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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 25, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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morgan hill teenager becomes the victim of a hot foul. what happens when she locked herself in the bathroom and police around the house. there is more rain to come. apple unveils its next big thing. some of hollywood's biggest names. >> reese and i are so proud to be part of this exciting launch with apple. >> the santa cruz boardwalk is quiet today. is the new horror film scaring people away? the governor cuts to environmental regulations in the move to prevent another devastating fire season. >> this is to keep the fire out of ukiah . a florida woman wakes up to a pool of poisonous frogs. >> it looked like it had been
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raining toads. the new kpix5 news at 7:00 starts now . what would you do if you heard someone breaking into your home? one teenagers ha rowing or deal . >> reporter: the question is, how cool are you under pressure? one teenager made all of the right moves. >> reporter: typically the only problem that morgan hill houses traffic. on saturday, morgan hill police say this woman noticed an empty driveway, knocked on the front door and window when answered, broke into a side window. there was someone home. a teenage girl who locked herself in the bathroom and called 911. >> she could hear the suspect inside the home making the window and then ransacking each room.
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officers set up outside and the suspect came out the front door. >> reporter: the suspect was captured on the home surveillance and walked out with the pillowcase of goods. sergeant bill normand with morgan hill pd set the victim made all the right moves. >> she stayed on the line and stayed calm as much as she could. she described what was going on in which he heard. she tried to stay as quiet as possible not to alarm the suspect. >> the suspect is known to morgan hill pd. she was under the influence. >> teenagers do drugs and get into fights a lot. it's pretty dangerous here. >> reporter: longtime residents say a city of 12,000 has turned into a bedroom community of silicon valley and changed. >> it is getting worse than it
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used to be. the most we've had for kids racing up and down the street. >> reporter: police say the timing of this incident is odd. they typically see burglaries like this monday through friday while people are commuting to silicon valley and not typically on weekend afternoons. the bay area is getting another soaking rain right now. we've caught shoppers running for cover and walnut creek. umbrellas for getting a workout . here is a live look around the bay. it is a mixed bag weatherwise. our chief meteorologist is tracking the rain forest. east bay and south bay are getting the rain right now. in the north bay, it is gone. san francisco is drying out. pouring rainfall over alameda and south to hayward.
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san francisco is on the other side of that front beginning to dry out. mountain view, san jose, two more hours of rain. the heaviest rainfall is along the boundary and it will be with us for the next couple of hours. most of the rain has moved off to the south and the east and tomorrow will be a dry day. that is about it. snow in the mountains once again. we are not done whiskey season yet. lake level at four inches of snow and by 7000 feet, another two feet of snow by wednesday night. we will talk more about how much more rain we can expect coming up. this may have been apple's flashiest event ever. hollywood a listers crowded into cupertino. we were there.
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>> rerter: we have never seen this much star power show up at a tech event in silicon valley ever. it begs the question, can apple compete with netflix? >> reporter: the only thing missing was the red carpet. the shock and awe campaign of hollywood a listers and apple parked marked the moment they crossed over to content creation . >> this is the most are power i've ever seen at any tech event in silicon valley. >> reporter: apple tv plus combined with a magazine subscription, apple credit card and the arcade game subscription. >> this is all about new revenue for apple. >> reporter: the longtime analyst says the company rakes in $50 billion per year in services alone. >> we believe it will double in the next three years. just from services alone. >> apple wants to be a dizzy
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like family friend to your brand. >> reporter: netflix is spending $15 billion this year alone on content to give artist creative freedom. >> netflix loves to tout how their creed eight of and hands- off. they are endowing these creators to realize a vision of the run. we are getting a sense that apple's tendency to be a secretive and controlling company might be how they interact with storytellers also. it is so early that we will see what comes out of apples production. >> there has never been a moment quite like this one. >> reporter: one of the offerings is oprah's new project . oprah said it was great being in the apple verse where content could be seen on the billion devices around the world. as for the answer to that burning question about running for president, definitely no. the other big question, how much will apple charge?
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you can probably guess it will be in the neighborhood of what netflix charges which is about $12 per month. it will launch this fall. >> apple tv channels in the new apple tv app will launch through a software update that actually comes in may. police are investigating a shooting in san francisco's mission district that happened at 4:00 this afternoon at the department of corrections been, building. a man was found shot and taken to the hospital. san francisco police have made two arrests in a deadly shooting in fillmore. gunfire erupted saturday night between eddie and ellis. a 25-year-old man died and five others were hurt. one of the wounded is under arrest. police also arrested the man they say drove harris into the
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hospital. police are searching for a man who groped a woman and berkeley. surveillance video captures him approaching a woman and grabbing her from behind as she attempts to unlock the door. the suspect walks off the passes by cameras in a convenience store. if you recognize him, call berkeley police. is your life better or worse than it was five years ago? according to a new survey, most people in the bay area say the quality of life has gone down. housing costs, homelessness and traffic are some of the top reasons why people are considering moving away. young people and renters are more likely to move and 6% of residents are already planning to leave later this year. >> six of every 100 say they
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are packing and leaving this year, that is serious and it needs a serious response from those of us who care about this region. >> some minority groups had a stronger reaction. seven out of 10 black residents are thinking of leaving along with half of latino residents. as to what they would be leaving behind, and empty lot for almost $2 million in san francisco near bart and the two weighty. the asking price is $1.28 million. is the size of a tennis court and overgrown with vegetation. it comes with plans to build a 4000 square foot home. lots of people are talking about the santa cruz boardwalk. a family gets quite a scare sobel all that attention be good or bad for business? that is what kpix5's reporter went to find out. there were people in social media saying they are too
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afraid to come to santa cruz or the boardwalk because of the film. a lot of people are attracted because they want to see the movie sites. >> reporter: the santa cruz boardwalk was quiet but that made the fun and crowded place feel a little bit eerie. >> i'm coming with a different mindset now. >> reporter: it is having just watched the new horror movie called us about a family that comes to santa cruz and the boardwalk for a beach vacation but gets haunted instead. >> is crazy to see all the action that happens in the movie and then coming here and seeing how deserted it is. you wonder if there's a portal to where ever the movie had there's. >> reporter: the movie is trending on social media for people like amy gonzalez is tweeting, i don't think i can look at the boardwalk the same. >> we take it as part of being in a big hollywood movie.
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>> reporter: officials say the buzz around the film is good for business, especially since it's coming a week before the boardwalk opens for spring break. >> this couple from fremont just saw the movie and he says that is could make it a destination from now one. >> i can't go to elm street or a lot of other locations but this one is close to home. >> reporter: people still come here to see the sights in the movie the lost boys felt here in 1987. in santa cruz, kpix5. a grim discovery and a bay area beach. could the search for a missing dog walker be over? taking down trees in a radical fire prevention plan. we will show you the work that just got underway in northern california. the bay bridge series is trying to continue. dennis has the latest on the rain delay.
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a massive emergency fire safety project is underway.
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that worker is cutting down trees and trimming brush in ukiah today. they are thinning out the for us in a huge stretch of land on both sides of town . it is the largest project in the state covering more than 26,000 acres. the governor declared a state of emergency to speed up the process. >> and now people jump to the conclusion and sign up and give us access to their property with no questions asked. the goal is to keep the fire on the ground. we want to remove all of the ladder fuel so nothing gets into the canopy. >> like paradise and santa rosa, ukiah sits near lots of wildland. they are in a danger zone. >> a lot of chainsaws. >> and everything is so green. it looks pretty but where are talking about wildfires. >> once we hit the dry season,
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it gets hot and dry and things turn into fuel pretty quickly. we have a lot of stuff we will be looking at as we transition eventually out into the dry season. anyone in the east bay or south bay knows it is pouring rain fall. look at the difference between oakland and san leandro. compare that was san francisco on the drier side of the front. just across the bay, it is still pouring. santa rosa you are finished. sacramento, livermore, heavy rainfall. behind the front, no rain. but otherwise, it is sloppy out there right now. temperatures outside are in the 50s. san jose, 59. we will stay in the 40s to low 50s. san jose, 51. a lot of you are dealing with
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allergies. on a 1-12 scale, leveling off with some rainfall. moderate and not that high. about a 7. it will shoot up on friday as a rain will end by the end of this week. hayward, partly sunny and mainly dry weather. the rain will not be gone for long. i wednesday morning, the rain is back. a big dip in the jet stream. a storm will get is now and on wednesday. we will not be clear until thursday morning. tomorrow, mainly dry. we will have a lot of cloud cover. by wednesday morning the rain is back. another round of showers coming up on thursday morning. another .5 inches of rainfall over the next couple of days. a ridge of high pressure getting just close enough to keep the storm track to the north. the weekend is looking mainly
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dry and friday is mainly dry as well. will mainly be dry on tuesday and by wednesday it will be the 43rd day of rainfall. 63, vallejo. partly sunny in san jose. tomorrow mainly dry. wet on wednesday. the rain will linger into thursday morning and we dry out friday through monday morning. back to you. are they going to get this game in or not? it has been raining all day. >> reporter: about 20 minutes ago i was in the giants dugout. buster posey came up and we asked if they're playing this game or not. the answer is yes. they are just about to get underway after a 30 minute rain delay. there is still one job up for grabs on the giants roster.
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they've been trying to find buster posey's backup. the giant started spring training with five candidates. none of them are still on the roster. they are also getting familiar with the former catcher who now works alongside the manager. >> he's got the most intimidating blank stare i've ever been around. >> i have seen it many times. >> when i walk in and say that and my heart still skips a beat . it has been a lot of fun. >> we're going to play ball. that is the latest from oracle park. >> thanks dennis. tiny devices are causing big headaches. robe drones have disrupted flights costing airlines millions of dollars in delays and cancellations. officials fear of something
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isn't done, a catastrophic event is bound to happen. >> they knew there was a problem but didn't know where the operator was that. >> the flight path of the drone. >> a company is at the forefront of detecting rogue drones. they are looking into cutting edge technology. watch our original report tomorrow at 7:00 right here on kpix5. a vacation nightmare on the high seas is no prompting an investigation. >> were seeing the daring passenger rescues. stormy daniels former lawyer may need his own legal representation. serious charges leveled against michael avenatti . ride share driver sparked their cars to protest. the demand for your making of who was and left. stanford university rolls out new worlds to make sure
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athletic recruits are legitimate. that story tonight at 11:00.
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here's what you miss if you're just getting home. officials have opened an investigation into a cruise that nearly ended in disaster. rescuers are releasing video of airlifting passengers off of a disabled viking sky over the weekend. authorities want to know why they sailed into the area despite storm warnings. tonight, michael avenatti says he's confident he will be fully exonerated after prosecutors charged him with trying to extort up to $25 million from nike. avenatti is known for representing stormy daniels.
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president trump is hosting israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu at the white house today. he used the occasion to draw attention to the findings of the ball a report. no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. >> it lasted a long time and we are glad it is over. i wish it could've gone quicker. >> reporter: democrats are demanding the attorney general released the entire report and not just a summary. there will be a one hour special on the mueller investigation. >> we will talk about when we might see more details and how that process plays out and when more of that information might come through. >> what's the mueller report, a turning point at 10:00 right here on kpix five. a body has been recovered a fort funston in san francisco with 22-year-old kyra sunshine
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scarlet was buried in a landslide last month. she was walking with a gave way. the medical examiner will work to confirm the identity. ride share driver is protested today. they are demanding living wages , transparency and more benefits. the driver is protested outside the omni hotel where investors were meeting with company executives ahead of the planned ipo. coming up, a south florida neighborhood is having trouble with toads. we will show you the invasion that even the experts say is out of control.
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it is pouring in the east bay and south bay. the front has cleared san francisco emma getting a spectacular sunset. the rain is still coming down and tomorrow morning will have cloud cover. a mild night with lows around 50. your up-to-the-minute forecast will be tomorrow night, morning . a neighborhood is nervous over an invasion of toads. they are everywhere. no part of the neighborhood is immune. >> last friday we woke up to
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about 50,000 baby toads in our swimming pool and swarming all around the pool and the front door and everywhere. it looked like it had been raining toads. >> we have never seen this in the 14 years we've been living here. >> the species secretes a toxin that can be poisonous to pets. it is not typically fatal. >> we had those in our yard. they grow up to be really big. >> get them out of there, all 50,000. >> thank you for watching. we ll
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