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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 28, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this weekend. >> plus, monsanto heads back to court today hours after another costly verdict. this morning a bay area couple says that roundup caused their cancer. >> and baseball is back in oakland today. this morning, we are live ahead of the a's home opener. >> it is thursday, march 28th. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we want to head right over to mary lee who is tracking our conditions. we have seen showers, had storm watch. >> again. >> you're seeing some sunshine we are going to see today. >> we are going to see a little bit of sunshine today and a lot for tomorrow and the weekend. so we have that to look forward to as high pressure builds in eventually. but for today, with that trough of low pressure, we still have unsettled weather. so scattered showers, also some sun breaks, could see an isolated thunderstorm for today. but we are going to see more sun tomorrow and really warming up by the weekend. let's check hi-def doppler. and you can see that heavier rain this morning right around
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american canyon and for vallejo, getting a drenching this morning. we'll have more coming up. you might have slick roads this morning. so careful as you head out the door. so far, we have a handful of accidents but overall, it's an easy ride. some of them are in a non- commute direction. we'll zoom in and talk about the trouble spot as you come across the upper eastshore freeway. westbound 80 near highway 12 in the commute direction. a couple of cars involved in this one is over to the right shoulder. but again, we're not seeing any delays as of yet. traffic quiet coming out of fairfield. it's still very early though.
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that could change we'll keep a close eye on that. eastbound 37, that connector to eastbound 80 though, there is a trouble spot in the center divide. tow crews are on scene. they may need some cables. a vehicle may have gone down the embankment there. that could take some time to clear. it will affect your drive if you are commuting to 37. richmond/san rafael bridge, looking good. not bad at all of. easy ride as you work your way out of the east bay into marin county. no delays yet at the toll plaza. pretty quiet through there. also quiet at the bay bridge if you are a fastrak user, moving along nicely. an easy ride into san francisco. no delays. we have a trouble spot south 680 at washington. the off-ramp there is what's affected. 680 looks good in both directions. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. we have new information on a tanker ship that's been
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hijacked by migrants in the mediterranean. the government of malta has seized control of that vessel. the migrants were trying to go to malta and the government stopped it from entering malta's territorial waters by a special operations unit. basically, the migrants had been rescued off of the coast of libya and apparently one point had been told that they were going to be taken back to libya where they claim they had been treated poorly by libya's government. we are talking about work camps and other conditions. these migrants said we're not going back to libya. and they allegedly hijacked that ship. so this is all being processed right now in malta. back to you. 5:03. happening today a third trial over roundup gets under way in oakland. kpix 5's emily turner on the couple who blame the pesticide for causing their cancer. reporter: this most recent round is set to start off here in the next couple of hours.
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of course, monsanto is going to be the defendant here. the livermore couple who is suing is in their 70s and both of them suffer from non- hodgkin's lymphoma. they claim it's the result of using the weed killer on their garden for years. they are going to trial ahead of hundreds of other cases against monsanto thanks to a california law that allows them priority because of their declining health. the most recent case against the company was heard due to that same law. now, monsanto lost that case. >> the science tells us and it has been telling monsanto for the last 40 years that roundup can cause cancer. when you look at the internal documents for monsanto, it's also clear that they knew that, as well. and they chose not to tell the american public. >> reporter: they appealed the verdict on that case but it is expected to have a tougher time with this trial thanks to a different format. it will be the third major case against the company in the bay area. now, opening statements will
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begin at 9 a.m. at the alameda county courthouse. >> emily, thank you. developing news now out of alameda county. a 4-year-old boy is hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot in the head yesterday afternoon at a home on ritchie street in east oakland. friends and family gathered outside children's hospital last night. they said the boy survived surgery but is still unconscious and that the shooting was an accident. we are told two family members were taken into custody for questioning. so far police are not saying much about the investigation. new this morning, three suspected car burglars are under arrest as police ramp up patrols at recent hot spots in san mateo county. police responded to reports of car burglaries near the bell mateo bowl at around 8:00 last night. officers closed in on the suspect vehicle a few blocks away at the marina plaza shopping center. they say they chased them into alameda county and the suspects were arrested after they tried to flee. new video shows a man
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kicking an 85-year-old during a pro-life demonstration outside a planned parenthood location in san francisco. the "chronicle" reports this happened last thursday afternoon on valencia street in the mission district. you can see the suspect approach him and then try to steal the victim's banner. if you have any information on this attack, police want to hear from you. developing news this morning, in seattle a suspect is in custody after a deadly shooting and carjacking rampage. police say that the suspect first shot and injured a woman while trying to carjack her vehicle. then opened fire on a bus and injured that driver. police say that the suspect then carjacked a different car, killed its driver, then crashed that car and killed another driver. the woman and bus driver who were shot are expected to survive. a self avowed white supremacist could face life in prison in connection with the attack at a rally in virginia. yesterday, james alex fields, jr., admitted he intentionally plowed his car into a crowd of
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anti-racism protesters in charlottesville. the incident killed a woman and injured dozens of other people in august of 2017. under a plea agreement, prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against fields. a wisconsin man pleaded guilty to kidnapping 13-year- old jayme closs and killing her parents. jake patterson probably faces life in prison. he held her for three months until she escaped in january. new this morning, a cbs news poll found 77% of americans want the full mueller report released publicly. a justice department summary of the report said mueller found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. mueller drew no conclusion on obstruction. 69% of republicans said they were pleased with the finding. 50% of democrats said they were disappointed. happening today, a bipartisan group of lawmakers will introduce legislation to
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make puerto rico the 51st state. it would automatically trigger its admission to the union if it pass without a referendum on its territorial status. for years puerto ricans have voted twice for statehood in symbolic referendums. the department of education is starting a preliminary investigation into universities named in admissions scandals. according to cnn, stanford is among eight universities that have received letters informing them of the probe and requesting written answers to questions. nationwide, prosecutors have charged 50 people including wealthy parents with various schemes to get their kids into high-profile schools. this morning, there is a new dispute in the ongoing sturm battle between the city of santa clara and the 49ers. the santa clara stadium authority over sees levi's stadium. it says the team gave it a $640,000 bill for flooring maintenance. the city says it did not approve it beforehand. city officials issued a breach of contract letter to 49ers
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management because of that bill. the city owns the stadium and leases it to the team. happening today major league baseball season gets into full swing. >> kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live from the oakland coliseum where the a's will have their home open they are afternoon. so anything different for fans this year, jackie? reporter: yeah. there's a lot actually. so with any good sporting event it's usually paired with really good food. they are stepping up and going beyond the peanuts and crackerjacks. those classics are still good but they are emphasizing fresh local food. we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of what they are offering last week for this season for the fans. it's absolutely delicious. starting with fully loaded helmet nachos, there's a launch test kitchen that will feature rotating cuisine from various local chefs. they are kicking off that new program with oakland's own brown sugar kitchen. the market will also be new and feature technology that makes it faster and easier to get
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what you need to get back to the game. >> as we evaluate our fan experience yearly, we are doing everything we can to improve it from the new food and person partnership to all the new premium offerings and amenities. >> reporter: premium features likely they are recliners right in the stands. yeah. it's like your living room. but better because you'll be just as comfortable while watching the game live. they look really fun. they were still putting the finishing touches on last friday, but they are all ready to go. starting in the next half-hour i'll be talking to someone from the a's organization who will tell me more about the fan experience this year. first pitch at 10:7 against the angels. back to you. >> thank you. we should say giants home opener next week. >> i want the helmet nachos. >> those are good, crackerjacks, hot dogs, everything at the ballpark is good. >> yum! time now 5:10.
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>> it's unpopular but could ease traffic. more cities nationwide considering congestion pricing. could san francisco be next? >> we still have showers out there tracking that on hi-def doppler. unsettled weather. we'll time out for you the rest of our showers as we go through the day on futurecast and when we'll see warmer sunnier weather ahead. details coming up. >> traffic loading up at the bay bridge plus a look at conditions in the south bay. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit
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let's start with the bad news. only one person won the powerball jackpot last night. and that person is in wisconsin. but here's the good news. two bay area tickets match five of the six numbers. one was bought at gateway food and liquor on north bascom avenue in san jose. the other ticket was sold in san mateo at centerwood liquors on laurie meadow drive. those winners get a million dollars. new york city is poised to become the first city in the country with congestion pricing. the question this morning, is san francisco next? >> we already have a form of congestion pricing to cross the
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bay bridge during rush hour. it's a higher toll. that's congestion pricing. >> senator scott weiner is hoping to convince drivers of the benefits of congestion pricing. he is proposing a pilot program for cities that chose to implement it. he said the funds generated would go to public transit projects. >> i don't love it. i don't love the taxing. i feel like the government should probably be figuring out better ways to do that. >> it's going to more public transit, i think having more public transit as opposed to cars in the city is a much better thing. >> the senator admits the hard part will be getting more drivers on board, especially drivers in the bay area because it's always congested. >> throughout the whole day. you could report traffic 24 hours a day because of constant stop and go. right now slow and go out of the altamont pass. also the commute towards the bay bridge, and the south bay, a little slow on 101 but overall, your drive times north of the morgan hill area where
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we're seeing those brake lights are actually looking okay. hellyer through san jose, north of there approaching 880, traffic is quiet through here but again south of there, that northbound 101 is definitely starting to load up right around that gilroy into morgan hill commute. right around tennant is a hot spot. at sfo good to go, only 37 minutes from san jose over towards sfo. everything is in the green. good start on 280 as well in both directions, no delays on 380. westbound 80 near 12, we have activity over to the right shoulder. they did run a traffic break. but seeing a lot of green. we are seeing speeds at 67 miles per hour. so not a big problem here. again, just keeping an eye on it as the morning commute progresses. it is in the commute direction. eastbound 37 connector to eastbound 80, still some activity there in the center divide. so heads up if you plan on taking that this morning. we have not officially turned on the metering lights. but you can see in our live shot here, traffic is really starting to back up at the bay
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bridge. you're backed up at least to that 880 overpass there. but not quite to the maze so if you are are taking 580 you're clear. eastshore freeway commute looks good, as well. a little bit of sheen on the freeways so mary said we are dealing with some rain on and off today so you might have seen something through the bay bridge but here's a look at conditions off the skyway into san francisco. if you are exiting on fremont, there is emergency roadwork in that area but doesn't look like it's backing anything up on the freeway there. pretty quiet there into san francisco. still some activity south 680 at washington on the off-ramp. it's not affecting the main lines of 680 but there's some stuff there as you exit on the center divide. all right, more on that rain. here's mary. that's right, gianna. we're tracking scattered showers this morning. so not done just yet with our wet weather and that unsettled weather will continue throughout the day today with scattered showers. we had a shower just moved right over diamond heights. the edge of noe valley. this is where this view comes from. a beautiful look with our live
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camera there. and you can see the skyline, the "salesforce tower" camera, the bay bridge, cloudy skies, and we are tracking the wet weather. so here's a wet "salesforce tower" camera. the raindrops on our live cam there. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 50 for new concord. oakland 51. livermore 43. san francisco 53. san jose 47. santa rosa 49. so let's check hi-def doppler. scattered activity across our region. showers over the embarcadero and san francisco as well as over the bay bridge into emeryville across the east bay. a few showers across the peninsula from redwood city, woodside down to palo alto. scattered showers throughout today with sun breaks. with this instability, we could
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see an isolated thunderstorm. so that is a possibility. tomorrow morning sunshine. so mostly to partly sunny friday and a big warmup in store for us for the weekend. so here's the satellite and radar view. this is the storm system, this trough of low pressure. scattered showers and sun breaks and that's the case through the rest of the afternoon stopping the clock at 4 p.m. we'll see plenty of sunshine for the weekend. because of the wet weather we have been having, the pollen count is down for today. but it is going up through friday especially for saturday and sunday. allergy sufferers, the pollen count will be high for the weekend.
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sierra snow 157% of average. tahoe report: 50s and 60s today. by the way, we have the a's home opener. and taking on the angels for 1:05 for the first pitch, a few showers and sun breaks, 62 for that first pitch there. go, a's. here's that seven-day forecast. 70s by the weekend. back to you. >> awesome, thank you. 5:20. straight ahead this morning, it
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is an hiv treatment that cost taxpayers millions to make. so why is it one pharmaceutical giant cashing in billions? >> and let's take a peek outside. you are looking live a
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good morning. out the door, slick surfaces so careful on the roads. getting reports of a new trouble spot along 680. we'll have more coming up. gianna, thank you. in today's healthwatch, the fda is proposing a new rule that would require facilities to notify women about their breast density and how it can affect the accuracy of their mammograms. patients would also be told to talk with their doctors about increased cancer risk. dense breasts can be more difficult to interpret on mammograms and are considered a risk factor for breast cancer. and researchers are drawing a connection between a woman's reproductive years and brain health. a new study in the journal "neurology" shows women who have fewer reproductive years meaning they start their menstrual cycle later go through early menopause or have
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a hysterectomy may have a higher risk of developing dementia. a drug used to prevent h.i.v. infection is adding fuel to the controversy over pharmaceutical company making profits off medicine occasions. in this case it's a pill called truvada. it's a struggle between the centers for disease control and gilead sciences. the government patented the drug in 2015. the company made $3 billion off it last year alone. the list price is $1,600 to $2,000 a month. that cost is as low as $6 in some other countries. >> we tend to ask the companies to please commercialize these products. and then insist on very few conditions leading to the situation we have today where we're being price gouged and people are not getting access to the treatment that they need. >> in a statement to kpix 5, gilead scientists said that we believe the patents granted to the department of health and human services for truvada for
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prep are not valid. well, if you are headed to the gas pump anytime soon, you might need a few extra bucks. i'll tell you why coming up just after this. >> the white house threatening a federal investigation into the case against jussie smollett. >> and the ncaa tournament tournament picks up once again tonight with the first matchups in the sweet 16 and you can see it all right here on kpix 5. at 4:00 it's florida state taking on top-seeded gonzaga in a rematch from last year. immediately after, it's texas tech facing michigan for a spot
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a much-needed break from
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the rain ahead. mary is tracking the timing. >> sticker shock at bay area gas stations. why you're suddenly paying so much more to fill up. >> and hundreds of bay area tech workers could soon be out of a job. the companies planning layoffs this morning. it's thursday, march 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. good morning. thanks for starting your morning off with us. it's 5:30 right now. we are on storm watch yet again. i think i have lost count. >> we have one more day of wet weather today and we have the sunshine, beautiful weather, just in time for our weekend so it's timed just right. we are tracking showers and a wet treasure island camera. you can see the raindrops on our live cam. hi-def doppler with a wet start to the day. it's pouring over my hometown in fairfield, vacaville, you can see that. showers over san francisco, across the bay bridge, into the east bay, berkeley, alameda, pushing into oakland and across
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the peninsula and the south bay from fremont, redwood city, down through palo alto. showers and sun breaks this afternoon. there's a possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms as we go through the day but again, catching some sun to a mixed bag as we head through our afternoon. more sun for tomorrow and a big warmup in store for us for the weekend. we'll time it out on futurecast taking you hour by hour and what you can expect walking you through the next 24 to 48 hours coming up. let's check in with gianna for traffic. >> an accident just reported and i just checked in, they may have cleared it quickly. so good news there. it was northbound 680 non- commute direction to pleasant hill. looks like there's no delays.
5:32 am
south 680 into walnut creek no problems. to the south bay right now, we are seeing some areas of wet weather. 101 through morgan hill we are seeing brake lights in the area so sluggish through there but north of there 101 looks good into san jose. let's check 680 at the dublin interchange, speeds nice true this portion. just east there was you will find all those brake lights. daily trek out of tracy into the altamont pass. so you are slow through there. your drive times now right around 37 minutes from 205 to 680. still good on the freeway. hercules to the bay bridge, if you want to skip the roads,
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maybe avoid some of the wet weather, today everything is on time for mass transit. muni and a's with no delays. gas prices in california are spiking. a gallon will cost you $1 more than the national average. emily turner has now. it seems like we're always pay more than the national average. >> it's par for the course when it comes to this. we are paying 40 cents more than last month. not only is california higher than the national average, even higher in the bay area. in san francisco, the average price for a gallon is $3.68. it's $3.57 in $3.56 in oakland. compared to the national average of $2.67. sounds good. well, the spike is a result of
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the bat air that you might have seen over the weekend. a malfunction at the beginning of the month caused thick gray smoke to be pumped out of the refinery for more than a week and the refinery was shut down as a result causing prices to jump. i think my next car will be electric. >> there were issues with other refineries in california. because of the strict standards on gasoline we can't get it from anywhere. when there are issues at our refineries, there's a real cause and effect that is felt more here than in other states. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. looking at the white house where there are calls for an investigation into the now off criminal case against actor jussie smollett. the president tweeted out this morning, fbi and doj to review
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the outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago. it is an embarrassment to our nation. of course, smollett was a rising star on the show "empire" when he is accused of faking his own hate crime and, um, then the prosecutor said that he had done this, they accused him of trying to pay off a couple of brothers to do that, then this week, the charges were dropped but authorities in chicago indicate that they still think he did it. it's unclear, though, at this point, what kind of authority the federal government might have over this local criminal case. back to you. new this morning, a san francisco judge is siding with inmates who claim they are not getting enough sleep. the judge plans to issue a preliminary injunction next month requiring alameda county sheriffs to reduce sleep deprivation of female inmates. two santa rita jail inmates filed a civil rights lawsuit claiming their health is at risk. the women said they are only
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allowed five hours of sleep or less. the injunction will address the required 4 a.m. breakfast and pill call which happens at 2:30 a.m. boeing says it is moving forward with fixes to its "737 max" airplanes. they have been grounded in the wake of two deadly crashes. boeing is demonstrating its software changes for the grounded "737 max" fleet. the company announced that it will require additional training on the 737 max before pilots will be allowed to return to the cockpit. the special olympics under scrutiny this morning and it comes from the highest levels of the federal government. nearly $18 million of funding for special olympics programs comes from the federal department of education which is now proposing that number be reduced to zero under its new budget proposal. for athletes like dustin plunkett, the special olympics is more than just a sport. >> help me find my voice and stand up for myself and put it into the boys.
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>> education secretary betsy deversus released this statement saying, quote, the special olympics is able to raise more than $100 million every year. the federal government cannot fund every worthy program particularly ones that enjoy robust support from private donations. it morning, dozens of women are accusing "salesforce" of helping facilitate a sexually traffic ring through back page. com. a new lawsuit says "salesforce" provided a customized database for the site which is taken down. "salesforce" had this to say: we are deeply committed to the ethical and humane use of our products and take these allegations seriously. however, we do not comment on pending litigation. this morning, some major tech companies in silicon valley are planning layoffs. more than 1,000 workers will be affected. the cutbacks are expected to happen between now and memorial day. according to the employment
5:38 am
development department s.a.p. is laying off 446 employees oracle 352 and paypal cutting 183 jobs. thin film electrons and instacart also sent notices. >> the tech sector is maybe the most volatile sector. remember, product life cycles come and go. >> russell hancock of joint venture silicon valley says the layoffs are not a sign of an economic downturn. he says because of the valley's strong economy, the laid off workers have a good chance of finding other work. the final ipo price for lyft will be determined today. the ride hailing giant upped its price target yesterday to $72 per share giving lyft a possible market value of about $24 billion. trading under the ticker symbol lyft begins tomorrow. 5:38. the a's are holding their homeowner as major league baseball kicks off its new season. >> i'm all decked out in green
5:39 am
for it. >> nice. >> i know. i didn't plan that, though. jackie ward is live at the coliseum in oakland with more. reporter: good morning. green is always a good choice but i think the athletics will certainly appreciate your attire today. we are inside the coliseum. today is the home opener, another baseball season under way coming back from their japan trip so it's nice to be back at home. i'm here with the coo chris giles this morning. chris, this is always a fun day. what is it about this season that you're really looking forward to? >> i mean, opening day is -- is always special. but this year we have so many new features that we put into the coliseum that we are really excited about. we have a brand-new family area, really good -- [ no audio ] >> we were just getting to the helmet nachos, too. >> bummer. >> maybe later in the broadcast. >> yeah. we're just having some technical difficulties. we feel get that all
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straightened away. then you can know all about the nachos and the a's game. straight ahead, two brazen jewelry heists in a week. how the thieves wiped these stores clean. >> and we want to take another live look outside. this is from our dublin cam where you can see traffic starting to stack up on the roads out there. gianna is going to have a traffic update com
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and families are gathering itaround the table.america, thanks to reynolds wrap, dinner preparation is perfect, and everyone knows to be mindful of their manners. dinnertime has changed. our quality hasn't. reynolds wrap: foil made in the usa since 1947. good thursday morning to you. it is 5:42. keep your umbrellas handy because you will need them through the day. wet weather continues. we are tracking some brief heavy downpours. you can see it right across the peninsula and the south bay this morning from union city, fremont, over palo alto. it is pouring right over
5:43 am
stanford this morning. redwood city and light rain over san jose and milpitas. we'll time out our showers as we go through the day on futurecast taking you hour by hour coming up. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and facebook is apparently now facing federal charges of housing discrimination. this is from the u.s. department of housing and urban development saying that facebook has been violating the fair housing act. now those targeted ads that facebook uses basically using some of the information you have given them to decide what advertisements are going to show up on your news feed? well, the feds are now saying that that is basically discrimination, limiting people's housing choices when ads come up about rentals or what houses you might want to buy, based on race, zip code or religion. back to you. >> thank you. another brazen jewelry store heist that could have been out of a movie has been
5:44 am
reported in southern california. this time, to the tune of $1 million. this orange county jewelry store was wiped clean over the weekend after thieves broke in through the ceiling. a 6" deep safe was cut through and emptied, every diamond, washed and precious piece just gone. a nearly identical heist was report last week in fullerton and the store owner wonders if the two are linked. in both cases, the thieved cut through the roof, lowered themselves in with a rope and made off with tens of thousands of jewels. the thieves haven't been identified in either case but suspects have been caught on surveillance camera outside both stores. happening today, it is national weed appreciation day. but probably not the kind of weed you're thinking of. we are talking about weeds like ragweed and dandelion. these plants usually get a bad rap for popping up in undesirable places. but these weeds are actually beneficial to us and the
5:45 am
ecosystem. wildlife like birds and insects sometimes depend on their seeds for food. do you think you can dance your way to a gold medal? >> yes. oh, not me. >> olympics? >> gold medal. >> maybe. >> that's confidence. >> i don't know. paris organizers are closer to making this happen in the 2024 olympics. the international olympic committee executive board is backing a recommendation to bring new sports to the event. they include break dancing, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing. the move is meant to offer opportunity to connect with the younger generation. final decision will be taken at the end of next year's olympics. i could enter for dance, you could enter for surfing. >> right. >> mary on ice skates. >> skateboarding. >> sport climbing. >> always a chance. >> always hope. how are the roads now? >> there's a chance you might see some delays, unfortunately. stop and go conditions out of the south bay right now where an area that mary has mentioned
5:46 am
we are starting to see some wet weather this morning so you're dealing with slick surfaces and slow and go conditions on 101 in two areas. the good news is we don't have any accidents through san jose right now. but it is slow especially as you work your way northbound coming away from that 280/680 connector. past that, once you cruise past 880, you're good to go. so 40 minutes from hellyer to sfo. no delays on 280. so if you want to ditch 101 and use that instead, you should be okay. so let's head south of there. look at all these brake lights. you have slow and go conditions coming out of morgan hill, concentrate between that tennant and cochran area on that northbound side. this is one of our areas where we see a lot of "super commuters" making that trek out of gilroy. looks like about a 3.5-mile portion there so very sluggish as you work your way northbound there. let's take a look at 880, the nimitz. through oakland it looks good both directions. it's south of there as you start working your way into hayward, you're going to start seeing some brake lights just south of that castro valley y
5:47 am
connector sluggish there and slow on the san mateo bridge. but the good news is once you're on the span, you're moving nicely with no delays coming from the toll plaza as you head towards 101 in foster city. and again, if you are hopping on 101 going northbound 101 to san francisco, traffic nice speeds. not bad out of marin county now. we had earlier morning roadwork at the north end of the golden gate bridge. but looks like that's been wrapped up. we are not seeing major delays now south 101 from san rafael heading into the city. looks like about 12 to 13 minutes drive time. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. you are backed up almost to the maze at this point so a slow ride starting to see delays on some of our approaches, that includes the eastshore freeway coming out of emeryville and 580 westbound into oakland. so westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze 22 minutes. we have some brake lights as well as you work your way through the altamont pass, 37 minutes that's your drive time to go from 205 to 680. just a heads up, highway 4 a little sluggish, as well. so here's a better look at 580. you can see slow out of tracy.
5:48 am
gets a lot better past north flynn and then a few brake lights as you work your way onto that 680 connector tomorrow and highway 4 a stalled vehicle near willow pass and slow thruway point. let's check the forecast, here's mary. rain in the south bay and here's a live look with our san jose camera. you can see some raindrops on the life camera. good morning to you in the south bay. let's check out our temperatures. scattered showers this morning. light to moderate rain tracking a few showers right over the berkeley area. right over uc-berkeley and orinda. the peninsula and the south bay, catching some heavy downpours in palo alto, fremont and san jose height rain this
5:49 am
morning. kind of a mixed bag for us. sun and showers, through tomorrow most of us will see that sunshine so that will be the start of some changes for us beginning tomorrow and into the weekend with a big warmup in store for us this weekend. so here's the satellite and radar view. there's this trough of low pressure, the storm system just offshore but bringing enough instability in the atmosphere to fire off the scattered showers for us. one more day today and we'll see high pressure build in. futurecast taking you through the day here we are at noon and you can see scattered showers, also catching some sun in spots, as well. as we go through the rest of our afternoon, some scattered showers, here we are at 4 p.m. but also some sun breaks. again slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. as we go through tomorrow morning, cloudy and isolated showers but for the most part we are going to see clearing as
5:50 am
we go through the day on your friday and plenty of sunshine for the weekend. it's going to be a beautiful weekend ahead. and dry. so our next chance for showers will be monday night into tuesday as we track our next storm. the pollen count is down to low to medium. we are going to see it go back up as we go through the weekend. sky high by saturday and for sunday due to the drier weather. not the best news for allergy sufferers, i know. daytime highs today, we are looking at temperatures a little cooler than normal: here's the seven-day forecast and what you can expect.
5:51 am
scattered showers, some sun for today. looking at drier brighter weather friday and into the weekend. temperatures warming up into the 70s inland, even for the bay on sunday 70 degrees. back to you. time now 5:50. >> this isn't the kind of border wall president trump envisioned. coming up, a california man lines the border with cheese. the question this morning, why? >> we'll find out. and let's take a live look outside. richmond/san rafael bridge, on this thursday morning. we'll be right back. yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. if you are living in the peninsula, the south bay, check out the heavy rain from union city through fremont, palo alto, and light rain moving right over san jose this morning. and more rain to come. tracking scattered showers that will go through the day. we'll time it out for you on futurecast and when we'll finally have that sunshine. details coming up. gianna? >> we are starting to see some brake lights out of the south bay this morning on northbound 101. live look at the bay bridge right now, metering lights are on. you have a slow and go ride as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. heads up though. reports of an accident westbound at grand on the right shoulder but busy anyway as
5:55 am
everyone commutes off the eastshore freeway trying to go to the bay bridge to the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge off to a good start. this morning, an artist is building a wall of his own along the u.s./mexico border. and it's bringing a whole new meaning to making america grate again. that's because he is making his wall out of cheese, expired cheese. so far, the artist ordered 200 brooks of this cheese weighing 50 pounds. it will stretch a quarter mile and stand six feet high and three feet wide. >> it's a physical goal. my mental goal, my spiritual goal, is that it gets into the hearts of people. for some reason, we don't see the waste of money and resources and also, the waste of meeting somebody, getting to know them. >> cavallaro leased the property where he is building the cheese wall for a year. he plans to add more cheese as
5:56 am
more donation come in on his "go fund me" account. we are just getting word of a homicide in healdsburg. we'll tell you the limited information we have this morning coming up next. >> and also coming up, i will tell you what the next steps are in a case -- another case against monsanto on the basis of roundup. that's coming up. >> plus, we're live inside the coliseum for opening day here
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
parts of the bay area are seeing heavy downpours at tiles this morning. mary will have the forecast coming up. >> and a 4-year-old is rushed to the hospital after he was shot in the head inside a bay area home. what police reveal about the
6:00 am
circumstances. >> and bay area lawmakers are weighing in on robert mueller's report on russia. >> good morning, it is thursday, march 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it's 6:00 right now. good morning, we are on storm watch again on and off, on and off. we are not in a drought so we don't need the rain. i want some sunshine. >> you'll get it. >> thank you. >> especially tomorrow and the weekend a so perfect timing with our weather for the weekend if you wanted that sun. for today, though, we have scattered showers and right now, tracking some brief heavy downpours for the peninsula and the south bay this morning. you can see san jose a live look with our san jose camera and the raindrops on our live cam so let's show you hi-def doppler. scattered showers and heavy downpours especially for the peninsula east bay as well as for the south bay. so from union city fremont just getting a drenching right now this


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