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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  March 29, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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salesforce tower camera at the bay bridge, no rain on the horizon this morning. good morning. it is friday march tonight. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. the dry stretch is expected to last a few days. >> we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. it looks fantastic. we have plenty of sunshine today and for the weekend. here is a live look at the treasure island camera and temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. as we go through the day, we are looking at mainly dry condition, mostly to partly sunny with a beautiful weekend ahead. sunny skies and springlike temperatures. we will time out the rain on futurecast for our next storm to arrive in just a few minutes.
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the roadways are off to a good start. it is friday light for the most part. we will have slow and go conditions working your way westbound 580. that is typical as the morning commute gets going. it is sluggish coming up the 205 to five 880 overpass there, no delays. you have a nice ride all the way to the dublin interchange with your drive times all in the green. no delays on 580, 80, or the trend 16. -- 101. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have good news to report for bart riders. a station is now reopened after a shooting there last night. police have not given out a lot of details right now but apparently it was in a parking lot around 10:30 pm. the station was shut down soon after with trains just running through the station while the investigation went on. the suspect is still on the loose and bart police have not given out any sort of description of this person. they are reviewing surveillance footage right now. information is very sparse about any shooting victims in this case.
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we heard from police it was a woman who was shot and taken to the hospital. it is all clear right now. developing overnight, preliminary conclusion has been reached in the ethiopian plane crash investigation. the wall street journal reports investigators are releasing data from the black boxes. investigators now believe the 737 had a stall prevention feature activated before nose- dived and crashed into the ground. experts say it is the strongest indication yet that the same automated system was activated during an airplane crash with lion air now have now been grounded and there is new fallout in the bay area this morning. southwest airlines is reducing a huge number of flights through april 20. it is currently evaluating future reductions. southwest is the largest caria
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in the bay area. 34 of their 737 max eight planes are sitting in the california desert waiting for a fix at a logistics airport. yesterday boeing made its most direct attempt to fix the problem. and availed an overhaul to the software system and a 737 max 8 training program. there is a concern about measles in alameda county. some people may have been exposed to the disease in livermore. health officials have issued an advisory for people who visited sauced bbq and spirits on first street this past saturday between 8 pm and 11 pm. here is a reminder of the symptoms . >> people often have more general symptoms like cough, runny nose, maybe red eyes and the rash doesn't usually
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develop first. >> measles is a highly contagious respiratory disease. the most will include those who have not been vaccinated, infants, pregnant women and people with immune system problems. there is a seven to 14 day window for measles to incubate. earlier this week, tourists visiting santa clara county may have exposed people to measles. that county issued a warning. the tourist visited 20 locations in silicon valley. you can find a full list of them on a four-year-old boy found a loaded gun and accidentally shot himself. he remains hospitalized in critical condition. the boy has a critical brain injury and doctors will be monitoring him closely in the coming days. >> i have to be strong but i am holding it in there. i will push through. >> the person took ownership of
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it. he told the police it was his gun and my daughter did not know it was there. we are praying for him, as well but it is a tragedy all the way around. >> the man who owns a gun is under arrest facing gun and child cruelty charges. he expected to be in court this morning. a fifth-grader died from injuries she suffered from a classroom fight in south carolina. laura protester tells us what we know so far about what led up to her death. >> reporter: parents and children from forest hills elementary school in south carolina came together to remember my guy aright. police say the 10-year-old was found unconscious at breathing at school on monday and was rushed to the hospital. on facebook, her mother posted a picture of the girl on the fifth-grader and wrote, this is what bullying causes. still in responsible --
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unresponsive at this time. she passed away. >> because of the ongoing investigation and the student policy laws, we cannot share specific details at this time. >> reporter: a lack of information has caused an uproar in parents who attended and recorded this school board meeting. the girl's autopsy is scheduled for later today. >> up until now, it was a safe haven for the little ones in elementary school. >> reporter: parents say until they have answers about what happened, they're concerned about sending their own children back to school. >> the school district says the other student is also a fifth- grader. so far, no charges have been filed. more than a dozen bay area parents charged in the admissions scandal are expected to appear in federal court in boston as state lawmakers push
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for sweeping changes at college campuses in california. 5 l want to phase out the sat and act. they want to ban preferential admissions related to alumni. athletes would have to get approval from a minimum of three administrative members like the president, the vice president and a faculty member recommending the student. >> we want to be sure that hard workers are rewarded. you should not get rewarded for doing nothing, you should get rewarded for how hard you study. >> it is unfair that there is an opportunity for individuals who might have resources to gain the system. >> lawmakers are hoping their bills are heard month they would not apply to private universities. new details this morning. another nuclear summit is planned for next month. president trump is expected to meet with the south korean president on u. s. soil to discuss korean peninsula diplomacy. president trump held a
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rally in grand rapids, michigan last night, his first since the mueller report was submitted in the president had a few choice words about the democrats ongoing investigation. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bull [ bleep ]. partisan investigation . >> according to the attorney general's summary, the investigation found no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. the president has declared himself vindicated and exonerated. as president trump shifts his focus to 2020 a democrat hopeful announced he hopes to be our first openly president. he says his message stands out from the other candidates. >> everybody brings the experiences they have in mind is one of executive government
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leadership in troubling time in addition to military experience. it is time for this generation to be putting forward more leaders. >> the democratic field has a new contender, the mayor of miramar, florida. the trump administration continues to say problems are brewing along the mexico border with border agency workers stretched thin. aid groups are struggling to meet the needs of those detained at the border. >> reporter: president trump calling the situation at the u. s.-mexico border or national emergency. he is taking action. >> i am telling you right now, we will close the [ bleep ] border. >> reporter: the department of defense is looking for sites to build new barriers between the two countries according to two dot officials. >> think of it. walls work, folks. we need the wall.
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>> reporter: the u. s. corps of engineer floor says they are building 11 miles in yuma, arizona. >> we will show you vast sections a brand-new, beautiful walls. >> reporter: as plans to boost the barrier move forward, there is another concern within the administration, border patrol facilities are bursting at the scenes and so were nongovernmental agencies that have opened their doors to migrants. >> we are already stretched. 100 would take us beyond and above the number we have every experience. >> reporter: homeland security secretary kristjen nielsen says the potential overflow of children in dhs custody represents our most acute humanitarian risk. i am john lawrence reporting. >> secretary nielsen also told congress her department's funds are running low even though it recently received more money for operational and
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humanitarian work. it is 4:40 am. >> a pricey instrument
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i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have information on the shooting in the west oakland bart station last night. a woman was shot and she is now at the hospital. that station was closed down for about an hour with trains just running through. it is now reopen . that happened
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just before 11:30 pm last night. bart investigators are still reviewing surveillance footage this morning. a woman could face theft charges after she walked away with the teenage musicians violin. william has been playing the violin eight years. the student said he got distracted and accidentally left it on the 38 muni bus last month. shortly after, woman was seen on video picking it up and walking off. a few hours after police posted her picture on social media yesterday, they located her and the violin. >> she turned it in herself. she liked, apologized. i would be okay. >> it is somewhat suspicious the violin was returned only after the publicity and this person's picture got out. >> police are trying to find out her motive and determine if she will face any charges.
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new rules are coming to disney theme parks. starting in may, large strollers will not be allowed inside. the ban includes the stroller wagons. parents use them to keep up with multiple kids who might be too big for a baby stroller. disney is also banning smoking and vaping inside its thing parks. you could own an iconic piece of tv history in the bay area. the san francisco home featured in full house and "fuller house" is going back on the market next month. the pacific heights victoria is under control of the producer. he purchased the house for a cool $4 million in 2016. animal control in paolo whelchel brought a screech owl back to life with a hairdryer. the owl was found in a palo alto backyard. one workers said he never thought the reason he would be
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late for a meeting with the boss would be because he was blow drying an owl but that is what it was. it is friday and we are getting a break in the rain. >> we are looking at great weather, finally, for the end of the work week into the weekend. enjoy it because we are tracking the next storm system that will bring a return of the rain. here is a live look at the salesforce tower camera. we are looking at mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. we are getting some clearing and we will continue to see that today. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. concord, good morning to you at 45, oakland 52, livermore 47, 51 in san francisco. high def doppler is mainly dry. we have a few showers across the north bay in the coast. we have a shower right over dillon beach this morning. let's track the divisibility. in some spots we are looking at dense fog, especially in the north bay, napa, you are down to a quarter mile. we have dense fog in napa this morning. you can expect mostly cloudy skies, we are starting to see clearing and mainly dry today with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. it gets even better for our weekend. we are looking at plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures as we go through saturday and sunday. we are looking good at 132% of average in santa rosa, 112% in
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san francisco, 110% in livermore and 109% in san jose. more rain is coming next week but in the meantime, the low pressure system that brought the showers and thunderstorms yesterday is moving out. a high pressure is moving in today and through the weekend. just to show you as we take you through the afternoon, here is the sun at 5 pm. enjoy it. saturday we have plenty of sunshine and that continues into sunday. it gets even warmer on sunday. let's fast forward to next week. that is when we have our next chance for showers beginning tuesday, wednesday and likely into thursday of next week. the pollen count, because of at least the drier weather mag, we will see the pollen count increase as we go through the weekend. 60 in san francisco for the high today, 61 in oakland, 65 in san jose, as well as livermore. concord you are coming in at 63
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for daytime temperatures. there we go with the warm-up in the 70s for inland locations saturday and sunday, even on monday inland and we have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast tuesday, wednesday and on thursday. in the meantime, enjoy this break from the rain. we have a trouble spot working your way through the castro valley. right at 580 chp has issued a traffic alert for an accident involving a big rig. there is no word on if and injuries are involved but there is a traffic alert because there is a fuel spill in lanes about 35 gallons. that will take some time to get out of the way. two lanes blocked northbound 238 at 580 when you come out of castro valley. that is just a heads-up, 14 minute drive time as you work your way from 680 to the 238
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/880 connector. we will keep a close eye on that. if you're working your way into the south bay this morning, so far so good along the 101. 680 to 85 is only in jik11 minute drive. the 101 out of the south bay is clear all the way into the peninsula. if you have an early flight to catch at sfo you shouldn't run into any trouble on the freeway. from san jose all the way to his sfo, it is an easy 38 minute drive time. looking at traffic in and out of san francisco, this is not too far from hospital curve. traffic is pretty light with a couple cars on the roadway but southbound 101 is moving nicely, as well as the northbound side to transfer to the lower deck of the bay bridge. here is a san mateo bridge. traffic is light working your way westbound. about 14 minutes to go between 880 and 101. a special honor for jay z and the rock 'n' roll hall of
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fame welcomes its new inductees today. >> reporter: janet jackson, stevie nicks and def leppard are among the artists being inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame tonight in new york city. def leppard front man joe elliott says he is a little nervous about his acceptance speech because it will be in front of a typical concert crowd. >> what is everybody doing? are you ready to rock? that is a lot easier. hopefully you don't forget anybody. >> reporter: other inductees include the cure and radiohead. >> reporter: amazon's original series hannah debbie use today. >> it is about a young girl discovering the world for the very first time. the series follows a girl raised in the forest as she is pursued by a rogue c.i.a. agent will try to find out the truth about who she really is. another award for jay z. he is receiving ncaa pc president's
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award. they say he is being recognized for setting lights on issues that plagued the back black community. that is your eye on entertainment. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. this might be a common theme. madison bumgarner was great, but did he get any help from his offense? the a's don't need a lot of offense when they have events like this.
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good friday morning to you. we made it to the end of the work week with beautiful
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weather mag ahead. san jose and santa clara are 65. concord will be 63 later today. enjoy mostly to partly sunny skies. berkeley and oakland 61, 62 in alameda. your weekend forecast is coming up in a few minutes. if you're getting ready to head out the door and take the castro valley 238/580 area, chp has shut down two lanes for of big rig accident and fuel spill. this is a live look at the backup. you are seeing some pretty substantial delays. no word as to win those lanes will reopen. they are shut down, at least two of them, the middle lanes northbound 238 right at 580. that will affect her drive trying to connect to the nimitz freeway via the castro valley freeway. the home opener in oakland yesterday where the a's began a stretch of 18 straight games
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without a day off. 2-0 fourth inning, marcus simeon gone. he is 4 5-11 to start the season. chris davis, look at they are winning 4-0. here is bob melvin on the power hour. >> we have been known to hit some homers. i can't remember the last time i saw one go on the upper deck in left field. he has been here for a few years and i don't think he is even hit when there. >> it just happened so fast. it is one of those things where you travel that far and a lot of things that came into it. it is nice to get back home.
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i think everything will slow down a little bit and we can take care of business and just play baseball. >> in san diego, the final season for the giants skipper. in the third, 1-0 lead for the padres. the last chance for the g-man. brandon belt goes down looking and buster posey struck out to end the game. san francisco got just one baserunner to second base. they had five heads. san diego won 2-0. >> commanding stuff was pretty much there the whole game. >> we are all healthy. i think it is nice to win but it is a long season. >> the sharks tried to stop their fall against chicago. later in the second period, the blackhawks score the go-ahead call. they handed their seventh straight loss to the sharks. they have fallen and they can't get up. final four is still a week
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away. we will find out who was going this weekend. stay tuned on the big five post game show tonight. have a great weekend. it is 4:56 am. >> coming up, the shooter on the loose in oakland this morning. the gunfire that rang out overnight at a bart station parking lot. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100.
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 225, a station forced to shut down as gunshots fly nearby. developing this morning, police are trying to track down the gunman. another measles scare, this time in alameda county. the warning for patrons that one busy restaurant. looking live from our exclusive salesforce tower camera, we are getting a much needed break from the rain. good morning. it is friday, march 29. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it looks like the sun is showing up for the weekend. >> get ready for a great day. happy friday to you. enjoy the sunshine. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. we are looking at clearing. we are seeing clearing of areas of fog and lynn with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with a beautiful weekend ahead. sunshine and springlike temperatures. i will let you know how warm it will get coming up. looking at the roadways, we


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