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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 25, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the music in the graphic there, we know there is a significant amount of rain. >> just like that we are back to the rain. hopefully you enjoyed the weekend with the sunshine and warm weather because we have the rain and we will see it as we go through the workweek with a series of storm systems. here is hi-def doppler. the bulk of the action is offshore. the north bay, moderate to heavy rainfall pushing across ukiah, upper lake, cloverdale getting a drenching this morning. gurnville, heavy rail over you and about to push into windsor. the north bay the most rain, 1 to 2 inches of rain with the cold front stalled out over you. then as we go through the day, that front slowly and finally slides south across the rest of the bay area. a live look with the south bay san jose camera, 50 degrees in
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loin santa rosa. mid-40s in livermore. your weather headlines, a wet workweek. you need the umbrellas, rain jackets as we go through the week with a series of weather systems. this morning the north bay, you are getting the rain with the cold front slowly pushing across the rest of the bay area this afternoon and evening. 1 to 2 inches of rain for the north bay. everybody else a quarter to 1/2 inch of rain because the front will weaken as it slides south. on futurecast, taking you hour by hour, what you can expect today and through the week with the storms coming up. it's quiet as far as accidents go. that doesn't mean you aren't seeing stop and go conditions out of the altamont pass. we are east shore freeway commute. the travel times, westbound 5 t drive. highway 4 a few brake lights. still in the green.
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101 out of the south bay a few brake lights near 880. a closer look at the altamont pass, most of those conditions busy there. past north flynn possibly grant line at this point you may see delays there. you are clear to 680 past that point. the slow spots highway 4 through bay point. looking good out of pittsburgh this morning. then once you get past the delays connecting to the east shore freeway. the trek out of the east bay to marin county, so far so good on highway 37. just a few brake lights out of vallejo. on 37 itself you are clear with a 35 minute drive time to 101. elsewhere the 880 direction northbound past the coliseum there, northbound 880 looking good. in fact, southbound 880 is clear through here. brake lights around a street. kenny and michelle. >> thank you.
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we take a live look at capitol hill. the mueller report is out. >> the attorney general released a summary of the special counsel's investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election yesterday. >> president trump is responding as well as top democrats. >> anne makovec joins us with more details. >> reporter: the attorney general who was, of course, appointed by president trump himself will now have to decide which parts of this report to release. the president seems ready to put the issue to bed. >> there was no collusion with russia. there was no obstruction and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. >> william barr released the four page summary of robert mueller's investigation saying it did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in the efforts to influence the 2016
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presidential election despite multiple offers from russian affiliated individuals. but, the report did not totally exonerate the president as he claims dealing with possible obstruction of justice charges, the special counsel stated while the report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. democrats want to explore that further. >> we cannot simply rely on what may be a hasty partisan interpretation of the facts. >> house speaker nancy pelosi tweeted the american people deserve the treat. ag barr must released the full report. >> he intends to release as much as he can. the president's allies are ready to move on. >> this should end the debate once and for all and america should come first. >> several investigations are continuing in congress and in federal and state courts. now we are hearing from some russian lawmakers on this calling the investigation two years of incessant lies and they say that that effectively
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forced the president to take harsher measures toward russia. >> anne, thank you. cbs news will air an hour- long special tonight on the mueller investigation at 10:00 p.m. right here on kpix 5. a lot of tech enthusiasts must be on the edge of their seats with apple tout a huge event in a few hours. jackie ward on what we do and don't know. >> reporter: as with any april whether event security is tight around cupertino. we are outside the steve jobs theater on apple grounds. this is as close as we can get. as part of the announcement, chris an invitation that says it's show time. anniversary any made count gown gif. the same tag line was used in 2006 when apple tv was announced. we don't know the details of pl have reportedly spend $1 billion on making that happen.
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also expected to be announced today a new subscription service that would cost 9.99 a month for users and partner up with "the new york times" so outlets like the times and "washington post" would be unlimited for users. a live stream for the vent is up and running. to add to the mystery and intrigue like apple likes to do, starting at 1:00 this morning, the curtain opened up and a gps route appeared on the screen. it appears that it started in southern california with an eta of 6:45 this morning adding to more confusion because the event here doesn't start until 10:00. what is happening at 6:45? we don't know. when we know, we will let you know. jackie ward, kpix 5. three people were arrested after a high speed pursuit from emeryville to vallejo. a spike strip brought the pursuit to an end near interstate 80, american canyon road and hidden brook parkway. the california highway
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patrol said the chase began about 11:00 p.m. when a driver avoided an officer's attempt to pull him over for speeding. we are learning about a deadly shooting in san francisco over the weekend. police say that the person who died on saturday night was a 25- year-old man. so farther not releasing his name. five other people were wounded in the shooting. the gunfire erupted on filmore near eddie street. not clear what led to the violence. a deadly weekend in stockton. police are investigating five homicides since friday. police say late saturday night a man walked up to a car at a mcdonald's drive through and opened fire killing a man and critically wounded a woman. sunday morning before dawn a woman was killed. on friday night three others were killed in a gang related shooting. >> we have to break the violence. if we see something, say something. you know, we go by the street
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code a lot snitches get stitches. >> police are trying to establish a motive for each of the shootings. so far no arrests. piles of trash are building up on both sides of a freeway off-ramp are proving to be too much for some folks in berkeley. it is on a ramp from interstate 80 to university avenue, an area over seen by caltrans. homeless encampments are near the site. the homeless are not the only ones illegally dumping trash there. berkeley's mayor said caltrans agreed to clean up the trash every two weeks but it is not happening. >> they are stretched thin. they have limited resources. this is an issue along the caltrans right-of-way throughout the whole bay area. >> caltrans releasing a statement saying it is working with the local partners to find solutions to the problem eng aa northern for a california trailblazer. the first woman to have a state
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building named after her. she becomes the first asian american in the u.s. to serve in the state legislature. she was elected california's secretary of state in 1974 after serving four terms in the state assembly. she died in 2017 at the age of 95. starting this week, the secretary of state's office in sacramento will be named after her. a cruise ship gets tossed on the high seas. a bay area woman on board said she is lucky to be alive. >> this california man is heading to the boston marathon. the obstacle he has over come before the run. >> amazing. well, are you ready for the rain? it's coming back. if you are heading out the door for work and school, what you need to know. it's parking lot at the bay bridge.
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keep your umbrellas handy. a cold front with track across the bay area. it's raining hard across the north bay. in the north bay one to two inches of rain as the front stalls out over you. i will time out the rest of the rain on futurecast coming up. michelle. >> thank you. air quality is returning to normal in benicia after an emissions problem. at the bolero refinery. it came from a green smokestack called the flue gas scrubber. health officials watched the conditions grow worse. by 7:00 a.m. there were 41 cliff rescues
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in san francisco in 2017 and 30 last year. firefighters say most rescues happen because someone disregarded warning signs or went over barricades to climb down the cliffs. >> a lot of people are saying well, i was enjoying the scenery, i saw the wall, it didn't look hazardous. i went over the wall. then i got to a point where i realized i can't get back up. that's where 911 becomes involved. >> the fire department is doing a social media push to spread the word about dangerous cliffs. a luxury cruise ship is back in port. 1400 passengers and crew on board. take a look at the video. it was abbreviated but turbulent trip as the ship's engines failed during the storm. the viking skies sent out a mayday signal as it drifted in rough waters in the norwegian sea. >> i was standing, my wife was in front much me. all of a sudden i thought she was gone. i thought this is it.
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>> rescuers airlifted 479 people at sea hoisting them one by one on the helicopters. about 900 people were on board as the ship arrived yesterday. alexis shepherd was among those on board. she posted this saying thank you everyone for your love and support over the difficult two days. we are now safely docked in norway and have been happily fed and watered. it's times like these that make us stronger as caring human beings. it does indeed take a village. >> glad to see they are safe. all the furniture collided into each other, it looks like traffic on the wet roadways. >> a tongue twitter there. let's see how the roads are looking. >> we have the typical slow conditions. a new prays through the altamont pass. busier out there. good news, no accidents, no stalled vehicles to slow you down on the bay bridge. delays are concentrated on the
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and east shore freeway approach. slow, sluggish here. delays off 580 as well as into the maze. you can see that on the live shot. past the metering lights, okay into san francisco. the drive time from this portion into the city about 15 to 19 minutes. plan for that. checking the drive times on 880, nimitz freeway, 26 minutes southbound down to 237. brake lights southbound 880 into hayward working toward the san mateo bridge connector. that is typical this time of the morning. you will see delays toward the toll plaza there as well getting on the bridge itself. on the span, 19 minutes between 880 and 101. the good news, once you get off 92 to 101, no delays there. 880 north of there near the coliseum, a few more cars on the roadway. looking good here northbound to the maze.
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the trouble spot westbound 580 on the altamont pass is not blocking lanes, over to the right shoulder. busy but you have the brake lights out of tracy. stay slow. 39 minutes from 205 to 680. 680 connecting to 580 slow. brake lights on the southbound side of 680. just a head's up there. we see brake lights westbound highway 4 through bay point. no delays in the pittsburg area. usually slow around railroad but that is not the case today. the rain is coming. here is mary. we are starting off the workweek with the return of the rain. i think a lot of people may not be happy about this but we are tracking the rain, especially for the north bay. heavy rain with a cold front stalled often you. heavy rain from ukiah, cloverdale, lakeport, upper lake as well as through windsor, grayton. you can see the heavy rain
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pouring over you. this will be the case as we head through the morning with that front stalled out across the north bay, dylan beach and down through inverness this morning. the tower camera, mostly cloudy skies to cloudy. you can see temperatures are in the mid- to upper-40s to low 50s on this monday morning. satellite and radar view, there is this low pressure system that we are tracking bringing the cold front our way and with that front the return of the rain. so, timing it out for you on futurecast, taking you hour by hour, here we are at noon. raining for the north bay. the north bay picking up 1 to 2 in. of rain. you will see the most rain with the front pushing into the san francisco peninsula and the rest of the bay area, east bay peninsula and the south bay by 4:00 p.m. as this front pushes through, it will weaken. so, not as much r amounts for the rest of the bay area, quarter to half an inch of rain. tomorrow in ee
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systems. a few showers are possible. unsettled weather. then another round of rain and the wind for your wednesday. now, because of rain, the pollen count will be lower today. increases for tuesday then back down wednesday and thursday because of the rain. sunrise at 7:04 this morning. daytime highs today, a few degrees below average for this time of year. south bay low to mid-60s. 64 mountain view. 65 san jose. and 66 moraga began hill. 62 pleasant hill. 60 walnut creek. 62 for a high in danville. low 60s in berkeley, alameda and mid-50s for lakeport and clearlake. by the way, the bay bridge series, heading out to the game, the a's taking on the giants, today cloudy and rainy. temperatures for the first pitch around 57. the association here is the seven-day forecast. a wet day today.
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grab the umbrella. ran jackets, you will need it. a few showers tuesday. rain and winds wednesday. drier, sunnier weather by the end of the week. kenny? a sacramento man is lacing up for the boston marathon competing on the biggest stage with a lot of dedication. john has a form of nonverbal autism. this is video training in 2018. he took up the sport three years ago as a way to reduce stress and set different goals. his coach says he has learned a lot from the young man's determination. >> he has so much enthusiasm for running that it inspires me to get out of bed and come to practice and run with john. >> in order to qualify for the boston marathon, john had to complete the california international marathon within six hours despite an ankle injury. he crossed the finish line in about 4 hours and 27 minutes. not bad. the boston marathon takes place
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april 15th. a stunning decision by the cal's basketball team. what that is and after coming off the worst loss of the steve kerr era at home, could the warriors right the ship? taking another look outside this is the embarcadero. it's 6:21. show me the crown.
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reporter: warriors were back at it ready to turn the page from saturday night's 35 point loss to the mavs, the worst loss since w was in the the warriors hosted the pistons. second quarter, steph curry on the break, finds k.d. get out of the way.
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warriors won 121-114. cal fired jones. the design to fire jones came after athletic director met with the players. jones was 16-47 in two seasons at cal. jason kidd online one? derrick rodriguez was on the mound for the giants in the battle of the bay. first inning, no score. rodriguez solidifying or trying to solidify the 5th spot in the rotation. a's won 5-1. could the anteaters upset oregon and make it to the sweet 16. it looked like it for a while but payton pritchard said no, no. he gave it to kenny worton. it was a strong second half. 73-54. now, the bay bridge series is supposed to go tonight. i'm supposed to go out there. but it's raining.
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so, tune in tonight and see if we are live from inside apple park outside the steve jobs theater this morning. in a few hours, apple making big anno show me the crown.
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now at 6:30, a large storm system takes aim this morning. we will pinpoint the areas seeing the most rain. the president says that he is fully vindicated while some lawmakers beg to differ. this morning more fallout from the mueller report. good morning, thanks for waking up with us. it's monday, march 25th. i'mmany kenny choi. >> mary, you give it and take it away.
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>> at least she likes the weekend. >> sunshine was nice. now it's gone. a wet workweek with a series of storm systems tracking that for you on hi-def doppler. if you are heading out for work or school, grab the rain jacket. you will need it. especially for the north bay it's pouring right now from cloverdale, ukiah and raining nonstop, just a few hours of this rainfall. that will continue with the cold front stalled out over the north bay. we are looking at 1 to 2 inches of rain with this cold front pushing through. down here and santa rosa you u, grayton lan beac in over sts. here is veok. mostly csk theratures ar to uplow 50s. the weather headlines, a wet workweek with a series of
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weather systems. the north bay this morning getting the heaviest rain. this cold front slowly pushes south this afternoon and this evening. rainfall amounts, the north bay one to two inches. the rest a quarter to an inch of rain. as the front pushes through. it will weaken across the reese of the bay area. we will time it out for you taking you hour by hour. not just through today but through the week. now gianna has a look at traffic and the latest on a crash in the east bay. >> we have a new trouble spot east shore free. chpd is not on scene yet. not a lot of details. no delays on that westbound side of 80. just a head's up if you are commuting on the east shore freeway from highway 4 out of hercules you will run into a snag. other than that okay. more brake lights into richmond and berkeley, emeryville and the bay bridge toll plaza. a crash at grant line over to the right shoulder.
6:32 am
of course, it's already busy there. we have brake lights through that portion. busy anyway out of tracy. stay slow. 39 minutes from 205 to 680. south 680 to 237 a 28 minute drive time. we are seeing slow speeds working out of dublin and pleasanton. richmond san rafael bridge okay. this is the slowest spot across the richmond san rafael bridge. before this you won't have any brake lights until you approach the toll plaza. a close eye on 101 in santa rosa, petaluma and north of there. that is where we are getting rain and no accidents or incidents in the north bay. >> thank you. the israeli militaryis beefing up the defenses on the gaza border after a rocket attack. officials say a rocket fired from gaza hit a home in central israel north of tel aviv.
6:33 am
several people were hurt. it's the farthest a rocket has been fired into israel since the war in 2014. a live look at capitol hill this morning. president trump is declaring victory after the attorney general released a summary of special counsel robert mueller's report yesterday on russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> some republicans are ready to move on but top democrats say the fight isn't over yet. anne makovec with more details as the back and forth continues. >> bar is expected to release more of this report. he says as much as he legally can. we don't know what and we don't know when. democrats vowed to subpoena both mueller and bar about the investigation and president trump is declaring vindication. >> it's a shame that our country had to go through this, to be honest. it's a shame that your s had to this. >> the attorney general released his four-page summary of robert mueller's russia investigation yesterday saying
6:34 am
it did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. election despite multiple offers from russian affiliated individuals but it did not totally exonerate the president. the special counsel stated while the report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it does not exonerate him. democrats want to explore that further. >> and the mueller report must be made public for a full accounting of what happened. >> east bay representative eric swalwell tweeted no summaries. show us the full report, every word, every comma, every period. the participate's allies are ready to move on. >> the witch hunt may be over. i think it proves that the
6:35 am
president didn't do anything wrong. all the sidewalking has been about the millions of dollars spent. >> lawmakers in russia's government are reacting to the news. one senator saying that the investigation was designed to fuel hatred toward the trump campaign and that the second goal was to dem mon nice russia. kenny. >> thank you. presidential hopeful bernie sanders says he will win in california. the vermont senator campaigned in san francisco yesterday at great meadow park at fort mason. he demanded the mueller report be released in full and took jabs at the president telling the crowd he could turn the nation around. another talking point, the issue of student loan debt. >> if we can provide a trillion dollars to bail out wall street, we are either going to end that student debt completely or substantially reduce it. take that to the bank. >> we took an informal poll of
6:36 am
supporters at yesterday's rally. we asked who would be the dream vice presidential candidate to run along with sanders. the winner? massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. apple plans to make a few major announcements at an unveiling event a few hours from now. jackie ward is live in cupertino with the latest. apple is tight lipped. you have connections there. michelle, full disclosure, yes, my wife works here and works for the finance team. she knows a bunch about a lot of what is being revealed today. i know nothing. she keeps her lips sealed. i have no inside scoop for you. but check where i am. i am inside apple park. this is the place where the big announcements are being made today. we are getting a hint about what the announcement entails. it's show time is anniversary any made count down gif. for the serious apple fan, they will remember this is the same
6:37 am
tag line used in 2016 when apple tv was announced. we don't know the exact details of what will be revealed we know that apple wants to get into the tv and news industries. it is expected to be announced today, tv shows, movies, music and a subscription service with "the wall street journal" will be announced today, we think. the subscription would be 9.99 a month and give outlets to the "new york times" and "washington post." new line up of shows is reportedly costing apple more than a billion dollars. what we think we will learn is how they are streamed. a timeline for the release and a possible bundle offerings within a few hours. there is a live stream for the vent up and running. to add to the mystery and intrigue like apple likes to do, this started at 1:00 this morning. the curtain on stage opened up, a s route appeared on screen. here is what is happening. the trip started in southern california around 6:45 this morning. however, moments ago, we
6:38 am
watched this gps go from 101 and exit off 280 in san jose. so, maybe the destination is here. we will find out in seven minutes from now if my math is correct. i have no idea what is coming. maybe some car related. you can assume so. i hope to have an exciting update before the end of this hour. in cupertino, jackie ward, kpix 5. a principal allegedly shot business hiv wife died. paul shatswell succumbed to his injuries yesterday. he was the head of pittsburg un district adult education program and served contra costa county as a reserve deputy sheriff. according to police his wife shot him march 16th during a domestic dispute at their home. his wife, maria vides is facing murder charges. a student from a florida
6:39 am
high school the site of a mass shooting has committed suicide. police say the unidentified marjory stoneman douglas student died saturday following the death of a former student from the same school. she had gone on to college but took her own life last sunday. she suffered from survivors guilt and ptsd. the shooting in february of last year killed 17 people in parkland, florida, including 14 students and three staff members. the gunman confessed to the crime and is facing murder charges. so far it's not clear if the latest suicide is linked to the effects of last year's massacre. police are investigating a fire at a san diego county mosque as an arson attack and possible hate crime. it happened yesterday morning at an islamic center. care takers battled the flames with fire extinguishers. when police arrived on scene afterwards, they saw words spray painted on walls that made them certain the fire was
6:40 am
intentionally set. >> there was a reference in the graffiti to the event that occurred in new zealand. this is leading us to investigate it as a hate crime. >> police say there were seven people inside at the time of the fire no. information on the suspect has been released. the fire comes ten days after 50 people were killed at two mosques in new zealand. before you reach for that avocado toast, you want to hear this. the brand getting pulled from shelves this morning. a happy ending for a pet lost in the wind. how this little bird happened to fly away home. a rough end for the dow on friday. a rebound this morning. it's up about 46 points. we will get an update from jason brooks.
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good monday morning. heading out for work or school, grab aripple an rain jacket. you will need it later on today. we are saying good morning in berkley. at u.c. berkeley, 50 degrees with cloudy skies. we will time out the rain taking you hour by hour on futurecast coming up. kenny? this morning, the henry avocado corporation recalled
6:45 am
the avocados in six states because of potential contamination to listeria. no illnesses reported. states include california, florida, new hampshire, north carolina and wisconsin. we are just over three hours ago away until apple's big announcement. there are concerns about growth. >> joining us is financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning, michelle. good morning, kenny. apple might have a netflix killer on its hands. that's what some employees call it. apple will release the details about the streaming app service. it's been reported that apple spent over $1 billion in acquiring original tv shows for the service. that would be a direct impact against netflix which has built its service off the original programming. it would include the ability for subscribers to get add on services such as hbo, show time and stars for 9.99 a month.
6:46 am
apple could get a cut of those services. this is a big deal for apple. we have seen demand plateau for the iphone now it's trying to build up services. this is a big play. apple stock is down about three quarters of a percent. global growth concerns have doing market around the world in 2019. weak readings on manufacturing and the u.s. the weakest job growth in months. the market is trying to rally after the big sell off. the dow is now moving lower after going higher. down by 65 points. up and down this morning. fast dan down 30 points. s&p lower by 6 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks, thank you. a happy ending to what started as a sad story. >> diana santana thought she lost her pet bird named juniper. this morning they are back
6:47 am
together. two weeks ago juniper was stuck on the window self a walnut creek office building. people became outraged when no one tried to help. then the bird was carried way by the wind. >> if it was a cat on the window sill it would have been seen like terrible not to do something. with a bird, i guess -- i don't know. not that sense of urgency. >> they can't survive in the wild for long. 14 days after the bird was lost she was discovered in the parking lot of a high school by a baby player. the group called 911 parrot alert helped her reunite with juniper. for more information on the missing bird search group there is a link on our web site. go to it, >> that little bird rallied the community. >> i guess if you see a bird on the window sill, they can fly. you don't feel like it's that much of an emergency.
6:48 am
glad juniper is back home. >> took a village but it's all good now. let's check traffic. is it all good? >> no. >> it's not all good. i will help you navigate through the mess. a trouble spot in the south bay. we have a couple of things northbound highway 17 just as you approach the 280 connector. delays as far back as hamilton. a crash here has at least one lane blocked, maybe more. you got chp and fire crews heading to the scene. we have delays as a result. try to avoid 17 in the meantime until they wrap this up. brake lights on the northbound side of 280. slow and go conditions there. and passing the 17 connector. northbound 101 starting to load up. pockets of slowing northbound. brake lights again. 280, 680 connector, sluggish until 880 there. northbound 880 from that point, you should be okay. 49 minutes from hilliard toward
6:49 am
sfo. a trouble spot westbound 80 -- they just cleared it off the maps. that is good news. you should be fine working westbound from highway 4 on the east shore freeway. no delays through hercules. 80 near carlson, traffic is okay here. a few more brake lights working into richmond and heading to the macarthur maze. hopping on the richmond san rafael bridge, most of the delays are near the toll plaza. head's up working through there. to the maze, our busiest approach off 580 westbound. sluggish there. you will see brake lights but you can see the 80 connector doing okay toward the bay bridge toll plaza. past that point you have a lot of brake lights. metering lights are on and stay slow from here and pockets across the upper deck into the city. we have rain in store for us today. for more, here is mary. a lot of people would love to see the sunshine that would possibly continue for the week. that is not the case as we are tracking the rain.
6:50 am
grab your rain jacket, umbrella. you will need it today. a cold front pushing through on hi-def. a lot of action offshore and for the north bay. it has been raining over the north bay for several hours. down to cloverdale, lake fort, clearlake as well as over here. winds are down through santa rosa, grayton as well. looking at moderate to heavy rainfall, dylan beach through inveriness. this cold front has stalled out over the north bay. looking at one to two inches of rain for the north bay before this cold front finally and slowly slides across the rest of the bay area later today. here is a beautiful live look with the sales force tower comera of the sunrise. temperatures are running in the mid- to upper-40s to low 50s to kick off the monday. here is what you can expect, north bay rain. then rainy and breezy conditions for the rest of the bay area as we head through the afternoon and evening. it does look like a wet week
6:51 am
ahead. here is the storm system that we are tracking. it's dropping the cold front our way. that's why wife the return of the rain. on futurecast, taking you hour by hour, what you can expect, stopping the clock at noon here, you can see it's raining to the north bay and slowly working its way down to the san francisco peninsula as we go through the rest of the afternoon, this is at 4:00 p.m. moving across the east bay. the rest of the peninsula and then stopping the clock again for the evening at 7:00 p.m. finally into the south bay. rainfall amounts for the rest of the bay area, just a quarter to 1/2 inch of rain because the front will weaken as it slides south. for tomorrow, looking at a few showers. we will be in between storm systems for tuesday then another weather system arrivals for wednesday. that will bring the rain and the wind. the good news with our rain, the pollen count is down for today. it goes back up for tuesday. then lower for wednesday and for thursday. now, the allergy season, tree
6:52 am
pollen is through april. that corresponds to last year's rainfall. so, the tree pollen normal levels. it has been incredibly wet winter. because of that, grass pollen will be sky high and could continue into july. not the best news for allergy sufferers. today, daytime highs below average. 60 in san francisco. 62 oakland. 63 fremont. 65 san jose and 61 santa rosa. seven-day forecast, a wet day today. a few showers tuesday. rainy, windy wednesday. showers thursday. drier and sunnier by the end of the week into the weekend. michelle? a former russian military officer strips down to his shorts to attempt the coldest half naked skydive in history. he braved the temperatures of minus 58 degrees on saturday and was topless during the more than 13,000 feet descent in the
6:53 am
country's northeast. he is known as the lord of cold. he has 11 prior records and extreme cold activities. this latest feat is being verified by winter records. can you imagine? >> brave man. >> no. a trashy eyesore piles up on one bay area road this morning. why the mayor says the state needs to clean it all up. we are live from inside apple park. in a few hours, some big announcements will be made. we will tell you what we know next.
6:54 am
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time for the final 5. piles of trash are growing in berkeley in an area over seen by caltrans. it's happening on interstate 80 to university avenue. homeless encampments are near the site but the homeless aren't the only ones illegally dumping trash. caltrans agreed to clean up the
6:57 am
trash every two weeks but that is not happening. at least three people were arrested after a high speed pursuit from emeryville to vallejo. a spike strip brought it to an end. the california lay patrol says the chase began about 1 1:00 p.m. an east bay principal allegedly shot by his wife earlier this month has died. paul shatswell succumbed to his he washead of the pittsburg unified school district adult education program. president trump says the results of the special counsel report exonerate him. on the issue of obstruction of justice, mueller did not conclude that the president committed a crime but did not exonerate him either. we are three hours away from a big announcement that apple is expected to make.
6:58 am
this is a live look outside of steve jobs theater. we are getting a hint about what the announce the entails. show time is a gif being used for an invitation. the same tag line when apple tv was announced. we are expecting a tv and news services to be record, tv shows, movies, new subscription 9.99 a month, unlimited use of the "new york times." "the washington post" and various other news outlets. maybe something related to a car. earlier this morning we saw a gps inside steve jobs theater traveling from southern california to what looked like cupertino. who knows what will happen. the big details will be revealed at 10:00 this morning. jackie ward, kpix 5. all lanes are blocked northbound 17 past hamilton around 280. a crash there. debris in the roadway as well. big delays through northbound 17 out of the south bay.
6:59 am
bay bridge metering lights are on. word of a trouble spot on the san mateo bridgetrngthe rain for the north bay. it has been raining for several hours across the north bay. that rain will slide across the rest of the bay area this afternoon and for this evening. daytime highs in the upper 50s, to low to mid-60s. wet day today. grab the rain jacket. a few showers tuesday. rain and wind thursday. drier, sunnier beginning friday through the weekend. >> a monday. we are looking forward to the weekend. >> never too early for that. >> no basketball on "cbs this morning." but continues on thursday. how are the brackets doing. >> i need to check that. >> i have no idea. >> i think i'm good. >> no idea what i picked or what i did. >> that is confidence. like it, mary. >> thanks. thank you for watching this morning. the next local
7:00 am
. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, march 25th, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." president claimed son exoneration after the robert mueller investigation find those evidence of collusion with russia but mueller leaves te matter of obstruction unresolved saying it doesn't exonerate the president. >> democrats are demanding to see the report and we'll get reaction from jay sekulow. democratic candidate amy klobuchar and john podesta. plus americans and other passengers on a cruise ship stranded by brutal weather say it was the worst trip of their lives. we'll show you the dramatic rescues as


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