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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 27, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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it's your time... .lf... . own it... take off in 3... 2... .aww it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. rain coming down across the bay area tonight. what to expect for your morning commute. >> what if your cellphone could tell you an earthquake is about to happen? we'll tell but a first of its kind experiment.
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>> a tourist with the measles visits the south bay. the popular locations he went to during his stay. >> we're not in mexico. we're in america. >> and a racial rant over tacos ends with a threat to call immigration. i'm kenida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. rain is coming down and there is more on the way. >> paul is tracking it all for us. >> another front moving through bay area. ahead of that front, we got some rain this evening. rain heavy at times moving through san francisco. it's lifted to the north. sonoma county and napa county getting the steady rainfall. time-lapse shows you that rain lifting from south to north. the front is not even here yet. but the rain has already arrived and it will be raining off and on throughout the night. more steady rain for the north bay with scattered showers ols where.
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the wettest part of the day will be right around 10:00 tomorrow morning. we'll talk about rainfall totals, 70 degrees and sunshine returns. coming up. just a matter of hours, california's first earthquake warning system will undergo its first major test. chr ayers on the alert thousands should be expecting. >> reporter: if you're here around 11:00 am, you may hear it on your cellphone. it's part of a test that's never been tried. it's technologty j around back when the loma crieta quake hit, or when the napa quake struck in 2014. now experts are putting shake alettered to the test. >> it's a new tool that has the potential to provide seconds to ten of thousands of warning before shaking arrives at your location.
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>> reporter: an area chosen for its population density. >> you'll receive an alert in the same way you would receive an amber alert or severe weather warning. >> everyone is on their fens. e-mail, texting. i think phone is probably the best option. >> reporter: in a real earthquake, the alert would come after an earthquake sensor like this one was triggered. the hope to provide a head-up moments before the quake. >> i would just see where i am and if there was any place safer i could get. >> reporter: people who get the alert tomorrow, and will be asked to answer a survey. tonight we were already getting feedback about what the alert should say. >> i would hope they would have some instructions on what to do. >> reporter: for now it's only a test.
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>> we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the results tomorrow at noon. to the measles scare in the south bay. for seven days, an infected tourist exposed thousands to the virus. he visited 20 popular locations before he was finally hospitalize, including the valley fair mall. >> reporter: the man also visited restaurants and grocery stores during his stay. the good news is if you've been vacs they, you should be okay. but there are many who aren't. >> it is concerning. >> reporter: we caught her outside the great mall. santa clara county leaders say a man with the measles who had flown in from a different country made a stop in the south bay. >> measles is one of the best
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contagious inf to this ihop in san jose. >> they should at least in the window, on the front window or side that says that there was measles present. >> reporter: it was just one of 20 very crowded places the man visited within aeek. in the restaurant, he went to the apple visitors center. cooper tower and valley fair mall. doctors say someone can catch measles an hour after the infected person leaves the room. >> up to 90% of susceptible people will get the he'sel fist they're exposed which is extremely high. >> reporter: those include people who aren't vaccinated, including babies waiting to get the shots and anyone with a weakened immune system.
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>> i'm vaccinated and i'm hoping that everyone vaccinates their kids and themselves. that's all you can hope for. >> reporter: and the doctor says it is never too late to be vaccinated. health officials did not say where that tourist was from. >> scary. one california lawmaker wants to make it tougher for parents not to vaccinate their kids. a new bill would require them to apply to the state department of health for an exemption. san francisco has settled a wrongful death lawsuit in a high-profiles me shooting days before the trial was supposed to start. police shot and killed mario woods four years ago in the bay view. she was spotted carrying a knife and suspected
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of stabbing another man earlier. police say he moved toward an officer and they shot him 21 times. san francisco will pay an undisclosed amount of money to settle if. >> the attorney for woods' mother says his clieb is happy with the results. in alameda a traffic stopover a broken license plate leads to a man being arrested. police released this photo. they conducted a search of the vehicle after learning the man was on probation. they recovered items including what looks like a gorilla mask, marijuana and methamphetamine. the coast guard stopped a search for a man who disappeared in rough waters off pacifica. >> he was last seen very early
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this morning after going for a swim as well w some friends. new information in connection with the 737 max-8 jets. >> this new probe comes as boeing continues to work on a software update following two deadly crashes. >> declare emergency. >> the 737 max-8 experienced performance issues with its no. 2 engine after taking off from orlando. the engine began to overheat. >> we're levelling off here at 2,000. engine failure on the right side. >> reporter: the plane of not carrying passengers. it was headed to victorville, california, where southwest is storing all of its max jets
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until they're ahowed to return to passenger service. while the max is grounded in the u.s., these so-called ferry flights are allowed. >> the transportation secretary and the acting faa administrator will face questions from concerned senators. >> i want to know why the faa was doing safety on the cheap which is not as safe, nor cheap. and the faa has to do better. in its safety responsibilities. >> reporter: the acting faa administratored will tell senators "we than our oversight approach needs to evolve to ensure the faa remains the global leader in achieving aviation safety. " the faa says it appears today's emergency landing was not related to the softwa suspected in the two fatal crashes. new tonight, a surprise
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shakeup at an east bay school district right in the middle of a labor dispute. dublin unified superintendent is out effective immediately. the school board say it's a "mutually agreed separation." the teacher's union currently in mediation trying to hammer out a new contract. they have authorized a strike if the talks break down. senator, kamala harris, is promising teachers she'll give them a big raise if she is elected president. almost $14,000. >> teachers compared to other college graduates are receiving 11% less in pay across the country. >> harris says the $300 billion it would cost would be paid for by adj t fal estate tax and closing loopholes for the wealthiest americans. tonight we're learning president trump will return to california next week. he will be attending a campaign fundraiser
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where the premium tickets go for $150,000. this isn't sentenced to six years mex coach we're in america. >> a tirade over tacos. the racial rant that ended in threats to call i.c.e. >> spring breakers turn the tables on wanna be robbers. >> reporter: larry baer suspended through july. what baseball fans have to say about it. it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo.
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it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo.
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a preseason match got clipped a little early. they cut the game short because of rain. larry baer missing from the crowd following mlb's decision to suspend him. >> reporter: fans really had mixed feelings about the giants' decision. some were more forgiving than others. >> reporter: as the battle of the bay raged on, fan his plenty to say about what happened to larry baer off the field. after video of baer fighting with his wife surfaced earlier this month. major league baseball made the decision to suspend him through july 1st without pay. >> to be honest they probably should suspended him the whole season. no one should be treated
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like that. own, i think that' appiaaybe hee other things like anger management. >> reporter: today baer issued a statement. "i made a serious mistake that i sincerely regret and i'm truly sorry for my actions." >> reporter: >> do you think that he can come back and be the face of the team again? >> i think so. i'm not really sure about the situation with his family. i hope they work things out. i think everybody is entitled to a second chance. >> he is not a player or anything. so nothing really happens. >> reporter: a sports marketing analyst doesn't think this is the last we've seen of baer. >> i'd like to think over time,
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this would kind of melt away a little bit and he could resume his position at the top of the league. >> reporter: the board says when baer returns, he rel taken his title but he will no longer serve as the team's spokesperson when it comes to dealing with other owners. a hotel shooting caught on camera outside of boston. a man frantically slams his way through the lobby doors almost sliding to the ground as he run runs. came i anaheim.n a customer >> the man was seen yelling at
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employees and customers, even threatening to call immigration. >> this isn't mexican. we're not in mexico. we're in america. >> reporter: a tirade over a taco. this man even yelled at customers who tried to come to the cashier's defense. >> i'm an american. >> go get a hotdog. >> reporter: the owner says the man could not understand the fish specials board because of this one word. friday in spanish. >> she was really shaking when he left. since he got in, he was making a bad move. very aggressive. not having a good day. >> reporter: inside the restaurant, it clearly says friday in english. but even when the cashier pointed that out, witnesses say the man didn't let up. that's when the owner
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grabbed his cellphone. >> who you gonna call? >> immigration. >> for what? >> for you. >> why? >> because you're not legal. >> reporter: that was particularly hurtful to the cook who was also on the receiving end of the rant. he is shy about speaking english on camera but tells us in spanish. one works honestly. we don't take the bread out of anyone's mouth. >> i don't honestly know if he's racist or hates mexicans, or hates his life. >> reporter: he said the man shouldn't assume just because he's latino he's here illegally. the man is not a regular and not welcome back. nightforida.oneroup ended theird robber. the group in indiana stopped for gas when a man ran
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up to them brandishing a gun and demanding money and valuables. so they acted fast. one of the spring breakers grabbed the gun get soccer fans packed a stm today to see mexico and paragua. reporter: could today's match be a dress rehearsal for the world cup in santa c?lara >> we're making pretty much chicn fas here. reporter: even beyd t team takes on the national team from paraguay.
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>> reporter: in a sea of mexican flags, we found one guy from paraguay. >> mexico's always beat us so today's our revenge. >> reporter: this goes beyond the potential for a single match. and perhaps the blueprint for the future games in santa clara county. there is hope that evens and enthusiasm like this can tip the scale and show that soccer has a fan base to sustain the international event. i> no doubt.nk any of the hiplac tes in the bay area that have a strong fan base that likes the sport, it's this one. you have a lot of people here that culturally follow soccer.
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>> very excited if they do host it, yeah. it's a priceless moment. can't put a price on that, to see your team competing in a world cup event like. that >> reporter: levi stadium is still one of 17 sites in the u.s. in contention to host the world cup games in the upcoming us/canada/mexico world cup. 48 hours from now, the rain will be done for at least five days. likely longer. two more rounds of rainfall moving through. getting a little drippy over the past hour. staying in the 50s tonight because of the clouds. and the rain moving in. concord 52. san francisco 52. mountain view 51. pet lum ayou're drying out. novato, a few drips of rain for you. bodega bay, getting the steady rain right now.
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a bit of a break for much of the bay area. more rain moving in after midnight tonight. more snow in the sierra, still above 7,000 feet. travel rough. and we're a a onto a pretty significant snowpack, 57% above average. the rain is helping a lot with our pollen count. we'll begin to go up after tomorrow. less rain on thursday. the number goes higher. no rain on friday. once this low pressure area moves out, a january weather pattern, jet stream, way to our south. potent storm spinning off to our west. when it leaves, the pattern will change. that will not happen untilled this afternoon or thursday evening. wettest part of the morning commute, about 8:00 tomorrow morning. watch out for steady rainfall for a good chunk of the bay area. drier in the afternoon. not much rain, if any, tomorrow afternoon and evening. more significant
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showers coming in thursday afternoon. is it done yet? yes. we will see sunshine increasing and rain decreasing by friday and the weekend. and a ridge of high pressure goating just close enough to nudge that rain line to our north. likely far enough to north to give usa i dry weekend high. highs in the 60s tomorrow. 63 in concord. morning rain, some afternoon clearing. thursday, still showery. weekend looks pretty good though. relatively speaking, very dry, mid to upper 60s near the bay. low 70s inland. and we'll stay dry for the first half of next week. tomorrow morning, soggy morning. weather and traffic starting at 4:30. light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel is still kinda dark. another way to see
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aainbowwe inpoieserhe at the antelope valy
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poppy reference. thousands of visitors are expected to explore the park. traffic, not a problem so far. lake elsinore, the views are great. but crowds are huge. last weekend the area created a $10 shuttle program to alleviate the backup. can you guess the last time the a's swept a three-game bay bridge series?
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pablo sandoval will be in san diego on thursday for opening day. a's starter, aaron brooks, will be the team's fifth
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starter. must have been churro night. the finale of the bay bridge series. mark hannah, mvp du jour. samardzija allowed 4 runs in three and two 30s. pablo, tying run's on base. came up empty. the game was called after six innings because of rain. the a's won 4-2. they sweep the bay bridge series for the first time since 1989. no earthquake jokes. >> according to reports, kyle smith is finalizing the deal to be the new coach at washington state. smith has been offered the job but he had not yet accepted. if he does head to
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pullman, have the support of klay thompson. >> the program has turned around. usf was really good this year. >> i got the diva on the top five. high school lacrosse. how many mind the back passes did they have on this play? four in a round. and a behind the back goal. oracle. a's matt chapman, looks like he's ready for another gold glove. this is an exhibition game, right? the guy is rock-solid. lance stephenson crosses up, stevenson knocked down the jump shot, sending the bench into a frenzy.
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the lakers actually won a game. best playd woo tonight from this fan in cleveland. made all seven of his shots in just 30 seconds. they lost to boston 116-106. really makes you wonder, if lebron stayed in cleveland, and not gone. would have worked out for two
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