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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  March 25, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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ut i feel it still ♪ ♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪ captio ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, fallout from the mueller report. the president says his accusers sid evil things. democrats vow to press on with the investigation. st you can never ever let this >>ppen to another president etain. >> the white house taking a flame thrower to the president's critics. >> democrats and the liberal media should be absolutely dbarrassed. >> democrats say they will not ld b down. >> i don't want a summary of tht i want the whole damn report. d michael avenatti arrested this afternoon. >> he's accused of trying to extort $20 million from nike. >> this was an old-fashioned ahakedown. >> it's a tragedy for this town once again. >> a newtown father and two parkland shooting survivors take
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their own lives in just over a week. >> unexpected tragedies do not go away on their own. >> glor: and cruise ship passengers tell of a harrowing rescue at sea. >> the sea water just come rushing in, and i thought this was it. >> glor: good evening. this is our western edition. i'm jeff glor, and we're going to begin tonight with a new political landscape in washington. one day after a summary of the mueller report was released, the report found no collusion but left questions of obstruction to the attorney general. william barr said he did not see sufficient evidence. president trump and many of his supporters said i told you so and it's time to move on. democrats say many questions still remain and are promising continued investigations. we have extensive coverage including when we might see the full report and what comes next beginning with paula reid at the ihite house. e wht lasted a long time. we're glad it's over. it's a 100% the way it should have been. >> reporter: for the first time
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in 22 months the president was not under the cloud of the noller investigation. t we can never let this happen >> another president again. i can tell you that. i say it very strongly. very few people i know could have handled it. pl reporter: during an oval office meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, the president blasted those involved in the probe. e there are a lot of people out there that have done some very, tery evil things, very bad things, i would say treasonous things against our country. those people will certainly be looked at. >> reporter: but the president did soften his criticism of hecial counsel robert mueller, whom he has long said was leading a witch hunt. since may 2017, mueller and his team have never responded to attacks on their work, instead nocusing on issuing more than cu800 subpoenas, executing nearly 500 search warrants, and interviewing about 500 witnesses. the special counsel charged 34 e ople and three companies with
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eeimes, including six trump nssociates. in his four-page summary of the investigation, attorney general william barr said mueller did not find that the trump campaign pr anyone associated with it nenspired or coordinated with russia. but on the question of whether sse president obstructed justice, barr said, "while mueller's report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him." cbs news has learned mueller told barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein three weeks ago that he could not l roh a conclusion on obstruction. instead mueller left that decision up to barr, who, after consulting with other justice officials, concluded that the evidence is not sufficient to idtablish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense. but some say it should not have y it barr's decision to make. former federal prosecutor kim wehle. >> barr made a decision. k said thumbs-down. cid i think he will take
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n.iticism for that, because arguably that decision should have gone to the congress. >> reporter: barr says mueller laid out evidence on both sides rf the obstruction question and ofw it's up to the attorney general how much of that information is released. the president says he is open to paking the whole thing public. >> up to the attorney general. wouldn't bother me at all >> glor: the president says he's way with it. democrats certainly want the lull report out, when should we aypect to see more of the mueller report? >> reporter: jeff, it could be a while. sources tell cbs news over the next few days the attorney eeneral will be holed up with eis deputy, rod rosenstein, and officials from the office of legal counsel poring over this report to figure out what else gure outble to be released. but they cannot release certain grand jury material. there are also limits on how much information they can eylease about people who were not charged in a federal asvestigation. the white house may also have a t ance to weigh in on the issue of executive privilege, trying to protect materials like the
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ilesident's private conversations. jeff? >> glor: paula reid on the story from the beginning. paula, thank you. democrats in congress have vowed to press on. they also received a word of wution from their counterparts. rd o'keefe has this part of the arory. >> why should this report not be made public? >> reporter: democrats returned to capitol hill today and agreed ere full mueller report needs to be released publicly, and both mueller and attorney general darr should testify publicly under oath before congress. lawmakers want to know exactly what evidence mueller had that rid not exonerate the president on the question of obstructing justice. >> just because these actions did not rise to the very high bar of beyond a reasonable doubt of obstruction of justice does beyond a reaseverything is hunky dory. tn fact, mueller said this does not exonerate the president. >> reporter: virginia's gerry y.nnolly said there is good reason for democrats to continue the multiple ongoing congressional investigations into the president, on everything from his tax returns
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at the trump organization. r i think there's lots of legal niril still out, there and i think it's a very rich environment for further investigation and scrutiny. >> reporter: but with mueller finding no concrete evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice, democrats know impeachment is now likely off the table and that they need to avoid being seen as overreaching by voters in 2020. at the start of the year, more than half of democrats were vready calling for their party ,o keep focus on their own agenda, instead of investigating the president. republicans said mueller's conclusions are proof it's time for democrats to move on. >> i sincerely hope for now at last our friends on the left will be able to put aside their fixation on permanently solitigating their loss in 2016. >> reporter: south carolina republican lindsey graham, who a the 1990s played a central oole in the clinton impeachment saga, reminded democrats that his party later faced backlash for its focus on bill clinton. you know across the building
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democrats are mulling what to do cuxt. what would be your advice to owem? >> learn from our mistakes. >> reporter: late tonight the democratic chairman of the house committee demanded mueller release the full report by next tuesday, april 2nd. barr's decision to summarize mueller's report only "raises further questions. jeff? >> glor: ed, thank you very much. to're going to bring in major etrrett now at the white house. major, we heard what the president said. we also just heard from lindsey graham, who said earlier today he now believes this is the strongest point of the trump presidency, so what is next from the president? >> reporter: well, the president's reelection campaign is already fundraising off the mueller report urging supporters via e-mail to donate as never before to move they cannot be intimidated by the "left-wing mob." you're going to hear the words o indication" and "exoneration" at future trump rallies of course, and the president and tis republican allies will try to use this investigation to delegitimize any future scrutiny
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or continued scrutiny of the gieller matter or any other investigation congressional whmocrats may launch. another thing the white house said moments after that mueller summary surfaced, democrats will have to live with president trump for six more years. >> glor: major, the president also said today he may want to investigate the origins of the mueller probe. muuld there be a special counsel investigation of the special counsel? >> reporter: not necessarily a special counsel of that special counsel, but clearly the senate ludiciary committee will look into this, because the president lld his allies on the republican side believe the origins of this e eller investigation need to be scrutinized, because that might be where a crime actually was committed. >> glor: major garrett, as always, thanks very much. mmis reminder, cbs news presents mu hour-long special, "the mueller report, a turning point," tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. ntchael avenatti was arrested today and faces federal charges deraoth sides of the country. s is the lawyer who represented thult film actress stormy
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ulniels in lawsuits against president trump as well as alleged victims of singer r. kelly. sow avenatti is accused of trying to shake down nike for millions. here's jericka duncan. >> shortly after posting a 300,000 dollars bond, michael avenatti addressed the media. >> i am >> i am highly confident that when all of the evidence is laid bare many connection with these cases, when it is all known, when due process occurs, that i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. thank you. >> reporter: michael avenatti went from controversial media savvy attorney to an accused extortionist all in a matter of days. this afternoon federal prosecutors said avenatti tried to extort more than $20 million from nike last week. he allegedly threatened to go public with accusations from an amateur basketball coach claiming the apparel company was involved in an illegal recruitment scheme.
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avenatti allegedly demanded $1.5 million for the coach and as much as $25 million for him and his coconspirator. cbs news has learned the coconspirator is attorney mark geragos, known for representing clients like michael jackson and most recently jussie smollett. >> had nothing to do with the seoul us advocacy for client or any orla get mat legal work. >> reporter: the complete highlighted monitored by law enforcement. avenatti allegedly threatened nike saying, "i am not ( bleep ) around with this. you guys know enough now to know you have a serious problem and it's worth more in exposure to me to just blow the lid on this thing." cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman says it appears avenatti crossed a legal line. >> michael avenatti certainly had a right to try to settle the case on behalf of a client. that's what lawyers do. but he certainly didn't have a right to be looking for money
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for himself. >> reporter: and in a case filed at almost the same time, federal law enforcement officials in california announced avenatti had been allegedly defrauding a mississippi bank out of a total of $4.1 million and embezzling $1.6 million that he owed one of his clients. federal prosecutors in california and new york say the dual avenatti complaint was purposely coordinated. for its part, jeff, nike released a statement saying it firmly believes in ethics in both business and sports and will continue to assist the trosecutors. >> glor: michael avenatti was actually here in new york. we were supposed to talk to him s.out a different story tomorrow. >> reporter: separate story. >> glor: you probably won't see orm about that unless he wants to talk about this. >> reporter: absolutely. we want to talk about this. we'll talk about the other stuff later. >> glor: jerika, thank you. police in newtown, connecticut, say a father whose daughter was killed in the shooting at sandy ugok elementary in 2012 iparently took his own life today. this comes days after the deaths of two survivors of the school tootings in parkland, florida.
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manuel bojorquez is there. >> reporter: jeremy richman's daughter avielle was one of 26 children and staff members killed in the newtown, connecticut, school shooting in 2012. richman had established the avielle foundation with the purpose to prevent violence rrough brain health research td spoke about turning his grief into awareness just last week. >> as you can imagine, that ierns your world around quite a ast. and you feel like the world is just spinning cnd you're going to get spun off if you don't do something to grasp onto, to find meaning in things. >> reporter: newtown's police chief confirmed richman died this morning from an apparent suicide. richman's death comes only days after a male sophomore at s rjory stoneman douglas high school took his life, becoming the second survivor of last year's mass shooting in parkland, florida, to die by ssicide. 19-year-old sydney aiello died dst over a week ago. her family said she struggled d th p.t.s.d. and survivor's
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guilt. kyra parrow was her classmate. >> if not all, the majority of my graduating class and other classes experienced survivors' guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder. i feel like even if you aren't feagnosed with p.t.s.d. you have some type of form of p.t.s.d. >> reporter: parkland's eagles haven support center was supposed to open next month but decided to counsel people today due to the recent tragedies. sarah franco is the executive oprector. what's the most important thing that a parent can do right now? rt the most important thing a parent can do right now is ask their child if they have any ehoughts of hurting themselves, of dying, any plans, and to listen and be comfortable listening. >> reporter: mental health experts estimate more than a quarter of people who witness mass shootings develop p.t.s.d. >> there's so much stigma in our society about mental health. we have a long way to go, not y ly in making somebody feel safe in asking for help, but in
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actively reaching out for them and providing resources. >> reporter: jeff, the bottom line is this, anybody here in broward county who feels they need help is encouraged to dial h1 to be connected with a councilor or call the national auicide prevention hot line. >> glor: manny, thank you very much. while at the white house today, asraeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu looked on as the besident signed a proclamation recognizing the disputed golan heights as israeli territory. the visit is seen as giving him a boost as netanyahu faces a tight reelection battle next month. netanyahu cut the trip short because of palestinian rocket attacks from gaza. israel's air force retaliated by bombing the office of a hamas rcader. coming up next on the "cbs e oning news," new questions erter passengers are tossed and then airlifted from a stranded cruise ship. then airlifted from a stranded cruise ship. coughing arnot while trying his hardest not to wake zeus.
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inre than 1,300 people were on board when the ship was hit by big waves. as roxana saberi shows us, hundreds were airlifted to safety. >> reporter: with scenes of ilying furniture, panels falling arom the ceiling, and torrents of icy water, investigators want to know why the luxury cruise ship "viking sky" set sail despite storm warnings, putting the lives of passengers like sabrina pimley and her mom at risk. >> i just thought that's the way i was going to die with my mom. >> it's a big one, big one, big y m. >> reporter: when the ship lost power less than a mile from s thay's rocky reefs on saturday, it dropped anchor. oorwone by one norwegian rescue helicopters pulled hundreds of passengers, including eileen uumer of wisconsin, to safety. pa it was terrifying, but it was so professionally done. wareporter: as the seas calmed yesterday and the ship restarted three of its four engines,
6:48 pm
tugboats towed the vessel back to shore. norwegian authorities tell cbs news the u.s. coast guard and nee national transportation safety board will help investigate the incident, which ie ship operator says left 25 people injured. the company has promised to compensate passengers and invite them back. roxana saberi, cbs news, london. e> glor: we'll be right back. its nazi past. an and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. yeah, it's a lot. but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today and tomorrow. great. can you help us pour the foundation too? i think you want a house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. ♪ you wouldn't accept from any one else. so why accept it from your allergy pills?
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>> glor: the transportation department said today it will set up a special committee to review the f.a.a.'s certification of the 737 max. questions have been raised about whether the agency and boeing followed proper procedures. in the past six months two 737 max 8 jets have crashed killing 346 people. apple jumped into the tv business today, announcing its own streaming video service apple tv plus. oprah winfrey and steven spielberg are among the big-name nroducers creating shows for the service. with iphone sales slowing down,
6:52 pm
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>> glor: we end tonight with a band of warriors who have become a real band. here's david martin. >> reporter: in a house in the woods in the middle of pennsylvania, some of the most important music in america is meing played by a band called "the resilient." ♪ we'll struggle on you don't need to be a music critic to say that. dol you have to do is look. haand i am myself nate kalwicki on guitar lost his right leg in afghanistan. marcus d'andrea on bass lost both legs. so did lead vocalist tim donley. ♪ can't stand on my own ♪uan dominguez lost both legs and an arm but somehow plays the drums. with a special pedal and drum stick. he's not some novelty act. >> i am a drummer. i am the drummer for the resilient.
6:57 pm
and we're going to do big things. >> reporter: the only member of goe resilient with all his body parts is greg loehmann, a professional musician who met the others in their darkest hour, searching for a purpose in life while recovering from their wounds. >> through the recovery, we all recovered this really intense passion for honest musicianship, and they've all gotten so good. ci reporter: the house belongs to tim donley, handicapped accessible with doorways wide hough for wheelchairs. >> it gets a little ridiculous. it's like bumper cars. >> reporter: this is one of your angs. he writes the songs as well as sings them. ♪ i want you like i've never wanted anything but truth ♪ that says it all about falling in love with his wife kelly and coming to grips with his wounds. >> we just wear our scars on the outside, whereas most people, you know, they've got all their own messed-up stuff going on inside. >> reporter: some of his lyrics tell you of the dark places r:ey've been. ♪ it's my own fault that
6:58 pm
i've got no one else ♪ but listen to what nate kalwicki says about his life now. >> i wouldn't go back and change things. a just shifted the course of my jfe. >> reporter: you wouldn't go yack and change things? does everybody here think that? >> definitely. i wouldn't change it. >> there is a contentment and kind of like an excitement to knowing that, like, i'm where thm supposed to be. h> reporter: where the resilient are right now is working on eheir first album. e at do you have to do next to make it? >> keep getting better, keep getting stronger, keep playing. >> it doesn't feel like you can go anywhere but up. ke reporter: can music heal? >> one, two, three, four... >> reporter: you be the judge. david martin, cbs news, bethel, pennsylvania. >> glor: i am all about being first to buy that album. wow. that is the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm jeff glor. don't miss our cbs news special "the mueller report: a turning point" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. good night.
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morgan hill teenager becomes the victim of a hot foul. what happens when she locked herself in the bathroom and police around the house. there is more rain to come. apple unveils its next big thing. some of hollywood's biggest names. >> reese and i are so proud to be part of this exciting launch with apple. >> the santa cruz boardwalk is quiet today. is the new horror film scaring people away? the governor cuts to environmental regulations in the move to prevent another devastating fire season. >> this is to keep the fire out of ukiah .
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