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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 29, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 225, a station forced to shut down as gunshots fly nearby. developing this morning, police are trying to track down the gunman. another measles scare, this time in alameda county. the warning for patrons that one busy restaurant. looking live from our exclusive salesforce tower camera, we are getting a much needed break from the rain. good morning. it is friday, march 29. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it looks like the sun is showing up for the weekend. >> get ready for a great day. happy friday to you. enjoy the sunshine. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. we are looking at clearing. we are seeing clearing of areas of fog and lynn with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with a beautiful weekend ahead. sunshine and springlike temperatures. i will let you know how warm it will get coming up. looking at the roadways, we have a traffic alert this
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morning working your way through the castro valley. we have an accident and a fuel spill. you can see in our maps, there is a big line of red. we have slow and go speeds working out of the westbound side of 580 and also on the northbound 238 side coming off a 580. it is very slow through that area. no word as to when the lanes will clear. the two middle lanes are blocked. we are looking at 20 minute delays right now. you can see that in our life shot. traffic is backed up heading to that area. this is the castro valley near castro boulevard, that might be an option. you can always use bart. bart is on time heading through there. try to avoid that area, if you can, until they clear it out of lanes. how about this for friday light? we are in the green through the altamont pass, only 27 minutes. that is a great commute between 205 and 680. the eastshore freeway is a 60 minute ride from hercules into emeryville down to the macarthur maze. highway 4 looks good and no delays along 101. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. if you're parking at the walnut creek bart station you have a new option. the south parking garage, the new one, is now open. in the meantime, they are or two service lots closing today, the north and east. we also want to give you new information on pope francis, who just issued some sweeping new sex abuse legislation. this
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is going to require abuse allegations against children to be reported to prosecutors and not just children, actually, vulnerable people, which he has defined as people who are sick or could not otherwise understand the crime being perpetrated against them. it is a largely symbolic move at the vatican but the pope is hoping this will eventually spread worldwide, as far as a new way of thinking by the catholic church. police are investigating a shooting in the parking lot of a bart station. this happened last night and forced a brief closure of the west oakland bart station. the station was reopened about 11:20 pm. so far, investigations have not uncovered the shooter yet this
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morning. let's go to kpix 5's jackie ward live in livermore this morning. >> >> reporter: this morning, california public health officials are trying to track down anyone who ate at sauced bbq and spirits last saturday night, march 23, between the hours of 8 pm and 11 pm. alameda health officials are worried about infants under- year-old, pregnant women and those with a weakened immune system. they say all of those people are at a greater risk of contracting measles, even if the patient wasn't exhibiting the characteristic rash. >> it should've been eradicated a long time ago. >> we should be able to go anywhere we want and not worry about it, at least our children and grandkids and things like that. >> reporter: after exposure, it can take seven to 14 days
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before people can develop symptoms. in that window, if someone was exposed and is not back he needed, doctors can administer an anybody to hopefully prevent the virus from igniting. in livermore, jackie ward, kpix 5 news. i am emily turner. the parents involved in the college admissions scandal will be in court today for the very first time, including those from the bay area. they are accused of being part of the largest college
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admission scandal uncovered in u. s. history. 50 people are accused of participating in the fraud and bribery scheme. you are looking at these 13 bay area parents accused of being involved. they are scheduled to appear in court at 11 am in boston in a federal court room. as a result of the scandal, group of five california lawmakers announced yesterday a package of sweeping reforms for the college admissions process. they include phasing out the sat and the act, banning preferential treatment for applicants related to donors or alumni, as well as the checks and balances system in the admissions process. >> we want to be sure that hard work is rewarded. you should not get rewarded because of the family were born into. you should be rewarded for howard to study. >> reporter: 20 other parents have been accused of participating, including two hollywood actresses. 13 coaches are also charged as part of the case. the parents who were set to be in court today, unless they have requested other dates and many people will be keeping a close eye on how today goes. disturbing jill video has been made public showing an inmate being rushed by six placer county deputies.
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the man gets violently shoved in a corner and attacked. this video is two years old but was released last night by an attorney after class action lawsuit was settled in court. the case has led to the firing of three placer county officials. >> claims went out to over 15,000 people. we got back 458 claims for excessive force. >> so far, it is unclear if anymore deputies will be fired or punished because of the incident. a four-year-old boy who found a loaded gun under a bed in oakland and accidentally shot himself remains hospitalized in critical condition. the mother of na'vaun jackson, brijjanna price, says her son has a critical brain injury and doctors will be monitoring him closely in the coming days. >> i have to be strong. i am holding in there. i have a lot of pain. i am pushing through. >> the person took ownership of it and told police it was his gun and that my daughter did
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not know it was there. we are praying for him, as well. it is a tragedy all the way around. >> the man who owns a gun is under arrest facing gun and child cruelty charges. he is expected to face those charges in court as soon as this morning. a preliminary conclusion has been reached in the ethiopia plane crash investigation. the washington post is reporting that authorities are releasing data from the black boxes and they believe the 737 max 8 had the stall prevention feature activated before nose- dived and crashed into the ground. experts say it is the strongest indication yet that the same automated system was activated during a lion air flight that crashed in indonesia last year. almost 350 people were killed in the two crashes. the 737 max 8 jets are grounded across the u. s. southwest airlines is reducing a huge number of flights through april 20. southwest is the largest carrier at monetta international airport in san jose and oakland airport. president trump is turning the mueller report into a political weapon. he took the stage in michigan last night at his first campaign rally since the release of that report.
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>> the russia hoax is finally dead. >> president trump took swings at democrats who have their own investigations into him. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bull [ bleep ]. >> house republicans are now demanding adam schiff resign as committee chairman. the president took it a step further tweeting he should be forced to resign from congress. >> my colleagues may think it is okay that the russians offered dirt on a democratic
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candidate for president as part of what was described as a russian government's effort to help the trump campaign. you might think that is okay. >> democrats are still pushing for the full release of the mueller report. they are threatening to subpoena the report if it is not released by tuesday. lyft is going public today and one of the most highly anticipated tech ipos this year. shares are priced at $72 each, which gives the company evaluation of $24 billion. lyft is the first rideshare company to make its stock market debut. uber is expected to go public later this year. wells fargo is naming a temporary new ceo after his former ceo stepped down following a string of scandals for the san francisco bay's financial institution. tim sloan said he would hand over his role as ceo and president effective immediately. the board of directors said they have chosen alan parker as interim ceo and president. a show of support is planned for teachers in the fremont unified school district. their union said parents, students and community members will take place in a walk in at every school building in the district. it is set to begin a half hour before classes start this morning. the district and union are at
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a purchases private school
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is headed for silicon valley. it's tuition is keeping pace with the housing market. the international for-profit school called the avenues is opening in san jose. the price is not definite yet but based on the manhattan location means it could be close to $50,000 per year. a statement from the school says avenues offers financial assistance programs to highly qualified students, regardless of their families' income. silicon valley is expected to open in 2021. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. gas prices and gridlock are part of bay area lady byng. some cities have been ranked as a good deal. there is a new list of the 10 best places to live for people who have to commute to san
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francisco. pacifica, followed by san mateo, san rafael, san bruno and south san francisco all averaging about a half hour commute into san francisco whether on public transit or driving. >> i love it. >> it is on the lighter side usually. >> i think sale city is one of the best places to live in the bay area. >> the average commute time wasn't the only consideration. they also factored in median home prices, school ratings and anne mackovec has been trying to talk me into it. >> come to the peninsula. >> the east bay is beautiful and a little warmer sometimes but there is nothing like living in san francisco. we will start off with the bay bridge. we have a traffic alert in effect on 238. i will get to that in a second. they turned on the metering lights then we see delays working your way out of oakland into san francisco. there is a crash reported near the metering lights just past
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the toll plaza. it looks like it is to the left shoulder and not blocking any lanes, but it may slow you down. they did trigger the metering lights because of that. let's jump to this other trouble spot. you can see on the map. it is yellow and red heading into the castro valley this morning. we have a big rig accident. there is a fuel spill and lanes. caltrans is trying to get to the scene to mop it up. it is a big mass. northbound 238 at 580 has two lanes blocked. 580 going from 682 the 238/880 freeway. if you're commuting to the nimitz freeway and go through the castro valley, try surface streets, castro valley boulevard is a possibility. bart is on time and you can useo that instead. here is a look from our caltrans cameras. they moved the camera to show you the activity happening in the area. there is a big baca behind it. at least two lanes are blocked until further notice. we will continue to keep you updated on that. we have some stop and go
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conditions near the nimitz freeway. that is from earlier construction. the san mateo bridge, traveling out of hayward over to foster city, traffic is moving pretty light to hear. that is one of the bright spots this morning. no big delays working your way across the span. once you get on the 101, you are doing okay out of the south bay. 280, that is not the case northbound on meridian. we do have a crash but it is over to the right shoulder. it is not causing a backup through there. once you are through there, you are clear all the way to the peninsula. your average speeds on 101 of the south bay toward sfo is only about 37 minutes. it is a very easy commute heading through there. caltrain is on time, so was bart and muni. you are good to go with mass transit this morning. it is dry today. we get a break from the weather. here is mary. >> we have beautiful weather and store all across the bay area. here is a live look at our salesforce tower camera with clouds out there. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. concord is 44, oakland, good
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morning to you, you are 52. 44 in livermore, 51 in san francisco. high def doppler, for the most part we are dry this morning. i am tracking a few spotty showers for the north bay. you can see right around grenville a few spotty showers this morning. let's track the visibility. inland locations are dealing with foggy conditions as we start off the day. we are looking at a mile from napa right now. earlier it was down to a quarter mile. just some dense fog in spots. we are beginning to see clearing. we are seeing clearing as we head into the day. it is mainly dry with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies, sunny and warm for the weekend ahead. here is ace low pressure system
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continuing to move out we are tracking a ridge of high pressure that will build in for us not just today but for the weekend. futurecast, as we go through afternoon, we will see the clearing with the sunshine. as we had through saturday, the sunshine continues, especially into sunday. we are really going to warm up with springlike weather into the 70s for our weekend. our next chance for showers taking you through next week, we are talking about showers on tuesday, wednesday and likely into thursday. enjoy this nice break from the rain. the pollen count, we are looking at medium levels today but it will skyrocket saturday and especially for sunday and monday. heads-up, allergy sufferers. the scale will be up to 12. it is high sunday and monday for the pollen count. to the tahoe report, 14 inches at northstar, a great weekend to hit the slopes.
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squaw valley had 7 inches of new snow. daytime highs below average for this time of year, 60 in san francisco, 61 oakland, 63 in fremont, 61 san rafael and 65 in san jose. by the way, if you're heading out to the game, the a's are taking on the angels again today. 7:07 pm we will have partly cloudy skies and we are in the upper 50s. here is your seven-day forecast. enjoy a beautiful, gorgeous weekend with that sunshine. 70s inland saturday and mid 70s inland on sunday. we are still warm on monday with showers returning tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. let's go to space. the international space station, this is a live look at the second spacewalk of this mission to install new batteries in the station's solar power system. you might recall this was supposed to be the first all- female spacewalk in history. we were supposed to have two women astronauts competing the
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mission. it turns out they only had one spacesuit to fit a woman. they had to send a man out with her. they are now completing this mission. we will watch that for you here at the live news desk. >> you have to remedy that situation with the suit. >> you can send a man to the moon but you cannot make sure you had to cope properly fitting spaces. it was a black eye for nasa. >> you would think they would think about that before it happened, these of the smartest people on the planet. >> they didn't put a lot of thought into clothing. it was really unfortunate. hopefully, we will have that all-female spacewalk coming up real soon. speaking of nasa, scientists there are looking for people , 24 volunteers to be
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exact, who want to spend two months lying down. participants will do everything in a reclined position, eat, shower, exercise, even get dressed. the pay is about $19,000. nasa is working with two other space agencies on the study. they want to see exactly how bodies change in a weightless environment, like living in space. some of the participants will spend time in
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we have a sigalert northbound 238 red at 580. we have a big rig tangled up with another vehicle. two lanes are blocked and a fuel spill. it will take time to clear the side of the roadway. we have delays working way through the map. chp says a big rig and larger vehicles have been approved to use 580. you can use surface street, cut over to 580 as an alternate. bart is on time, you can use this coming out of the castro valley. a new study by johns hopkins medical school suggests omega-3 fatty acids could help combat asthma symptoms by lowering inflammation.
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children who ate more foods rich in omega-3s like fish and nuts were less likely to experience wheezing and chest tightness while other fatty acids had the opposite effect. mosquitoes are more attracted to people according to researchers at florida international university. they say the findings could help design new and improved mosquito repellent. surgeons at johns hopkins university have successfully transplanted a kidney between two people living with hiv. a 35-year-old became infected through a blood transfusion at six weeks old. she donated her kidney to an anonymous recipient on monday. doctors say both are doing well. the anti-overdose drug narcan can be obtained in vending machines in the las vegas area. nevada health officials say the easily available narcan is making a big difference with opioid addiction the southern part of the state. narcan blocks the effects opioids have on the body and in some cases, can prevent oprah doses.
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the vending machines will have other health related items. a growing number of colleges and universities are offering teams to play e- sports. >> some doctors are asking for the gamers to be treated like other athletes. they also suffer injuries. research in the british journal of medicine looked at players and found they averaged about five to 10 hours of gaming training daily. many report overuse injuries like hand and wrist pain and neck and back pain. >> posture can do things to your neck, back and shoulder. eye fatigue is the most commonly reported complaints from these pixelated images. >> players also reported insomnia because a blue light from screens can suppress the sleep hormone, melatonin. so far, 80 colleges and universities in the u. s. have e-sport teams. a volcano near mexico city is spewing ash this morning.
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at ross. yes for less. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a powerful eruption burst into the mexican sky overnight. this morning, alert levels on the rise. a measels outbreak across the bay area. the latest city exposed this morning. let's take a live look outside. it is partly cloudy but we have a break for the rain. when he could return. it is friday, march 29. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. mary lee is tracking the break in the rain. >> we are looking at a beautiful day ahead today and for the weekend. it is just in time for our
5:31 am
weekend that we get the break in the rain. we are tracking some low clouds out there . we also have areas of fog. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s, a cool start to the day. your weather headlines, areas of fog, especially for the north bay this morning but we are tracking low clouds. we will see clearing for the afternoon. we are mainly dry, mostly to partly sunny skies, nice day across the bay area and a beautiful weekend ahead. sunshine and springlike temps. i will let you know how warm it gets coming up. we have trouble out there working your way through the castro valley today 238 just before 580 we have the report of a big rig accident. chp has issued a sigalert. that big rig is stuck in at least two lanes. there is a mess a fuel spill, as well. you will need some time while they mop up the mess. we have a pretty substantial backup going through the map. slow and go conditions coming off of 580. it is beyond redwood at this point. 20 minutes. if you are taking 582 get through the castro valley, use castro valley boulevard is a
5:32 am
possibility or bart. we will get you some updates on the backup. it looks like it is building. we have a photographers headed out to the scene. avoid that area until this is cleared out of the roadway. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have new video from a volcano in mexico city going off right now. it has been spewing ash for a couple of days. some of that is going more than a mile away from the volcano and causing fires in nearby pastors. authorities are keeping an eye on that. it was just in 2000 when a huge explosion from that volcano caused the evacuation of nearly 50,000 people near mexico
5:33 am
city. developing news now. police are investigating a shooting at the parking lot of a bart station. it happened last night and forced a brief closure of the west oakland bart station. the station was reopened about 11:20 pm. investigators have released few details about the shooting, including the condition of the woman who was shot. they say the shooter is still at large this morning. >> reporter: another possibles measles exposure, this time in the east bay. this morning, health officials are trying to find people who ate here at sauced bbq and spirits last saturday night, march 23, between the hours of 8 pm and 11 pm. alameda county officials award for certain groups of people, infants under your old, pregnant women and those with a weakened immune system. they say those people are at a greater risk for contracting measles, even if the patient was not exhibiting the characteristic rash. >> people with measles are infectious four days before the rash develops to four days afterwards. they may not necessarily have symptoms in the very early
5:34 am
days. >> reporter: after exposure, can take up to two weeks before people can develop symptoms. if someone has been exposed and is not vaccinated, doctors can administer the most kind of common anybody into your blood. the health department has evaluated all of their staff and there is no risk of them having the infection. in livermore, jackie ward, kpix 5 news. another nuclear summit is planned for next month. president trump is expected to meet with the south korean president on u. s. soil. it would be the first meeting since president trump's second summit with north korean leader, kim jong-un aung last month. those talks collapsed because of disagreements on us-led sanctions. the trump administration says enforcement agencies are stretched thin by a huge amount of asylum seekers at the u. s.-mexico border. border patrol facilities are bursting at the scenes and sewer nine sewer nine government agencies. locations near el paso, texas and yuma arizona are under consideration. overnight construction site
5:35 am
thefts are on the rise. it is causing contractors tens of thousands of dollars. detectives are looking into 14 different cases that started around february 1. contractors lop up there job site in the evening and show up in the morning to find their expensive, professional tools gone. >> they are able to get through a door that was maybe left over and then other times they will use pry bars to pry open doors or windows. >> police say the stolen tools
5:36 am
are worth about $83,000 but contractors are losing out on thousands more in labor costs when their employees show up and have no tools to use. a southern california couple is furious after they say their privacy was invaded and compromised during his stay at an air bnb. >> i actually came up to it and noticed there was a hidden camera right here. >> orange county police say it was a fake smoke detector hiding a hidden camera. the couple confronted the homeowner who said she put up the device that morning but the same device appears in the ab air bnb photo. >> she was like, i am to call the cost. i was like, call them. >> other people are doing it. go through the whole room and look for anything suspicious. >> the couple filed a police report. air bnb says they have removed the host and have refunded the renters. the town of paradise has issued the first building permit since a deadly and devastating camp wildfire. this couple lost their home and the fire. they plan to build a nearly identical home on the same lot. >> the floor plans are little bit bigger but this is our home and this is where we want to rebel. >> the camp fire essentially destroyed the town of paradise. parents involved in the college admissions schedule is
5:37 am
set to appear in a federal court in boston. five leaders in california want to phase out the act and sat and ban preferential admissions to applicants related to donors or alumni and created checks and balances system for special admissions. applicants would need recommendations from three members. >> we want to be sure that hard workers are rewarded. you should not be rewarded because of the family are born into. you should be rewarded for how hard you study. >> it is unfair there are opportunities for individuals who might have resources to game the system. >> lawmakers are hoping the bill will be heard in committee next month and it would not apply to private universities. >> reporter: there is a new legal battle over water.
5:38 am
stocks closed higher on wall street yesterday. the dow jones rose 91 points, the nasdaq added 25 and the s&p 500 added 10. they are expecting more gains in this morning. investors are hoping for progress in beijing where negotiators are now wrapping up two days of trade talks. treasury secretary steven mnuchin said there was a productive working dinner last night. a federal judge has rejected nestli's bid to throw out a lawsuit. the judge says it does not qualify as a genuine natural spring. >> the airline wow just a roughly shut down service. what do you do when that happens? >> reporter: travel experts say
5:39 am
immediately get in touch with another airline flying out of the same airport and book a new flight. often, other carriers will help with lower fares. iceland air has made an offer with this respect. this happened before when another airline shutdown and several airlines stepped in to fill the gap, including delta. get and use travel insurance. sometimes you sit on the fence on it. in this instance, it is worth the headache.
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new video this morning for minnesota shows the destruction of several soccer fields just outside minneapolis. police believe the two suspects drove into the fields overnight and spun donuts. some of the tire ruts are between 6 inches and 8 inches deep. the soccer club had 125 games scheduled at the field. now they are looking to play the nearby complex. a woman could face theft charges after walking away with a teenage musician's violin. >> william has been playing the violin eight years. he admits he got distracted and left the violin on the 38 muni bus last month. shortly after, woman was seen on video picking it up and walking off. a few hours after, police posted her picture on social media. they located her in the violin. they are trying to find out her motive and determine if she will face any charges. it is 5:40 am. a puppy pulled from a storm drain. what tipped off rescuers to this little pup in trouble. >>
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good friday morning to you. it is almost 5:43 am. here is a live look at or salesforce tower camera looking south. we are tracking areas of fog and low clouds this morning. we are catching a break from the rain. enjoy it. i am tracking the next storm system. i will show it to you on futurecast in a few minutes. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. keep your eye on the international space station. you're looking at live pictures from a space walk, the second to install new batteries for the solar power system. it was supposed to be a historic walk, the first all- female . that was scrubbed because nasa did not have the correct sized spacesuits for the two women to go out.
5:44 am
we have a multi-gender space walk going on right now, one man and one woman. missing a leg? it could be in sacramento. >> found a lower prosthetic leg and foot at liquor store. >> barb day is trying to get this prosthetic leg to its rightful owner. she says it was in the middle of the bushes when her friend picked it up and brought it to her house and left it there. it has a unique yellow flame on it in the foot could be a clue. she says she will keep the leg until she hears from its owner, no matter how long it takes. 5:44 am. a northern california couple to the rescue. >> they helped to rescue a puppy after it fell and got stuck inside a storm drain. the couple from stockton say they were driving around when they heard a cry for help.
5:45 am
they noticed two puppies on the side of the road. there was another one that had fallen through the narrow opening and couldn't get out. >> we were in the area going down memory lane, this is a high school i graduated from. we saw two dogs and we heard something. i parked my car and the puppies were waiting here for their sibling that was stuck in the drain. >> the animal control officer was able to get a lasso around the puppy's neck and pull it to safety. jeremy says he will be the first one in line once they are ready for adoption. >> i think i will join that line. >> i know. they are adorable. >> i love that they stopped to see if everything was okay. i love that. >> i just want to hug those puppies and cuddle them. >> we need them here in the studio.
5:46 am
friday light, maybe not? >> we have this trouble spot on 238. it has been there at least an hour. we have a photographer headed to the scene to show you the backup. it is substantial. we have a big rig crash with a sigalert. you have two lanes blocked. the major problem is there is a mess a fuel spill. chp is reporting about 35 gallons of diesel fuel, as well as hydraulic fluid. that will take some time for caltrans to get out there and put some absorbent on the freeway to mop up this mess. big delays heading through there. you can see traffic is crawling by. what you get pass the scene it opens up nicely headed towards 880. if you are trying to get over to 880, hop on some surface streets. you can exit castro valley boulevard, get back on 580. they are allowing big rigs and larger vehicles to use 580 in the meantime to avoid some of these delays. it is pretty backed up beyond redwood at this point. a slow ride, 20 minutes or more at this point traveling from westbound 580 between 680 to the 238/880 connector. the crash is on 280 right
5:47 am
before the 580 connector. pack your patience heading out the door this morning. we have a car fire heating things up at 101 near bailey. it is slow anyway working your way out of morgan hill this morning. we have sluggish conditions there. we see a few brake lights northbound 101 out of san jose. just north of there had broken down vehicle northbound 101 stuck in one lane. you might see some delays but passed there good news. you are clear from this point at least heading toward sfo on the northbound side of 101. 280 looks good along the peninsula. earlier troubles at the metering lights, it is off to the shoulder, you are backed up almost to the maze at this point. the roadways are dry. we are catching a nice break from the rain today and for the weekend. it is perfect timing for a weekend. we are taking you out to the east bay. good morning to you in berkeley with partly cloudy skies. the uc berkeley campus is 47
5:48 am
degrees. it is a cool start, the 40s and 50s across the bay area, 44 in concord, 44 in livermore, san francisco 50, 48 in san jose and santa rosa is 47. here is high def doppler. we are drive for the most spot but we have some showers over granville. we are tracking visibility because areas of fog this morning are here, especially across the north bay you can see for a mile in napa. this is what you can expect for your weather headlines. we have low clouds, areas of fog this morning. we will see a mainly dry day for your friday with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and a great weekend ahead with sunshine and and warmer temperatures. we are still looking great at 132% of average of rainfall ,
5:49 am
112% in san francisco, 110% for livermore since october 1 and 109% in san jose. the satellite and radar view, the low pressure system is moving out. that is what brought the showers and thunderstorms yesterday. this ridge of high pressure will be moving in today and through the weekend. on futurecast, taking you through the afternoon, we will see that clearing with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. that is for saturday and sunday. we will have the sunshine and it will really warm up for the weekend, especially by sunday. if you wanted the warmer weather, you have it this weekend. next week we are seeing the showers return by tuesday, wednesday and likely into thursday. enjoy this break for the rain. pollen count, we are looking at medium levels for today. it is not the best news for allergy sufferers. the pollen count is 112, really high by sunday and monday. sunrise is at 6:59 am and sunset is 7:29 am. daytime highs a little bit lower than what we normally see for this time of year but still
5:50 am
63 in moundsville, 65 in santa clara and san jose, morgan hill is coming in 64 and brentwood. berkeley will see a high of 61 including alameda at 62. there we go with the warmer weather mag. enjoy the sunshine this weekend. it is still warm on monday with showers returning tuesday through thursday. the legacy of late san francisco supervisor harvey miller will live on high in the sky. you can look at this new dreamliner from norwegian airlines. it has his face on the tail. the ceo wanted to pay tribute to his bravery and courage. he was the first openly elected gay politician. he was assassinated. no code this is our moment. this is our goal.
5:51 am
this is our efforts, our mountain to scale. sting was in san francisco to promote a musical set to take the stage at the golden gate theatre next year. the rockstar is taking on the lead role in the show. sting is no stranger to big crowds and says no matter the medium, the audience always wants one thing. >> the key element in any art form for me is surprised. i want to be surprised when i listen to music or watch a play or a booby. when i perform, i want to surprise you. >> the show will arrive at the golden gate theatre next year. it is 5:51 am. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak, grandma's sampler, and our signature chicken n' dumplins. so, come on home to what you love. come on home to cracker barrel.
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it is finally friday. i have been ready for friday since monday. here is a live look with our treasure island camera. you can see the low clouds out there. we are also tracking areas of
5:55 am
fog this morning. we will also have sunshine later today and a big warm-up for our weekend. details are coming up. we have a major traffic alert. we have a live shot, it is bumper-to-bumper working your way westbound 580 connecting to westbound to 38. that is where there is a big rig accident and a major fuel spill in lanes. two lanes are blocked so that means there are fewer lanes for traffic to squeeze by. use castro valley boulevard. you can use bart, as well. there are stop and go conditions in this area until they clear the side of lanes. we have more details coming up in the next few minutes. a bay area couple is home safe after a trip they will never forget. >> they boarded a viking cruise ship hoping to see the northern lights but found themselves plucked off the ship in a dramatic helicopter rescue. a week into their 10 day cruise, a storm cut out three
5:56 am
of the four engines of the ship. the norwegian navy sent a helicopter to rescue passengers one by one. this woman was one of the first rescued. >> will all of a sudden, one of the helicopter crew went like that and we were taken off into the sky, up to the helicopter. >> the couple did get to see the northern lights. they also got their money back and viking said passengers will be invited back for another cruise. 5:55 am. police are looking for the gunman inner shooting steps from an east bay bart station. the investigation straight ahead. rideshare company lyft is about to lift off in the stock market. we are watching the new york stock exchange as the countdown continues.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
6:00 am
northern california parents charged in the college admission scheme had to court today as state lawmakers try to prevent similar scandals in the future. governor newsom is going after pg&e as the utility company works on his plan to emerge from bankruptcy. we have a traffic alert right now with traffic backed up big time on a bay area off freeway because of a fuel spill. it is friday, march 29. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. thanks for starting your morning off with us. mary, we are getting a break from the rain. >> that's right. enjoy it. we are tracking our next storm system that will bring the return of the rain. in the meantime, here is a live look weather salesforce tower camera tracking some low cloud


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