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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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investigators are on scene. >> a family friend tells us his brother and a female friend were inside the home at the time. he says the four -year-old is the son of the female friend. anthony wilson talk to us on camera. he wanted to make it clear his brother told him it was an accidental shooting. the gun was under a bed and the boy had accidentally shot himself. >> reporter: what did your brother tell me. >> everybody was in the living room the little boy went in the back of the room, crawled under this bed and we heard the gun go off remain hearsay and your brothers brothers telling you that the little boy shot himself? >> yes. it was an accident. is he being detained right now. >> a brother is detained right now. >> reporter: police did not acd little boy. they are still on scene and they plan to be here all evening. four -year-old is at the hospital now in critical condlive tonight in oakland.
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more breaking news right now out of southern california. authorities say a man armed with the sword and a gun has been shot and killed in an officer involved shooting. the suspect walked into a building owned by the church of scientology in los angeles where there was an altercation. when police arrived the suspect reportedly shot both of them. the injuries are not life- threatening. breaking news out of seattle. a live look at the scene in lake city. there are multiple victims in a shooting that happened just after 4:00. right now police have blocked the intersection there. so far one person has been arrested. gilbert police putting out a warning after a homemade explosive was discovered at a busy parking lot. the small device found yesterday near a business complex on santa teresa boulevard north of highway 152.
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live in gilroy with the very latest. >> reporter: the police department try to get the word out just in case more devices show up around town in the coming days. here is what the device look like according to the police it was a 7-inch plastic pipe wrapped in tinfoil. it did have a fuse and look like someone tried to light the fuse the thankfully it did not go off. the device found around 7:30 yesterday morning. had been left in a corner of the parking lot on an office building in santa teresa boulevard. an employee called the police. they in turn bought in the county bomb squad and all of that left people working at the complex feeling uncertain and anxious. they were skittish, real skittish yesterday especially with social media blowing up in regards to bombs and so forth.
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>> reporter: the good news is that device did not go off as we mentioned. there are security cameras in the complex. the video has been turned over to the police department to see if they can identify any suspects. another thing we should mention, they are checking with businesses here to see if any have received threats in recent days. i am ken bastida of the live news does. more follow-up from the college admissions scandal. a silicon valley executive ousted from the venture capital firm he founded. the story appearing in the los angeles times this afternoon. lightspeed venture partners, has parted ways with their founder. he was not indicted in the admissions scandal reportedly told partners he used the services of rick singer, the alleged mastermind in the confirmation. a spokesperson says the effort to get his son in the college
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in 2015 was above board. earlier this month singer, along with dozens of high- profile parents and university officials were charged in the case. many accused of paying thousands to cheat on entrance exams or sending money to have -- they released a statement quote we are determined to separate chris to ensure this matter does not interfere with firm operations. the matter does not involve the firm, personnel or portfolio of companies. again schaepe was not indicted in the investigation. students at a high school in fairfield stayed home today after a races threat prompted administrators to cancel classes. it is the last incident of trouble at vendor in high school. whether or not the cases are connected?
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>> reporter: the school district not say much about the threat because it could compromise the investigation. this comes as the father of a student here comes forward today discussing a toxic environment that has students on edge. band in high school empty, wednesday. collectivity canceled after school leaders were notified the threat of violence toward students there. >> the safety of all students and staff are our up most important. >> that superintendent would not give more details, only saying they were working with fairfield police to find out who was responsible. this senior, who didn't want to be identified, says the mood on campus was tense. it looked look the school is on edge i think they are trying their best to get it under control but it is kind of spiraling. >> reporter: in early march, a swastika and at the scene images were spray-painted on the baseball dugout. the father of one of the players to the social media to shine a light on the incident still, those children of those
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criminals that did this remove from the school's they don't have access to my son. >> reporter: russell says his son was targeted in the graffiti and so lgbt people and disabled. he says the school has found those responsible and they were suspended for five days for vandalism, not a hate crime. he says that is not enough and he joined with the naacp in calling for a resolution. >> our only two demand since the first day we met on march 4th, we wanted the students removed from the school. we wanted information sent out to the community the these individuals inner-city who don't like people for whatever reason. >> reporter: he is the principle principal here abandon high school. the superintendent says these two events, graffiti on the threat today are unrelated. the man who carried out a mass shooting at an east bay university has died in prison.
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according to the department of corrections 50 -year-old one goh died last wednesday in a sacramento county prison. he was serving a life sentence for the 2012 shooting rampage at oikos university in oakland. a receptionist and six students were killed, three others heard. he had dropped out of that nursing school. he later said he was angry because the university did not refund his tuition. he was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. he pleaded no contest to all charges to avoid the death penalty but his cause of death has not been released. it has been a mixed bag today. the crew have the windshield wipers working overtime on 280 in burlingame this morning. >> a live look outside. plenty of blue sky mixed among clouds. what is coming next? >> unfortunately more rainfall coming away but it you love the rainfall, fortunately. the rest of today should be
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mainly dry, isolated shower here or there but the front is now over the sierra where some spots are receiving thunder snow, currently. higher elevations a couple thunderstorms and snow level dropping to 5000 feet. which are cast as the break we get from the rain will not last long. by sunrise tomorrow a few light showers in the north they are more widespread scattered showers tomorrow afternoon with an isolated thunderstorm threat mainly in the north bay. snow will continue through the night tonight in the sierra. snow level dropping to 5000 feet at the passes up to 24 inches of total snow. there is a 77 degrees sunny day in the seven day forecast. find out when that joy is going to happen, coming up. >> looking forward to that. south was cutting its sales outlook due to the grounding of the boeing max jets. senator dianne feinstein weighing in on the deadly crashes involving the planes. she signed on to a letter with
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senate democrats quote safety must be a standard part of our fleet ingrained in every line of aircraft. passenger should never be sold us all a cart at all. mola lenghi live in washington where the of a was questioned about its approval process for these planes. >> reporter: there were two major themes lawmakers posted focused on with transportation officials today. one of those was the approval process you mentioned for the 737 max jets. the second thing was a close relationship between the federal government and boeing. transportation secretary elaine chao laid out her top priority to congressional lawmakers following two deadly crashes involving ♪ [ singing ] 737 max eight jet.
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>> safety is always number 1 of the department transportation. >> reporter: the crashes, earlier this month and back in october, resulted in 346 deaths. the fa made the decision to ground the max 8 fleet only after other nations had already done so. >> based on the information that everyone had at that time, there was no factual basis upon which to ground planes. >> reporter: acting administrator dan ill will testified before a different panel wednesday, about the agency's oversight of boeing. lawmakers question him him about the f.a.a.'s process to certify the safety of the 737 max. >> how do we ensure the f.a.a. can take over safety evaluations when issues are discovered during testing and evaluation phase? >> it is an active, constantly changing dynamic in a
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certification and that is what happened on the certification in the max. the transportation department specifically looking in how the anti- stall safety feature could have prevented the accident. >> a lot more to find out through the investigation. >> reporter: on the same day, boeing unveiled updates to the 737 max, including plans to install a previously optional warning system on the entire fleet at no additional cost to airlines. the f.b.i. has joined a criminal probe into the certification of boeing 's jets. the cause of both recent crashes remains under investigation. a five and a half billion dollars cash infusion for pg&e. where the money is coming from. the girl who pushed her teenage friend off the 60 foot bridge loans are punishment. another massive verdict over monsanto a northbay cancer
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patient just awarded million. >> crab season cut short. ♪ i been feeling it since 1966, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪
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. >> today sentencing for the washington state teen involving a prank that could have turned deadly. the girl pushed another teenager off a 52-foot high bridge. she pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment. she was given a two days sentence also order to serve 38 days with the work. punishment prosecutors believe was fair. >> i can't really speak to my p the court was thoughtful in his sins. >> the six -year-old victim now
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recovering. she broke six ribs and punctured her lungs. she says she's been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks since the incident. cells for spacing a major lawsuit filed by 50 women, many of whom were sex trafficking victims. sue claim salesforce provided a customized database for backpage .com. the women allege they were sexually exploited and traffic to the website. they are seeking unspecified damages. salesforce released a statement saying quote we are deeply committed to the ethical and humane use of our products and take the allegations seriously however we don't, on pending litigation. pg&e getting a lifeline. utility drowning in debt, facing mounting wildfire related lawsuits. today a bankruptcy court approved $5.5 billion of financing. it will enable the utility to keep operating during its bankruptcy case. they argued they needed the funding to continue gas and
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electricity operations. the systems being used as collateral. the file for bankruptcy in january losing a staggering $51 billion debt, facing a pile of liabilities in the wake of the deadly wine country fires and campfire. last month utility acknowledged it will likely be found responsible for the camp fire which killed 86 people. a spokesperson said quote the utility is pleased with the ruling on the funding will provide us with the capital necessary to continue to invest in safety and reliability. and napa county supervisors voted unanimously to protect the area's watershed. the decision followed a full day of debate on both sides. new regulations prohibit development eaon land that leads to a 30 degrees slope. but also lists the amount of trees that can be removed. this is the environment is being damaged by the expansion of vengeance and development but opponents argue the move is
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a land grab. the state's commercial crab season will be cut short. part of an effort to save other sea creatures. the dungeness crab season usually closes at the end of june with the recent court settlement season will now end three months early. whales can get tangled in crab trap lines and other debris. in 17 there were more than 70 reported on the west coast. the center for biological diversity sued the state of california for failing to protect the whales. >> these whales are protected under the endangered species act . >> reporter: the state and the pacific coast federation of fishermen agreed to the settlement calling for the crab season to end april 15th. >> two weeks to get them out. >> that's right fishermen are going to be scrambling. is going to be tough, three months of lost a fishing opportunity. >> reporter: no one wants to hurt the whales, there are some
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rope list traps being tested. if they are dropped in the bottom equipped with co2 cartridges. when triggered they fill floats that bring the trop to the surface. this method is still in the testing phase. meanwhile the season is closing. possible some of these guys will go out of business, lose their boats? >> yes it's possible. entirely possible. >> reporter: next year the season will end april 1st. we started with a lot of rain this morning but it is actually nice outside. >> last week it was like the weather changed every 24 hours. this week is every nine. hang on for wet in the morning, perfectly sunny in the afternoon and gorgeous if you're heading outside this evening. tomorrow pretty dry in the morning but you know what's happening in the afternoon. another round of rainfall before we calm down for the weekend and warm things up as well.
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look outside no sign whatsoever that three of four hours ago it did for. it came down pretty good especially in the east bay. san jose 63 sunshine, san francisco 58 concord 62. all below average again. san rafael 40 time you for the overnight low. sunrise earlier than 7:00 map view 49, san francisco 50. couple drip of rain over the diablo range, cap rollout an isolated shower, but the overall theme is here comes another break between storms. this is the 15th rainy day so far this march. got to be a record, right? not even close. back in march of 2006 it rained 25 of 31 days. we are ten days off in the record. 2019 not even in the top ten. showers on an isolated unders dorm risk tomorrow. high of 58. mixture of sun and
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clouds on friday with a high of 61 degrees. low-pressure off to the west feeding and cold, unstable air. leaves after tomorrow but close to us tomorrow, close enough to see scattered showers with an isolated thunderstorm chance for the northbay. mainly in the northbay tomorrow. morning commute mainly dry for a good chunk of the bay area but by afternoon showers get more widespread friday they are gone, friday afternoon sunshine and the weekend starts off with mainly sunny skies. futurecast calling for not much rainfall quarter in santa rosa, less than a tenth of an inch for concord in san jose. more showers tomorrow isolated thunderstorm chance mainly dry friday but the storm track isn't going far. just to the north. the timing by mother nature again not only dry but warmer with highs in the 70s. highs tomorrow 50s to low 60s. philio 59, concord 62, san jose 64. scattered showers, another rainy day tomorrow.
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friday we dry out weekend looks good 70 near the base sunday afternoon. as of right now we stay mainly dry for the 1st half of next week. lining up today for shake shack. the burger chain's second bay area location now open for business.
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. another wave of powerball fever. people around the bay area scrambling to buy tickets hoping to play tonight's jack pot a whopping $750 million. >> a nice little store picking this up the weather is nice, everything looks good. let's hope for the best. >> all coming together. the powerball before up largest jackpot in u.s. history could grow even larger before tonight's drawing depending on how many tickets are sold. the chances of winning, one more than $292 million. >> still have a chance lyft has up the price range of its ipo. the expected share price now between 70-$72.
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the jump from the previous price 62-$60. that values the company at around 20 billion dollars of the rider giant is going public, friday. one of several tech companies expected on wall street this year, including uber, their chief rival. an in-depth look at this ipo and what to expect going forward. shake shack opened its second bay area location today. >> the story of the day as far as i'm concerned. they started serving burgers, fries, shakes and larkspur. the new location larkspur landing. dozens lined up to be the first to sample food from the new york city-based burger chain. some customers say not just the burgers make the weight worth it . >> fantastic milkshakes. burgers incredible having a good time. >> milkshake. >> this place is awesome i really want to try it. >> also frozen custard called
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concrete. they opened in palo alto last december. >> they did mention the fries they are so good springfield drycleaner building. drivers in santa clara unred. >> the glitch that overcharged hundreds for their traffic tickets. a bay area jury hands down $80 million verdict in the latest case over roundup weed killer hundreds more to come. a bay area city drawing the line over fire safety. the line goes right around people's homes.
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. a four -year-old boy in critical condition after being shot in the head inside and oakland home.
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police say two people have been detained as they investigate what happened.


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