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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 26, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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's sailing coaches job. the fight over what congress and the public will see of the mueller report is just heating up. we have the latest developments from capital hill. good morning. it is tuesday. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is 6 am. you don't need your umbrella going to work today. that gives michelle a little bit of time to finally get one. >> i never have one on me anyway. >> this is a reminder, michelle. tomorrow you will need it. we are looking at sunglasses today. look at the sunshine . enjoy it. we have a break in between storms before the next system i hes a beaulo atures a running in the 40s and 50s this morning, 47 in santa rosa, 49 in livermore, concord and san francisco are 51, oakland and san jose, good morning to you at 52. here is high def doppler.
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it is drive for the most part across the bay area. we are tracking a few spotty showers this morning still for the diablo range. that is pretty much about it. your weather headlines, break between storms, mainly dry with just a few showers today. we are looking at a little bit of sunshine heading into tomorrow. the next storm arrives with the rain, the wind and the chance of an isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. unsettled weather continues with showers on thursday. we will time it out for you on futurecast when the rain arrives for you and we could see some showers as early as this evening. we will time it out allow for you, taking you hour by hour in just a few minutes. for now, let's check in with gianna franco. >> this is i-80. if you plan on taking that this morning, you need extra time. here is a live look at what is going on. we have three cars involved in a crash with chp arriving on scene.
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there is a big delay behind it. it is still coming out of richmond working your way on the westbound side of 80. you can see traffic is really sluggish. you will have pockets of slowing coming away from highway 4 out of hercules. you are really tapping the brake lights approaching mcbryde with a crash is. 30 minutes is your drive time to commute from highway 4 heading to the macarthur maze. once you get past a crash at mcbryde, you don't see brake lights into you get to the emeryville area. south 880 we have a crash at whipple. it is on the shoulder but it is backed up beyond 92 at this point. 32 minutes down to 237. a vehicle fire heating things up along 680. it looks like it is not blocking any lanes but we have a big backup behind it, 15 miles per hour. it is a slow ride working your way through there. one more trouble spot coming out of morgan hill. we have a lot of brake lights this morning between cochran and tenant wrote before sam martin to the morgan hill commute. i am gianna franco -- anne mackovec in ko the live news desk. police are looking for a 28- year-old man. there is a lifeboat in the water. this is right outside of the lighthouse hotel. three people went swimming,
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including this man at around 3:30 am this morning at the beach. the two that came back reported some rough surf pulling them under the water. the pacifica police arrived and when they could not find this man, they called in the coast guard. the search is continuing. we will continue to monitor the developments. i am jackie ward live in berkeley where the berkeley city council may vote to adopt a parking ban overnight that would prevent owners of rvs and campers from parking overnight. it has people very concerned
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about the next at. we are talking about the area west of san pablo avenue in berkeley. police say there are 100 or more rvs there currently right now. the parking ban would go into effect very soon and seriously affect the people who live there. right now, the city of berkeley says there is a 72 hour parking rule that allows people to move after three years the stick three days and stay in the general area. it seems to be working so far. whether people who live in the area not in these oversized vehicles say it has become a matter of public health. the people who live in the oversized vehicles say they don't know where else to go. >> we are in essence, economic refugees trying to make it in the city we have all called home for many years. there is no reason we should be running in fear from our own government when we have not committed any crimes. >> reporter: at the city council adopts banning overnight parking tonight, few things will happen.
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city employees will reach out to people living in the campers and rvs to help them find housing. rvs would be added to the list of banned oversized vehicles from 2 am until 5 am but would not impact people living in cars. a permanent system would be created so people who live in rvs could stay on berkeley street up to two weeks up to every year. arrelious plant outside of berkeley city hall at 4 pm followed by the city council meeting and vote at 6 pm. congressional democrats are demanding the release of the special counsel's full report on russian interference in the 2016 election. democratic leaders in the house are calling on attorney general william barr to hand over robert neill's report by next tuesday. in a summary, barr said the special counsel did not find any coordination between the trump campaign and russia. the ag also says president trump was not fully exonerated from obstruction of justice. democrats say it is up to congress to decide whether the president's actions amount to obstruction. >> we will use the mueller report and the underlying evidence when we obtain it to make decisions about the focus of our investigation. >> barr also says he intends to release as much of the report as he can. president trump said yesterday he would be okay with making the entire report public . he
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could order barr to do so at any time. a north bay community is split on how legalized marijuana is impacting the community. >> anne-marie turner joins us now to explain. >> a temporary ban has been in place for most of the year. today the public will weigh in on whether they will make that permanent. the planning commission will hold that hearing tonight after hearing the results from a public survey on the topic. people were totally split on this one question. that is the idea of a dispensary for recreational marijuana. they split 50-50. ironically, voters in the county overwhelmingly supported the legalization of recreational marijuana on the ballot with 70% of voters in favor of it. the town passed the temporary ban last year, hoping for some clarity in the interim. that doesn't seem to have happened. >> we have the public not sending us a clear signal here. >> reporter: that means no matter what you decide,
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somebody will be upset about it. >> that is always true in politics. >> they are facing a tough deadline because it imposed the temporary ban last year. by state law, they now have to decide on permanent regulations by september or it will lose its ability to impose them at all. that meeting is going to be packed most likely. it will happen tonight at the town hall. it will be at 7 pm. we will keep a close eye on it to let you know what happens. emily turner, kpix 5. stanford is making sweeping changes to its admissions process at the wake of the college bribery scandal. they want to rebuild trust after firing its head sailing coach after allegedly accepting nearly $800,000 and bribes. there will be new rules for sports recruits. all student athletes will undergo a background check by a stamper leadership executive member. that person will review and confirm athletic credentials.
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>> it is really unfortunate. hopefully, they find ways to put measures in place that it doesn't happen again. >> i think the steps that are being taken from keeping it from happening are good stats. >> stanford is investigating whether one of its students is connected to the scandal. school leaders said they are reviewing its process on accepting donations and gifts. closing arguments will resume this morning in phase 2 of the trial of a sonoma county resident and the week killer maker, monsanto. last week, a jury decided there herbicide was a substantial factor in causing cancer for a man. jurors will now decide if monsanto is liable. if so, the amount of damages to be awarded to the man. closing arguments begin in
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about two hours in san francisco federal court. it is 6:08 am. those long paper receipts could become a thing of the past as a proposal from a san francisco lawmaker clears its first hurdle. wipe plans for nasa's first ever all-female space walk were scrapped before it ever got started.
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happy tuesday to you. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. we have a break from the rain today but it will not last long. we are taking you out to the east bay, good morning to you in berkeley. at uc berkeley right now it is to 47 degrees. we will time out the rain as it comes as early as this evening. i will show you the future cast in just a minute. nass's first ever all- female space walk has been canceled because of a lack of spacesuits that fit women. take a look.
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they were set to make history and the space walk. as you can see, she doesn't have a suit on. there was only one medium-sized spacesuit available at the iss, even though the women's 2013 astronaut class was 50% female. a male astronaut took her place. she gets her turn this friday. an impressive scene over the pacific as the pentagon tested the missile defense
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system designed to shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles launched from the pacific. two interceptor missiles were launched from california's vandenberg air force base yesterday. pentagon officials say the test went off without a hitch. another disturbing attack on bart. this morning, a suspect is in custody. a woman was found bleeding from her head at the coma station at around 9:30 pm last night. bar police say she and the man had some sort of interaction on the train and then the suspect hit her with an object. the victim is recovering at the hospital. lyft is drumming up investor money for $25 billion ipo and some of the strivers are protesting. defeated! united will never be >> dozens of rishe drivers held signs and chanted at the omni hotel in san francisco yesterday and what was expected to be the company's ipo meeting. lyft held the meeting at the olympic club instead. on thursday, lyft is set to
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price its initial public offering. it wants to raise $2.1 billion in the biggest u. s. listing so far this year. one driver says he makes 60% of what he used to when the company launched in 2012. >> sometimes i wake up at midnight, i swear, because i know i cannot make my bills. it is frustrated and it is a lot of pressure for people like me. i have four cabins is. >> in a statement to kpix 5, lyft said it has a strong track record helping drivers increase their earnings. it also added the vast majority of drivers use lyft as a temporary source of extra money. new this morning, long paper receipts could be a thing of the past in the state. yesterday, and assembly committee advanced the ban on paper receipts to help reduce waste. if approved, california companies would have until 2022 to offer an electronic recede often or a paper recede only if the customer asked for them. critics say the receipts are only a small percentage of paper waste.
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>> it is still paper waste. especially the really long receipts. it seems like they are just getting bigger and bigger. >> they go on forever. let's check on traffic. >> i literally just checked in with chp. we have been monitoring this crash on the eastshore freeway. they just issued a traffic alert because it is blocking at least one lane. coming out the east bay into san francisco, it is slow this morning. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. traffic is really backed up well into the maze at this point. that means 580 and the eastshore freeway is starting to see brake lights now as you approach the bay bridge. we have a crash, here is a live look, it is blocking the left lane. there are three cars involved westbound 580 at mcbryde. it is in effect until further notice. we have a big backup. we have delays as far back as
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hercules. coming away from highway 4 as when the slow and go condition start and stay sluggish into you get to this crash. san pablo avenue is a great alternate to the eastshore freeway. use that instead. your drive time is about 30 minutes to go from highway 4 to the maze. you get a bit of a break as you head morn to richmond but you will see brake lights again heading into emeryville getting onto the bay bridge toll plaza. southbound 680, a vehicle fire, it doesn't look like they are any lanes blocked but there is slowing. 242 starting to see delays as you approach this area. southbound 680 slow heading into walnut creek this morning with a lot of activity to the right shoulder. we have a crash on south 880 at whipple not blocking lanes but you are slow and go anyway. out of hayward we have brake lights into union city and we have volume working your way through fremont this morning. we have a crash westbound
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highway 4 at willow pass road. it is slow anyway working your way westbound through that area. there is a closure highway 12 in both directions between adobe canyon and hawk road because of an injury action. here is mary lee with your forecast. >> are you ready for sunshine? we have it later today. enjoy it. th evening. eak ugin a are iny i will show you this on futurecast in a moment. here is a live look at our salesforce sales camera with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. livermore is 49, 50 in san francisco, 52 in san jose and santa rosa is 46. here is high def doppler. it is drive for the most part. we are tracking for showers along diablo range. that is pretty much about it. it is mainly dry today with a few showers but it really gets going tomorrow with the rain and the rain wind could see an
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isolated thunderstorm. showers continue on thursday. it has been a wet start to the year. so far this year our rainy days in san francisco have been 42 compared to seattle's 39. we have been wetter than seattle so far this year. we have more rain on the way. we are tracking our next storm system that will bring more rain for us beginning tomorrow. this is really just a winter weather pattern with storm after storm for us. timing out for you on futurecast taking you hour by hour, there we go with the break from the rain. enjoy it. this is 3 pm. as we head into the evening, shower start to move back in. this is 7 pm. as we go through tomorrow morning with a cold front pushing through, you can actually see that line of heavier rain. this is 7 am tomorrow. we have a wet morning commute on wednesday. it clears out quickly for the rest of your wednesday afternoon. your pollen count, a lot of people are suffering from allergies right now. they are in the medium category today, tomorrow and thursday but skyrockets for friday and into the weekend with drier, warmer, sunnier weather by the end of the week. sunrise is 7:04 am, sunset is 7:27 pm. daytime highs are in the 60s, 61 in san francisco, 63 in
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oakland, 65 in fremont, 66 for mountain view. daytime highs are right around where we should be this time of year. the rain returns as we go through wednesday. it will be windy with showers thursday. drier, sunnier weather ahead beginning friday during the weekend. here is dennis with sports. the bay bridge series game two, if you had family members at the game, i guarantee they got home late. we will tell you why. and you guess how many consecutive trips the stanford women have made? that streak was on the line last night. that is coming up. before we talk about the bay bridge series, we will look at the bay bridge this morning. look narrator: in utah, you're livin' on mountain time
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and there's nothing standard about that. with 10 resorts less than an hour from salt lake international airport, mountain time means more time on more resorts on the greatest snow on earth. it means more time with the kids and more time away from the kids. ski more, shred more, chill more, cheers more because mountain time is a state of mind that can only be found in one place. utah.
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one thing is guaranteed every march. right around this time of year, the stanford women reach the sweet 16. they managed to do 11 straight. they try to make it 12 last night with byu standing in the way. byu brought out the secret weapon, along steve young. it was tied at 29-29. the cardinals carrington hit the jump shot. stanford at the halftime lead. never did they leave heard that wide open. it was a 16-0 run. they slam the door on 72-63 and advanced to the sweet 16 for the 12th straight year. fran belibi put on a show with all-american dunk contest. from archbishop, haley jones, who is also going to stanford. in a final one, she became the second woman to ever win the don't contest.
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she is coming to a jim near you. nuer one baylor. et ad it is a one point game. peeler hit the jump shot at the buzzer. the battle of the bears was pretty much over after that. baylor runs a 21 game winning streak. baylor ends the season 102-63. the sharks hope san jose can end their five-game slide. they did not get off to a great start. they had a 1-0 lead. san jose on the power play trailing 2-0. here is the shorthanded goal. the sharks lose again 3-2. on the bright side, they stay 6-5 fighting calgary for the west.
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a 90 minute game delay finished the game at about 11:22 pm last night. still spring training for the giants new scoreboard at oracle park. 1-0 at the top of the second. chad pinder scores. they allowed four runs it in two thirds of an inning. the game ended at 11:22 pm. the giants rallied with four runs in the bottom of the eighth. 5-4 was the final. game three of the bay bridge series is tonight. it will rain but not as bad as it did last night. giants fans, a's fans, game number three with no umbrella. see you tonight. senator kamala harris has unveiled an ambitious new plan to help a nation with struggling teachers.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news. these are live pictures. right now, the coast guard is searching for swimmer off the bay area coast. >> there is a lot of uncertainty this morning for millions of people who get
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health insurance through the affordable care act and medicare. the feds are looking into a possible cyber attack on a bay area voting office. it is tuesday, march 26. good morning. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. it is 6:30 am. we want to check in with mary lee who is giving us a bit of a break today from all of the rain. >> are you ready for some sunshine today? >> of course. >> it will be nice. enjoy it. it will not last long. we are tracking the next storm system. we have had storm after storm. here's a beautiful live look with our ocean beach clip house camera. you can see temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s on this tuesday morning. 51 in concord, oakland ,
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livermore, you are 49, 50 in san francisco, 52 in san jose and sasa is 47. ismainly dry t on high def doppler. we are just tracking a few spotty showers for the diablo range. you can see a few showers new morgan and down through gilroy. that is pretty much about it. your weather headlines, we are in between storms today. we are mainly dry. we could see a few showers but we will also catch some sun later today. the next storm arrives tomorrow that will bring rain, wind and the chance for an isolated thunderstorm . there is enough instability to fire that off tomorrow. unsettled weather continues with showers on thursday. we will time it out for you on futurecast, taking you hour by hour. showers return as early as this evening. we will time it out for you and what you can expect where you are coming up. let's check in with gianna franco for traffic. >> it is slow taking the eastshore freeway. chp has a traffic alert on westbound 580 at mcbryde. toe crews took at least one vehicle off the freeway but there are more involved. the left lane is blocked with a lot of delays behind it. that is slowing things down as you work your way coming out of
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hercules heading into richmond this morning. san pablo avenue is your best bet. that is your best alternate since it parallels the eastshore freeway. look at the speed down to 5 miles per hour in some spots. it is very sluggish, 38 minutes from highway 4 to the macarthur maze. once you get to the bay bridge, you will see brake lights out of emeryville and i-580 approaching the maze. you will see brake lights there, as well. we have a reports of a broken down bus blocking at least one lane on the upper deck near treasure island. once you get past the metering lights you will hit the brake lights into you get past the salt vehicle. what you get into san francisco, it is better through there. let's get you updated on this crash. they just cleared westbound highway 4 from willow pass
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road. it is not blocking any lanes but we have a slowing go pattering coming into bay point trying to connect on 242 down to 680, expect brake lights. we have a car fire also in the clearing stages on the right shoulder. you can see 680 is really slowing go as you approach the scene. we will check this out by coming up next. i am gianna franco at the live news desk. the coast guard is searching for a missing swimmer. a 28-year-old man decided to go for a swim at about 3:30 am this morning. it was right off the coast line. we see a boat out there in this live picture. it has been a very tough search for the coast guard this morning. they started searching about a half hour ago. i want to give you a look at where we are right now. this is right off the coast from the lighthouse hotel near rockaway beach in pacifica. this man went swimming off the coast of that hotel with his two friends. the two friends came back and said there were rough waters pulling them over. their friend never came back. the pacifica police were called about a half hour after that they called in the coast guard. the coast guard has had a helicopter up and the boat on the water. as of this point, there is no sign yet of that missing swimmer in pacifica.
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we are awaiting an update on the little boy's condition after you plunged off a four story balcony in sunnyvale. the four-year-old suffered similar serious injuries from a fall. it appears to have been an accident but they are still investigating. the city of berkeley may officially ban rvs and campers from parking overnight. kpix 5's jackie ward is in berkeley to tell us what the people who live in these oversized vehicles are doing about it. >> reporter: the city approved this ban last month but tonight they will decide whether or not they will adopt the actual ban. the berkeley city council says this is something they want to take up , banning oversized vehicles from parking between 2
6:36 am
am and 5 am. that affects a lot of people who live west of san pablo avenue. there are 100 or so rvs in that area. the people who don't live in those rvs and campers say it is an issue a public health and thncwell- being of the people in the area. however, the people in the oversized vehicles don't have another option, they say. there are a lot of them that say that. tonight there will be a discussion of the berkeley city council weather to decide whether to officially imposes parking ban in the city of berkeley. >> with these people have asked is to give us an alternative. if you don't want us where we are, tell us where we can be within the city limits. >> reporter: the city is reportedly still looking for an
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area in the east bay where these 100+ rvs could go. right now, berkeley has a 72 hour parking rule, only making rvs move every three days and allowing them to stay in the general vicinity. rv owners who were upset and do not want the ban to be adopted plan on holding a rally outside of berkeley city alternate at 4 pm before the city council meets at 6 pm. in berkeley, jackie ward, kpix 5. in her first major policy push, senator kamala harris is expected to introduce a plan that would rapidly increase the pay for teachers. the candidate is proposing to use federal tax money to close the future pay gap by her first term if elected. the trump administration is renewing its effort to completely dismantle the affordable care act. in a filing made last night, the administration says it agrees with a federal judge's ruling in texas that declared the aca unconstitutional. that is a change from the policy under previous attorney general, jeff sessions. under him, the justice department argued certain protections for people with pre- existing conditions could not be defended but the rest of the law could stand. the speaker of the house nancy pelosi called moo-ve an all-out war on affordable, dependable healthcare. homeland security and the f.b.i. are investigating an attempted cyber attack on the contra costa county clerk and reporters office. a staffer received an email disguised as a contact she had emailed in the past. officials say the email was unusually sophisticated and
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appeared authentic. it was designed to try to access the department's email system. upon closer inspection, it appeared to have come from an overseas source. a public hearing on water quality entry protection in napa get county. >> emily turner tells us more. >> this debate has been going on for years and it doesn't seem like it is going anywhere anytime soon. comes down to about a liver water and forest land that could significantly limit the wine industry's expansion. one group once to up the protection of the reservoir water and his quality, as well as the native forest lands. there is a wine industry growing that brings in a lot of money. they will decide how many trees can be cut down and how many hillsides can be formed, along with oth wallet sound like a tired
6:39 am
topic, it will pack the house today. >> that is the impact. people will not be able to have country lives in this community. >> the valley floor is largely planted out. a lot of times, the forest is on the land they want to develop. removing the forest is just a matter of getting down to business. >> reporter: the meeting will start this morning at 9 am. if past meetings on this topic or anything to go by, public comment will last for hours. it is unlikely today anything will be decided. once something is decided, it could go into effect as soon as april. if opponents feel it is too strict because this is very divisive, a referendum to undo it could go onto the ballot next year. this is not going anywhere anytime soon. a trip to california turns into a nightmare after their puppy is killed during the
6:40 am
flight. why they say the airline is now making things worse. we will have details on uber's multibillion-dollar purchase just announced this morning. wall street is opening up and as we take a look at the board, but a good start for the
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good tuesday morning to you. if you're struggling to get her back, we have good news. it will be a pleasant day across the bay area. we catch a break from the rain today. here is a live look from the salesforce tower camera. we have mostly cloudy skies. we catch sunshine later today. the dry weather will not last long. we are tracking the next storm
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system. i will time out the rain on futurecast coming up in a few minutes. a family is demanding answers after their puppy died during a trip from europe to los angeles. cell phone video shows the five- month-old purebred shepherd was a gift and was on his way home when the unthinkable happened. according to the airline, the puppy died during a flight. the family has hired an attorney. >> i want to see the puppy. i asked him to see the puppy. there is no way to see the puppy. >> it amazes me the airline can just take somebody's stalled, somebody's property, however you want to classify it and say we will keep it as long as we want. >> the attorney also says that they don't hear anything back from the airline, they plan on filing a police report. it is 6:44 pm -- 6:44 am. >> kcbs' in
6:45 am
the middle east. the company is buying careem networks for $3.1 billion. it is important for two reasons. it is the biggest purchase ever for uber and it marks the return to global expansion. uber app pulled back in some markets, including russia, china and southeast asia. there is an estimated 400 million people in the middle east are market up for grabs for uber because of that purchased.
6:46 am
new home construction really pull back. the government is reporting a decline of 8.7%. that is not a good sign for the housing market. single-family construction was down 17%. that is the biggest part of that market. it doesn't look like it will improve much in the coming months. building permits were down 1.5%. prices are falling in some parts of the country. berry area home prices rose only 1.8% in january from a year earlier. that is compared to a more than 10% gain in 2018. prices were down for the second straight month. the market is rebounding after mixed session yesterday. let's go the big boards. the dow jones is up over 260 points, the nasdaq is gaining 83, the s&p up about 30 points. back to you. getting ready to say goodbye to the last two pandas at the zoo. >> not just the last two at the zoo but in california. the 27-year-old and her six- year-old son will depart as planned next month for china as a multiyear agreement with the chinese comes to an end. zoo officials say they have been prepping for the big move for quite some time but it doesn't make saying goodbye any easier. >> this is a bittersweet
6:47 am
moment. we found it is a very successful program. the international effort has prevented the species from going extinct. >> april 27 is the last day to see the pandas in southern california. there are still pandas at zoos in d.c., atlanta and memphis. >> california will miss the pandas. >> we could use a little more sleep. >> you have a lot going on on the roadways. you have a traffic alert? >> it is a busy morning. we have a live look at one of our cameras. this is 80 at mcbryde. there is a lot of activity in
6:48 am
the left lane westbound as you come into richmond this morning. we have three cars involved in this crash. it is taking a little time for each tow truck to remove a vehicle. there is a lot of activity there. i didn't see any injuries reported but it is slow and go conditions backed up all beyond highway 4 this point. drive times are 54 minutes. basically, an hour commuting from highway 4 out of hercules all the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza. in the meantime, san pablo avenue is an alternate to the eastshore freeway for that portion of the drive. that might help you miss some of the brake lights as you work your way in that area. use that instead. the bay bridge metering lights are on. all approaches are sing delays. want to get on the upper deck we have reports of a broken down bus blocking one lane near treasure island. it might be before that. that is where we are seeing the slow and go conditions. if our commute is slow and go, take your time. at hamilton we have a crash on the right shoulder. that is in the clearing stages but there is a backup on the northbound side. the south bay has break lights, 53 minutes to go north 101 all the way to sfo. 85 is also slow. a 31 minute drive time to
6:49 am
highway 101. it is sluggishly there. south 680 we have a vehicle fire. it has been long gone. all the activity is off to the shoulder. you have a pretty big backup all the way to 242 coming off of highway 4. you have brake lights working your way through bay point. let's check the forecast with mary lee. >> i love being able to give you good news. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. we are catching some sunshine later today. we will be in between storms systems today. here is a live look with their salesforce tower camera looking south. it is a gorgeous start to the day with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. 51 in concord in oakland, 4090, livermore, 50 in san francisco, 52 in san jose and mid to upper 40s in santa rosa. high def doppler is drive for the most part. it is great to see just a few spotty showers lingering across the diablo range and down over gilroy. that is pretty much about it. we are tracking areas of fog, especially across the north bay, about 2 1/2 miles in napa,
6:50 am
3 miles in santa rosa this morning. here is what you can expect as we are looking at mainly dry conditions, a few showers possible, but we will see sunshine later today. enjoy it. we are tracking our next storm system. that will bring rain and wind tomorrow. we could see an isolated thunderstorm with showers continuing into thursday. here is satellite and radar. this is the next storm system we are tracking. this winter pattern continues with storm after storm for us. let's time it out on futurecast, taking you hour by hour you can see a little bit of sunshine as we go through the day. this is 3 pm. as we head into the evening, the rain returns as early as this evening for some spots. this is 7 pm for the coast, parts of the south bay. as we
6:51 am
go through tomorrow morning it will be a wet morning commute for your wednesday with a cold front passing through. you can actually see that line of heavier rain with the front. this is tomorrow at 7 am. you can see windy conditions and isolated thunderstorms are possible. we clear out quickly wednesday afternoon. fast-forward to the weekend, it is never too early to think about the weekend, drier patterns sets up by the weekend with high pressure building in for us. because of drier weather, by the weekend the pollen count will be skyhigh. medium levels today, tomorrow and thursday but increasing as we go through friday for the pollen count and into the weekend. it is not the best news for allergy sufferers. it will get worse as we go through this season. daytime highs are in the 60s, 66 in santa clara, 67 in san jose, 65 in pleasant hill, 61 in
6:52 am
berkeley, 60 in clearlake. the bay bridge series is the third day today, heading out for the game, first pitch is 6:45 pm and it will be 67. wet and windy tomorrow, showers thursday and drier and sunnier by the end of the week. happening today, the lineup for this year outside lands will be released. >> we already know one of the headliners, paul simon. he will close the three-day festival on sunday night and donate the proceeds to a local environmental nonprofit. organizers broke tradition this year and released one of the headliners ahead of the full line up. the festival in golden gate park runs august 9 through august 11. >> every time i see him, i think about one song. it is 6:52 am. stanford is making big changes in response to the omissions scandal that has a prestigious university under the microscope. rv owners are fearful for their future and the city of berkeley as a city council considers adopting a parking ban. good morning. ahead on "cbs this morning", top democrats demand the mueller report be released to congress by next tuesday. we will talk to presidential abthe report findings and os teacher
6:53 am
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i am jackie ward live in berkeley where the berkeley city council will consider adopting a parking ban it approved last month. this is an issue that has people on both sides very concerned about what the next d. ght norv owners and people who live in campers are really worried about what the future might hold for them.
6:57 am
at the parking ban does get adopted tonight, they don't know what else to do. there about 100 or even more rvs in the area of west san pablo avenue in berkeley right now. people who do not live in the oversized vehicles but in the surrounding area say it has become a matter of public health. they are worried about their own living situation because of it. last month, the berkeley city council voted in favor of this parking ban that would not allow vehicles to park between the hours of 2 am and 5 am. that is of major concern for these people. if this does get adopted tonight a permit system would be set up that would allow rvs to stay annually for only two weeks in the city of berkeley. otherwise, they would have to find another place to park. right now, there is a 72 hour parking rule that allows rvs and pack campers to stay in one place and then stay in the same vicinity but they have to move their vehicle. tonight a rally is being held for rv owners who do not want
6:58 am
the parking ban to go into effect. the city a council will most likely adopted at 6 pmtonight. it is time for your final five. right now the u. s. coast guard is searching for a missing swimmer and pacifica. officials say the 28-year-old man went swimming with friends earlier this morning near the hotel around 3:30 am. rough waters were reported in the man went missing. police just told us he was not wearing a wetsuit and the search will continue all day. here is a live look at the beach in pacifica this morning. the surface still pretty rough. it is unclear if anyone else was hurt. stanford university is making big changes for sports recruits in the wake of the college bribery scandal. all student athletes will undergo a background check by stanford leadership executive. closing arguments will continue in phase 2 of the trial of a sonoma county resident and week killer maker monsanto. a jury decided roundup
6:59 am
herbicide was a substantial factor in causing edward hardmans cancer. the trump administration is renewing its effort to completely dismantle the affordable care act in a filing made last night. the administration said it agrees with a federal judge's ruling in texas that declared the aca unconstitutional. democratic lawmakers are demanding the justice department handover the full mueller report next tuesday. president trump says he would be okay if the report goes public. a traffic alert continues westbound eastshore freeway with a left lane blocked because of a crash. there is a big backup there there. expect delays on the south 101. enjoy the break from the rain today. we will have sunshine later in the afternoon


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