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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> attorney general is not a neutral observer and tonight they're demanding the whole story. >> in a 4 page summary attorney general barr said the mueller investigation found no evidence the trump campaign conspired with russia but did not reach a definitive answer on when the president obstructed justice. >> many democrats day she would rather decide for themselves. betty. >> reporter: many prominent california politicians are among many calling for the full report to be released, not just a summary. democratic presidential hopeful kamala harris had this to say. >> and the mueller report must be made public for a full accounting of what happened and the attorney general of the united states must be required to come and testify before
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congress instead of submitting a 4-page memo on what happened. >> attorney general william barr said he does intend to release as much information from the report as possible. and he is mindful of the public interest in this matter. u.c. hastings professor weighed in this evening. >> mueller is not under any obligation not part of the mandate to disclose the outcomes of the investigation to the public. that is the job toft attorney general. and he will have to decide what parts to release. there will be security concerns although we have learned throughout the investigation there has been russian inteer ferns in the american election. >> reporter: east bay repetitive tweeted no sum reese show us the full report. mueller sent over every word and comma and every period. nancy pelosi tweeted the
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american people deserve the truth. agbarr must #releasethereport and barr's report races as many questions as it has answers. >> thank you. much more on the developing story including a live report from washington at 6:30. senator bernie sanders addressed the mueller report during a campaign stop in san francisco today. tim kaine was with the massive crowd. >> reporter: back in 2016 bernie sanders only one 46% of the vote in the democratic primary but this time he says he will win california. >> and i want to say to you based on the incredible crowds we saw in san diego and los angeles and here today i think we'll win california. >> reporter: he told an excited audience he can turn the nation
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around. >> if you can believe this, the last three years, life expectancy has gone down in america because people have lost hope, people are turning to drugs, they're turning to alcohol, and they're turning to suicide. this campaign is about bringing hope back to all americans. >> reporter: he briefly addressed today's headline news, the summary of robert mueller's report. at the time sanders said he had not read the summary. >> what i know that it is a summary of the report. well, i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole report. >> reporter: bernie sanders had choice words about the president. >> the most dangerous dishonest president in american history. >> reporter: and he had a
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message for drug companies. >> we are not asking you, we are telling you, you're going to lower prescription drug prices in this country. >> reporter: sanders made sure to point out that he was on the band guard on a number of issues. >> guaranteeing healthcare to all people as a right. four years ago, we talked about legalizing marijuana. and aggressive ethic to combat climate change. >> reporter: other candidates like kamala harris, beto o'rourke and elizabeth warren are embracing the positions. >> four years ago when the democratic and political establishment were telling us were telling us how crazy the ideas were, today democratic candidates from school board to president are talking about exactly the same issues. >> reporter: today sanders struck a nerve with the audience on the issue of
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student loan debt. >> if we can provide a trillion dollars to bail out wall street, we're either going to end that student debt completely or substantially reduce it. take that to the bank. >> reporter: we took an informal poll of supporters today. we asked who would be the dream vice presidential candidate to run along with bernie. the winner elizabeth warren. we should add at least one person suggested hillary clinton. in san francisco tim kaine kpix5. from politics to weather as we look at the shoreline, you can see what's on the way. high clouds in advance of yet another storm bearing down in san francisco by tomorrow morning. and it's not going to let go. once it begins to rain on monday. it will be followed up by more rain on tuesday and wednesday. at the moment, nothing falling in the immediate bay area but you pull off shore and you can see the rain beginning to define itself on the kpix high
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definition doppler. here's what happening low pressure with a pretty good fetch of moisture in front of it. it will increase clouds tonight and increasing rain tomorrow morning from north to south. sunrise north of the golden gate will be wet. for the rest of the bay area it will be cloudy. as the day goes on and the showers spread south and we look for the rain to be over the entire bay area as we look towards the bay bridge by tomorrow afternoon and evening. we'll have complete details in the forecast in just a few minutes. new at 6. massive piles of trash are building up in a heavily traveled part of berkeley irritating residents. the eye sore is on either side of a freeway off-ramp. an area that belongs to cal trans and katie explains that's part of the problem. >> reporter: julia we're here at the university avenue exit off to interstate 80 and you
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can see exactly what we're talking about. piles of trash. it's very similar to what you would see all along this corridor. the city says they want to come in with public works crews and clean it up but they can't. they don't own this land. where we're standing right now is actually owned by the state. >> it's incredibly frustrating because it's not our property. >> reporter: the berkeley mayor says he knows the trash along interstate 80 is an eyesore. >> we receive countless emails and phone calls from residents who are appalled that the entrance into the city is full of trash. >> reporter: the areas around the free ways are owned by cal trans and that's where dozens homeless encampments popped up along university avenue and gill man street exits. >> we want want to be eye source we want to help. >> reporter: this man has been living in en campments along interstate 80 for more than 3 years and he doesn't want the garbage here either.
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>> you don't want to create a mess because it will come to you. >> reporter: he says the camp is responsible for some of the trash but the bigger issue is people illegally dumping on the out skirts you happen to be walking by and that wasn't there and you know it wasn't hours. >> reporter: caltran agreed to come in every two weeks to clean up the trash but that's not happening. >> they're stretched thin and have limited resources. this is an issue along the cal trans right-of-way through on the the bay area. >> reporter: caltran released the statement saying they're working through owl the partners to work towards a resolution to the problem. people who lives in berkeley don't care who owns the land, they just want the garbage gone. >> this isn't berkeley and someone should take responsibility for cleaning it up. >> i wonder if when we leave trash if that gives people permission to leave more trash splash the mayor has two ideas to try and deal with the issue. he said, first, he's working
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with cal trans to ask them for permission to send public works crews into the area to clean up the trash and then have cal trans reimburse the city for the cost of the clean-up. he said he's also held meetings wft mayors of almost every other city in alameda county. they plan to go on the legislature to ask for funding for cal trans specifically ear marked for these types of freeway cleanups. >> is the city doing anything to address the homeless camp itself? >>reporter: so they are. just a few weeks ago the city council approved more money and what they're hoping to do is put dumpsters out here and also some portable bathrooms. now we talked to some of the people that have lived in this encampment for years. one of the problems is they don't have anyplace to put their trash which why is starts piling up around here. they said they'd be excited if the city gave them a dumpster. they want to keep the area clean just as much the
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residents want to see it cleaned up. >> we'll have to follow up and see the progress. thank you. the homeless issue is just one of the many reasons why about 40% of bay area residents say they plan to move out. that's accord to go a new poll by the silicon valley leadership group. three quarters of people contemplating a move though cited no surprise, high housing costs as the number 1 reason but listed plenty of other concerns as well. like the general cost of living. followed by homelessness, traffic congestion, and the growing number of wildfires nearly 2/3 of people surveyed said they feel like the overall quality of life here has gotten worse in the last five years. the city of venecia issued smoke ack was spewing out his nasty stuff. plus a bay area city is redirect chick-fil-a's plans
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for a new rest rafrnt and not for restaurant and not for the reason you think. running the marathon is not pretty but going over the bridge is pretty. >> and a new course across the bay bridge.
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air quality is complooufg in benecia after a 5-hour health advisory was lifted a short time ago. the trouble started at the va layer row refinery. >> i have to tell you after today's drama i am glad we're standing up wind of the refinery. the bad air warning lasted five hours and the city says the air is back to healthy levels for now. >> the smoke stack in question is the shorter, thick green one.
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called the flu gas scrub ber and putting out white steam now but the stuff coming out earlier was much worse. a passer buy snapped a nick of this coming up earlier this morning. health officials had been watching it steadily worsen the past week and by 7 a.m. this morning, the city of benecia said it was time to warn the public. >> the air quality has never been unhealthy. we are letting people know that people with underlying respiratory problems should stay indoors as precaution. >> reporter: early testing found the levels of the metals in the smoke were within acceptable range but the city told residents to avoid exercising outdoors any way. today the air was flowing into this woman's path. she had asthma but has to walk to work so she put on a filter
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mass and days like today can be tough. >> it makes you cough a lot more. to be safe it's better to have a mask on. >> reporter: hazmat workers were out observing the smoke stack but by late morning it was clearing up. by 12:30 p.m. the advisory was lifted. according to the bay area air quality air management district today's smoke and now steam actually all began as a malfunction in early march. the agency has been on the scene monitoring the mal function for the past two weeks. and the smoke scene is part of the shut down process at va larry valero hopes to solve the problem. >> reporter: in i'm kiet do kpix. chick-fil-a tries to put a new restaurant in concord and city staff are recommending city council members reject rezoning for a drive through.
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the fast-food change wants to develop a restaurant at 1400 willow pass road. the company likes the site because it's close to 680 and 242 but chick-fil-a needs a city permission for drive through window and concord officials are objecting citing a negative intact on traffic and economic kwoment in the area. the same spot once had a chinese restaurant without a drive through and city council will take up the issue on tuesday night. the oakland marathon wasn't about stamina it was also heavy on the scenery. devin fehely is on treasure island to show us what made the event so special. >> reporter: for the first round in history the route of the marathon took runners halfway around the bay bridge and several runners said that was one of the main reasons they joined the race this year. >> the run across the bridge makes it not so miserable. running a marathon sucks but going over the bridge is really pretty.
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>> reporter: as they jaunt up near the island. this runner said it's the new course that lured her off the side lines and into the race. >> the only reason we ran the marathon is because we wanted to go on the bridge. we didn't train. >> reporter: roughly 1,300 runners tackled the 26.2 mile course. runners say a beautiful day and iconic bridge helped keep them motivated. >> scenery is real big. real big. we're out here for five hours. and it's boring and you got to have at scenery. >> reporter: the oakland marathon is in the 10th year. they tried other routes directing into the oakland hills or past jack london square. but hope to return with the bridge is cal trans bless zooing there's not too many marathons to run a scenic route across the bridge and that is fantastic. >> reporter: that is not the only marathon to take advantage of the two icon bridges.
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the golden gate marathon takes runner across the golden gate bridge. on treasure island i'm devin fehely kpix5. at least they had a good day for doing it and got away in 24 hour in advance of yet another storm moving into the bay area and dumping some pretty good rain. it doesn't look if it will cause real flooding problems. always spares standing by to make sure that doesn't change. at the moment the showers are lurking off the shoreline they will be in the north bay first. it gets closer to the shoreline tonight and looking for the rain spreading south tomorrow morning. first in the north bay. the rest of the bay area mid- day and later in the day. out the door tomorrow morning rain and wind north of the golden gate. but just clouds from about concord to san francisco and south and that will change by later in the day. by the afternoon, everyone will get a few showers. looking toward the bay bridge not bad from the roof top and ocean beach.
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a beautiful d w with concord at 65. san francisco at 61 and in san jose 67 degrees. pollen up today but down the next few days. as the allergens get washed out of the atmosphere by rain on the way. low pressure off shore and showery each day because this will be persisting for a while with low pressure just spinning this big fetch of moisture coming from the more southerly lat tudz and so it's got a lot of moisture. not enough to bring rivers close to flood stage at least we don't think it will do that. futurecast shows by tomorrow morning, 7 a.m., most of the rain north of the golden gate watch it sink during the day by 3 in the afternoon it's over the central bay area weakening by it goes south so by the time it gets down to the area where my dad is watching the forecast there's not much left until
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wednesday where another slug of moisture moves into the bay area and gives us another round of rain. you can see that in the time lapse of the futurecast rain and tuesday not much and it blooms wednesday as the next system comes in. by wednesday morning, at 10. 2 inches of rain but by the time you get down to san jose 9/10. travel tough beginning tomorrow morning in the mountains. showers develop north of the golden gate late and spread south tomorrow and wet through thursday. we'll get a break as we head to the weekend. what about the game tomorrow night? this could end in time for sloppy conditions as the a's take on the giants down at the old ball yards and there might be a shower or two. sunrise 7:08 a.m. and temperatures -- until the fieldconditions are awful they call it off. i'll leave that up to dennis. temperatures tomorrow will be the low to mid-60s. same thing for over in the east bay. clouds and rain by mid-day. earlier for the north bay, by
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sunrise you begin to get rain and before sunrise up around ukiah and lake port and clear lake. we get wet and stay that way on again off again fashion through thursday and then a break as we head into next weekend. we'll update later in the show but first there's stuff happening in sports. dennis. hello mr. hack knee, your son is doing a great job if you're watching. cal does an about face on the future of the basketball coach would i kin jones and the nation's best players.
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two days ago it was reported would i king jones would keep the job but today the school did a 1 # 0 and fired jones after two seasons. the decision came after athletic director jim nolten met with the players prompting a reversal of the position.
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this is according to the man who broke the story. here's a look at some of the possible candidates. jason kid at the top of the wish list but former cal star hoping to be in the running if and when the lakers job opens up. dem gave his two scents on the post come show. >> the first name we heard was jason kidd. his name is also tied on the lakers if walton leaves. what's your take on that? >> well jason kidd would be an 80 choice. he is obviously an all-american at cal and had all kinds of coaching experience. if i would assume if you're jason kidd you would rather number the nba for obvious reasons. you don't want to get back in the recruiting and it's a better paying job at nba than cal zoo. >> reporter: 2 at central florida and 2 minutes to go. duke down 4. cam nails a 3 to
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pull duke within 1 point. 15 seconds left. ucf up 3. zion williamson scores and get fouled by tucker. blue devils brought back from the dead. taco can't believe it. zion missed the three throw and north carolina a 1-#30i7b9 lead. central florida one last chance. first shot doesn't go and the second one floats off the rim. it didn't go down. duke somehow sway escaped 77- 76. they move onto the sweet 16 to face virginia tech who just won their game over liberty. looking in advance of the first sweet 16 since 2016. former football coach phil realizing it's a basketball school now. isaiah cut the lead to 2 and eventually tie the game at 71.
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overtime and tennessee just stepped on the gas. jordan bone this money to give tennessee the lead and they win the game. 83-77. the huskies haven't been to the sweet 16 since 2010. tar heels hoping to avoid a second straight loss in the second round. ruth may been at chapel hill forever. colby white there was a little too fast for the pac-12 best defense. he kissed one off the glass for 2 of the 167. carolina out scores washington by 14 in the second half and they win 81-79. baseball giants president continues to wheel and deal before opening day. san francisco acquiring catcher eric accurates from the brewers. 38 and expected to be the backup to buster. so where does that leave steven vogue? the giants reassign voigt to the minor league as he continues to get shoulder healthy. but the 2-time all star can opt
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of the deal. derek rodriguez on the mound for the giants in the battle of the bay. first inning no score, steven he's tonight's guest to game day, of course, he gets a 2-run homerun. rodriguez trying to solidify his position as the 5th pitcher in the giants' rotation. today's game not great. bottom of the 4th a's up 2 and jared son took them downtown. rodriguez pitched four innings with two strikeouts and gave up two hits both homeruns. giants offense didn't show. they had three hits and struck out six times. a's win 5-0. nba hornets down 2 in toronto, 3 seconds left. . >> passed the fire -- oh my gosh! unbelievable! ! >> what just happened?
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keeping shar lots' playoff hope alive. unbelievable finish in the game. warriors in action right now. veteran glenn is there. and the entire post game report on game day. >> that's a whole segment there. >> a little bit going on tonight. >> thank you so much. new details about the mueller report i'm natalie brand on capitol hill why democratic lawmakers have questions and why the president is claiming victory. plus a woman happy to be back on dry land after this rough ride on a krip yelled kruse ship. and these children were born with a devastating disorder. >> if you pick him up it feels like a pile of jello. they cannot walk or talk and cannot feed themselves. >> she was checked in the hospital every single month. >> and now a daring brain surgery pine nea
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you're watching kpix news. it's complete xon racial, no collusion, no obstruction. >> but democrats say not so fast. new details from the mueller report top the news at 6:30. the 4-page summary concludes what the president professed all along. no collusion with russia to interfere in the 2016 election. was the president total the exonerated? it depends on who you ask. natalie brand joins us live from washington tonight. >> reporter: bryan, attorney general william barr spent the weekend reviewing the special
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counsel's report, the product of a nearly 2-year-long investigation. tonight what we have is a summary from the attorney general and a glims into glimpse into the fee find gs. attorney general william bar released the finding gs summary of the investigation. the 4-page letter reads the special counsel investigation did not find at trump campaign nor anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its effort to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election. barr's letter also says mueller looked into possible obstruction of justice charges against president trump. the direct quote reads, while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. the special counsel deferred to the justice department to make the determination. barr says he and deputy attorney general rod rows stein decided the evidence is not
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sufficient to establish the president obstructed justice. >> it was a complete and total xon racial. it's a shame that our country had to go through this. >> reporter: democrats say the entire mueller report should be released and are promising a legal fight if it isn't. >> we will ask the attorney general to testify before the house judiciary committee. the american people are entitled to a full accounting of the president misconduct referenced by the special counsel. >> reporter: mueller gs team brought charges against 34 individuals including paul manafort and former national security adviser flynn flynn. as supporters noted none of former campaign associates were accused of co-lewding with the kremlin to influence the election. the department of justice says a small group of attornies is working to determine what additional details from the report can be released. democrats in congress including california's two senators have
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called to not only see the entire report but also underlying documents and evidence. >> in washington d.c. tonight natalie brands. thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer are among the democrats promising a fight tonight. issuing a joint statement saying in part, given the public record of bias against the special counsel inquiry he is he is not a neutral observer and innocent a position to make subjective determinations about the report. and most obviously for the president to say he is completely exonerated directly contradicts the words of mueller and not to be taken to any did he groof certainty. the violence at a muslim mosque is investigated as a hate crime. >> fee tee was found to the
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walls with obscene language referring to the recent shootings in new zealand. local police and federal authorities are investigating. >> any time a place of worship is attacked, we take it very, very seriously. and we are pulling in all the resources necessary to investigate the crime. >> we all stick together and keep a tight relationship and this happens to them here, it happened to all of us at the same time. >> the fire happened at the only mosque at he is ka bee da. an interfaith vigil is being hilled there this evening. for the second time a student from at florida high school the site of a mass shooting committed suicide. the unidentified stoneman douglas student died last night and following the death of a former student from the same high school who had went on to college and took her own life last sunday. her mother said she suffered from survivor's guilt and ptsd.
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the shooting in february of last year killed 17 people in florida including 14 students and three staff members. the gunman has confessed and is facing murder charges. so far it is not clear if the latest suicide is linked to the effects of last year's massacre. well stanford student died while studying abroad in spain. the 20-year-old was a junior studying computer science. he was killed friday in a hiking accident. friends lost sight of him in rocky terrain and the body was later found at the foot of a steep cliff. in a statement to students, the university said nothing in our community is worse than the death of a student. he will be deeply missed. our thoughts are with his family and friends for whom this is a terrible and heart wrenching moment. passengers on a stranded crews ship cruise ship off norway are safe tonight but pictures lit you will social media all weekend.
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report from david daniel on how it all started and ended. >> reporter: a 12-day scenic tour turned nightmarish. >> we could see we were getting blown into towards rock and it was a dangerous situation frankly. >> hundreds of passengers on a viking sky kruse ship cruise ship some waiting in life vests as conditions were miserable and dangerous. at least 20 people were injured as the ship tossed about. >> furniture would slide across the room. slide back and with it came people and glass. >> reporter: norway's joint rescue center undertook a massive operation to airlift more than 400 people from the ship to safety. >> i mean as soon as they hoisted you up, he grabbed me and pulled me like a sack of potatoes and drug me to the back of the helicopter. >> reporter: by sunday morning. 3 of the ships' four diesel
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engines regained power more than 800 people remained on board at ship slowly made it's way to port. despite the turbulent sea and frightening ordeal some passengers found a silver lining. >> i can't get over how magnificent the crew was on the ship the national guard and how kind the norway folks people have been. >> reporter: david daniel kpix5. >> boy can you imagine? viking ocean cruises thanked the norway services for their help and the priority has been the safety and well-being of passengers and crew and they are work to go get everybody back home as soon as they can. some of the video on pictures posted to twitter were from alexis shepherd. one of her tweets showed passengers sleeping on the floor of the muster station nearby hallways or small utility closets and today she posted two more photos from the ship. pulling into port around 9 this morning our time. she was among the hundreds who stayed on board.
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she also shot this video of passengers helping to clean-up saying they were so board, they decide to do pack up the life jackets. a short time ago, she tweeted thank you everyone for support and love over these difficult two days. we're now safely docked in norway and have happily been fed and watered. it's time like this that makes us all stronger as caring human accident. it does indeed take a village. coming up it was a major milestone of the 19th cents re century but a new exhibit is raising questions about the price paid for progress. and a couple running late for their honeymoon, did he save the day?
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an this year marks the 150th anniversary of the completion of the trance continental railroad. >> a major milestone of the 19th century and kpix ramos is
6:42 pm
showing us about the darker so you had of what is often thought of adds progress. >> long before the internet and telephone it was the railroad that helped bind the nation together and like all other technologies there was a price to be paid. on display at california historical society museum is the railroad golden spike a symbol of the taming of the west and the beginning of what has been called the american century. a system curator says this exhibit takes a look at how the railroad fractured the country socially and consult really. >> i mean that in terms of the slave labor and also their contributions to corruption, corporate corruption. >> reporter: images of the opposite pew lant life styles of the wealthy railroad bare rens are contracted by pictures of chinese laborers who did the back breaking work to make that possible. >> i think this is also an
6:43 pm
interesting period in the post civil war era of american sort of learning what corporate culture is and learning to be a little more weary and cynical of its impact. >> reporter: the other half of the exhibit examines the impact of the railroad on the environment. photographer mark ri did #2k ell captured the remnants of the original path of the trance continental railroad line. the images of the scarred landscape are stark and haunting and show the effects of unbridled technology on the natural world. >> well i think it's meant to make you look carefully and to scrutinize the details and to think very deeply about what technology means to us and how it changes our lives and sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. >> reporter: when in nature or the human landscape, the exhibits question the value of progress when it comes without regard to consequences. the railroads were a technology that changed the country but how you felt about it tornado pend when you're hol lowing a mountain with a shovel or
6:44 pm
driving a golden spike. in san francisco i'm stephanie ramos kpix5. the overland to california exhibit will run for september 8 at the historical society museum to mission streets. an oakland chp officer is a honeymoon hero tonight after making sure newlywed couple made it to the airport on time. chp officer just started his morning shift when he noticed a car stalled on i-80. he gave the couple a lift to the airport so they wouldn't miss their flight to hawaii and even called a tow truck to up the car. >> nice. and still to come the daring treatment giving kids a new chance against a devastating disease. >> we're lucky to have this and have to take a chance. >> an ex clue sifr look at the families who took a leap of faith and met with spectacular results. >> we've been amazed by the technology. >> it was a great surprise. and you could call them the southern lights, the unique
6:45 pm
weather pattern pushing this dazzling display down. >> i can hardly wait for that. but i bet you would like to put off the rain forever. i'm sorry to disappoint you. more on the way. weather details in the forecast as we look live over the city.
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millions of people across the u.s. and canada are getting a rare chance to see the northern lights. scientists say a geomagnetic storm is pushing it south from montana to maine. people as far south as iowa and colorado may also get a glimpse this started a few days ago when a powerful burst of solar energy came streaming towards earth pushing the northern lights south. >> have you ever seen the northern lights? >> i haven't and it begdz the question is there southern lights also? i did not know the answer until i looked it up until mark asked. and there are. and it's down south and i'm sure the penguins enjoy it. as we got a look kpix high deaf doppler. nothing here but off shore, look at that. a packet of rain about 100 miles off shore slowly working its way to the north bayover
6:49 pm
night and overnight and the rain spreads from north to south tomorrow morning. but at the peek of the morning commute south of the golden gate fairly dry and cloudy. north of the golden gate should be wet in the early going and by afternoon all wet. north to south slow mover and weak evens as it heads south. there's the bay bridge looking nice tonight and ocean beach not bad as well. this is not ocean beach looking south from high a top the roof top cam. numbers balmy in the 60s. the pollen report shows it will wash out of the atmosphere tomorrow and lowering the allergen count and should have a stuff fee free day for the next couple of days. other thanned there will be a post frontal drip when the cold front moves through the bay area. pretty good rain winding up off shore beginning in the north bay and spread south in the central and south bay as you can see in the futurecast. by 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning, it is north of the
6:50 pm
golden gate but watch it sink south by midafternoon, we're all wet and then as time goes on, here's tuesday. kind of a break on tuesday before wednesday comes along and more rain moves into the bay area. terms of amounts, not huge, it will be mostly beneficial. the numbers by wednesday morning will be an inch and a quarter, inch and a half, inch and three quarters, north of is a notice ma county and south of is a notice ma county mostly three quarters of an inch. and those are totals by wednesday. snow turns to rain in the mountains where winter storm warnings are cautioning warning the travel will be difficult with higher peaks getting 40 inches of snow. here's what will happen. clouds increase and rainfall in the north bay. spreading south during the day and remain wet on again off again fashion through mid- weeks. giants are taking on the a's at the old ball-yard. it's a chance they can get the
6:51 pm
game in sloppy conditions. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s and sun up at 7:08 daytime highs will be uniformly from 60 to about 64 degrees. under wet conditions, right through thursday with on again off again rain for the bay area by the time we get to next weekend, we'll be drying up and getting a break.
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imagine giving birth to a beautiful baby only to discover your child will have to fight every day just to stay alive. >> tonight a groundbreaking surgery pioneered at ucsf children's hospital is giving kids a new chance against a devastating disease and the
6:54 pm
results so far have been astounding. >> reporter: inside this especially designed operating room. >> that would be great. >> reporter: a land marked clinical trial unfolded. here a small number of families took a giant leap of faith. >> we are really lucky to have this and we have to take the chance. >> reporter: the chance to help their kids. >> i was wondering, you know, if this is something we can do for my daughter. >> to be able to provide her with what she wants or what she needs. >> reporter: in each family, a child born with a defective gene that causes a rare disorder. they're unable to make an enzyme that creates critical near row transmitters in the brain leaving them locked in their bodies. >> they cannot walk or talk or feed themselves. and as a result, they require life-long care. >> the children have no muscle tone. >> if you pick him up it feels like a pile of jello. >> reporter: catching a cold can kill them. >> she was checked in the hospital almost every single
6:55 pm
month. >> reporter: they suffer involuntarily movements that can last for hours. >> it is heartbreaking to see the children. >> reporter: and they barely sleep. >> 20 minutes to two hours, that's all. >> reporter: there's an experimental therapy. >> we feel like we are fortunate. >> they're phi nearing this. >> reporter: this doctor developed a way to replace the bad gene by delivering millions of healthy copies deep into the child's brain. these good genes are tucked inside a disabled virus. >> like a throw january horse. >> reporter: the virus slips into the brain cells delivering good stuff. >> we have to be very clever to be able to do it in a way it damage other cells. >> reporter: using a sophisticated mri and special software he watches as i navigates a fine hollow needle to the right spot in the brain. >> and actually infuse a solution that contains the virus in the corrected gene.
6:56 pm
>> after the benefit take a look and listen. here's salina from new york with her mother and alex from pennsylvania with parents james and ashley and little sister claire and audrey with parents albert and carrie that live in the bay area. all the children can now sit up on their own and lift their heads. their painful attacks disappeared and they all sleep better. >> it was a great surprise. >> reporter: alex interacts with the family. >> very sweet and happy girl. >> reporter: salina understands both mandarin and english and for the first time she can go to school and asked if she liked it. >> reporter: she was the forest get out of her wheelchair and try to work. >> reporter: audrey is determined to go places she recently tried out a walker and swimming holding her head above the water and kicking. >> reporter: for the very first time audrey's eating by mouth and can safely swallow. >> we've been amazed by the technology. >> reporter: the scientists are grateful for the families.
6:57 pm
the families are grateful their kids have a new chance at life. >> a new start. >> it's a new life. >> he's really, really happy. >> reporter:. >> what i'm hoping we get other leaps in the sfut. >> reporter: ucsf is continuing the trial with the blessing of the fda. >> that is extraordinary and the kids are how old? >>reporter: toddlers between 3 and 5 and parents are so supportive and the doctors are miracle workers. >> amazing stuff. thank you for watching.
6:58 pm
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> pegasus is a powerful tool licensed by an israeli developer to governments all around the world. they can use it to track terrorists but also critics, possibly including jamal khashoggi. >> i can tell you very clear, we had nothing to do with this horrible murder. >> it's been reported that you yourself sold pegasus to the saudis for $55 million. >> don't believe newspapers. >> is that a denial? no?


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