more, much more about what the mueller team
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found and why it wrestled with the question of obstruction of justice. he lane. >> quijano: major, thanks. the release of the mueller report does not end the investigation. jeff pegues reports the president could face his most serious legal problems in new york. >> as the special counsel investigation ends, focus will now turn to lower manhattan and the office of the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. >> those are part of the investigation that is currently being looked at. >> reporter: for months michael cohen who was the president's fixer and personal attorney has been cooperating with prosecutors in new york, investigating campaign finance violations. the trump organization's finances and possible illegal foreign donations to the trump inaugural committee. former u.s. attorney for the southern district of report preet bharara. >> the special counsel's mission was kir sum described by what rod rosenstein acting attorney general at the time for purposes of this case, said they could
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look at. the southern district folks are not sir cum described by anything. they can look at crime as they see fit. >> separately the new york state attorney general has issued spps to deutsche bank related to the financing of major trump organization projects, as well as mr. trump's failed effort in 2014 to buy the nfl's buffalo bills. and even though the special counsel's investigation has wrapped, mueller's work moves forward in federal court. the president's former campaign advisor and friend roger stone faces trial in november on charges related to lying to congress and witness tampering. there are also half a dozen congressional investigations already under way and the mueller report could lead to many more. jonathan turley is a cbs news analyst. >> many of these committees were held in abeyance waiting for the completion of this special counsel investigation. now that it's done, they have a
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free field to operate. >> over the weekend house and senate democrats sent letters to more than half a dozen federal agencies and the white house counsel's office demanding the preservation of all documents and evidence amassed by mueller's team. elaine. >> jeff, thank you. >> a missed programming note, cbs news presents an hour-long special, the mueller report, a turning point, monday at 10, 9 central. kirsten gillibrand officially kicked off her presidential campaign today with a speech outside the trump international hotel in new york. she accused the president of tearing the country apart. gillibrand, a senator from new york is the 14th democrat to officially enter the 2020 president 58 race. the pentagon has identified the two u.s. soldiers killed in northern afghanistan. officials say specialist joseph collette and sergeants will
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lindsay died in combat friday in kunduz province, both based at fort carson, colorado. four americans have been killed in afghanistan this year. after helicopters rescued hundreds of frightened passengers, today a crippled cruise liner finally returned to a norwegian port. on saturday the viking sky sent out a may day call during a fierce storm. jonathan vigliotti 2e8s us what happened next. >> it was supposed to be a 12 day tour of the northern lights but passengers on the viking sky cruiseship instead found what looked like an arctic version of the ber mudar triangle. 25 foot high waves tossed the luxury liner like a baths toy, passengers and crew nearly 1400 of them held on with hands and a bit of humor, as everything on board that wasn't pinned down slid and fell apart around them. >> the ship hit troubled water on saturday about a mile off the
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windswept coast of norway. the captain reported three of the four engines had failed for reasons still unknown. the only solution, to drop anchor and ride it out until help arrived. the cav allry came by helicopter, unavailable-- unable to land, passengers were hoisted up by winch and brought back to slor 15 at a time. including danny and judith baits from houston, texas. >> very frightening, very frightening. we left on a helicopter with a sling, the two of us together. and it was quite scary. >> about 500 people were airlifted to safety before the ship's engines were restarted and the sea was calm enough to bring the crew to port. in all, 20 people were treated for light injuries. >> i felt like-- they had everything under control. st all going to be okay. so we just chalk this up to an unexpected adventure. >> this unexpected adventure now over. as these sea legs reached solid
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ground. the viking sky was set to dock here in london on tuesday. the stretch of sea where it got stranded is notorious for rough weather raising questions about why the ship was there to begin with. elaine? >> quijano: a all right, jonathan, thank you. a 50 vehicle pileup in california certificate yulingsly injured 12 people including a 21 month old child. it happened yesterday afternoon on interstate 5 in an area called the grapevine. a mountainous region between los angeles and san francisco. officials say there was thick fog at the time. >> coming up next, nfl owner robert kraft breaks his silence after getting caught in a prostitution sting. and how teachers got hurt when a school shooter drill went wrong.
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>> quijano: new england patriots owner robert kraft says he is he sree after being charged in the florida
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prostitution ring. this weekends he is expected to meet with other nfl owners and could face disciplinary actionment tony dokoupil has more on this. >> in a statement released saturday, robert kraft said 50eu78's truly sorry. i know have i hurt and disappointed my family. he continues, the last thing i would ever want to do is disrespect another human being. have i extraordinary respect for women, i hope to regain your confidence and respect. police say kraft was chauffeured twice over a period of two days to a massage parlor in jupiter, florida, one that the fbi discovered to be engaged in sex trafficking of women. kraft was allegedly seen during each visit engaging in a sex act and handing over an undetermined amount of cash. officers secretly recorded kraft and other men as part of the investigation. >> this is not about lonely old men or victimless crimes, this is about enabling a network of criminals to traffic women into our country for forced labor and
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sex. >> some patriot fans feel their team's owner should own up. >> admit and say i'm sorry, apologize to the women involved with that. >> 77 year old kraft is expected in phoenix this weekend at the nfl owners' meeting. he has a court day on march 28th but is not required to appear. >> tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. >> quijano: up next, another teenage parkland shooting survivor takes their own life.
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>> quijano: a second shooter who shooting victim who suffer vived parkland has died in an apparent suicide, this comes
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about a week after a 19 year old survivor took her own life, here is manuel bojorquez. >> the marjory stoneman douglas high school community gathered today to confront more tragedy, two suicides in one week. >> we need to encourage parents to check on each other. >> coral springs police tell cbs news that a male sophomore who survived the shooting a year ago died saturday from an apparent suicide. it comes just one week after the suicide of sydney iaelo, a recent graduate of the high school. she was a senior last year when a gunman killed 17 students and school staff. one of her friends meadow was killed in the shooting. her family said she struggled with survivor's guilt and diagnosed diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. >> we lost 17 beautiful souls on february 14th. and i said over and over it can't be 18, and now it's not only 18, it's 19. now i say i hope it's not 20. >> ryan petty's daughter died in the shooting.
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he has since worked on suicide prevention and suggests a series of questions to help those with suicidal thoughts. >> have you thought about killing yourself? have you put any plans in to place? have you thought about how you would do that? if they answer yes to those questions, they are at risk and you need to call 211 immediately. to get help. >> david hawk one of the high profile activists from the shooting tweeted this morning saying how many more kids have to be taken from us as a result of suicide, or the government/school district to do anything. officials today once again stress the importance of reaching out for help, either through the national suicide prevention hotline or the county which has raised the alert level at its emergency operation center to have more resources available. elaine. >> manual bojorquez, thank you. still ahead, teachers say a school shooting drill went too far and left them bloody.
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>> quijano: lockdown drills have become part of school life in america. students and staffers learn what to do when there is a shooting am but teachers at an elementary school in indiana say a recent drill left them bloodied and shaken. dean reynolds has the story. >> at the meadowlawn elementary school in monticello, indiana, they take active shooter drills very serious last. >> we want to put the teachers under stress, under a traumatic situation, basically, so they know how their bodies are going to react. >> the whrit county deputy sheriff was at the last drill in january teaching the teachers not to be victims.
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>> so the school requested this. >> yes, they did. >> did the people who requested it understand what it entailed? >> yes. >> what it entailed was one drill with teachers lined up in an empty classroom and shot in the back by a deputy with an airsoft gun like this one which fires small plastic pellets. >> would you say it's painful. >> no i've been shot with them numerous time, they have not painful. >> we spoke to a targeted teacher who complained but didn't want to be identified. >> did it hurt? >> it hurt quite a bit. i had a welt and another spot drew blood and scabbed over. and they hurt consist ent leigh for about a week and a half. >> at least 42 states now require schools to conduct safety or security drills and some people are injured unintentionally. but this struck dan of the indiana state teachers association as excessive. >> the teachers are there. they don't know this is coming. and all of a sudden they are getting asked to turn around and
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they are shot at, st just craziness. these teachers, they're our friends. >> the sheriff has now decided to suspend the shooting drills indefinitely while the program is modified. >> i hate the fact that we even have to train teachers for this scenario. >> but these days it st an all too familiar one. dean reynolds, cbs news, monticello, indiana. >> quijano: when we return, fields of fragile wild flowers and a more invasive species, tourists.
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>> quijano: we end tonight in a flower-covered hills and he deserts of southern california. an explosion of poppees and other wild flowers known as the superbloom is drawing flocks of tourists by the thousands. jamie yuccas takes us there. >> got it, got it, got it, gotcha. >> when photography is your art, a desert superbloom is the ultimate master piece. >> oh wow, that's very pretty.
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>> you want to take a look at this. >> you could call ernie could youan and his wife kati documentaries of the desert. for decades snapping shots of flowers and the night sky. >> come on. >> but they say this year's combination of rain and cool temperatures has created a bloom worthy of stealing the spotlight. >> is this an extra super, superbloom? >> oh, it's pretty amazing. >> it is a superbloom, st different than the last one. >> the last one was in 2017. and it took parks like anlza borrego by surprise. this year they were ready. >> right now we're seeing over a thousand visitors on a weekday and over 4,000 advicitiers on-- visitedders on weekend. we are getting people from all over the world. >> some brought their phone, others capturing the beauty of the bloom by brush. >> we wanted to take advantage of the superbloom and get some flowers and scenery and the weather is perfect. >> the closer you get to these flowers, the more spectacular they are.
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and some people are getting very close, too close. and that's a problem. >> trying to snap the perfect picture at lake elsinore, hundreds of thousands of hikers haven't stayed on the poppee path. this instagram post entitled day dream inspired this reply, that the posters can't just appreciate nature visually, but must destroy it by crushing it with their body for pathetic social media likes. enjoy, that's partially why this weekend the city shut off access roads charging a $10 admission fee to see the flowers. but for people like kati, st a prielsless opportunity with such a short window of time to capture the flower phenomenon. the faded flower with the new flowers. >> life-and-death. >> yeah, yeah. >> that is kind of the magic of it. >> the magic of mother nature doesn't last long. and in a few short months the scorching summer sun will soon wilt this all away. jamie yuccas, cbs news, anza
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borrego, california. >> quijano: and that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on liver from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix news. >> in campaign is about bringing hope back to all americans. now at 6. wrights not often a presidential candidate bears to visit the bay area but they will feeling the burn at fort mason today. and politicians sounding off on the miller report and demanding the whole story. >> it's incredibly frustrating. >> reporter: and they're tired of all the trash piled up along the free ways. it's too time for the state to clean it up. here comes another one or two or three, rain on the way again for the bay area. good evening i'm brian hackney.
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and i'm juliette goodrich. president trump is claiming victory. >> attorney general is not a neutral observer and tonight they're demanding the whole story. >> in a 4 page summary attorney general barr said the mueller investigation found no evidence the trump campaign conspired with russia but did not reach a definitive answer on when the president obstructed justice. >> many democrats day she would rather decide for themselves. betty. >> reporter: many prominent california politicians are among many calling for the full report to be released, not just a summary. democratic presidential hopeful kamala harris had this to say. >> and the mueller report must be made public for a full


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