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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  March 27, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the beautiful coit tower this morning. it is very early, so wipe the sleep out of your eyes, wake up with us and join us for the show. i am michelle griego. >> get your coffee, too. i am kenny choi. it is 4:30 am. storm watch. it feels like the 30th round this year already. >> it has been a wet wiscol. here is a live look with high def doppler. you can see the rain for the north bay and moderate to heavy rain from st. helena, yountville, napa, santa rosa, right over to bodega bay, as well as a few showers pushing across san rafael this morning down through mill valley, marin and we are looking at showers stretching from concord down
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through walnut creek and santa ramon. it is a wet start to the day. we are tracking the winds for you. temperatures are generally in the 50s. weather headlines and what you can expect, wet and windy this morning. we are looking at southerly winds about 20 to 30 miles per hour. you will notice the strong winds this morning because of a cold front pushing through. it is not as wet this afternoon. we will catch some breaks and isolated thunderstorms are possible because of the instability as we go through the day behind this cold front. tomorrow we have more showers for your thursday. we will time it out out for you, taking you hour by hour through the next 24 to 48 hours and what you can expect coming up and just a little bit. let's check in with gianna franco.
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>> with wet weather, you can expect a busier drive back. you can see a few brake lights heading out of oakland into san francisco. a lot of it is concentrated in the cash lanes but we will keep a close eye on that. we are dealing with slick surfaces this morning, so be careful. we do have some wind advisory spurs some of the bay area bridges. the dumbarton bridge, the venetian bridge, not the san mateo bridge. no wind advisory, traffic is moving pretty nicely working your way westbound. an easy ride coming out of hayward coming out of foster city with no troubles. the richmond-san rafael bridge had overnight roadwork in some spots. it should be wrapping up and the next few minutes. traffic is moving a little bit better. no delays approaching the toll plaza after the san rafael bridge. in oakland, if you're working way past the coliseum, no delays. we have a reports of a trouble spot but it is not affecting the main lanes at 880. it is the northbound on-ramp where a vehicle spun out and hit the center divider. it is not affecting the freeway itself. i am gianna franco at the live news desk. let's go to conquer where firefighters are still on the scene of a house fire that injured at least one woman this morning. this was a grandmother who lived in the home. she has minor burn injuries.
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the fire is a now under control. i want to give you a look at where it happened. this is in a cul-de-sac in concord. it was really close to the concord community park. this video, taken by of the neighbor was called in at about 2:40 am this morning. when firefighters got there, they said they heard loud explosions coming from the property. they are not sure if that is from ammunition inside of the home. it is a one story home. we don't know the extent of the damage right now. we don't know if the people will ever be able to return but you can see that video of a woman being taken away. she will be okay. we will keep monitoring this for you as more information comes in. the investigation will continue. happening today, state and federal officials will test out
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this state's alert warning system. a shake alert will designed to let people know there will be an earthquake seconds before it happens. >> you will receive the word in the same way you receive an amber alert or severe weather warning. >> everybody is on their phone, whether it is email or texting or talking to others, the phone is probably the best option. >> the thousands of people that receive the alert today will be asked to fill out a survey answering questions about how quickly the alert reached them. the coast guard has now suspended its search for a man who disappeared in rough waters off pacifica. search crews scoured rockaway beach looking for tyler
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collins. he was seen 24 hours ago after going for a swim with some friends. santa clara county is continuing to warn the public of tourists from another country may have exposed other people to the measles. according to the county health department, the man visited 20 silicon valley locations between march 16 and march 23. he has since been hospitalized. people who have not had measles before and have not been vaccinated should watch for symptoms if they were at those locations about the same time as the infected tourists. symptoms of the respiratory disease include a high fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and rash. >> it is up to 90% of susceptible people that will get the measles if they are exposed, which is extremely high. >> the infected tourists visited places including the ihop on san jose's north first street, apple's visitor center, stanford's hoover tower, the great mall in milpitas and several restaurants.
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the full list is on our website, it is on the latest news heading. happening today, aviation experts will answer questions on capitol hill about the troubled boeing 737 max 8 jet aircraft. here is a live let look at the capital. there were two crashes. 346 people died in this crash is. wall 37 -- all 737 max 8 jet planes have been grounded. >> i want to know why the faa was doing safety on the cheap, which is neither safe north cheap. the faa has to do better. >> just yesterday, another 737 max aircraft made an emergency landing in orlando, florida.
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the pilots of the southwest airlines flight reported an engine problem. the plane was on its way to storage in southern california. there were no passengers on board. southwest says the problem was not related to issues suspected in the two crashes. san francisco giants ceo larry baer is suspended by major league baseball. the league announced his current leave of absence will be converted to an underpaid suspension because of this fight with his wife caught on camera. baer released a statement that reads in part, i made a serious mistake that i sincerely regret and i am truly sorry for my anxious. by unacceptable behavior fell well short of what must be demanded of every person, particularly someone in my position and role in the community. >> you should maybe do some other things like anger management. >> a statement from the mlb commissioner says during the suspension, there will be no involvement in the operation of the giants. all charges against actor jussie smollett have been dropped. it sparked a heated response
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by the mayor of chicago who maintained the bay area native lied about a hate crime attack. laura podesta has more the closed case. >> reporter: a surprise decision in the case against jussie smollett. a chicago prosecutor dropped all charges against the empire actor. >> i have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. i will not be my mother's son if i was capable of one drop of what i have been accused of. >> reporter: jussie smollett, who is gay, said he was attacked but police say he paid two men to stage the attack. 16 felony counts were dropped in exchange for 16 hours of community service and forfeiting $10,000 bail. >> our priority is violent crimes and the drivers of violence. jussie smollett is neither one of those. >> reporter: chicago mayor rahm emanuel was livid after learning of the division -- decision. >> it was a hoax on people of good values who used that empathy against them. >> reporter: the superintendent
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eddie johnson says the city is owed an apology. >> i heard he wanted his day with tv cameras. people can know the truth that is behind secrecy that he cut a deal. >> reporter: jussie smollett was cut from the final episodes of "empire" after the charges were filed. yesterday he said he would love nothing more to get back to work but it was unclear if he would return to the show. >> fox television produces the show "empire" and released a statement noting that jussie smollett has maintained his innocence and the company was gratified the charges were dismissed. a surprise shakeup in an east bay school district right in the middle of a labor dispute. doubling unified superintendent leslie boozer is out effective
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immediately. the school board says it is a quote, mutually agreed separation without elaborating. the teacher's union is currently in mediation trying to and murder out a new contract but they have authorized a strike of talks break down. senator kamala harris is promising teacher she will give them a big raise if she is elected president, almost $14,000. >> teachers, as compared to other college graduates are receiving 11% less and pay across the country. she says the $300 billion it would cost would be paid for by adjusting the federal and state tax and closing loopholes for the wealthiest americans. it is 4:40 am. a reality competition with a high-stakes twist. contestants try to outrun elite athletes for $1 million. we have
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there was a small earthquake in the bay area
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about 15 minutes ago, magnitude 2.6 about 8 miles northwest of hercules. right now, no reports of any damage or injuries. it is superbloom season in southern california. >> lake elsinore isn't the only place to see beautiful wildfires. >> if you don't come this year, you may be sorry. >> a rainbow of flowers, including poppies, covered the hills of the antelope valley poppy preserved. thousands of visitors are expected to explore the park. more good news so far, traffic is not a problem. that is good news. at lake elsinore, the views are great but the crowds are huge. the area created a $10 shuttle
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program to eliminate the backup. >> one of the reasons it is a superbloom is all the weather in california. not just wet for us in the bay area, but all across the state. the good news is, we are completely out of our drought. that is fantastic news. it has been several years since we have been able to say that. we have more rain we are tracking on high def doppler and more rain to come. let's show you high def doppler. you can see especially for the north bay from bodega bay, windsor, st. helena, it is pouring all over you from yountville over napa, as well. a few showers stretch from san rafael, kentfield over the richmond-san rafael bridge a few showers there, as well as walnut creek down through san ramon right over 680 this morning. here is your salesforce tower camera. you can see the clouds in the sky. it is shaking a bit in the wind. temperatures are definitely on the mild side, mid to upper 50s to even 60 degrees right now in concord. oakland, you are 58, 56 in livermore and san francisco, 58 in san jose and 54 in santa rosa.
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we are watching strong winds. this is ahead of a cold front that is going to push the region. 22 mile-per-hour winds at half moon bay, 25 in san francisco. south-southwesterly winds and in san jose at 21, 21 in oakland, 22 mile-per-hour winds in berkeley in 17 in san rafael. wedding windy conditions this morning. as we go through the afternoon we will catch more showers and we could see an isolated thunderstorm and we will also see some breaks later today. more showers continue with unsettled weather on thursday. it has been a wet start to 2019. we have been 114% of average for rainfall in january, 17
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satellite and radar view, this is that low pressure system that will bring the cold front later this morning and earlier this afternoon. this weather system will stick around on thursday. that is why we still have that unsettled weather. time it out for you, we will take you through the next 24 to 48 hours and what you can expect on futurecast. this is 10 am as the front pushes across the region. as we go through 1 pm, down across the south bay, here we are at 4 pm. you can see a few showers but we also catch a little bit of sunshine throughout the day. as we get the day with showers still thursday in this afternoon. the winds will ease. it is a windy start to the day. they will calm down as we head through the rest of today. our pollen count, because of the rain, we are down. that is very good news. slowly it will creep back up as we are looking at drier, sunnier weather by the end of the week. that means a high pollen count. temperatures are in the lower to mid 60s this afternoon. a wet and windy day with showers on thursday, drier and sunnier beginning friday and into the weekend. let's check in with gianna
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franco. >> be careful out there, especially crossing area bridges this morning. expect windy conditions and slick services with the rainy weather in the forecast. we will be busier on the roadways this morning. we do have a couple of accidents to report south 101 at sezer chavez. it is blocking lanes with debris. be careful going through mag area. there are not a lot of cars yet but there will be later. this is on 98th avenue at
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northbound 880. it is not affecting the lanes of the nimitz freeway but a vehicle hit the center divider wall. there is activity is a clean this accident out of the roadway. hopefully no injuries are reported in that. the altamont pass, westbound 580 is starting to stack up. we see the bulk of the delays coming under tracy this morning) 11th street is where it starts. once you a pass northland it looks much better working your way toward the dublin interchange. your drive time for the altamonts minutes to go from 205 to 680. after you are on 680, you're good to go. the eastshore freeway looks good, highway 4 is off to a good start and 101 out of the south bay is off to a good start. if you want to use mass transit, everything is on time. we had delays with ace yesterday but today they are moving up to speed. windy conditions are affecting some the bay area bridge, be careful on the venetia bridge and the san mateo. only 11 minutes so you are good to go there. the san mateo bridge is also 12 minutes from 880 to 101. do you have what it takes to outrun an elite athlete for $1 million? is a premise of the new high- stakes physical competition series called the million- dollar mild. >> contestants are given a two minute head start as a face-off against world-class athletes whose goal is to defend the million-dollar prize. >> it is produced by lebron
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james and hosted by tim tebow. check out this sneak peek. >> get ready to run! >> i am tim tivo and i am the host of million-dollar mild. it is awesome. >> million-dollar mile is a high paced challenge. >> all that is it steak is $1 million. >> we transformed the city of angels into the most challenging optical course ever designed. >> if you conquer that, the money is yours. i have to tell you, there is one more thing standing between you and the their b is to stop winning thy and fending
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the prize. >> as defenders, we have to chase you after a two-minute lead. >> it is really like your hunting someone down. >> you have to go out and pass these runners and try to beat the obstacles before they are able to move on. >> look at him go. >> we are the experts at this. >> we are elite world-class athletes. we do this for a living. >> it is upper body, lower body and mentally taxing when you have someone in pursue. >> you continue to focus on your race. >> what would winning $1 million due for you and your family? >> my pop always told me to do good and this would help me win. >> i am trying to start a foundation for young woman that are battered who don't know where to go. >> it is a nexus of so many things i love, competition, high-stakes. they are facing an obstacle course unlike any other so they need encourage from me and the fans. >> that looks like a lot of fun. one of the defenders is from here in the bay area and he says the contestants had better be fast. >> where my strengths were, i
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don't get tired in a mild. that is nothing for me. being an athlete, i am mentally getting into this. i will just not get beat, this person will not beat me. i am going as hard as i can trying to catch this person. >> he is the first african- american professional triathlete earning his pro card in 2014. you can watch them tonight at 9 pm right here on kpix 5. the last time the a's swept a bay bridge series and the word is in on pablo sandoval. did he make the team? the answer is coming
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good wednesday morning to you. it is a wet and windy start to the day. i will help you get you through it. you can see in the north bay we have a winds and light rain. it is pouring right over yountville and napa. we are tracking showers even for the south bay over seven trees, alameda is and evergreen. we have more rain on the way as a cold front pushes through. we are tracking the winds. details are coming up in a few minutes. we are keeping a close eye on the freeways helping you to navigate the wet roadways. we have mostly windy conditions as you work your way across the venetia bridge and the dumbarton bridge. wind advisory zahrn effect. 880 to marsh road 13 minutes to go from 880 to 101. i have a look at the bay bridge coming up next. hold onto those panda has. pablo sandoval will be in san diego on thursday for opening day while a's aaron brooks will
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be the team's started. the bay bridge series, mark canha, mvp du jour. he had this long drive home run. he allowed four runs and 3 2/3. pablo tying runs on bass. he came up empty. the game was called after six innings because of rain with the a's winning 4-2. they sweet the bay bridge series for the first time since 1989. no earthquake jokes, please. the giants traded their pitcher to the angels in exchange for a lefty. he was not going to make the rotation in san francisco, but he will be in the angels' starting rotation. according to reports, kyle smith is finalizing a deal to become the new head coach at washington state. last night, usf confirmed to us
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that he had been offered the wsu job but said he had not accepted it. if he does, he will have the full support of cougar along klay thompson. >> every program he has been at he has turned around. usf was really good this year. they beat pac-10 schools. i think it would be a great candidate. >> i got the fever of the top five. high school lacrosse, georgia, how many behind the back passes did centennial high have on this play? how about four in a row with a behind the back finish? >> oracle park, matt chapman looks like he is ready. there is a backhanded diving catch. erik jones helped with this
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play. stevenson knocked down the jumpshot sending the bench into a frenzy. the lakers won again, breaking news. the best play was from this fan in cleveland. he did all 57 shots and just:30. they could've used him. they lost to boston with 15- 106. what if lebron james had just stayed in cleveland? they have been better off and the lakers would have been better off. that is the latest in sports. is see
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. live from e cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. grab your umbrella. we've got another wet day ahead
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of us this morning. mary lee times it all out for you. the first of its kind. we your phone be able to warn you of an earthquake? geologists tested out. an infected visitor makes 20 different stops where he may have exposed thousands to measles. >> i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. we want to head over to mary lee for a look of current conditions because the rain is back. >> we are tracking the rain and wind this morning. we will help you timed out. we are looking at windsor, santa rosa,


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