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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  March 28, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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outside from our "salesforce tower" camera looking east. look at the beautiful bay bridge there. it's early. thanks for joining us. it is thursday, march 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. good morning. just in case you forget the date, it's behind us. so that's a good thing. we are loving that. loving the rain. maybe not, depends on who you are but we are going to get a lot more, mary. >> so we are tracking scattered showers through the day. that unsettled weather will continue and as we head through the rest of the week into the weekend, drier sunnier weather ahead. so your weather headlines, if you are heading out the door and you want to know what to expect, we are tracking some showers this morning mainly from the north bay to start off your thursday. scattered showers and some sun breaks this afternoon. but more sun tomorrow and warming up by this weekend. so let's show you hi-def doppler and you can see where the action is. and tracking heavy rain, some strong cells popping up near st. helena, napa, across the
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north bay. we are going to time it all out taking you hour by hour and what you can expect, location that have the best chance to see some showers today. details on that coming up. and now let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. not a ton of accidents so that's the good news off to a good start as far as working your way through the peninsula. everything looks good, 101 both directions and no delays now out of the north bay. southbound 101 out of san rafael, no delays. hot spots this morning are in the east bay. tracy into the altamont pass, we are starting to see some brake lights through there on the westbound side. a little busy right around north flynn, as well. opens up nicely from there as you head towards the dublin interchange. look at our drive times in the green 27 minutes 205 to 680 on westbound 580 know. a lot of delays yet on highway 4, 101 out of south bay also a clear ride. looking okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. our typical pattern this time of the morning. easy ride, 12 minutes from oakland to san francisco.
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live look, the upper deck of the bay bridge, more volume but traffic moving at nice speeds as you head through there. just a heads up if you are on the nimitz this morning, through oakland, there are areas of construction, various lane closures in effect until about 5 a.m. so plan for that. but we are seeing a lot of green, no problems. the nimitz traffic moving well in both directions. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. we are watching a developing situation in europe. bad news for air travelers there. take a look at the website right now of wow airlines which has just ceased operations! you can see it says that, well, if you can see that there on the yellow bar on the top of your screen, you still have the chance to book tickets apparently. but it's saying that no planes are flying right now. wow airlines not really giving an explanation about this. but we do know that the airline was in talks with investors recently and, well, from this development, it looks like
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those talks did not go so well. so the thousands of people that are stranded, the airline telling them to either book with other airlines and/or try to get their money back from their credit card companies. wow airlines has hubs in new york, boston and washington, dc in the u.s. in addition to several in europe. back to you. >> thank you. developing news right now. a 4-year-old boy hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot in the head. this happened yesterday afternoon at a home on ritchie street in east oakland. friends and relatives gathered outside children's hospital last night saying that the boy survived surgery but is still unconscious and that the shooting was an accident. anthony wilson's brother lives in the home where the boy had been visiting. >> everybody was there. the boy crawled on his bed and heard the gun go off. >> wilson said that his brother and woman were taken into custody for questioning. so far, police are not saying much about this investigation. new this morning, three
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people are now under arrest as police ramp up patrols at car burglary hot spots in san mateo county. san mateo police responded to reports of burglaries near the bell mateo bowl last night at 8 p.m. the vehicle was stopped at the marina plaza shopping center. the suspects led them on a chase into alameda county. officers arrested them after police say they tried to run away. new video showing a man kicking an 85-year-old during a pro-life demonstration outside a planned parenthood location in san francisco. the "chronicle" reporting that this happened last thursday afternoon on valencia street in the mission district. you can see the suspect approaching him and trying to steal the victim's banner. if you have any information on this attack, san francisco police want to hear from you. developing this morning, in seattle, a suspect is in custody after a deadly shooting and carjacking rampage. police say the suspect first shot and injured a woman while trying to carjack her vehicle.
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then he opened fire on a bus and injured that driver. police say the suspect then carjacked a prius and killed its driver then he killed another man after crashing into his car when trying to get away from police. the woman and bus driver who were shot are in the hospital. authorities say they will survive. the men convicted in a fatal car attack during a virginia rally won't face the death penalty. but as john lawrence reports, he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. reporter: james alex fields pleaded guilty to 29 federal hate crimes wednesday. >> we had a pretty detailed statement of facts that included specific details about this defendant's background, his affection for hitler, nazi germany, anti-semitic, um, and racial views. >> reporter: fields drove his dodge challenge near a crowd of protestors during a rally in
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charlottesville nearly two years ago. more than two dozen protestors were injured. a 32-year-old paralegal died from injuries suffered in what was called a hate-inspired attack. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. you just magnified her. >> reporter: in december, a virginia jury convicted the 21- year-old fields on numerous charges including first-degree murder. because of his guilty plea, fields will not face the death penalty. >> life in prison then or the potential life in prisonment was an acceptable result. >> reporter: attorney general william barr issued a statement saying that following this month's mass murder in new zealand, the u.s. can have zero tolerance for violence on the basis of race, religion or association with people of other races and religions. i'm john lawrence reporting. >> and fbi director christopher wray also commented saying that the country will continue to aggressively investigate hate crimes, domestic terrorism and
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civil rights violations. happening today on capitol hill, a bipartisan group of lawmakers will introduce legislation to make puerto rico the 51st state. that's according to cbs news sources. if enacted it would automatically trigger puerto rico's commission to the union without a referendum on its territorial status. over the past few years, puerto ricans have voted twice for statehood in symbolic u.p.s. the legislation comes after president trump expressed opposition to increasing disaster aid for puerto rico which continues to recover from hurricane maria. the push to make puerto rico a state will almost certainly be opposed by the president and the republican-controlled senate. 4:37. boeing is moving forward with fixes to its airplanes but as reporter laura podesta shows us at a hearing with the faa and other transportation ficials, lawmakers on capitol hill questioned the cozy relationship airlines have with regulators. reporter: >> safety is at the core of everything we do.
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>> reporter: boeing says it has complete confidence in its "737 max" airplanes. >> we are working with customers and regulators around the world to restore faith in our industry. >> reporter: two deadly crashes in the past six months grounded the planes worldwide. an anti-stall system is suspected of playing a role in both crashes. yesterday hundreds of people met at boeing near seattle to learn about software changes and a new training program for pilots. >> to get their input and toker their trust. >> are they too cozy? >> reporter: in washington, dc, lawmakers expressed deep concern over the relationship between the airline industry and government regulators. >> overconfidence breeds complacency. >> the faa decided to do safety on the cheap which is neither cheap nor safe. >> reporter: acting faa administrator defended the practice of relying on manufacturers like boeing to
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help certified their own planes. >> we make sure that they are experts in the field, that they have the appropriate understanding of faa regulations and manuals, they have professional integrity is checked, everything. >> reporter: but transportation officials acknowledged their credibility needs to be restored. >> confidence in faa as a gold standard for aviation safety has been shaken. >> reporter: the faa promised not to rush the "737 max" back into service. laura podesta, cbs news. >> he was light on details when pressed by senators about what changes it will make in the certification process. he said it will cost the faa $1.8 billion and require 10, 000 additional employees. this morning, a federal jury awarded a santa rosa man $80 million. he says roundup weed killer gave him cancer. 70-year-old edwin hardiman says he sprayed roundup on his two properties for 26 years.
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in 2015, he was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. the jury ruled the weed killer played a big part in hardiman's illness. >> the science tells us and it has been telling monsanto for the last 40 years that roundup can cause cancer. when you look at the internal documents from monsanto, it's also clear that they knew that, as well. and they chose not to tell the american public. >> in a statement, monsanto's parent company says, we have great sympathy for mr. hardiman and his family. bayier stands behind these products and will vigorously defend them. some major tech companies in silicon valley have announced that their intent to lay off some workers. more than 1,000 will be affected. the cutbacks are expected to happen between now and memorial day. according to the employment development department s.a.p. is laying off 446 employees, oracle 352 and paypal is cutting 183 jobs.
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two others license sent notices. >> the tech sector is maybe the most volatile sector. remember, product life cycles come and go. >> russell hancock of joint ventures silicon valley says the layoffs are not a sign of an economic downturn. he says that because of the valley's strong economy, the laid off workers have a good chance of finding work elsewhere. time check, 4:41. straight ahead this morning, they may not have snagged the jackpot but there are some big winners in the bay area this morning. we have your winning powerball numbers. >> and let's peek outside at the embarcadero. you can also see oracle park in the distance. opening day is next week. we
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we have a winner. a person in wisconsin won the powerball jackpot. but there is some good news in the bay area this morning. two tickets matched five of the six numbers. one was bought at gateway food
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and liquor on north bascom avenue in san jose. we talked to store clerks there who are celebrating the big win. >> it's a very lucky store. >> yeah, very, very lucky. >> we are happy. boss is very happy, too. he just said congratulations to us and to the guy who win it on this store. >> the other ticket with five of six numbers was sold in san mateo. the jackpot, $768 million. the third largest.. >> mary has relatives in wisconsin! >> i do. >> hey, remember me? >> i'm coming home! quitting my job! >> a cousin! ha ha! so the weather today, we are going to still see some showers. >> and some sun breaks.
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kind of a mixed bag here looking at scattered showers for today also some sun breaks, could see an isolated thunderstorm, as well. it is a possibility because of the trough of low pressure that we're tracking. then sunshine, warmer weather, by the end of the week. you can see a beautiful view. this is the "salesforce tower" camera, the skyline, cloudy skies this morning. so we are tracking that -- some showers for you on hi-def doppler. and you can see stretching from the north bay, some heavy rain, just to the west, just to the east of yountville as well as down through napa and american canyon, vallejo, some heavy rain, also a few showers right over san francisco, very light showers as well as pushing over the bay. you can see san leandro and then across the peninsula redwood city and half moon bay. here's a live look from our "salesforce tower" camera. and you can see the cloudy
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skies our bay bridge there, temperatures running in the 40s and in the 50s. 49 in concord. oakland 52. livermore 44. san francisco 53. san jose 46. santa rosa coming in at 50. we are looking at scattered showers, some sun breaks this afternoon, slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm a possibility. as we look ahead to tomorrow, mostly to partly sunny skies and warming up by this weekend into the 70s inland. so here's our low pressure system. it's bringing that unstable air for us for one more day today and that's why we do have showers in the forecast. let's time it out for you on futurecast. here we are at noon. and you can see some showers popping up again, some sun breaks, as well. here we are at 4 p.m. you can see some spotty showers. so we are going to keep that chance of showers in the forecast. and here we are for tomorrow morning. slight chance of a shower but we are going to begin to see some sunshine as we go through the afternoon, starting for
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friday in the afternoon and that continues through the weekend. now, as we look ahead, so for the weekend it's going to be dry and sunny and warm. and our next chance for showers will be monday night into next tuesday with our next storm system. but in the meantime, because of the rain, we are looking at temperatures at least for the pollen count because of this will be lower then it's going to increase and go sky high through the weekend with that pollen count because of the dryer sunny weather. daytime highs in the upper 50s for san francisco, low 60s in oakland, also for fremont. mid-60s for san jose. upper 50s for santa rosa as well as for napa and vallejo. so scattered showers sun breaks, slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. we dry out beginning on friday with mostly sunny and partly sunny skies. the weekend 70s inland saturday and sunday, even 70 degrees for the bay on sunday. then our next chance for rain will be next tuesday.
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now let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic this morning. that's a good-looking weekend. checking the roads now, so far not too bad this morning. not a lot of accidents to report. so if you are out the door early, you should be in good shape for most of our freeways. our busiest spots continue to be through the altamont pass. so just heads up there. and as you work your way towards 37 and the eastshore freeway word of a trouble spot here eastbound right at that 37 connector. doesn't look like it's causing problems but just a heads up, hopefully it will clear quickly due to an abandoned vehicle in the area so not a lot of troubles through there. in fact, if you are traveling out of the east bay over towards marin county only a 22- minute drive time to go from 80 out of vallejo over to novato along 101. that is an easy commute. same for the richmond/san rafael bridge. no delays. taking a look at traffic through the altamont pass, westbound 580, starting to get a little busier now. we are seeing a little more red and yellow on our maps here. so speeds dipping down a little
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bit so slow coming out of tracy. you're going to see brake lights all the way to north flynn but the good news, it really opens up just past there with no delays connecting onto 680 the dublin interchange. live look at the golden gate bridge. just a heads up if you are working your way southbound you might see lane closures there doing work on the northbound side. rest of our bay area bridges status quo. we are seeing a backup in the cash lanes, typical this time of the morning at the bay bridge. but overall your drive time still about 12 minutes to go out of oakland into san francisco. no delays on the san mateo bridge and no wind advisories right now so that's good news. easy ride looks like about 14 minutes between 880 and 101. so if you are commuting out of hayward to foster city, you should be fine. north 101 clear from there all the way towards sfo. in fact, only 37 minutes to go north 101 from hellyer to sfo. westbound highway 4 in the green no delays there through antioch. and in pittsburg. and the eastshore freeway drive
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highway 4 to the maze only 15 minutes right now. so definitely bearable. a movie about a legendary funny lady is in the works and the angry birds are flocking back to theaters this summer. chris martinez has your "eye on entertainment." >> whoo! >> reporter: the angry birds are returning to roost. producers promise the birds and pigs are going to the next level when a new level targets bird and pig island. the movie hits theaters in august. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: sting's tony nominated last ship is sailing into los angeles. the british performer composer playwright says he never planned on being in the play as he was writing and composing the songs for it. >> if your name is headlined, more people will come. i will try it. >> reporter: the last ship is the semi autobiographical story about a prodigal son who
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returns to a shipbuilding town in northern england to reclaim the girl he abandoned. it launches a limited run in l.a. in january. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and carol burnett's life story of a working mother who became one of tv's most successful comediennes is coming to the movies. carey and me will be told through the eyes of her late daughter carey hamilton to died of a drug overdose at the age of 38. burnett is one of cbs's biggest stars. her variety show ran on the network for more than a decade. that's your "eye on entertainment." chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. coming up in sports, some last-minute moves before opening day today for the giants and the a's and counting down to the play-offs. the warriors trying to dust off the regular season as the top seed in the west swings through memphis last night. it's all coming up. "pillowcase rapist" >> let's take another lo
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good morning. we are tracking scattered showers on hi-def doppler to start off your thursday. you can see some heavy downpours right around american canyon as well as right over vallejo. a few showers near berkeley, also right over downtown san francisco. daly city and across the east bay in san leandro. and across parts of the peninsula, as well. redwood city. palo alto. a few showers this morning. we'll talk about what you can expect as we head through the day. we are not done just yet with our wet weather. details on futurecast coming up. now here's andrea nakano with sports. reporter: the warriors are in the final stretch of the regular season with nine games to go including last night. the "dubs" are trying to break
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the tie with the denver nuggets and be the top seed in the west. in memphis last night where johnny manziel is playing minor league football but he plays second if i had toll mike conley. his three in the second quarter gives the grizzlies the league making him the all-time leading scorer. the "dubs" on a five-point lead before the half but draymond plays a little qb himself. he didn't dribble out the clock. instead, it's a touchdown pass to kevin durant for a quick hoop. but durant didn't need a great pass to score. he takes 13 shots, makes 12 of them, and only shoots one three on the night. it's the most efficient shooting night of his career. he and steph curry both scored 28 points. and the warriors win it 118- 103. >> i felt like he could have been 24 for 25 if he wanted but he was distributing the ball and trying to get everybody involved and just he was brilliant. >> denver did not play last night which means the warriors take a half game lead in the
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western conference. the two teams play next tuesday which could decide who gets the one seed in the play-offs. >> in the college ranks, usf promoted assistant coach todd golden to replace kyle smith who took the washington state job. golden knows the bay area well. he was a guard for saint mary's from 2004 to 2008 and led them to a pair of ncaa tournaments. opening day for baseball is today and you won't have to throw away that panda hat just yet. bruce bochy confirms pablo sandoval will make the final 25- man roster when the giants open in san diego today. the a's open the season at home against the angels and they will have a new bat on their roster. they acquired slugger kendrys morales from the blue jays last night. he is 35 and has 101 home runs in the last four seasons. typicallymatt olson is out. the warriors' jordan bell was suspended last night in memphis and we are learning
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why. multiple outlets are reporting that bell made hotel charges to assistant coach mike brown's account, the amount is unclear as well as what was charged. but bell lost a game check worth more than $9,000. and those games for the giants and a's today, they both start just a little bit after 1:00. andrea nakano for kpix 5 sports. we're live at the coliseum in oakland this morning for more on what fans can expect as the a's welcome their home opener. >> another lawsuit against monsanto goes to trial today. opening statements in just a few hours. i'll tell you what this trial is all about.
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scattered showers drenching parts of the bay area this morning. but we are tracking a big shift
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this weekend. >> plus, monsanto heads back to court today hours after another costly verdict. this morning a bay area couple says that roundup caused their cancer. >> and baseball is back in oakland today. this morning, we are live ahead of the a's home opener. >> it is thursday, march 28th. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we want to head right over to mary lee who is tracking our conditions. we have seen showers, had storm watch. >> again. >> you're seeing some sunshine we are going to see today. >> we are going to see a little bit of sunshine today and a lot for tomorrow and the weekend. so we have that to look forward to as high pressure builds in eventually. but for today, with that trough of low pressure, we still have unsettled weather. so scattered showers, also some sun breaks, could see an isolated thunderstorm for today. but we are going to see more sun tomorrow and really warming up by the weekend. let's check hi-def doppler. and you can see that heavier rain this morning right


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