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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 26, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the exposure? >> measles, the incubation period after you're exposed is seven to 21 days and measles is actually one of the most contagious infectious diseases that we know. susceptible individuals will get the measles if they're exposed up to 90% of the time. so compare that to chickenpox. if you have 10 people who are susceptible to chickenpox and they're exposed, only seven will get sick. nine out of those 10 will get sick if they're exposed to the measles. that's why this list of places this traveler has been is so concerning because they're public places with lots of people and there are bound to be some susceptible folks who visited those areas. >> he went a lot of places. >> in the meantime, doctor, what is the best way to avoid possible exposure? maybe if you visited one of the places on this list where those travelers have been, what should you be doing right now? >> well, i think that the best
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way to prevent the measles is immunization. two doses of measles vaccine provides over 90% protection against the measles. it's the best way we have to keep kids and adults safe. we don't give the measles vaccine routinely to folks who are born before 1953 i believe is the year. i'd have to double check that, but those folks were typically exposed to measles as children, but anyone born after that should have gotten two doses of the measles vaccine. >> doctor, thanks so much for taking time to help clarify things, appreciate it. i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. southwest airlines experiencing more trouble today when one of its new 737 max jets was forced to make an emergency landing. this according to the faa the jetliner took off from orlando international airport at about
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3:00 this afternoon shortly after the crew had to declare an emergency. they were experiencing an apparent engine problem. the plane landed safely in orlando. there were no passengers aboard this one. they were just moving it around. the plane was being flown to a location in southern california where southwest is currently storing its planes out in the desert. boeing 737 maxes were all grounded earlier this month following two recent fatal crashes that happened within just months of each other. the faa says it is investigating, but it appears today's emergency landing was not related, not related to the anti-stall software suspected in two previous fatal crashes. it's still unclear how long the faa is grounding these planes, how long the order will last. however, several of the airlines are warning that there will be more flight cancellations to come as long as the grounding order is in place. be in the live news desk, i'm ken bastida.
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back to you. meanwhile days after the anniversary of the affordable care act the trump administration filed a legal motion to have the law completely struck down. tonight house speaker nancy pelosi and her colleagues are already gearing up for a fight. >> the gop will never stop trying to destroy the affordable healthcare of america's families. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. you watch. >> in a legal filing monday, the justice department sided with a federal judge who ruled the affordable care act unconstitutional based on the insurance mandate. should that ruling stand, the entire law would be struck down. >> they say they're going to protect preexisting conditions as a benefit and then they go to court to strip it and strip the whole bill. >> the white house insists president trump will work to keep patient protections in place. >> the president has always supported protecting preexisting conditions. this president believes
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patients should be better protected and have more choices, higher quality and they don't now. >> he can say what he wants in a news briefing room or on twitter, but that's not what the public position is of his own justice department. >> health policy experts warn the consequences for patients could be catastrophic if the law is eliminated. >> if you have a preexisting condition or if you need preventive services, if you want a young up to age 26 to stay on your health plan, these are all protections that would be lost. >> meanwhile house democrats today introduced a bill to strengthen the affordable care act. >> and today led by our freshmen we are taking another big step forward to lower healthcare costs for the american people. >> the case is currently pending in the 5th circuit court of appeals in louisiana and a ruling could be months away. the fda is putting the safety of breast implants under the microscope. today the agency met a second day to address possible risks after more than 400 cases of
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cancer were reported in women who have them. a rare blood cancer called breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma can develop in some women with implants. most who get it have what are called textured breast implants. they have a rougher surface that's designed to limit movement of an implant but may also initiate the cancer. >> it's one of the theories that this just kind of irritates and inflames the surrounding tissues? >> that is one of the theories. >> because of the surface being rough. >> that's right, that's right. >> reports to the fda show out of 457 cancer cases at least 310 occurred with textured implants. most women are cured after doctors take those implants out. the country's three largest breast maurs ldcbtextured implants have been extensively tested for safety and comply with fda monitoring and that patient safety is their top priority. the latest roundup case now in the hands of a federal jury.
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jurors begun deliberations to determine whether monsanto is liable for a sonoma county man's cancer. 70-year-old edwin hardeman claims he sprayed roundup on his properties for 26 years. he was diagnosed with non- hodgkin's lymphoma in 2015. jurors have already determined roundup was a substantial factor, but now they have to decide whether monsanto is liable and, if so, how much compensation he deserves. he's asking for $200,000 in damages and 1 million per year since his diagnosis of pain and suffering. last year a san francisco judge awarded another cancer patient $289 million in damages which was later reduced to 78 million. some tiny devices are causing big headaches for airports. >> rogue drones have disrupted flights potentially costing airlines millions of dollars in
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delays and cancellations. officials fear unless something is done a catastrophic event is bound to happen. >> they knew there was a problem, butt but they didn't know where the operator was at. >> this is the whole trajectory. >> are the bay area company at the forefront of detecting rogue drones and the local airport looking into the cutting edge technology coming up in an original report tonight at 7:00. coming up at 6:00 piles of trash and flood debris dumped along the russian river, now the mess is threatening to cut critical funds in sonoma county, how officials are to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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the state has sold $600 million in bonds to fund high speed rail. the bond sale comes as the governor raises questions about the cost of the project. the 600 million in bonds were purchased by wells fargo and the jeffries group. part of the money voters approved in 2008, but in his first state of the state address governor newsom said the project was too expensive. he suggested focusing only on the section in the central valley. water could be flowing again soon over a reconstructed spillway that crumbled a couple years ago. with storms expected in the feather river basin the department of water resources is purchasing the main spillway at oroville dam for use as
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early as next week. in 2016 the spillway partially collapsed during heavy rains forcing people to evacuate. california taking another stand against the trump administrations, this time to protect migratory birds. newly proposed legislation would leave all protections in place that existed when president trump took office. lawmakers are working to maintain the rules of the migratory bird treaty act. it implements a ban previously set between the u.s. and other countries on killing, importing and exporting migratory birds without a permit. in december a federal decision revoked parts of that policy. two bay area ports could soon be just a ferry ride away. officials that run the san francisco bay ferry system are considering a plan to restore the 92-year-old berkeley pier on university avenue. they are debating a proposal to attach a ferry terminal that could transport passengers to and from san francisco. earlier this month berkeley county council approved $110,000 for a study to repair
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that dilapidated pier. the water emergency transportation authority that controls the ferry system is expected to contribute an additional $250,000 to that plan. >> this could bring an enormous amount of people to our waterfront and really help reinvigorate our waterfront. >> we certainly heard from a lot of people in berkeley, albany, emeryville, those areas of the east bay. this has been something that's been looked at a number of years. >> if everything is approved, visits could see an improved ferry system there by 2025. a historic all female spacewalk canceled, the wardrobe problem that's forcing nasa to change its plans.
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a hearing has been going on all day in napa to debate a proposed set of environmental rules both sides say could stop the growth of the wine industry in the region. kpix5's john ramos explains. >> reporter: the struggle is between those who consider wine the life blood of the region and those who think the industry is bleeding the area dry. the supervisors chamber was jammed and so was this room and even the lobby with people wanting to speak on proposed rules that would protect trees and the hillside watershed. advocates say the environment
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is being damaged by the expansion of vineyards and home development. >> the hills are starting to erode. our water is becoming turgid. sedimentation is flowing into our reservoirs. >> those living up stream have a responsibility to those living below. >> reporter: on parcels of 1 acre or more the there will be a prohibition of development on land with streams or a 30- degree slope, limit the number of trees removed and provide open space set aside for those that are. supporters say it would protect the watershed and stop the expansion of wineries in the hills above the valley. >> we can set a shining star here for the world to see that it can be done and needs to be done. >> reporter: but opponents say it's a blatant example of nibism. >> they've chosen to live in agricultural areas and now they're here they don't want to
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have agriculture near them. >> people are using the environment as a tool to try and get what they want, which is really against the wine industry. >> reporter: karen crouse grows grapes in the west side hills and says if the rules pass, the value of her 80 acres will be cut in half. >> our vineyard has some forest on it. the estimation that i've seen most recently is 60 to 70% that we would actually have absolutely no control over. >> reporter: you would not be able to do anything on that land. >> no. it's a land grab. >> reporter: so why says this considered now? last year measure c, a citizen sponsored initiative with similar regulations, was defeated by only 600 votes and backers have threatened another ballot measure if the county doesn't adopt the new watershed rules. some here believe the supervisors are supporting the regulations to prevent another initiative which, if successful, they would have no power to change or repeal. in napa county, john ramos, kpix5. >> the hearing is expected to go late into the night and a
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vote could follow right after. if approved, regulations would go into effect immediately. the goal for nasa, vice president mike pence wants to get u.s. astronauts back on the moon within five years. >> the space policy directive one, president trump finally gave nasa the clear direction and clear mission that it needs. as president trump said, we will return american astronauts to the moon for the first time since 19 72 for long term exploration. >> pence says nasa needs to meet its moon deadline by any means necessary, even if nasa rockets need to be replaced by commercial rockets. >> nasa just canceled the first ever all female spacewalk thanks to a wardrobe problem. the historic walk by two female astronauts was scheduled to take place friday, but the problem is nasa says only one medium size spacesuit was prepped for a spacewalk. so instead of devoting extensive crew time to make the other medium space worthy, nasa has decided to send one of the
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female astronauts on friday's spacewalk with a male colleague instead. >> they need to expand their wardrobe and i think my wife is just the person to do that. >> space station, space is at a premium. i think every square inch of that awesome station is accounted for. maybe we need room for more spacesuits, yes. here's a look at what's going on with the weather around here. it did get mild. it did get above average for some of you with the early sunshine, but now some rain is moving in and returning widespread overnight tonight. 60s for highs today, san francisco 64, san jose and vallejo 67, fremont and concord the warm spots at 68, but at the beach, half moon bay, you failed to hit 60 degrees, your high 59. we've gone cloudy, a few showers around, widespread rain after midnight tonight. redwood city, oakland and concord 52, fremont, livermore, mountain view and napa 51, 50 in fairfield tonight. one of the showers sitting right over oakland slowing
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things down on interstate 80, 580, 980, 880, every road in the bay area with an 80 at the end of it i believe runs through oakland and we have all of them slowed down by some rainfall now, also rain over san leandro and alameda. the rain is not widespread, but where it is raining it's coming down at a steady clip and a new shower poised right over ocean beach. january rainfall was 14% above average, february rainfall 78% average, this march keeping pace, 46% wetter than average. that has helped keep pollen counts down, not bad today and tomorrow, down to a 4 on a 1 to 12 scale. then it climbs back up as we begin to dry out. this weekend if you suffer from allergies, you'll likely be sneezing on saturday and sunday because we will not have rain. we will have sunshine and the allergy count will g mu. low pres areag off to our west, something much more common in december, january and february, but here ill here. ut a week
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this will not clear until thursday afternoon. this low close by, the atmosphere unstable, ripe for more showers and more showers will move in overnight tonight and impact your morning commute tomorrow. 6:00, 7:00 in the morning heaviest rain north bay, but a chance of showers everywhere. plan on a wet commute tomorrow. the drive home not so much. i think we'll get some afternoon sunshine. so we're in between weather systems late tomorrow. rain early, some sunshine late, then thursday another round of showers, a few in the morning, a few more in the afternoon. then just about when we're ready to cry uncle and say we can't take any more rainfall in march we get a drier pattern that begins friday and likely lasts into the weekend. we'll look at sunday, notice rain moving into far northern california, but this ridge of high pressure likely just close enough to get that rain/no rain line north of the bay area and the storm track staying just to r rth melikedry and warmer weather for the upcoming weekend. rain returns overnight tonight
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and tomorrow morning. an isolated thunderstorm is possible as this boundary moves through. once we're finished with the rainfall thursday we will dry out. high temperatures tomorrow close to average within 2 or 4 degrees of normal. campbell 64, fremont 64, san mateo 61 degrees. mid-60s for antioch, pittsburg and bay point, 63 in the tri- valley, walnut creek 64, daly city and south city around 60 with morning rain, alameda, san leandro low 60s and also in sonoma, glen ellen, napa and st. helena. clearlake 60 tomorrow. extended forecast, thursday afternoon, then the rain is done, sunshine, milder friday, sunshine and 70s saturday, a bit cloudier sunday, monday and tuesday but likely rain free with highs in the mid-60s to low 70s. so another dry weekend is on tap, but it's been soggy this week and will continue to be so for two more days. >> thanks, paul. the line-up is set. coming up we'll tell you who need the list for outsidelands.
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listen up. if cardio is your thing, you have a chance to win $1 million on a new cbs show called the $1 million-mile. >> there's a catch and you knew there would be. you have to outrun an elite athlete. >> we've transformed the city of angels into the most challenging obstacle course ever designed and if you conquer that, the money is yours. >> did you recognize that guy? former nfl quarterback tim tebow hosting the new show. contestants get a two minute head start as they face off the defenders, a group of world class athletes, one from here in the bay area, and says contesnts better be fast. >> where my strengths were i just don't get tired because
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over a mile, that's really not fit for me. being an athlete i'm mentally getting in the zone like i'm not going to get beat and this person won't beat me and i'm going as far as i can trying to catch this person. >> max fennel of menlo park earned his triathlete pro card in 2014. you can watch them tomorrow night at 9:00 here on kpix5. if you'd rather take a seat and relax, got you covered there, too. the line-up for outsidelands is out. we learned days ago about paul simon as the closing headliner. the other big names are childish gambino, 21 pilots, the lumineers, blink-182 to name a few. the festival starts august 9th, kind of a short list, but the good thing is we posted the entire line-up at the tickets go on sale thursday. >> lots more. and the prices are there, too. that's it for the news at 5:00.
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kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now. now at 6:00 thousands may have been exposed to measles after a tourist infected with the contagious virus visited popular restaurants and shops in the south bay. >> reporter: western sonoma county has yet another mess on its hands and this one threatens the money that is supposed to help clean up the first one. >> plus a new push to preserve redwoods in the santa cruz mountains, the project that's the latest of its kind in nearly a decade. kpix5 news at 6:00 starts right now with a health warning in santa clara county. good evening, everybody. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. officials say an international traveler infected with measles may have exposed thousands of others to the disease. the unidentified visitor was sick with the virus while visiting the south bay between march 16th and the 22nd stopping at 20 very different
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public locations. kpix5's len ramirez is at one of them this evening. len? >> reporter: the santa clara county health department is limited in what it can say about this world traveler. we don't even know if it's a man or woman, but the person was hospitalized here in santa clara county after getting the measles and being infectious with the measles. that person despite being sick was a very well traveled person coming here to this ihop restaurant in north san jose among many other places. although there are no reports anyone was actually exposed at this ihop restaurant, diners fell uneasy. >> i think it's pretty crazy. that's for sure. so i don't know. i think people should get vaccinated for that. >> reporter: they had no idea that a person contagious with measles had eaten here saturday morning, march 16th, between 9:30 and noon. despite being sick the traveler kept a very busy schedule according to the health department including such popular places as the hoover tower observation deck at stanford, the apple visitors
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center in and the il fernile restaurant in santa clara, a t-mobile store in sunnyvale, a poki bowl in palo alto, wal-mart in mountain view plus macy's valley fair and the great mall in milpitas, in all 20 locations between march 16th and march 22nd where people could have been exposed. >> some people are not protected from measles and the top of that list are babies. >> reporter: health officer dr. sara cody says although measles immunization runs over 96% among school age children and adults in santa clara county, there are vulnerable populations. >> so if a family happened to be traveling with their baby to one of these places where the infectious person was, they should be watching for symptoms. >> reporter: the ihop manager said he just found out this afternoon about the measles case. >> i don't know anything. i just got a call from them. if you want more information, you got to call the corporation. >> reporter: as for those symptoms, people should look out for a


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