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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 25, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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now at noon, a goodee recovered at the bottom of a bay area cliff now questions about whether it's the woman presumed to be bury admission live in a sand slide. but first, clouds giving toshowers this afternoon, a new round of rain moving into
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the bay area, good afternoon i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. taking a look outside san francisco, we can see raindrops especially on the camera lens k the clouds moving over the sonoma, marin county line with rain not too far behind. mary. >> kenny and michelle, we are tracking this cold front, it was stalled out over the north bay all morning long and finally on the move pushing across the rest of the bay area. first for the north bay, clear lake, windsor, santa rosa, receiptor park, still long beach, it is pouring with heavy rain, navado, richmond, san rafael bridge, across the golden gate and bay bridge into san francisco tracking light rain at this hour. now north bay rainfall amounts
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looking at almost an inch of rain, hill burg, .16-inch of rain. not just the rain we're trackingnt weather advisory for the west slopes of the sierra looking at the higher peaks up to a foot of snow, but we will track the rain as we go through today and actually for the entire we are tracking a series of storms, details coming, ken they. a body has been found near funston where a woman was buried in a landslide back in february. as kpix5 anne makevec reports it's not clear yet if the body found today is hers. >> reporter: i just spoke on the phone with the sister of the woman who was buried here last month, she said her dad is now on the way here from the central valley after getting a phone call this morning. she says the body was found in the area where her sister went
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missing near a crumbled cliff side on the pacific. chopper 5 was overhead as authorities investigated the remains and a woman's body was was taken away. the woman buried in a landslide was kierra you are shine scarlet of san francisco walking on the beach with her dog an a friend when they climbed over rocks to escape the surf that is when the hillside above them gave way and trapped them. keira's friend was rescued, authorities assumed her body was washed out to sea. >> if they do eventually find out that the body that was found here today is that of her sister it is going to be a whole new phase of mourning. the family liked to think of her sister as now a mermaid, in san francisco, anne makevec, kpix5. president trump is pro claiming a complete victory following the release of
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special counsel robert mueller's 2 year no collusion with russia. nikole killion has detail from the white house. >> michelle, this afternoon president trump hosted is lately i prime minister netanyahu at the white house at their press availability. he said he felt bob mueller acted honorably but went on to say it was a witch hunt that went on far too long. president trump says the people who accused him of collusion need to be held accountable. >> what they did, it was a false narrative. it was a terrible thing, we can never let this happen to another account again. >> special council robert mueller concluded neither the president nor members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities. >> we're glad it's over. it's a 100% the way it should
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have been. i wish it could have gone sooner, a lot quicker. >> mueller did not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. >> highly inappropriate, acts of obstruction, did he fall short of that line? yeah i think he fell short of some distance. >> left the obstruction to attorney general william barr who say the evidence is not sufficient to establish the president obstructed justice. >> he made a decision that there was no obstruction, so that makes it a complete and total exoneration. >> a four page letter from the attorney general is not enough for them. they want the full report released along with the evidence collected in the investigation. >> without seeing the entire report it's hard to assess any of this and barr during the nominee -- during his hearing and as attorney geno wants to make everything county public and we are going to call him on that.
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>> democrats will continue their congressional investigations into the president and vowed to subpoena attorney barr. south carolina senator lindsey graham says he thinks attorney general william barr should testify but said he will leave it up to the attorney general as to whether it would be helpful for bob mueller to testify as well. nikole killion, kpix5. the president still faces legal jeopardy from federal prosecutors in new york looking into his business dealings, potential campaign finance violations. cbs news will be airing an hour long special tonight on the mueller investigation, that starts at 10:00 p.m. right here on kpix5. meanwhile president trump has formally recognized israel's sovereign tee over goln lights. the president stood beside the prime minister netanyahu and announced he has signed an
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executive order to recognize israel's control over the disputed land. >> and today i am taking historic action to promote israel's itto defend itself and really to have a very powerful, very strong national security which they are entitled to have. >> today's signing comes after a rocketed attack on central i real this morning. at least 7 people were hurt. israel says that the rocket came from a hamas position in gaza. netanyahu who cut his visit short said israel will response forcibly. the father of a 6-year-old killed in the sandy hook shooting massacre has died in an apparent suicide. jeremy richmond was found dead outside a town hall in couldn't couldn't. also a second student who survived the school shooting in parkland, florida has taken his own life, he was a sophomore at marjory stoneman douglas high school, this is the second apparent suicide of a student there in just about a week. new at noon, celebrity
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lawyer michael avanatti is under arrest. alleging he embezzled a client's money to pay off his own expenses and debts. accused of trying to extort more than $20 million from sports wear giant nike. mpantipublicity ened the if convicted he could face to you 50 years in prison. he is due in court next monday. a so than know county woman was aboard a cruise ship that cot caught up in a storm in norway, why it set off in the first place. >> passengers aboard the viking sky had just finished breakfast saturday morning when furniture started flying and parts of the ceiling came crashing down. >> we came so close to having catastrophic event out there.
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>> that close call has lead norwegian authorities to open an investigation into why the ship's crew may have ignored storm warnings and set off in violent waves up to 26 feet high. the captain issued a may day call, reporting engine trouble as the ship drifted dangerously close to morro bay way's rocky coast the 1300 people on board grabbed life jackets and waited for help to arrive. one by helicopter crews began airlifting passengers to safety, many of them senior citizens from the u.s. i'm 71, he's 74. well, they took us up together and we got hooked in and lifted up, that was quite a jolt. >> hundreds of passengers were rescued before seas calmed and tug boat toed the viking sky to port. about 20 people were hurt. most suffering cuts or broken bones or trauma from the chaos.
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viking says passengers will be compensated and invited back for another cruise. and alexis shepherd of solano county shot video on board. she posted this on twitter saying, thank you for everyone for your love and support over these difficult two days. we're not safely docked in norway and happily been fed and watered. it's time like these that make us all stronger as caring human beings it does take a village. viking canceled the next ship. police in norway say they do not think anything subs push took place. no new iphones or gadgets this time, apple had a lot to unveil today. >> apple makes big announcements regarding their subscription services and there is something for everyone. plus trouble for the bay area create veggie burger meant to look like the real thing.
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apple just unveiled its new streaming service called apple tv plus and the company brought out a listers like steven spielberfor the big reveal. jennifer anniston, reese wither spoon working on a comedy series. kpix5 jackie ward reports on
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the new technology apple is working on. >> apple is upgrading its subscription services, its gaming experience, even getting into the credit card business and creating original content. now apple news plus including 300 magazines and live cover photos. to subscribe to this service it will cost $9.99 a month. the first month for free. tim cook emphasized how critical it is to get news from experienced, trusted sources, also the importance of privacy. >> you are designed to keep your personal information private and secure. >> soon you will be able to pay with apple's own credit card, using apple pay no fees, lower interest, 2% cash back on everything every day with no limit. the titanium card. >> we are going to do all of this and so much more changing the entire credit card experience. >> and for gamers there is
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apple arcade, another subscription service including more than 100 exclusive games, off line feature and all without ads. >> we are working with some of the most creative game developers in the world. on a new kind of service designed specifically for games like these. a service that is giving them the freedom to do the best work of their lives. kpix5 kiet do will have a lot more regarding the details this event in tonight's newscast. in a people park, jackie ward, kpix5. apple tv channels and new apple tv app will launch through a soft wear update in may. reacting with 45 minutes to go, apple stock is down by 2% and the dow down about 13 points. plant based burger, impossible foods has issued a recall after a restaurant found a piece of plastic in hecontami was not served to anyone.
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avacados are being recalled in california and five ott 0er states over possible listeria contamination, southern california based henry avacado is the grower and distributor. no reports of any illnesses. time for a check of our forecast, it looks like you are going to see a lot of rain. kenny and michelle we are tracking a series of storm systems bringing the rain and even right now. so that cold front is on the move, dropping a lot of rain for the north bay where it is still raining but slowly pushing across the rest of the bay area right now. hi-def doppler a dredging from guerneville, santa rosa, dillon beach, pat a room a, marin, navado, santa rappel, over the golden gate, san francisco, across the bridge, almeda as well as moving into oakland. here is a live look with our sa
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you can see the clouds in the sky. from 64 in concord. 59 in oakland. livermore 62. 60 in san francisco. 63 in san jose and 52 in santa rosa. here is a storm system that we're tracking that is dropping the cold front our way, bringing the return of the rain. so as we go through the rest of our afternoon and evening we are going to see the front push across the rest of the bay area stopping the clock at 5:00 p.m., through 10:00 p.m. especially for the south bay you will see that rain. so anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain from the north bay as this front weakens, as it pushes through the rest of the bay area, maybe .25 to .50-inch of rain. for tomorrow mainly dry, a few showers but tuesday will be in between storm systems and then another storm arrives rain and wind for your wednesday. pollen count because of the rain today, it's lower, that's a good thing, we are looking at
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increasing for tuesday, and then back down again wednesday and thursday because of the rain. sunset at 7:26. sunrise at 7:04 tomorrow morning. daytime highs today, a couple l of degrees lower than average, 60 in san francisco. 65 in san jose and 61 for santa rosa. by the way heading out to the bay bridge series for today, 6:45 for the first pitch. cloudy, rainy, 57. a's taking on the giants. rape mean day for wednesday. by friday into the weekend drier with sunnier weather, good timing for our weekend. y, only you can make us think about friday on a monday. >> we like it. >> mary, thanks. still ahead, take bay area students scholar athletes on people who lead them through tough circumstances to come out on top. reminder if have you a
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just this past week students and donor gathered at the ritz-carlton hotel to celebrate students rising above. >> it was an opportunity for past sra scholars to say thank you for everything the organization has done. >> former nfl fullback eddie williams tonight is a homecoming, is he about to deliver the key note address for the students rising above gala at the ritz-carlton in san francisco. >> it's kind of surreal, to be honest. >> 14 years after he was an sra scholar sitting in the crowd dreaming of a brighter future. >> i'm so honored to be here with you, guys, thank you so much for having me. >> the room he will address is full of young people who survived turbulent lives, tax and come out on top guided by their mentors at students rising above.
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da month hartnet is one of them, in 2014 he was president of the black student union at santa clara high school and captain of the basketball team, his mother was struggling to pay the bills. >> it was not easy at all. i pushed through it. i strived. >> right into franklin marshall college, now 5 years later he takes the stage at the students rising above physical a with an update. >> after graduation i received a full time offer at the new york times and i am the first in my family to graduate from college. >> students rising above executive director line a martin these are successes that fueled the sra over two decades. >> data scientists, we're celebrating a lot tonight with our students. >> 75 students fan wavith colleges they will attend next fall. when eddie takes the stage
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the power of their painful stories. >> wield your story as a weapon that gives hatred and division an injustice and evil and push back the broken necessary in other people's lives with grace and with peace. >> for students rising above, i am kristen air injuries. >> go to our, we'll be right back.
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a counter fit money scam circulating in livermore what businesses and girl scouts are doing to stop this. that story and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. we are following the rain. >> so much. >> all week,. >> keep those umbrellas hadn't all week. >> michelle still doesn't have one. can i borrow one from you? >> can you
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>> brooke: what do you think you're doing, taylor? >> taylor: what are you talking about? >> brooke: i saw you! i saw you plant a kiss on ridge! >> taylor: oh, my gosh. what were you doing, spying on me? >> brooke: this is my home. how dare you come in here and make moves on my husband? >> taylor: oh, i did no such thing. >> brooke: you did it, and you know it. you're just embarrassed that you got caught. and you should be. >> wyatt: it's crazy that she's just gone. >> liam: caroline especially. you know, she's -- uh... she was the kind of person you assume is gonna live forever. she was larger-than-life. >> wyatt: yeah. the fact that it happened so suddenly... >> liam: apparently that's -- that's how blood clots are.


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