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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  March 26, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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see oracle park. baseball season is scheduled for next week for the giants. it is tuesday, march 26. thank you for waking up with us. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. let's check in with mary lee. we had some rain yesterday but we have a break today. >> we have a nice break, we are happy about even one day without rain as we are looking at in between storms systems today. we have a bit of a break and then another round of rain coming soon. here is high def doppler. it is drive for the most part, although we are tracking a few showers out to our east from walnut grove, rio vista, near discovery a and across the diablo range in the south bay, morgan hill, there are a few spotty showers this morning because of a cold front that has pushed through the rest of the bay area and is pushing east. here is a live look with our transamerica cam. temperatures are in the low 40s to upper 40s today.
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we are mainly dry with a few spotty showers out there. the next storm arrives tomorrow. that will bring rain, wind and an isolated thunderstorm chance tomorrow. we are watching that very closely for you. unsettled weather continues with showers on thursday. we will time it out for you when you will see the rain where you are coming up. let's check in with gianna franco for a look at traffic. >> we are off to a fairly decent start , especially traveling along 880. no delays. the nimitz freeway looks good, as does the eastshore freeway. we have slowing cool conditions through tracy westbound 580 is slow. there are reports of a crash near grant line.
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there is no word on if they are blocking lanes but there are slow and go conditions. the bay bridge has a backup in the cash lanes but fast-tracked users are moving along with no delays. it is an easy ride out of oakland into san francisco. that is normal for this time of the morning. it is pretty quiet. the san mateo has no delays, easy breezy working away from 880 to the 101. the 101 looks good in both directions. northbound traveling san mateo all the way into san francisco you should be fine headed that way. southbound 101 is clear. the richmond san rafael bridge is clear. it is a quiet ride making the commute between the east bay and the marin county area. our slowest spot is 580 through the livermore valley section, a 29 minute drive time to 205 to 680. everything else is in the green. if you are hitting the roadways early this morning, you should be in good shape. another attack on bart.
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a suspect is in custody. a woman was found bleeding from her head at colma station around 9:30 pm last night. bart police say she and a man had an interaction while on the train and then the suspect hit her with an object. the victim is recovering at the hospital. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. uber is apparently planning to purchase its rival in the middle east. it is a $3.1 million deal. the company is boasting 30 million customers in north africa, middle east and south africa. it is based in dubai. this all happens as uber is approaching an ipo that could be valued at about 100 uber is approaching an ipo that could be valued at about $120 billion. that email went out to uber employees. stanford is making sweeping changes to its admissions process in the wake of the college brib firing
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its head sailing corules for sp recruits. all student athletes will now undergo a background check by a stanford leadership executive member. that person will review and confirm athletic credentials before students are admitted with only a recommendation by a coach. carla bury's daughter is an athlete then is looking at stanford is a possibility, as well as other possibilities. >> it is unfortunate. hopefully they find ways to put measures in place so it doesn't happen again. >> they need to take steps to keep it from happening. >> stanford is also investigating whether one of its students is connected to the scandal. in a blog post, school leaders say they are reviewing its process on accepting donations and gifts. two weeks ago, a group of wealthy parents were accused of
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paying to get their kids into elite schools. this morning, michael avenatti, the lawyer known for representing star stormy daniels is facing his own legal battle. he is been accused of extortion and embezzlement. he is accused of trying to shake down nike for more than $20 million. he allegedly threatened the company, saying he would go public with accusations from an amateur basketball coach who claimed nike was involved in an illegal recruitment scheme. michael avenatti and the coach are facing charges. michael avenatti appeared in a manhattan courtroom yesterday before posting a bond of $300,000. i am hiley confident that when all of the evidence is laid bare in connection with these cases, when due process occurs, i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. >> in the second case filed in
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los angeles, prosecutors said of an oddity defrauded a mississippi bank out of $4 million and embezzled more than $1 million he owed one of his clients. cbs news is confirming an alleged co-conspirators in the new york extortion case is the same lawyer who represented colin kaepernick against the nfl. this morning, homeland security and the f.b.i. are investigating an attempted cyber attack on the contra costa county clerk and recorders office. the hackers email came last monday to an of election staffer disguised as a contact she had emailed in the past. officials say the email was unusually sophisticated and appeared authentic. it was designed to try to access department's email system. on closer inspection, it appeared to come from an overseas source. >> we have to assume it was designed specifically with the intent to do damage to our specific system. it wasn't just a random phishing expedition. >> the attack did not attempt to access any actual election information. the f.b.i. agent told us these types of
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attacks often come from europe, specifically russia. here is a live look at the white house this morning. the fate of the affordable care act is on the line. the trump administration now says the entire law needs to be struck down. california democrats are vowing to stop the president's plans. john lawrence is covering the fight on capitol hill. >> reporter: heart is made no secret about his dislike of the affordable care act. >> it is incredible some of the things we have come up with am much of it is less expensive than obamacare and in many cases, much, much better. >> reporter: the department has taken a further step. the administration says it agrees with a federal judge's ruling in texas that said the aca is unconstitutional. some democrats quickly responded and blasted the white house. speaker of the house nancy pelosi calls the moo-ve an all- out war on affordable, dependable healthcare. presidential hopeful, harris
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tweeted we must fight back with everything we've got. >> my administration is committed to developing a healthcare system that takes care of american people like they haven't been taken care of before. >> the california attorney general issued a statement saying because no american should fear losing healthcare, we will defend the aca every step of the way. a four-year-old boy is in the hospital after falling from a four-story balcony in sunnyvale. it happened around 5 pm at an apartment building. police say it appears to have been an accident but they are investigating. in san francisco, police are investigating a shooting at the department of corrections building in the mission. a man was found with gunshot wounds yesterday afternoon. he was taken to the hospital. police tell us no one from the department of corrections was involved. a teenage girl who was hit
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by a car in san francisco earlier this month has died. the 14-year-old was struck while crossing a street 10 days ago. she was walking with her mom and dog at the time. a woman's body has been found on the beach. authorities are investigating if that is of 22-year-old kira sunshine scarlet. she was walking on the beach with a dog and her friend when the cliff above them gave way. her friend was rescued but she was never found. her father was asked to come to san francisco as part of the investigation. a third suicide in a week related to school massacres. now it is a father whose child was killed at sandy hook elementary school. as laura podesta reports, it follows the suicides of two parkland students later after the shooting. >> reporter: this neuroscientist spent years trying to raise awareness after mental health after his daughter was killed in the 2012 shooting in newtown,
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connecticut. he spoke about his foundation for brain research named after his daughter just last week. >> as you can imagine, it turned your world around quite a bit and you feel like the world is spinning out of control and you will get spun off if you don't do something. >> reporter: police say yesterday he took his own life. his death follows the suicides of two students who survived the parkland massacre on valentine's day 2018. the family 19-year-old sydney aiello said she suffered with the tsd and survivors guilt. a second stoneman douglas student who is not been identified also died over the weekend. mental health this birds estimate more than a quarter of people who witness mass shootings develop a tst. the student says she sees a apist. >> i p ts meone professi a >> rte
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neown, ccticut, ere th community tias locate news mo >> if you or someone you know is at risk of suicide, you can call 1-800-273-8255. it is 4:41 am.
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a morgan hill teenager helped to catch a burglary by locking herself in the bathroom as a suspect terrorized our home. the teenager say she saw an unknown woman in the backyard and heard a window break. the suspect was captured on the
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home surveillance system allegedly ransacking each room before walking out with a pillowcase and other goods. thanks to the teen's quick actions, officers were waiting outside the home. >> she stayed on the line with us and stayed calm as much as she could. she described what was going on and what she heard. she tried to stay as quiet as possible to not alarm the suspect she was home. >> the suspect has been booked into santa clara county jail. she faces charges of burglary and possession of stolen property. lyft is drumming up investor money for $25 billion ipo in some of their drivers are protesting. dozens of rideshare drivers held signs and chanted of hotey was expected to be the company's ipo meeting. lyft held the meeting at the olympic club instead.
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plans to raise about $2.1 billion in what will be the biggest u. s. listing so far this year are expected. one driver says he makes 60% of what he used to when the company launched in 2012. >> sometimes i wake up around midnight, i swear. i know i cannot make like my bills. it is making me frustrated. it is a lot of pressure, especially for people like me. i have four kids. >> in a statement, lyft said it has a strong track record of helping drivers increase their earnings. they also added the vast majority of drivers use lyft as a temporary source of extra money. the final snow surveys are happening at yosemite for the year. these photos give you an idea of the crazy snowfall there. there are homes and buildings that are nearly buried. >> that is looking pretty good. >> record ll in the rais on the wawe aretrac even m
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it. we wt fromthe rain today. s a nice thing. we are looking at partly sunny skies today. we have a few isolated showers, but for the most part we are in between storms systems for your tuesday ahead of our next storm that arrives tomorrow. here is high def doppler. the cold front has passed across the region tracking just a few showers near the diablo range and the south bay. you can see some spotty showers to the east. here is a live look from the salesforce tower camera looking east. temperatures are running in the upper 40s to low 50s as we start off the day. your weather headlines, we are looking at a break from the rain today, mainly dry with just a few showers. our next storm system arrives
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tomorrow bringing rain, wind and the chance of a thunderstorm and unsettled weather continues into tomorrow. we are looking at some scattered showers for your thursday. let's show you, if you thought it was a wet start to the year, it has been. it has been wetter than seattle. in san francisco for the start of the year, we have had 42 rainy days, seattle has had 39. we are looking at more wet weather as we head through the week. here's a satellite and radar view. we have this one storm system that brought the cold front our way yesterday. we have another one right behind it. it is really a winter weather pattern with storm after storm for us. we will time it out for you on futurecast taking you by hour and let you know what you can expect. we are dry by 3 pm. we have a a mix of sun and clouds. as we head through tonight we will c showers worked their way in but it really is tomorrow when things get going. this is tomorrow at 6 am on tdar enwith a
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front pushing ttle bit with a little bit of sunshine wednesday afternoon. it is not a total washout, by any means, but we are tracking the wet weather for tomorrow. as we look ahead to the weekend, a dry our weather pattern sets up. it is perfect timing for the weekend with the sunshine. your pollen count, we are looking at medium levels today, tomorrow and thursday. because of the sunshine, it will skyrocket by friday into the high category ,
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unfortunately, for allergy sufferers. a winter storm warning in effect from 11 pm tonight until 11 am tomorrow. we are looking at 12 to 24 inches of snow above 7000 feet. daytime highs today are running mainly in the 60s. 63 in oakland, 65 in fremont, 67 in san jose, 62 in santa rosa. here is your seven-day wire justfew showers possible. for the most part we will be dry. wet, rainy and windy tomorrow with showers later thursday. drier and sunnier by the end of the week. here is katie nielsen seven . >> we have a trouble spot as you approach the tunnel. that will slow you down a little bit traveling westbound 24. it looks like you should be good to go. we have some slower speeds in that area. no delays from there connecting to 580. 580 looks good working your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. we have an accident northbound
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880 at oak street and a stalled vehicle north of there. you may see delays along 880, as well as the nimitz freeway this morning. another part of 580, this is the section coming out of tracy connecting from 205 to 580, the altamont pass commute. we call them supercomputers. that is along track, 47 miles per hour is your average speed. it will take you about 30 minutes to go from to a five to 680. it eases up after north linden you are clear to the dublin interchange with no delays there. the nimitz freeway northbound is very quiet past the coliseum. southbound traffic is moving at nice speeds from this portion with no delays from here into fremont. if you're hopping on the san mateo bridge this morning, you are good to go. both directions are very lightly traveled right now no delays wester eastbound. the bay bridge, the metering lights are not on just yet but we have a backup in the cash lanes. fast track user should be fine. coming off 880 traffic is clear. 580 is also clear. tech giant apple wants you to watch its shows and carrie underwood makes a big announcement. >> chris martinez has your eye on entertainment. >> you are the artist of the year. >> reporter: ashley mccombs and a new group are the new artists
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of the year. carrie underwood broke the news in a phone call. she also announced she is performing at the award ceremony next month. it airs april 7 right here on cbs. in case you don't know i am, i am big bird. >> reporter: apple is joining forces with sesame workshop for a new show for preschoolers. it is one of several new original shows that the tech drive will offer in the fall on its new apple tv plus service aimed at competing with netflix, amazon and hulu. >> a whole new batch of amazing stories. director steven spielberg is resurrecting the amazing stories franchise. jennifer aniston and oprah mack are among the big names joining the streaming service. mandy moore is the latest star to join the hollywood walk of fame. >> if i have learned anything, you must be grateful for where you have been in order to keep moving forward. >> reporter: she currently stars as rebecca pearson in the nbc drama, "this is us". that is your eye on entertainment. chris martinez, cbs news, los the game, i guarantee they
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got home late. we will tell you why. how many
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one thing is guaranteed every year this time of year, the sanford women making the
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sweet 16. they try to make it 12 last night with byu standing in their way. byu brought out a secret weapon was steve young. the first half was close tied at 29. they hit the jump shot and stanford had the halftime lead. the cardinals went on a 16-0 run. they win 72-63 advancing to the sweet 16 for the 12th state year. >> there was a show at the all american don't contest. haley jones, who is also going to stanford, on the final she gets the second one and believe he became the second woman to ever win the contest and she is coming to a jim near you. it ready for number one baylor. the final seconds of the first quarter, a chloe jackson hit the jump shot at the buzzer. the battle was pretty much over
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from then on. baylor running a 24 game winning streak. a three ball at the horn. baylor hands cal 102-63. they were held to just 13 points and five rebounds. doug wilson is hoping san jose can end their five-game slide. they did not get off to a great start. the first 1-0 lead. he gets the shorthanded goal and they lose again 3-2. they stayed six points behind calgary . a 90 minute rain delay and the bay bridge series finished the game at about 11:22 pm last night. still spring trainings for the giants new school board at oracle park. ored
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. they allowed four runs in two thirds of an inning. it ended at 11:22 pm. the giants have four runs in the bottom of the eighth but they came up on short. 5-4 is a final. game three is tonight. it will rain but not as bad as it did last night. giants fans, a's fans, game number three, no umbrella. it is 4:57 am. coming up, north bay community puts a temporary ban on pot shops. this morning, the town is split on where to go from here.
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live from the cbs bay area studios , this is kpix 5 news. a battle is brewing in berkeley. this morning, the efforts to curb overnight rv parking.
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in the wake of the admission scandal, stanford university lays down strict new roles for recruits. stormy daniels loria, michael avenatti arrested. he is accused of trying to extort nike. it is tuesday, march 26. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is 5 am. as you get ready to head out the door, if you lovering, there is good news on the way. if you're tired of it, you have a reason to smile today. it will be a brief break but we will take what we can get. we have ourselves in between storm systems today. we have a mix of sun and clouds this morning on high def doppler this morning but nothing like yesterday. we have another storm right behind it tomorrow. on high def doppler you can see showers in the sacramental letter in the sacramento area and that is pretty much about it. here is a live look with their ocean beach


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