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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 26, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. now at noon the search is on for a swimmer missing in the waters off pacifica. i'm push
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i am push push. >> i'm. >> reporter: no sign of this 28- year-old man who went swimming here at rock away beach early this morning. at this point his chance of survival is looking dim. >> this coast guard helicopter has been scanning the coastline all morning looking for are a man who went missing in the surf at around 3:30 a.m., his name is tyler colins and he was visiting pacifica from mer sed. he and two friends were hanging at the beach when two of them decided to take a swim. one came back saying the water had been pulling him out to sea, colins disappeared. he had last been seen 50 feet from shore. >> difficult conditions for even an experienced swimmer. >> the friends switched for him
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for 45 minutes after the police searched the soar line they called the coast guard which sent up a helicopter before dawn, a coast guard boat searched the surf without any sign of colins. >> we know the water is cold and hypothermia sets in. >> 5'7", he was wearing black boxer shorts. >> and police have not said if he had any drugs or alcohol were involved before these guys decided to go for a swim. they have put out an all points bulletin to sheriff's offices on the coast. >> they use a special boat for water rescues, can you see how rough the waters can be. the crews send out search efforts on weather conditions. r phical
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alte is ught ocamera, president and ceo of the san francisco giants larry bear is suspended without pay. here is jackie ward. >> reporter: ceo and president larry bera is not to have contact with the team. in a statement he said he respects and accepts mlb commissioner's decision, i made a mistake and i am truly sorry for my actions, unacceptable behavior fell well short of what must be demanded from every person. the mlb department of investigations looked into case. in part saying, his behavior was uh-uh acceptable and warrants discipline, i find
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that mr. bbear should be held a higher standard. advertising creative director says the joy. s' organization stands behind baer. >> the fact that she is not claiming that this was violence that she feels that larry wasn't really at fault. they seem to be in agreement with the situation. >> categorizing exactly what happened between baer and his wife has sparked controversy, call dog domestic violence, also calling it a tussle. >> i think it was on the harsh side i think major league baseball felt they had to set an example. >> asking ford harper greater accountability, mayor london breed says today major league baseball sent a clear message. incident occurs like the one we saw on video people must be held accountable no matter who
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they are or what their job title may be. thspension ugh sujuisly u froracle park jackie ward,. >> determining an appropriate treatment and counseling plan, prescharges. a in the case against empire actor jussie smollett, his attorneys say all charges alleges he lied to police have been dropped. hillary lane reports. >> empire actor jussie smollett is no longer facing a 16 count indictment after cook county prosecutors dropped the felony case against him. >> i would also like to thank the state of illinois for attempting to do what's right. >> a grand jury indicted smollett on charges for staging a hate crime and filing a false police report. after claiming two passinged white member attacked him and tie add noose around his neck. >> i have been truthful and
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consistent. >> investigators said the actor hired two brothers to assault him because he was unhappy with his salary on the show. smollett's attorney criticized the way police handled the case. >> it allowed the statigate and charges and not to jump ahead and utilize the press to convict people before they are tried in a court of law. >> in a statement the cook county state's attorneys office said after reviewing ought of the facts and circumstances of the case including mr. smollett's volunteer service in the community, we believe this outcome is adjust disposition and appropriate resolution to this case. chicago ease police chief says smollett should want his day in court to clear his name. >> do i think justice was served? no. do i think justice is -- i think this city is still owed an apology. >> smollett agreed to forfeit his $10,000 bond, the mayor
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says there is an ethical cost. >> people of all walks of life and back ground, ethnic sorientatow in the name promotion. >> smollett who is openly guy is ready to put his real life trauma behind him and get back to work. hillary lane, cbs news, new york. >> smollett was cut from empire this season. today 20th century fox issued a statement saying it's got fewed that all charges against him have been dismissed. the family a bay area woman buried in a landslide san francisco just identified her body. 2-year-old keira sunshine scarlet was walking on the beach with her dog and friend last month when the cliff gave bay. body was found yesterday morning. the father tell be kpix 5 is the body of keira. san francisco police busted a massive illegal pot
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operation. the suspects are also charged with money laundering and possible human trafficking. police say they served 7 search warrants at different locations in the i think he will side districts, the results they seized more than 3400 marijuana plants and 3 cars. they say a number of grow houses also posed a fire danger. the two suspects 38-year-old steven pen and 41-year-old chen both from san francisco being held on 4 counts of illegal cultivation and conspiracy. they want to have discussions about the current policy against notifying ice about people who have committed crimes and are deportable in the area. sent a letter to supervisor joe saying in part, we advocate for continued commitment to consider alternatives that would provide a balanced approach to immigrant rights. this comes after the death of bambi larson, the woman killed
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inside her south san jose home, the suspect is in an undocumented immigrant with a criminal history. members of congress voted again in their border wall fight. the democrat head house failed to override president trump's first veto. because of today's override failed funding for the president's border emergency remains intact. mr.trump will be able to hour by hour temperature $3.6 billion for construction projects at the southern border. res is expected to question top defense leaders today about military projects that could lose funding to help pay for the border wall. the mueller investigation may be finished but the fight over its findings appears to be getting started. democrats are demanding thentire report be released not just the attorney general's four page summary. after it said the report found now collusion between the trump campaign and russia, the summary also said that the mueller report stops short of the exonerating the president of obstruction of justice. >> president's personal
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attorneys and campaign manager, national security visor have all been convicted of significant crimes. >> democratic leaders sent a letter to the attorney general saying his summary was not sufficient for congress and gave him a week to deliver mueller's entire report. a federal ban goes into effect on bump stock devices that allow semiautomatic weapons to continuously fire like machine guns. owners of bump stocks are required to destroy the devices or turn them into federal authorities. the government moved to ban bump stocks last year this followed the 2017 mass shooting in has vegas when a gunman used the attachment killed 58 people. gun rights advocates are asking the supreme court to block enforcement of the ban. first major policy push, senator kamala harris introduced a plan that would increase teacher pays. >> i am proud of our initiative that has been described as the
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largest federal investment in closing the teacher gap in history. we know there are two groups of people raising our children, parents, which is grand patients, aunties and uncles and teachers so let's pay them their value. >> the presidential candidate promises to invest $315 billion over 10 years to give raises to teachers as well as invest in programs dedicated to teacher recruitment, training and professional development. still ahead. the feds taking on the potential dangers of breast implants, the rare cancer that may be linked. and it was supposed to be a historic all female space walk, the wardrobe problem that's forcing nasa to cancel it. well i hope you are enjoying this break from the rain. here is a live look from the trans america cam. another live look, treasure island camera, beautiful view with a mix of sun and clouds out there.
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but that will change. tracking our next storm details when the rain comes back, we'll show you that on to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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> this just in, some people in the south bay may have been exposed to measles, the santa clara county health department says an international traveler exposed to measles over seas visited several restaurants and
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tourist sites. can you visit helicopter department website. house democrats are unveiling legislation to shore up the affordable care act making more middle class while increasing aid for those with lower incomes who already ensures pay for costliest patients and restore advertising and outreach budgets slashed by the trump administration. the fill will get a vote in the house but unlikely to pass in the republican controlled senate. today the fda is meeting for a second day to address the possible risks of breast implants. it comes after more than 400 cases of cancer were reported in women who had them. a rare blood cancer called breast implant associated an plastic large cell lyma,
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e is designed to limit the movement of implant banish tate the tate and in flames the surrounding tis yours. >> because of the surface being rough. >> reports to the fda show a 457 cancer cases, at least 310 occurred with textured implants. most women are cured after doctors take the implants out, sometimes there are complications of the the country's three largest breast implant manufacturers told cbs textured implants have been tested for safety and comply with fda monitoring and patient safety are priority. stocks trading this afternoon, tech companies leading the rally with chip makers the biggest gainers of the dow is up 85 points right now. healthcare stocks also saw an increase. well tiny devices are causing big headaches, road drones flying over airports
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have disresulted flights causing millions of dollars of delays and cancellations, a catastrophic event is bound to happen. >> they knew there was a problem but they didn't know where the operator was at. >> this is the whole trajectory. >> the whole flight pat of the drone. >> well now the company at the forefront of detecting road drones and the local airport looking into the cutting edge technology you can watch our original report tonight at 7:00 right here on kpix 9. all female space walk has been canceled thanks to a problem with the space suits, the walk is scheduled to take place on friday, but nasa says there is only one space suit that fits both women and another one in that wouldn't be ready in time. friday's space walk will take place with one male and one female. you can smile if you love the rain, there is hope on the way, a lot to come.
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that's right. more rain is to come hopefully if you love the sunshine, soak it up now because we are cl. suand a beautiful live look with sales force tower cameras, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, like kenny said the rain is coming back. won't last too much longer here. 62 in concord. 57 in oakland, livermore 59 as well as for san francisco. san jose 63. and mid-50s for santa rosa. here is our next storm system that we're tracking and that will bring the rain for us for tomorrow. also take up the wind. so that winter weather pattern continues storm after storm for us. so let's time it out for you on futurecast. we are looking at the sun as we head through the rest of our afternoon. and there we go with the rain coming back for tomorrow morning. so it is going to an wet morning commute, this is at 5:00 a.m. heavy rain up in the north bay once again. and then it should clear out a little bit as we go through the afternoon for tomorrow.
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the pollen count, because of our rain we are looking at levels down to medium for today. tomorrow as well as for thursday but with sunshine and theken peratures drier weather e counwi be sky high into the very high categowe. a winter storm warning in effect, the west slopes of the sierra from 11:00 tonight until 11:00 tomorrow. looking 12 to 24 inches of snow above 7000 feet. our sunset at 7:27. sunrise at 7:02 tomorrow morning. day time highs right around where we should be for this time of year, hopefully you can get out there and enjoy it. 61 in san francisco. 65 fremont. 67 for san jose. here is that seven day forecast and what you can expect rain and wind that returns tomorrow. showers on thursday with unsettled weather, there we go by the end of the work week into the weekend, sunshine, temperatures right around weekend
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forgiven land locations. >> joan it. >> thanks so much. well cardio is your thing, you have a charge to win a million bucks called million dollars mile. >> you have to out run an elite athlete. >> we transformed the city of angels into the most challenging obstacle course ever designed. if you conor that the money is yours. >> former nfl quarterback tim tebow is hosting the series, they face off against the defenders a group of world class athletes. one of those defenders is from right here in the bay area he says that the contestants better be fast. >> my strengths were i just don't get tired because mile that is nothing for me. being an athlete i'm mentally getting in the zone, this person is not going to beat me and i'm just going as hard as i can to try to catch this person. >> first african american
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professional try athlete earning his pro card back in 2014. watch him on million dollars mile when it premiers tomorrow night at account right here on kpix5. 9 nurses all pregnant in the same depart
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we are getting a break in the rain, head out today. >> soak up the sunshine. >> because tomorrow it won't be around. >> the rain is c ing. >> ha
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>> brooke: you come into my home and you kiss my husband, and all this talk about breaking up hope and liam... [ sighs ] caroline is gone, and that is tragic. but that doesn't mean you can come into my home and attack me and my family. look, i-i think it's best that you leave before this gets out of hand. >> taylor: oh, oh. leave this home? where my son and my grandson are staying? >> brooke: what do you want me to say when you come in here and you kiss my husband? yes, it is an emotional time, and i am so sorry that your grandson lost his mother. that is terrible. but that doesn't mean i'm gonna stick my head in the sand t don'twhyou' up to. >> taylor: oh, please. i'm not going after ridge. >> brooke: okay, maybe not. but you did say so yourself, taylor -- you would like
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to see hope with anybody


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