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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 28, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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circumstances. >> and bay area lawmakers are weighing in on robert mueller's report on russia. >> good morning, it is thursday, march 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it's 6:00 right now. good morning, we are on storm watch again on and off, on and off. we are not in a drought so we don't need the rain. i want some sunshine. >> you'll get it. >> thank you. >> especially tomorrow and the weekend a so perfect timing with our weather for the weekend if you wanted that sun. for today, though, we have scattered showers and right now, tracking some brief heavy downpours for the peninsula and the south bay this morning. you can see san jose a live look with our san jose camera and the raindrops on our live cam so let's show you hi-def doppler. scattered showers and heavy downpours especially for the peninsula east bay as well as for the south bay. so from union city fremont just getting a drenching right now this morning. across palo alto, as well.
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and now let's show you san jose. light rain over you. we keep the chance of scattered showers in the forecast. just enough instability with that unsettled weather. we are tracking a trough of low pressure providing that instability also looking at some sun breaks. so we'll see some showers and sun breaks, light chance of an isolated thunderstorm as we head through the day. more sun for tomorrow into the weekend. but a big warmup on the way for saturday and for sunday. we are going to time out the rest of our shower activity as we go through the day on futurecast taking you hour by hour in a few minutes with a look at traffic with gianna. we start with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is stacking up. a parking lot westbound. expect this portion of the delays east of here where we are seeing slower than usual conditions with a crash reported right at grand not blocking lanes but causing
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spectator slowing through the area. sluggish offer the eastshore compute out of emeryville. so delays around powell street and westbound side you can see taillights towards the bay bridge. it will get worse as as the morning commute progresses. south bay, that's where we are seeing areas of wet weather. you can see some slow and go conditions come out of morgan hill. that north 101 ride busy as well as as you work your way between that 280/680 connector. it eases up past 880 but your drive time now about 43 minutes traveling out of san jose north 101 all the way towards sfo. so keep that in mind on the roads and we are seeing brake lights from san martin northbound all the way towards morgan hill. you get that break until you get to hellyer. mass transit is on time. so always a good choice. more earthquake activity overnight following yesterday's tremors in san pablo bay. the first was a magnitude 3.2 north of healdsburg just before
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midnight. about an hour later, a magnitude 2.5 quake struck in the same area followed by a 2.8. no reports of any injuries or damage. happening today, it is a new season for major league baseball. and the a's are holding their home opener in a few hours. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from the coliseum in oakland with more. >> reporter: yeah, you can actually probably hear crews making last-minute touchups here cleaning up the stadium to welcome fans back to the coliseum for another athletics season. i have the vp of communication with us this morning. here we go again already. it happened fast. how excited are you for another season? >> this is my favorite time of year. i think it's also the favorite time of the year for fans, so much hope and excitement around opening day. >> reporter: you have a lot of new features for the fans. what are your favorites? >> well, personally i love the stomping ground the new kids and family area a great place for kids to play and interact with parents and still watch the game.
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we have a lot of new premium hospitality spaces as well. >> reporter: chris giles was telling me about leather recliners. you have two left for one game. that's incredible. >> i think the fan feedback from the new premium spaces has been incredible. there's still opportunities to come out and experience and try it out. we have the four top tables available for sales. >> i was fortunate to sample a lot of the new food that you guys are featuring this season. it's really fresh, really local. why was it important to you to include oakland food? >> i think our marketing slogan is rooted in oakland but we are committed to supporting local businesses and both on the food and beverage side and also small businesses and bringing in employees from oakland, as well. rooted in oakland, we are here to stay. >> reporter: love it. thank you so much for joining us this morning. every fan who comes to the 10:7 game today will get one of
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these towels. every loves swag. can never get enough swag. they play the angels. first pitch 1:07. jackie ward, kpix 5. also happening today, a third trial over the weed killer roundup is set to get under way in oakland. emily turner on the bay area couple had blames the product for causing their cancer. emily. reporter: this most recent round is set to start off here in the next couple of hours. of course, monsanto is going to be the defendant here. the livermore couple who is suing is in their 70s and both of them suffer from non- hodgkin's lymphoma. they claim it's the result of using the weed killer on their garden for years. they are going to trial ahead of hundreds of other cases against monsanto thanks to a california law that allows them priority because of their declining health. the most recent case against the company was heard due to that same law. now, monsanto lost that case. >> the science tells us and it has been telling monsanto for the last 40 years that roundup can cause cancer. when you look at the internal documents for monsanto, it's
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also clear that they knew that, as well. and they chose not to tell the american public. >> reporter: they appealed the verdict on that case but it is expected to have a tougher time with this trial thanks to a different format. it will be the third major case against the company in the bay area. now, opening statements will begin at 9 a.m. >> emily, thank you. president trump is weighing in on the special counsel's report on russian interference in the 2016 election. the president addressed the report in a 40 minute interview on fox news saying that he was very happy with it but he believes that it ensnared innocent people. meanwhile, house democrats said yesterday that attorney general william barr has committed to testifying before congress but with not commit to releasing the full report. jackjackie speier doesn't like
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it. >> the american people paid for this report. the president and the attorney general say the president is exonerated. so what are we hiding? and why are we hiding it from the american people? adam schiff said last night that he believes that the special counsel robert muller eventually testify before congress. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. police in healdsburg in wine country are now investigating a homicide. a body was found at the canyon run apartments. this is very near the healdsburg ridge open space preserve. so they have one of those apartments, front porch, taped off right now as they conduct their investigation. still waiting to find out more about the victim in this case and whether or not a murderer is in custody. back to you. a 4-year-old boy is hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot in the head in east oakland.
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it happened yesterday afternoon. the boy had been visiting a family member's home on ritchie street. friends and family gathered outside children's hospital last night. they said the boy survived surgery but is still unconscious. they say he found the gun under a bed and the shooting was accidental. two people were taken into custody for questioning. so far police are not saying much about the investigation. 6:08. on capitol hill, a new push to add a 51st state. details on the legislation expected to be introduced later today. >> plus, a single winning ticket is sold for one of the biggest lottery jackpots in u.s. history. the lucky location. >> it is a wet start to the day in some locations. i'm tracking that on hi-def doppler. we have more showers as we go through the day. i'll time it out for you on futurecast coming up. >> it is slow and go through the altamont pass. i'll have the latest on your drive times plus an update on the crash near the bay bridg
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good morning. scattered showers as we kick off your thursday. you can see the strong cell in the east bay, heavy downpours over fremont, union city through jarvis landing right over 880 and section 680. we have more wet weather to come. details on futurecast coming up. the man convicted for fatally ramming his car into protestors at a rally has pleaded guilty. we have learned that james alex fields, jr., will not face the death penalty but he will spend the rest of his life in jail. back in 2010, fields drove his dodge challenger into a crowd of protestors during a rally in charlottesville. one woman died. more than two dozen others were injured. yesterday, the 21-year-old
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pleaded guilty to 29 federal hate crimes. >> we had a pretty detailed statement of facts. his affection for hitler, racial views. >> a virginia jury convicted fields back in december on numerous charges including first-degree murder. >> a group of lawmakers will unavailable legislation today to make puerto rico the 51st state. sources say the plan would automatically trigger admission into the union without a referendum from puerto rican voters. it comes a day after president trump expressed opposition to increasing disaster aid for puerto rico which continues to recover from hurricane maria. the push to make puerto rico a state will almost certainly be opposed by the president and the republican-controlled senate. this morning, someone is waking up very, very rich. >> the powerball winning ticket was sold in wisconsin.
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one person matched all six numbers last night. the jackpot just over $768 million with a cash option of $477 million. this is the third biggest prize in u.s. lottery history. the biggest jackpot was $1.5 billion in 2016. the next drawing is saturday with the jackpot voting to $40 million. and here are the winning numbers: >> two bay area tickets got five out of six one in san jose, one in san mateo. gianna, you always play. >> yes. >> did you buy in any of those two towns? >> i did not. sadly. i did not. >> oh. >> the second they say pacifica quick mart, i'm there! >> gianna has won! >> no. >> i'll be very generous, i promise. >> okay. >> gianna. >> you are one of the nicest ones. >> i know, you bring us coffee.
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>> i'll do something. coffee in paris. >> 50%. >> i don't know about that, kenny. in dublin, heads up at the interchange a little more volume westbound towards the 680 connector. stacking up in the area along 580. the bulk of delays really originate out of tracy east of here where you're going to see speeds about 14 miles per hour. by the looks of it, it looks look we're back to beyond mountain house at this point. so slow and go working your way through there is. you get a break past north flynn but again, extra volume as you work your way towards six six. 36 minutes, that's your drive time. pretty average as you commute from 205 towards 680 but we are seeing brake lights off the eastshore freeway and looks like 4 is busy for the morning ride. so let's take a look at traffic coming off the eastshore freeway now towards the bay bridge, metering lights are on. tomorrow toll delays continue here. that's pretty typical. the good news, once you're past the metering lights you're free- flowing into san francisco with they delays across the upper deck. in fact, past treasure island things are quite. it's just east there was we
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have a crash right around grand. it's still there on the right shoulder causing spectator slowing through there. this is at powell street. there are some significant brake lights coming out of emeryville this morning. so plan for that. if you are hitting the roads, we are dealing with some wet weather this morning. mary is all over it especially in the area of fremont right here. that's where we had an earlier trouble spot near 680 at washington. more on the weather with mary. as you saw on the traffic maps, it is pouring especially the peninsula east bay and south bay. and i'll get right to that in just a moment. here's a live look, a wet camera, the raindrops on our live cam, temperatures in the 40s and in the 50s. 50 now in concord and san jose. 52 in oakland. 45 in livermore. 54 in san francisco. and santa rosa in the upper
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40s. here's hi-def doppler radar. showers in the north bay over glen ellen into sonoma and petaluma. now let's go to the east bay. it is just pouring over union city, right over fremont. some heavy rain over you down through curtner around 880 and 680 you can see that rain coming down as well as for the south bay. so san jose saw light rain getting some light rain right now for santa clara and near alum rock this morning. so we continue with scattered showers as we go through the day, unsettled weather. also catching some sun breaks as we head through our afternoon. there is a possibility a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm just enough instability in the atmosphere to fire that off. more sun though for tomorrow. that will be the start of some changes for us as high pressure begins to build in. and a big warmup in store for us for the weekend. so here's the satellite and radar view. there's the low pressure system bringing that instability for us for one more day today and
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then we'll see some being changes with a huge warmup and a lot of sunshine. but for today, we are going to get through some scattered showers. at noon sun breaks and showers. isolated thunderstorm possible. just kind of a mixed bag through today. tomorrow starting off clouds an isolated showers. then clearing through your friday afternoon. here we are at 4 p.m. with that sunshine. looking good friday into the weekend. so a lot of sunshine for our weekend. it's going to be beautiful. now, the showers come back monday night into tuesday as we are tracking our next storm so not quite done with our wet weather. our pollen count because of the rain we are looking at a lower pollen count today in the low to medium category but it goes sky high on the weekend with sun.
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>> by the way, if you are heading to the a's opener, we're cheering on our a's taking on angels, that home opener today, 62 for the first pitch. here's the seven-day forecast. sunshine into the weekend with temperatures climbing into the 70s. coming up in sports, some last-minute moves before opening day today for the giants and t a's and counting down to the play-offs. the warriors trying to dust off the regular season as the top seed in the west swings through memphis last night. it's all coming up. >> taking a live look outside, this is from "salesforce tower" camera. we'll be right back.
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reporter: the warriors are in the final stretch of the regular season with nine games to go including last night. the "dubs" are trying to break the tie with the denver nuggets and be the top seed in the west. in memphis last night where johnny manziel is playing minor league football but he plays second fiddle to mike conley. his three in the second quarter gives the grizzlies the league making him the all-time leading scorer. the "dubs" on a five-point lead
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before the half but draymond plays a little qb himself. he didn't dribble out the clock. instead, it's a touchdown pass to kevin durant for a quick hoop. but durant didn't need a great pass to score. he takes 13 shots, makes 12 of them, and only shoots one three on the night. it's the most efficient shooting night of his career. he and steph curry both scored 28 points. and the warriors win it 118- 103. >> i felt like he could have been 24 for 25 if he wanted but he was distributing the ball and trying to get everybody involved and just he was brilliant. >> denver did not play last night which means the warriors take a half game lead in the western conference. the two teams play next tuesday which could decide who gets the one seed in the play-offs. >> in the college ranks, usf promoted assistant coach todd golden to replace kyle smith who took the washington state job. golden knows the bay area well. he was a guard for saint mary's to a pair of ncaa tournaments.
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opening day for baseball is today and you won't have to throw away that panda hat just yet. bruce bochy confirms pablo sandoval will make the final 25- man roster when the giants open in san diego today. the a's open the season at home against the angels and they will have a new bat on their roster. they acquired slugger kendrys morales from the blue jays last night. he is 35 and has 101 home runs in the last four seasons. typically, amatt olson is out. the warriors' jordan bell was suspended last night in memphis and we are learning why. multiple outlets are reporting that bell made hotel charges to assistant coach mike brown's account, the amount is unclear as well as what was charged. but bell lost a game check worth more than $9,000. and those games for the giants and a's today, they both start just a little bit after 1:00. andrea nakano for kpix 5 sports.
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the ncaa tournament picking up once again tonight as the sweet 16 gets under way. you can see all the action right here on kpix 5. it's florida state taking on top- seeded gonzaga in a rematch from last year's sweet 16. immediately after it's texas tech facing michigan for a spot in the elite eight. catch all the action from anaheim tonight on kpix. it is 6:26 right now. a new dispute erupts between the 49ers and the city of santa clara. this time, over the floors at levi's stadium. >> and if you are running low when it comes to fuel, well, narrator: in utah, you're livin' on mountain time
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and there's nothing standard about that. with 10 resorts less than an hour from salt lake international airport, mountain time means more time on more resorts on the greatest snow on earth. it means more time with the kids and more time away from the kids. ski more, shred more, chill more, cheers more
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because mountain time is a state of mind that can only be found in one place. utah.
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caught up in the college admissions scandal expected to plead guilty today as we learn more about a federal investigation. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we want to head to mary lee for a look at the conditions out there. . in spots this morning, we are looking at more wet weather continuing for us. so unsettled weather one more day of this. and then some big changes. but here's a live look with our treasure island camera. you can see the raindrops on our live cam. let's get right to hi-def doppler. so tracking that rain stretching from st. helena down through eldridge and sonoma, as well as for the east bay, it is
6:31 am
just pouring right now over the east bay from union city getting a drenching right over fremont right now as well as across the south bay over wayne and near san jose and alum rock this morning. so we'll keep that chance of scattered showers as we go through the day. unsettled weather that will continue for us. some sun breaks as well as we go through your afternoon could see an isolated thunderstorm as well just enough instability to fire that off. but as we head through tomorrow, more sun and a big warmup in store for us for the weekend. we are going to time it out for you on futurecast taking you hour by hour, keep the umbrellas and rain jackets handy for today. details on that hour-by-hour forecast in just a moment. but i just showed you where it is pouring right now in the east bay and troubles on the nimitz. >> troubles as you work your way from the hayward southbound commute as you head into union city this morning. in fact, traffic is backed up as far back as san lorenzo. we have an accident there which
6:32 am
is causing -- making matters busier than usual. your drive times right now 39 minutes to go from hesperian to 237. crash at "a" street is over to the right shoulder but if you look on our maps here you can see we have a lot of brake lights approaching the crash and, in fact, things stay slow past there and you're going to have brake lights into union city and the fremont area as well where we are seeing some wet weather. if you are trying to get on the san mateo bridge by 880 you are going to see brake lights also lots of folks making their way out of hayward into foster city. stay slow past the toll plaza. get a bit of a brake once you get closer to 101. 101 is a bright spot. only a 52-minute drive time. no delays along the peninsula. if you run into brake lights, it will be through san jose northbound side.
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gas prices in california are suddenly spiking. right now, a gallon will cost you $1 more than the national average. emily turner has now. so we all want to ask, why? >> reporter: well, that is the question. why!! it's not good news for drivers in the state, especially those on a budget. we are all paying nearly 40 cents more a gallon here than we were just this time last month. not only is california higher than the national average, they are even higher in the bay area. in san francisco, the average price per gallon is $3.68. it's $3.57 in san jose and a penniless in oakland right now. now, compare that to the national average of $2.67. we wish. the spike is a direct result of the bad air you may have seen over the weekend. a malfunction at the valero refinery in benicia at the
6:34 am
beginning of the month caused this thick gray smoke you see to be pumped out of the refinery for more than a week. the refinery was temporarily shut down as a result of that causing those prices to jump. >> i think it takes a little out of everyone's pocket. so i think everyone feels it. i think my next car will be an electric car. >> well, we can all certainly sympathize with that. there were also some issues at a refinery in southern california which doesn't help the situation because the state has such strict laws and environmental standards on gas. we can't simply import it from somewhere else when we have a shortage so when there are issues in our refineries, there's a real cause and effect that's felt here more than other states. at levi's stadium a new battle is brewing between the 49ers and the city of santa clara. officials who oversee the stadium are looking into a more than $643,000 floor maintenance bill. the city says it didn't approve it. the city sent the 49ers a
6:35 am
breach of contract letter yesterday and also requested an audit of the stadium authority's spending. the 49ers did not respond to the ap's request for comment. the latest scuffle follows disputes over rent, curfew and money. 6:34. major league baseball today is back. and in oakland, the a's home opener is just hours away. >> jackie ward is live at the coliseum with what fans can expect and i want you to talk all about those helmet nachos, jackie, because they look so good. >> we're hungry. >> oh. i got to sample them last week. they're great. i want to talk about the field and field conditions. there's rain not forecast. a few minutes ago they are take -- they're taking the tarp off right now. so hopefully they are correct in thinking that the rain is going to hold off or just maybe move over the coliseum. any good sporting event is usually paired with good food. this year, the athletics organization is putting an emphasis on fresh and local foods so we got a sneak peek
6:36 am
last week. we are starting with helmet nachos that everyone loves. there's a launch test kitchen featuring rotating cuisine from various local chefs. so kicking off that new program with oakland's own brown sugar kitchen and the market will also be new. featuring new technology that makes it faster and easier to get what you need and then get back to the game. >> as we evaluate our fan experience year by year we are doing everything we can to improve it from the new food and beverage partnership to new premium offerings and amenities. >> reporter: the coliseum also has new premium features likely they are recliners. right in the stands. it will be like you're in your living room but even better because you'll be just as comfortable watching the game live. but, there are only two tickets left for those seats for the entire season. they are really popular. so i can't blame anyone. they look comfortable. there's also some cocktail
6:37 am
tables and place for kids and parents. it should be fun. first pitch at 1:07 this afternoon. from the coliseum, jackie ward, kpix 5. a former women's soccer coach at yale will complete guilty today in connection with the nationwide colleges admissions stand scandal. rudy meredith is accused of taking bribes in exchange for pretending applicants were athletic recruits. he is a cooperating witness. stanford is among 8 places that has received letters from the department of education informing them of a preliminary investigation. nationwide 50 people are charged including wealthy parents with schemes to get their children into high-profile schools. new details this morning about a shooting and chase through three east bay cities. police say the shooting suspect was pulled over last night near highway 4 in richmond and treated for nonlife-threatening
6:38 am
injuries. this all started early yesterday with a shooting in antioch. the victim followed the suspect then called 911 to say the suspect was shooting at him again in pittsburg. police gave chase and eventually arrested the suspect. i'm anne makovec. we are following a developing situation real travel nightmare in europe. major airline wow airlines have canceled all its flights and ceasing operation. here's what it looks like now on their website. wow air has ceased operations. just all of a sudden! so thousands of airline passengers are now stranded in several european cities. they are being told to book on other airlines that they might be able to get a quote rescue fare and also to check with their credit card to see if their credit card will reimburse them for the tickets that they are not going ability to use. and this is affecting us across the pond, as well. the wow airlines has hubs in
6:39 am
new york and boston and washington, d.c. back to you. >> thank you. 6:38. taking a live look at the u.s. capitol this morning, where a major congressional financial committee is set to vote on a marijuana banking bill today. the secure and fair enforcement or safe banking act is meant to give banks reassurance that working with cannabis businesses will not result in a federal crime. more financial institution are accepting pot business accounts but many do not. that forces many companies to operate on a cash only basis making them potential targets of crime. a final vote on the pot banking bill is expected to be under way later today. congressional lawmakers are now reacting to the president's surprise decision to join a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the entire affordable care act. if the law is overturned it could put health coverage for some 20 million americans in jeopardy! according to cnn, health and human services secretary and the attorney general oppose the
6:40 am
move. he was reportedly concerned about the lack of replacement plan. the decision caught members of the president's party off guard. >> last year, i wrote to attorney general jeff sessions and protested the department not defending the parts of the law that provide protections to consumers with pre-existing conditions. now the administration is going way beyond that and seeking to invalidate the entire law. >> yesterday, the chief of staff for vice president mike pence said the white house will unveil a healthcare replacement plan sometime this year. but there were no specific details given. time now 6:40. >> coming up, a potential solution to a hidden germ problem. >> a lot of health problems come from people not washing your hands. >> how one silicon valley tech company wants to make sure the hands handling your food aren't leaving bacteria behind. >> plus, a possible ray of hope for northern
6:41 am
to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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a group of major investors in pg&e has reportedly pitched a new plan to allow the utility company to emerge from bankruptcy within a year. pg&e went bankrupt in january. according to bloomberg, they would also create a trust worth about $14 billion specifically set aside for people affected by the wildfires started by pg&e equipment. this morning, the u.s. economy weakening and lyft raising its ipo stock range just before going public.
6:45 am
>> they are going to make the offering tomorrow. it's expected to be priced in a range of 70 to $72 which is above the prior range of 62 to $68 and that means that lyft could be raising over $2.2 billion in the process with an initial public market valuation topping $52 billion. they lost more than $900 million last year. you can bet that uber, pinterest, slack, airbnb and a lot of other tech unicorns out there are going to be watching lyft's results tomorrow very closely as they get ready for their own ipo. the commerce department revised fourth quarter growth lower down from 2.6 to 2.2% because of weaker consumer spending and business investment. and that number could get quite a bit worse in the first quarter due to the government
6:46 am
shutdown. economists expect growth much lower than just 2%. for all of 2018, gdp was up 2.9%, the best number in a decade! stocks are heading in the right direction this morning. let's go to the big board. dow up 70. nasdaq up 11. s&p up 6. back to you. >> thank you. a bay area startup is making surer hands are clean. >> and it's got the scanner to prove it. check it out. it uses fluorescent lighting to scan your hands for bacteria. it's being put to the test at a restaurant in san jose. employees wash their hands like normal. they scan them and facial recognition logs the activity and if you continuously fail with dirty hands, management is notified. >> a lot of health problems come from people not washing your hands and we train, we train, we train.
6:47 am
and but to know for sure, now we have a check. >> it's now being tested at 50 locations nationwide. it will cost about $150 a month. >> i'm all for it. let's do that. in restaurants, in work, in schools, everywhere! >> why not? >> right. >> clean hands everywhere! not clean roads, though, right? we got some issues going ton. >> we do. it's been busy this morning. we have been dealing with wet weather and, of course, we always get a handful of accidents that slows traffic down. the latest was westbound 80 at grand. so the good news, it's cleared. hopefully that will ease things up as you work your way through there. but we are kind of in the heart of the morning commute. so it is busy anyway westbound on all approaches as you work your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. carpool users you're looking good so share the ride. this might be a good idea especially on rainy days. if you are workinger way westbound offer the eastshore freeway, traffic is slow pockets of slowing out of richmond. you have brake lights again in berkeley and into emeryville. but again that crash at grand has now been cleared.
6:48 am
here's a live look at conditions coming into the maze on 580 and 80 and traffic is stacked up as you work your way westbound through there. all right, taking a look at your drive through the altamont pass this morning, slow ride we haven't had any accidents or major trouble spots so that's the good news but still 37 minutes from 205 to 680. you will get a bit of a break past north flynn and it will ease up as you connect onto 680. look at our maps. a lot of red on the southbound side into pleasanton as you work your way out of dublin so 32 minutes now to go from 580 down to 237. so might need a few extra minutes if you commute through that portion and, of course, we are dealing with some wet weather definitely affecting your drive on 880 this morning which is where we find a crash southbound right at "a" street. so that will slow you down 39 minutes from hesperian down to 237 towards the south bay. that crash over on the right shoulder. back to san lorenzo, you have pockets through hayward, you will see brake lights at union city. safe to say traffic is slow southbound 880 as you head into fremont this morning.
6:49 am
san mateo bridge stacking up as well. you have about a 20-minute drive to go between 880 and 101. once you're on 101 itself it looks okay but out of the south bay you are slow and go through morgan hill and then tapping the brakes again through south san jose. and again near that 880 connector. so for more on that rain, here's mary. that's right, gianna. we have one more day of the rain today. and then the weather looks a lot brighter as we head you there the end of the week. but here's a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera. isn't that beautiful? this is looking east and you can see the towering cumulus clouds, the rain clouds to our east and that's where we are getting the rain across the east bay. we'll show you this in just a moment but a temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. 50 in concord as well as for san jose. 52 in oakland. good morning to you. livermore 45. upper 40s for santa rosa. east bay we go you can see that
6:50 am
light rain from union city, fremont, as well as down through curtner, sunol, as well. right over 680 and 880 and gianna showed you what it looks like over there in the nimitz and then across the south bay, you can see some showers stretching from sunnyvale, cupertino, we had some showers that pushed over san jose earlier this morning. we'll keep the chance of scattered activity through the day and sunny, as well. so a mixture of sun and clouds. we could see an isolated thunderstorm, the atmosphere just unstable enough to fire off an isolated thunderstorm as we go through the day. we'll see a little more sunshine for tomorrow. here's the satellite-radar view. there's the storm system that we are tracking bringing that instability for us so again, one more day today of wet weather and then some changes ahead. let's time it out on futurecast. at noon you can see scattered
6:51 am
showers, also catching some sunshine, as well. 4 p.m., a few showers and sun breaks. tomorrow morning, cloudy, maybe an isolated shower. through friday, clearing and sunshine. it looks great and into the weekend. temperatures warming up into the 70s. pollen count down today, high over the weekend. record snowfall up in the sierra. tahoe report, 2 inches of new snow at northstar looking freight for the weekend with mixture of sun and clouds. it's going to be a beautiful weekend to hit the slopes. looking at squaw valley, 7 inches of new snow. daytime highs today, cooler than average. we are looking at 64 in san
6:52 am
jose. 63 for mountain view. 61 for walnut creek. 59 in vallejo. 60 berkeley. 61 oakland. 52 lakeport and clearlake. scattered showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm, but some sun breaks through the day. sunshine friday and into the weekend. a new poll suggests that a record high majority of californians oppose death penalty. the public policy institute of california conducted the poll after the governor suspended executions in the state. 62% saying that they favor life in prison without the possibility of parole for first- degree murderers. that's compared with 31% who prefer the death penalty. capital punishment actually had a plurality of support in the same poll conducted in 2000. 6:52 right now. today a third trial centered around the weed killer roundup gets under way. details on the case heading to a bay area courtroom this morning. >> plus, we're just hours away from the oakland athletics home
6:53 am
opener against the angels. we'll show you some new features coming up. happen this is a live look at the city of san francisco from treasure island where it's 53 degrees. we'll be right back. [ loud traffic sounds ]
6:54 am
[ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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i'm jackie ward live at the coliseum just hours away from the home opener here with the athletics versus the angels. there's a lot of fun and excitement around this season. the team is coming off a trip from japan and, of course, today finally gets to play in oakland and welcome their fans back for another season. the tarp is on. they are making sure everything is pristine and perfect. i think they are really confident in the weather that the rain will just kind of pass over the coliseum. a lot of fun features if you are coming out to the game today or for the rest of the season.
6:57 am
there's a new stomping ground that's made for kids and parents. there's a lot of new food including some helmet nachos. they come in a huge massive take-home helmet. and you grab stuff from the marketplace, put it on the scale at the register and then you don't have to scan it. there's no cashier. it's automatically scanned within seconds and then you just have to walk away. so a lot of cool little features here and there and a lot of good food, too. a lot of new items people can experience all season long. first pitch today is 1:07 against the los angeles angels. so have fun if you are going to the game. live at the coliseum, jackie ward, kpix 5. 6:57 right now. time for your final five. >> the powerball winning ticket was sold in wisconsin. not california. but a couple of bay area players are still cashing in. the winner wisconsin is now $768 million richer. two bay area tickets match 5 of the 6 numbers.
6:58 am
wow airlines has shut down unexpectedly leaving thousands of people stranded. the iceland-based airline made the announcement today on its website grounding all flights immediately. the move comes after wow air failed to reach an agreement with investors. later today, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is expected to unveil legislation to make puerto rico the 51st state. sources tell cbs news, the plan would automatically trigger admission into the union without a referendum from puerto rican voters. a 4-year-old boy is hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot in the head. this happened yesterday in an oakland home where he was visiting. relatives say it was an accident after he found the gun under a bed. in just a few hours, a third trial over the weed killer roundup is set to get under way in oakland. in livermore, couple says the product gave them cancer. opening statements begin at nine a.m. let's check the richmond/san rafael bridge. busyier than usual at the toll
6:59 am
plaza. sluggish there from the east bay to marin county. this is 80 near truckee so if you are getting an early weekend heading out towards lake tahoe, just a heads up, chain requirements on 80 but not on 50. thanks, gianna. here's hi-def doppler radar. one more look for you and you can see scattered showers this morning. and we are going to keep that chance of scattered showers as we go through the day but also catching some sun breaks, as well. we are looking at a lot more sunshine for tomorrow. and a big warmup in store for us for the weekend. check out the weekend into the 70s. looking great enjoy it with that sun. >> 77 today. >> nice. this is also heating up. the ncaa basketball tournament picking up once again tonight as the sweet 16 gets under way. you can see some of the action right here on kpix 5. at 4:00, it's florida state taking on top-seeded gonzaga. then it's texas tech facing michigan for a spot in the
7:00 am
elite eight. all the action right here on kpix 5. brackets doing well? >> i think i have michigan going all the way. >> winning it all. >> the wolverines. >> breaking overnight, one winner will take home the third biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history, $768 million. fand out where that ticket was sold. >> the jussie smollett case rages in chicago. see the evidence that police used to arrest him and hear the city's top prosecutor explain why dropping all charges was in her words a just outcome. >> one of r. kelly's accusers reveals herself for the first time only on "cbs this


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