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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 29, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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northern california parents charged in the college admission scheme had to court today as state lawmakers try to prevent similar scandals in the future. governor newsom is going after pg&e as the utility company works on his plan to emerge from bankruptcy. we have a traffic alert right now with traffic backed up big time on a bay area off freeway because of a fuel spill. it is friday, march 29. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. thanks for starting your morning off with us. mary, we are getting a break from the rain. >> that's right. enjoy it. we are tracking our next storm system that will bring the return of the rain. in the meantime, here is a live look weather salesforce tower camera tracking some low cloud action over the city of san
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francisco. mid 40s right now at concord, upper 40s in oakland as well as low 40s in livermore. we have low clouds, areas of fog, especially for the north bay this morning, mainly dry this afternoon. we have mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. it will be a beautiful weekend ahead with sunshine and springlike temperatures. i will let you know how warm it will get it when we see the next chance for rain coming up. now we have a traffic alert . >> this is a tough one to navigate for commuters heading through the castro valley y. you can see the fuel spill on one of our live shots northbound on 238 right before 580. traffic is really backed up through the area. they are reporting about 35 gallons of fuel and hydraulic fuel in lanes. they have to toe the big rig off the freeway, as well. another vehicle was involved. they have not reported any injuries in the crash but backup is significant. try to avoid the area, if you can. you want to use castro valley boulevard as an alternate. drive times are right around 24 minutes coming off the 580. big rigs can use 580 instead, if you want to use castro
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valley boulevard, you can. we have a photographer headed to the scene. here is a live look. this is what is in store for you. it is just crawling along with the two lanes blocked. that only leaves the left lane open so traffic is single file squeezing through the area. it is tough getting to the 880 connector and very slow coming off of 580. we will update you this throughout the morning. police are investigating a shooting in the parking lot of a bart station. it happened last night and forced a brief closure of the west oakland station. it was reopened about 11:20 pm. so far, investigators have released few details about the shooting, including the condition of the woman he was shot. the shooter remains at large. more than a dozen bay area parents charged in the college admissions scandal are
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scheduled to appear in a federal court in boston as state lawmakers here push for a sweeping change at college campuses in california. 5 l want to phase out the sat and act and ban preferential admissions for applicants related to donors or alumni and create a checks and balances system for special omissions. a rain applicant would have to get approval from a minimum of three administrative members. >> we want to make sure that hard work is rewarded. you should not just get rewarded because of the family you are born into. you should be rewarded for how hard you study. it is unfair there is an opportunity for individuals who might have resources to game the system. >> lawmakers are hoping their bills are heard in committee next month. with past, they would not apply to private universities. another possibles measles exposure, this time in the east bay. let's get right to kpix 5's jackie ward live in livermore this morning. >> reporter: health officials are trying to track down anyone who ate here at sauced bbq and
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spirits last saturday night. that is march 23 between the hours of 8 pm and 11 pm. alameda county officials award for certain groups of people and this possible measles exposure. infants under-year-old, pregnant women and those with a weakened immune system are at a greater risk for contracting measles, even if the patient wasn't exhibiting the characteristic rash. >> you can have measles now? >> it should've been eradicated a long time ago. >> we should be able to go wherever we want without having to worry about it, at least our kids and grandchildren and things like that. >> reporter: after exposure, can take seven to 14 days before developing symptoms. in that window, if someone was exposed and not vaccinated, doctors can administer a common anti-body in your blood to hopefully stop the virus from igniting. sometimes symptoms don't show or appear in the very early
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days. in livermore, jackie ward, kpix 5 news. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. all eyes are on lyft and a press conference going on in new york. lyft will begin trading on the nasdaq in less than a half hour, at 6:30 am our time. in the ipo, lyft has priced its shares at $72. that gives the company a valuation of almost $25 billion. it is, of course, the number two ride healing company worldwide. uber's number one and plans to start its run on the nasdaq coming up in april. we see this happen, these exciting ipos, they drive prices up early on and often times fail a little bit.
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we will keep an eye on lyft prices this morning. governor newsom is blasting pg&e for proposed changes to its board of directors. the utility company has promised to replace at least half of its current board as the bankruptcy process plays out. governor newsom says pg&e is planning on bringing in board members from the financial sector and ignoring candidates with experience in wildfire safety saying quote, with this move, pg&e would send a clear message it is prioritizing quick profits for wall street over public safety and reliable and affordable energy service. pg&e released a statement as well, saying it heard the government's concerns and are adding board members to a perspective for potential safety problems. tim sloan said in a statement he will hand over his roles as ceo and president of wells fargo effective immediately. he is been under fire from lawmakers as the bank has dealt with one scandal after another in recent years.
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president trump has another nuclear summit scheduled next month. he is expected to meet with the southern korean president on u. s. soil just over a month after president trump had a second summit with north korean leader, kim jong-un. that meeting ended abruptly without any progress. the special council's report on russian meddling in the 2016 election is a huge point of contention between president trump and congressional democrats. at a campaign rally in michigan last night, president trump also took aim at democrats amidst of their own investigations into the issue. democrats say they may subpoena the report if attorney general william barr does not release it by tuesday. >> the russia hoax is finally dead. >> thank you, mr. attorney general, we do not need your interpretation. show us the report. we can draw our own conclusions. we don't need you determining for us. >> cbs news has learned special counsel robert mueller's report is more than 300 pages long.
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the black boxes from a downed boeing 737 are providing more answers about the crash that has similar planes grounded worldwide. many parents are not too pleased with "the happiest place on earth". the new rules at disney. it is finally friday and we are getting a much needed break from the rain. we are tracking another rain system on futurecast. traffic is a parking lot to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast.
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good friday morning to you. we made it to the end of the work week and we have a pleasant, dry day in store for today and for the weekend. we have a live look from the salesforce tower cameras. you can actually catch mount diablo there. we will talk about how warm it will get this weekend and we will see the next storm on futurecast coming up. a preliminary conclusion has been reached in the ethiopian plane crash investigation. the wall street journal is reporting the anti-stall system was believed to have been activated. that is the same error reported during the lion air frack crashed earlier last year. southwest airlines is reducing a huge number of flights because of the groundings through april 20. it is currently evaluating future reductions. southwest is the largest carrier at monetta international in san jose and the oakland airport. a new bill is taking aim at porch pirates. a plan on the table today would expand the burglary section of the state penal code to explicitly include porches, doorsteps and other areas where packages are delivered. south bay assemblyman evan low introduced it. he said the law needs to catch up with the way people live and shop.
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new rules at disney theme parks are not sitting well with visitors. large strollers will not be allowed inside, including the stroller wagons that parents use to keep up with multiple kids who may be too big for a baby stroller starting in may. they are also banning smoking and vaping inside its thing parks. the golden gate theatre just made a big announcement about upcoming acts. >> one of the performers is rockstar staying. >> ♪ this is our moment. this is our goal. this is our everest, our mountain to scale ♪ >> he was in san francisco to promote his musical. he wrote and produced the play and is taking on the lead role. >> these are the key elements, surprised. i want to be surprised when i go see a musical, a play or a movie. when i perform, i want to surprise. >> the show will arrive at the golden gate theatre next year.
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we will go right over to the traffic alert right now. >> it has been a mess and continues to be making your way through the castro valley y. we have a jackknifed big rig and a fuel spill. another vehicle was involved in this accident. two lanes are blocked leaving only one lane for traffic to squeeze by. this is northbound 238 at the 580 interchange. we have a big backup behind it. up our photographer just drove through the area we saw a lot of stop and go traffic is
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working your way through there. here is video we took moments ago. you can see all that activity in the right two lanes. they have the big rig, caltrans has been called to the scene. they will have to put absorbent on the freeway to mop up the mess. they are reporting 34 or 35 gallons of fuel spilled in lanes. that will take some time to clear this out of the roadway. it is a big backup working your way through there. we have delays beyond redwood at this point. they did run a traffic break to ease some of the congestion but use castro valley boulevard and hop on 580. big rigs can use 580, as well. that is not typical but you do have permission to scoot around those delays. we have delays just east of there on 580 at the altamont pass. westbound is the typical commute direction out of tracy toward 580 near north flynn. eastbound on the flipside, you will see stop and go conditions, also. there is will work happening at the railroad tracks. that is slowing traffic down in both directions heading through there. in san francisco, east 80 at the ninth street exit we have the report of a crash locking at least one center lane. traffic is slowing go through there. you can see the flashing lights at the bottom of your screen.
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if you're trying to get on 80, especially the lower deck of the bay bridge headed towards the east bay, you will find some delays there. the laser on the westbound side coming out of oakland into san francisco at the toll plaza. metering lights are on. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. that will continue with really pleasant weather for a weekend just in time for a weekend. a high pressure built-in for us with drier air over the next few days. here is a live look from the salesforce tower camera. we have some clearing going on and that will be the case through the day. temperatures right now are in the 40s and 50s. it is a cool start, concord in the mid 40s, oakland is in the upper 40s, livermore is in the lower 40s and san francisco is 50. we are dry for the most part. that is great to see. we are tracking a few spotty showers over the s north bay.
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we are also looking at the visibility. some spots it is reduced because of the fog. we are down to a half-mile in napa. parts of our inland locations are dealing with the fog this morning. we will see the clearing for all of us as we have my through the day. mainly dry, looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and a big warm-up in store with us with sunshine. the satellite and radar view, there is a low pressure system that brought the showers and thunderstorms yesterday. that moves out of here. this ridge of high pressure will move in and bring sunshine and warmer weather as we go through the afternoon, we have clearing with sunshine later on today. there is plenty of sun for your saturday and especially on sunday. it gets even warmer than. we are fast forwarding into the weekend and next week and we are looking at our next chance for rain. the next storm system will be next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that will bring the return of the rain. because of the rain we had this week, at least the pollen count had been at the median levels. as we go through the weekend with drier and sunnier weather, the pollen count goes skyhigh by sunday into monday. the pollen count is from one to
6:18 am
12. by monday we are at and jik11. allergy sufferers, do what you can do get some relief. maybe allergy medications, netty pot, whatever you have to do. sunrise today is at 6:59 am and sunset is at 7:29 pm. we are looking at highs right about 65 in san jose. if you are heading out to the coliseum to cheer on the a's, they take on the angels today at 7:07 pm. first pitch will be partly cloudy in in the upper 50s. check out the sunshine. it is a beautiful, gorgeous weekend. get out there and enjoy it. 70 inland saturday, mid 70s on sunday. here is dennis with sports. this might be a common theme. madison bumgarner was great, but did he get any help from his offense?
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the a's don't need a whole lot of offense when they have defense like this. opening day reaction coming up. before we go, check out th
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the home opener in oakland yesterday where the a's began a stretch of 18 straight games without a day off. the first pitch was bounced. he has never been known for his
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arm strength. 2-0 for thinning, marcus simeon is to do 5-11 to start the season. in the sixth, chris davis, look there. his second homer of the year. the a's won 4-0. here is bob melvin on the power hour. >> we have been known to hit some homers and i can't remember the last time i saw one go on the upper deck in the left-field. he has been your a few years and i don't think he is even hit one up there. >> it just kind of happened so fast. it is one of those things where you travel that far and a lot of other things came with it. it is nice to get back home. i think everything will slow down a little bit. we can just take your business and just play baseball. the final season as skipper. in the third, wil myers took the 1-0 lead for the padres. brandon belt goes down looking and buster posey struck out to end the game. san francisco got just one
6:24 am
baserunner to second base. they had five hits. san diego one 2-0. >> command was the biggest thing. commanding stuff was pretty much the whole game. >> we are all healthy. i don't think we will go 162-0 but it is a long season. >> the sharks were tied at 4-4. here is the go-ahead goal and chicago wins did you five-4 handing the sharks their seventh straight loss. they have fallen and they can't get up. the final four is a week away. we will find out who is going this weekend. stay tuned on the big five post game show tonight. have a great weekend. the sweet 16 wraps up today on kpix did you five at 4. it
6:25 am
is an acc rival duke and virginia tech. the hoagies upset the top- seeded blue devils just a few weeks ago. catch all the action here on kpix did you five. st. louis taking on milwaukee. >> right off the bench, the cardinals are going back to the deep right center field. >> the brewers lorenzo cain with the catch and the grab. milwaukee beat the cardinals did you five-4. the bay area is known for its nightmare commutes but some of us have it better than others. the city is making a new list of good deals for commuters. coming up, bay area parents will be in federal court in boston. i will tell you why and what is
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expected coming up. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . within the last few minutes, new developments in the overnight shooting outside an east bay bart station. we have the latest. shares of san francisco's lyft will be available to the public seconds when the markets open but there is a catch. it is friday, march 29. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. it is 6:29 am. let's check in with mary lee to see how much sunshine we are getting this weekend. >> i love to bring you good news on the a friday. it will be a fantastic friday across the bay area. here is a live look from the treasure island camera. we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s in downtown
6:30 am
san francisco. we have low clouds and areas of fog this morning, especially across the north bay, mainly dry today with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. enjoy it. we have a beautiful weekend ahead with sunshine and springlike temperatures. i will let you know how warm it will get this weekend and when we see her next storm system on futurecast coming up. we still have a traffic alert and it is a mess working your way toward 580 connecting near 238. the traffic alert continues. here is video we shot earlier this morning as a photographer went by the scene. we are dealing with a jackknifed big rig and a fuel spill. two right lanes are completely shut down. that only leads one lane open for traffic to squeeze by there. when i mean squeeze by, it is tough.
6:31 am
here is a live look at the back up and you can see it is crawling along on the westbound side. chp says there is no estimated time when the lanes will be open and this is cleared out of the way. use alternates in the meantime. since the backup is so bad, your best bet is to ditch the freeway and use castro valley boulevard. it is getting busier there and you can cut on two 580. chp says big rigs are allowed to use 580 in the meantime to ease the congestion and maybe you can utilize that on surface streets on 880 or the mid nimitz freeway. it is tough out of castro valley this morning. in san francisco we have an accident blocking east 880 at ninth street. it is causing a backup on 101 when you connect to east 80. trying to get on the lower deck of the bay bridge will be tough until they clear this out of lanes.
6:32 am
the bay bridge is stacked up with delays heading into san francisco. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have more information on the shooting in the park parking lot last night. the young woman has now died. a bart's 4x one person says she could be in her late teens or early 20s but she was shot at about 10:30 pm last night in the parking lot. they shut down the station with train just running through as they continued their investigation and they rushed this young woman to the hospital. they did not arrest a suspect. at this point, bart police are trying to compile a description. they have been reviewing their surveillance footage and they expect to have more information out soon. a four-year-old boy who found a loaded gun under a bed in oakland and accidentally shot himself remains in critical condition. his mother says he has a critical brain injury and doctors will be monitoring him closely in the coming days. >> i have to be strong. i am holding in there. i have a lot of pain. >> the person 's whose house it
6:33 am
was told police it was his gun and my daughter did not know it was there. we are praying for him as well because it is a tragedy all the way around. >> the man who owns a gun is under arrest facing gun and child cruelty charges. he is expected in court this morning. in just a few hours, it is time to face the consequences for some parents charged in the college admissions scandal. >> katie nielsen joins us live to explain in the newsroom. >> they are accused of being part of the largest college admissions scandal in u. s. history. 50 people are accused of participating in the fraud and bribery scheme. these of the 13 bay area parents accused of being
6:34 am
involved. they are scheduled to appear at 11 am our time in boston federal court. as a result of the scandal, a group of five california lawmakers announced yesterday a package of sweeping reforms for the college admissions process including phasing out the sat and sat, banning preferential treatment for applicants related to donors and alumni as well as a new checks and balances system. >> you should not be rewarded because of the family you are born into, you should be rewarded for how hard to study. >> 20 other parents are accused of participating, including two hollywood actresses. 13 coaches are also charged. it is the parents that are said to be in court today. we will be keeping a close eye on how today goes. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have gridlock and
6:35 am
cities are ranked as a good deal for commuters. property is out with a look at the newest 10 best places for people to live when they commute to san francisco. pacifica, followed by san mateo, san rafael, san bruno and south san francisco all averaged about a half hour commute into san francisco, whether on public transit or driving. >> i love it. >> it is on the lighter side with public transportation. >> south san francisco was one of the best places to live in the bay area. >> average commute time was not the only consideration. they also factored in median home price, school rankings and more. a new garage opened this morning as part of walnut creek's transit village that opens tomorrow. a spike in construction site thefts is causing
6:36 am
contractors to lose tens of thousands of dollars. investigators are looking into 14 cases since 1 february. contractors have been showing up to their jobsites in the morning to find their expensive tools gone. they are also missing out on labor costs when their employees show up and have no tools to do the job. congresses called on to allow the federal government to deport migrant children more quickly. in the letter to lawmakers, homeland security secretary kiersten nelson says the number of unaccompanied children arriving from central america poses a humanitarian rest. under current law, the government holds those children in custody while working to find a relative or sponsored to place them within the u. s. a federal judge has handed a setback to the trump administration regarding healthcare. a u. s. district judge said in order to make health plans available to end the affordable care act is illegal. he said part of the plan would have allowed small businesses to combine forces to allow cheaper plans outside the aca. lyft is cruising on wall street with its stock market debut just moments ago.
6:37 am
there is a catch. lyft is issuing two kinds of shares, one for the public, each chair has one vote in another class for insiders, those each have 20 votes. that allow certain people to keep control over the ride hailing company. >> they want to make sure while they take wall street's money, they don't have to take wall street's advice all the time. >> after the ipo, the president and ceo of lyft will hold 49% of the total voting power. the initial price is $72 per share. the stock market just opened up. the dow jones is up 120 points. it is 6:37 am. a promising young bay area violinist is reunited with his prized instrument. how police managed to track it down. ♪ i paid the price you pay too much.
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because mountain time is a state of mind that can only be found in one place. utah. happy friday. we want to say good morning to berkeley, the city where i was born. we partly cloudy skies and 46 degrees there. we have a nice break from the rain. i will let you know how long that will last and when we see the return of the rain coming back. new york is joining california in banning plastic bags. lawmakers are expected to approve the bill on monday, making new york the second
6:42 am
state after ours to impose a statewide ban. there are some caveats. restaurants will be able to offer plastic to go backs. trash bags are also exempt from this roll. it goes into effect march of next year. some doctors are calling for e gamers to be treated like other college athletes. >> just like with other spots they suffer injuries. 65 eastport gamers averaged five to 10 hours daily of training. >> poor posture can produce exponential forces on your neck, back and shoulder. eye fatigue are the most commonly reported complete. >> players also reported insomnia because the blue light from screams can limit melatonin. more than 200 protesters rallied outside the state capital to oppose the state's plan for a new curriculum on sex education.
6:43 am
these parents are concerned a new state framework for sex education will likely include language for students who identify as lesbian, , bisexual or transgender. supporters say it is designed to make all students feel more comfortable in the classroom, but for some parents, that is not the case. >> i feel like this is taking away my religious freedom and my freedom is apparent to control what my kids are exposed to. >> we just want safe learning environments for children. this is a critical step for us to be able to do that. >> the new curriculum now heads to the state board of education. the vote could happen as early as may. two young boys are being called heroes after they helped save a girl from drowning in santa cruz.
6:44 am
>> the seven and 10-year-olds were at a birthday party at santa maria beach and playing in a lagoon when they noticed a girl in trouble. >> her head was going under the water. her eyes, you could see they were this big. i told them the girl was drowning. >> i had a chance to save her. so i did. >> he started carrying the girl back to the sand when her dad ran up to help. she is expected to make a full recovery. it is time for a look at what is coming up later on "cbs this morning". joining us from new york, hello, how are you doing? >> hello. how are you doing? i had on "cbs this morning", and his first rally since the russia investigation ended, president trump declares total exoneration and touts his efforts to replace obamacare. the growing concerns and potential history dangers a trampoline parks. how jumpers could be putting themselves at risk. we will take you to the remote mexican forest to show
6:45 am
you why the monarch butterfly may be in danger is millions take part in one of the largest migrations on the planet. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have new information in a live look of washington, d.c. at the dulles airport where a plane had to make an emergency landing. the plane was headed to sfo. seven passengers became sick. they were smelling would appear to be a jet fuel smell in the cabin just after it took off from baltimore. they had to divert to washington, d.c. the investigation into exactly what the smell is continues. this flight was headed to sfo. if you know anybody on that flight, don't expect them home anytime soon. a major spill on an east bay freeway with a lot to worry about there. >> if you are coming out of the castro valley y, it has been a tough commute because of this
6:46 am
jackknifed big rig and 35 gallons of fuel spilled in lanes. this is northbound 238 connecting from westbound 580. it is backing traffic up significantly on 580. we have major delays, 25 minutes just to get through the
6:47 am
back up. we have two lanes completely shut down. what i just showed you is video of the accident. our photographer went through the scenes a couple of times to show the backup. it is pretty significant. it is slow and go, down to 14 miles per hour in some spots. use castro valley boulevard but now that the morning commute is progressing, you will see more volume on castro valley boulevard itself. you could cut across that to a surface street to hop on 580. if you plan on hitting the roadways this morning and are in a high profile vehicle or a big rig, you can use 580. that will give you a good alternate working your way toward the bay bridge or 880 or the nimitz freeway. we will keep an eye on that. elsewhere, we have a crash 880 at tennyson. there is one reported at the jackson offramp at 880 near 92. we are seeing a backup south melissa caen 880 . once you get on the san mateo bridge, we are seeing some nice conditions between 880 over to 101. 101 through the peninsula , i don't see a ton of problems. north of there you will see delays coming in and out of san francisco. two separate accidents, one heading into the city, the other coming out of san francisco. we have delays in both directions. it is a little slow coming off of 80, the skyway of the bay bridge at fremont.
6:48 am
it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. it is finally friday. we are finally catching a break from the rain. here is a live look with our bay bridge cam. you can see how busy it is on the bay bridge. i want to show you this guy. it is a gorgeous start to the day with clear skies. as you are head into the city of san francisco, you can see the low clouds. temperatures are running in the 40s to about 50 degrees in downtown san francisco. concord is 43, oakland is 48, 42 in livermore, 47 in san jose anson rosa. it is mainly dry on high def doppler. just a few spotty showers for the northcoast this morning. areas of fog, especially inland. 3 miles in concord. napa has three quarters of a mile this morning. you are dealing with foggy conditions, especially across the north bay. we are looking at mainly dry conditions, mostly sunny to partly sunny skies later today and plenty of sunshine. we will be really warming up for your weekend. great news for our water year rainfall since october 1. 132 %
6:49 am
of average in santa rosa, 112% in san francisco, 110% in livermore and 109% in san jose with more rain coming next week. here is the low pressure system that brought the showers and thunderstorms yesterday. that moves out and this ridge of high pressure is moving in not just today, but through the weekend. that is why we will see sunshine and warmer weather futurecast taking you through the afternoon, we see clearing for all of us as we go through the day. enjoy the sunshine. breakout the sunglasses. we will continue with plenty of sunshine on saturday and sunday. sunday's temperatures will be even warmer than today and saturday. we are tracking our next storm system. that comes in tuesday, wednesday and likely into thursday. enjoy this nice break from the rain. because of the wet weather this week, the pollen count is dead. medium levels today but it shoes right back up on saturday
6:50 am
and especially on sunday and monday. skyhigh pollen count levels. this is from 1 to 12. by monday we are at and jik11 for the pollen count. the towel report, heavenly conditions, we have 15 inches of new snow with partly cloudy skies for the weekend. it is great weather to hit the slows. sugar bowl, 11 inches of new snow. daytime highs today are a little below average for this time of year but looking good. 63 in mountain view, 65 in santa clara and san jose. 64 in morgan hill. 64 in pleasant hill. 62 in walnut creek. berkeley 61, as well as oakland. upper 50s for lakeport and clearly. enjoy the sunshine with 70 saturday and 75 on sunday with the rain returning next tuesday.
6:51 am
this morning, woman could face theft charges after walking away with a teenage musician's violin. william has been playing the violin eight years. he admits he got distracted and accidentally left it on the 38 muni bus last month. shortly after, a woman was seen on video picking it up and walking off. a few hours after police posted her picture on social media yesterday, they located her and the violin. >> if she turned it in herself and shliked, apologized, i would be okay. >> it is somewhat suspicious the violin was returned only after the publicity in this person's picture got out. >> police are trying to find out her motive and determine if she will face any charges. the historic santa anita racetrack in southern california set to reopen today for the first time in about a month. it had been closed while investigators looked into the recent deaths of 22 horses. among the new masers, no more giving courses medication on race day.
6:52 am
it is 6:51 am. we are staying on top of new developments in an overnight shooting steps away from an east bay bart station. the latest is just ahead. yet another measles exposure, this time in the east bay. we are out front of the restaurant where it happened. we want to take another look outside. this is from our mount baca camp. it is 36 degrees on
6:53 am
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6:55 am
i am anne mackovec at the live news desk with more information on the plane headed to sfo from baltimore at about 4 am our time when passenger
6:56 am
started smelling what smelled like jet fuel in the cabin. officials do not know what it was but seven passengers were ill and had to go the hospital. here's a look at the twisted flight path it took rather than the cross-country path it was supposed to take when it landed at washington, d.c. if you know anyone on united flight 1675 and are expecting them at sfo around 10 am this morning, give them a call. >> reporter: another possible measles exposure, this time in the east bay at sauced bbq and spirits in downtown livermore. health officials are trying to contact anyone who ate here last saturday night, march 23, between the hours of 8 pm and 11 pm. alameda county officials a worry for certain groups of people, infants under a year
6:57 am
old, pregnant women and those with a weakened immune system. they say all of these people are at greater risk for contracting measles. if someone has been exposed and is not vaccinated, doctors can administer the most common type of antibody in your blood that is supposed to prevent the virus from igniting. the restaurant has reached out to all their employees and they say there is no risk of contracting measles from the restaurant. in livermore, jackie ward, kpix 5 news. police are investigating a fatal shooting in the parking lot a bart station. investigators have released few details about the shooting is so far, no word of any suspect. it happened last night and forced a brief closure of the west oakland station. lyft is offering its public price at $72 per share. it values the company just over $22 billion. the company went public on wall street and you can find it under the ticker symbol lyft. parents in the college admissions scandal are set to appear in federal court today. the head of the catholic church has issued new sweeping sex abuse legislation for vatican personnel and diplomats overseas. the reforms by pope francis
6:58 am
call for immediate reporting to vatican prosecutors. an anti-stall system was activated when a boeing 737 max 8 jet crashed earlier this month in ethiopia. that is the same era reported during a lion air flight that crashed last year. delays continue for this traffic alert at 238 at 580. two lanes are blocked because of a big rig crash and a spill. that is well into beyond redwood at this point. give yourself 25 minutes to get through the backup. use surfer streets. castro valley will help you get to 580. big rigs and larger vehicles can use 580. it is slow and go working through their map. south 101 at silver there is a
6:59 am
crash to the right shoulder. there are delays on highway 4 at san marco boulevard and a crash reported at alejandra. a more just sunshine. we are about 50 degrees . enjoy mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and daytime highs in the upper 50s to low to mid 60s. we will continue to warm up as we head into the weekend. about 70 degrees and lynn saturday, mid 70s inland on sunday. enjoy the sunshine, the nice break from the rain. the rain returns next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. don't forget, the sweet 16 wraps up today on kpix to g5 at 4 pm. michigan state takes on the lsu tigers for a spot in the east regional final. after that, it is acc rivals duke and virginia tech. they up seated the blue devils just a few weeks ago. all the action starts at 4 pm right here on kpix to g5.
7:00 am
>> duke is going all the way. >> mashek in good morning, it's friday, march 29. president trump takes a slam from democrats at the first rally after mueller reports. how they're targeting powerful democrats, for saying the trump campaign did collude with russia. and the atmosphere that allowed jussie smollett to create his alleged hoax and pushing the actor to pay the cost of the investigation that led to charges prosecutors suddenly


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